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Joseph E. Shaw Collection
38th New York Volunteer Infantry
joseph Shaw Letter 20
Donated by Robert Gritman

Head Quarters 38th Regt. N.Y.V.
June 7th, 1862

Dear Ed,

            I received your letter & was very glad to hear that you was well & had got a good situation & I hope you will get along better with your new “boss” than you did with your old one.

            I have been very very busy lately making out Official Reports of the Battle of Fair Oaks or as some call it The seven pines.  The battle commenced Saturday afternoon about 1 o’clock just after we had got through our dinner.  This Brigade was not engaged Saturday afternoon as Birney did not obey the orders he received.  Sunday morning though the fight began in earnest and our Brigade was then commanded by Col. Ward as Birney had been sent to the rear under arrest. I was not actively involved in the fight although I was several times where the engagement was general.  You will see by the papers that it was a big fight and that we lost a great many men. Our Regiment however got off pretty well & did not lose so many men as in our former engagement.  I am glad to hear that Gus is better and hope that he will get entirely well.  I received a letter from him Sunday June 1 & was glad to hear that he was doing so well.  I see by both letters that all the folks are & getting along finely.  I would like to write a great deal more but time presses heavily upon my wearied head and as it is now after 10 P.M. I must close.  Tell Gus that I will answer his letter in a day or two at least.  Give my love to Mother & Mr. Russell & all the folks & to all inquiring friends.

                        I remain
                        Your Affectionate Brother
                        J. E. Shaw

P.S. Gregory says he wrote to Mrs. Lockwood that Ike was missing with regard to him I wish to say a few words.  Ike very likely has deserted or been taken prisoner but it is more likely that he has deserted as he was not in the engagement & consequently could not have been taken.  You can tell his mother that she need not feel alarmed on his account as he is in all probability on his way to New York.  The rest of the boys are all well.

                        J. E. Shaw

Direct              Co. F 38th Regt. N. Y. V.
                        Col. Ward
                        Near Richmond Va



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