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155th Regiment, NY Volunteer Infantry
Civil War Newspaper Clippings

PERSONAL.—Lieut. Hugh MOONEY of the 155th Regiment N. Y. Vols., who was severely wounded in the shoulder during the terrible Friday's charge, arrived home yesterday. He is a brave officer, and has the wishes of many friends for his speedy recovery.

Death of Two Nyack Soldiers.
Again we are called upon to record the death of soldiers who went forth to battle from our village. Nyack has furnished a full share of men to take part in the struggle against rebellion, and many of them have fallen while gallantly facing the foe. THOMAS ACKER, of Company A, 155th Regiment N. Y. Volunteers, died in the Hospital at Washington, on the 22d of June, from wounds received in the battle of Cold Harbor, on the 5th of that month. JAMES R. ISHERWOOD, of Company G, 7th Regiment N. Y. Heavy Artillery, also died in the Hospital at Washington, on the 28th of June, from wounds received in the battle before Petersburgh. Each leaves a wife to mourn his loss.

WOUNDED.—The telegraph yesterday announced the death of Henry Schaup, 100th Regiment, in Hampton hospital.
The Union Press has the following list of wounded in the 155th Regiment:
Captain Thomas Hart, Co A, thigh; Lieut J Nolan, A, killed.; P Kane, F, killed.; M Roche, H. foot; O Sheehan, H, hand; S McMann, H, killed.; E Jones, A, shoulder; J Reed, I, breast; W Duffy, D, since died; V Baskney, K, ankle; D Rafferty, E, heel; ____ Willy, I, side; M O'Connell, A, ankle; R Chase, H, thigh; F Apere, A, arm; W Sullivan, I, foot; J Wiley, H, hip; J McLane, I, leg; J O'Connell, I, back; S killed.nohue, I, shoulder; Dan McDavid, I, arm; P McCabe, I, thigh; J Burns, I, back; M Rennick,; P Welch, H, arm; S Homas, G, leg; F Vansevick, K, hand; J Killady, K, killed.; F Awling, H, arm. James Stewart, D, killed.: M C Conover, K, killed.; L Reedy, I, foot; P Tomlinson, F, back; J McKernan, F, thigh: G St Clair, F, shoulder: J Nugent, F, hand; H Senion, K, killed.; F Ryan, I, killed.; T Fanning, arm; J F Shipman, C, neck M Foley, K, arm, C O'Connor, K, killed.; M Bailey, H, shoulder; J. Cunnan, I, breast; F Wilson, A, hip; J Stewart, D, side, since died; E Burns, I, back; F Brannan, G, hip. J B Allen, D, knee; J Murphy, E, arm and; J Kinney, W Richards, A, arm. Commissioned officers 3, non-commissioned officers 4, privates 45—total, 52.

THE 155TH BUFFALO REGIMENT.—This regiment, some four hundred strong, under command of Col. McMahon from Buffalo, passed through the city last evening, on the Central Railroad, en route for New York. A number of the men deserted while here, and five of them were arrested during the night by the police, and lodged in the Station House. It is said that a portion of the regiment was dissatisfied about the non-payment of bounties, and "skedaddled" yesterday morning, leaving not half of the number requisite to make a regiment to proceed on the journey. So says the Rochester Union of Saturday.

THE CAPTURED MEN OF THE 155TH.—It will be seen from the telegraph of Saturday that the story in regard to the capture of Company "I," 155th regiment, has dwindled considerably. Only six men are now reported taken prisoners. Only four companies of this regiment, as now organized, were raised in Buffalo, and if we are not much mistaken, Company "I" is not one of these.

From the 155th Regiment.
CAMP BUTER, Near Portsmouth, Va.,
July 13, 1863.
BUFFALO COURIER—Please publish the following in your paper:
At a meeting of the non-commissioned officers and privates of Companies "I" and "K" 155th Regiment, N. Y. S. V., held July l3, 1863, for the purpose of tendering thanks to friends at Buffalo, for refreshments received from them.
On motion, Orderly Sergt. Daniel Geary, Co. "I," was appointed Chairman, and Orderly Sergt. Jno. Gosz, Co. "K" Secretary.
A committee of eight was appointed to draft resolutions, composed as follows:
Sergls. Michl. Casey, Jas. Kinney, N. B. Myers, Jno Seymour; Corpls. Jno. Carney,. Jno. Dennison, Wm. Matthews, Jno Mann. The following was proposed and unanimously akilled.pted:
Resolved, That we, the members of Companies "I" and "K," 155th Regiment, New York Volunteers, killed. hereby tender our sincere thanks to Mr. Timothy killed.yle and Mr. Wm. Carney, and all our friends, who aided them in procuring the generous supply of refreshmets, lately received by us.
Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be forwarded for publication to each of the Buffalo journals, as a slight expression of our gratitude, esteem and regard towards those gentlemen who have evinced such kindness and remembrance for their absent friends in the U. S. service.

THE 155TH. REGIMENT,—The correspondent of the Express gives the following list of the losses of the 155th Regiment before Petersburg on June 10th:
Co. A—Captain Thomas Hart, thigh—dead.
1st Lieut John Nolan, thigh.
D— 1st Lieut Hugh Duffy, arm; at Coal Harbor.
E— 2d Lieut. Daniel Purdy, leg; " "
F—Capt Wm F Schuyler, both legs; since dead.
1st Lieut Richard B Dempsley, killed.
H—Capt Dennis Carlin, thigh.
I— 1st Lieut Hugh Mooney, shoulder.
K—1st Lieut Michael O'Connel, killed.
2d Lieut Albert Dwyght, killed.
Adjt. John R Winterbotham, arm.
Co. A—Private James Rolston, killed at Coal Harbor.
Sergt Thomas Wilson killed.
Sergt John Wylis, killed.
Co. B—Private James Lambert, killed.
Co. C—Corporal John Murphy, killed.
Private Andrew Brady, killed.
Private Patrick Cooney, killed.
Private John Maloney, killed at Coal Harbor.
Private Patrick Gray, killed at Coal Harbor.
Private Michael McMahon, killed at Coal Harbor.
Private James Reid, killed at Coal Harbor.
Co. F— Private John Crow, killed at Coal Harbor.
Private George killed.nnelly, killed at Coal Harbor.
Private Roger Kane, killed.
Co. G— Private Michael Canning, killed.
Private Thomas Flynn, killed.
Co. H— Private John Becket, killed at Coal Harbor.
Private Michael Coleman, killed at Coal Harbor.
Private Antonio Francis, killed.
Co. I— Private John Burns, killed.
Private John Parsons, killed.
Private Patrick Mahar, killed.
Private Timothy O'Brien, killed.
Private Wm Duffy, killed.
Co. K— Private Patrick Blake, killed.
Private Michael Owens, killed.
Private John Kilbreck, killed.
Private Daniel Sullivan, killed.

Wounded:--In the list of wounded at the battle of Reams Station we find the following:
T Ryan, I, 155 N Y. arm; E Cook, G, N Y, shoulder; T Hern, C 155 N Y, arm; T Moore, H, 155 N Y, head: John Buckney, K, 155 N Y, head; T Holland, 164 N Y, right leg; W H Churchill, N Y H A, scalp; A S Harris, D, 8 N Y, S P Bates, J, 8 N Y H A, arm.

DIED IN HOSPITAL.—Lieut. John Nolan, One Hundred and Fifty-fifth Regiment, who was mortally wounded in the battle before Petersburg, died in hospital at Annapolis on Friday. Lieut. N. was an Albany boy. He enlisted as a private in the Forty-third, and for meritorious conduct was promoted and transferred to the One Hundred and Fifty-fifth. He was a brave ....

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