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Joseph E. Shaw Collection
38th New York Volunteer Infantry
joseph Shaw Letter 15
Donated by Robert Gritman

Head Quarters Birney’s Brigade
Hamilton’s Division
April 2nd, 1862

Dear Ed,

                        I received your letter yesterday morning and sat down at once to answer it and had almost finished it when in came another letter from Gus dated March 16th so I had to go to work and write another and different letter from the one I had already written.  When I received your letter you had better believe I felt tickled as it was the first one I received from home since I came back, and I felt worried because I did not know but what Gus or had taken worse and you was afraid to write and tell me.  But I see now that it was not your fault that I did not get letters.  I am glad to hear that Gus is getting along so well and hope he will recover entirely before I get home again as I want him to witness the triumphal entry of the “Grand Army of the Potomac” into New York & other various places.  We are expecting marching orders every day, and will advance on Richmond or Yorktown perhaps both but I don’t know which but of one thing you can rest assured, and that is, that there will be some stirring news from this section of the country before three weeks passes.  The whole “Army of the Potomac” is in motion and is steadily and surely advancing into the very heart of the Rebel kingdom.  Before the April moon shall have waned and passed forever into oblivion, either Richmond will be reduced and conquered, or the “Grand Army of the Potomac” be shattered to pieces. (Ahem!)

            In my last letter I spoke of the Asst. Adjt. General having given me his photograph.  Enclosed please find the same and exhibit it to the family and to anyone whom you may think interested in the cause of my welfare.  Also keep it for me until I make my triumphal entry spoken of before.  I am glad that I have furnished you with the requisite means of directing letters & etc.  I think I have given you his name in some of my former letters which perhaps you have not received and consequently was not any the wiser for it.  Captain Sedgwick was over here today and talked with me some time.  He asked me if I would like to come and be his clerk again.  I told him I should like it very much, so he said he would try and get me over there with him.  The General (Sedgwick) is now in command of a Division you know so I will be in a higher position but have almost the same kind of writing & etc to do.  I am glad to see and hear that the women of Carmel have still got some spirit left but I think it was rather a strange place to exhibit it in, however “Every tub stands on its own bottom”.  Give my love to Mother & all the folks and tell them I am well and as hearty as ever.  Will you have to pay rent, or board at sheriffs?  Excuse shortness & etc. & etc. & etc.  I am glad George has considered to go to work & hope he will do better in the city than in the country.  Answer as soon as possible - & believe me

                                                Your Afft. Brother
                                                J. E. Shaw


On separate piece of paper

2 O’clock P. M. April 2nd
We have just received “Marching Orders” and start tomorrow morning.  However you may direct a letter according to the enclosed directions and it will be forwarded.

            Direct  J. E. Shaw (Brig. Clerk)
                        Birney’s Brigade
                        Hamilton’s Division
                        Near Fortress Monroe

Includes signed photograph of Captain Mindil



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