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Roll of honor:
Citizens of the State of New York who died while in the service of the United States during World War I

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Last Name First Name Rank Company Regiment Date of Death
Aanensen Aksel Boatswain Mate 1st Class USNRF 8-Jan-1919
Abbate Nicholas Guseppe Chief Cabin Steward USNRF 9-Oct-1918
Abbate Nick Private Company F 318th Infantry 10-Feb-1919
Abbate Pasqualle Private D 305th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Abbott Abbott Pvt Co A 105th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Abbott Charles Edward Smn 2d cl USNRF 27-Aug-1918
Abbott Mike Private A 9th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Abbott Ronald W. Private First Class M. G. 28th Infantry 20-Jul-1918
Abbruzzesi Vito N. Private Battery B 5th T. M. Battalion 4-Oct-1918
Abbruzzoso Angelo Private M 327th Infantry 7-Nov-1917
Abbuhel Albert R PVT A 102nd Engineers 5-Nov-1918
Abel Emanuel Private A 39th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Abel Frank Pvt 12th Tr m Btry Cp McClellan AL 28-Oct-1918
Abel Joseph John Pvt Btry E 35th FA 1-Oct-1918
Abel William P Private 23d 154th Dep Brig 11-Oct-1918
Abele Charles Stable Sergeant D 15th M. G. Battalion 14-Oct-1918
Abeler Albert B. Private First Class C 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Abeles Arthur Private B 20th Battalion 16-Dec-1918
Aberalle Guiseppe Pvt 1st cl Ft Ethan Allen VT 17-Aug-1918
Abey Jarvis Harry Ensign 4-Oct-1918
Aborn Gus Private M.T. Office-Combat Off. Department 16-Apr-1919
Abrahamsen George Christian Acting Pay Clerk 13-Dec-1918
Abramowitz Alexander H. Private First Class M 39th Infantry 7-Oct-1918
Abramowitz Harry Private D 307th Infantry 24-Jun-1918
Abrams Edwin Private Headquarters Company 107th Infantry 4-Nov-1918
Abrams Roub 1st Lieutenant Quartermaster Corps 12-Dec-1918
Abramson Harry Private N 115th Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Abramson Max Corporal Provost Guard 23-Aug-1919
Abt Albert C Pvt 1st cl Co B 326th Inf 22-Oct-1918
Abt Bernard [Bugler] A 106th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Accardi Vito Private H 9th Infantry 8-Nov-1918
Accurso Frank Private E 4th Infantry Repl. Regiment 30-Sep-1918
Aceveda Edelmiro Private C 51st Pioneer Infantry 21-Aug-1918
Achilles Louis Henry Jr Seaman 4-Oct-1918
Ackerly Harry R. Quartermaster 2nd class Training Camp, Pelham Bay Park 17-Oct-1918
Ackerly William N. Coxwain Section 5, 3rd Naval District, Sayville, NY 18-Oct-1918
Ackerman Henry Private 268th Aero Squadron 3-Dec-1918
Ackerman Isadore Private E 306th Infantry 9-Sep-1918
Ackerman John Private Battery B 304th Field Artillery 16-Nov-1918
Ackerman William B Pvt 1st cl Co H 311th Inf 21-Oct-1918
Ackerman William P. Private M 3rd Pioneer Infantry 21-Oct-1918
Ackley Edgar Van G. Med. Repl, Unit No. 28 24-Sep-1918
Ackley Francis Cpl Co D 60th Inf 20-Jun-1919
Acquard Theodore J Pvt Saddler Btry F 106th FA 19-Mar-1919
Adach Konstanty Private 1st class Company B 23rd Infantry 22-Jun-1918
Adamowiez Peter Pvt 109 Spruce Sq 15-Jan-1919
Adams George Henry Pvt Co D 326th Inf 18-Oct-1918
Adams John E. Private G 26th Infantry 9-Dec-1918
Adams Roy E. Private Medical Detachment Replacement Unit No. 24 1-Oct-1918
Adams Walter A. Sergeant A 30th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Adamski Laurence F Pvt 93d Co 32d Bn 23-Sep-1918
Adderly Samuel Private First Class H 108th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Addonizio Louis L. Sergeant Company G 47th Infantry 10-Aug-1918
Adel Edward M. Private Casual Squadron, Wilbur Wright Field Ohio 8-Oct-1918
Adell Michael Private First Class M 106th Infantry 2-Sep-1918
Adelson William G 306th Infantry 27-Aug-1918
Adens James Private First Class Battery D 7th Field Artillery 10-Oct-1918
Adkins George Private E 69th Infantry N.Y.N.G., 165th Infantry 7-Mar-1918
Adler Morris Private 43rd 11th Battalion , 153rd Dep Brigade 7-Oct-1918
Adolf Orlo Bertrum Ldnm Radio USNRF 24-Sep-1918
Ador Carl B. Private 154th Dep. Brigade 25-Jan-1919
Adorni Dante Private Company I 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Adragna Frank Private C 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Adrean Charles Henry 1st Sgt A 107th Infantry 1-Oct-1918
Afremoff Charles Private First Class A 7th Infantry 15-Jun-1918
Agar Emmons PVT Signal Corps 7-Oct-1918
Aghina Silvio M. Private Company F 305th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Agler Adelbert M. 1st Lieutenant B 305th M. G. Battalion 5-Nov-1918
Agnocco Luigi Private Tng Regiment, Camp Gordon Ga. 2-Oct-1918
Agrillo Sam Private First Class F 51st Pioneer Infantry 13-Feb-1919
Aguilar Miguel J. Corporal 188th Aero Squadron 18-Nov-1918
Ahearn John Private C 136th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Ahenok Frank Pvt 1st cl Hq Co 28th Inf 23-Aug-1918
Ahern John R. Private I 162nd Infantry 30-Jan-1919
Ahern Michael Private E 165th Infantry 7-Mar-1918
Ahlers Herbert C. Private A 4th Infantry 11-May-1917
Ahlstron Oscar F. Private E 302nd Engineers 30-Jan-1919
Ahneman Theodore John Landsman for Yeoman USNRF 6-Nov-1918
Ahnemann Albert Private M 37th Prov. Ord. Department 6-Sep-1918
Ahrens John F Pvt MG Co 9th Inf 3-Nov-1918
Aiben Bud H. Private H 360th Infantry 21-Sep-1918
Aichinger John Edward Coxwn USNRF 13-Sep-1918
Ailing Otto Max 25th Co 4-Jan-1919
Ainslie George D CPL (Company) 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Ainsworth James PFC F 7th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Aitken Jeremiah B Private First Class E 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Aitken Vincent Sergeant A 55th Infantry 3-Nov-1918
Aitkens George F. Private First Class C.A.C. 2nd/5th /1st T. M. Battery 27-May-1918
Akin David S. Sergeant H Dev. Battalion 2 25-Oct-1918
Akins Charles John Private Headquarters/B 1st Cps Prov. 20-Oct-1918
Akromaitis Andrew Private M 4th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Alagi Joseph L. Private First Class L 327th Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Alaimo Thomas PVT I 327th Infantry 11-Oct-1918
Albanese Pasquale CPL D 310th Infantry 5-Nov-1918
Alber Charles Private I 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Albert Bernard Private D 5th M. G. Battalion 29-Jun-1918
Albert Isidore Private D 49th Infantry 23-Nov-1918
Albert Philip Private Headquarters Bu. 15 13-Oct-1918
Albert Philip Leonard 18th 5th Regiment 6-Jun-1918
Alberts Clarence James Pvt MG Co 300th Inf 19-Sep-1918
Alberts George Stephen Cook B 307th Infantry 29-Jun-1918
Albertson nelson Mac Mate USNRF 11-Oct-1918
Albin William H. Private 1st Company 152nd Dep. Brigade 28-Nov-1918
Albino Tony Private D 7th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Albrecht Albin Albert Pvt 1st cl Co B 18th Inf 21-Oct-1918
Albrecht Charles F. W. Private First Class Amb. 13 6-Jun-1918
Albrecht George Sergeant F 106th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Alci Peter PVT D 312th Infantry 24-Oct-1918
Alcock Charles H. Private 31st Receiving Camp, Camp Wheeler Georgia 1-Nov-1918
Aldren Harry W Cpl Co E 108th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Aldrich Herman M PVT 78th 19th Bn, Syracuse Rct Camp, NY 15-Oct-1918
Alexander Charles M. Sergeant I (M.G.) 369th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Alexander Frank L. Sergeant 11th Aero Squadron 18-Sep-1917
Alexander Llew'n Wheeler Electrician, 3d Class, Radio USNRF 13-Dec-1918
Alfieri Henry C. Corporal B 327th Infantry 9-Oct-1918
Alger Earl R CPL B 310th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Alger Harry C Pvt Co A 7th Inf 25-Jul-1918
Alger Russell M Pvt 1st cl Co K 60th Inf 17-Oct-1918
Ali Rocco Private F 305th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Alicaris Nicholas Corporal K 47th Infantry 9-Aug-1918
Alicas William C 38th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Alicke Rudolf Chief Machinist Mate USN 30-Sep-1918
Aliseo Tom Private 36th 9th Battalion , 153rd Dep Brigade 28-Sep-1919
Alladice George Private D 15th Infantry N.Y.N.G. (369th Infantry) 23-Jul-1918
Allaire Daniel Paul PVT G 108th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Allan Frank W. Private F 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Allan Robert S. Jr. Private E 165th Infantry 26-Mar-1918
Allard Frederick Musician 3rd Class Eq No. 104 Field Artillery 25-Mar-1919
Allbright Cecil E CPL C 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Allen Alonza D Pvt Co L 105th Inf 31-Jul-1918
Allen Carl W. Sergeant Company A 310th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Allen Charles B. Private K 326th Infantry 25-Jun-1918
Allen Charles N. Private First Class D 312th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Allen Cornelius Private Vet Hosp No. 20 Camp Lee Va. 21-Aug-1918
Allen David W. E. Sergeant Headquarters 105th Field Artillery 16-Jun-1919
Allen Eugene Wax Pvt Co A 125th Engrs 17-Aug-1918
Allen Frederick E. Musician 2rd Class Headquarters 5th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Allen Herbert Henry Seaman 2nd Cl USN 14-Jan-1919
Allen James W. Private Company C 165th Infantry 1-Aug-1918
Allen John L. Corporal Company L 107th Infantry 10-Mar-1918
Allen Lee B. Pvt I 213th Inf 23-Oct-1918
Allen Lennard James Cpl Co A 3d United States. Army MP Bn 21-Jun-1919
Allen Lloyd S. Private First Class Cadet Det. Av. Sec. Enl. Res.C Wilbur Wright Field Fairfield Ohio 1-May-1918
Allen Valentine P. Private Headquarters Company 3rd Brigade, 2nd Division 5-Oct-1918
Allen William Private A 14th Infantry N.Y.N.G. |106th Infantry 15-Jun-1918
Allen William C. Jr. 2nd Lieutenant M. G. 9th Infantry 3-Oct-1918
Allison Floyd Elwood App Seaman USN 3-Oct-1918
Allison John W. Private First Class E 4th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Allison Robert Private First Class G 306th Infantry 28-Aug-1918
Allison Walter D Private 1st Class E 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Allman John Private First Class D 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Allyn Francis L. Private First Class F 23rd Infantry |106th Infantry 10-Aug-1918
Aloise Joe M. Private 1st class Company A 7th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Alsheimer Joseph J PVT B 130th MG Bn 28-Sep-1918
Alston Richard D. Private K 105th Infantry 2-Nov-1918
Alt Albert J PVT 76th 18th Bn, Syracuse R Cp, NY 28-Sep-1918
Altamore Antonio Private First Class 310th Guard and Fire,Quartermaster Corps 30-Apr-1919
Altfelix Charles Sergeant A 327th Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Althiser Jason B. Private C 7th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Altimonto Giddio PVT B 61st Infantry 27-Oct-1918
Altrogge Albart Pvt 1st cl Co A 502d Engrs 27-Jan-1918
Aluzzo Samuel Private Battery A 20th Field Artillery 26-Sep-1918
Alvord Joseph Manuel Private F 307th Infantry 28-Aug-1918
Alvord Richard B. 2nd Lieutenant Company H 119th Infantry 27-Feb-1919
Amato Charles Private Motor Truck Company 551st Motor Truck Corps 3-Oct-1918
Amato Matthew Private First Class H 23rd Infantry N. Y. N. G.|106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Amato Samuel Private First Class G 9th Infantry 8-Jun-1918
Amatrudi Michael Private M 52nd Infantry 16-Sep-1918
Amberg John Private First Class E 4th Infantry 7-Oct-1918
Ambos Hyman L. Sergeant B 39th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Ambroselli Michele Private First Class Det. Med. Department Base Hospital Camp Wadworth 10-Nov-1918
Amdur Charles Pvt 1st cl Co F 307th Inf 29-Aug-1918
Amegod Samuel Buglr H 306th Infantry 28-Aug-1918
Ames James H. Sergeant D 307th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Ames Patrick Corporal M 165th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Amey Merl Bellinger Seaman, 2d Class USN 26-Mar-1918
Amitrano George Private M 51st Pioneer Infantry 31-Aug-1918
Ammerman George F Mech Co H 107th Inf 1-Oct-1918
Ammerman John B Pvt Co H 307th Inf 5-Sep-1918
Ammeter James Private A 313th Sup Tn. 16-Feb-1919
Ammon Oscar Private H 12th Infantry N. Y. N. G. |165th Infantry 7-Mar-1918
Ammon Tobias Private First Class E 307th Infantry 9-Sep-1918
Amos Charles E. Buglr H 26th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Amy James C. Private First Class Cas Motor Mechanized Signal Corps 12-Apr-1918
Anable Leo B PVT C 54th Infantry 7-Nov-1918
Anacker David PVT C 16th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Ancona John B Pvt Co H 306th Inf 28-Aug-1918
Andersen Carl John Co B 306th MG Bn
Andersen Earl G. 2nd Lieutenant Engineers Res. Corps attached Company A 6th Engineers 15-Jul-1918
Andersen Henry E Private Mch Shop Truck Unit 412 26-Oct-1918
Andersen Herbert Private G 23rd Infantry 28-May-1919
Anderson Adolph Oscar Smn 2d cl USN 13-May-1917
Anderson Alfred Private D 306th Infantry 7-Sep-1918
Anderson Algot F. Private E 106th Infantry 18-Dec-1918
Anderson Andrew A. Private First Class B 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Anderson Arthur Oliver Yeoman, 1st Class USNRF 28-Nov-1919
Anderson Axel S. Private C 71st Infantry N. Y. N.G.|105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Anderson Clarence R Pvt 1st cl Co E 108th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Anderson Earl G. 2nd Lieutenant A 6th Engineers (attached Res. Corps) 15-Jul-1918
Anderson Edward A. Private C 308th Infantry 24-Jun-1918
Anderson Edward J. Private F 2nd Devel. Battalion , 151st Dep. Brigade 14-Apr-1919
Anderson Edward J. Private First Class D 7th Regt. N.Y.N.G.|107th Infantry 3-Nov-1918
Anderson Edward M. 2nd Lieutenant Mil. Aero Signal Corps 25-Jul-1919
Anderson Edward Milton Private G 351st Infantry 29-Jan-1919
Anderson Edwin P. Private C 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Anderson Frederick J. Jr. Private D 106th Infantry 26-Jul-1918
Anderson George C. Private D 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Anderson George Julius Private B 104th M. G. Battalion 13-Feb-1919
Anderson George W. Private, 1st class 42nd Company 11th Battalion, 340th Guard & Fire Co. 7-Oct-1919
Anderson Harold Private A 399th Infantry 19-Oct-1918
Anderson Harry James Pvt 1st cl Co E 108th Inf 27-Oct-1918
Anderson Harry M. Private Headquarters Detachment 304th M. G. Battalion 3-Nov-1918
Anderson Henry Lincoln Seaman USN 11-Oct-1918
Anderson James A. Private Headquarters 105th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Anderson James A. Private E 369th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Anderson John Corporal Company C 369th Infantry 1-Oct-1918
Anderson John J Fireman, 1st Class USNRF 6-Jan-1919
Anderson John M. G 106th Infantry 2-Sep-1918
Anderson Martin A., Jr. Private Battery C 78th Field Artillery 5-Oct-1918
Anderson Nils Oscar Private B 395th Infantry 3-Jun-1918
Anderson Otto Chief Machinist Mate USN 6-Feb-1918
Anderson Seymour Private 1st Class Headquarters Co, Co I 107th Infantry 29-Oct-1918
Anderson Vernon Pvt 1st cl Co C 309th Inf 30-Sep-1918
Anderson Walter Leonard Seaman, 2d Class USN 24-Sep-1918
Anderson William E. Private Company B 103rd Engineers 5-Oct-1918
Anderson William H. Private 1st class Base Hospital, Brownsville, TX 30-Nov-1918
Andes James C. 2nd Lieutenant H 10th Infantry 19-Jul-1918
Andre Harold A. 2nd Lieutenant A.R.S.C. 16-Mar-1918
Andre William Joseph Corporal Battery B 55th Artillery C.A.C. 17-Nov-1918
Andres John Jr Pvt Co C 8th MG Bn 5-Oct-1918
Andrew Herman Jr. Private F 18th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Andrew Moe Private F 305th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Andrews Alfred Private First Class G 15th N. Y. N.G. 26-Sep-1918
Andrews Arthur H Musc 3 cl Hq Co 105th FA 10-Mar-1919
Andrews Clair Ferris Pvt 1st cl Co B 307th Inf 21-Jul-1918
Andrews Harry James Private First Class M 107th Infantry 13-Nov-1918
Andrews Hugh F Pvt 74th Co 13th Tk Bn 13-Sep-1918
Andrews Paul F. Private First Class G 308th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Andriola John PVT 93rd 24th Bn, Syracuse Rct Camp, Syracuse 23-Sep-1918
Androzeiviez John Private Company C 61st Infantry 5-Aug-1918
Andrus Clair K Pvt Co M 308th Inf 5-Oct-1918
Andrus Orin A. Private M. G. 303rd Infantry 6-Feb-1918
Angelicchico John Fireman, 3rd class 15-Jan-1918
Angell Lester T. Apprentice Seaman U.S.N. 29-Sep-1918
Angellotti Fillipo Private M 108th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Angiello Natalo PVT C 61st Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Angileri Vito Private L 143rd Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Angle Larry P. Private 33rd 3rd Group Main Tng. Center Camp Hancock GA. 24-Oct-1918
Angove William H Cpl Co E 108th Inf 20-Sep-1918
Angrisano William A. Mech Battery C 304th Field Artillery 20-Aug-1918
Angus Harry Corporal H 23rd Infantry N. Y. N. G.|106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Ankelein Frank Private Prov. To A. American Mission 3-Jun-1918
Ankelmann Rudolph D. Private H 307th Infantry 27-Aug-1918
Anken Edward Pvt Co C 109th MG BN 1-Feb-1919
Annis Frank M. Seaman 17-Oct-1918
Annis William Private U.S.A. Gen. Hosp 6-Feb-1920
Annunziata Alfredo Private Headquarters 7th Field Artillery 1-Mar-1918
Antico Jack Private L 128th Infantry 7-Nov-1918
Antkowiak Joseph A. Private Company L 305th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Antorre Emanuel Wag Sup Co 309th Inf 8-Feb-1919
Antosch Walter Machinist 16-Aug-1918
Anyan Lionel Private Headquarters 2nd Training Battalion, Replacement Group, Camp Greenleaf 21-Oct-1918
Anziano Alfredo Private F 305th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Apicella Carmine Private F 309th Infantry 18-Sep-1918
App Joseph Fireman, 1st Class USNRF 26-Feb-1919
Appel Edward Fireman, 3d Class USNRF 25-Sep-1918
Appel William Corporal B 23rd Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Appelbaum Max Private G 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Apple Felix 5th Regiment 1-Nov-1918
Applebee Ernest S PVT L 326th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Appu James Private 2d Ret Det, 67th Inf, Cp Sheridan, AL 16-Oct-1918
Apstein Sam Pvt Co D 302d Engr Bn 2-Nov-1918
Aranow Joseph Private I 328th Infantry 15-Sep-1918
Archambault Oscar Sup Co 71st Inf 4-Oct-1918
Archer Frederick G. Private M 38th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Archibold Don L Pvt Co A 16th Inf 6-Nov-1918
Arcuri Carmine Private 1st class Company B 311th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Arena Francesco I 310th Infantry 1-Nov-1918
Arens Christ PVT M 30th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Areomano John Private A 4th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Argue George R. Wagr. Sup 107th Infantry 8-Nov-1918
Armoni Michaele Pvt 4 Hldg Co 331st Inf 17-Dec-1918
Armour Edward E Pvt Co D 105th Inf 3-Nov-1918
Arms August M. Private 1st Tg. Battalion Rep. Group 9-Oct-1918
Armstrong Charles L. Private Utilities Company Camp Sevier 29-Dec-1918
Armstrong Hanford M. Private 75th 18th Battalion 28-Sep-1918
Armstrong Herbert L. Private E 59th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Armstrong James Pvt Co G 105th Inf 3-Aug-1918
Armstrong James P PFC A 308th Infantry 22-Aug-1918
Armstrong John H Pvt Btry A 106th FA 18-Jan-1918
Arncke Henry Jr. Private A 104th Engineers 21-Nov-1918
Arndt Edward Private H 30th Infantry 12-Jun-1918
Arnett John R. 1st Lieutenant M. C 16-Apr-1918
Arnheim David Private Headquarters 349 Lab. Battalion 12-Oct-1918
Arnold Alfred L 1st SGT K 309th Infantry 25-Sep-1918
Arnold Frank H Pvt Co C 102d F Fig Bn 29-Sep-1918
Arnold Harry Cook United States. Army Amb Ser., Sec. 596 with Italian United States. Army 20-Nov-1918
Arnold Jacob H. Conrad Muc. 3rd Cl Hq. 308th Infantry 12-Mar-1919
Arnold Percy W Colonel 103 Infantry 25-Jan-1919
Arnold Harold V. Private First Class F 308th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Arnold Howard W. 1st Lieutenant K 165th Infantry 20-Jul-1918
Arnone John Private B 18th Infantry 9-Oct-1918
Arnone Paul Musician 2nd Class Headquarters, N.G. Trk 14-Sep-1918
Arnst Aubrey Private B 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Aronson Edward F. Jr. Private San. Det. 104th M. G. Battalion 2-Apr-1918
Arpin Joseph H Pvt 1st cl Co E 307th Inf 15-Nov-1918
Arrigo Cire Private D 308th Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Arsenault Benjamin G Private D 9th Infantry 15-Aug-1918
Artuse Bruno Private Company L 28th Infantry 13-Nov-1918
Ascensi Joseph Private M 23rd Infantry 6-Jun-1919
Ascensi William Private 507th Aero Squadron, Avia Gen Sup Dep 8-Oct-1918
Asch George A. Private Headquarters Battalion 15 Camp Greenleaf, Chicamauga Park GA 19-Oct-1918
Asello Charles Private First Class E 308th Infantry 2-Sep-1918
Ash Charles R. Private Company F 165th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Ash George E. Private Company H 305th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Ashbaw Walter Henry CPL B 325th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Ashby Charles T. Private A 60th Infantry 22-Apr-1918
Ashby Whitman G Mess Sgt Hq Co 304th FA 1-Mar-1919
Ashby William C CPL A 3rd Engineers 8-Oct-1918
Ashe George Private Company B 305th Infantry 3-Jun-1918
Ashe Isidore Private, 1st class Company A 325th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Ashton William B. Seaman, 2nd class 9-Oct-1918
Ashwood George PVT WM Rep Shop304, MSTU 365th 25-Aug-1918
Askam Larry Private, 1st class Company F 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Askey George S. Private, 1st class Company B 6th Engineers 22-Oct-1918
Asman Frederick G. Corporal Company I 311th Infantry 26-Oct-1918
Assalonogos Louis Private M. G. 124th Infantry 19-Oct-1918
Assenzo albert Private Company D 6th Infantry 12-Sep-1918
Assip Harry Private Company C 102nd Engineers 29-Sep-1918
Astarite Alphonsus Private Company C 121st Machine Gun Battalion 5-Oct-1918
Aston Enoch Private C 105th Infantry 11-Oct-1920
Astone Gaetano PFC B MG Bn, 7th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Astourian Astour Mechanic 62nd Company Main Training Depot, Machine Gun Training, Camp Hancock, GA 6-Nov-1918
Athanasakos Evanglos Private Company E 305th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Athas William Private Company M 30th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Atkins Laurence B SGT 106th Amb Co 102nd San. Tn 30-Oct-1918
Atkinson Harold G Pvt Co B 137th Engrs 22-Feb-1918
Atley James J. Private Company H 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Attridge Floyd C CPL A 108th Infantry 21-Jan-1918
Attridge William James PVT Chem War Serv 9-Oct-1918
Au Charles Emil Cpl Co E 7th Inf 2-Oct-1918
Aubin Frank Private Company G 310th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Audet Olaus J PFC E 312th Infantry 18-Feb-1919
Auerbach Joseph Private, 1st class Conservation Reclamation Quartermaster Corps 22-Feb-1919
Aufmkolk Gustave Private Company I 28th Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Aug Charles H. 2nd Lieutenant Company A 356th Infantry 3-Nov-1918
Augustine Joseph Corporal Company C 165th Infantry 7-Aug-1918
Aukstikalnis Joseph Private Company H 9th Infantry 19-Jul-1918
Aulick Howard H. Sergeant Company F 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Aumick Albert R. Private Company B 108th Infantry 30-Aug-1918
Aurelius James H PFC M 310th Infantry 17-Sep-1918
Ausente Raffaele Private Company B 22nd Infantry 7-Nov-1918
Ausilio Guiseppe Private Company D 9th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Ausitin George W. Private, 1st class Company A 28th Infantry 29-May-1918
Austin Elmer E. Wagoner Company B 204th Machine Gun Battalion 23-Nov-1918
Austin Frank V. Corporal Company D 9th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Austin Joel M PFC E 418th Tel Brigade 20-Sep-1918
Austin Mortimer McK. Private 1st class Machine Gun Company 11th Infantry 21-Oct-1918
Austin Richard H. Private, 1st class Medical Corps 7-Oct-1918
Auty William J. Cook Company A 83rd Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Avanzato Charles Private Company A 333rd Battalion, Tank Corps 12-Oct-1918
Avard Louis Private, 1st class Medical supply Depot, NY 21-Oct-1918
Avard Percy Leo Landsman, Quartermaster USN 26-Mar-1918
Avery Billings T. Jr. Private Sanitary Detachment 30th Infantry 18-Jun-1918
Avery Preston P Cook Co k 310th Inf 26-Dec-1918
Avron Maxphilip Private Company B 319th Machine Gun Battalion 8-Oct-1918
Axelsen Olaf Private Company A 305th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Ayere Everett R. Private Supply Company 304th Quartermaster Corps 3-Oct-1918
Ayers Frederick A., Jr. Private Company K 106th Infantry 5-Nov-1918
Ayers Lawrence J. 2nd Lieutenant Company H 316th Infantry 6-Nov-1918
Aylesworth Calvin R Pvt Hq Co 30th Inf 10-Jan-1918
Ayliffe Fred D PVT USA Gen Hosp, No 4, Ft Porter, NY 9-Apr-1919
Azzaretti Paul Private 10th Company 152nd Depot Brigade 2-Oct-1918


This information was indexed from: Roll of honor: Citizens of the State of New York who died while in the service of the United States during the World war. New York (State). Adjutant General's Office. -- Albany: J.B. Lyon Company, 1922.

Volunteers working throughout New York state and the country have spent many hours indexing this book so that the general public can access this information over the web. The museum would like to thank the following volunteers who made this possible:

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