New York Army National Guard Predetermination Packet Checklist for Warrant Officer MOS Training Eligibility (Reference: NYARNG Regulation 611-2, 1 Dec 01)

This checklist will be used as a cover sheet for all predetermination requests (Proponent: MNP-AWR)

COMMANDER’S RECOMMENDATION (Must include the following):

“I certify that (Name & Rank) successfully passed the Army Physical Fitness Test consisting of push-ups, sit-ups and the two mile run with a score of score on date: The verified height is (feet & inches) and the verified weight is lbs. The recommendation will also contain the unit and the paragraph and line for the vacancy requested.

CERTIFIED COPY OF DA FORM 2-1 (Certified by Chief, MNP-ARB)
RESUME (IAW format, dated and signed)
TRANSCRIPTS documentating college level training and, specifically, those courses related to the MOS applied for
OER/NCOERs covering the period of service in the feeder MOS and/or showing leader experience related to the MOS applied for.
MILITARY EDUCATION: Related training DA Form 1059, NGB Form 22, DD Form 214
CIVILIAN DOCUMENTATION which supports training or experience directly related to the MOS, to include performance evaluations, position descriptions, licenses, etc.
AWARDS AND DECORATIONS (performance/achievement)
DA FORM 705 (within 12 months)
RECOMMENDATION From CW3 to CW5 who holds the MOS, the soldier is requesting review in.

NYARNG Form 611-2-11, 1 Dec 01

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