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102nd Infantry Regiment
New York
Civil War Newspaper Clippings

The following members of the 102d regiment, (Von Beck Rifles,) are reported wounded:—Serg't Levi S. Deits, of Hurley, in back; Serg't John Rosa, of Marbletown, in breast; Pat. Fearing, of Rondout, in back; Jerry Sullivan, of Hurley Woods, in hand.

....trous campaign on the Peninsula of Virginia, he believed the time had come when duty called him to a practical, steadfast and resolute application of his views. He therefore offered his services to Gov. Morgan, received a colonel's commission, and soon a regiment in the Congressional in which he resided. He devoted himself at once, with conscientious fidelity, to its care, to its interests and its morale. If the intricacies of red tape delayed or prevented any of the supplies necessary to the comfort and efficiency of his men, he obviated them at once by a generous use of his private means. He determined to be the leader not the follower of his men. Therefore, it became necessary to secure the confidence of his men. This, by the kindness of his heart, the dignity of his manner, the strictness of his discipline, united to an active sympathy with all their reasonable wants and wishes, was effectually secured. It was manifested in camps and barrack. It was demonstrated on the fatal field which terminated his earthly career. When his lifeless body, pierced through the heart by a bullet, fell forward toward the foe, more than a score of his brave men fell wounded near him, and two others were subsequently shot dead and three wounded in the attempt to rescue it from the bloody .... of battle which lay between the contending hosts.
A circumstance illustrating the turpitude of his rebel enemies may here be mentioned. At the battle of Spottsylvania, while his regiment, during a lull in the attack, was holding a certain position, several bullets passed near Col. Porter, which seem to have been aimed at him by some concealed foe. Soon one ....

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