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9th Infantry Regiment
Civil War
Hawkins' Zouaves; New York Zouaves; Little Zouaves; Zoo-Zoos.



Battles and Casualties Table from Phisterer

Historical Sketch from the 3rd Annual Report of the Bureau of Military Statistics

Civil War Newspaper Clippings

9th Infantry flag 9th Infantry Flank Markers

9th Infantry Regimental Color 9th Infantry Regimental Color

Unit Roster

Further reading

Baldwin, Henry. Military papers.[New York: 1860-1865].
Note(s): Binder's title./ Scrapbook of clippings, letters, official orders, etc., dealing with various military bodies with which Henry Baldwin was connected, chiefly the New York zouaves (9th regt., N. Y. infantry) and the Independence guard, 12th regt., N. Y. state militia.
Located at the California State Library.

Burns, William H. My personal recollections of the War, 1861, 1862, and 1863. [St. Paul, Railroader Print. House, 1920s].
Located at the University of Virginia and the Minnesota Historical Society.

The Charge at Roanoke. New York : H. De. Marsan, 1862.
Description: 1 sheet ([1] p.) ; 25 x 17 cm.
Located at Cornell, New York Histoical Society and the Library of Virginia.

Clare, William Keating. Papers, 1863. New Jersey; Union County; Elizabeth, 1863.
Abstract: Civil War letters from brother Henry P. Clare, a soldier in the 9th Regiment, New York Infantry, describing camp life and the battle of Gettysburg.
Located at Duke University.

Denning, Catherine J. Hawkins, the Zouaves and Lincoln: an exhibition prepared in conjunction with the conference Lincoln and the American Political Tradition, June 7-9, 1984. [Providence, R.I.]: Brown University, 1984.
Located at Brown University.

Glaser, Charles William. Papers, 1861-1891, bulk 1861-1864.
Description: 137 items.
Abstract: Chiefly correspondence from Glaser to his family while he served with New York's 9th Infantry Volunteers (1861-1863), Hawkins' Zouaves, and 17th Infantry Veteran Volunteers (1863-1864). A few letters from his brother, who served in the U.S. Army's 14th Infantry Regiment, including those relating to his participation in the Battle of Petersburg, Va., in 1864. Includes ordanance store reports of New York's 17th Infantry Veteran Volunteers and a few other miscellany items.
Located at Duke University.

Glock, Bernard. Letters, 1862 - 1864.
Digital copies donated by Dan Clapp.

Graham, Matthew John. The Ninth regiment, New York volunteers (Hawkins' zouaves), being a history of the Regiment and Veteran association, from 1860 to 1900. New York, 1900. 634p.

Graham, Matthew John. Concerning the Battle of Antietam: letter of Lieutenant M.J. Graham to Colonel Rush C. Hawkins, 9th N.Y.V. September 27, 1894. [New York]: 1894.
Located at the New York Historical Society.

Harrington, Peter. "Colonel Hawkin's Uniform." Military Collector and Historian. V35 N4 (Winter 1983) pps. 188-89.

Hawkins, Rush C.. An account of the assassination of loyal citi zens of North Carolina for having served in the Union army, which took place at Kingston in the months of February and March 1864. New York, 1897.

Hawkins, Rush C. [Diary of] Hawkins of the Hawkins Zouaves. [New York:, New York Public Library, 1943, ?].
Located at Brown University.

Hawkins, Rush C. An account of the assassination of loyal citizens of North Carolina for having served in the Union Army which took place at Kingston in the months of February and March, 1864. New York : [s.n.], 1897.

Hawkins Zouaves Association. Annual reunion of the Hawkins Zouaves Association, 9th Regiment New York Volunteers. [New York? : s.n.], 1902.

Horner, James B. James B. Horner papers, 1861-1915.
Description: 1 box (ca. 300 items)
Abstract: Muster rolls, ordnance returns, and quartermaster returns of Company H, 17th Regiment, New York State Volunteers, 1863-1865, along with a few special orders, discharges, and a small group of personal papers, 1861-1915, of Major James B. Horner of New York City. Personal papers include invitations and ephemera pertaining to attendance of civic and military events, parades, etc.; along with a few military documents concerning his service in the 9th New York Infantry Regiment and a group of 1915 condolence letters written by associates in the military and pharmaceutical industry on the occasion of Horner's death in 1915, and addressed primarily to his business partner, Joseph Mathias.
Located at the New York Historical Society.

Johnson, Charles F. The long roll, being a journal of the Civil war, as set down during the years, 1861-1863. East Aurora: Roy crofters, 1911.

Langbein, John Christopher Julius. The colors of the 9th regiment, N.Y. volunteers, Hawkins' zouaves, a retrospect of thirty-eight years. New York, June 3, 1889.

M'Comb, G. C. The rout and capture of old Bob Lee. [N.p.,]: 1865.
Description: Broadside. 35 x 26 cm.
Located at Brown University.

Mitchell, Heather. "We jump to arms": the Hawkins Zoaves, 1861-1891. Albany: State University of New York at Albany.; Dept. of History, 2003.
Note(s): Includes bibliographical references (leaves 117-120)./ Dissertation: Thesis (M.A.) -- The University at Albany, Dept. of History, 2003.

Morris, Richard Henry. Letters, 1861-1863.
80 pages of transcribed letters written to his mother, by Captain Richard Henry Morris, who served with the 9th Infantry Regiment from April 23, 1861 to May 20, 1863. The letters cover the time period June 6, 1861 to April 23, 1863. Subjects written about include battle descriptions, day to day life within the regiment, impressions of other regiments, opinions of senior officers, etc.
Donated by David Gardner.

Rothert, William. Diary, 1861 Aug.-1862 Jul.
Abstract: Pocket diary, 1861 Aug.-1862 Jul., kept by Union soldier William Rothert while serving in the 9th New York Volunteer Regiment (Hawkins Zouaves), Company "D." Rothert writes of his military experiences, engagements with the enemy, battles at Roanoke Island and South Mills, Virginia; daily activities and events in camp, etc. Also included are a few simple pencil sketches of Zouaves and ships in harbor on the front and back paste downs, along with the original pencil accompanying the volume.
Located at the New York Historical Society.

Thompson, David L. David Ludlow Thompson correspondence, 1862-1865.
Description: 0.4 linear feet (1 box)
Abstract: Correspondence, 1862-1865, consisting of letters written during Thompson's Civil War service to his mother, Keturah Sayre Thompson, his sister, and Elias Fairchild. A letter written from a prisoner of war camp in Richmond (Va.) in October 1862 describes his experiences at Antietam. The collection includes a wooden spoon which he carved in Libby Prison. Other letters, written while he was serving with the 9th New York (Hawkins' Zouaves), and later with the 3rd New York, describe army life, mainly in Virginia and South Carolina, and discuss news of family and friends, with occasional political comments. A letter dated August 1863 describes his time in an army hospital in Portsmouth (Va.) He writes vividly and with wit about the weather, the meagre and inedible rations, the ill-fitting garments provided by the U.S. Sanitary Commission, his poor attempts to mend his clothing, his scurvy, and his troubles with lice and other vermin. The letters are accompanied by (inaccurate) typed transcripts, as well as some biographical information and photocopies of published articles by Thompson about his Civil War experiences.
Located at the New York Historical Society.

Thompson, David L. "With Burnside at Antietam." Battles and leaders of the Civil War ... : being for the most part contributions by Union and Confederate officers. Based upon "The Century War series.". New York: Century Co, 2 c1887. 660-662.

Thompson, David L. "In the ranks to the Antietam." Battles and leaders of the Civil War ... : being for the most part contributions by Union and Confederate officers. Based upon "The Century War series.". New York: Century Co, 2 c1887. 556-558.

Severin, John Powers and Frederick Porter Todd. 9th New York volunteer infantry regiment (Hawkins' zouaves), 1861-1863. Military collector & historian VIII.Washington, 1956.

Testimonial to Col. Rush C. Hawkins, Ninth regiment, N.Y.V., "Hawkins" zouaves." New York, Latimer Brothers & Seymour, 1863. 9 p.

Waud, Alfred R. Camp of Hawkins Zouaves. Newport News. 1861
Description: 1 drawing on white paper : pencil ; 10.0 x 16.8 cm. (sheet)
Located at the Library of Congress in the Civil War drawing collection (DLC)
May be accessed at [link opens new window].

Whitney, John Henry Ellsworth. The Hawkins Zouaves: (Ninth N.Y.V.) their battles and marches. New York: 1866.

Wickman, Don. "Rush Hawkins." Woodstock Magazine v5 n4 (Winter 2005) 18-20.

Wightman, Edward K. and Edward G. Longacre. From Antietam to Fort Fisher: the Civil War letters of Edward King Wightman, 1862-1865. Rutherford, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press 1985.


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