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Annual Reports
of the Bureau of Military Statistics
Civil War

The Bureau of Military Statistics was created by the New York State Legislature during the Civil War. It was charged with three tasks:

First: To collect and preserve in permanent form an authentic sketch of every person from this State, who has volunteered into the service of the General Government since April 15, 1861, and the personal history of such person while in such service, so far as the same can be ascertained.

Second: A record of the services of the several regiments, including an account of their organization and subsequent history; and,

Third: An account of the of the aid afforded by the several town, cities and counties of the State.

This Bureau, which published five reports between 1864 and 1868, was chaired by Lockwood L. Doty.

Below are links to the reports we have thus far digitized.
Some of these have been scanned from microfilm and as such are not in good condtion.

Some of these files are quite large, they range in size from 11MB to 50MB.
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these.

These files are searchable; however, they have not been proof-read.
Because the text of the page is actually underneath the page image, the search function within the Acrobat Reader will not be completely accurate. To ensure a comprehensive search you will have to read the book.

Year Title
1864 Communication from the governor, transmitting the ... Annual report of the chief of the Bureau of Military Statistics
    Pages 1 - 212 (poor copy)
1865 Annual report : Second annual report of the chief of the Bureau of military statistics
    Pages 1 - 199
1866 Third Annual Report of the Bureau of Military Statistics of the State of New York : Transmitted to the Legislature February 3, 1866
    Pages 1 - 275
    Pages 276 - 573
1867 Fourth annual report of the Bureau of Military Statistics, State of New York : Submitted to the Legislature February 11, 1867
    Pages 1 - 359
    Pages 360 - 684
1868 Fifth Annual Report of the Bureau of Military Statistics, with Appendices : Transmitted to the Legislature April 3, 1868
    Pages 1 - 306
    Pages 307 - 677
    Pages 678 - 922 and index




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Last modified: December 9, 2010

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