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8th Regiment
New York
Civil War Newspaper Clippings

— General Louis Blenker sends Gen. Scott the following:
Hunter's Chapel, Nov. 6, 1861.
To His Excellency Winfield Scott, Lieut. General of the Army of the United States:
SIR: Arriving at Washington with my regiment in the month of May, and being inspected by you and your staff, you uttered to me the most flattering words, "Colonel, your regiment is the finest of all I saw parade through Washington." These encouraging words acted upon me, upon my officers, upon my men, like the spur of a good rider upon a good horse. I went ahead, proud of the expression of the satisfaction of a man who is the greatest military leader on this continent. My regiment grew up to a brigade, my brigade to a division, which, I hope, will be in the van guard for attack quite as brave as my brigade was in the rear guard.
Strangers in this country, although loving our adopted fatherland like our own we left behind on the other side of the ocean, your kind regards and the expressions of your high satisfaction, gave us confidence, not only in the military leader that commanded us, but confidence in ourselves, the want of which very often shakens the "go-ahead spirit" of men who feel themselves foreigners on the soil where they have to act. I am, therefore, obliged, deeply obliged, to express to you the highest praise and thanks in my name and in the name of my officers and soldiers.
We will keep your words and your memory in the shrine of our hearts, and hoping that you will live long enough to see the triumph of justice over sneaking ambitious rebellion against the best Constitution ever framed for mankind; we hope also, and will do our best, under the guide of our new and gallant commander, Major General McClellan, to justify the flattering words expressed by you, and to show to our American brethren in the Union, that the spirit of Steuben and De Kalb is not yet dead, and that the German Division will do its duty to pay, by good conduct and blood, what we owe to our adopted fatherland. I am General, your most obedient and respectful servant H. BLENKER,
Brigadier General, Commanding Division.

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