Recruiting Medal Recruiting Medal


To whom awarded:

The Recruiting Medal may be awarded to any member of the New York State Organized Militia who obtains three new members for any unit of the organized militia.

Requests will be prepared using DMNA Form 106D-R


New members are defined as initial appointments for officers/warrant officers and initial enlistments for enlisted personnel into the New York State Organized Militia. Individuals appointed from enlisted status (graduates of Officer Candidate School) in the organized militia are not considered new members. If an individual separates from the New York State Organized Militia and later returns to the New York State Organized Militia, the recruiter can be credited with a new member.

How awarded:

Commanders will certify and forward DMNA Form 106D-R through command channels to each respective major component awards area of responsibility (see Figure 2-10, sample DMNA Form 106D-R, DMNA Reg 672-1).

Succeeding awards

When the holder of a Recruiting Medal obtains two additional new members, a device for attachment to the service ribbon bearing the inscription "5 RECRUITS" will be awarded. An additional bar will be awarded for each five additional new members obtained until twenty-five new members have been recruited. Each device will bear the respective totals of " 10", "l5", "20", and "25 RECRUITS."

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