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Joseph E. Shaw Collection
38th New York Volunteer Infantry
joseph Shaw Letter 28
Donated by Robert Gritman

                                                                                                New York July 15th 1862

Dear Ed,

                        I went up to David’s Island today to bring Joe down to the city, but I found the poor fellow so sick that is was impossible for him to be moved.  He has had a very severe attack of dysentery since we saw him on Saturday, and when I saw him this morning he had a very high fever on, and the Doctor said it would not be safe to move him presently.  Joe feels very weak, but I think that he will be so far recovered by next Friday that he can be removed with safety.  I stayed with him all day, and when I left at night he seemed to be better.  The boys in his tent told me that he was rather delirious this morning before I came, but he seemed to be much stronger when I left him.  While I was there the nurse brought him a new pair of pantaloons and that seemed to please him some.  You had better not let Mother or Gus know that he is so very bad, for it would only worry them and Mother might take the notion to come down and see him, and if she should see him now it would be apt to throw her into one of her bad turns, and if she should be taken sick there I do not know what we would do as there is no place for a woman to lay down there.  Joe says for her not to come or know that he is so sick.  I think it very possible that I will get him in the country on Saturday next.  Enclosed you will find a note from him.  Give my love to all the folks and I will try and write to Gus on Sunday.
                                                            Yours as ever


David’s Island

                                                                                                            July 15, 1862

Dear Ed,

            George came here a little while ago and saw the doctor about getting my furlough and the doctor came and saw me & said I had better not leave here yet.  George has brought me a pair of pants.  You see I have not got strength enough yet to travel so far.  Tell Mother she must not feel worried about us.  Has Mr. Russell got any trout in his pond yet. Give my love to Mother and Mr. Russell, Gus, Lucinda, James, Henry, Eugene, Julia Marcellin & all the folks.  Write as soon as you can.  Direct to Gen’l Hosp David’s Island N.Y. Tent G 4th Division

                                                            I remain your affectionate brother
                                                                        J. E. Shaw

P.S. What did your boss say to your staying away so long.




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