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A great way to save time and money
in pursuit of an undergraduate college degree.

The Reimbursement Testing Program provides Guard members and their Spouses, and Civilian employees (federal and state) of the Army National Guard with the opportunity to take college-level credit-by-exam tests free-of-charge at over 180 New York colleges and universities that serve as National Test Centers.

Many colleges will award up to 30 semester hours of college credit for successfully passing credit-by-exam tests. Each test is worth between 3 and 12 college credits.

The program reimburses the cost of the following three credit-by-exam programs:

  1. College-Level Examination Program (referred to asCLEP)
  2. DANTES Subject Standardized Testing Program (referred to as DSST)
  3. Excelsior College Examination Program (referred to as ECP)

National Test Centers charge a fee for each test administration. This fee is also reimbursed. Test fees and administration fees are reimbursed regardless of the score achieved on the exam.

How do I schedule a test?

  1. Locate the nearest National Test Center:
  2. Once you have decided on the specific test, obtain the corresponding study guide:
    • CLEP Study Guides and Sample Tests are available in your local bookstore or can be purchased from online booksellers. You can download the test descriptions from the CLEP Web site link listed in STEP 1.
    • DSST Facts Sheets are available at
    • ECE examination content guides can be downloaded from
  3. Register and pay for the test
    • For CLEP and DSST exams, schedule testing at the National Test Center nearest to you, pay administration fees and test fees. Obtain receipts for the fees paid.
    • For Excelsior College Exams, register and pay test fees directly to Excelsior College. Schedule testing at the nearest Prometric Test Center. Both of these actions can be done online at

How do I apply for reimbursement?

Once the test results are received examinees will:

  1. Complete and SIGN the Blank Credit-by-Exam Reimbursement FormCredit-by-Exam Reimbursement Form (SampleSample Credit-by-Exam Reimbursement Form)
  2. Complete and SIGN the Blank Direct Deposit form 1199ADirect Deposit Form (Standard Form 1199A) and attach it to the reimbursement form.
    NOTE: If the account is already set up for direct deposit there is NO need to have the bank representative sign this form. (SampleSample Direct Deposit form 1199A)
  3. Obtain a copy of the test score report and a copy of receipts for the test fee and test administration fee and attach these copies to the reimbursement form.
  4. Mail the paperwork discussed in STEP 1, STEP 2 and STEP 3 to:

    Department of Military and Naval Affairs
    Education Services Office
    330A Old Niskayuna Rd
    Latham, NY 12110-3514
  5. Upon verification of the soldier’s eligibility for reimbursement a member of the Education Services Office staff will sign the reimbursement form and mail it, along with the other documents mentioned above, to the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES).


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