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New York Civil War Units
Nicknames and Synonyms

The following is taken from New York in the War of the Rebellion, 3rd ed. Frederick Phisterer. Albany: J. B. Lyon Company, 1912.


Abohbots' (D. O.) Cavalry Battalion; Company D, 12th Cavalry
Abohbots' (D. O.) Cavalry Battalion; part of 14th Cavalry
Adirondack Regiment; 118th Infantry
Advance Guard Zouaves; 5th Infantry
Advanced Zoos; 62d Infantry
Albany and Yates Rifles; 43d Infantry
Albany County Regiment; 113th Infantry later 7th Artillery
Albany Regiments; 3d Infantry
Albany Regiments; 91st Infantry
Albany Regiments; 25th Militia
Albany Republican Artillery; Company A, 25th Militia
Albany Zouave Cadets; Company A, 10th Militia, and Company A, 177th Infantry
American Guard; 124th Infantry
American Rifles; 71st Militia
Anderson Zouaves; 62d Infantry
Andrew Johnson's Cavalry
Anthon's Battalion, Light Artillery, 20th Battery
Anthon's Battalion, Light Artillery, 28th Battery
Anthony Wayne Guard; 135th Infantry, later 6th Artillery
Artillery Company; 15th Militia
Artisans and Engineers; 1st Regiment of Engineers
Astor Regiment; Companies I and K, 61st Infantry
Astor Rifles; 29th Infantry
Astor Rifles; 61st Infantry
Auburn Regiment; 75th Infantry
Auburn Regiment, 2d; 138th Infantry, later 9th Artillery
Avery Rifles; Company A, 12th Militia, later Company A, 102d Infantry

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Baden Artillery; 1st Battalion of Artillery
Baker Rifles; 103d Infantry (part)
Baker's Brigade Battery; E. D. Baker's Brigade, Light Artillery, Company A, later 13th Battery
Bannockburn Battalion; 79th Infantry
Barnes' Rifle Battery; 26th Battery
Barney Black Rifles; 54th Infantry
Barry's (General) Rocket Battalion Artillery; Rocket Battalion, later 23d and 24th Batteries
Bartlett's Naval Brigade; 99th Infantry
Battery A, New York Volunteer Artillery; 2d Battery
Battery B, New York Volunteer Artillery; 3d Battery
Battery C, New York Volunteer Artillery; 4th Battery
Battery D, New York Volunteer Artillery; 4th Battery
Baxter Light Guards; 31st Infantry
Beecher's Pets; Company E. 67th Infantry
Bell Jefferson, or Bell Rifles; 94th Infantry
Bemis Height Regiment; 77th Infantry
Bensen Guard of I25th Regiment; 12th Militia
Berdan's Sharpshooters; 1st United States Sharpshooters
Billinghurst Battery; 18th Battery
Billy Wilson's Zouaves; 6th Infantry
Binghamton Regiment; l09th Infantry
Black Horse Artillery; 18th Battery
Black Horse Cavalry; 7th Cavalry
Black River Artillery, 1st Battalion; 4th Battalion Artillery
Black River Artillery, 2d Battalion; 5th Battalion Artillery
Black River Artillery, 3d Battalion; 6th Battalion Artillery
Black River Artillery; 4th Battalion; 7th Battalion Artillery
Black River Artillery Regiment; 10th Regiment Artillery
Black Zouaves
Blair Rifles; consolidated with 178th Infantry
Blenker's Battery; 2d Battery
Blenker's Rifles; 8th Infantry
Bliss Cavalry; 5th Cavalry (part)
Boonville Regiment; 97th Infantry
Boyd's Company C Cavalry, Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1st Cavalry
Brady's Light Infantry; 11th Infantry, reorganization of
Brickell's German Artillery; 1st Battalion Artillery
British Volunteers, organization of July, 1861; Company C of the McClellan Rifles (90th Infantry)
Brooklyn Chasseurs; 84th Infantry
Brooklyn Phalanx; 67th Infantry
Brooklyn Phalanx, 84th Infantry
Brooklyn Rifles; 87th Infantry, except Companies C and E
Bruen's (Edward) Independent Company of Infantry; part of 143d Infantry
Bruen's (Edward) Independent Company of Infantry, part of 169th Infantry
Buffalo Irish Regiment; 164th Infantry
Buffalo Light Artillery; 27th Battery
Buffalo Regiment, Col. Franklin Sidway's; merged in 151st Infantry
Buffalo Regiment, 1st; 21st Infantry
uffalo Regiment, 2d; 49th Infantry
Buffalo Regiment, 3d; l00th Infantry
Burgesses Corps; Company R, 25th Militia
Burnside's Rifles; 178th Infantry (part)
Busteed's Battery, Chicago Light Artillery; part of Batteries B and G, 1st Artillery
Busteed's Battery, Chicago Light Artillery; part of 4th Battery

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Calcium Light Sharpshooters; Company E, 102d Infantry
California Regiment, 1st; 32d Infantry
Cameron Highlanders; Company I, 59th Infantry
Cameron Highlanders; part of 78th Infantry (old)
Cameron Legion; Company K, 59th Infantry
Cameron Rifles; part of 59th Infantry
Cameron Rifles; 68th Infantry
Cameron Rifle Highlanders; Companies I and K, 102d Infantry
Cameron Rifle Highlanders; Companies B and C, 78th Infantry (old)
Cameron Rifle Highlanders (new); 79th Infantry (part)
Campbell Guards; 107th Infantry
Carbine Rangers; 1st Cavalry
Carthage Battery; Company H, 2d Artillery
Cattaraugus Regiment, 1st; 64th Infantry
Cavalry, 2d Regiment, Black Horse; 7th Cavalry
Cavalry, 7th Regiment, Dodge's; 1st Mounted Rifles
Cavalry, 2d Cavalry, Harris Light; 7th Regiment, United States or New York State Cavalry
Cavalry, 17th Regiment; 1st Veteran Cavalry (part)
Cavalry, 19th Regiment; 130th Infantry, later 1st Dragoons
Cayuga and Wayne County Regiment; 138th Infantry, later 9th Artillery
Cayuga County Regiment, 1st; 19th Infantry, later 3d Artillery
Cayuga County Regiment, 2d; 75th Infantry
Central New York Battalion; 26th Infantry
Cerro Gordo Legion; 32d Infantry (part)
Chasseurs a Pied; 84th Infantry
Chasseurs de Vincennes
Chautauqua Regiment; 112th Infantry
Cherry Valley Regiment; 76th Infantry (3 companies)
Cherry Valley Regiment; 3d Artillery (part)
Chicago Light Artillery, Busteed's Battery; part of Batteries B and G, 1st Artillery
Chicago Light Artillery, Busteed's Battery; part of 4th Battery
Chrysler's (M. H.) Independent Company of Infantry; 30th Infantry
City Guard; 83d Infantry
Clinton Guards; 61st Infantry (8 companies)
Clinton Rifles; Companies F. and G, 57th Infantry
Coast Guard; 99th Infantry
Columbia County Regiment; 91st Infantry
Columbia County Regiment, 2d; 159th Infantry
Conkling Rifles; 97th Infantry
Connaught Rangers; 87th Infantry
Connecticut Cavalry, Companies A and B; 1st Squadron
Connecticut Cavalry, Companies C and D; 2d Cavalry, Harris Light
Constitution Guard; 40th Infantry
Continental Guard, 1st; 48th Infantry
Continental Guard, 2d; Company C, 87th Infantry
Corcoran's Brigade
Corcoran's Brigade or Irish Legion: 1st Regiment; the original 1st Regiment, 69th National Guard Artillery, and all of the original 6th Regiment, except Company D; designated 182d Infantry
Corcoran's Brigade or Irish Legion: 2d Regiment; the original 5th Regiment; Companies A and D of the 3d, and D of the 6th Regiment; the 5th Regiment formed Companies A to G; Companies A and D., 3d Regiment, I, K; and D, 6th Regiment, Company H; designated 155th Infantry
Corcoran's Brigade or Irish Legion 3d Regiment; the original 3d Regiment, except Companies A and D; all of the 7th and 8th Regiments; designated 164th Infantry
Corcoran's Brigade or Irish Legion 4th Regiment; the original 2d Regiment; designated the 170th Infantry
Corcoran's Brigade or Irish Legion 5th Regiment; the original 4th Regiment; formed Companies A, B and C, 175th Regiment
Corcoran's Brigade or Irish Legion Original 1st Regiment; 69th National Guard Artillery and 182d Infantry
Corcoran's Brigade or Irish Legion Original 2d Regiment; 4th Regiment and 170th Infantry
Corcoran's Brigade or Irish Legion Original 3d Regiment; all, except Companies A and D, in 164th Infantry
Corcoran's Brigade or Irish Legion Original 4th Regiment; later the 5th; Companies A, B and C, 175th Infantry
Corcoran's Brigade or Irish Legion Original 5th Regiment; later the 2d; 155th Infantry
Corcoran's Brigade or Irish Legion Original 6th Regiment; all, except Company D in l82d Infantry; Company D as Company H in 155th Infantry
Corcoran's Brigade or Irish Legion Original 7th Regiment; all in 164th Infantry
Corcoran's Brigade or Irish Legion Original 8th Regiment; not organized, but all enlisted men in 164th Infantry
Corcoran Guard; 164th Infantry
Corcoran Zouaves; 164th Infantry
Corning Light Cavalry; 18th Cavalry
Corning Light Infantry; 18th Cavalry
Cornwall Company; Company C, 124th Infantry
Corps d'Elite; 103d Infantry; Company C
Cortland County Regiments; 76th Infantry
Cortland County Regiments; 185th Infantry
Cortland Regiment; 157th Infantry
Cromwellian Regiment; 76th Infantry

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Davies Light Cavalry; 13th Cavalry (part)
DeCamp's Cavalry; 14th Cavalry (part)
Defenders, The; 178th Infantry (part)
DeForrest Cavalry; 5th Cavalry
DeKalb Regiment; 41st Infantry
Delaware Battery; 8th Battery
D'Epineuil Zouaves; 53d Infantry
Devin's Independent Cavalry Company; Company A, 1st Militia Cavalry, 1861
Dickel's Mounted Rifles; 4th Cavalry
Dickinson Guard; 89th Infantry
Dickinson Light Artillery; 16th Battery
1598. Die-no-mores; Company D, 48th Infantry
Dodge's Mounted Rifles; 1st Mounted Rifles
Doubleday (Thomas D., Colonel), Heavy Artillery; 4th Artillery
Dozen, The; 12th Infantry
Dragoons, 1st Regiment; 130th Infantry, then 19th Cavalry
Duryea's Zouaves, 2d Battalion; 165th Infantry
Duryee's Zouaves, 1st; 5th Infantry
Dutchess County Regiment or Legion; 150th Infantry
Dutchess County Regiment, 2d; 159th Infantry

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Eagle, or Scrogg's Brigade
Eagle, or Scrogg's Brigade, 1st Regiment; 78th Infantry (part)
Eagle, or Scrogg's Brigade, 2d Regiment; 100th Infantry
Eagle, or Scrogg's Brigade, 3d Regiment; Companies I and K, 95th Infantry
Eagle, or Scrogg's Brigade, 4th Regiment; 78th Infantry (part)
Eagle, or Scrogg's Brigade, 5th Regiment; 53d Infantry, 2d organization, became part of 132d and 162d Infantry
Eighth Ward Rangers; Company D., 25th Infantry
Ellsworth's Avengers; 44th Infantry
Ellsworth's Grays; 21st Militia
Ellsworth's Zouaves; 11th Infantry
Empire Battery; Battery A, 1st Artillery
Empire, or Spinola's Brigade
Empire, or Spinola's Brigade, 1st Regiment; 158th Infantry
Empire, or Spinola's Brigade, 2d Regiment; 132d Infantry
Empire, or Spinola's Brigade, 3d Regiment; 163d Infantry
Empire, or Spinola's Brigade, 4th Regiment; 164th Infantry (part)
Empire City Regiment or Guard; Company D, 6th Infantry
Empire City Regiment or Guard; Company K, 32d Infantry
Empire Light Cavalry; 2d Veteran Cavalry
Empire Zouaves; part of 51st Infantry
Empire Zouaves; Company B, 66th Infantry
Enfants Perdus; Independent Battalion of Infantry
Engineers and Artisans; 1st Engineers
Engineers and Artisans; 2d Engineers; 15th Engineers (part)
Ethan Allen Regiment; 178th Infantry (part)
Excelsior Battery, 1st; 5th Battery
Excelsior Battery, 2d; l0th Battery
Excelsior Battery, 3d; l0th Battery (part)
Excelsior, or Sickles' Brigade
Excelsior, or Sickles' Brigade, 1st Regiment; 70th Infantry
Excelsior, or Sickles' Brigade, 2d Regiment; 71st Infantry
Excelsior, or Sickles' Brigade, 3d Regiment; 72d Infantry
Excelsior, or Sickles' Brigade, 4th Regiment; 73d Infantry
Excelsior, or Sickles' Brigade, 5th Regiment; 74th Infantry
Excelsior Rifle Blues; 92d Infantry
Excelsior Rifle Legion, New York; 92d Infantry

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Faugh-a-ballagh; Capt. Brannigan's Company K; 63d Infantry
Federal Guard; 178th Infantry (part)
Fifth Ward Volunteers; Company D, 5th Infantry
Fifty-sixth Regiment Battery (Fitch's), 2d; 8th Battery
Fifty-sixth Regiment Battery (Regan's), 1st; 7th Battery
Fire Brigade; 73d Infantry
Fire Zouaves, 1st Regiment; 11th Infantry
1861. Fire Zouaves, 2d Regiment; 73d Infantry
Fisher's Cavalry; 14th Cavalry (part)
Flank Company, 108th Volunteers; 6th Company Sharpshooters
Flushing Light Artillery; Battery L (old), 2d Artillery, later 34th Battery
Foreign Rifles, 1st; 39th Infantry
Forster's Heavy Artillery; part of 16th Artillery
Fort Plain Battery; Battery K, 1st Artillery
Franklin's Own; 98th Infantry
Fredendall Regiment; failed to organize part of 91st Infantry
Fremont Regiment; 46th Infantry
Fremont Rifles; Company C, 49th Infantry
Fremont's Mississippi Brigade
French Regiment; 55th Infantry
Friend's Rifle Guards; Company E, 70th Infantry
Frontier Cavalry; 26th Cavalry

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Gallatin Rifles; 58th Infantry (part)
Garde De Lafayette; 55th Militia and 55th Infantry
Garibaldi Guard; 39th Infantry
Garrard's Tigers; 146th Infantry
Geneseo Regiment; 104th (part)
German Artillery Corps; 1st Battalion Artillery
German Artillery, Company F; 41st Infantry (part)
German Artillery Company; Hamilton Artillery (part)
German Cavalry, 1st Regiment; 4th Cavalry
German Heavy Artillery (Adam Senges); 3d Battalion, later part of 15th Artillery
German Infantry, 1st Regiment; 29th Infantry
German Legion; Enfants Perdus (part)
German Rangers; 52d Infantry (seven companies)
German Rifles, ist Regiment; 8th Infantry
German Rifles, 2d Regiment; 68th Infantry
German Rifles, 3d Regiment; 103d Infantry
German Rifles, 5th Regiment; 45th Infantry
Glens Falls Company (Milo E. Washburn's); part of 175th Infantry
Goshen Company; Company B, 124th Infantry
Governor Morgan's United States Light Artillery, 2d Regiment; 2d Artillery
Governor's Guard; 6th Militia
Governor's Guard; 2d Mounted Rifles
Governor's Guard; 66th Infantry
Grenadier Regiment, 1st; 65th Infantry
Grenadiers; Company A, l03d Infantry
Grinnell Light Artillery; part Company H 3d Artillery
Griswold Light Cavalry; 21st Cavalry
Guards of Liberty and Union; Mohawk Rangers, 81st Infantry

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Halleck Guard; Co. H, 13th Cavalry
Halleck Guard, Co. A; Co. A, 119th Infantry
Halleck Infantry; 146th Infantry
Hamilton Light Artillery; Co. L (old), 2d Artillery, later 34th Battery
Hancock Guard; 90th Infantry (part)
Hancock Regiment; l01st Infantry (part)
Harlan's Cavalry, Krom's Co.; Co. G, 5th Cavalry
Harris Light Cavalry; 2d Cavalry
Havelock Battery; 11th Battery
Hawkins Zouaves, 1st; 9th Infantry
Hawkins Zouaves, 2d; 178th Infantry
Heavy Artillery, 1st Regiment; 4th Artillery
Heavy Artillery, 1st Regiment; Co. B, 2d Artillery
Heavy Artillery, Jackson, 2d Regiment; 5th Artillery
Heavy Artillery; 4th Militia
Heavy Artillery; 13th Militia
Herkimer Regiment; 34th Infantry
Herkimer Regiment; 121st Infantry
Highlanders, Cameron; 79th Infantry
Highlanders, 78th; 78th Infantry
Highland Guard; 79th Infantry
Hillhouse Light Infantry; 132d Infantry
Hiram Barney Rifles; 54th Infantry
Hobart's (Elijah) Company, 2d Regiment United States Sharpshooters; Co. B, 93d Infantry
Honved Regiment; part of 45th Infantry
2305. Honved Regiment; part of 52d Infantry
Horatio Seymour's Cavalry, Cos. A and B; Cos. E and F, 13th Cavalry
Horse Artillery, United States Volunteers, 1st Regiment; Cos. B, A and I, 2d Artillery
Howard Artillery; 1st Marine Artillery
Howe's Rifles; 45th Infantry
Humbold Yaegers; part 58th Infantry
Hungarian Regiment; part 39th Infantry
Hussars; Co. C, 3d Militia Cavalry
Hyde's (W. B.) Cavalry; part 14th Cavalry

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Imperial Zouaves; part 47th Infantry
Independence Guard; 12th Militia
Independence Guard; Co. A, 12th Militia, later Co. A, 102d Infantry
Independent Battery, Flying Artillery; 11th Battery
Independent Battery B, or 2d; 3d Battery
Independent Company; 8th Infantry
Independent Company; 29th Infantry
Independent Company Infantry, 9th; Co. D, 194th Infantry
Independent Company Infantry, 12th, part; Co. H, part, 194th Infantry
Independent Company Infantry, 17th; Co. I, 194th Infantry
Independent Company Infantry, 2lst; Co. F, 194th Infantry
Independent Company Infantry; 22d Infantry
Independent Company Infantry; 30th Infantry
Independent Company Infantry, 31st; Co. F (new), 75th Infantry
Independent Company Infantry; 35th Infantry
Independent Company Infantry; 45th Infantry
Independent Company of Infantry, 49th; Co. G, 194th Infantry
Independent Company of Infantry (Edw. Breen's); part 143d and 169th Infantry
Independent Company of Infantry (Amos Soper's); Co. K, 189th Infantry
Independent Corps, New York Light Infantry; Enfants Perdus
Independent Engineers; 50th Engineers
Independent Irish Regiment; 63d Infantry
Independent Rifles; Co. A, 151st Infantry
Independent Tompkins Blues; 12th Militia
Independent Volunteers; 50th Engineers
Ira Harris Cavalry; 5th Cavalry
Ira Harris Cavalry; 6th Cavalry
Ira Harris Cavalry; 12th Cavalry
Ira Harris Guard, ist; 5th Cavalry
Ira Harris Guard, 2d; 6th Cavalry
Ira Harris Guard, 3d; 12th Cavalry
Irish Brigade; Cos. G, H and I, 105th Infantry
Irish Brigade Batteries, 5th Regiment Artillery; 14th Battery
Irish Brigade Batteries, 5th Regiment Artillery, 15th Battery, originally 2d Battalion Artillery
Irish Brigade, Meagher's, 1st Regiment; 69th Infantry
Irish Brigade, Meagher's, 2d Regiment; 88th Infantry
Irish Brigade, Meagher's, 3d Regiment; 63d Infantry
Irish Brigade, Meagher's, 4th Regiment; 88th Infantry, three companies
Irish Brigade, Meagher's, 5th Regiment, formerly 4th; 88th Infantry
Irish Legion, Corcoran's, see Corcoran's Brigade
Irish Regiment, 3d; 63d Infantry
Irish Regiment; l05th Infantry
Irish Regiment, Buffalo; 164th Infantry
Irish Rifles; 37th Infantry
Ironclads; 136th Infantry
Ironhearted; 115th Infantry
Ironsides; 176th Infantry
Italian Guard; 12th Militia
Italian Legion; part, 39th Infantry
Ithaca Volunteers; Co. A, 32d Regiment

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Jackson Artillery; part, 5th Artillery
Jackson Guards; 42d Infantry
Jackson Heavy Artillery, 2d Regiment; 5th Artillery
Jackson Horse Guard; Co. A, 1st Militia Cavalry
Jackson Regiment, Excelsior Brigade, or Light Infantry; 71st Infantry
Jefferson County Regiment; 35th Infantry
Jefferson County Regiment; l0th Artillery
Jefferson Greys; Co. B, 35th Infantry
Jefferson Guard; 5th Militia
Jersey Company; Co. D, 48th Infantry
Johnson, Andrew, Cavalry

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Kerrigan Rangers; 25th Infantry
Keuka Rifles; Co. I, 33d Infantry
Kings County Volunteers; Co. C (new), 63d Infantry
Kossuth Guard or Rifles; part Co. I, 59th Infantry

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Lafayette's Fusiliers, 12th Militia
Lafayette Guard; 55th Infantry
Latson's (John W.) Light Artillery, Cos. B, A and I, 2d Artillery
LeRoy Regiment; 105th Infantry
Les Enfants Perdus; Independent Corps, Light Infantry
Leslie Guards; part 66th Infantry.
Lewis County Battalion; 3d Battalion Artillery
Light Artillery, Gov. Morgan's 2d Regiment United States; 2d Artillery
Light Battery A, 1st Regiment Artillery; 2d Battery
Light Guard, 106th Regiment; 12th Militia
Lincoln Cavalry; 1st Cavalry
Lincoln Divers; 99th Infantry
Lincoln Greens; 4th Cavalry
Lindsay Blues; 102d Militia
Little Zouaves; 9th Infantry
Livingston County Regiment; 104th Infantry
Lochiel Cameron Highlanders; 78th Infantry (old), Elliott's Organization
Long Island Volunteers, 1st Regiment; 67th Infantry
Lost Children; Les Enfants Perdus
Lyons Regiment; 98th Infantry

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McChesney's (Waters W.) Zouaves; 10th Infantry
McClellan Cavalry; 20th Cavalry
McClellan Chasseurs; Cos. F and K, 90th Infantry
McClellan Infantry, Co. C; Co. E, 87th Infantry
McClellan Infantry; part 54th Infantry
McClellan Infantry; one company, l02d Infantry
McClellan Rifles; Cos. A to E, 90th Infantry
Macomb Regiment; 96th Infantry
Madison and Cortland Regiment; 157th Infantry
Malone Regiment; 98th Infantry
Manhattan Rifles; part 57th Infantry
Manhattan Rifles; Co. G (old), 43d Infantry
Marine Artillery; 1st Regiment
Meagher's Irish Brigade; see Irish Brigade
Meagher's Own, Mrs.; 88th Infantry
Mechanic Rifles, Henry Z. Drew's Co.; part Co. C, 51st Infantry
Mechanic Rifles; three companies, 66th Infantry
Merchant's Brigade, 3d Regiment; part 178th Infantry
Metropolitan Brigade
Metropolitan Cavalry; 14th Cavalry
Metropolitan Guard, 1st Regiment; 131st Infantry
Metropolitan Guard, 2d Regiment; 133d Infantry
Metropolitan Guard, 3d Regiment; 162d Infantry
Metropolitan Guard, 4th Regiment; 173d Infantry
Metropolitan Guard, 5th Regiment; 174th Infantry
Michigan Company; Company K, 1st Cavalry
Militia, ist Battalion Light Artillery; part Battery L, 1st Artillery
Militia, 2d Regiment; 82d Infantry
Militia, 9th Regiment; 83d Infantry
Militia, l0th Regiment; 177th Infantry
Militia, 12th Regiment, Henry A. Weeks; Cos. B, C, D, E and F (new), 12th Infantry (Volunteers)
Militia, 12th Regiment, Co. A; Co. A, 102d Infantry
Militia, 13th Regiment; part 87th Infantry
Militia, 14th Regiment; 84th Infantry
Militia, 15th Regiment, Artillery Co.; Co. L, 2d Artillery, later 34th Battery
Militia, 19th Regiment; 168th Infantry
Militia, 20th Regiment; 80th Infantry, 20th Militia
Militia, 50th Regiment, Cos. A and B; Cos. L and M, 58th Militia
Militia, 52d Regiment, part; part 176th Infantry
Militia, 55th Regiment, part; 55th Infantry
Ming's Own; part 59th Infantry
Mix's Cavalry; 3d Cavalry
Mix's New Cavalry, 2d Regiment; 23d Cavalry
Mohawk Rangers or Rifles; three cos. of 81st Infantry
Monitors; 127th Infantry
Monroe Blues; 12th Militia
Monroe County Regiment; 140th Infantry
Montezuma Regiment; 31st Infantry
Mooer's Company; part Co. E, 124th Infantry
Morgan Artillery; part 2d Artillery
Morgan Cavalry; part 10th Cavalry
Morgan Guards; Cos. H, I and K, 104th Infantry
Morgan Light Artillery; 1st Artillery
Morgan Light Artillery; part 2d Artillery
Morgan Rifles, 1st; Cos. A to F, 58th Infantry
Morgan Rifles; 93d Infantry
Morgan's (Governor) United States Light Artillery, 2d Regiment; 2d Artillery
Morgan State Zouaves; Co. F, l0th Infantry
Morris' (Richard H.) Battery; retained men 9th Infantry, later part of 3d Infantry
Mott's Artillery, 3rd Independent Artillery
Mountain Legion; 156th Infantry
Mounted Rifles, 1st Regiment; 1st Mounted Rifles
Mounted Rifles, 1st Regiment; later part of 4th Prov. Cavalry
Mounted Rifles, 2d; 2d Mounted Rifles
Mounted Rifles, Dickel's; 4th Cavalry
Mozart Regiment; 40th Infantry

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N. Nail Factory Company; Co. I, 169th Infantry
National Cadets; 69th Militia
National Grays; 13th Militia
National Guard, see Militia
National Guard; 7th Militia
National Guard; 1st Infantry
National Guard 4th Regiment; 173d Infantry
National Guard, 5th Regiment, 174th Infantry
National Guard Artillery; 18th Militia
National Guard Artillery, 69th Regiment; 182d Infantry
National Guard Rifles; part 57th Infantry
National Guard Zouaves; Co. A, 10th Infantry
National Union Rangers; part 2d Artillery
National Volunteers; 127th Infantry
National Zouaves; 5th Infantry
Naval Brigade; 1st Marine Artillery
Naval Brigade, Bartlett's; 99th Infantry
Netherland Legion; part 39th Infantry
Newburgh Guard; Co. F, 168th Infantry
New Jersey Cavalry, Van Reypen's Company; Co. M (old), 3d Cavalry, later part 1st New Jersey Cavalry
New Paltz Volunteers; part 156th Infantry
New York and Virginia Coast Guard; 99th Infantry
New York Battalion
New York Battery; part of Baker's Rifles; 103d Infantry
New York British Volunteers
New York Cavalry, 7th Regiment; 2d Cavalry
New York Cavalry Battalion Frontier Service; Cos. G to L, 26th Cavalry
New York City Artillery, 1st; 12th Artillery, later part of 15th Artillery
New York Excelsior Rifle Legion; 92d Infantry
New York Fire Zouaves, 2d; 73d Infantry
New York Legion
New York Light Infantry; 11th Militia
New York Light Infantry; Co. G, 15th Engineers
New York Riflemen; Cos. A, B, C and D, 93d Infantry
New York Rifles; part 51st Infantry
New York Sappers and Miners; 15th Engineers
New York Sharpshooters, 5th Company; 56th Infantry
New York State Light Infantry, 2d Regiment; 82d Infantry
New York State Rifles; 18th Infantry
New York Union Volunteers, 1st; 31st Infantry
New York or United States Cavalry, 7th Regiment; 2d Cavalry, Harris Light
New York Volunteers Corps of Engineers; 1st Engineers
New York Zouaves; 9th Infantry
New York Zouaves; 1st Regiment, 11th Infantry
New York's Own; Co. I, 59th Infantry
Niagara Rifles; 28th Infantry
Normal School Company; Co. E (new), 44th Infantry
Northern Black Horse Cavalry; 7th Cavalry
Northern New York Regiment, 1st; 16th Infantry
Northern New York Regiment, 2d; 22d Infantry
Northern Sharpshooters; part 93d Infantry
Northern Tier Regiment; 22d Infantry
Nyack Volunteers; part 17th Infantry

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Ogdensburgh Regiment; 60th Infantry
Ohio 6th Independent Cavalry Co. (Jeptha Garrard's); Co. L, 3d Cavalry
One Hundred and Eighth New York Volunteers; 6th Co. Sharpshooters
One Hundred and Eighth New York Volunteers; 18 Independent Battery
One Hundred and Twelfth New York Volunteers, Co. L; 7th Co. Sharpshooters
Oneida County Regiment, ist; 14th Infantry
Oneida County Regiment, 2d; 26th Infantry
Oneida County Regiment, 3d; 97th Infantry
Oneida County Regiment, 4th; 117th Infantry
Oneida County Regiment, 5th; 146th Infantry
Oneida Independent Company of Cavalry; Oneida Cavalry Company
Onondaga and Cortland County Regiment; 185th Infantry
Onondaga Cavalry; part 3d Cavalry
Onondaga County Regiment; 12th Infantry
Onondaga County Regiment, 2d, Co. F; Co. K, 101st Infantry
Onondaga County Regiment, 3d; 122d Infantry
Onondaga County Regiment, 4th; 149th Infantry
Onondaga County Regiment, 6th; 185th Infantry
Onondagas; 122d Infantry
Ontario County Regiment; 33d Infantry
Orange and Sullivan Regiment; 56th Infantry
Orange Blossoms; 124th Infantry
Oregon Rifles, 1st Regiment
Orleans Battery; 17th Battery
Oswego County Regiment; 24th Infantry
Oswego County Regiment, 2d; 81st Infantry 7 Cos
Oswego County Regiment, 3d; 110th Infantry
Oswego County Regiment, 4th; 147th Infantry
Otsego Regiments; 121st Infantry
Otsego Regiments; 185th Infantry
Otsego County Regiment; 76th Infantry

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Palmer's Artillery; 2d Artillery
Parmenter Riflemen; Howitzer Co. I, 71st Militia, originally Co. L, 19th Militia
Parrott Battery; 4th Battery
Paw-Paw, Michigan Co.; Co. C, 70th Infantry
Pennsylvania Volunteers Cavalry Regiment, W. H. Boyd's Co.; Co. C, 1st Cavalry
People's Ellsworth Regiment; 44th Infantry
Perkin's Rifles; 171st Infantry
Perry's Saints; 48th Infantry
Phoenix Regiment; part 164th Infantry
Pierrepont Cavalry, Abohbot's Cavalry; part 14th Cavalry
Pierrepont Rifles; part of 14th Cavalry
Plattsburgh Regiment; 96th Infantry
Polish Legion; part of 39th Infantry
Polish Legion; part of 58th Infantry
Porter Guard; l0th Cavalry
Potsdam Regiment; 92d Infantry
Poughkeepsie Drill Guards; 21st Militia
Poughkeepsie Guards; 21st Militia
Practical Engineers and Mechanics, 1st Regiment
Pratt Guard; part 178th Infantry
President's Life Guard, Co. A; Co. A, 59th Infantry
Provisional Cavalry; 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Provisional Regiments of Cavalry
Putnam Rifles; 66th Infantry

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Railway Brigade; 109th Infantry
Raines' Artillery; part 15th Artillery
Raney's (James A.) Battery; part 80th Infantry
Remington Guard; part 81st Infantry
Republican Rifles
Richmond Guards; Co. G, 33d Infantry
Rifle Battery; 26th Battery
Rifle Battery, 108th Volunteers (Mack's); 18th Battery
Riflemen; 18th Infantry
Rifle Regiment; 13th Infantry
Rifles; 28th Militia
Rifles, 75th; 37th Infantry
Rochester Cavalry Regiment; 8th Cavalry
Rochester Cavalry Regiment; 22d Cavalry
Rochester Race Horses; 140th Infantry
Rochester Regiments, Infantry; 13th Infantry
Rochester Regiments, Infantry; 105sth Infantry
Rochester Regiments, Infantry; 108th Infantry
Rochester Union Grays; part 1st Independent Battalion Artillery Militia
Rochester Union Greys; part Battalion L, 1st Artillery Volunteers
Rocket Battalion, Cos. A and B; 23d and 24th Batteries

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Sabre Regiment; 1st Cavalry
Sackett's Harbor Regiment; 94th Infantry
Saint Lawrence County Regiment; 16th Infantry
Saint Lawrence County Regiment, 1st; 60th Infantry
Saint Lawrence County Regiment, 2d; 92d Infantry
Saint Lawrence County Regiment, 3d; 106th Infantry
Saint Lawrence County Regiment, 4th; 142d Infantry
Salt Rangers; 149th Infantry
Sappers and Miners, New York; 15th Engineers
Sappers, Miners and Pontoniers; 50th Engineers
Saratoga Regiment; 77th Infantry
Sarsfield Rifles; part 59th Infantry
Sauer's (Geo. W.) Cavalry Company; Co. C, 3d Cavalry, Militia
Scandinavian Volunteers; Co. I, 1st Infantry
Schwarze Yaeger; 54th Infantry
Scott Life Guard; 28th Infantry
Scott Rifles; part 51st Infantry
Scott's Life Guard, 1st Regiment; 4th Infantry
Scott's Life Guard, 2d Regiment; 38th Infantry
Scott's Nine Hundred; 11th Cavalry
Scrogg's Brigade; see Eagle Brigade
Senges' Battalion German Heavy Artillery; 3d Battalion Artillery
Serrell's Artillery; 4th Battery
Serrell's Engineers, 1st Engineers
Seventy-Fifth Rifles; 37th Infantry
Seward Artillery; 3d Artillery
Seward Infantry; 19th Infantry
Seward Infantry; 103d Infantry
Seward National Guard
Seward's Own
Seymour (Horatio) Cavalry, 1st Regiment, Cos. A and B; Cos. E and F, 13th Cavalry
Seymour Guard; 7th Artillery
Seymour Light Cavalry; 13th Cavalry
Seymour Light Infantry; part 178th Infantry
Sharpshooters, 5th Company, Tenth Legion; Co. L, 56th Infantry
Sharpshooters, 6th, 7th, Sth and gth Companies ; 1st Independent Battalion Sharpshooters
Sharpshooters, Benjamin C. Butler's Battalion ; Cos. A, B, C and D, 93d Infantry
Sharpshooters, Milton P. Pierce's Company; part 8th Co., Battalion Sharpshooters
Sharpshooters, Robert Grant's Calcium Light; Co. E, 102d Infantry
Sharpshooters, Sigel's; part 119th Infantry
Shepard Rifles; 51st Infantry
Sickles' Brigade; see Excelsior Brigade
Sickles' Cavalry; 25th Cavalry
Sidways' Buffalo Regiment; part of 151st Infantry
Sigel Life Guard, Co. A; Co. D, 119th Infantry
Sigel Rifles; 52d Infantry
Sigel Sharpshooters; part 119th Infantry
Smith Battery, 4th Independent Battery
Smith's Zouaves; 165th Infantry
Southern Tier Regiment or Rifles; 23d Infantry
Spinola's Brigade; see Empire Brigade
Sprague Light Cavalry; 16th Cavalry
Stanton Legion; 145th Infantry
State Guard; 7th Infantry and 82d Infantry
State Rifles, New York; 18th Infantry
Steuben Rangers; 86th Infantry
Steuben Regiment; 7th Infantry
Stevens' Sharpshooters; Co. C, Enfants Perdus
Stoneman's Cavalry; 9th Cavalry
Storming Tigers
Stuart's Engineers; 50th Engineers
Sullivan County Regiment; 56th Infantry
Sullivan County Regiment; 143d Infantry
Swain's Cavalry Regiment; 11th Cavalry
Syracuse Regiment; part 101st Infantry
Syracuse Zouaves; Co. D, 3d Infantry

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Tammany Jackson Guards or Regiment; 42d Infantry
Tenth Legion; 56th Infantry
Tenth Legion Artillery; 1st and 2d Cos. Light Artillery, 56th Infantry, later 7th Battery, and 8th Battery
Tenth Legion Cavalry; 1st and 2d Cos. Cavalry, 56th Infantry, later Cos. D and C, 1st Mounted Rifles
Tenth Legion Sharpshooters, 5th Co., Sharpshooters ; Co. L, 56th Infantry
Tenth National Guard; 177th Infantry
Tenth Ward Rangers; Co. A, 25th Infantry
Thurlow Weed Guards; part 132d Infantry
Ticonderoga Cavalry Company; Co. E (new), 2d Cavalry
Tompkins' Blues; 12th Militia
Tompkin's Cavalry; Cos. B and C, 13th Cavalry
Tompkin's Minthorne Regiment
Troy Regiment, 1st; 2d Infantry
Troy Regiment, 2d; 22d Infantry
Troy Regiment, 3d; 169th Infantry
Turner Rifles; 20th Infantry

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Ulster Guard; 20th Militia and 80th Infantry
Ulster Regiment; 120th Infantry
Union Battalion of Zouaves; 6th Infantry
Union Brigade; 101st Infantry
Union Coast Guard; 99th Infantry
Union Greys; 22d Militia
Union Grenadiers, Co. A; Co. E, 103d Infantry
Union Guards; 59th Infantry
Union Rangers; 25th Infantry
Union Regiment; 27th Infantry
Union Rifles; part of 51st Infantry
Union Sharpshooters; part of 17th Veteran Infantry
Union Volunteers; 6th Infantry
United States Chasseurs; 65th Infantry
United States Constitution Guard; 40th Infantry
United States Guards
United States Lancers; part Co. M, 9th Cavalry
United States Lancers; part of Cos. A and B, 4th Artillery
United States Light Artillery, Gov. Morgan's 2d Regiment; 2d Artillery
United States National Guards; 11th Infantry
United States or New York Cavalry, 7th Regiment; 2d Cavalry, Harris Light
United States Rifles or Rangers; 58th Infantry
United States Sharpshooters, Hobart's Company, 2d Regiment; Co. B, 93d Regiment
United States Vanguard; part 59th Infantry
United States Voltigeurs or Rangers, Co. A; Co. D, 51st Infantry
United States Voltigeurs, Cos. B and C; Cos. I and K, 57th Infantry
United States Volunteer Cavalry, 1st Regiment; 1st Cavalry
United States Volunteer Cavalry, 1st Regiment; 11th Cavalry
United States Volunteers, 1st Regiment Horse Artillery; Cos. B, A and I, 2d Artillery
United States Volunteers; Captain Chatfield's Co., 43d Infantry
United States Volunteers; part 57th Infantry
United States Volunteers; part 59th Infantry
United States Zouave Cadets, Co. B; Co. A,. John P. Glass, 74th Infantry
United Turner Rifles; 20th Infantry
Utica Citizen Corps; Co. A, 14th Infantry
Utica Regiment; 26th Infantry

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Van Alen Cavalry; 3d Cavalry
Van Buren Light Infantry; 102d Infantry
Vanguard Regiment; 59th Infantry
Varian's Battery; Artillery Co. I, 8th Militia
Vinton Rifles; 43d Infantry
Virginia Coast Guard; 99th Infantry
Volunteer State Zouaves; Co. C, 10th Infantry
Von Beck Canal Rangers or Rifles; Cos. B and G, 102d Infantry
Vosburgh Chasseurs; 7ist Militia, 53d Infantry (new).

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Wadsworth Guards; 104th Infantry
Walkill Guards; Co. D, 18th Infantry
Warren Rifles; 95th Infantry
Washington Continentals; Co. D, 168th Infantry
Washington Continentals; Co. B, 10th Militia, and Co. B, 177th Infantry
Washington County Regiment; 93d Infantry
Washington County Regiment; 123d Infantry
Washington Grays; 8th Militia
Washington Grays, 1st Regiment; 47th Infantry
Washington Grays, 1st Troop; Artillery Co. I, 8th Militia
Washington Grays, 1st Troop; Co. L, 1st Engineers, later 4th Battery
Washington Guards
Washington Guards; 120th Infantry
Washington Light Cavalry, Cos. A and B; Cos. L and M, 16th Cavalry
Washington Rifles; 11th Militia, part of 87th Infantry
Washington Volunteers; 36th Infantry
Washington Zouaves; part of 57th Infantry
Washington Zouaves; part of 87th Infantry
Waterloo Wright Guards; Co. C, 33d Infantry
Wayne County Regiments; part of 98th Infantry
Wayne County Regiments; part of 138th Infantry
Wayne Guards, Anthony; 135th Infantry, later 6th Artillery
Westchester Chasseurs; 17th Infantry
Westchester Light Infantry; part 178th Infantry
Western Irish Regiment; Cos. G, H and I, 105th Infantry
Westfield Cavalry; 9th Cavalry
Wheeler's Battery; 13th Independent Artillery
Whitehall Light Guards; reorganized as Co. G, 22d Infantry
Wickham's Company of Infantry; part 142d Infantry
Wiedrich's Battery; Battery I, 1st Light Artillery
Willard's Battalion of Artillery; later 20th and 28th Batteries
WilHamsburgh Volunteers; Co. A, 3d Infantry
Wilson's Zouaves; 6th Infantry
Winslow's Company of Infantry; part 142d Infantry

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Yager Regiment, 2d; 41st Infantry
Yates' Rifles; two Cos. 43d Infantry
Yates' Rifles; part 51st Infantry
Yonkers Regiment; Cos. L and M, and part of Cos. B, D, I and K, 172d Infantry, transferred to 6th Artillery

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Zook's Voltigeurs; 57th Infantry
Zoos-Zoos; 9th Infantry
Zouaves, 2d; a transient organization, men joined 40th Infantry

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