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Officer Information & Issues

  • To request a branch transfer an officer must be fully qualified in the new branch. This means that the officer must have military education or company command in the branch requested. In summary, if you plan to branch transfer - you must be qualified.
  • Many Officers are still unaware of the requirements to have "Official Transcripts" on file for completion of federal recognition actions (promotions, branch/transfers). Please have your transcripts sent to your OPM Staff Officer.
  • Every officer must have a current NYARNG Form 11 on file in this office. Download the form here, fill in and mail to MNP-OPM in Latham, NY.
  • Commanders/Officers must review and utilize NYARNG Reg 611-7 when completing NYARNG Form 11, during counseling and in making career development decisions.
  • Direct questions pertaining to becoming an officer, attending OCS or transferring to the NYARNG contact MAJ Julie Bradley at (518) 272-6350, (518) 229-0589 (Cell), Fax (518) 272-6356 or email julie.a.bradley.mil@mail.mil
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