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15th / 369th Regiment
New York national Guard
Enlistment Cards 1920 - 1949

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Name Rank Enlist Date Company Discharge Date Card
Abarca, Franciso 13-Aug-46 G
Abarca, Frank 6-Aug-47 G
Abdullah, Ahmed 3/9/1942
Abraham, CarltonCorporal 6-Mar-42 E 12/9/1942
Abraham, Johnny 16-Jul-42 I 12/9/1942
Abrams, Charles 12-Jan-37 F 7/6/1937
Abrams, Charles 12-Jan-37 F 7/6/1937
Abramson, AlexanderSergeant 9-Aug-29 H 8/8/1932
Abren, Early B 2-May-28 M
Accoo, George 8-Mar-37 Service 3/7/1940
Accoo, George 8-Mar-40 Band 12/2/1940
Ackerman ?, PFC 1-Sep-38 Howitzer 8/31/1939
Ackerman, Al MPFC 1-Sep-36 Howitzer 8/31/1937
Ackerman, Al M 1-Sep-37 Howitzer
Ackerman, Al MCorporal 1-Sep-39 Bat F
Ackerman, Allan W 23-May-28 Howitzer 5/22/1929
Ackerman, Allan Waldrick, Jr 17-Feb-47 A
Ackerman, Allen WSergeant 23-May-29 Howitzer 5/22/1932
Ackerman, Allen WSergeant 23-May-38 Bat G 11/22/1940
Ackerman, Allen Waldrick 23-Nov-40 Bat G 369th CA 1/11/1941
Ackerman, Allen WaldrickMaster Sergeant 10-Jan-41 Hq & Ser 7/14/1941
Ackerman, Joseph 10-Nov-38 Howitzer 2/1/1940
Ackerman, Kenneth A 5-Dec-28 M
Adams, Christopher 13-Nov-40 Btry H 369th
Adams, Ellis 23-Mar-47 G
Adams, Ernest 17-Oct-40 Btry Hq 2nd Bn
Adams, Halvor A 24-Feb-41 Hdqrs-Band 12/21/1942
Adams, James E 8-Dec-36 D 12/7/1939
Adams, James E 8-Dec-39 Bat D, 369th Inf
Adams, John Louis 3-Jul-40 Hq Battery
Adams, Leon Crosby 13-Jul-40 C, 369th Inf
Adams, Melville C 18-Oct-39 Battery H, 369th Inf
Adams, Rudolph S G
Adams, Walter ESergeant 4-Apr-29 G 4/3/1932
Adams, Walter ESergeant 11-Feb-36 G 2/10/1939
Adams, Walter EdgarSergeant 11-Feb-39 Battery G 12/19/1940
Adams, William 9-Dec-37 Howitzer 7/1/1940
Adams, William 29-Jan-42 G 7/2/1942
Adams, William A 18-Nov-37 H 7/26/1940
Adams, Willie James 25-Jun-47 B
Adamson, Anothy 6/25/1942
Addison, Harold 4-Sep-46 F
Adger, Roy 4-Mar-29 K
Adkins, Wilford LeePFC 24-Jan-41 E 6/10/1941
Adkinson, James A 2-Jul-46 D
Adolph, Leroy Gabriel 10-Nov-43 G
Agnew, Clyde 23-Aug-44 E
Akers, Walter L 19-Oct-39 Bat C, 369th Inf
Alacala, ElmerSergeant 7-Oct-41 I
Albury, Joseph 18-Dec-46 E
Alcindor, Cyril 21-Mar-43 K 9/16/1942
Aldana, EstabarPrivate 18-Jun-37 service 9/2/1938
Aldridge, FredCorporal 11-Jan-37 I, 369th Inf 1/10/1940
Alexander, Anderson 10-Jan-29 howitzer
Alexander, Cecil A 16-Oct-39 Bat E, 369th Inf
Alexander, Clarence EPfc 1-Jul-38 Bat G 11/22/1940
Alexander, Clarence ETechnician 4th Class 20-Oct-42 B, 15th Reg 10/20/1943
Alexander, Edwin 7-Oct-40 Bat F, 369th CA(AA)
Alexander, Frederick R 2-Jun-36 H 12/2/1938
Alexander, Fredrick H 12-Aug-44 Hq Det, 3 Bn
Alexander, George 12-Jul-28 L 7/11/1931
Alexander, Herbert 24-Jan-41 Hq Det, 2 Bn 4/16/1942
Alexander, James Palmer 18-Jun-40 Hq Bat
Alexander, Joseph A 4-Sep-28 F
Alexander, Luther 9-Mar-39 F 1/23/1940
Alexander, Paul 25-Apr-41 G 1/16/1942
Alexander, Wilbert DCorporal 26-May-38 Bat E
Alexander, William A 22-Jun-39 Battery G
Alford, David C 23-Jun-24 service
Alford, Joe Clarence 13-Nov-40 H, 369th CA
Alfred, Henry Fritzgreald 23-Jul-47 H
Alick, Henry 7-Aug-24 B, 369th Inf
Allaway, Thomas 5-Feb-41 E 6/21/1941
Allen, Alfornso S A
Allen, Benjamin 24-Jan-41 E 9/4/1941
Allen, Blake, Jr 16-Oct-39 K, 369th Inf
Allen, Clarence 12-Feb-29 K
Allen, Edmund 20-Jun-36 G 6/20/1939
Allen, George W 4-Aug-44 L
Allen, Harry George, Jr 15-Aug-47 B
Allen, Herbert 1-Jul-37 C, 369th Inf
Allen, Hubert Wilson 7-Jun-46 C
Allen, James D 29-Mar-38 Bat F 11/14/1940
Allen, Jessie 15-Aug-46 H
Allen, Joseph 24-Feb-41 Hq 9/5/1942
Allen, Joseph W 19-Mar-28 C
Allen, Kenneth J 12-Oct-39 Med Dept Det
Allen, Lacey W 5/13/1942
Allen, LeRoy 28-Aug-47 I
Allen, Luther L 29-Aug-47
Allen, Luther Leroy 29-Apr-43 A 2/5/1944
Allen, Nathaniel 18-Oct-39 Bat G
Allen, Reynold A 24-Jul-24 M
Allen, RudolphPrivate 10-Nov-37 F 4/18/1939
Allen, Samuel 1-Sep-42 I 12/24/1942
Allen, Stanley 16-Aug-28 L
Allen, Talmadge Raymond 20-May-47 C
Allen, William Lenard 2-Jul-40 Bat D
Allen, William S 9-Jan-37 F 1/8/1938
Allen, William S 9-Jan-38 Bat E
Allen, Willie Alonzo 16-Sep-43 K
Allende, Juan 23-Jul-42 G 4/17/1943
Alleyne, Emil Cyril 10-Jan-41 Hq & Ser 5/23/1941
Alleyne, Howard 28-Oct-37 Battery F 10/27/1940
Alleyne, McDonald 25-Feb-42 K
Alleyne, McDonald 26-Feb-44 K 4/5/1944
Alleyne, Waddell T 12-Jul-46 F
Allgood, Walter 17-Jun-36 I, 369th Inf 7/6/1937
Allicks, Claude AStaff Sergeant 21-Apr-43 Hq Det, 2nd Bn 4/10/1944
Allicks, Claude AStaff Sergeant 21-Apr-41 Hq Det, 2nd Bn 4/20/1943
Allicks, Lester Alexander 22-Jul-43 Hq Det, 2nd Bn 4/10/1944
Almodovar, Victor 8-May-36 I
Almodovar, Victor 8-May-39 Bat E, 369th Inf
Almodovar, Victor 5-Feb-46 Hq, 15th Inf
Alridge, Ira FCorporal 3-Feb-41 A 7/8/1942
Alston, Edward Howard 10-Jun-43 F
Alston, George 10-Jan-41 F 1/9/1943
Alston, George 10-Jan-43 G
Alston, George 10-Jan-47 G
Alston, James 23-May-28 M 5/22/1931
Alston, James A 14-Oct-41 I 3/19/1942
Alston, James E 4-Nov-37 Bat E 11/3/1940
Alston, Joseph G 31-Jul-24 1st Bn, Hq 7/30/1927
Alston, Leonard Randall 17-Oct-40 Bat G
Alston, Thomas Elmer 16-Sep-43 A 11/16/1943
Alston, WilliamCorporal 10-Jan-41 K 6/17/1941
Altheimer, Felmon T 13-Apr-36 M
Altheimer, Felmon T 13-Apr-37 M
Altheimer, Felmon TSergeant 13-Apr-38 M 4/12/1939
Altheimer, Felmon T 13-Apr-39 M 4/12/1940
Alvarado, Raymond O 8-Apr-29 A 4/7/1932
Alvarez, Charlesmaster sergeant 10-Jan-41 Hq & Ser 7/16/1942
Alvarez, Charles HStaff Sergeant 3-Aug-29 service 8/2/1930
Amado, JohnCorporal 26-Oct-27 G
Ambrose, ArthurPrivate 4-Mar-37 B 3/3/1940
Ambrose, Arthur G 30-Apr-40 Bat B 12/2/1940
Ambrose, Charles Bevly, Jr 25-Jul-40 Bat A
Ambrose, Elwood Lloyd 4-Nov-40 Bat B
Ambrose, WilliamCorporal 25-Nov-28 Hq, 3BN 11/24/1931
Ambrose, William DTechnical Sergeant 25-Nov-37 Hq 11/24/1940
Ambrose, William H 4-Feb-43 Hq Det, 2nd Bn
Amos, JamesPfc 12-Nov-28 K
Anderson, Alfred 30-Sep-41 I 8/26/1942
Anderson, Alfred Asbury 17-Oct-40 Hq Bat, 2nd Bn
Anderson, Arthur D 24-Apr-47 H
Anderson, Asbury 10-Jun-29 B
Anderson, Charles 6-Jul-42 A 5/1/1943
Anderson, Clarence Jprivate 22-Jul-41 L 8/12/1942
Anderson, David Elwood 1-Apr-43 C 4/17/1944
Anderson, David H 21-Jan-24 C
Anderson, David Hpfc 30-Jun-36 C 6/29/1939
Anderson, David Hpfc 30-Jun-39 Battery C 10/21/1940
Anderson, Donald B 6-Aug-29 G 8/5/1932
Anderson, Harry 16-Sep-43 B
Anderson, Harry 1-Aug-46 B
Anderson, Henry Fsup sergeant 16-Jan-24 I 1/12/1923
Anderson, Herman Davis 28-Jan-43 G 9/16/1943
Anderson, Herman Lee x/x/1944 G
Anderson, Herman Paul C
Anderson, Homer 25-Mar-43 K 8/25/1943
Anderson, James 10-Feb-27 F
Anderson, James 9-May-28 L
Anderson, James E 11-Aug-36 G
Anderson, James E 11-Aug-39 Battery G
Anderson, James E F 21-Jul-24 G
Anderson, John 21-Jul-24 E
Anderson, John Lewis 28-Jan-43 G 6/23/1943
Anderson, Joseph E 4-Sep-28 H
Anderson, Keith Leroy 10-Jun-26 K
Anderson, Lee 10-Jun-37 L 4/8/1938
Anderson, Leon J 27-May-42 K 9/16/1943
Anderson, Maurice C 24-Feb-41 Band 12/2/1942
Anderson, Melvin Prince 29-Oct-46 C
Anderson, Milton Simons 28-May-47 H
Anderson, Prince 9-Oct-26 C
Anderson, Ralph 30-Jul-47 E
Anderson, Robert 16-Jan-29 L
Anderson, Royal Wayne 17-Oct-40 Hq Bat, 2nd Bn
Anderson, Samuel 26-Nov-29 Howitzer
Anderson, Theodore RSergeant 30-Apr-24 L 4/19/1927
Anderson, Thomas Lloyd 2-Apr-43 K
Anderson, Ulyssess 15-Jun-39 Battery H
Andrews, Eugene 16-Apr-24 K
Andrews, Frederic 16-Jan-36 Howitzer 1/15/1939
Andrews, Frederic 16-Jan-39 Howitzer 1/15/1940
Andrews, Fredrick L 2-Apr-40 Hq Bat
Andrews, Nathaniel 5-Aug-46 I
Andrews, Norbert Justine 30-Jun-44 A
Andrews, Paul Victor 10-Jan-41 2 BN 11/14/1941
Annis, George L 8-Jul-29 D 7/7/1932
Anslem, Frankcorporal 21-Feb-29 K 2/20/1932
Anthony, William 25-Feb-47 A
Arbuckle, Willard C 30-Jan-28 A
Archer, Andrew E 8-Apr-43 C
Archer, Fred 12-Oct-39 Battery G
Archer, Reginald 6-Aug-37 Medical Det 8/5/1940
Archer, Reginald 6-Aug-40 Medical
Archer, Reginald 6-Aug-40 Medical Det
Archer, Winston Oscar 29-Jan-46 B
Archey, Georgecorporal 24-Jan-41 E 9/1/1942
Archibald, Henry A 14-Mar-44 B
Archibald, Sidney A 25-Jan-44 B
Armanie, Rallis 18-Oct-39 Battery G 9/3/1940
Armistead, Chester 11-May-42 I 7/22/1942
Armstrong, Eugene 4-Sep-28 M
Armstrong, James H 19-Jun-41 E 1/22/1942
Armstrong, James H 6-Sep-44 Hq & Service
Armstrong, Lincoln James 24-Jun-43 C
Armstrong, Vernon C 21-Nov-38 Hq Battery 12/17/1940
Arner, Robert 24-Jul-40 A 10/26/1940
Arner, Robert J 18-Oct-39 F 5/1/1940
Arnold, Albert David 10-Jan-41 K 2/25/1942
Arnold, Archibald V 25-Nov-36 M 6/8/1938
Arnold, Otisprivate 4-Mar-37 H 3/4/1940
Arnold, Otiscorporal 4-Mar-40 Battery H 10/22/1940
Arrindel (Arrindell), Johannes 12-May-29 I 5/11/1930
Arrindel, Albert Martin 10-Jan-41 B 6/19/1942
Arrindell (Arrindel), Johannas 1-Jun-36 A 3/26/1937
Arrindell, Arthur E 12-Jul-39 I
Arrington, Hale Thomas x/x/1947 H
Arrington, Rayfield 26-Jul-24 E
Arroy, Gerald Jose 1-Apr-43 B 9/11/1943
Arroy, Teafilo 10-Dec-44 B
Arroy, Teafilo 10-Dec-46 B
Arroyo, Demeitro 8-Sep-41 E 4/7/1942
Arthur, Gorden Sylvestre 8-Jul-42 B 8/16/1943
Arthurton, Alfred 18-Jul-24
Artis, Charles 12-Jun-28 F 6/11/1931
Asencio, Sandalio Degado 6-Oct-42 I 1/20/1943
Asgill, Charles Edwardstaff sergeant 10-Jan-41 Hq Det, 3rd Bn 11/13/1941
Ash, Joseph H 26-Jan-39 Bat E
Ash, William T 28-May-28 Hq Det, 1st Bn
Ashby, Charles A 26-Apr-44 K
Ashby, Charles Acorporal 16-Jul-47 E
Ashby, Clyde Acorporal 13-Dec-42 K 3/10/1943
Ashby, Eustace Herbert 29-Oct-40 C
Ashby, Grover Cleveland, Jr 12-Nov-42 L 6/29/1943
Ashby, Joseph 16-Jul-24 H 9/21/1926
Ashe, Frederic C
Ashley, Edwin 24-Feb-24 A 1/16/1925
Ashley, Lonnie 10-Jan-41 K 7/10/1941
Atkins, Cecil A 24-Sep-41 F 6/19/1942
Atkins, Leopold 3-Feb-38 Regt HQ 4/5/1939
Atkins, Robert F 10-Apr-40 Bat F
Atkinson, John Edward 10-Jan-41 Hq Det, 3rd Bn 7/17/1942
Atkinson, Paul B 9-Oct-29 M 10/8/1932
Atkinson, Romie 5-Jan-29 E
Atkinson, Walter G 24-Feb-41 Hq-Band 2/28/2943
Aubain, Monroe Joseph 29-Apr-43 F 8/25/1943
Austin, Alexander C 24-Apr-38 F
Austin, Anthony 28-May-36 Regt HQ 5/27/1939
Austin, Anthony 28-May-39 Hq Bat 11/14/1940
Austin, Clarence H 2-Nov-39 Hq 10/24/1940
Austin, Edmund Olivercorporal 2-Apr-42 G 12/18/1942
Austin, Ernest Ssergeant 17-Oct-37 L 6/22/1939
Austin, George D 8-Sep-47 H
Austin, George D, Jr 1-Apr-36 H
Austin, George David, Jr 9-May-40 Hq Bat, Bat E
Austin, Horace R 8-Jun-39 D 11/1/1939
Austin, Oscar Will 28-Oct-40 Medical Det
Austin, Sidney E 26-Aug-42 11/18/1942
Avant, Laurence C 5-Jan-39 Medical
Avant, Myron B 29-Jun-39 Bat F
Avery, Francis E 26-Oct-39 Bat B
Avery, Richard, Jr 15-Nov-28 Medical Det 11/14/1931
Ayala, Juioo 27-Aug-47 G
Ayers, James H, Jr 26-Jan-40 Bat D 1/2/1941
Babb, St Clair 12-Mar-42 E
Babb, St Clair 25-Mar-44 E
Babcock, JudsonSergeant 10-Aug-29 E 8/9/1932
Babcock, Judson L 10-Aug-38 Bat F 12/2/1940
Baber, George 11-Aug-24 Service
Bacon, Horace 17-Nov-24 K
Bacon, McCoy 18-Oct-28 Hq, 3BN 10/17/1931
Bacon, McCoySergeant 21-Oct-37 H 10/20/1940
Bacon, McCoy T, Jr M
Bagley, Augustine 11-Sep-46 F
Bagley, Chester ACorporal 15-Apr-41 A 8/12/1942
Bagley, Eugene 4-Sep-46 F
Bagnall, Emmett T, Jr 26-Nov-35 Service
Bahador, John S 14-Mar-29 Regt HQ
Bahadur, John S 22-Oct-36 Regt HQ 5/19/1939
Bailey, Arthur A 14-Feb-40 Bat B 11/14/1940
Bailey, Arthur Pierce 10-Jan-41 G 9/25/1941
Bailey, Austin QCorporal 27-Jan-38 Bat H 12/2/1940
Bailey, Cecil HanlingSergeant 10-Jan-41 G 1/9/1943
Bailey, Cecil L 5-Feb-37 C 1/4/1940
Bailey, Daniel1st Sergeant 20-Jan-42 L
Bailey, Edward, Jr 6-Apr-43 K 5/24/1943
Bailey, Eustace C 4/16/1942
Bailey, George 4-Sep-29 K
Bailey, George D 4-Sep-38 Bat E
Bailey, John C 13-Jul-42 B 1/14/1943
Bailey, Robert 19-Jan-36 Service
Bailey, Robert 1/xx/1939 Service 5/30/1939
Bailey, Robert A 20-May-41 Med Dept Det
Bailey, Robert A 20-May-43 Med 15th
Bailey, Rudolph 3-Nov-38 H 2/6/1940
Bailey, Walter R 15-Apr-37 Med Det
Baily, Cecil Hanling 4-Feb-43 F
Bain, Henry 4-Apr-44 G
Bain, James Owen 19-Nov-40 HQ, 2BN
Baines, William 12-Nov-42 C
Baird, Ernest 15-Jun-39 Bat F
Baker, Albert F 14-Oct-29 C 10/13/1932
Baker, Alfred 8-Jul-24 D
Baker, Clarence 5-Sep-24 Service
Baker, Clarence Leroy 23-Jul-47 H
Baker, FrankSergeant 27-Dec-28 Howitzer 12/26/1931
Baker, Herbert Levand (Levan?) 30-Jul-47 H
Baker, Joseph 30-Mar-43 A 8/17/1943
Baker, Lawson 24-Mar-24 M
Baker, Lincoln Frederick 26-Aug-46 L
Baker, Norman 18-Dec-46 E
Baker, RaymondSergeant 4-Jan-36 I 2/8/1939
Baker, Raymond V 4-Jan-39 I
Baker, Robert E 22-Oct-36 Howitzer 3/12/1938
Baker, Voyd 4-Sep-46 G
Bandel, Narcise 4-Aug-24 E
Banfield, Wilfred V 30-Oct-41 F 6/19/1942
Banks, Arthur H 8-Dec-30 D 7/28/1932
Banks, Arthur HPFC 29-Jul-38 D 2/1/1940
Banks, Arthur Hamilton 11-Aug-41 B 6/19/1942
Banks, Edward P 22-May-24 Med Det 3/12/1926
Banks, Herman Sidney 10-Jan-41 L 6/12/1941
Banks, Joseph Robert, JrCorporal 10-Jan-41 B 1/21/1942
Banks, Major 25-Feb-47 B
Banks, Robert A 11-Feb-24 B
Banks, Robert GCorporal 1-Jul-46 H
Banks, Robert Garland 14-Oct-40 HQ Battery, 1st Bn
Banks, Robert L 20-Feb-24 B
Banks, Russell D 21-Nov-46 M
Banks, Russell Dennis 4-Nov-43 K
Banks, Russell R 12-Apr-28 K
Banks, Solomon 5-Sep-28 L
Banks, Walter 10-Dec-42 E 9/11/1943
Banks, William 13-Oct-29 M
Banner, Frank W 17-Oct-39 Bat A 10/21/1940
Banner, Frank Walter 13-Mar-46 D
Bannerman, Claude James 21-Mar-46 I
Bannerman, Devon 28-Jan-43 G 6/23/1943
Bannister, Leornard G, Jr 26-Jan-39 Bat B
Bantum, John HCorporal 23-May-38 Band 12/2/1940
Barber, Elvin B 19-Oct-28 E
Barco, Isaac 24-Jan-21 I 3/19/1942
Barge, Leon George 30-Jul-47 C
Barker, Charles F 18-Oct-39 Bat G 1/18/1941
Barker, Julius B 6-Jan-28 K
Barkus, George T 28-Jul-44 L
Barley, Julius 10-Jan-41 B 6/20/1942
Barner, George W 27-Oct-43 A
Barnes, ClarenceSergeant 3-Feb-37 F 2/2/1940
Barnes, Clarence 3-Feb-40 Bat A
Barnes, Donald V 14-Dec-44 Hq, 3rd BN
Barnes, Herbert W 26-Aug-29 B
Barnes, Joseph F K 1/21/1942
Barnes, Joseph Francis 2-Sep-43 I
Barnes, Thomas MSergeant 20-Jan-42 I
Barnes, Thomas M 20-Jan-44 I
Barnes, W Kenneth 20-Jul-44 I
Barnes, Wilbert 18-Jul-40 Bat B
Barnes, William H 1-Aug-28 M
Barnett, Uriah 23-Jul-42 F 4/17/1944
Barnhill, Robert 26-Sep-42 F 2/4/1943
Barnwell, Clarence M 26-Oct-39 Bat A
Barnwell, Leonard 31-Aug-44 A
Barnwell, RobertSergeant 25-Jul-24 Service
Barr, Albert 15-Apr-37 G
Barr, Albert Raymond 15-Apr-40 Bat G
Barr, Alexander 24-Feb-29 I 2/23/1930
Barrett, Waddell 9-Apr-24 M
Barrette, Walter R 6-Sep-44 Hq & Service
Barrow, Albert O'KeithCorporal 2-Apr-42 G
Barrow, Claude B 6-Aug-37 L 11/15/1938
Barry, Wilfred A 3-Jul-42 B 8/4/1942
Bartee, Woodrow J 24-Jan-41 K 8/3/1942
Bartee, Woodrow James 5-Jun-40 Bat F 11/18/1940
Bartee, Woodrow James 3-Dec-42 K 5/1/1943
Barton, Joseph IrvingPFC 11-Sep-42 L 11/3/1943
Bartow, George J 12-Oct-39 C 5/1/1940
Barzey, James George 21-Jul-44 Med Det
Basden, Harold O, JrCorporal 11-Dec-36 Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion 12/10/1930
Baskerville, JamesStaff Sergeant 10-Jan-41 Headquarter and Service 1/9/1943
Baskerville, James H.Staff Sergeant 28-Apr-45 Company Headquarters
Baskerville, James H.Staff Sergeant 1-Feb-47 Headquarters Company, 15th Infantry 1/31/1947
Baskerville, RobertStaff Sergeant 9-Jan-42 Company K 10/20/1942
Baskerville, William Shepard2nd Lieutenant 26-Nov-40 Battery E 369th Costal Artillery [AA] 11/13/1941
Bass, Antonio[Private First Class] 8-Jul-46 Company I
Bass, Emanuel 14-Feb-36 Company Headquarters, 1st Battalion
Bass, Emanuel L.Private 14-Jan-39 Headquarters Battalion, Battery D 11/16/1940
Bass, George D. 24-Jun-37 Company G 6/23/1940
Bass, George D.Private First Class 24-Jun-40 Company G
Bass, Marshall Joseph 14-Sep-43 Company C 12/3/1943
Bass, Robert 24-Nov-37 Battery Headquarters Company 11/23/1940
Bass, RobertSergeant 10-Jan-41 Company F 7/21/1941
Bates, Arthur Fobler 5-Jul-44 Company B
Batson, George R.Private 19-Nov-38 Battery F 12/2/1940
Batson, Louis E.Private 1-Dec-38 Battery E 2/12/1938
Battey, Robert C. Company F 3/9/1942
Battle (Battles?), [S Henry] 4-Jun-28 Company A 6/3/1931
Battle, Arthur 24-Jan-41 Company E 5/17/1941
Battle, ThomasPrivate First Class 28-May-36 5/27/1939
Batts, David L.Sergeant 16-Dec-41 Headquarters Service 5/28/1942
Baucom, Cleo Raymond 19-Oct-45 Company A, 15th Regiment, NYG
Baxter, Oliver Henry 21-May-47 Company I
Baxter, Theodore 13-Jan-42 Headquarters and Service, 15th Regiment 3/19/1943
Baxter, TheodorePrivate 2-Sep-43 Company Headquarters and Service 1/21/1944
Baylis, FrankCorporal 28-Jan-24 Howitzer Company
Baylis, Frank HenryPrivate 10-Jan-41 Company A 7/17/1921
Bayne, Simeon N.Private 18-Jul-24 Regimental Headquarters
Beach, Louis 6-Aug-47 E
Beach, Philip A2nd Lt. 29-Jun-39 Medical
Beadle, Ferdinand Anthony 24-Jan-41 I 7/25/1941
Beale, Charles F 11-Oct-38 Bat. D 12/17/1940
Beale, Charles F 11-Oct-29 D 10/10/1932
Bean, Reginald 28-Oct-43 I
Beasley, Edward 6-Mar-24 D 3/5/1927
Beasley, Edward 6-Mar-36 D 3/5/1939
Beasley, Edward 6-Mar-39 D 12/16/1939
Beasley, George 28-Aug-28 H 8/27/1931
Beasley, Samuel 10-May-46 D
Beattey, George 14-Apr-24 C
Beattey, James 20-Jul-42 C 2/9/1943
Beatty, Harry Teroth 31-Jul-49 K
Beavers, Clarence H 7-Jun-38 K 6/25/1940
Beavers, Leo 23-Oct-41 F 8/12/1942
Beazer, Rudolph Edwin x/x/1942 L 3/23/1943
Beckham, William 17-Dec-36 Service 12/16/1939
Beckham, William 17-Dec-39 Band
Beckles, Archibald 10-Jan-41 I 1/9/1943
Beckles, Archibald Claremont 9-Jan-43 Med. Det.
Beckles, Maurice Julian 24-Jan-41 E 7/10/1941
Beckles, Maurice Julian 18-Sep-41 E 10/19/1941
Beckworth, Normal Stovel 2-Jul-40 Bat A
Bedell, Harold J 11-Oct-28 2nd Bn Hq Co 10/10/1931
Bee, Julius Nathaniel 4-Nov-40 Btry B
Beeby, Vernold M 16-Jun-36 G
Beecher, John F 26-Apr-37 Service 4/26/1940
Beecher, John Frederick 26-Apr-40 Band
Beevans, Lloyd W 12-Dec-28 L
Begalla, Albert 21-Nov-28 F
Behagen, Harry E 28-Nov-37 L 8/12/1939
Behagen, Harry E 19-Oct-39 L 7/23/1940
Belden, Darwin Jones2nd Lieutenant 24-Feb-41 G 7/27/1942
Bell, Abel 10-Jan-41 A 7/25/1941
Bell, Albert J.Corporal 24-Feb-41 Regimental Headquarters
Bell, Albert J.Corporal 25-Mar-43 Regimental Headquarters
Bell, Ansell 16-Nov-24 F
Bell, Constantine 12-Apr-28 K
Bell, Earl G. 7-Mar-29 E
Bell, Joseph C.Corporal 28-Oct-37 Headquarters battery 10/27/1940
Bell, Joseph Clarence 28-Oct-40 Battery B
Bell, Kenneth 10-Jan-41 C 10/20/1941
Bell, Kenneth Maurice 21-May-46 C
Bell, Samuel 16-Oct-40 Battery F
Bellamy, Athelstan A. 13-May-37 Howizer
Bellamy, Athelstan A.Corporal 13-May-40 Headquarters battery
Bellamy, Robert Sinclair 13-Nov-40 Battery H
Belle, Charles H. 20-Apr-39 Battery Hdq
Belle, Walter St J (St John) 18-May-39 Band
Belle, Walter St. John 2-Jul-46 Band
Bellmay, George H C 7-May-24 3rd Bn HQ Co
Bello, Conrad Arnold 5-Sep-44 B
Belote, Luther O. 4-Aug-42 K 6/10/1943
Beltt, Harry EPrivate 27-Apr-39 Headquarters battery 10/24/1940
Beltt, Harry EugenePrivate 10-Jan-41 Headquarters battery 10/24/1940
Benain, William Norman 10-Feb-41 G 2/9/1943
Benjamin, Anselmo A. 7/2/1942
Benjamin, George Alexander ?/?/1947 K
Benjamin, Harold Adophus 25-Feb-43 C
Benjamin, Launey James 10-Jan-41 Medical Detachment 6/21/1941
Bennett, BenjaminPrivate 17-Jun-37 Regimental Headquarters 4/5/1939
Bennett, Darrell M. 7-Mar-40 Medical
Bennett, Ernest A. 23-Aug-28 F
Bennett, Floyd June 9-Jul-40 Headquarters battery 10/24/1940
Bennett, Freddie A.Corporal 1-Sep-36 Battery E
Bennett, Freddie A.Corporal 1-Sep-36 Battery E
Bennett, Freddie A.Corporal 1-Sep-39 Battery E
Bennett, George W.Corporal 13-Oct-38 Battery G
Bennett, HermanCorporal 28-Mar-24 Medical Detachment
Bennett, HermanCorporal 4-Aug-38 Medical Detachment
Bennett, HermanCorporal 4-Aug-39 Medical Detachment
Bennett, HermanCorporal 4-Aug-40 Medical Detachment
Bennett, HermanCorporal 4-Aug-40 Medical Detachment
Bennett, James M. 21-Nov-28 F
Bennett, John E. 18-Oct-39 H 7/161940
Bennett, Thomas B. 7-Mar-40 Battery G
Bennett, Walter 21-Jul-24 I
Benniefield, WalterSergeant 12-Apr-28 B 4/11/1931
Benson, ElfordPrivate 17-Jun-40 Battery A
Benson, ElfordPrivate 17-Jun-37 Battery A
Benta, George A.Private, 1st class 18-Nov-37 Battery H
Benta, George B.Private, 1st class 18-Nov-40 Battery H
Benton, Benjamin JPrivate, 1st class 28-Mar-39 Battery A 11/14/1940
Benton, Benjamin JosephPrivate, 1st class 28-Mar-40 Battery A 11/14/1940
Benton, HenryCorporal 9/?/1942 I
Benton, James D., Jr. 1-Jul-43 I 10/28/1943
Benton, Roland Leroy 14-Apr-42 F 5/24/1943
Berkel, James D 3-Dec-42 Hq & Hq Det 3rd Bn 7/29/1943
Bernard, Alfonzo 2-Sep-47 C
Bernard, John Yolland 3-Jul-40 Service
Bernard, Reginald 21-Oct-37 Bat H 10/20/1940
Bernard, Reginald ASergeant 7-Jan-41 L 2/2/1942
Bernard, Reginald Augustas 28-Jan-43 L
Bernez, Theodore R L 7/21/1941
Bernhardt, Kenneth E 19-Oct-39 Bat B
Bernier, Conrad Martin 3-Sep-46 C
Berry, Claude S 16-May-36 E
Berry, Claude S 16-May-39 Bat F
Berry, Edward I 8-Oct-29 G
Berry, Edward I Hq & Service 2/17/1942
Berry, Edwin H 4-Jun-29 H 6/3/1932
Berry, Grover L 4/20/1942
Berry, Lloyd ACorporal 11-Apr-29 E 7/10/1932
Berry, Reuben 27-Jul-24 E
Berry, Theodore Arthur 22-Oct-46 C
Berry, Theodore Arthur 10-Jan-41 C 5/28/1942
Berry, Walter Benjamin 7-Oct-40 Bat B
Bess, Edward R 10-Apr-37 F 4/9/1940
Best, Evan Emanuel 11-Dec-40 Bat H
Best, Hugh 10-Jan-40 Bat A 11/14/1940
Best, John C 14-Aug-46 E
Best, William D 26-Aug-30 G 3/7/1931
Best, William Earl 10-Jan-41 G 1/9/1943
Bettershone, Henry E 18-Jul-24 F
Beverly, JohnCorporal 20-May-36 K 5/19/1939
Beverly, John 20-May-39 Bat D
Bevett, Louis I 26-Oct-39 F 2/14/1940
Beyce, Ernest 16-Dec-40 Bat B
Bibb, Isaac 23-Jul-47 H
Bichop (Bishop?), Leon 12-Mar-24 I
Bickley, MarkCorporal
Biggins, Peter BTechnical Sergeant 20-Aug-37 Headquarters Battery
Biggins, Peter BenjaminTechnical Sergeant 20-Aug-40 Headquarters Battery
Biggs, Jerome D 21-Nov-46 M
Billie (Rankins?), Rankins 25-Feb-47 B
Billups, Edward W1st sergeant 2-Feb-28 C 9/1/1942
Billups, Edward W1st sergeant 23-Mar-38 C 9/1/1942
Billups, Edward Walter1st sergeant 10-Jan-41 C 9/1/1942
Binemy, John 15-Aug-47 B
Birch, Sidney R 17-Aug-46 H
Birch, William Allen 28-Aug-46 H
Bishop, Bernard 12-Oct-39 I
Bishop, Herbert 12-Jun-42 G 4/10/1944
Bishop, Herbert 17-Jun-43 G 4/10/1944
Bishop, Leon S 17-Dec-42 I 6/16/1943
Bishop, Seymour JosephPrivate B
Bishop, Walter FrancisCorporal 10-Jan-41 G 3/23/1944
Bishop, Walter FrancisCorporal 10-Jan-43 G 3/23/1944
Bisserup, Alvin P 14-Apr-38 Battery E
Bisserup, Lambert A 25-Jan-24 Medical Dept.
Bisserup, Lambert A 6-Feb-36 Medical Dept.
Bivens, Charles MathewsPrivate 23-Jul-46 B
Black, John JPrivate 10-Jan-42 K
Black, John Johnson 11-Jan-43 K 5/1/1943
Black, Manuel A 17-Aug-48 H
Black, Raould H 9-Sep-44 Headquarters and Service
Black, Walter CalvinPrivate First Class 30-Mar-43 A 3/7/1944
Blackburn, Ashton Vincent 24-Jan-41 F 6/17/1941
Blackburn, Durvin HPrivate First Class 6-Oct-38 G
Blackett, Selwyn Ewan 7-Oct-41 Headquarters and Service 4/7/1942
Blackman, Alphonso D 14-Apr-24 B 11/28/1925
Blackman, Horace William 16-Jun-42 L 8/18/1942
Blackman, John EPrivate 28-Nov-36 Howitzer 11/27/1937
Blackman, John EPrivate First Class 28-Nov-37 Howitzer 11/27/1937
Blackman, John EPrivate First Class 28-Nov-38 Howitzer 11/27/1939
Blackman, Oscar 20-Feb-40 Battery G
Blackwell, James Walter 15-Jul-43 G 4/17/1944
Blackwell, John P 13-May-36 I
Blackwell, John PPrivate First Class 13-May-39 Battery Headquarters, 2nd Battalion 1/14/1944
Blackwell, Theodore L
Blake, Allen, Jr 16-Oct-39 [Battery C]
Blake, FrankCorporal 24-Feb-42 Headquarters & Service
Blake, Frank AlonzoCorporal 22-Mar-44 Headquarters & Service
Blake, Frank AlonzoPrivate First Class 22-Mar-46 Headquarters 2/23/1944
Blake, James RileyCorporal 22-Apr-43 K 3/11/1944
Blake, Walter 24-Apr-43 G 11/26/1943
Blakeney, James William 27-May-47 B
Blakeney, RalphPrivate 28-Mar-37 I 3/28/1938
Bland, Albert 17-Jan-36 A 1/16/1939
Bland, Clarence Russel 16-Jun-43 L
Bland, Ed [lowe] 31-Jul-47 A
Blanks, Leonard JosephCorporal 19-Feb-42 E 10/20/1942
Blecker, Stanton, Jr 10-Mar-38 Headquarters Battalion
Blemmen, Egbert E 26-Jul-24 Regimental Headquarters
Blenman, Ronald HPrivate 14-Aug-46 H
Bligen, Nennieth Leon 1-Mar-44 E
Blissett, Bryron BFirst Sergeant 15-Jul-29 C [07/14/1935]
Blount, EdwardPrivate 31-Aug-43 A 06/30/1943
Blow, John TSergeant 29-Oct-29 K 10/28/1932
Blow, William BCorporal 19-Jun-36 Howitzer 6/2/1937
Blow, William D 19-Jun-39 Battery G
Blue, Robert Lee 9-Sep-43 E 3/1/1944
Blunt, Edward 29-Jul-29 D
Blunt, James, JrPrivate 24-Jul-46 G
Boddie, Morton Oliver 15-Aug-46 I
Boggs, Jerry 1-Aug-44 B
Bohannan, John (Johm) 15-Dec-41 B 5/13/1942
Bolden, Malcolm 22-May-41 B 7/10/1942
Bolds, David Robert 18-Sep-41 E 4/16/1942
Boling, John MastenCorporal 4-Oct-28 Howitzer 8/2/1930
Bonaparte, Chapman WCorporal 2-Jul-28 C 7/1/1931
Bond, AndrewPrivate 2-Feb-44 G
Bonelli, Leslie E 7-Sep-44 A
Bonelli, Leslie Edwin 24-Nov-43 A 4/5/1944
Bonets, Peter A. 8-Apr-37 I 11/22/1937
Bonitto, Clifford C.Private 14-Jul-29 M
Bonner, Merritt 15-Oct-40 Battery G
Bonner, Robert 25-Jul-28 L
Bonwell, Fred 28-Mar-29 C
Booker, Edward HCorporal 30-Jun-36 A 6/30/1939
Booker, Edward H 30-Jun-39 Battery A 12/4/1940
Booker, George Edward, Jr. 18-Jul-40 Battery D
Booker, Leslie 29-Jul-43 Band
Booker, Leslie E. 23-May-41 Regimental Headquarters Band 5/22/1942
Booker, Wilbert L 20-Apr-36 D
Booker, Wilbert LPrivate, 1st class 20-Apr-39 Battery D
Bookman, Napoleon L 23-Jul-47 F
Boone, Burnno 6-Aug-47 E
Boone, Harvey Glenn 28-Oct-43 E
Boone, James R 21-Aug-29 M
Boone, William Jesse 17-Jun-43 B 11/9/1943
Boose, Herbert 9-Feb-28 Howitzer
Boozer, B BookerPrivate, 1st class 29-Nov-36 L 11/28/1937
Boozer, Booker T 29-Nov-39 Battery G 9/3/1940
Boria, Antoniocorporal 11-Jun-28 Service 6/10/1931
Boromie, Denis 21-May-24 I
Boseman, Charlie 25-Jun-24 L
Bostic, Theodore Fredric 5-Sep-44 HQ & Serv Co
Bostick, Eugene A 12-Oct-39 Bat E
Bostick, Robert 17-Jun-36 I 12/11/1936
Boswell, Robert Norman 16-Oct-40 Bat F
Boteler, Sumner Ehrix 1-Jul-38 Bat C 10/21/1940
Bough, Ernest B 18-Feb-36 G 12/7/1936
Bourne, William Alonzo 14-Jun-40 medical
Bovian, Williamprivate 17-Nov-37 G 11/14/1938
Bovian, Willie 1-May-29 G
Bovian, Willie 1-May-29 G 11/12/1937
Bowen, Gezner C B G 5/13/1942
Bowens, Henry William 24-Jan-41 Hq Det 1st Bn 4/30/1941
Bowers, Olyn S 16-Oct-39 Bat C 11/14/1940
Bowers, William 17-Jan-36 G
Bowie, Adam 6-Mar-40 A 10/26/1940
Bowie, Adam 6-Mar-36 A 3/5/1939
Bowie, Adam 6-Mar-39 A 2/5/1940
Bowie, Alfred Burton 10-Jan-41 L 1/9/1943
Bowie, John 9-Oct-23 A 10/22/1926
Bowie, John
Bowler, Horace E 9-Feb-39 Bat C 11/14/1940
Bowles, David Milton 8-Apr-43 C 11/9/1943
Bowles, David Milton 6-Aug-46 C
Bowles, George 8-Aug-44 B
Bowles, James Allen G
Bowling, Frank 22-Jan-47 D
Bowling, Louis 26-Jun-29 L 6/25/1932
Bowling, Louis 25-Mar-37 Service 3/24/1940
Bowling, Louis 25-Mar-40 Btn Hq 1st Bn
Bowling, William E 9-Feb-37 H 5/5/1937
Bowman, Edward 31-Aug-46 A
Bowman, James E 27-Jan-37 3rd Bn Hq 6/18/1937
Bowman, John Roland 24-Jan-41 I 5/23/1941
Bowman, John William 25-Nov-42 Hq Det 3rd Bn 9/8/1942
Bowman, Lawson 5-Nov-42 C 9/20/1943
Boyce, Albert Danford 31-Aug-46 A
Boyce, Ernest 12-Jun-38 Bat B 12/2/1940
Boyce, McDonald 26-Aug-29 C 8/25/1932
Boyce, Noel E 4-Apr-40 Bat E 11/16/1940
Boyce, Simeon 30-Aug-28 Regt Hq 8/29/1931
Boyd, Edward E 1-Mar-39 G 12/30/1939
Boyd, Eugene Edward 4-Apr-40 Bat G
Boyd, Samuel 11-Sep-42 G 2/23/1943
Boyd, Thomas L 1-Jun-37 K 5/31/1940
Boyd, Thomas Livingston 1-Jun-40 Bat C 10/21/1940
Boyd, William 24-Jan-41 F 5/28/1941
Boyer, Edward 11-Dec-29 L
Boyer, John A 29-Nov-27 F 11/28/1930
Boykin, Alphonso Eugene 26-Aug-43 E 11/26/1943
Boykin, Myron T 20-Jun-39 Hq Bat
Boylan, Robert L x/x/1947 E
Brabham, Francis LSergeant 2-Jun-36 F 6/1/1939
Brabham, Francis L 2-Jun-39 F 7/26/1939
Bracken, Thomas taylor 28-Aug-47 I
Bradford, Charles William 10-Jan-41 Headquarters & Service 1/9/1943
Bradford, Charles William 28-Aug-44 E
Bradford, Harold R 29-Jun-39 Battery D
Bradford, Lawrence 10-Jan-41 4/14/1941
Bradford, Reuben, Jr. 12-Oct-39 Battery D
Bradley, Nathaniel N 10-Jan-41 L 1/9/1943
Bradley, Robert 9-Aug-28 Service
Bradley, Russell 6-May-26 A
Bradshaw, Joseph Haynes 21-Aug-47 C
Bradshaw, Thomas G 20-May-37 Howitzer
Bradsher, William E 28-Jun-38 E 11/14/1939
Brady, Andrew 9-Sep-43 E 11/2/1943
Bragg, Edward R 4-Nov-39 Battery F
Bragg, Edward RCorporal 4-Nov-36 E 11/3/1939
Braithwaite, Curtis 25-Mar-37 Howitzer 3/25/1940
Braithwaite, Curtis Edwin 25-Mar-40 Headquarters 7/26/1940
Braithwaite, David Nathaniel 20-Jul-44 3rd Battalion
Braithwaite, Toye 28-Jan-43 G 6/23/1943
Braithwaite, ToyePrivate 26-Aug-43 G 11/26/1943
Bramble, Daniel Edward 3-Dec-42 L 10/14/1943
Bramble, Michael H C 8/12/1942
Bramer, Marcus Luke 1-Jul-47 C
Branch, Edward R 12-Mar-42 E 5/4/1942
Branch, George Coleman 12-Jan-43 I 5/13/1943
Branch, James 12-Apr-46 Headquarters
Branch, James A 3/4/1943
Branch, James William 26-Apr-43 F 8/17/1943
Branch, Lionel A 13-Nov-39 Battery D
Branch, Wright N 1-Dec-39 Battery F
Brandon, Joseph Nathaniel 17-Jun-43 C 8/25/1943
Brangman, Earl 14-Oct-40 Battery B
Brannen, James HCorporal 7-Apr-36 G
Brannen, James H 7-Apr-39 Battery G 10/21/1940
Brannen, James HenrySergeant 10-Jan-41 C 4/7/1942
Brantley, Earl Avon 24-Jan-41 F 1/20/1942
Bratcher, James 3-Jul-39 Battery E 11/22/1940
Braxton, Edward HarveryCorporal 21-Jan-43 C
Braxton, Harvey E 21-Jan-47 C
Braxton, James 28-Jan-28 Howitzer
Braxton, John H 21-Apr-24 C
Bray, Edward 13-Oct-39 Battery A
Bray, Edward MoodyStaff Sergeant 13-Mar-46 D
Bray, Edward Moody 22-Apr-47 D
Breaux, Victor 24-Jan-41 I 7/25/1941
Breen, William Whitfield 2-Aug-43 I 2/5/1944
Breland, Prince B 22-Jan-29 M
Brennan, Henrycorporal 27-Apr-39 C
Brent, Ronald G 28-Jul-44 L
Brewer, James Lee 21-Aug-29 M
Brewing, James George 3-Dec-46 B
Brewster, Alfred B 30-Jun-23 L 6/29/1926
Brewster, Nathan George 13-May-43 E 3/1/1944
Brice, Lymon 6-Aug-47 E
Brice, Walter 8-Jun-39 Bat E 1/16/1941
Brickles, Henry 16-Jun-39 Reg HQ 9/1/1939
Brickles, Henry J 30-Nov-36 Hq 1st Bn 12/13/1937
Briddell, Leon E 16-Oct-39 Bat A
Bridgeman, Louis 24-Jan-41 E 6/10/1941
Bridges, Samuel Leonard 10-Sep-47 G
Bridie, George 18-Jan-24 C
Briggs, Charles 27-Aug-46 L
Briggs, Edward S 4-Aug-44 L
Briggs, Nathaniel 10-Jun-36 L 6/10/1939
Briggs, Nathaniel 10-Jun-39 L 2/6/1940
Briggs, Walter M 30-Jul-28 A 7/29/1931
Bright, Arthur 28-May-46 A
Bright, Boyd 4-Sep-46 G
Bright, Ernest 24-Feb-38 Howitzer 5/19/1939
Bright, Joseph 2-Aug-28 Howitzer
Bright, Raymond Hq & Serv 2/17/1942
Brigman, Jacob Carl, Jr K
Brimage, Herbert W 13-Aug-42 E 12/21/1942
Brimfield, Louis 6-Oct-42 L 11/8/1943
Brindle, Hillary 16-Jul-24 E
Brinson, Calvin Dcorporal 24-Oct-36 C 10/23/1939
Brinson, Calvin D 24-Oct-39 C
Brinson, David Jsergeant 2-Jul-38 Bat G 11/22/1940
Brinson, David James 23-Nov-40 Bat G
Brinson, David James 14-Aug-47 K
Brinson, John A 10-Oct-39 Hq, 1st Bn
Brinton, William LPFC 6-Feb-37 service 2/5/1940
Brinton, William L 6-Feb-40 band
Brisbane, Henry A, Jr 13-May-37 Howitzer 3/12/1938
Brisco, John W 13-Jul-42 B 12/9/1942
Briscoe, Vernon 27-Dec-28 Howitzer 11/26/1931
Bristol, Alfred 14-Apr-36 D
Bristol, Alfredsergeant 14-Apr-39 D
Bristol, Theodore Philiph 28-Jan-28 G 1/27/1931
Bristol, Theodore Philipp, Jr 4-Nov-43 K
Bristow, Joseph Norman 7-Mar-46 Hq & Hq Det, 3rd Bat
Brito, James 16-Apr-47 H
Britt, George William 24-Aug-43 E 3/1/1944
Britt, James 23-Jan-24 K
Brock, ViggoPvt 11-Jun-38 2nd Bn HQ 6/10/1939
Broglin, William 9-Jun-24 A 11/23/1926
Bromfield, Samuel Hayden 25-Nov-40 G 369th CA (AA)
Bromfield, William Eput 24-Jul-46 E
Bromley, Frank NSpecialist 4th Grade 10-Jan-41 C 7/17/1942
Bronson, Eddie 9-Jul-24 D 8/30/1925
Brookington, William Adrian Btry D 369th CA(AA)
Brooks, Arthur ESergeant 27-May-43 C
Brooks, Aubrey 24-Feb-41 Reg HQ 9/5/1942
Brooks, Eugene F 3/9/1942
Brooks, Jesse L, Jr 2-Nov-39 K 4/20/1940
Brooks, Nathaniel Cannon 1-Jun-46 G
Brooks, Rooselevelt Edward 21-Jul-42 L 1/14/1943
Brooks, Rudolph 4-Sep-28 H
Brooks, Thomas 21-May-46 C
Brothers, William, Jr 24-Aug-46 L
Brown, Alexander 18-Nov-29 A 11/17/1932
Brown, Alexander A 16-Dec-29 A
Brown, Alfred Frederick 18-Dec-41 G 7/22/1942
Brown, Alonzo R 16-Dec-41 HQ & Ser 7/28/1942
Brown, Alphonso 4-Sep-23 A 1/16/1925
Brown, Amos Z 11-Feb-28 L 2/10/1931
Brown, Arnold Bersford 7-Jan-43 K 2/11/1943
Brown, Arthur 8-Sep-42 I 12/18/1942
Brown, Arthur Alphonso 3-Jun-43 G
Brown, Arthur Leander 15-May-44 I
Brown, Atherling 22-Oct-37 Btry C 10/21/1940
Brown, Atherling Hezekia 22-Oct-40 Btry C
Brown, Benjamin Claiborne 10-Jan-41 HQ & Ser 4/12/1941
Brown, C Clarence 22-Aug-44 C
Brown, CharlesPfc 4-Jun-24 3d Bn HQ
Brown, Charles 10-Nov-38 Regt Hq Co 4/1/1940
Brown, Charles 11-Oct-39 Btry B
Brown, Charles E 19-Oct-39 K 1/22/1940
Brown, Charles RSergeant 28-May-28 K 5/21/1931
Brown, Charles R2nd Lt 28-May-36 H 11/12/1939
Brown, Charles RSergeant 28-May-37 H 11/17/1938
Brown, Charles Wallace 13-Nov-40 Btry C 369th CA(AA)
Brown, Charles Walter 5-Nov-40 Btry H 369th CA
Brown, Cleon P 14-May-36 A
Brown, Cleon PCorporal 14-May-39 Btry A
Brown, Clifford O 18-Apr-39 Btry F
Brown, Clinton E 11-Sep-46 F
Brown, Columbus Woodson 9-Sep-43 A 11/16/1943
Brown, Conroy NPfc 8-Apr-37 E 4/7/1940
Brown, Conroy N 8-Apr-40 Btry F 1/11/1941
Brown, Daniel 9/15/1942
Brown, Donald A 18-Jun-40 Btry HQ 1st Bn
Brown, Donald A 6-Jan-37 3d Bn HQ 11/6/1937
Brown, EddiePvt 11-May-28 A
Brown, Edward 27-Jul-24 2 Bn Howitzer
Brown, EdwardPvt 10-Jan-41 K 2/17/1942
Brown, Edward John 10-Dec-42 E 8/4/1943
Brown, Edward L 23-Apr-24 L
Brown, Edward LPfc 18-Nov-37 Btry C 11/17/1940
Brown, Edward LeeSergeant 24-Jan-41 E 7/21/1941
Brown, Edward, JrPvt E
Brown, Elliot H 16-Jan-38 K 6/1/1940
Brown, Ellison Thomas 19-Aug-43 HQ & Ser
Brown, Emith 3-Jul-28 E
Brown, Ernest 3-Sep-24 Regtl Hqtrs Co
Brown, Ernest A 1-Sep-44 Med Dept Det
Brown, Ernest E 6-Feb-29 Howizer
Brown, EugenePvt 10-Mar-38 A 8/17/1938
Brown, FrankPvt 3-Dec-42 A 9/2/1943
Brown, Frank 31-Jul-47 A
Brown, Fred 21-Aug-29 I
Brown, Frederick J 1-Sep-44 Med Dept Det
Brown, George 22-Jul-24 E
Brown, George 19-Oct-39 H
Brown, Harold Sidney 10-May-47 B
Brown, Herbert F 30-Jul-47 H
Brown, Herman
Brown, Herman LSergeant 9-Sep-28 3d Bn HQ 8/8/1931
Brown, Jack 5-May-24 A 1/16/1925
Brown, Jack 8-Nov-39 HQ Bat 10/24/1940
Brown, JamesPrivate 5-May-24 Med Dept Det 3/12/1926
Brown, James 28-Jul-25 E
Brown, James 13-Nov-29 M 11/12/1932
Brown, James (Jesse) Chester 24-Jan-41 F 6/17/1941
Brown, James A 17-Jan-29 D
Brown, James Arthur 18-Sep-43 C 12/3/1943
Brown, James B 29-Jun-39 HQ 5/14/1940
Brown, James Benjamin 13-Nov-40 Btry G
Brown, James Elliott 10-Jan-41 A 9/8/1942
Brown, James Franklin 23-May-44 C
Brown, James Jeremiah 19-Dec-40 Btry G
Brown, James Leach 10-Jul-46 E
Brown, James TPfc 6-Jan-38 F
Brown, John 12-Oct-39 Btry C
Brown, John Dewey 15-Feb-40 F 8/2/1940
Brown, John EPfc 18-Sep-41 E 9/15/1942
Brown, John F 15-Aug-29 HQ
Brown, John HPvt 29-Jun-42 C 5/4/1943
Brown, John W 6-Sep-28 3d Bn HQ
Brown, Joseph 17-Mar-24 B 6/2/1925
Brown, Joseph 9-Apr-24 I
Brown, JosephCorporal 9-Feb-28 B 2/8/1931
Brown, Joseph APfc 16-Nov-38 Btry G
Brown, Joseph APfc 13-Oct-38 Med Dept Det
Brown, Joseph CSergeant 22-May-24 M 6/7/1926
Brown, Joseph L 31-Oct-38 Btry H 9/30/1940
Brown, Joseph L 8-Sep-42 3d Bn HQ 12/29/1942
Brown, Joseph LeePvt 24-Jan-41 I 11/13/1941
Brown, Joseph Lyman 29-Jul-42 HQ & Ser 1/14/1943
Brown, Joseph WSergeant 9-Feb-37 Reg HQ 2/8/1940
Brown, Joseph WSergeant B 10/27/1943
Brown, Joseph WilliamSergeant 15-Feb-40 HQ Btry 1st Bn
Brown, Julian 26-Jan-39 Btry A
Brown, Lawrence BiggersPvt 30-Mar-43 A 3/7/1944
Brown, Lawrence Biggers 15-May-44 A
Brown, Leon GSergeant 4-Jan-24 B 1/3/1927
Brown, Leon G 4-Jan-28 B
Brown, Leonard I 31-Aug-46 A
Brown, Leonard Rudolph 10-Jan-41 B 9/25/1941
Brown, Lester 9-Feb-39 Service 10/23/1939
Brown, Lewis F 18-Jun-24 3d Bn HQ
Brown, Lewis Ignatius 14-Nov-45 2d Bn HQ
Brown, Lincoln 28-Aug-28 F
Brown, Mack GPfc 1-Apr-24 D 3/31/1927
Brown, Mack G 1-Apr-36 D
Brown, Mack G 1-Apr-39 Btry D 10/10/1941
Brown, Marsden Joseph, JrCorporal 24-Jan-41 I 12/4/1942
Brown, Marsden Joseph, Jr 26-Jun-47 I
Brown, Marshall L 2-Dec-27 Med Dept Det 12/1/1930
Brown, Melvin P 1-Jun-43 I 12/3/1943
Brown, MiltonPvt 17-Oct-36 C 3/12/1938
Brown, Morris 17-Jun-46 K
Brown, NathanielPvt 7-May-25 I
Brown, Nathaniel 27-Aug-46 D
Brown, Nelson J 4-Sep-46 F
Brown, Norman L 31-Jul-47 M
Brown, Norman S F 7/21/1941
Brown, Palmer R 4-Feb-43 C 5/24/1943
Brown, Paul Garald 24-Mar-41 G 6/19/1942
Brown, Ramond MallorySergeant 13-Mar-42 C 6/16/1943
Brown, Raymond MSergeant 23-Mar-42 C 6/16/1943
Brown, Raymond Robert 10-Jan-41 A 4/7/1942
Brown, Raymond Robin 3-Sep-46 B
Brown, Reginald Irving 10-Jan-41 L 7/21/1941
Brown, Richard Augustus 10-Jan-41 Med Dept Det 3/9/1942
Brown, Richard Henry 25-Jul-40 HQ Battery
Brown, Richard James 14-Jan-41 F 12/22/1941
Brown, Richard Maceo 1-Oct-42 I 6/16/1943
Brown, Robert APfc 13-Mar-24 B
Brown, Robert Wiliam James 27-Jun-46 I
Brown, Ronald 8-Aug-47 G
Brown, Roy Ethelbert 11-Apr-40 Btry G 10/21/1940
Brown, Samuel F, Jr 10-Jun-37 C 6/9/1940
Brown, Sidney 5-Mar-29 H
Brown, Theodore 9-Apr-24 I
Brown, Thomas 9-Nov-24 Howitzer
Brown, Thomas 9-May-40 D Battery
Brown, Thomas J 21-Aug-29 M
Brown, Thomas J 12-Oct-39 E 8/6/1940
Brown, Thomas Philip 9-Sep-42 B 8/4/1943
Brown, Ulysses S, Jr 4-Jan-40 C Battery
Brown, Vernon Overton 11-Jul-40 L
Brown, Vivian 4-Sep-28 H
Brown, WallacePfc 16-Oct-41 E 6/29/1943
Brown, Wallace 5-Sep-46 I
Brown, Walter M 8-Oct-28 C 10/7/1931
Brown, Weston 8-Sep-28 F
Brown, William 9-Apr-24 I
Brown, William 24-May-37 Howitzer 11/4/1937
Brown, William 17-Jun-37 B 11/3/1939
Brown, William A 26-Jul-28 A
Brown, William Anthony 4-Nov-40 Btry A
Brown, William B 15-Nov-46 HQ
Brown, William C 8-Feb-37 C 2/7/1940
Brown, William C 8-Feb-40 C
Brown, William E 30-Jan-46 L
Brown, William H 8-Jan-37 F 10/19/1939
Brown, William H 6-Jan-38 F 10/19/1939
Brown, William Harold 28-Jul-24 2d Bn HQ
Brown, William J 7-Jan-36 G
Brown, William JCorporal 7-Jan-39 Btry G
Brown, William J L 10/20/1941
Brown, William, Jr 19-Oct-39 Battery E
Brown, Willie Albert 22-Jul-43 L 11/16/1943
Brown, Willis W 27-Apr-36 B 3/28/1938
Brown, Young 21-Aug-28 H 8/20/1931
Brown, Young 21-Aug-37 H
Browne, Alfred K 5-Jun-46 F
Browne, HiltonPfc 15-Jan-37 C 1/14/1940
Browne, Neville J 13-Oct-39 Btry A
Browne, Samuel Augustus 12-Nov-40 Btry E
Browne, Samuel L 16-Nov-39 Btry H
Brownfield, Edgar CSergeant 11-Nov-29 A 11/10/1932
Browning, Franklin Harwood 29-Oct-46 C
Bruce, Burrill KCorporal 10-Jul-28 D Honorable
Bruce, Samuel C 1-Jul-41 K 6/30/1943
Bruce, Samuel CliffordPrivate 8-Jul-43 K 7/7/1945
Bruce, Samuel Clifford 19-Jul-47 K
Bruington, Oscar 11-Sep-42 A 7/6/1943
Bruno, Bernard Humpher 7-Jan-47 D
Brunson, Frank JPrivate 9-Feb-28 Headquarters 6/1/1929
Brunson, NathanielPrivate 30-Aug-46 B
Bryan, Charles D 1-Jun-38 Medical Dept.
Bryan, Charles Delbert 19-Nov-40 Battery M
Bryan, Howard M 23-May-39 Battery F
Bryan, Howard MSergeant 23-May-36 E 5/22/1939
Bryan, Hugh R 30-Jul-24 G
Bryan, Sidney E 5-Mar-40 Battery D
Bryan, William J 24-Nov-41 A 9/1/1942
Bryant, Donald O 14-Aug-46 Headquarters
Bryant, Ernest Samuel 12-Jan-42 B 7/3/1942
Bryant, Harold 14-Oct-40 Headquarters
Bryant, James 18-Nov-40 C
Bryant, James 24-Jul-44 I
Bryant, John ACorporal 26-Sep-23 Howitzer
Bryant, John Arlington 10-Jan-41 A 8/5/1941
Bryant, Lester William 31-Jul-47 I
Bryant, Moses 6-Aug-29 G
Bryant, Ralph ISergeant 8-Feb-37 Howitzer 2/1/1938
Bryant, Ralph I1st Sergeant 8-Feb-38 Battery E 10/26/1940
Bryant, Richard Cornelius 10-Jan-41 B
Bryant, Robert 12-Mar-47 E
Bryant, Samuel V 6-Jan-38 Battery D 12/2/1940
Bryant, William 16-Apr-24 I
Bryant, William 14-Jul-44 A
Buchanan, George L 2-Sep-28 D 9/1/1931
Buchanan, Henry Paul 4-Feb-43 Hq & Ser 8/4/1943
Buchanan, Percy, Jr 21-Aug-28 D 8/20/1931
Buck, Lorenzo 9-Sep-42 C 12/9/1942
Buckley, Frank Vtechnical sergeant 8-Mar-38 Bty 1st Bn Hqrs 12/2/1940
Buckley, Percy George 4-Nov-40 Bat A
Bullhorse, Arthursergeant 10-Jan-41 C 11/4/1942
Bullock, Georgecorporal 13-Apr-43 E 12/11/1943
Bunn, Frank 4-Dec-41 Hq & Hq Det, 2nd Bn 9/12/1942
Bunn, Henry Lewis 18-Oct-45 K
Bunyan, Clarance McCary, Jr 19-Jan-46 Hq Co MGP
Burden, Stanley Npfc 14-Dec-39 1st Bn Hq Bty
Burgess, John G 27-Mar-28 F
Burgess, Walter 29-Oct-28 A 10/28/1931
Burgos, Jorge Hq and Serv 3/19/1942
Burgundy, Howard EApfc 18-Aug-38 Hqt Bat
Burke, James Edward 14-Aug-46 H
Burke, Joseph E 13-Nov-39 I 1/10/1940
Burke, Leroy 23-Apr-29 K
Burke, Robert Webster 18-Oct-40 Btr C
Burke, Sampson Dean 7-Mar-44 Hq 1st Bn
Burks, Clarence Hubert 25-Jul-47 B
Burl, Alfred 20-Aug-36 Regt Hq 8/20/1937
Burnell, Marsden Vancott 6-Jan-28 K 1/5/1931
Burnett, Carl F 17-Apr-46 C
Burnett, Carl Frederick 18-Apr-44 C
Burnett, Carl Frederick 15-Jul-47 C
Burnett, Winston Asergeant 24-Nov-41 C 9/11/1943
Burns, Arthur, Jr 16-Sep-43 I 11/9/1943
Burns, Arthur, Jr 12-Jan-43 I 8/17/1943
Burns, Calvin Wilkerson 3-Dec-42 F 6/29/1943
Burns, Otto W 14-Nov-36 E 11/13/1939
Burns, Robert James 10-Jan-41 K 11/13/1941
Burns, Robert Lee 26-Jun-44 E
Burns, Wesley L 11-Feb-29 B
Burrell, Donald G 1-Jun-38 Bat A 10/26/1940
Burrell, Leroy 8-Jul-46 I
Burrell, Reginald James 10-Sep-47 G
Burrell, Reginald James 6/x/1946 G
Burrows, George John 17-Dec-42 Medical Det 2/23/1943
Burt, Reginald 5-Nov-43 L
Burton, Finley 28-Apr-29 A
Burton, Frederick H 28-Aug-28 H
Burton, Harry L A 2366 5th Ave, NY,NY
Burton, Wilfred P 24-Oct-38 Bat C 10/21/1940
Burton, Wilmotte A 4-May-39 G 10/4/1939
Bush, Clarence W 29-May-23 Hq
Bush, Clarence W 19-May-36 Service Company
Bush, Clarence W 19-May-39 Band 12/2/1940
Bush, Clarence W 2-Aug-46 Band
Bush, Maitland 4-Jun-29 C 6/3/1932
Bush, Maitland F 4-Jun-38 Hq Bat 12/7/1940
Bush, Maitland Forestsergeant 24-Jan-41 Hq Det 1st Bn 2/18/1942
Bush, Samuel A 8-May-23 Howitzer
Bush, Samuel Apfc 19-Aug-36 Service Company 8/18/1939
Bush, Samuel A 19-Aug-39 Band
Bushby, Thomas A 11-Oct-39 A 10/26/1940
Butler, Charles M 24-Nov-36 E 11/23/1939
Butler, Clarnece 1-Dec-38 Bty D 10/24/1940
Butler, David T 19-Mar-36 I 4/8/1938
Butler, Floyd H 6-Mar-40 Bat f
Butler, Harry L 8-Jan-40 Bat G
Butler, Hayward 5-Jan-39 medical
Butler, Henry Leroy 7-Oct-40 Bat F
Butler, Joseph 6-Mar-39 Bat E
Butler, Leonardcorporal 10-Jan-41 L 7/21/1941
Butler, Martinprivate 2-Jun-36 F 6/1/1939
Butler, Martin 1-Aug-39 I 1/27/1940
Butler, Oliver 12/21/ K 4/22/1935
Butler, Theodore 9-Sep-43 C 11/9/1943
Butler, William A 13-Nov-36 B 11/12/1939
Butler, William A 13-Nov-39 Bty B
Buttler (Butler?), George Scorporal 16-Apr-28 B 4/15/1931
Butts, Cyril H 28-Mar-40 Bat C
Butts, Edward Augustus 3-Sep-46 B
Butts, Melvin C 3-Nov-41 A 3/4/1943
Byam, Fredrick K 4/20/1942
Byas, Herman S 21-Oct-37 Bat A 10/20/1940
Bye, Guy Joseph 6-Aug-40 Hq
Byers, Daudet Kenneth 20-Nov-40 H
Bynoe, Irving Leroy 31-May-44 E
Bynoe, James H 15-May-37 A 5/14/1940
Bynoe, James Horace 15-May-40 Bat A 12/2/1940
Bynum, Robert Leepfc 24-Jan-41 I 1/23/1943
Bynum, Robert Lee 25-Jan-43 I
Byrd, Frank 24-Jan-41 F 5/28/1941
Byrd, Henry Gpfc 16-Nov-39 Bat F
Byrd, John Henry III 9-Sep-43 E
Byrd, William M 19-Jun-28 F 6/18/1931
Cabell, Ellsworth 24-Jan-44 L 4/10/1944
Cabeza, Joseph C 21-Aug-24 M 5/6/1926
Cabrera, Reynold 19-Sep-43 E 3/13/1944
Cabrera, Roberto x/x/1939 Bat F
Cade, Walter L 10/28/1943
Cain, Alvin Lee 18-Feb-43 B
Caines, Abraham M 6-Aug-46 C
Caines, Albert 1-May-44 F
Caines, Robert Spfc 12-Nov-36 L 11/10/1939
Caldwell, Harry E A 3/4/1943
Caldwood, Roy J A 4/20/1942
Caleb, Austin G 14-Mar-40 Bat G
Caleb, Shelton 24-May-28 howitzer
Calfe, Edwin Rcorporal 1-Jun-43 I 4/17/1944
Calhoun, Edgar Madison 5-Nov-40 Bat H
Calhoun, William 8-Aug-29 howitzer
Callender, HermanPrivate 21-Jul-24 E
Callender, Rudolph Clifford 7-Dec-43 C
Callender, Torrence 9-Aug-44 F
Calliste, James E 10-Oct-39 Hq 1st Bn
Calloway, Eugene 16-May-40 Bat F
Calloway, George P 19-Oct-39 Med Dept Det 2/14/1940
Calloway, James B 11-Mar-37 C 3/10/1940
Calloway, James B 11-Mar-40 Bat C
Calloway, James Christopher 2-Jul-42 E 9/12/1942
Callwood, Clarence 2-Nov-39 Bat D
Calvin, Edward Acorporal 21-Apr-41 B 10/15/1942
Cambell (Campbell?), Robert Ccorporal 22-Apr-37 L 4/21/1940
Campbell, Alfred, Jr 9-Jul-46 C
Campbell, Alfred, Jr 20-May-47 C
Campbell, Charles 11-Jun-42 F 9/8/1942
Campbell, Ernest, Jr 1-Jul-40 B
Campbell, Fredsergeant 13-Jan-41 I 1/12/1943
Campbell, Fred 13-Jan-43 I
Campbell, Fred 14-Jan-43 I 1/13/1943
Campbell, George Allen 25-Jun-47 B
Campbell, George Edward 16-Oct-40 Bat F
Campbell, Harry S 4-Feb-24 C
Campbell, Henry B F 3/9/1942
Campbell, James 22-Apr-37 G 4/21/1940
Campbell, James 22-Apr-40 Bat G
Campbell, James 10-Jan-41 K 7/25/1941
Campbell, James C 14-Jan-36 E
Campbell, James Codrington 8-Oct-40 Bat F
Campbell, James Ivan 26-Aug-46 K
Campbell, Joe W 8-Aug-44 B
Campbell, Joe Wesley 8-Aug-46 B
Campbell, John 5-Apr-38 D 11/1/1939
Campbell, Julius 9-Apr-38 D 11/14/1940
Campbell, Matthew 24-Jan-41 I 8/12/1942
Campbell, Oscar A 28-Jul-24 E
Campbell, Ralph Parrot 25-Feb-43 C 1/17/1944
Campbell, Robert Chesterpfc 22-Apr-40 Bat H 9/30/1940
Campbell, Robert Chester 10-Jan-41 4/12/1941
Campbell, Robert Jones 28-Aug-47 I
Campbell, Warren R 30-Jan-40 Hq 2nd Bn
Campbell, Whitney W 13-May-36 Hq 3rd Bn 5/12/1939
Campbell, Whitney W 13-May-39 5/12/1940
Campbell, William Randolph 9-Sep-43 B
Campble (Campbell?), Donald 11-Sep-46 E
Camphor, Jake C L 5/13/1942
Canada, Edwardsergeant 11-Jun-42 G 7/6/1943
Canady, William F 1/22/1942
Canales, Raymond 31-Mar-44 F
Canino, Pedro 5-Jul-28 howitzer
Cannady, William, Jr G 12/18/1942
Cannan, Colonel, Jr 6-Jan-38 F 2/15/1938
Cannon, Joseph 18-Mar-36 M
Cannon, Joseph R 29-Jun-39 Bat B
Cannon, Robert 25-Jul-47 Hq
Canston, Warrington Montgomery 24-Jan-41 F 3/9/1942
Cantey, Walter Leeprivate 15-Apr-43 B 12/3/1943
Cantie, Wilmond 2-Sep-43 G
Canzius, Joseph 15-Apr-23 service
Canzius, Josephtech sergeant 15-Feb-38 band
Capdeville, Ollie 15-Jul-24 Hq 1st Bn
Capers, Edward 18-May-39 Bat F
Capers, Edward Russell 7-Oct-40 Bat E
Capers, Harry 24-Jan-41 F 6/19/1942
Capers, Isaac 6-Aug-47 E
Capers, Oliverpfc 14-Apr-42 F 2/21/1944
Capers, R D 16-Sep-43 Hq 1st Bn 12/3/1943
Capers, Robert E 5-May-38 Bat A
Capers, William R 5-Jan-39 Bat A
Card with no name, Card with no name
Carey (Cary?), Alvin Scott 15-Dec-42 B 6/19/1942
Carey, E Dennis 31-Aug-46 A
Carey, Eugene L 26-May-41 F 3/19/1942
Carey, Joseph Theophlus 8-Apr-43 G 7/14/1943
Carey, Nathaniel Henrycorporal 12-Jan-43 Hq 3rd Bn 4/17/1944
Carey, Thomas Acorporal 20-Oct-39 Hq
Cargill, Edward Lpfc 16-Sep-41 L 8/26/1942
Cargill, Lloyd Alexander 4-Nov-40 Bat A
Carlisle, Walter Theodorecorporal 8-Apr-43 C 11/9/1943
Carman, Arthur Colmancorporal 24-Jan-41 E 1/23/1943
Carman, Arthur Colmancorporal 25-Feb-43 E
Carman, Roger Mitchell 16-Oct-40 Bat B
Carmona, Michael 29-May-46 G
Carney, Daniel E 14-Apr-36 G 6/18/1938
Carney, Daniel Edward 1-Dec-39 G 5/24/1940
Carney, Daniel Edward 17-Oct-40 C
Carney, Harold R 8-Nov-39 Hq 1st Bn
Carney, Harry, Jrcorporal 10-Jan-41 B 6/20/1942
Carney, Medford Georgecorporal 16-Feb-41 B 7/21/1941
Carolina, Isaac 17-Nov-36 M 11/16/1939
Carpenter, James S 27-Aug-28 howitzer
Carpenter, Winston StA 30-Jan-36 service
Carpenter, Winston StAcorporal 30-Jan-39 Hq
Carr, Charles Esergeant 11-Oct-38 howitzer 10/10/1939
Carr, Charles E 11-Oct-39 Bat F
Carr, David E A 7/2/1942
Carr, George 19-Mar-24 L 10/28/1926
Carr, George ASpecialist 6th class 1-Jun-37 service 5/31/1940
Carr, George A 1-Jun-40 band 12/2/1940
Carr, George Albert 9-Aug-46 Hq
Carr, John 11-Jun-36 howitzer 3/7/1938
Carr, John 23-May-39 hq 10/24/1940
Carr, John 11-Jun-36 howitzer 3/7/1938
Carrien, Ralphcorporal 11-Jun-28 howitzer 6/10/1931
Carrington, Alphonso Leroy 24-Jan-41 F 3/19/1942
Carrington, Ivan Arthur 28-Jan-43 F 8/17/1943
Carrington, James N L 5/13/1942
Carrington, Lester Ira 24-Jun-40 Bty D
Carrington, Paul William 17-Jul-40 Bty H
Carrington, Ralph O'Connor 2-Jul-47
Carrington, Richardcorporal 14-Jan-24 service
Carrington, Richard 14-Jan-24 service
Carrington, William D 17-Jun-46 H
Carson, Frank P 11-Jun-24 service
Carson, Frank Ppfc 11-Jun-28 L 5/28/1931
Carson, Isaiah, Jr 26-Oct-39 F 6/7/1940
Carson, Nathaniel Olinee 10-Jan-41 K 6/17/1941
Carson, Wilburpfc 11-Apr-24 med det 4/12/1927
Carswell, Albert 9-Jul-47 F
Carter, Calvin 5-Jun-41 E 3/9/1942
Carter, Charles 29-Jul-24 howitzer
Carter, Charles S 9-Apr-46 E
Carter, D Ralphpfc 16-Dec-37 Bat F 12/15/1940
Carter, David Hcorporal 3-Mar-36 E
Carter, David H 3-Mar-39 Bat F 12/2/1940
Carter, David H 17-Jun-46 H
Carter, Donald Wesfield 23-Aug-44 G
Carter, E Clarence 23-Aug-44 G
Carter, Edgar W 22-Apr-43 C 8/25/1943
Carter, Edward A 25-Feb-24 howitzer
Carter, Ernest L 16-Jan-36 K 11/8/1937
Carter, George Brantley 30-Jun-44 A
Carter, George Washington 14-Jul-44 A
Carter, Harrison F 6/10/1943
Carter, Herbert 11-Mar-37 service 3/4/1940
Carter, Jack 10-Dec-24 I
Carter, James E med det 3/9/1942
Carter, James Edward 4-Mar-37 Hq 1st Bn 3/3/1940
Carter, James Irvin 5-Nov-42 L 8/18/1943
Carter, John K
Carter, John H 23-Aug-46 H
Carter, Johnie L 13-Aug-46 D
Carter, Joshua 17-Mar-23 howitzer 4/17/1927
Carter, Leon Field 31-Jul-47 B
Carter, Leroy Nathaniel 6-Jun-40 Bat G 10/17/1940
Carter, Leroy W 6-Jan-38 I 8/5/1939
Carter, Major W 24-May-38 H 6/8/1939
Carter, Odell 24-Jul-24 G
Carter, Rabon R 28-Aug-44 Hq 1st Bn
Carter, Richard B 12-Jul-46 F
Carter, Roy 16-Oct-23 howitzer
Carter, Roy C 16-Oct-23 howitzer
Carter, Walter 19-Aug-46 L
Carter, Walter E 6-Aug-47 E
Carter, Walter E 6-Aug-47 E
Carter, William F 18-Dec-37 Bat F 12/17/1940
Carter, William F 3-Sep-46 H
Carter, William Gsergeant 15-Sep-28 C 9/14/1931
Carter, William Stevens 5-Dec-45 F
Cartha, Fred 4-Jun-42 I 10/15/1942
Carthan, Cleveland 31-Jul-44 A
Carty, Edmund E 17-Oct-39 Bat B
Carty, Ivan Bcorporal 7-Mar-28 I
Carty, Rudolph Holmes 15-Dec-27 Hq 2nd Bn
Casady, Leroy Jerry 1-Nov-45 I
Casamba, Francis M 27-Aug-29 E
Casanova, WilliamPrivate 20-Jun-24 D
Casey, Eugene 18-Jun-24 Howitzer
Cash, William R 17-Mar-38 Battery A 11/14/1940
Cassis, Albert E 24-Feb-27 Headquarters & Service
Cato, Edgar V 24-Jan-40 Battery A 11/22/1940
Cato, Edgar VivianPrivate, 1st class 15-Jul-43 A 4/5/1944
Cattan, Haywood Lee 5-Nov-40 Battery H
Cauley, R CPrivate 10-Jun-43 Battery A
Caupain, WalterSergeant 21-Jan-36 G
Cave, Ernest Cecil 15-Feb-40 Battery B
Cawthorn, JosephPrivate, 1st class 4-Feb-43 A
Cawthorn, JosephSergeant 27-Jul-47 A
Cawthorn, Joseph Sr 31-Jul-47 A
Cayle, Ulysses James 4-Nov-46 L
Celen, Augustin Roman 30-Jul-47 G
Chacon, Richard Alanzo 14-May-46 C
Challenger, Edward Alfred A 1/15/1947
Chambers, Benjamin, Jr 30-Jul-47 E
Chambers, Eric S 4-Dec-34 E
Chambers, Henry C 3/9/1942
Champion, James William 13-Oct-38 Headquarters 10/24/1940
Chance, Wallace Elwood 10-Jan-41 L 8/20/1941
Chandler, Arthur Edwin 19-Jul-28 Headquarters
Chandler, Samuel W 3-Jan-29 Howitzer
Chaney, Kermit1st Sergeant 2-Jan-36 K
Chaney, Kermit 2-Jan-39 Howitzer 8/22/1939
Chaplin, Frank 16-Sep-43 F 11/26/1943
Chaplin, Richard J 21-Nov-46 M
Chapman, Charles Emanuel 5-Feb-46 Headquarters
Chapman, Clarence William 11-Sep-42 A 1/15/1943
Chapman, Fred Arthur 18-Jun-40 C
Chapman, Garland 20-Aug-29 F
Chapman, Roland BCorporal 14-Jan-37 Headquarters 1/13/1940
Chapman, Roland BasilCorporal 26-Mar-40 Headquarters
Charity, Charles HSergeant 18-Apr-38 Headquarters 12/9/1940
Charles, Clifford H 13-Mar-28 H 3/12/1931
Charles, Raymond Augustus 13-Mar-46 D
Charms, Jarret O 2-Sep-24 Medical Detachment 9/1/1927
Chase, Howard Harcourt 3-Jul-44 K
Chase, Sinclair Charles 25-Jul-47 Headquarters
Chase, William BCorporal 28-Oct-37 Battery A 10/27/1940
Chase, William BectonCorporal 28-Oct-40 Battery A
Chatham, William 9-Apr-24 Headquarters 4/2/1927
Chatman, Leroy Stewart 5-Nov-40 Battery H
Chatman, WalterPrivate 15-Jan-46 L
Chatman, Walter Montgomery 22-Aug-44 Battery A
Chauncey, Theodore Reuben 10-Jan-41 K 2/17/1942
Chavis, Henry 10-Jul-41 G 12/18/1942
Cheatem, Frank D, Jr 28-Oct-41 Medical Detachment 10/28/1943
Cheatem, Frank D, Jr 20-Oct-44 Medical Detachment
Cheatham, Eugene C, JrPrivate 30-Apr-38 C 11/14/1940
Cheatham, George 17-Dec-42 L 6/23/1943
Cheek, James S 8-Jun-36 B 6/7/1939
Cheek, Joseph BlaséPrivate 27-Jun-46 I
Chellis, Conrad ECorporal 3-Jan-29 Howitzer 1/2/1932
Cherebin, Fitzroy 1-Jul-43 E 3/21/1944
Cherry, Clifford F 10-Oct-39 Battery C
Cherry, Obie Lee 17-Apr-46 D
Cherry, Walter V 13-Dec-37 Battery E
Chestnut, Samuel W 30-Jul-47 F
Chetra, William 15-Dec-39 Battery E
Chew, George WPrivate 1st class 26-Mar-29 D
Childress, Edward W 12-Oct-39 Medical Detachment
Childress, Lincoln M 29-Jun-39 Medical Detachment
Childs, EarlSergeant 10-Jan-41 A
Childs, Johnnie 18-May-44 L
Chipchase, Frank 26-Jun-23 Howitzer
Chisholm, AmosPrivate, 1st class 20-Jul-24 D 4/20/1926
Chisholm, Charles SPrivate 8-May-37 E 5/7/1940
Chisholm, George A 16-May-29 Howitzer 5/15/1932
Chisholm, George APrivate, 1st class 16-May-38 Howitzer 9/1/1939
Chisholm, Oliver W, Jr 1-Feb-39 Battery E
Chisholm, Winston 13-Jun-29 Service
Chisolm, Paul F 22-Oct-45 L
Chisolm, William A 18-May-39 Headquarters
Choice, Moses Johnny 3-Sep-46 H
Christian, Austin E Headquarters 12/18/1942
Christian, John 2-Jul-28 C
Christian, Reuben E 16-Mar-39 D
Christmas, Oberlin WPrivate 3-Sep-29 H
Christmas, Oberlin Wilton 5-Nov-40 Battery H
Christmas, Vernon 6-Feb-36 Medical Detachment
Chuins, PercyPrivate 27-May-29 K
Chumiso, Alphonso, Jr 18-Oct-39 Battery G 1/9/1941
Cintron, Juan I 9-Sep-42 C 2/9/1943
Clark, CharlesCorporal 9-Dec-36 H 12/2/1940
Clark, CharlesSergeant 9-Dec-39 Battery H 12/2/1940
Clark, Charles EdwardPrivate 18-Jun-47 H
Clark, Clarence 16-Apr-28 A 4/15/1931
Clark, David Lawrence MontagueCorporal 24-Jan-41 E 7/10/1941
Clark, Earl E 28-Jun-38 Battery F 12/2/1940
Clark, Eddie JosephPrivate 5-Jun-41 E 4/7/1942
Clark, Eddie Joseph 10-Sep-42 E 12/21/1942
Clark, Frank F C 4/16/1942
Clark, Frederick Ellis 29-Jan-46 K
Clark, George H, Jr 8-Jun-39 G 4/19/1940
Clark, George Howard, Jr 13-Nov-40 Battery G
Clark, Goethais 20-Jan-43 L 9/16/1943
Clark, Herman 17-Oct-29 Headquarters
Clark, James K 5-Sep-46 I
Clark, John A K 6/19/1942
Clark, John W 27-Aug-28 A 8/26/1931
Clark, John W 30-Jul-47 H
Clark, Lacey 25-Jun-24 L
Clark, Louis C 10-Apr-29 M 4/9/1932
Clark, NathanielPrivate 10-Jul-28 G 7/9/1931
Clark, Norman F 10/14/1943
Clark, Preston 29-Jul-42 Headquarters 3/19/1943
Clark, Raymond 12-Jul-46 F
Clark, Robert WPrivate, 1st class 13-May-37 G 5/12/1940
Clark, Robert WilliamPrivate, 1st class 13-May-40 Battery G
Clark, Sim Aramstrong (Armstrong)Private, 1st class 14-Apr-42 F 5/14/1943
Clark, Sylvester J 28-May-47 M
Clark, Wilburforce Q 20-Aug-42 G 2/23/2943
Clark, William Leon 6-Sep-46 Headquarters
Clarke, Albert Leopold 21-May-28 C 5/20/1931
Clarke, Bernard G
Clarke, Clarence 16-Apr-37 A 4/15/1940
Clarke, ClarenceCorporal 10-Jan-41 G 7/22/1942
Clarke, Clarence 18-Aug-44 Headquarters
Clarke, ClarencePrivate, 1st class 18-Aug-46 Headquarters
Clarke, Eugene K 5/28/1941
Clarke, Frank H 12-Oct-39 Battery C
Clarke, Fred Arthur 5-Sep-44 Headquarters
Clarke, Rawlins EmanuelCorporal 10-Jan-41 K 9/22/1942
Clarke, Richard V 10-Aug-46 L
Clarke, Walter B 12-Oct-39 L
Clarke, Walter FCorporal 31-Mar-42 L 5/4/1943
Clarke, WilliamPrivate, 1st class 4-Feb-43 A
Clarke, William ICorporal C 12/9/1942
Clarke, Winston I 8/18/1943
Clarry, John ECorporal 23-Jan-29 L 1/22/1932
Clay, Charles A 14-Mar-44 B
Clay, Edward 17-Mar-37 C 3/16/1940
Clayton, George V 8-Jun-44 L
Clayton, Thomas 1-Aug-29 K
Clear, Valerian GCorporal 18-May-37 B 5/17/1940
Clear, Valerian G 18-May-40 Battery B 10/21/1940
Cleghorne, Sydney RPrivate 15-Jul-37 Service 5/10/1940
Clemens, James Alfred 14-Apr-42 Headquarters 11/20/1943
Clement, Coleridge W 15-Apr-37 L 4/14/1940
Clement, Edward G 5-Mar-28 A
Clemente, WilliamPrivate, 1st class 8-Apr-43 C 9/11/1943
Clements, OzeliusPrivate 27-Feb-36 Headquarters
Clerk, Edward 23-Jun-38 Battery E 12/12/1940
Cleveland, HaroldCorporal 22-Apr-36 L
Cleveland, Harold 22-Apr-39 L 3/22/1940
Cleveland, Harry B 3-Jul-46 E
Cleveland, Harry Benjamin 10-Dec-40 Battery G
Cleveland, John Willie 24-Jan-41 F 7/21/1941
Cleveland, Kendal B 7/25/1941
Clifford, Jacob Earl 24-Jan-41 F 6/17/1941
Clinkscales, Charles 28-Aug-46 E
Clipper, Anderson S 26-Apr-38 Service 8/16/1940
Clipper, Yancey 15-Jan-29 Service 1/14/1932
Clipper, Yancey LCorporal 16-Jan-36 Service
Clipper, Yancey LSpecialist 3rd class 15-Jan-39 Band
Clipper, Yancey L 24-Feb-41 Headquarters 2/23/1943
Clipper, Yancey L 25-Mar-43 Band
Clough, Elwood R 25-Apr-42 L 9/16/1943
Clover, James JayPrivate, 1st class 23-Nov-38 Battery F 12/2/1940
Coards, Julius Lynn, Jr 18-Oct-45 K
Coates, Charles H.Private First Class 19-May-36 E
Coates, Charles H.Private First Class 19-May-39 E 5/18/1939
Coates, Eugene 25-Jun-42 G 12/18/1942
Coaxum, Steven C.Private 8-Nov-45 I
Coaxum, Steven CharlesPrivate 30-Aug-46 K 8/19/1946
Cobb, WilliePrivate First Class 17-Jun-37 Regiment Headquarters 6/16/1940
Cobb, WilliePrivate First Class 17-Jun-40 Headquarters Battery 6/16/1940
Cobb, WilliePrivate First Class 13-Nov-40 Headquarters Battery 10/24/1940
Cobham, Albert PercivalPrivate 11-Jun-46 B
Coble, Kenneth J. 2-Dec-43 I
Coble, Marvin RollinsCorporal 10-Jan-43 A 1/9/1944
Coble, Marvin Rollins 10-Jan-41 A 1/9/1944
Cochrane, Ben L. 11-Oct-39 Battery F 11/14/1940
Cochrane, Ben LamarPrivate 27-Nov-40 Battery F 9/1/1940
Cochrane, Frederick Nathaniel 9-Dec-40 Battery B
Cochrane, William A.Corporal 2-Feb-29 I 2/1/1932
Cochrane, William A. 10-Aug-39 I
Cochrane, William ArthurPrivate 10-Jan-41 C 8/3/1942
Codrington, Wilfred 21-Jan-43 E
Cofield, Willis Allen 8-Feb-43 C
Cogle, Cecil 29-Mar-44 E
Cohen, Russell 24-Apr-46 F
Coker, Earl 1-Jul-37 I 11/22/1937
Colar, Lee Alexander 10-Jan-41 A 7/10/1941
Colbert, George 29-Jan-29 G
Colbert, King LSergeant 7-Aug-28 G
Colclough, Johnnie Henry 24-Aug-46 L
Cole, Arthur 5-Dec-36 H 12/4/1939
Cole, Arthur 5-Dec-39 Battery H 12/2/1940
Cole, Benjamin FPrivate 1st class 15-Dec-38 Battery F 12/2/1940
Cole, Cecil T 4-Aug-43 K
Cole, Cecil Theodore 19-May-47 K
Cole, Lewis EdwardPrivate 23-Aug-29 K
Coleman, Alfonso 20-Feb-28 C
Coleman, Alfred SStaff Sergeant 21-Aug-38 Headquarters 12/13/1940
Coleman, Bernard 2-Feb-28 Howitzer
Coleman, Booker Tellferro 7-Oct-40 Battery F
Coleman, Charles Chandler 10-Jan-41 G 8/1/1941
Coleman, Charles St ACorporal 14-Oct-37 Battery H 10/13/1940
Coleman, Charles St AnthonySergeant 14-Oct-40 Battery H
Coleman, Charles St Anthony 30-Jan-46 L
Coleman, Deveaux A 2/18/1942
Coleman, Edward, Jr 4-Nov-46 L
Coleman, Eugene L 16-Oct-39 Battery F
Coleman, Henry Lewis 10-Jan-41 E 10/20/1942
Coleman, James SPrivate 1st class 8-Jun-39 Battery A
Coleman, John 26-Oct-43 I
Coleman, Lee 7-May-28 C 5/6/1929
Coleman, Lee 7-May-29 C 5/6/1932
Coleman, Leon 16-May-47 K
Coleman, Louis 21-Jun-24 Howitzer
Coleman, NeptunePrivate 1st class 5-May-24 Howitzer
Coleman, Neptune 22-Jun-38 Howitzer 6/22/1939
Coleman, Neptune 22-Jun-39 Battery D 10/21/1940
Coleman, Raymond 17-Jun-37 L
Coleman, Richard 30-Nov-43 C 3/1/1944
Coleman, Robert 8-Sep-42 Headquarters 3/19/1943
Coleman, Robert Lee 5-Sep-46 M
Coleman, Samuel Warren 10-Sep-42 E 3/23/1943
Coleman, TheodorePrivate 7-Nov-45 E
Coleman, William H 26-May-24 A 1/16/1925
Coles, Flournoy, JrPrivate 10-Aug-46 C
Coles, Frederick 4-Jun-38 C 7/13/1940
Coles, Frederick MillardSergeant 10-Jan-41 G 5/28/1942
Coles, Howard 17-Feb-38 F 11/9/1939
Coles, HowardPrivate 1st class 9-Apr-42 F 3/13/1943
Coles, Howard 26-Aug-43 Band
Coles, Howard 25-Aug-47 Band
Coles, Leslie E 26-Jul-42 C 3/5/1943
Coles, Melvin Joseph 10/29/? Battery C
Coles, Nathaniel 19-Oct-39 Battery D
Coley, Eugene 9-Aug-28 Headquarters
Colick, RuebenSergeant 9-Dec-24 F
Collay, GeorgeSergeant 16-Sep-41 L 8/25/1943
Colley, Alonso 14-Apr-42 Medical detachment 12/9/1942
Collier, Lucius 25-Jul-24 Medical detachment 3/12/1926
Collins, Clarence BSergeant 18-Jul-29 Headquarters 2/19/1933
Collins, Clarence B 1-Jun-37 E 11/6/1937
Collins, Clarence BrownStaff Sergeant 10-Jan-41 Headquarters 5/20/1942
Collins, Daniel D 6-Jun-28 I 6/5/1931
Collins, Eugene F 18-Feb-29 B 2/17/1932
Collins, Franklin Wesley 28-Mar-46 K
Collins, George F 24-Feb-41 Headquarters 1/23/1943
Collins, George Lewis 10-Jan-41 A 8/1/1941
Collins, James 30-Jul-24 K
Collins, James Robert 3-Jul-46 E
Collins, Jesse 8-May-44 L
Collins, John H 31-Jul-47 M
Collins, John I 23-Apr-24 M 12/5/1924
Collins, Theodore Douglas 15-Aug-46 I
Collins, Warren 16-Jan-24 K 4/27/1927
Collins, Warren GaskinCorporal 10-Jan-41 Headquarters 12/15/1941
Collwood, James WCorporal 20-Oct-41 B 12/9/1942
Collymore, Alvin Randolph 4-Apr-42 5/28/1942
Collymore, Joseph Joey, Jr 22-Oct-43 L 11/16/1943
Colon, Cirio H C 4/16/1942
Colvert, Cyrano E 25-Apr-47 Headquarters
Combs, Charles 18-Jul-40 Medical detachment
Combs, Charles 18-Jul-40 Medical detachment
Combs, James Arthur 5-Feb-41 E 8/20/1941
Combs, William 8-Sep-42 I 12/4/1942
Commadore, Joseph 11-Sep-42 G 2/17/1943
Conde, Henry C 1-Jun-43 I
Constantino, James 15-Apr-36 K 3/14/1938
Conyers, William 16-Aug-28 Service
Cook, Andrews DeLeo 12-Jul-28 K
Cook, Calvin Sonny 20-Aug-47 F
Cook, JohnPvt 1/cl 10-Jan-41 K 1/9/1943
Cook, John 15-Jan-45 K
Cook, John 15-Jan-47 K
Cook, Purcell J 24-Aug-42 CO.B. 12/3/1943
Cook, William 26-May-24 A 10/20/1926
Cook, William H, Jr 8-Feb-41 E 2/5/1943
Cooke, Henry P (Pomeranz?)Pvt 1 Cl. 2-Dec-38 Band
Cooks, Albert L 27-Aug-46 D
Cookson, William T 2-Aug-28 Regtl Head 8/1/1931
Cookson, Wlliam T 3-Aug-37 Service 8/2/1940
Cooper, Alvin J 11-Feb-24 C
Cooper, Clarence 8-Jun-39 Battery H
Cooper, Cortez Fernando 1-Jan-41 C 4/14/1941
Cooper, Francis 6-Jan-42 I 7/8/1942
Cooper, Frederick DSergeant 19-Dec-38 Battery E
Cooper, Fulton 10-Jan-41 A 4/14/1941
Cooper, Harold L 27-Oct-38 Regt. Hdq Co. 12/4/1940
Cooper, Harold TPrivate 1st Class 20-Jun-39 Battery B
Cooper, Jerome 30-Jul-47 F
Cooper, Jerry 26-Aug-43 Hdq & Serv. 1/17/1944
Cooper, Lloyd 6-Apr-43 K 2/14/1944
Cooper, Lloyd 19-Oct-46 K
Cooper, Lonnie 16-Oct-40 Battery E
Cooper, Melvin 20-Aug-42 G 4/17/1943
Cooper, Melvin M 5-Jan-29 E
Cooper, Norman Smith 27-Oct-43 A
Cooper, Robert 16-Jul-42 I 11/18/1942
Cooper, Russel Sabin 10-Jan-41 K 6/17/1941
Cooper, T Harold 13-Jan-36 K 4/11/1939
Cooper, Walker, Jr 10-Jan-41 B 9/8/1942
Cooper, William A 17-Dec-36 Med. Det.
Cope, Booker 28-Oct-37 K 5/1/1940
Copeland, Danielpvt 1st Cl 9-Jul-29 E 7/8/1932
Copeland, Edward B 31-Aug-44 A
Copeland, Ernest T 31-Aug-44 A
Copeland, Gilmore S 5-Jul-44 F
Copeland, Robert F 9/20/1943
Copeland, William F 16-Oct-39 B
Copes, Alexander 9-Jun-38 A 11/14/1940
Copes, Alexander S 29-Apr-43 A 11/16/1943
Coppin, Ralph S 10-Jan-40 Battery A
Cora, Victor R 1-Sep-36 G 8/31/1937
Cora, Victor Ramon 10-Jan-41 C 7/40/1941
Coralina, Isaac 17-Nov-36 M 5/7/1940
Coralina, Isaac 17-Nov-39 M 5/7/1940
Coram, Edmund PercivalCorporal 11-Feb-43 I 1/17/1944
Coram, Eugene Clinton 23-Mar-43 I 2/21/1944
Corbett, Clarence W H 29-Sep-42 K 11/17/1942
Corbett, Randolph Daniel 10-Jan-41 A 6/17/1941
Corbin, Lloyd M 20-Oct-39 Battery A
Corbin, Wallace A 8-Sep-28 F 5/12/1933
Corbin, Wallace A 19-Jan-31 C
Cordes, John A K 3/9/1942
Corey, Talmadge 15-Jul-43 E 11/26/1943
Corley, Samuel G 2-Feb-39 K
Corneilius, Edward H 18-Feb-24 Service Co
Cornelius, Edward 18-Feb-24 C
Cornelius, Henry L 29-Nov-39 Battery E
Cornelius, James Victor 3-Sep-46 C
Cornelius, James Victor, Jr 16-Sep-43 C 1/17/1944
Cornelius, James Victor, Jr 25-Jan-44 C
Cornwell, WilliamCorporal 15-Jan-36 K
Cornwell, WilliamSgt 15-Jan-39 Battery C
Corprew, Wilson JPrivate 1st Class 21-May-36 C
Corprew, Wilson JPrivate 21-May-37 C 1/31/2028
Correia, Frank F Hq & Ser 7/28/1942
Cosgsove, Albert 12-Mar-24 I
Coston, Roland Emery 9-Jun-47 B
Cottingham, Luther Bevil 3-Dec-43 Hq & Ser 3/7/1944
Cottle, HerbertPrivate 1/Cl 0#2 1-Aug-34 H 7/31/1937
Cottle, John HerbertPrivate 02 2-Aug-40 Battery Hq
Cottman, Sherwood 15-Oct-40 Battery G
Coulston, Charles P 2-Apr-24 L
Coulton, IdolthPrivate 1st Class 7-Jul-24 D 10/23/1925
Cousar, Leon Stanford 4-Nov-40 Battery A
Coveney, George C 2-Mar-37 G 3/1/1940
Cowan, Wilbert 4-Mar-37 Service 3/4/1940
Coward, Cowar Wosley 25-Mar-43 K 5/24/1943
Coward, Delbert EPrivate 1st Class 13-May-41 L 2/17/1943
Coward, Hudson J 29-Jun-39 Battery F
Cox, Cecil Alexander 16-Oct-40 Hq. 2nd Bn.
Cox, Daniel 7-Dec-39 Hq Co 2/1/1940
Cox, Daniel 3-Dec-36 Howitzer 12/2/1939
Cox, Isaac C 1-May-38 3rd Bn. Hq. Co. 11/21/1938
Cox, Lloyd V 1-Jun-37 A
Craigwell, Haydn H 28-Oct-37 Howitzer Co. 10/28/1935
Cramer, JamesSgt 19-Jul-28 Service Co. 10/15/1930
Crater, Robert L2nd Lt. 16-Dec-39 Medical 2/14/1940
Crawford, Alexander 11-Oct-39 Battery E
Crawford, CalvinPrivate 27-Oct-41 C 9/11/1943
Crawford, Fred A 19-Oct-39 D 4/4/1940
Crawford, Harold A 10-Nov-36 2nd Bn Hqrs Co.
Crawford, Henry APvt 1/cl 14-Mar-42 K 11/9/1943
Crawford, James 15-Jun-39 Battery E
Crawford, Joseph H 14-Apr-36 D
Crawford, Moses K 25-Jun-47 D
Crawley, Charles H 4-Sep-46 E
Crawley, James 5-Sep-24 Service Co
Creasy, Frederick JCorporal 25-Jul-36 M
Creasy, Frederick Joseph 29-Oct-45 Hqrs. Co. MGP
Creese, George D 17-Jan-24 Med. Det. 6/6/1925
Creighton, PercyPVT 1-Feb-37 A 2/16/1939
Crews, Mervel S (Mervle) 11-Feb-37 L 2/10/1940
Crews, Mervle S (Mervel)Pvt 1st cl 1-Feb-40 Battery G 10/24/1940
Crichlow, Earl W (Earle) 1-Jun-38 Hq Co. 2nd Bn
Crichlow, Earle W (Earl) 1-Jun-38 2nd Bn Hqrs 5/31/1939
Crispell, Van R 12-Jan-28 R. HQ.
Crochett, James 23-Apr-46 B
Crocker, Roland 4-Dec-23 A
Crockett, James 11-Jun-40 Hq Bat
Crosby, William H 25-Feb-36 G
Cross, Albert James 21-Dec-42 F
Cross, Fred 14-Jan-24 C, 369th Inf
Cross, Milton 10-Dec-42 E 2/17/1943
Cross, Raymond Chester 7-Jun-46 C
Crosswaith, Norris Victor 10-Jan-41 Hq & Ser 1/19/1942
Cruise, John, Jr 8-Feb-38 Battery H 12/2/1940
Crumedy, John 3-Jul-44 K
Crumedy, John 25-Jul-46 K
Crumes, Albert C 24-Jan-40 Bty Hq 1st Bn
Crump, William Randolph 31-Jan-41 I 1/30/1943
Cruse, Julius 27-Nov-39 Battery H
Crutcher, Jones C 25-Aug-47 Band
Cruz, Diego 11-Jun-28 F
Cruz, Joseph Torres 30-Nov-43 C
Cuff, John Andrew 14-Jun-40 Battery H
Cuff, Russell E 7-Nov-45 E
Cuffee, Raymond F 18-Mar-29 B
Cuffee, Russell Lsergeant 10-Oct-39 C
Cuffey, William H 14-Apr-36 2nd Bn Hq Co
Cuffey, William H 12-Oct-39 2nd Bn Hq Co 369th Inf
Cuiman, Lloyd L 10-Jan-41 B 11/4/1942
Culberson, Joseph C, Jr 25-Jan-40 Hq Bat
Culcleasure, Herman 21-May-40 B
Culcleasure, Hermanprivate 10-Feb-36 A 9/8/1938
Culcleasure, Hermon (Herman) 10-Feb-36 A 1/9/1939
Culcleasure, Woodrow W 10-Feb-36 A
Culcleasure, Woodrow W 19-Apr-40 Bat F
Cumberbatch, Billie 12-Jan-28 K
Cumberbatch, Cecil 4-May-44 F
Cummings, Elmer, Jr 14-Oct-40 Hq Btry
Cummings, Homer Clenet 21-Oct-43 A 3/11/1944
Cummings, Irving Paul 13-May-47 C
Cummings, LeRoy 29-Apr-43 I 7/29/1943
Cummings, LeRoy 26-Jun-47 I
Cummings, William 22-May-24 M
Cummins, Oliver Holman 27-Feb-46 Hq Hq Det 2nd Bn
Cupid, Benjamin Lprivate 22-Oct-36 Howitzer
Cupid, Benjamin M B 6/16/1943
Curley, Alvin 10-Jan-41 Hq 6/10/1941
Curley, Alvin 6-Nov-41 Hq & Serv 5/1/1943
Curley, Clarence Dsergeant 10-Jan-41 3rd Bn 5/17/1941
Curley, Granville 16-Jan-36 Howitzer
Curry, Bennie K 8/12/1942
Curry, Columbus 26-Apr-24 D
Curry, Frank 6-Aug-46 C
Curry, John 12-Oct-39 Bat A
Curry, John 24-Apr-46 E
Curtis, Anthony 5-Apr-28 C 4/4/1931
Curtis, Anthony 5-Apr-24 C
Curtis, Charles Thomas 9-May-44 K
Curtis, Edward, Jr 30-Jan-46 L
Curtis, Thomas A, Jr 21-Apr-41 Hq Det 2nd Bn 8/27/1942
Curtiss, Arthur 2-Apr-28 M 4/1/1931
Cutler, David 24-Jun-28 L
Cutler, Howard 15-Aug-29 Reg Hdqrs
Cutler, Samuel 29-Apr-05 C
D'abreu, Eric 1/11/1937 H 1/10/1940
D'Lamont, Albert Dearl 1/10/1941 B 12/18/1941
DaCosta, Jose F 3/9/1942
Dale, Edgar Oscar 10/14/1940 HQ
Dale, Gladstone APrivate 1st class 1/14/1937 C 1/13/1939
Dale, Gladstone APrivate 1st class 1/14/1940 Battery C
Dale, Gladstone A 6/20/1947 HQ
Daley, George 5/1/1929 I 4/30/1932
Daley, Joseph 6/3/1929 I 6/2/1932
Daley, JosephSergeant 6/3/1937 I 6/2/1940
Daley, Joseph TheodoreStaff Sergeant 6/3/1940 HQ
Dallas, Alphonse N 9/18/1941 F 6/19/1942
Dalton, Ralph 1/25/1929 Service 1/24/1932
Dalton, Wesley 4/6/1936 D 10/26/1937
Daly, Cyril Anthony 11/5/1040 Battery H
Danastorg, Leroy 2/25/1947 A
Dancer, Maurice E 9/9/1944 HQ
Dandridge, Earl Eugene 11/13/1940 Battery G
Dandridge, Preston 2/25/1929 A
Daniel, Edward 3/25/1947 L
Daniel, Emanual Swedberg 1/12/1928 K
Daniel, Ferdinand W ?/?/1947 M
Daniel, George ECorporal 10/1/1928 A
Daniel, Ivan Fitzeverton 10/29/1940 Battery C
Daniel, Ivan H HQ 3/16/1942
Daniels, Augustus 10/12/1039 I 7/1/1940
Daniels, Clement H 7/25/1928 M 7/24/1931
Daniels, Irvins Howard 9/4/1946 F
Daniels, John A 3/23/1936 HQ
Daniels, John A 1/31/1940 Battery F 12/2/1940
Daniels, JosephCorporal 1/7/1924 B 1/6/1927
Daniels, LawrencePrivate 1st class 6/16/1936 F 6/16/1939
Daniels, LawrenceCorporal 6/16/1939 Battery A 11/14/1940
Daniels, Lawrence 3/18/1941 E 7/10/1941
Daniels, Percy ElridgeSergeant 9/6/1924 HQ 8/10/1927
Daniels, William Simpson 9/3/1946 B
Dantley, Robert 3/23/1939 HQ 10/28/1939
Darby, Reuben 4/14/1924 C
Darden, Eddie DPrivate 7/8/1946 I
Dargan, Benjamin J 9/4/1941 A 9/3/1943
Dash, Owen HamiltonCorporal 6/5/1941 E 12/9/1942
Daughtry, Eugene 5/22/1928 G 8/23/1930
Davenport, Arthur TPrivate 6/5/1928 F
Davenport, James T 12/4/1941 2/18/1942
Davenport, William H B 7/21/1941
David, Aberdeen SCorporal 1/12/1942 B 2/23/1943
David, Charles W, Jr. 4/21/1936 D
David, Hector 6/25/1924 L
David, Herman C 5/28/1942
David, Ideal 9/3/1946 B
David, Ira M 6/1/1937 HQ 5/31/1940
David, Ira MathaCorporal 6/1/1940 HQ 8/15/1940
David, James A 6/25/1924 H
David, Julian Alexander 12/3/1945 HQ
David, William N 7/23/1924 K 7/23/1927
Davidson, Luis LSergeant 4/18/1928 Howitzer 4/31/1931
Davies, Curtis I 2/27/1928 B
Davila, Frank A 11/18/1942 HQ
DaVilla, Clarence W 8/4/1944 L
DaVilla, Frank Anthony 2/8/1943 L
Davis, Acius Charles 5/15/1928 HQ 5/14/1931
Davis, Adam 7/2/1946 D
Davis, Alexander 8/20/1947 F
Davis, Alfred L 3/7/1940 Med.
Davis, Alphonse A 3/13/1924 Service
Davis, Alphonse A 6/25/1924 Service
Davis, Andrew HCorporal 6/3/1929 C 6/2/1932
Davis, Benjamin Joseph 7/31/1947 B
Davis, Booker EPrivate 8/27/1946 A
Davis, Burt 10/3/1929 HQ
Davis, Calvesta L 10/18/1939 Battery G 11/28/1940
Davis, Carlton BCorporal 7/15/1928 I 7/24/1931
Davis, Charles 4/20/1942
Davis, Charles EPrivate 12/21/1936 Service
Davis, Charles E 8/21/1947 Band
Davis, Charles E, Jr. 11/4/1936 L 11/3/1939
Davis, Charles E, Jr. 11/4/1939 Battery G 10/21/1940
Davis, Charles F 9/9/1942 C 11/18/1942
Davis, Charles Lee 3/6/1940 Battery G
Davis, Cornell John 9/7/1944 A
Davis, Dale 10/23/1938 I 8/4/1939
Davis, DanielPrivate 8/14/1946 H
Davis, Donald 8/11/1944 E
Davis, Edward 1/10/1941 L 4/14/1941
Davis, Edward, Jr. 6/10/1937 HQ 6/9/1940
Davis, Ellis Rogers 10/15/1940 Battery D
Davis, Ernest Lee 8/9/1944 G
Davis, Eugene 7/29/1942 HQ 9/15/1942
Davis, F Walter 8/22/1944 C
Davis, Fred 12/12/1935 A 10/5/1936
Davis, George 8/30/1946 HQ
Davis, George Thomas 6/11/1942 F 12/9/1942
Davis, George Thomas 9/8/1942 HQ 8/4/1943
Davis, Harold Lloyd 5/19/1942 HQ 3/4/1943
Davis, Harry 7/17/1924 E
Davis, Harry 7/17/1924 E 6/2/1925
Davis, Harry L. 3/29/1946 D
Davis, Hosea 8/12/1943 HQ
Davis, Hosea B 7/19/1946 HQ
Davis, James Edward 3/31/1928 L
Davis, James L A 9/1/1942
Davis, James Maxwell 10/13/1938 Battery B
Davis, John 3/17/1924 C
Davis, John 6/1/1937 A 5/31/1940
Davis, John 10/16/1939 Battery E
Davis, John Edward 11/1/1946 L
Davis, John F 9/9/1942 C 7/6/1943
Davis, John LSergeant 3/13/1924 D
Davis, John SSergeant 3/3/1924 D
Davis, John WSpec. 6th class 12/26/1928 H 12/25/1931
Davis, Jonah 9/8/1942 I 5/1/1943
Davis, Joseph Edward 1/10/1941 G 11/13/1941
Davis, Joseph R 3/25/1943 K 7/29/1943
Davis, Judge B 5/6/1937 F 5/5/1938
Davis, LesterPrivate 3/16/1936 C
Davis, Lester 3/23/1939 C 11/14/1940
Davis, Lewis FCorporal 3/11/1937 D 3/10/1940
Davis, Lewis F 3/11/1940 Battery D
Davis, Lewis FSergeant 9/29/1941 A 9/28/1943
Davis, Lewis F 9/29/1943 A 9/28/1943
Davis, Lewis F1st Sergeant 7/31/1946 A
Davis, Lewis Franklin 9/29/1943 A
Davis, Marvin Julian 8/17/1944 K
Davis, Maurice 5/20/1937 L 10/22/1937
Davis, Nebby 3/12/1942 G 2/23/1943
Davis, Oscar 10/18/1939 Battery A
Davis, Rudolph Valentino 7/6/1943 HQ 10/28/1943
Davis, Samuel 12/11/1940 Battery H
Davis, Sidney C 3/25/1943 Band
Davis, Sydney CCorporal 2/24/1941 Band & Med.
Davis, Thomas Eldridge 9/4/1946 HQ
Davis, VernonSergeant 10/18/1938 Battery E
Davis, WarrenPrivate 8/28/1946 H
Davis, William 4/22/1937 K 11/8/1937
Davis, William 9/16/1943 B
Davis, WilliamPrivate 8/15/1946 I
Davis, William A 7/30/1947 H
Davis, William J 5/23/1923 A 1/16/1925
Davis, William RSergeant 3/14/1928 L 3/13/1929
Dawkins, James Alphonso 10/14/1940 Battery D
Dawkins, OlinPrivate 7/5/1941 Med.
Dawson, Dal Herbert 1/10/1941 B 5/24/1941
Dawson, Herman 1/3/1929 HQ
Dawson, Paul 6/25/1924 L 6/24/1927
Dawson, Preston1st Sergeant 1/24/1941 I 1/23/1943
Day, James CSpec. 6th class 6/5/1938 Battery A 12/4/1940
Day, RobertStaff Sergeant 3/29/1924 Service
Dean, Charles Grant 1/24/1928 F
Dean, Daniel Hq & Ser Co 1/8/1943
Dean, EdmundPrivate 2/21/1924 Service
Dean, Edmund RPrivate 2/21/1924 Service
Dean, Edmund R 1/11/1928 M 1/10/1931
Dean, RaymondPvt 1st Class 9/9/1942 C 7/6/1943
Dean, Raymond 8/22/1944 C
Dean, SidneyPrivate 10/21/1937 L 7/7/1938
Dean, SidneyPrivate 10/21/1937 G 7/7/1938
Deane, Carl L 10/26/1939 G 4/8/1940
Deane, George W, Jr. 8/31/1944 A
Deas, John C 7/3/1937 B 3/20/1940
Deas, Richard 9/16/1943 B
Deas, Rudolph 1/20/1936 M
Deas, Rudolph 1/20/1939 E
Deas, Samuel 11/21/1923 Howitzer
DeBarry, Clarence 3/3/1924 3rd Bn HQ 3/2/1924
DeBarry, Clarence 9/6/1928 Regtl Hqrs
DeBarry, Clarence 1/10/1941 C 4/16/1942
Debnam, Morris LSergeant 3/24/1942 K
Debnam, Morris LunzoSergeant 3/24/1944 K
Debnam, Morris LunzoSergeant 3/24/1946 K
DeBruhl, CharlesSergeant 1/26/1924 I
DeBruhl, Percy 7/8/1946 I
DeChambert, Andrew 8/5/1929 L 8/4/1930
DeCharbert, AndrewPrivate 6/1/1937 Service 6/1/1939
Dedmond, Charles UPvt 1st Class 6/2/1936 E 6/1/1939
Dedmond, Charles U 6/2/1939 F
DeFossett, Joseph 3/8/1938 Hq 12/2/1940
DeFossett, William KCorporal 11/17/1936 G
DeFossett, William KStaff Sergeant 11/15/1939 Hq
DeFreese, Joseph 6/15/1944 K
DeFreitas, Lloyd FrankCorporal 9/10/1942 Hq Det 2nd Bn 7/29/1943
DeGraffenreid, William Wallace 8/31/1944 I
DeGrasse, JohnSergeant 11/24/1941 A
DeGrasse, John 11/24/1943 A
DeJere (DeTere DeToro?), JuliusCorporal 7/15/1924 Service
DeJesus, Severiano 8/9/1928 Regtl Hqrs
DeKalb, SamuelSergeant 10/14/1928 M 10/31/1931
Dela'Curva, Rudolph 5/6/1947 C
DeLagarde, Austin L 10/20/1936 F 2/27/1939
Delagel, James 5/25/1939 C
DeLamont, Albert 9/5/1928 L 9/14/1931
Delaney, Bernard L 9/4/1946 H
Delaney, Bernard Mck 6/1/1937 A
DeLeaver, John A 6/15/1936 B 7/12/1937
DeLeaver, William 5/9/1940 A
DeLeon, Hugh AugustisPrivate 12/9/1937 Howitzer 12/8/1940
DeLerme, Herbert 7/26/1944 F
Delgado, ManuelPvt 1st Class 6/4/1936 Howitzer
Delliad, Walter Frank 7/25/1947 B
DeLoch, Thomas C 9/4/1946 F
DeLynns, Robert 3/19/1924 K 4/19/1927
Demendez, John 4/23/1946 B
Demery, Fredrick D 5/8/1928 E
DeMontague, Leslie 1/10/1941 A 8/1/1941
Demory, Charlie H 1/16/1929 M
Dempsey, Rufus Oatman 11/13/1929 M
DeMun, James Edward 11/5/1940 H
Dennis, Alonzo 1/26/1924 K
Denton, John HPrivate 4/3/1923 Service
Denton, John H 1/31/1946 A
Denton, John HenrySergeant 1/10/1941 A 1/9/1943
Denton, John Henry 1/10/1943 A 1/9/1944
Denton, John Henry 1/31/1944 A
Denton, Walter 7/16/1924 E
Denton, Walter 7/17/1924 Service
DeNully, Albert H 2/2/1940 A
DeNully, Albert H 6/12/1946 F
DeNully, Albert HerbertPvt 1st Class 2/2/1937 F 2/1/1940
DeNully, Albert HerbertPFC - 4th Class 7/21/1942 L 8/4/1943
Denzil, Clark B 7/24/1942
Depass, WarrenPvt 1st Class 6/10/1942 I 12/9/1942
Depree, Samuel 3/9/1937 D 3/11/1938
Derby, F Wilfred 4/16/1936 C 6/16/1936
Dervin, Thomas 11/27/1946 E
DeSheers, Henry Lee 1/10/1941 Hq & Ser 4/14/1941
DeSheers, John 1/10/1941 L 5/17/1941
DeShield, EdouardSergeant 1/6/1942 I 1/5/1944
DeShields, Emerson 3/2/1924 Hdqrs
DeShields, Harry H 5/1/1924 M 11/29/1925
DeShields, Irving E 6/11/1946 C
Deshields, Warren 1/10/1923 A 10/20/1926
DeShong, Hugh 6/3/1936 I 6/2/1939
DeShong, Hugh 9/1/1939 I
DeSoto, FlorentinePvt 1st Class 5/27/1943 Band 5/27/1944
DeSoto, Florentine 2/24/1941 Regtl Hqrs Bnd And Med 2/23/1943
DeSoto, Florentine 5/27/1944 Band
DeToro, JuliusCorporal 7/15/1924 Service
DeToro, Percy 4/16/1924 I
DeVault, William T 7/17/1928 F
DeVega, Alvin F 12/1/1939 F
DeVere, Louis C 8/26/1942
DeVere, Sylvester Louis 9/1/1944 Band
Devereaux, Marvin C
Devergee, Winston William 12/3/1942 F 3/7/1944
DeVonish, AlbertSergeant 4/23/1942 E
Dewes, Samuel WPvt 1st Class 7/21/1942 I 5/13/1943
Dewes, Samuel WTechnician - 4th Class 9/13/1943 I 12/3/1943
DeWindt, Archie B 10/17/1927 B 10/10/1931
Dey, Charles W 5/4/1942
Dezonie, Henry Lincoln 11/4/1940 B 12/19/1940
Dials, Harrison 12/22/1922 B
Dials, HarrisonPrivate 3/28/1937 B 11/4/1939
Dials, Henry 12/11/1940 G
Dials, William ESergeant 4/16/1938 G 11/22/1940
Dials, William Edward 11/23/1940 G
Diamond, Rufus 4/23/1947 D
Diamond, William W 3/4/1929 B
Diaz, Joseph 7/17/1944 I
Diaz, Miguel 8/31/1928 K
Diaz, Santiago 7/5/1928 Regtl Hqrs 7/4/1931
Dickerson, Ernest N 9/4/1946 E
Dickerson, FerdinandCorporal 5/15/1938 D 12/2/1940
Dickerson, Lawrence Barrett 1/10/1941 L 4/14/1941
Dickerson, Plumer BPrivate 7/18/1929 2nd Bn Hqrs 7/17/1932
Dickerson, Plumer BSergeant 7/18/1936 2nd Bn Hqrs 6/17/1939
Dickerson, Plumer B 7/18/1939 H 10/26/1940
Dickerson, Rubin JBugler 1/23/1924 Howitzer
Dickson, Audley Daly 1/10/1941 Med Det 5/17/1941
Dickson, Coleridge J 11/27/1941 E 2/16/1942
Dickson, George Franklin 5/28/1943 K
Diggs, Arthur B 8/28/1947 I
Diggs, George 9/14/1943 E
Diggs, Robert G, Jr. 4/15/1936 L
Dillahunt, Amos H 10/11/1939 B
Dillard, Earl 5/9/1944 K
Dillard, Walter F 8/3/1944 K
Dillon, Lorenzo 6/11/1924 L 7/10/1927
Dimery, Lawrence Howard, Jr. 2/25/1943 G 9/16/1943
Dismuke, Emmett Lawrence 10/7/1940 Med Det
Divello, Nichalson C 3/2/1929 Howitzer
Divins, Duncan A 11/2/1939 Hq 7/26/1940
Divins, Rudolph E 10/13/1939 M 5/1/1940
Dix, Albert HPvt 1st Class 6/19/1936 B 6/26/1939
Dix, Edward M 3/5/1928 D
Dix, Ollando CPrivate 11/30/1936 B 11/29/1939
Dixon, Alfred BPvt 1st Class 6/6/1938 Hq 10/24/1940
Dixon, Alfred Bernard 1/24/1941 F 8/5/1941
Dixon, Arthur Stanley 10/14/1940 D
Dixon, Eugene 11/12/1936 Howitzer 11/11/1939
Dixon, Eugene H 11/18/1939 D
Dixon, Herbert J 4/16/1940 Hq
Dixon, JamesPvt 1st Class 9/4/1939 G
Dixon, James 9/4/1946 K
Dixon, Jasper 4/7/1936 H
Dixon, Jasper 4/7/1939 H
Dixon, Joseph 5/8/1928 E
Dixon, Leon 5/19/1936 D 10/26/1937
Dixon, Louis R 8/31/1946 A
Dixon, Morris 4/6/1936 B
Dixon, Morris 10/5/1939 B 12/7/1940
Dixon, Richard H 5/22/1924 M 12/5/1926
Dixon, Robert 8/13/1947 G
Dixon, Samuel William 9/4/1946 F
Dixon, ThedorePrivate 5/26/1938 Hq 12/9/1940
Doar, Quentin Whitefield 10/17/1940 HQ Battery
Dobbs, Grover CCorporal 7/15/1924 D 7/23/1926
Dobson, Charles 9/16/1943 B
Docter, David 5/10/1928 Regimental HQ 5/9/1937
Docter, DavidPrivate First Class 3/23/1936 Regimental HQ 3/21/1940
Docter, DavidPrivate First Class 3/23/1936 Regimental HQ 3/22/1938
Docter, DavidPrivate First Class 3/23/1940 HQ Battery 3/22/1940
Dodd, Harold APrivate 11/6/1942 HQ and Service 8/4/1943
Dodson, HaywardSergeant 2/20/1924 L 2/19/1927
Dodson, RussellPrivate 3/19/1924 A 2/9/1926
Doe, Thomas W 5/13/1947 HQ Detachment 1st BN
Doles, Melvin R 3/2/1942 C 8/18/1942
Dolphin, Harold Douglas 7/30/1947 C
Dominguez, Louis RCorporal 11/28/1936 H 4/20/1939
Dominguez, Louis RafaelPrivate First Class 10/19/1939 Battery H
Dominguez, Virgilie 6/14/1928 L
Donahue, Robert H 1/21/1943 Med. Detachment 8/17/1943
Donaldson, Theodore C HQ
Donaldson, Theodore Clifton 1/24/1941 F
Donaphin, Landerl Stanley 8/16/1928 ? K
Donaphin, Stanley Landon 9/3/1946 B
Donato, BernadoPrivate First Class 6/3/1929 B
Donato, Jose Ananias 8/19/1946 K
Donohue, Dinnis 8/6/1924 1st BNHQ
Dood, Harold APrivate [Regiment Band and HQ]
Dooley, Thomas FPrivate 2/27/1924 3rd BNHQ
Doran, Admiral 6/25/1924 D 5/26/2025
Doran, William H 10/12/1939 Battery D
Dore, Ellsworth J 7/13/1942 B 5/4/1943
Dore, Samuel Iverton 1/6/1944 L
Dore, Steddiford Norman 9/9/1942 B 5/4/1943
Dorset, Charles F 4/14/1938 Band 12/2/1940
Dorsett, Neville Eugene 8/27/1947 G
Dorsey, Alec2nd Lieutenant 2/24/1936 C 11/7/1938
Dorsey, Ernest 9/18/1943 C
Dorsey, James A 8/2/1944 HQ Detachment 2nd BN
Dorsey, John Osborne 8/20/1947 F
Dotson, James N 12/18/1942 I 6/23/1943
Dotson, James N 9/16/1943 I 11/16/1943
Dotson, Lester Martin 11/10/1940 Battery H
Dotson, William APrivate 3/9/1939 1st BNHQ 9/1/1939
Dottin, Jimmy SPrivate First Class 5/16/1938 M 11/25/1939
Dougherty, Arton 6/12/1947 M
Douglas, Charles F 8/22/1944 HQ 1st BN 11/4/1943
Douglas, Edwin APrivate 12/3/1942 L 10/4/1943
Douglas, George William 8/17/1944 B 8/16/1944
Douglas, George William 8/28/1946 E 8/16/1946
Douglas, James A 4/4/1929 Med. Detachment
Douglas, Kenneth G 6/10/1946 L
Douglas, Robert L 9/1/1928 B 5/17/1928
Douglas, Robert S 1/7/1936 Service 1/6/1936
Douglas, Robert S 1/9/1939 Band 1/6/1939
Douglas, W James 5/13/1947 HQ Detachment 1st BN
Douncan, Morris 9/3/1946 B
Dove, Edward 4/14/1938 L 11/13/1939
Dover, Arnold Henry 8/10/1944 HQ and Service
Dover, Fred 10/18/1939 Battery H 1/2/1940
Dover, William HenryCorporal 1/10/1941 HQ 6/1/1943
Dover, William HenryCorporal 8/5/1943 HQ and Service 6/1/1943
Dow, Reginald NPrivate First Class 10/19/1939 Battery G
Dower, HarryPrivate 7/21/1924 E
Dowers, Edward Lucius 10/14/1940 HQ Battery
Dowleyne, Leon St Clair 6/9/1942 HQ and Service 9/15/1942
Dowling, Joseph 7/20/1928 C
Dowling, William, Jr. 9/2/1943 L
Downes, Clarence S 2/25/1943 L 1/10/1944
Downes, Oscar Josephus 11/12/1940 Battery G
Downey, Thomas J 12/2/1937 Battery A 12/1/1940
Downing, Clyde ECorporal 11/17/1938 Battery H
Downing, John O 4/12/1928 Howitzer
Doxey, RobertFirst Sergeant 1/10/1941 L 4/14/1941
Doyle, CecilSergeant 6/22/1944 B 6/21/1944
Doyle, CecilSergeant 3/13/1946 D 6/21/1944
Doyle, Lester BStaff Sergeant 10/16/1939 Battery D 4/10/1938
Doyle, Thomas APrivate First Class 5/23/1936 E 5/22/1936
Dozier, RobertPrivate 1/12/1939 K 5/22/1940
Drake, John W C [1/16/1942
Drake, John W 6/14/1938 Battery A 12/4/1940
Drake, William, Jr. 2/15/1940 Battery D
Drakes, Alphonso 1/3/1929 D
Drayton, Earl A 8/12/1946 L
Drayton, James NPrivate First Class 5/18/1939 Battery F
Dreher, Brice Clifton 4/15/1943 G 9/16/1943
Drew, William 4/9/1924 I
Driver, William G 6/18/1929 G
Drowery, John WSergeant 2/21/1937 L 2/20/1940
Drowery, John WSergeant 2/21/1940 Battery B 2/20/1937
Drowery, Kermit EnochCorporal 10/17/1937 Battery B 10/17/1940
Drowery, Kermit Enoch 10/17/1940 Battery B
DuBois, Asa LeeFirst Sergeant 1/10/1941 C 1/9/1942
DuBois, George Eugene I 6/12/1941
DuBois, Stephen A 9/8/1944 Med. Department Detachment
Duchesne, Miguel 7/12/1929 K
Ducos, Santiago 1/8/1929 G 2/3/1930
Dudley, Elbert 12/7/1939 HQ Battery 10/24/1940
Dudley, Horace Greeley 6/22/1942 B 4/8/1943
Dudley, John M 11/18/1937 Regiment HQ
Duff, Simon Adolph 1/10/1941 G 3/19/1942
Duffy, Earl 6/10/1929 B
Duggins, Samuel
Dujon, Haynes 5/1/1936 K
Dukes, Charles 2/9/1937 H 2/8/1940
Dukes, CharlesPrivate 2/9/1940 H 2/8/1940
Dume, JohnPrivate First Class 2/3/1938 B 12/2/1940
Dume, John 12/9/1940 B
Dument, George WPrivate 12/2/1941 HQ & Service
Dunbar, James 10/19/1939 Battery G
Duncan, Ezra Alexander 6/26/1947 I
Duncan, Herman Nathaniel 6/5/1940 Battery H
Duncan, Horace 1/24/1941 F 7/21/1941
Duncan, RobertSergeant [08/08/1924] H
Duncan, Williard (Willard) 10/19/1939 L 10/26/1940
Dunham, John 2/9/1936 E
Dunn, Gene Doughlas 8/15/1946 I
Dunn, JamesSergeant 7/3/1937 H 7/2/1940
Dunn, James WSergeant 7/9/1929 H 7/8/1932
Dunn, James WSergeant 8/12/1946 H
Dunn, James WilliamCorporal 7/3/1940 Battery H 10/22/1940
Duport, Arnold J 10/13/1939 Battery A
Durant, Ernest 3/1/1928 Howitzer
Durant, Frederick LPrivate 2/14/1947 G 2/13/1947
Durant, Oliver Williams 7/17/1940 Battery H
Durden, Ribert T 4/24/1929 E
Durham, Walter NPrivate 4/22/1940 Battery A 4/21/1940
Durham, Walter N 4/22/1937 A 4/21/1940
Durham, Walter NesterStaff Sergeant 8/6/1947 HQ 10/5/1945
Duval, Reynolds H A 4/20/1942
Duverney, Hebert ECorporal 10/28/1942 L 3/22/1943
Duverney, Leonard P 1/10/1943 L 8/25/1943
Duverney, Leonard Phillip 6/5/1947 L 3/5/1946
Dyer, Arthur [12/06/1922] L
Dyer, Edward 6/25/1938 K 12/2/1940
Dyer, George Henry 8/1/1944 C
Dyer, John H
Dyett, James 8/28/1929 L
Dyson, Louis 10/12/1939 Battery E
Dyson, William AMaster Sergeant 6/20/1938 HQ Battery 12/9/1940
Earl, Joseph N.Corporal 3-Sep-29 A
Earle, Ulysses W.Corporal 23-Jun-41 A 8/12/1942
Early, AlfredPrivate 1-Jun-37 CBD 5/31/1940
Early, Joseph 28-Feb-29 Regtl Hqrs Co 2/27/1932
Easiley, Jesse Lionel 17-Oct-40 Battery B
Easter, John W. 15-Nov-38 B 7/27/1939
Easter, John W.Corporal 3-Jun-43 C
Easter, John William 19-Feb-42 E 4/1/1943
Easter, John William 17-Jul-45 C
Easter, PercySergeant 24-Jun-29 B
Easton, Donald Edward 24-Jan-41 2nd Bn 6/10/1941
Eaton, AlexanderPvt 1 Cl 15-Dec-38 Battery G
Edey, Clyde 14-Oct-40 Btry D
Edey, OwenPrivate 29-Jan-29 H 1/28/1932
Edgar, Frank Oliver 17-Oct-40 Hq. 2nd
Edgehill, Leonard A. 27-Apr-39 Hdq. Bat 10/24/1940
Edmond, Everard1st Cl Pvt 6-Jan-42 Hq. & Ser 1/5/1944
Edmonds, James Lee 25-Feb-47 B
Edmonds, Norman J. 13-Oct-39 Bat F
Edmonds, Thaxton H. 27-Nov-41 E 8/3/1942
Edmonson, Edgar ElmorePrivate 10-Jan-41 G 1/16/1942
Edness, Henty TSergeant 29-Jul-24 Howitzer
Edward, Cleveland H.Corporal 29-Feb-28 I 2/28/1931
Edwards, Albert 17-Jun-43 F 8/17/1943
Edwards, Albert Charles 27-May-43 A, 15th Regt 9/16/1943
Edwards, Alfred 27-Nov-41 E 2/19/1942
Edwards, Arthur WaltonCorporal 24-Jan-41 E 11/13/1941
Edwards, Ballard T 10-May-41 Reg Hdrs, Band and Med 9/5/1942
Edwards, Ballard Trent 2-Jul-28 C
Edwards, Bertram 7-Dec-39 Bat F
Edwards, Charles F 17-Feb-42 L 7/28/1942
Edwards, Charles H 29-Sep-41 A 8/12/1942
Edwards, Erland Leon 22-May-46 G
Edwards, Euguene H. 17-Feb-38 Howitzer 10/19/1939
Edwards, George 7-Oct-40 Battery F
Edwards, Horatio A. 8-Apr-37 Service 1/11/1939
Edwards, Horatio AubreySergeant 10-Jan-41 A 7/22/1942
Edwards, James Jimmie 30-Aug-46 B
Edwards, Jesse 24-Jul-44 I
Edwards, John Henry 30-Aug-44 G
Edwards, Leonard 2-Feb-37 Howitzer
Edwards, LeonardSergeant 2-Feb-38 1st Br Hq 12/13/1940
Edwards, Lester L 20-Jan-36 M
Edwards, Lester L 20-Jan-39 Bat E
Edwards, Lionel A. 12-Feb-39 B2 4/10/1940
Edwards, Madison M. 6-Oct-38 Battery H
Edwards, Paul L 9-Jan-36 Howitzer 6/27/1938
Edwards, Paul S.Sergeant 10-Jul-24 M 7/9/1927
Edwards, Robert B. 5-Nov-43 L
Edwards, Sherrod Deighton 23-May-44 C
Edwards, Theodore R. 21-Feb-40 HQ. Bat
Edwards, Thomas 17-May-28 K
Edwards, Thomas 18-Apr-28 K
Edwards, Thomas 4-Feb-43 C 9/20/1943
Edwards, Thomas Sylvester 23-Aug-44 Hq. Det. 2nd Bn
Edwards, Wilbur P.Corporal 2-Dec-38 Bat B 12/17/1940
Edwards, William Trent, Jr.Private 13-Jan-41 L 2/2/1942
Eggleston, CharlesPVT 2-Jun-36 F 6/1/1939
Eggleston, Charles 15-Jun-39 Bat. E 10/26/1940
Elder, James D.Corporal 31-Jul-24 Howitzer
Eldridge, Alfred W. 23-Jul-28 1st Bn Hdq
Eldridge, Walford G. Rgt. Hdqrs. Band and Med Det 5/13/1942
Eldridge, Wilfred G. 10-May-40 Med. Det
Eldridge, Wilfred G.Sergeant 19-Aug-29 Med Det 5/18/1932
Eldridge, Wilfred G.Sgt WCF 19-May-38 Med. Dept. Det
Eldridge, Wilfred O. 19-May-39 Medical
Eldridge, William 15-Oct-40 Btry E
Elebe, John K. 16-Nov-45 C
Eli, Allen 31-Jul-47 A
Eli, John 4-Feb-43 G 4/20/1943
Ellicott, Samuel A. 7/1928 L 7/3/1931
Elliot, Charles 30-Apr-24 I
Elliot, Floyd 18-Apr-29 Howitzer Co
Elliot, Roosevelt 16-Jul-47 E
Elliott, James 18-Nov-36 K
Ellis, Arnold O.Private 8-May-37 Co. “C” 2/10/1938
Ellis, Herman L 12-Oct-39 Bat C
Ellis, Lawrence Thomas 9-Aug-45 Hq. & Hq. Det
Ellis, Lawrence Thomas 9-Aug-47 Hq. Det. 3rd Bn
Ellis, Nathaniel 12-Oct-39 Bat D
Ellis, Raymond 8-May-29 M
Ellison, Clarence T.Sgt 17-Aug-37 Bat F 8/16/1940
Ellison, Clarence T. 17-Aug-40 Battery F
Ellison, Theodore 17-Aug-28 A 8/16/1931
Elmore, George P. 17-Apr-23 Howitzer Co
Elzey, Leonard W. 18-Jan-27 I 1/17/1930
Elzey, Leonard WashingtonSergeant 21-Apr-42 B
Emanuel, Alvin A 18-Oct-38 F 10/19/1939
Emanuel, Clarence Menville 2-Aug-40 HQ
Emanuel, Elcon Edward 23-Apr-40 B 12/2/1940
Emanuel, William A 5-Sep-46 I
Embry, Russel W 12-Nov-36 I 11/11/1939
Emerson, Ralph 12-Sep-47 G
Emerson, William 21-Aug-46 E
Emery, Richard ThornPvt 1st Cl 24-Jan-28 H 1/23/1931
Emory, Charles A 18-Jul-24 F
Engles, Clifton C 28-May-46 A
English, Edgar 27-Jul-43 I
Ennis, Harold G C 9/12/1942
Epps, Harold Albert 18-Nov-40 F
Epps, Harry 15-Jul-24 Service
Epps, Harry 15-Jul-24 Service
Epps, Harry 10-Jan-41 L 6/12/1941
Epps, Luther Andrew 10-May-46 D
Ericsson (Ericson), Henry Charles 24-Jan-41 E 7/10/1941
Escobar, Juan Onofre 26-Aug-43 G 3/23/1944
Escobar, Juan Ortez 25-Jun-42 G 8/17/1943
Ethridge, Charles 30-Jan-24 I
Ethridge, Jacob 20-Jul-44 L
Evans, Andrew D 6-Mar-40 H
Evans, Andrew JCorporal 29-Mar-29 C 3/28/1932
Evans, Andrew J 29-Mar-38 C 12/2/1940
Evans, CharlesPvt 10-Jun-37 F 2/19/1938
Evans, Charles RPvt 1st Cl 10-Jun-40 A 11/14/1940
Evans, Cornie L 6-Aug-47 E
Evans, Edward 1-May-29 M 4/30/1932
Evans, Louis W 4-Feb-24 Med Det 2/5/1927
Evans, LutherSergeant 31-Mar-38 H 11/22/1940
Evans, Luther, JrCorporal 9-Feb-37 H 2/8/1940
Evans, Luther, JrSergeant 9-Feb-40 H
Evans, Norman 12-Aug-46 L
Evans, Owen Houston 10-Jan-41 L 8/20/1941
Evans, William Taylor 20-Jan-44 I
Evans, Willie 2-Dec-40 G
Evelyn, Robert 2-Jun-36 F
Evelyn, Robert 2-Jun-37 F 6/1/1940
Everett, John H 19-Oct-39 H 12/11/1941
Everett, Louis Jerry 6-Aug-47 H
Everhart, Marvin 10-Jan-41 K 4/7/1942
Eversley, Harold Francis 4-Mar-37 B 9/11/1937
Ewell, HenryStaff Sergeant 25-Mar-43 Band
Ewell, Henry S 2-Sep-36 Reg HQ 9/1/1939
Ewell, Henry SStaff Sergeant 2-Sep-39 Reg HQ 12/7/1940
Ewell, Henry SSergeant 24-Feb-41 Reg HQ Band 2/23/1943
Exum, Henry A 30-Oct-36 Med Det
Ezzard, Carl Jack 15-Aug-47 D
Fabio, Curtis H 21-Mar-39 Bat. F 12/2/1940
Fabio, Leslie M 23-Jul-24 Howitzer
Fabio, Leslie MStaff Sgt 19-Jul-28 Service 7/18/1931
Fair, William 30-Apr-47 I
Fairley, Harry 8-Mar-38 Battery G 11/22/1940
Fairley, Marcellus 27-Aug-46 D
Faison, Roger Y 13-May-41 I 4/7/1942
Faison, Samuel HCorporal 26-Nov-29 G 11/25/1932
Fane, Aubrey 7-Feb-41 Hq. & Ser. Co 12/15/1941
Farmer, Mark Edward 23-Jul-46 D
Farnum, Irving 11-Jun-24 3rd Bn Hq Co
Farr, Robert Andrew, JrCorporal 10-Jan-41 C 8/12/1942
Farrell, FredSargent 19-May-24 1st Bn Hqs 5/18/1927
Farrell, John L 21-Mar-40 Bat F
Farrington, Joseph Milton 15-May-44 Hq & Serv
Farrington, Vincent GTech 5th Cl 12-Aug-43 Hq & Ser 3/13/1944
Farrington, Vincent Gregory 12-Aug-43 Hq & Ser 6/1/1943
Faulk, Robert LeighPrivate 10-Jan-41 G 6/19/1942
Faust, Bernard MPvt 1/cl 13-May-42 L 8/26/1942
Faust, Bernard MCorporal 15-Apr-43 L 11/3/1943
Faust, CharlesCorpral 10-Jan-41 B 10/19/1942
Faust, Leonard Brisco 18-Feb-44 L
Feaster, James 14-Oct-40 Btry D
Feaster, Joseph N 3/9/1942
Fegan, Ewart GPvt 1st Cl 13-Feb-36 Service 2/12/1939
Fegan, Ewart G 13-Feb-39 Stgt. Bat 1/17/1941
Felix, Pedro 15-May-24 D 3/6/1926
Felix, Raymond 10-Jul-47 M
Fells, Lee Vander (LeeVander), Jr1 Cl Pvt 4-Mar-37 Regt. Hdg. Co. 3/3/1940
Fells, LeeVander (Lee Vander), Jr 4-Mar-40 Bat
Fells, Pasco C, Jr 24-Jun-44 Co. E
Fennar, Albert Avant 10-Jan-41 Hdq. & Ser. 5/23/1941
Fennick, Lloyd JPVT 21-Apr-38 L 1/18/1939
Fennick, Lloyd J 22-Jun-39 Battery G
Fennick, Samuel 9-Oct-23 How Co
Fennick, Sidney 19-Feb-36 L 2/18/1939
Ferbee, Frank E 3-Jul-28 E
Ferguson, George Cooper 22-Aug-46 Co. K
Ferguson, James T 3-Apr-46 F
Ferguson, Kenneth F 6/19/1942
Ferguson, Louis A 20-Apr-29 F 4/19/1932
Ferguson, Louis A 20-Apr-38 F 5/7/1940
Ferguson, Robert 2-Sep-43 L 3/7/1944
Fernanders, Roland WPrivate 1st Cl 6-Feb-37 Service 2/5/1940
Fernanders, Roland WashingtonSpecialist 5th Cl. 6-Feb-40 Band 12/2/1940
Fernandez, EugeneCorporal 5-Dec-37 Battery G 10/21/1948
Fernandez, Frederick 15-Aug-46 I
Fernandez, GeorgeCorporal 24-Jan-41 F 8/5/1941
Fernandez, George, JrFrom Specialist 6th Class 21-Jun-38 Bat A 12/2/1940
Fernando (Gonzalez), Gonzalez (Fernando) 25-Jan-37 I
Ferrell, Frederick E 26-Mar-40 Battery G
Ferris, Arthur L 26-Jul-24 E
Ferris, Cornelious 3-Sep-42 G 6/23/1943
Feutareo, Victor R 19-Jun-28 H 6/18/1931
Field, Raymond 25-Jun-47 B
Fields, Charles ACorporal 17-Feb-41 G 2/16/1943
Fields, Frank 4-Nov-36 L 11/3/1939
Fields, FrankPrivate 4-Nov-39 Battery G 12/2/1940
Fields, HerbertCorporal 14-Jan-36 Regimental Headquarters 8/31/1936
Fields, Herman E 2-Oct-39 Medical Department Detachment
Fields, JosephPrivate 16-Aug-29 D 4/23/1932
Fields, Joseph L 12-Mar-40 Headquarters Battery
Fields, Joseph Lee 2-Aug-40 Headquarters Battery
Fields, Robert A 11-May-46 L
Fields, Walter 30-Apr-43 A 10/28/1943
Fields, Warren H 9-Jan-42 K 8/26/1942
Fields, William 30-Apr-44 A
Figueroa, Pedro 26-Aug-29 D 8/25/1932
Figueroa, Raymond Joseph 16-Sep-43 G 6/23/1943
Figveroa, Raymond Joseph 3-Sep-42 G 6/23/1943
Fince, Alphonsus RFirst Sergeant 11-Mar-28 G 3/9/1928
Fince, Alphonsus RFirst Sergeant 7-Jun-38 G 3/11/1931
Fince, Alphonsus R 17-Jan-42 I 3/19/1942
Finch, Robert LPrivate First Class 25-Nov-41 L 8/4/1943
Finklea, Joseph A 15-Jul-29 C 5/29/1930
Finney, Cyrus N 13-Oct-39 Battery F
Finney, Melvin Joseph 16-May-44 C
Finney, William JH 11-May-28 K
Fisher, Francis Alexander 1-Apr-43 Medical Detachment 1/24/1944
Fisher, Guy 4-Jun-42 G 12/18/1942
Fisher, Herman 4-Jun-42 G 9/15/1942
Fisher, Joseph Jackie 26-Jun-47 B
Fisher, Phillip 25-Jul-29 B 7/24/1930
Fisher, Thomas Jefferson 22-Mar-28 2nd Battalion Headquarters
Fitchett, Leonard Nicholas 10-Jan-41 Medical Detachment 1/16/1942
Fitsman, EugenePrivate 16-Oct-39 Battery H 11/17/1937
Fitzgerald, George 12-Oct-39 Battery F
Fitzgerald, Ivon (Ivan) 28-Mar-28 L 8/24/1928
Fitzgerald, Jordan TPrivate 4-Sep-28 E
Fitzgerald, Theadore H 8-Jan-29 G
Flagg, Charles EPvt 9-Sep-42 C 5/4/1943
Flanders, Paul V 31-Aug-46 A
Fleming, Allen 13-Jul-42 B 3/10/1943
Fleming, Charles StephenSergeant 1-Feb-28 I 2/4/1931
Fleming, Frank 29-Apr-46 C
Fleming, Frank 31-Jul-47 A
Fleming, Hubert 1-Aug-24 Howitzer
Fleming, LeRoy 3-Jan-28 C 1/2/1931
Fleming, Thurman 22-Jun-47 HQ.
Fletcher, HermanCorporal 16-Nov-36 C 11/16/1939
Fletcher, Herman 16-Nov-39 Battery C 10/21/1940
Fletcher, William H 31-Jul-47 A
Fleuranges, Noel HPvt 1st Class 12-Oct-39 Battery A
Flippen, William 25-Aug-42 I 12/18/1942
Flippen, William Cary 17-Jan-46 I
Flippo, Joseph 3-Feb-38 Hdq. Bat. 12/9/1940
Flood, Benjamin 6-Aug-42 G 3/23/1944
Flood, Greenville Alexander 23-Aug-44 E
Flood, John Edward 9-Oct-29 M
Flood, Milton William 21-Sep-46 F
Flood, Roger William2nd Lieut 10-Jan-41 Hdq. & Ser. 11/24/1941
Flores, DelioPrivate 20-Jun-36 Service 6/19/1939
Flores, Delio 20-Jun-39 Band
Flores, Joseph 11-Jun-28 Service
Flowers, John 16-Jan-36 Howitzer
Flowers, Joseph 5-Dec-37 Bat “E”
Floyd, Alfred Emanuel 30-Jul-47 C
Floyd, Charles 5-Aug-43 L 6/26/1944
Floyd, Charles Melville 10-Jan-41 C 5/17/1941
Floyd, Fred 5-Aug-29 C
Floyd, Julius 12-Mar-24
Fludd, LawrencePvt 12-Jan-37 F 1/11/1940
Flynn, Clarence E 21-Dec-36 Service 12/20/1939
Flynn, Clarence E 21-Dec-39 Band
Flynn, Harold Walter 24-Jan-41 Hq. Det. 1st Bn 4/14/1941
Foard, JamesPrivate 6-Sep-46 Headquarters
Foard, James 31-Jul-47 B
Fobbs, Isaiah 1947 K
Folkes, George Ishemal 5-Aug-43 G
Fontanes, FrankCorporal 6-Feb-38 B 2/5/1940
Fontanes, Michael 29-Apr-40 Battery B
Fontanes, Michael A 13-Dec-38 B 5/29/1940
Fontanes, Michael APrivate 10-May-46 Headquarters
Fontanes, Ralph 17-Jun-41 Headquarters & service 2/16/1942
Foote, John 19-Apr-44 G
Foote, John L 4-Sep-46 F
Footman, DanielPrivate 20-Jan-44 G
Footman, James H 6-Aug-47 E
Forbes, Robert L 17-Nov-36 G 2/19/1938
Forbush, RaymondPrivate 11-Mar-37 A
Forbush, Raymond Henry 24-Apr-05 F 7/21/1941
Ford, Edmond, Jr 23-Apr-47 H
Ford, Eugene Norman 7-Jun-44 G
Ford, Fraser H Headquarters 3/9/1942
Ford, Horace 21-May-47 E
Ford, James Evans 1-Sep-46 L
Ford, John Henry 31-Jul-44 A
Ford, John Henry 10-May-46 D
Ford, John William 31-Aug-46 A
Ford, Joseph 10-Nov-37 Battery F 11/9/1940
Ford, Leroy 14-Dec-36 Howitzer 12/13/1939
Ford, Leroy 14-Dec-38 Howitzer 12/13/1939
Ford, Leroy 14-Dec-39 Headquarters Battery
Ford, Lester Leroy 23-Jul-40 Battery E
Ford, Paul RobertPrivate 8-Dec-41 F 9/15/1942
Ford, Paul RobertPrivate 3-Dec-42 F 9/24/1943
Ford, Randolph 4-Dec-46 K
Ford, Vincent 19-Oct-39 F 8/15/1940
Ford, Warren F 22-Nov-41 K
Ford, Wendell E 6-Mar-36 A 8/7/1937
Ford, Wilford 26-Jun-40 D
Ford, William 25-Jul-40 Headquarters
Forde, Clayton R 25-May-36 D
Forde, Clayton RPrivate 1st class 25-May-39 D
Fordham, James GillardPrivate 1st class 24-Jan-41 E 1/23/1943
Fordham, James Gillard 5-Mar-43 E
Foreman, John Austin 23-May-46 L
Forrest, John WPrivate 9-May-37 M 6/28/1938
Forte, Samuel Leroy 14-Jul-24 D
Fortune, LloydPrivate 10-Jan-41 Headquarters 9/28/1942
Foster, Blice 16-Jul-44 B
Foster, Charles Albert 16-May-40 Battery D
Foster, Clarence 19-Jun-41 E 3/9/1942
Foster, Frank BPrivate 19-Jun-41 E 11/12/1942
Foster, Horace Ben 16-Sep-43 C 11/9/1943
Foster, James 28-Jan-37 Howitzer 1/27/1940
Foster, RalphPrivate 1st class 7-Nov-28 L 10/19/1932
Foster, William Hover 2-Jul-40 Battery H 10/21/1940
Foster, William S 19-Aug-29 D 8/18/1932
Foulkes, William Roper 21-Dec-42 F 6/10/1943
Foust, James E 3-Sep-24 Service
Foust, James Evans 3-Sep-24 Service
Fowler, Malcolm 21-Jul-36 F 7/20/1937
Fowler, Malcolm 5-Aug-37 Battery F 12/3/1938
Fowlkes, Harold 24-Nov-26 Medical Detachment
Fowlkes, Leon TPrivate 1st class 29-Jan-28 Medical Detachment 1/28/1931
Fowlkes, Richard 20-Aug-40 Medical Detachment
Fowlkes, Richard 20-Aug-40 Medical Detachment
Fowlkes, Richard S 24-Nov-29 Medical Detachment
Fowlkes, Richard SPrivate 20-Aug-36 Service 8/19/1937
Fowlkes, Richard S 20-Aug-37 Medical Detachment 8/19/1938
Fowlkes, Richard SSergeant 20-Aug-38 Medical Detachment 8/19/1939
Fowlkes, Richard S 20-Aug-39 Medical Detachment 8/19/1940
Fowlkes, Vester G 4-May-42 A 8/18/1942
Fox, Thomas W 26-Oct-36 A 10/26/1939
Fox, William E 12-Jan-42 B 8/12/1942
France, James S 15-Aug-29 How Co 8/14/1932
Francis, Calvin O 10-Jan-43 A 5/10/1943
Francis, EdwardSpl. 3 Class 8-Nov-37 Band 11/8/1940
Francis, Edwin Arthur 21-May-42 E 8/18/1942
Francis, Fletcher 19-Aug-43 I 10/28/1943
Francis, George Albert 10-Jun-43 F 9/16/1943
Francis, Gladstone R 20-Jul-44 L
Francis, Henry 22-May-24 M 12/5/1924
Francis, Hepburn 4-Dec-29 H 12/3/1931
Francis, Irving A 28-Apr-41 A 3/4/1943
Francis, James Emanuel 10-Jan-41 G 1/16/1942
Francis, Joseph 12-Jun-38 Battery H 9/20/1940
Francis, Milton WallaceTech 5th Cl 13-May-43 L
Francis, Orville Eric 20-Jan-44 I
Francis, Paul H
Francis, PeterPvt 1st Cl-4th Cl 13-Dec-42 K
Francis, Peter 16-Dec-43 K
Francis, Raymond 4-Dec-29 M 12/3/1932
Francis, Robert Filsinger 23-Mar-43 I 10/28/1943
Francis, Roland Wallace 30-Sep-40 Battery/Med Dept Det
Francis, RussellSgt WCF 24-Feb-38 Bat B 12/2/1940
Francis, Russell2nd Lt 9-Dec-40 Btry B 1/12/1941
Francis, Sidney Allen F 8/4/1943
Francis, Walter Hartford 2-Sep-43 L
Francis, William 21-Dec-36 Service 20-Dec
Francis, William 21-Dec-39 Band 12/2/1940
Francis, William 2-Feb-41 Reg. Hqrs. Band and Med 2/23/1943
Francis, William 20-Apr-43 Band 4/19/1944
Francis, William 21-Apr-44 Band
Francis, William 25-Jun-46 A
Franco, Clarence NormanPrivate 18-Feb-43 B 9/11/1943
Franklin, Floyd D 23-Jul-29 E 7/22/1932
Franklin, James 24-Feb-36 B 8/7/1937
Franklin, James A F 8/25/1942
Franklin, James H, Jr 10-Jun-36 K 11/5/1936
Franklin, James Lewis 20-Aug-47 F
Franklin, Jay R1st Cl Pvt 8-Jul-43 E 11/26/1943
Franklin, Juneious 7-Aug-25 D
Franklin, Robert L 29-Jul-46 I
Franklin, Sylvester 18-Sep-43 C 11/9/1943
Franklin, Theodore B 11-Feb-24 C
Franks, Erwytt L 12-Jul-46 F
Fraser, Alvin S 6-Jan-42 I 4/1642
Fraser, Gilbert 25-Apr-24 C
Fraser, Walter Samuel 8-Oct-40 Headquarters Btry
Frazer, Charles 29-Feb-28 K
Frazier, Harold Sanny 24-Jun-43 K 12/3/1943
Frazier, Harold William 8-Sep-44 Hq. & Service
Frazier, Jeromeo 26-Feb-43 K 5/24/1943
Frazier, Lemuel F 8/12/1942
Frazier, Lemuel Eugene 24-Jan-41 F 12/9/1942
Frazier, Nathaniel 16-Oct-40 Btry G
Frazier, Rupert Van 14-Nov-40 Btry D
Frazier, Samuel 14-Sep-43 A 11/16/1943
Frazier, Samuel Marron 24-Jan-41 I 7/25/1941
Frazier, Samuel Moran 10-Sep-42 F 12/9/1942
Freaser, Hubert 8-Aug-29 Howitzer 7/26/1930
Fredericks, Albert Alexander 15-Feb-40 Bat. A
Freelain, James D 8/5/1944 Hqs + Serv
Freelain, James DPvt 1st Cl 5-Mar-36 Regt Hq Co Inf 11/7/1938
Freeland, Archie Tillinghast 16-Oct-40 Battery G
Freeland, George RollinsPrivate 10-Jan-41 A 7/2/1942
Freeman, Benjamin Phillip 4-Nov-40 Btry A
Freeman, George 15-Apr-43 G
Freeman, Henry Leroy 19-Aug-43 A 11/3/1943
Freeman, Howard L 16-Apr-46 C
Freeman, James A 11-Oct-39 Bty B
Freeman, John L 10-Aug-43 K 4/5/1944
Freeman, Oswald Benjamin 18-Sep-43 G
Freeman, RalphPrivate 1/cl 21-May-38 Battery H 10/21/1940
Freeman, TheodoreSergt 31-Mar-42 L 9/16/1943
French, Ellis MSgt 21-Aug-41 F 8/20/1943
French, Ellis McEwan 27-Aug-43 F
French, Harold 21-Jan-43 C
Friddie, Edmund B, Jr 15-Jun-39 Bat E
Fridie, Langdon WPvt 1st Cl 28-Oct-37 Hq Bat 10/27/1940
Frierson, George 26-Jul-29 Howitzer 7/25/1932
Fritz, Andrew L 13-May-37 H 5/12/1940
Fritz, Carlton 14-Aug-46 E
Frost, AragliusSergeant 1-Mar-28 Howitzer
Frost, Charles Summer 18-Dec-41 G 4/16/1942
Frye, George P 1-Apr-43 C
Fubler, George R 2-Nov-39 Battery D
Fuentes, Jos B (Joseph) 23-Apr-29 F
Fuentes, Lidio 30-Aug-39 L 8/21/1939
Fuentes, Lidio 19-Feb-36 L 2/18/1939
Fuentes, Lidio 19-Feb-39 L 1/23/1940
Fulcher, Donald Milton 10-Dec-40 F
Fulcher, Thomas 10-Jan-41 Med. Det. 2/17/1942
Fulcher, William Earl 10-Dec-40 Btry F
Fulford, Walter CCorporal 20-Jun-36 G 6/19/1939
Fulford, Walter ColumbusSergeant 20-Jun-39 Battery G
Fuller, Charles GalesPrivate 7/16/? B 7/15/1931
Fuller, Harold 25-Jul-47 B
Fuller, NathanielSergeant 26-Sep-41 K 12/4/1942
Fuller, Nathaniel R 29-May-44 K
Fuller, Nathaniel R 29-Jan-46 K
Fullerton, George EugeneSergeant 10-Jan-41 B 1/4/1943
Fulton, JamesPvt 1st Cl 29-Feb-28 K
Funchess, Edward O 18-Dec-39 C
Furman, Roy A 10-Oct-39 C
Futtrell, Thomas 10-Mar-36 H 1/9/1936
Gadpaille, Alvin Woodrow 11/6/1946 C
Gadsden, Julius 9/8/1942 I 4/6/1943
Gaillard, George 1/16/1924 K
Gaillard, Pierre R 10/6/1938 C
Gaillard, Samuel JamesCorporal 1/5/1942 I 10/22/1942
Gaines, Casper 7/11/1947 M
Gaines, DavidSergeant 3/27/1924 B
Gaines, Herbert HTechnician Fourth Class 1/10/1943 A 2/1/1919
Gaines, Herbert Harvey 8/31/1946 A
Gaines, Hubert HarveyPrivate 1/10/1941 A 1/9/1943
Gaines, Isaac 5/13/1943 G 7/14/1943
Gaines, Jerome 4/16/1940 Battery B
Gaines, Richard 5/1/1938 Battery E 10/26/1940
Gaines, Richard ErnestPrivate First Class 1/10/1941 A 7/21/1941
Gairy, ThomasPrivate 4/10/1933 Regimental HQ 4/9/1933
Gairy, Thomas LouisPrivate 8/2/1940 Battery HQ 4/9/1936
Gaither, George H 8/12/1929 B
Gale, Julian F 6/4/1924 H
Gales, Robert Gene 2/4/1946 K
Galloway, Alfred E 3/20/1929 Howitzer
Galmore, Raymond J 12/27/1928 B [12/26/1931]
Galmore, Raymond JSergeant 12/28/1937 Battery B 12/27/1940
Galon, ElwoodPrivate 11/3/1941 C 4/6/1943
Galon, Elwood 9/18/1943 C
Galon, Elwood 9/18/1947 C 9/17/1947
Gamble, Charles KennethCorporal 1/24/1941 E 6/10/1941
Gambrell, Coston W 3/4/1937 B 1/27/1938
Gambrell, Coston WilliamPrivate 3/4/1940 B 3/3/1940
Gandy, William Bernard 8/7/1940 Battery H
Gantt, Richard E, Jr.Corporal 10/21/1937 Battery E 10/20/1940
Gantt, Richard Egart, Jr.Corporal 10/21/1940 Battery E 10/20/1940
Garcia, Francisco 4/26/1944 C
Gardener, Allen R 7/19/1924 E
Gardiner, Chester Napoleon 11/4/1940 Battery B
Gardner, Berry 7/19/1924 K
Gardner, Curtis Daniel 8/2/1940 HQ 10/24/1940
Gardner, Earl 9/9/1943 A
Gardner, Ernest T 10/12/1939 Battery G
Gardner, George Caroll 8/19/1943 A 1/10/1944
Gardner, George TPrivate 12/10/1936 M Desertion - 4/25/1938
Gardner, James R 8/1/1944 C
Gardner, James WSergeant 8/6/1929 F 8/3/1930
Gardner, James W, Jr.Sergeant 8/6/1936 Service 8/5/1939
Gardner, James W, Jr.Sergeant 8/6/1939 HQ Battalion 12/2/1940
Gardner, Joseph M 3/12/1928 C
Gardner, Lester W 10/12/1939 Battery C
Gardner, Paul 5/5/1924 A
Garfield, Julian I 4/29/1943 I 10/28/1943
Garfield, Julian I 1/17/1946 I
Garland, Edward HSergeant 7/19/1928 E 7/18/1931
Garland, Moses H 2/24/1941 Regimental HQ, Band, Med. 2/23/1943
Garland, Moses HPrivate First Class 3/25/1943 Band 2/23/1943
Garland, Stephen EPrivate 12/2/1937 Battery F 11/14/1940
Garland, William H 7/15/1924 Service
Garland, William H 7/15/1924 Service
Garner, Alfred A 11/17/1931 G
Garner, Alfred Arthur 11/26/1940 G
Garner, Arnold C 3/16/1938 G
Garner, Lloyd George 11/23/1942 K 2/17/1943
Garner, Lloyd George 7/1/1943 Headquarter and Service
Garnes, Hilton 7/5/1944 F
Garnett, Earle William 1/21/1943 E 3/13/1944
Garrett, George WalterPrivate 1/24/1941 F 7/21/1941
Garrett, James Edward G
Garrett, William Howard 8/5/1946 I
Garris, Joseph WPrivate First Class 6/1/1936 G 5/31/1936
Garrison, Horace E 4/22/1943 E 8/4/1943
Garvey, Humphrey 5/29/1937 I 5/28/1940
Garvey, Humphrey Lionel 5/29/1940 Battery E 1/16/1941
Garvey, James 5/5/1924 A
Garvin, William 2/8/1940 Battery A
Gary, JohnPrivate First Class 1/28/1942 I 4/20/1943
Gasaway (Gasway), Wallace S 3/25/1943 Band 2/23/1943
Gaskin, Kenneth William 1/10/1941 A 7/10/1941
Gaskin, Lionel C 7/31/1947 M
Gaskin, Seymour 10/8/1940 HQ 1st Battalion
Gaskins, GeorgeCorporal 3/14/1929 Regimental HQ 3/13/1932
Gaskins, Lionel 12/6/1928 Regimental HQ
Gaskins, Lionel 3/28/1929 Regimental HQ 3/27/1933
Gasway (Gasaway), Wallace SSergeant 2/24/1941 Regimental HQ, Band & Med. 2/23/1943
Gates, JosephFirst Sergeant 11/19/1937 Howitzer
Gates, JosephFirst Sergeant 11/19/1938 Howitzer 4/17/1939
Gavin, Vincent Samuel 5/25/1943 G 1/24/1944
Gayle, Earnest, Jr. 11/16/1943 F
Gee, Allious 07/08/1942
Gelpi, Eduardo 06/05/1947 M
George (Georde), Philip H 07/31/1947 A
George, Edmond 10/13/1941 B 10/12/1943
George, Edmund 10/13/1941 B 10/13/1943
George, John Martin 10/18/1945 K
George, Leroy Vernon 10/26/1943 K 12/22/1943
George, Rennie Lloyd 02/19/1942 E 02/23/1943
George, Richard E 06/04/1947 L
George, Robert P 01/06/1940 F
George, Rogers Elderfield 09/04/1941 E 06/20/1942
George, Victor I 04/08/1937 Service 04/07/1940
George, Victor Ivan 04/08/1940 Band
Georges, Stanley 01/24/1941 E 06/04/1942
Georges, Stanley 09/10/1942 E 12/21/1942
Gerard, Charles M 06/24/1929 How
Gervin, Emmett H 08/27/1946 A
Gess, Stanley 04/14/1924 B
Gess, Stanley E 03/28/1936 Howitzer
Gess, WilliamCorporal 03/28/1924 1st Bn. Hqs.
Gibbons, Ephrain 10/15/1940 Battery F
Gibbons, James J 10/11/1939 Battery B 1/12/1941
Gibbons, Leo WSergeant 4/19/1929 B 4/18/1932
Gibbons, Timothy A 6/10/1929 A 6/9/1932
Gibbons, Timothy A 6/10/1938 Bat. A 12/4/1941
Gibbs, Freddie 6/28/1938 2nd Bn. Hdq. Co. 12/2/1940
Gibbs, Mortimer Herbert 8/25/1947 G
Gibson, Dennis Rudolph 11/3/1943 G
Gibson, James F 4/25/1940 Battery H
Gibson, John Abraham 10/2/1941 G 7/22/1942
Gibson, JosephCorporal 6/1/1937 H 5/31/1940
Gibson, JosephSergeant 6/1/1940 Battery H
Gibson, Mos (Moses)Corporal 1/31/1934 M 3/10/1936
Gibson, Neil J 11/24/1937 Battery E
Gibson, Neil Jeffre 12/2/1940 Battery B
Gibson, Robert Raphael 8/9/1943 F 12/22/1943
Gibson, Robert Raphel (Raphael) 7/26/1944 F
Gibson, Thomas J, Jr.PVT 2/15/1936 A
Giddens, TheodoreCorporal 3/11/1937 K 3/10/1940
Giddens, Theodore 3/11/1940 Battery C
Giggetts, Gilbert 2/2/1944 E
Gihan, Harry C 6/17/1946 H
Gilbert, James Howard, Jr. 9/14/1943 Hq. & Ser. 1/17/1944
Gilbert, James Maurice 1/10/1941 L 5/17/1941
Gilbert, John 10/15/1940 Battery B
Gilbert, John 1/10/1941 B 7/24/42
Gilchrist, Willie G
Giles, James L 1/23/1937 M 1/22/1940
Giles, James L 1/3/1940 Battery E
Giles, Joseph 5/1/1923 A 1/16/1925
Giles, Nathaniel 8/24/1942 A 10/20/1942
Gillam, Calvin 11/28/1946 L
Gillard, Isrel (Israel? ) 7/31/1928 Howitzer
Gillard, Thomas E 9/6/1929 Service
Gillead, Ecedro Hanson 9/16/1943 C 12/3/1943
Gilliam, Raymond 1/10/1941 K 9/13/1941
Gilliard, William 4/10/1946 E
Gillis, Joshua S 1/26/1928 RHQ 1/25/1931
Gillon, HoraceSgt 10/30/1941 F 3/12/1943
Gilmer, Thomas M 11/28/1934 I
Gilmore, Bernard J 4/1/1943 C 1/17/1944
Gilmore, Cleveland W 9/9/1944 C
Gilmore, EdwinSergeant 6/9/1936 G 6/8/1939
Gilmore, EdwinPvt 1 cl 6/9/1939 G 2/16/1940
Gipson, Llewellyn 3/4/1937 F 1/8/1938
Gipson, LlewellynCorporal 5/10/1938 Bat. A 12/4/1940
Giscombe, GlendonHon. 4/8/1937 Howitzer 4/7/1940
Gittens, Bruce O 5/22/1928 F
Gittens, Charles G 3/1/1939 Bty Hd 2nd Bn
Gittens, Cuthburt AthelstonePFC 3/3/1943 Med. Det.
Gittens, David M 8/27/1946 D
Gittens, Douglas L 12/1/1943 G
Gittens, George N 2/8/1940 Bat. A
Gittens, Hubert L 4/17/1946 D
Gittens, Lloyd 10/21/1937 Bat. E 10/20/1940
Gittens, Lloyd Edward 10/21/1940 Btry E
Gittens, Lloyd Gilbert 11/20/40 Btry H
Gittens, Lloyd Gilbert 7/16/1947 D
Gittens, Phillip 7/8/1924 1st Bn Hdq
Gittens, Roderick D 2/7/1940 Battery G
Gladman, Benjamin Lee 9/18/1943 C
Glanville, Earl W 11/18/1937 Battery H 10/21/1940
Glasgow, Lyman R 2/17/1936 Inf. NYNG
Glee, David 9/5/1946 I
Glenn, Charles WPrivate 1st Class 7/1/1938 F 12/2/1940
Glenn, John SPrivate 1st Class 1/7/1937 Regt Hq. Co 1/6/1940
Glenn, John S 1/7/1940 Hq Co
Glover, Edward 9/4/1924 Howitzer
Glover, Ernest 10/7/1940 Med. Inactive
Glover, Fred 1/24/1941 F 6/19/1942
Glover, Harrie F (Harris?) 12/17/1929 H
Glover, Herbert 5/15/1929 M 5/14/1932
Glover, James Alexander 12/16/1937 Bat. D 12/15/1940
Glover, James R 9/12/1942
Glover, John L 5/4/1942
Glover, Joseph P 6/19/1942
Glover, Nathan 8/27/1947 E
Glover, Thomas Marion 7/29/1943 A
Glynn, Arnott Clement 12/21/1942 F 2/2/1944
Glynn, William 3/3/1936 Regt Hq Co Inf
Godsey, Jules Marshall 07/29/1943 G 01/24/1944
Goff, Earl John 07/15/1943 A 15th Regt NYG 01/10/1944
Goldman, James Pleasant 07/31/1947 D 15th Inf
Golston, Eugene 03/04/1937 I 12/22/1937
Gomez, Emanuel MannieCorp #12 12/03/1942 K 04/01/1943
Gomez, Frank 08/27/1929 G 08/26/1932
Gomez, Henry A 8/31/1946 A,1nF 15 NYG
Gomez, Jose V 04/03/1924 C 369th Inf.
Gondres, Julio A 12/01/1939 I
Gonsalves, Harold 10/23/1929 I 10/22/1932
Gonsalves, Harold 01/26/1930 Bty C 01/02/1941
Gonzales, Ferdinando P 10/09/1943 B
Gonzales, Fernando PicoS/Sgt 02/03/1947 HQ.Co.15th Inf.
Gonzales, Raymond 03/27/1929 M
Gonzales, William 08/06/1947 G
Gonzales, William 08/08/1947 G
Gonzalez, Fernando 12/06/1923 A 12/07/1926
Gonzalez, Fernando 01/25/1931 I 01/24/1932
Gonzalez, Fernando PicoSergeant 01/16/1941 B 01/09/1943
Gonzalez, Milton J 02/03/1938 B 04/01/1939
Gonzalez, PabloSergeant 12/18/1941 G
Good, Harry 07/21/1924 Service Co
Good, Harry 07/17/1924 Service Co
Good, Harry K 04/03/1946 F
Goode, Harry 09/06/1928 Regtl H.O.
Goode, Jr John R 07/03/1937 Regt Hdq Co. 07/02/1940
Gooden, Charles 05/18/1936 K 369 Inf
Gooden, Charles 03/18/1939 Bty D 12/02/1940
Gooden, Percivel 07/09/1924 K 369 Inf
Gooding, Kenneth 07/05/1944 F
Gooding, Luther Orwan 12/18/1945 C
Goodman, william B 03/22/1938 D 10/28/1939
Goodson, Edward B 05/27/1941 I 10/20/1941
Goodson, Jr MosesSqt 04/07/1937 F 369th Inf. 04/06/1938
Goodson, Jr Moses 04/07/1938 Bty F 10/21/1940
Goodson, Warren Calvin 07/23/1947 F
Goodwater, Cornelius F 03/27/1937 Bat D 03/26/1940
Goodwater, Cornelius F 03/27/1940 D
Goodwin, Christopher 03/12/1942 E
Goodwin, Christopher 07/23/1947 E
Gordon, Charles Ramsey 04/14/1942 Hq. & Ser. Co. 09/15/1942
Gordon, Edwin Jr C
Gordon, Felix E 03/23/1936 Regt Hq Cp
Gordon, Felix E 06/08/1939 Regt'l Hq Co 06/07/1940
Gordon, Felix Emanuel 06/08/1940 Hq Co 369th Inf
Gordon, Frank 08/25/1924 K 369 Inf
Gordon, Herbert David 09/17/1943 E 02/21/1944
Gordon, Joseph P 07/31/1947 A 15th Inf. NYG
Gordon, Ray W 05/21/1924 L
Gordon, Robert H 10/16/1939 Bat D 369th Inf. NYNG
Gordon, Rudder 08/25/1924 K369th If.
Gordon, William Jr 06/09/1938 Bty D 12/02/1940
Goring, Willis R 03/24/1938 Hdq. Bat
Gorman, John L 11/22/1924 B ? 369th Inf
Gough, Albert 02/27/1940 Battery F 08/06/1940
Gough, Earl 05/12/1944 I
Gough, Earl 07/23/1947 HQ.Co.
Gough, Robert 04/14/1942 F 08/12/1942
Gould, Lawrence J 10/12/1939 Bat B 11/14/1940
Gould?, Lawrence B 07/03/1942
Gourrier, Henry 10/18/1938 M 05/25/1939
Gourrier, Henry C 06/27/1939 M 12/01/1939
Gover, Richard Gregory 01/24/1941 E 01/23/1943
Grace, Carol Buster 9/2/1943 [L] 2/14/1944
Gradner (Gardner ?), Edward James 8/24/1944 L
Grafton, Howell 8/13/1924 I 8/12/1929
Graham, Amos 6/1/1924 L
Graham, Charles S 1/28/1943 I 6/23/1943
Graham, Edwin Clarence, Jr. HQ and Service 8/25/1943
Graham, JosephSergeant 7/15/1929 C 06/09/1929
Graham, Kenneth E (F) 11/8/1939 Battery B
Graham, Leroy G Clayton 8/7/1947 HQ Det, 3rd Bn