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The Civil War Letters Of
Charles Harvey Hayden
Patriot & Hero
97th New York Volunteer Infantry
Donated and transcribed By Al Grenning

US General Hospital
Newark, November 16th 63

Dear Sister Laura,

I did not come here as soon as I expected to. General Dix gave us until the 15th to report in and I came back to Utica and then went up to Western until Saturday the 14th. I had a pleasant time in Western and went around a considerable. I stayed at Mr. Simses (Sims) Monday night up on Stueben Hill and I am ashamed to say that Mr. Sims and his father took turns at walking so that I could ride home with them from Holland Patent. I bought a ticket at Utica for Forestport and fell in with Mr. Sims and he said that I could go home. With them I did not know that one of them would have to walk. And when I found it out I tried to go back to the cars (the train) but they would not let me do so. I had a pleasant visit at Mr. Simes. (Sims) Tuesday, I came down to Mr. Joneses store and the first man I saw was George Mary drawing oil at the door. Visited there a while then went down to Mr. Miller’s with Julia, took tea there - went back to the store a while in the evening saw a couple of my acquaintances. Went back to Miller’s and stayed all night. Mr. Sikeses girl the one we spoke of works to Miller’s. Her father is dead - died this summer. Wednesday night I stayed at Lysanders. Laura (Not to be confused with Charles’ sister) and I went down to Mr. Ellises. Ann is getting to be a large girl – I had a good visit -There is a party at Silas Balls’ tonight. I did not get back in time for an invitation. I heard that (Paresued?) said that if she had known that I was at Lysanders she would have come on purpose to have invited me. But I think that is a poor plave for a person to go - that wishes to enjoy religion. Wednesday, I went on South Hill. Stopped at Henry Hills and Mr. Stones. Laura was at home but looked a little sleepy. Had a good visit (I then) went to William Hill. William took me in and said the women must visit with me while he plowed a little while. Took tea here at William’s went over with them to prayer meeting…and such a prayer meeting I think I never saw before. I enjoyed it well. Went back with Mr. Hills folks. Stayed all night for the rest of the night. Took breakfast with them Friday morning - and William told me to come up an I could ride to Rome with him Saturday if it did not rain. Stopped at both Mr. Mireses a while. They have a nice new church on South Hill. Went down to Lyesanders, and up to see Frank Cummings and Silas Ball/. Took tea with Silas. Paresued lives there. Stayed until after dark. Went down to Tsahs a while in the evening. Had a pleasant time. Stayed at Lysanders Friday night. Saturday morning (I) did not go up to William Hills - it looked so much like rain before daylight. Mark went up and told him I was afraid he would not want to go and (that) I was going on the stage. Lysanders took me to Westernville. I got on the stage and went to Rome. Took the cars (the train) at eleven o’clock and five minutes PM and arrived at Newark about half past ten at night. I have written a letter for a friend before I commenced this and am tired.

Write soon direct 11th Ward instead of 10 as before. From your brother Hervey Hayden

PS write soon as you receive this.


These first appeared in the Boonville Herald and Adirondack Tourist, Boonville, New York in 2005. They are posted here with permission.


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