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War Service of Naval Militia
In the spanish-American War

The war service includes the following:
1. NAHANT. April 3d to April 22d, 1898.
9 officers and 49 men volunteered and made up the detail called for by the navy department and proceeded to League Island navy yard, Philadelphia, and brought the U. S. monitor "Nahant" to the navy yard, New York, under command of Lieutenant C. S. Pitchman, U . S. N .

2. NAHANT. April 23d to April 29th, 1898.
8 officers and 55 men volunteered and made up the detail for duty on board the " Nahant " prior to enlistment in the XL S. navy of a regular complement.

3. JASON. April 3d to A p r i l 9th, 1898.
3 officers proceeded to League Island navy yard in connection with the preparation of the monitor "Jason" for service.

4. COAST SIGNAL SERVICE. April 22d to May 9th, 1898.
4 officers and 6 men were detached from their organizations and ordered for special duty in this service.

5. WI L L E T ' S POINT. April 29th, 1898.
12 petty officers and men volunteered and were detailed to guard the mine fields at Willet's Point.
April 30th to May 4th, 1898. 19 petty officers and men volunteered and were detailed to Willett's Point for duty in connection with patrol work on board tugs stationed in that locality.

18 officers and men were ordered on duty in connection with headquarters' work.

7. HARBOR PATROL. May 7th to May 17th, 1898.
17 officers and 112 men volunteered and were ordered to patrol duty in New York harbor and, Willett's Point, guarding the mine fields.

At the close of the war the officers and men of the naval militia had been distributed as follows:
  Officers Men   Officers Men
Aberanda     Minnesota   1
Aileen 2 2 Montauk 1  
Alexander   28 Nahant 7 97
Auxiliary naval force, N.Y. 1 9 New Hampshire 3 62
Auxiliary naval force, Wash. 2   New York*    
Buffalo (temp, duty)     Resolute 1  
Csesar   2 Restless   25
Celtic and New York   1 Rainbow (temp. duty) 2  
Coast signal service, N.Y. 2 27 St. Paul   1
Coast signal service, Wash. 2   Stranger 2 1
Enquirer 1 31 Sylph 1  
Elfrida 1 31 Sylvia 2 30
Free Lance 2 17 Saturn   3
Franklin   11 Sterling & New York   1
Glacier   9 Topeka 1  
Harvard   1 Vermont 2 2
Huntress 2 23 Vicksburg   1
Hannibal   1 Vixen   1
Iris & New York   1 Yankee 8 270
Jason 6 58 Hospital   7
Kanawha 1 25 Wounded   1
Katahdin   1 Died   4
Leonidas 1   Total 51 800
Michigan (2 officers from Yankee)     *See Celtic and Iris and Sterling



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