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Joseph E. Shaw Collection
38th New York Volunteer Infantry
joseph Shaw Letter 10
Donated by Robert Gritman


Head Quarters Brigade
February 5th 1862

Dear Ed,

            I have just received your letter and hasten at once to answer it.  I wrote to you last Thursday Jan. 30th but I see by your letter that you have not received it yet.  In that I told you why I had not written before.  I am very sorry Gus is so bad and if when I get your next letter he is no better I shall try and come home but as it is now they will hardly give a furlough to even Commissioned Officers and I can hardly expect to get one when the refused them.   If Gus should get worse write it on a separate sheet so I can send that in with my application to show them that it is an urgent case.  Tell Gus to keep up his spirits and as soon as next payday comes (which will be in the first part of March) I will send him some to get him all the medicine he may want.  If I had any money now he might have it but unfortunately I have not got any.  I do not owe the Sutler anything yet and do not intend to so when payday comes I will send home nothing less than 20 dollars.  I am glad to hear Mother is better as I have worried considerably about her being sick I hope now that Gus and Mother will be careful and not catch cold as I think that is what is the matter with them both.  With regard to the boots they would be very acceptable just now as the roads are all one big puddle of mud & water ankle deep.  The volunteers are permitted to wear boots if they purchase them themselves.  With regard to my getting a Commission in my Company, they took a man who was not connected with the Regiment in anyway and appointed him 2nd Lieut.  I have got an influential friend (I think) in Capt. Wm. D. Sedgwick Assistant Adjutant General of this Brigade.  We were talking the other night about the military tactics, and he asked me if I studied the “tactics” and he said I ought to, as they might be useful to me some day.  I think if a vacancy should occur in my Regt. again I might get him to use his influence in my behalf but of course I can’t say.  Tell Mother I guess her dream was like all others a false alarm as I am as well as ever except a little nervousness on account of Gus’ sickness.  I can’t call this a letter as I have just scribbled something off to let you that I am well and received your letter.  I suppose by this time you have received my last letter written Jan 20th.  Give my love to all the folks and write as soon as possible to let me know about Gus.

      Excuse everything
                        I remain
                                    Your Brother
                                    J. E. Shaw



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