Using Montgomery GI Bill Benefits for Apprentice & On-the-Job Training Programs

You can receive your GI Bill benefits while working full time and earning wages.

What is an apprentice?
An apprentice is a person who works for another in order to learn a trade.
How much GI Bill money will I receive monthly?
Monthly rates for traditional Guard members training under the Montgomery GI Bill - Selected Reserve, Chapter 1606 for Apprenticeship and On-The-Job Training Programs
First 6 Months  $204.00 per month
Second 6 Months  $149.60 per month
Remainder of Program  $95.20 per month
A maximum of $9,792 can be collected over a 7-1/2 year period

NOTE: Soldiers eligible for the Chapter 30 or Chapter 34 (Active Duty) Montgomery GI Bill programs can receive significantly higher amounts of educational assistance for apprenticeship programs. If you are eligible for Chapter 30 or Chapter 34 from prior Active Duty service visit for updated monthly rates.

What New York companies, businesses and organizations offer apprenticeship training programs that are approved for GI Bill benefits?
There are countless New York employers with apprenticeship and on-the-job training programs registered through the New York Division of Apprentice Training. Guard members and veterans working in these programs can receive their GI Bill benefits while working full-time and earning wages.
How do I find a list of employers that offer apprenticeship programs in my chosen trade?
Visit for instructions on how to register for an apprenticeship and for the occupations availiable.
For eligibility requirements and assistance with applying for an apprenticeship visit
How do I determine if I am eligible for Chapter 1606, Selected Reserve - Montgomery GI Bill benefits?
Visit Click here and read the eligibility rules and obtain the necessary paperwork.
How do I apply for benefits?
(If you are not currently working for a registered employer as an apprentice you must be hired by the employer into a specific apprentice program that has been evaluated, approved and registered by the Division of Apprentice Training before applying for GI Bill benefits).

STEP 1: Obtain a copy of your Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE), DD Form 2384-1 (for soldiers utilizing Chapter 1606 GI Bill benefits). Click here to read the Chapter 1606 eligibility rules and obtain the DD Form 2384-1. Soldiers who choose to utilize Active Duty GI Bill benefits (such as Chapter 30 or 34) for apprenticeship programs should obtain a copy of their DD Form 214.

STEP 2: Bring the NOBE (for Chapter 1606 GI Bill benefits) or DD Form 214 (for Active Duty GI Bill Benefits) to the registered employer you are currently working for or would like to work for as an apprentice.

STEP 3: Either you or your registered employer must contact the New York Division of Apprentice Training prior to the start of your apprentice program. A field representative from the Division of Apprentice Training will visit your employment location and meet with you and your employer in order to initiate the appropriate VA paperwork that will start your monthly GI Bill benefit payments.

How does my employer become a registered employer?
Employers that offer apprenticeship and on-the-job training programs that are not currently registered should contact the Division of Apprentice Training and schedule a time for a field representative to visit their worksite and evaluate their training programs.

The Department of Veterans Affairs will pay GI Bill benefits one (1) year retroactive for soldiers who were enrolled in registered apprenticeship programs but were not aware that they could have applied for educational assistance. Soldiers falling into this category could receive up to $2,121.60 in back educational assistance.

Soldiers are encouraged to direct any questions that were not answered by this Web page to the Education Services Office staff at

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