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Civil War Colored Troops
Units with New York Soldiers or Officers

1st Cavalry

2nd Cavalry

4th Cavalry

5th Cavalry

6th Cavalry

1st Heavy Artillery

2nd Light Artillery,
Battery A

2nd Light Artillery,
Battery B

2nd Light Artillery,
Battery G

3rd Heavy Artillery

6th Heavy Artillery

8th Heavy Artillery

9th Heavy Artillery

10th Heavy Artillery

11th Heavy Artillery

12th Heavy Artillery

13th Heavy Artillery

14th Heavy Artillery

1st Infantry

2nd Infantry

3rd Infantry

4th Infantry

6th Infantry

7th Infantry

8th Infantry

9th Infantry

10th Infantry

11th Infantry

17th Infantry

19th Infantry

20th Infantry

21st Infantry

22nd Infantry

23rd Infantry

24th Infantry

25th Infantry

26th Infantry

27th Infantry

28th Infantry

29th Infantry

30th Infantry

31st Infantry

32nd Infantry

33rd Infantry

34th Infantry

35th Infantry

36th Infantry

37th Infantry

38th Infantry

39th Infantry

41st Infantry

42nd Infantry

43rd Infantry

44th Infantry

45th Infantry

46th Infantry

47th Infantry

49th Infantry

51st Infantry

55th Infantry

57th Infantry

63rd Infantry

65th Infantry

68th Infantry

70th Infantry

72nd Infantry

74th Infantry

75th Infantry

76th Infantry

77th Infantry

78th Infantry

79th Infantry

80th Infantry

81st Infantry

82nd Infantry

83rd Infantry

84th Infantry

85th Infantry

86th Infantry

87th Infantry - Old

87th Infantry - New

88th Infantry

89th Infantry

90th Infantry

92nd Infantry

93rd Infantry

95th Infantry

96th Infantry

97th Infantry

98th Infantry

99th Infantry

100th Infantry

101st Infantry

102nd Infantry

103rd Infantry

104th Infantry

106th Infantry

107th Infantry

108th Infantry

109th Infantry

114th Infantry

115th Infantry

116th Infantry

117th Infantry

118th Infantry

119th Infantry

122nd Infantry

123rd Infantry

124th Infantry

125th Infantry

127th Infantry

128th Infantry

54th Mass. Infantry

29th Conn. Infantry


1st Cavalry, US Colored Troops

Organized at Camp Hamilton, Va., December 22, 1863; mustered out, February 4, 1866

2nd Cavalry, US Colored Troops

6th Cavalry, US Colored Troops



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