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U.S. Signal Corps Battle Flags, Civil War

The New York State Battle Flag Collection includes four U.S. Signal Corps Battle Flags attributed to first lieutenant, later captain, David A. Taylor for conspicuous service at the Battle of Winchester, Virginia, March 23, 1862. During the battle, Taylor and his Flagman, Oliver Temple, successfully operated one of six signal stations. Later, Taylor and Temple accompanied the Union advance and, while under heavy enemy fire, Taylor had a button shot off his overcoat and Temple suffered an arm wound. In accordance with General Orders previously issued by Chief Signal Officer Major Albert J. Myer on March 19, 1862, Taylor was eligible to place upon his service flags a star and to carry a flag, with a star, at ceremonial occasions. Each flag's star should include the name of the battle in which the star was earned in the star's upper point. The flag seen below in the lower right corner is silk and is believed to be the ceremonial flag, whereas the other three, each cotton, are believed to be Taylor's service flags. Interestingly, the star on the white silk flag is pointed down while the stars on the other three flags are correctly aligned (point up). In addition, "WINCHESTER" is printed on all the flags below except the ceremonial flag where it is appliquéd. All measurements exclude the ties.

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