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Volume 9, Number 1 January - February, 2001
  1. 27th Brigage to Transform in 2004
  2. Guard Notes
  3. Tag Talk
  4. Guard Troops Full Time Patriots, Says Bush
  5. Army Readers Voice Concern Over Awards Distribution
  6. Army Launches New Advertising Campaign
  7. A New Slogan, the Same Army
  8. Guard Helps Usher in 'Wintry New Year'
  9. When Every Minute Counts
  10. Third Brigade Sharpens Go-To-War Skills
  11. 'Maintenance is Traning' for Rainbow Soldiers
  12. 42d Troops Get Advanced Life-Saver Training
  13. Tilley Gives Update on Black Beret
  14. Rainbow HQ Receies Army Award
  15. Tragic Car Fire Claims Veteran NCO
  16. 109th Answers Polar Ambulance Calls
  17. Armed Forces Salute Giants March to Superbowl
  1. Airlift Unit Acquires Air Guard's First 'Tunner'
  2. New Job, New Home, New Leaf
  3. Volunteers Learn Emergency Skills from New York Guard
  4. Historical Item Returned to Navy
  5. Rainbow Leader Promoted to General
  6. Army Approves Medal of Honor for WWI Harlem Hellfighter
  7. Oral History Program Welcomes Tuskegee Airman
  8. The 'Fighting 69th Still Going Strong at 150
  9. Warrant Officer Candidate
  10. State Combat Matches to be Held this April
  11. Troop Command Presents Achievement Award
  12. Tuition Program is Money Well Spent
  13. Army Guard Names 'Best of the Best'

Volume 9, Number 2 March - April, 2001
  1. 27th Brigage Trainup
  2. Guard Notes
  3. President Bush Delivers
  4. Adjutant General 'Jack' Fenimore Announces His June Retirement
  5. Rainbow Honors Holocaust Survivors
  6. Video Technology Opens Troop
  7. Corps Support Group Deploys to Germany
  8. Troops Called for Winter's Last Storm
  9. Soldiers Seeing Their Impact
  10. Army National Guard Celebrates Earth Day
  11. Bronx Battery Tests Mettle in Artillery Live Fire
  12. Lifting Relief
  13. Good Idea Pays Off for Div. Guard NCO
  14. 174th Flies Through Combat Inspection
  1. Pararescue Profile:
  2. Guard Gives Momentum to Food Drive
  3. Rainbow Soldiers Host 'Shots for Tots'
  4. Training in the Tropics
  5. Sailors Support Carrier Battle Group Exercise
  6. Employees Honored with 'Patriot Award'
  7. Air Guardsman Goes Long Distance for Promotion
  8. The 'Fighting 69th at 150
  9. National Guard Team Takes Marathon Honors
  10. Guard Survey Gives Training Top Priority
  11. Officer Promotion
  12. Board Members Shoot for Top Honors
  13. New Yorker Named First Army's Soldier of the Year

Volume 9, Number 3 May - June, 2001
  1. The Adjutant General Retires
  2. Guard Notes
  3. Before and After the Transformation, Orion's Scouts Soldier on Hornell
  4. Guard Member a Potential Recruiter
  5. Transformation Issue Right for the Army, Right Now
  6. Army National Guard Dons Black Beret
  7. New York Army Nation Guard Names Top New Sergeant
  8. Washington Greys Go West for Gunnery
  9. Orion's Final Huddle
  10. 27th Brigade Enlisted Troops to Get Free Desktop Computers
  11. Senior Army Advisor Retires
  12. New York Joins 'Partnership for Peace'
  13. Drops at the Top
  14. C-5 Simulator 'Ready for Training'
  1. Reflections: Parting Words from Maj. Gen. Jack Fenimore
  2. Army, Navy Begin Fleet Week in NYC with a Bang
  3. CSD Supports U.S. Military Academy Exercise
  4. New OCS Graduates Take Oath as New Leader
  5. Learning to Lead
  6. Challenge Holds 16th Graduation
  7. New Rations in Pipeline for Military Service
  8. New Armored Vehicles Begins Army Transformation
  9. National Guard Pays Tribute to Medal of Honor Recipient
  10. Troop Command Full-Time Award
  11. Grit Gets Hands on Training
  12. 'Citizen Solder' Day Saluted in New York City
  13. Governor Establishes State Military Museum

Volume 9, Number 4 July - August, 2001
  1. Orion Reaches for the Stars
  2. Guard Notes
  3. Tag Talk
  4. Writer Praises Air Guardsman
  5. 105th Airwing Commander Assumes Command of New York Milit ary Forces
  6. Boots, Bullets, an Beans-Keeping the Troops Supplied
  7. Keeping the Flow Going
  8. Some Like it Hot
  9. What Makes Engineers so Important
  10. 42d Tankers Hit High Marks Accross the Board
  11. 'Sounds of the Rainbow'
  12. 127th Armor Goes Above and Beyond
  1. TAG He's it
  2. 106th Rescue Wing Plucks Pilot from Atlantic Ocean
  3. GuardHELP Rehabs Chester Arthur Gravesite
  4. Veteran Actor Amos Graces Cadet AT
  5. State Fair Exhibit Honors Henry Jonsnon and 369th Harlem Hellfighters
  6. Guard Terror-Response Team Certified for Duty
  7. Rainbow Headquarters Honors 22d Infantry
  8. Military Savings Plan Starts October 9th
  9. Earn Your Masters Degree
  10. New Unit Activates in Central New York
  11. JRTC: A General Audience

Volume 9, Number 5 September - October, 2001
  1. Responding to Terror
  2. Guard Notes
  3. Tag Talk
  4. We Must Memorialize World Trade Center
  5. 'A Message of Love'
  6. A Soldiers Praise for Perseverence
  7. Rainbow Soldiers at Ground Zero
  8. 'Empire Guards'
  9. Crisis Redefines 204th Engineers
  10. Guard Engineers Rush to Assist
  11. Trade Center Employee Worker Finds Soldier's Training Lifesaving
  12. Using Military Skills to Manage and Process Emergency Donations
  13. New York's Bravest
  14. New York's Finest
  15. Air Guard on the Ground
  16. Survivor
  1. New York's Civil Support Team Races to Ground Zero
  2. Guardsmen Carry Flag for Yanks
  3. 'They Roll When We Do'
  4. Please Help Me Find My Daddy
  5. Stressful Times, Slow Healing
  6. Upstate Preschool Dedicates Banner for Rainbow Hope
  7. Soldiers Painting Shows Hope Amidst Destruction
  8. Family Support Program Instrumental During Crisis
  9. Praise for New York Nation Guard from Overseas
  10. Wedding Bells Ring Joy in New York
  11. Air Guard Medics Meet 'Indiana Jones' in NYC
  12. Army's Senior Enlisted Soldier Preaches at Ground Zero
  13. Life Events Change Lives

Volume 9, Number 6 November - December, 2001
  1. Guarding New York's Homeland
  2. Guard Notes
  3. From the Flight Deck:
  4. APoemFromTheHeart
  5. Full-Timer Looks Back at Rainbow Response to WTC
  6. Writer Notes Additional WTC Responders
  7. Protect Our Protectors
  8. New York Army Guard Commander Gives Final Farewell to Troops
  9. Army Commander Changed Guard
  1. Soldiers Continue to Patrol NYC
  2. 'Fighting 69th Federalized for Operation Noble Eagle
  3. After Action from Manhattan
  4. Initiative Helps Bring Order to Chaos at WTC
  5. 342d Support Soldiers Keep Supplies Moving in New York City
  6. Air Guard Security at Ground Zero
  7. Escape from the 82nd Floor
  8. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

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