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Roll of honor:
Citizens of the State of New York who died while in the service of the United States during World War I

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Last Name First Name Rank Company Regiment Date of Death
Cabasino Louis Francis Private C 4th Infantry 19-Jul-1918
Cable Theodore W Pvt Hq 7th RFARDC 2-Oct-1918
Cachione Emil Corporal D 305th M. G. Battalion 2-Oct-1918
Cacioppo George Private K 312th Infantry 27-Oct-1918
Cadden Joseph F Pvt 1st cl Co I 310th Inf 16-Oct-1918
Cade John Private D 413th Reserve Labor Battalion 28-Sep-1918
Cadmus John A. Private First Class F 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Cadwell Clifford Howard Sergeant C 38th Infantry 9-Oct-1918
Cady Melville W. Private Company G 28th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Cafferty Bernard J. Private First Class F 165th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Cafferty Patrick J. Private K 307th Infantry 14-Sep-1918
Caffrey Raymond P Cpl Co G 60th Inf 14-Oct-1918
Caffrey Thomas P. Private 2nd Company Coast Artillery Corps, Narragansett Bay, Ft. Adams, RI 2-Oct-1918
Cahill Edward J. Private E 105th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Cahill Peter J. Private M.G. Tng Center 25-Oct-1918
Cahill William F. 1st Lieutenant M 307th Infantry 28-Aug-1918
Cahoon Oscar Eugene Private First Class 314th Sup Tn. 13-Jan-1919
Cainretta Verina Private Company A. 61st Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Cairnes John Sergeant M 7th Infantry 21-Oct-1918
Caito Michael Pvt Co B 3d Bn US Gds 3-Oct-1918
Calabro Vincenzo Private C 22nd Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Calagero Pasquale Private First Class I 307th Infantry 9-Sep-1918
Calagna Vincent Private Battery D 58th Artillery C.A.C 9-Dec-1918
Calandra Tony Private Y.S.A. Training Detachment 16-Jan-1919
Calcaterra Chalres Coxswain U.S.N. 23-Feb-1919
Caldwell Eugene W. Major M.C. 20-Jun-1918
Caldwell Martin Private M. D 14-Jul-1918
Cale Salvatore PVT B 16th Infantry 22-Jul-1918
Calhoun Fred E Pvt Co C 309th MG Bn 8-Nov-1918
Calhoun James Sgt Co D 7th Inf 13-Oct-1918
Cali Manfredo Private Company E 311th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Calimori Frank Pvt 1st cl Co M 108th Inf 28-Sep-1918
Calkins Arthur L. Corporal I 107th Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Calkins Guy PVT 25 7th Tng Bn, 153rd Dep Brig 8-Oct-1918
Call Ivan B Mec C 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Callaghan Cornelius Private K 107th Infantry 10-Nov-1919
Callaham Jerry Pvt Btyry B 33d FA 3-Oct-1918
Callahan Daniel J. Private E 37th Engineers 18-Aug-1918
Callahan John Private K 326th Infantry 4-Aug-1918
Callahan John James 55th 11-Jun-1918
Callahan Joseph Francis Corporal E 53rd Pioneers Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Callahan Leo A. Sergeant M. D. 20-Oct-1918
Callahan Michael Pvt 1st cl Co M 71st Inf 25-Sep-1918
Callahan Paul J. Private L 3rd Dev. Battalion , 152nd Dep. Brigade 12-Oct-1918
Callahan Thomas J. Private A 102nd Engineers 29-Sep-1918
Callahan William E. Corporal L 305th Infantry 2-Oct-1918
Calligan Charles W A 108th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Calogero Lipani PVT 35th 153rd Dep Brig 27-Sep-1918
Calundann Jacob B. Lieutenant (J.G.) 23-Jun-1920
Cameron Douglas T. 1st Lieutenant Battery D 7th Field Artillery 3-Nov-1918
Cameron Irving Franklin Private 4th 152nd Dep Brigade 7-Jan-1919
Cammarata Joe Private First Class F 9th Infantry 3-Oct-1918
Cammarata John Private G 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Camp Chas A Private 2 Prov Regt 156th Dep Brig 6-Oct-1918
Camp Walter J. Private D 1st Rgt. Engineers 9-Jun-1917
Campanella Joseph Private A 9th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Campbell Arthur R. Seaman U.S.N. 26-Sep-1918
Campbell Douglas Norman Sergeant Sn. Det. 104th M. G. Battalion 18-Nov-1918
Campbell Duncan 1st Lieutenant M. 309th Infantry 4-Nov-1918
Campbell Edward A. Private 23rd Squadron Aviation Section, Signal Corps 13-Jan-1918
Campbell Frank Edward PVT Btry C, 7th Regt, FA Rep Draft 3-Oct-1918
Campbell Harry J. Private First Class C 147th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Campbell James V. Private C 16th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Campbell John J. Private Headquarters 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Campbell Joseph M. Private Sup 3rd Infantry 21-May-1918
Campbell Joseph R. Hosp. App., 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 10-Nov-1919
Campbell Leslie J. Landsman Electrician Radio U.S.N.R.F. 15-Oct-1918
Campbell Leslie James Private E 307th Infantry 9-Sep-1918
Campbell Louis J. Corporal A 165th Infantry 29-Jul-1918
Campbell Michael Private F 16th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Campbell Payton Randolph Sgt Co D 306th MG Bn 4-Sep-1918
Campbell Robert L. 1st Lieutenant A.S.A. 17-Dec-1918
Campbell Thomas Edward Sergeant A 307th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Campbell William Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N. 5-Aug-1917
Campbell William Cook A 45th Infantry 10-May-1918
Campbell William T. Commisary Steward U.S.N. 24-Sep-1918
Campesi Guiseppe Private Motor , 16th Section 21-Oct-1918
Campiono Francesco Private 1st class Company C 311th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Campisano Frank W. Private Company B 302nd Infantry 25-Sep-1918
Canales Sylvester V. Private K 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Canapa Louis J. Private K 106th Infantry 28-Oct-1918
Canavan Charles E. Private I 39th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Canavan John B. Yoeman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 31-Oct-1918
Candie Anglo M. Sergeant Company E 1st Battalion, Central Infantry Officer Training School 1-Nov-1918
Candito Vincent John C 1st Sep Mch Gun Battalion 1-Nov-1918
Canditto Frank Bellomastro Private M 309th Infantry 18-Dec-1918
Canfield Cecil H. Private Company D 306th Infantry 27-Oct-1918
Canfield Edward K. Corporal M 105th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Canfield Ernest P PFC M 102nd Infantry 30-Oct-1918
Canfield Paul Bradley Pvt 1st cl Hq Co 307th FA 4-Nov-1918
Canfield Ralph F Pvt 1st cl Co K 325th Inf 12-Oct-1918
Canizzaro Pasquale Private Cas Det [053rd] Dep. Brigade 30-Sep-1918
Cannarozzi John Corporal G 9th Infantry [07/18/1908]
Canning Austin P. Lieutenant 27-Sep-1918
Cannofsky Louis A Pvt 15th Det Bflo Acceptnce Pk 19-Oct-1918
Cannon Edward F. Private 3rd M. G. Battalion (Company D, 5th M. G. Battalion 0 10-Nov-1918
Canosa Antonio L 310th Infantry 29-Oct-1918
Cantara Arthur J. Private 6th Ret. Gen Serv. Infantry 7-Sep-1917
Cantilici Simone Private G 306th Infantry [8/27/1908]
Cantilion Francis Z. Landsman, Elect. Radio 19-Oct-1918
Cantwell Frank J. Private Company E. 5th Ammunition Troop 27-Oct-1918
Cantwell Russell V. Seaman, 2nd class 12-Feb-1918
Capabianco Luigi Private Company I 107th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Capasso Joseph Private First Class Battery E 305th Field Artillery [11/16/1908]
Capelle Rudolph Private A 306th Infantry 1-Oct-1918
Caplo Stanley Pvt Co H 307th Inf 12-Oct-1918
Capone Guiseppe Private C Development Battalion 6 21-Oct-1918
Capone Marino Private F 147th Infantry 23-Oct-1918
Caporale Anthony Clerk Headquarters 307th Field Artillery 18-Feb-1919
Capotosto Augusto Private C 308th Infantry 24-Jun-1918
Capozzella Francesco PVT E 147th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Capp Walter K. Private Battery B 19th Field Artillery 15-Nov-1918
Cappabianco Pasquale Horseshoer Sup 308th Infantry 30-Oct-1918
Cappelini Guiseppe Private G 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Cappelini Louis Private First Class M Mac. Shop Trk. Unit 386th 17-Oct-1918
Cappelloni Toni Private L 135th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Caprarullo Anthony Private Company G 7th Infantry 1-Aug-1918
Caputo Domenico Private B 305th Infantry 3-Jun-1918
Carberry Frank Edward App Smn USNRF 22-Sep-1918
Carberry Matthew F. Private First Class C 165th Infantry 29-Jul-1918
Carbino Clarence PVT G 312th Am Tn 25-Dec-1918
Carbone Andero PVT I 305th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Carcasoli John Pvt Btry D 21st FA 17-Feb-1919
Card Silas K. Private A 23rd Infantry 17-Dec-1917
Cardani Antonie Private E 309th Infantry 28-Jul-1919
Cardani Lazzaro Private E 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Cardano Giolomo Private Tr. E 2nd Cavalry 14-Sep-1918
Cardell Frederick O. U.S.N. 2-Aug-1919
Cardenas Oscar Private First Class G 328th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Carder Cyril 2nd Lieutenant Company D 16th Infantry 17-Jul-1918
Carey Delbert J PVT A 312th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Carey Edgar Private E 305th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Carey John B. Private A Ordinance Detachment 27-Dec-1918
Carey John J. Corporal B 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Carey John J. Private First Class F 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Carey Michael J. Fireman, 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 2-Oct-1918
Carey Philip J. Private Company D Dev. Battalion 1 25-Oct-1918
Cargin Arthur E PFC D 107th Infantry 7-Oct-1918
Carguilo Frank C. Private D 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Carhart Gustav G. Sergeant A 105th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Caridico Louis J. Private Company F 105th Infantry 19-Oct-1918
Carle Clarence C. Corporal Company I 30th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Carley Lynn Dewitt Semn 2d cl USN 22-Apr-1918
Carlin Frank J. Private First Class M. G. 165th Infantry 29-Jul-1918
Carlisle Patrick Private First Class A 165th Infantry 30-Jul-1918
Carlo Michael Private Company B 307th Infantry 8-Nov-1918
Carlotti Joseph J. Chief Carpenters Mate U.S.N.R.F. 23-May-1920
Carlson Carl A J Mec Btry A 18th FA Jul 15,11918
Carlson Edward G. Private Company L 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Carlson Ernest H Pvt Hq Co 312th Inf 22-Oct-1918
Carlson Ernest P. Private Company E 110th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Carlson Gunnard E Pvt Co G 7th Inf KIA 15-Jul-1918
Carlson Gustave A. Fireman, 2nd class U.S.N. 8-Jul-1918
Carlsson Hialmar Seaman U.S.N. 28-Oct-1918
Carlton Andrew J. Landsman Machinist Mate U.S.N.R.F. 21-Sep-1918
Carlton Floyd L Pvt Co H 61st Inf 6-Nov-1918
Carlton Philip S. Private, 1st class Company D 327th Infantry 6-Nov-1918
Carmack William G. 2nd Lieutenant Aviation Instruction Center 9-Aug-1918
Carman Calvin Surfman U.S.N. 28-Oct-1918
Carman Harold Sergeant 80th Company Quantico, VA 10-Jun-1918
Carmelo Seifo Private 1st Company 4th Infantry Replacement Regiment 6-Oct-1918
Carmen Timothy E. Sergeant Company G. 306th Infantry 3-Sep-1918
Carmer Charles S. Private Company I 311th Infantry 5-Nov-1918
Carmichael Albert E. Private 1st class Company A General Headquarters, 310th Military Police 10-Jan-1919
Carmichael George A. Quartermaster, 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 21-Oct-1918
Carmichael James L. Sergeant Company B 305th Machine Gun Battalion 27-Sep-1918
Carmody John J. Private Company A 320th Infantry 6-Nov-1918
Carnesi John J. Private Company M 116th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Carney Daniel J. 1st Lieutenant Infantry Rec. C attached 23rd Infantry 18-Jun-1918
Carney Florence V Pvt Co C Ord Trps APG MD 11-Oct-1918
Carney Harry J Pvt 1st cl Co I 108th inf 5-Oct-1918
Carney James D Cpl Co I 108th Inf 13-Aug-1918
Carney Mitchell F. Private Company A 325th Infantry 25-Oct-1918
Carney Thomas F PFC B 312th Infantry 23-Oct-1918
Carollo Leon Private Company E 47th Infantry 3-Aug-1918
Carow Frederick G. 1st Lieutenant Medical Corps 16-Oct-1918
Carpenter Delmer D Pvt 1st cl 102 F Sig Bn 20-Oct-1918
Carpenter Frank B. Corporal Company C 307th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Carpenter Howard E 2nd Lt E 7th Infantry 8-Dec-1918
Carpenter Howard H Pvt 5th Co 153d Dep Bde 30-Sep-1918
Carpenter Robert S Wagoner Hq Det, MG Bn 16-Oct-1918
Carr Devillo A. Private First Class G 107th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Carr Edward J. Private, 1st class Company C 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Carr Francis J. Private, 1st class Company G 308th Infantry 15-Aug-1918
Carr Frederick G. Clerk Company M 5th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Carr George O.S. Private Company A 105th Machine Gun Battalion 27-Sep-1918
Carr Herbert W. Sergeant Company M 7th Infantry 7-Oct-1918
Carr James F. Private Company F Separate Aut. Replacement Draft, Camp Upton 2-Oct-1918
Carr Joseph August PVT A 308th Infantry 27-Aug-1918
Carr Joseph Frederick 51st 5th Regiment 10-Nov-1918
Carra John PFC Btry C, 309th FA 2-Oct-1918
Carri Francesco Private Cas. Detachment Base Hospital, Camp Wheeler, GA 30-Dec-1918
Carrick Herbert E. Private Ambulance Company 52nd division 17-Mar-1919
Carrico David Corporal United States. Army Serv Det USMA 17-Oct-1918
Carrie David Corporal Battery C 1st Battalion, Trench Artillery 6-Jan-1919
Carrie Robert F. Private Company A 106th Machine Gun Battalion 13-Oct-1918
Carrigan Edward C Sgt Co K 107th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Carrigan John L. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 27-Sep-1918
Carrigan Thomas Pvt Co 12 152d Deep Bde 31-Jan-1919
Carrington Frank E. 2nd Lieutenant 23-Oct-1918
Carrington Wallace Pvt Co A 336 MG Bn 22-Oct-1918
Carrizzo Joseph Private Company B 501st Engineers Service Battalion 31-Oct-1918
Carroll James W., Jr. Private 8th Medical Detachment Base Hospital 28-Mar-1918
Carroll Joseph G. Private Company E 165th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Carroll Joseph J PVT Btry C, 71st Arty, CAC 10-Jun-1918
Carroll Leonard Private 308th Sanitary Train 11-Mar-1919
Carroll Martin P. Private, 1st class 333rd G.F. Company QuarterMaster Corps 3-Jun-1919
Carroll Michael Private 410th Casual company 6-Oct-1918
Carroll Micheal J. Private Headquarters Company 325th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Carroll Owen W. Firemen, 1st class 8-Jan-1919
Carroll Raklph Cpl Co E 309th Inf 17-Oct-1918
Carroll Richard Private Battery B 140th Field Artillery 7-Jul-1919
Carroll Robert H. Yoeman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 23-Jan-1919
Carroll Thoimas B Cpl Co I 107th Inf 27-Feb-1918
Carroll Vincent O Pvt Co L 311th Inf 20-Oct-1918
Carroll Warren J. Private Oct. Automatic replacement Draft 10-Nov-1918
Carroll William F. Sergeant Company C 30th Engineers 6-Mar-1918
Carroll William J. Private Company B 305th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Carson Charles A. Private Training Detachment NY University 20-May-1918
Carson John P. Corporal Company D 305th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Cartazzo Emello Private Company C 305th Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Carter Chester William PVT A 107th Infantry 15-Aug-1918
Carter Clarence L PVT D 3rd MG Bn 19-Jul-1918
Carter Ernest Surfman 30-Jul-1917
Carter Floyd M Private 1st Class I 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Carter John J. Private Company L 58th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Carter Kenneth P Pvt 1st cl Hq Co 108th Inf 30-Sep-1918
Carter Thomas Pvt Co H Auto Repl Dft 10-Oct-1918
Carter Thomas A. Private Company C 305th Infantry 3-Mar-1918
Caruso John J PFC 108th Infantry 25-Aug-1918
Carver Clarence B Captain 3d Corps School 10-Apr-1919
Cary Arthur B. 2nd Lieutenant Casual Company QuarterMaster Corps 30-Oct-1918
Case Andy Butler App Seaman USN 7-Jun-1917
Case Everett C PVT Am Red Cross Mil Hosp 4, Liverpool 22-Jun-1918
Case Frank C. Private 1st class 229th Company 115th Battalion, Military Police Corps 7-Jan-1919
Case Henry James Pvt MG Co 305th Inf 28-Sep-1918
Case Leslie B. Private Headquarters Company 152nd Depot Brigade 19-Oct-1918
Casell Joseph C. Private Company A 7th Engineers Training Regiment 10-Oct-1918
Casertano Angelo Private 34th Recruit company 12-Nov-1918
Casey [James ]J. Corporal H 23rd Infantry 2-Oct-1918
Casey George Augustine Sergeant G 305th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Casey John Private Company B 106th Infantry 1-Sep-1918
Casey Maynard F. Private Company A 306th Machine Gun Battalion 10-Sep-1918
Casey William Landsman, Elect. General 23-Jul-1919
Cashion Leo James Printer First Class 30-Sep-1918
Cashman Eugene Corporal Company I 307th Infantry 22-Nov-1918
Casper Frank H. Private, 1st class 306th Ambulance Company 302nd Sanitary Train 8-Feb-1919
Cassee John Private Company E 23rd Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Cassell Frederick II Private 1st class Company I 308th Infantry 21-Aug-1918
Cassells Thomas F. Private Company C 165th Infantry 13-Aug-1918
Cassels James Recruit 2nd Recruit Company Limited Service 1-Oct-1918
Casserly Frank J. Private Company C 165th Infantry 7-Nov-1918
Cassetta Nicola Private Company K 4th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Cassidy Frank Corporal Company D 4th Inantry 15-Oct-1918
Cassidy James H. Corporal Company M 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Cassidy Patrick Supply Sergeant Headquarters Co 9th Infantry 1-Oct-1917
Cassidy Patrick Supply Sergeant Headquarters Company 9th Infantry 1-Oct-1918
Cassidy Walter C. Private Company D 51st Pioneer Infantry 30-Nov-1918
Cassidy Walter L. Corporal Supply Company 307th Infantry 21-Jan-1919
Cassidy William J. Private, 1st class Company F 165th Infantry 16-Jul-1918
Cassidy William X. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 9-Oct-1918
Castas Nicholas Private Company D 16th Infantry 9-Feb-1918
Casterino Peter D. Private Headquarters Company 326th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Casterline Charles E. Private First Class L 108th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Castiglione Guido Sergeant Company C 28th Infantry 15-Jun-1918
Castle Devere H. Private A 1st Battalion U.S.G. 25-Oct-1918
Castle Herbert Wagoner A 301st Engs 9-Dec-1918
Castmore John B. Private Company L 114th Infantry 3-Mar-1918
Castrilli Anthony A. Private Company B 3rd Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun Battalion 29-Oct-1918
Castrogiovanne Samuel Pvt Co C 308th Inf 6-Oct-1918
Castronovo George O.S. Private, 1st class Company E 207th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Caswell Milton Edgar App Smn USNRF 24-Sep-1918
Catalano Salvatore Private, 1st class Base, Section 2 Motor Transport Corps 31-Aug-1918
Catali Rodolfo Private 3rd 153rd Dep Brigade 28-Sep-1918
Catchpole Harry Guy Ensign 13-Sep-1918
Cater Edward Private Company B 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Catton Richard B. 2nd Lieutenant Signal Corps Acceptance Park 1st Air Service 14-Apr-1919
Caulfield John J. Private Company G 106th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Caulfield Patrick Corporal Company K 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Cava Joseph Corporal Company C 37th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Cavanagh Andrew P. Private 303rd Field Artillery 25-Feb-1919
Cavanagh Thomas Private, 1st class Headquarters Company 30th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Cavanaugh Edward J. Private Company B 123rd Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Cavanaugh James Edward Mch. Mate 1st Class, Avia 12-Oct-1918
Cavanaugh John Francis Shp Fitter 2d cl USNRF 30-Sep-1918
Cavanaugh Leo M Sgt Co A 520d Engrs 25-Apr-1919
Cavarra Frank Private Company H 23rd Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Cavello Thomas Private Company H 308th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Caverly James F. Private Company D 302nd Engineers 13-Mar-1918
Cavullo Frank Private Company H 23rd Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Cawein Raleigh D. Private Company A 105th Infantry 2-Sep-1918
Cawley Peter Private Company E 9th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Ceccarelli Hannibal Private, 1st class Company D 305th Infantry 6-Sep-1918
Celentano Frank Water Tender U.S.N. 14-Jun-1918
Celenza Vincent Private, 1st class Company B 4th Infantry 23-Jul-1918
Cell Carroll Private, 1st class Company I 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Cellini Severino Pvt Co E 23d Inf 18-Jul-1918
Centonzo Vincenzo Private Company L 308th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Cerino William V. Corporal Company H 309th Infantry 3-Nov-1918
Cerisano French Pvt Co B 61st Inf 14-Oct-1918
Cernera Ralph Private Company K 59th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Ceruie Charles L Pvt Btry B 6th FA Oct 4,`1918
Cervoni Gaetano Private 1st class Company I 310th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Cestone Angelo Private Company C Pioneer Infantry 3-Dec-1918
Cetti William S. Private, 1st class Battery B 105th Field Artillery 11-Dec-1918
Chadbourne Ernest C CPL K 312th Infantry 24-Oct-1918
Chadderdon Joseph P Seaman USNFR 17-Apr-1919
Chadwick Earl C. Private 1st class Company C 8th Field Signal Battalion 1-Nov-1918
Chadwick John Rappleye Apprentice Seaman 6-Jun-1919
Chamberlain Byron M. Corporal Company E 105th Infantry 11-Nov-1918
Chamberlain Ernest A Private K 53rd Inf 6-Oct-1918
Chamberlin Maxwell E Private 4th Squadron 1st MAF 28-Sep-1918
Chambers Joseph C. Private, 1st class Company B 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Chambers Leonard A. Private Student Army Training Institute 18-Oct-1918
Chambers Thomas F Pvt Co H 107th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Chambers Walter C. Corporal A 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Chamly Mansour J Pvt Sup Co 26th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Champion Henry J PVT San Det, 310th Infantry 24-Sep-1918
Champlin Robert C Pvt Co K 135th Inf 27-Sep-1918
Chandle Arthur B. Private Company H 369th Infantry 1-Oct-1918
Chandler Thomas Private Headquarters Train 20th Division 14-Oct-1918
Chandler William H. 2nd Lieutenant Battery D 7th Field Artillery 6-Oct-1918
Chapin Bert Private I 310th Infantry 5-Nov-1918
Chapman Isaac A. 1st Lieutenant Ordnance 17-Oct-1918
Chapman Leslie Kellogg Mech Co D 125th Inf 1-Sep-1918
Chapman Otto Private Company F 369th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Chapman Russell Battalion Sergeant Major Headquarters Company 26th Field Artillery 20-Jan-1919
Chapman Victor C Pvt Ft Ethan Allen VT 1-Oct-1918
Chapman William H. Captain Medical Corps 26-Sep-1918
Chard George C. Private Company F 107th Infantry 15-Aug-1918
Charifson Loces Private Company E 16th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Charlebois Francis A. Private 74th Company 18th Battalion, Syracuse Ret. Cp. 3-Oct-1918
Charles Frank Private, 1st class Company B 307th Infantry 21-Jul-1918
Charles Warren D Pvt Co G 7th Inf 11-Oct-1918
Charlton John J. Private 38th Company 152nd Depot Brigade 12-Dec-1918
Charness George Private Company F 111th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Charnin Nathan Private Company G 106th Infantry 11-Oct-1918
Charter Basis W CK B 107th Infantry 23-Oct-1918
Chase Burton N 2LT Co C 58th Inf 5-Oct-1918
Chase Homer E. Private C 147th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Chauvin Leo J Pvt 1st cl Co K 107th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Cheeseborough Ernest Private Company M 25th Infantry 2-Nov-1917
Chelberg James F. Private Company A 306th Infantry 6-Sep-1918
Cherney Nick Private Company F 26th Infantry 21-Jul-1918
Cherney Paul Private Company E 59th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Chernin Max Pvt Co B 301st Tk Bn 15-Aug-1918
Chervincky David Private Company K 116th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Cheshire Benjamin Private First Class B 107th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Cheshire Charles F. Sergeant 1st class Troop E 15th Cavalry 2-Mar-1918
Cheslock Peter Private Machine Gun Company 347th Infantry 2-Nov-1918
Chester Benjamin Sergeant Company K 106th Infantry 2-Sep-1918
Chester Bennie Private 12th Medical Detachment USA General Hospital 13-Apr-1919
Chestnut Albert J. Private, 1st class Company A Machine gun Battalion 10-Oct-1918
Chestnut Harold W. Private, 1st class Company A 105th Machine Gun Battalion 27-Sep-1918
Chiaravalle Nicola Private Company M 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Chiarella Angelo A. Private Company H 309th Infantry 27-Oct-1918
Chickalone Joseph Private 1st Class C 51st Pioneer Infantry 18-Jun-1918
Childs Arthur B. Sergeant Company C 1st Brigade, Machine Gun Battallion 22-Jul-1918
Childs Russell H Pvt Co D 312th Inf 20-Oct-1918
Chillemi Carmelo Pvt Co H 21st Engrs 1-Oct-1918
Chin Henry Private Company H 306th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Chippie Albert M. Private Company A 5th Engineers 22-Oct-1918
Chisholm Daniel A. Corporal Company A 6th Engineers 16-Jul-1918
Chisholm Henry L. Private Headquarters Company 308th Infantry 8-Nov-1918
Chituk Charles E. Mechanic Company I 106th Infantry 27-Oct-1918
Chodikoff David Private E 103rd Infantry 26-Jul-1918
Chorba Joseph Private, 1st class Company E 26th Infantry 16-Feb-1918
Christ Anthony A. Private, 1st class Company A 9th Infantry 3-Oct-1918
Christensen Andrew P. Private Company H 2nd Development Battalion 4-Jul-1918
Christensen Archibold CPL Hq 107th Infantry 25-Oct-1918
Christensen George A. Private Company C 104th Signal Battalion 26-Oct-1918
Christensen James T. Private Company C 106th Infantry 27-Jul-1918
Christensen Jens Private 152nd Depot Brigade 18-Oct-1918
Christfully Arthur B. Private Company E 105th Infantry 7-Mar-1918
Christian Wesley John 67th 5th Regiment 6-Jun-1918
Christiansen Frank Daniel Hq Co 6th Regt USMC 19-Jul-1918
Christiansen John S. Corporal 334th Aero Squadron 15-Sep-1918
Christman Glenn PVT 2nd Camp Devens Repl 17-Mar-1918
Christman Louis Private Company A 20th Machine Gun Battalion, 13th Infantry 5-Feb-1918
Christner John F Pvt 5 Prov Bn Engrs 8-Oct-1918
Christopher Leon Thomas Quartermaster 2nd Class, Aviation 28-Sep-1918
Chuille Guiseppe Private Company B 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Church Arthur B. Corporal Company A 107th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Church Howard A. Private Company D 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Churchill Earl R 1LT Co F 110th Inf 7-Aug-1918
Churchill Frank G Cpl Co A 307th Inf 31-Oct-1918
Churchill Thomas W. 2nd Lieutenant V.C. 9-Jul-1918
Churco Benjamin J Pvt 1st cl Hq Tr 1st Div 18-Jul-1918
Chute Joseph William 3d Sept Mach Gun Battalion 20-Nov-1918
Ciack John Pcvt 1st cl Co K 30th Inf 26-Jun-1918
Ciavolella Emelie Private Company G 310th Infantry 1-Nov-1918
Ciccarone Vincent PVT B 305th Infantry 10-Jan-1920
Ciccone Joseph P. Private 6th Mechanical Ordnance Repair shop 5-Oct-1918
Cicero Salvatore private Company A 116th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Cichelli Vincent Private, 1st class Company F 325th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Cieurello Frank Private Company F 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Cilento Gastano Private Company B 326th Infantry 23-Jun-1918
Cilento Joseph PVT B 135th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Cimei Victor Private Headquarters Detachment Machine Gun Battalion 14-Aug-1918
Cimino Fillippe PVT 69th 17th Bn, Syracuse Ret Camp, NY 4-Oct-1918
Ciniglio Andrew P. Private Company I 163rd Infantry 4-Sep-1918
Cirello John Private, 1st class Headquarters Train 3rd Army corps 4-Jun-1919
Cirito Vincent Private Company H 309th Infantry 20-Dec-1919
Citriniti Vincent PVT D 61st Infantry 8-Nov-1918
Cituccia Raymond PVT 1st Co Tng Gr 1st Mg Tng Ctr, Camp Hancock, GA 2-Mar-1919
Ciufo Salvatore PVT C 345th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Ciurca Sebastian PVT C 310th Infantry 1-Nov-1918
Civitillo James R PVT G 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Clainos Charles Nicklas Private G 305th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Claire John J. Private Machine Gun Company 165th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Clampitt Robert J. Sergeant 1st class 321st Company 1st Brigade Tank Corps 20-Oct-1918
Clancy Francis W. Corporal A 104th M. G. Battalion 6-Feb-1919
Clancy George F. Private Company C 35th Infantry 30-Apr-2928
Clancy Howard Cpl Co C 309th Inf 19-Oct-1918
Clancy John 2nd Lt B 60th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Clancy Leland S. Private 1st class Company B 303rd Field Signal 19-Aug-1918
Clancy Thomas C. Private, 1st class Company C 429th Motor Truck Corps 5-Mar-1919
Clancy Thomas V. Engineman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 13-Oct-1918
Claniser John Private, 1st class Machine Gun Company 34th Infantry 7-Nov-1918
Clark Alfred H. Private 130th Aero Service Squadron Aero Service Mechanic Training School 11-Oct-1918
Clark Arthur T. Corporal Company K 106th Infantry 2-Sep-1918
Clark Bryant Wagoner Company A 302nd Engineers 10-May-1918
Clark Charles S. 1st Lieutenant 318th Labor Battalion, Quartermaster Corps 25-Oct-1918
Clark Clarence E. Cook Medical Detachment 18th Infantry 2-Aug-1918
Clark Clarence I Private E 46th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Clark Clarence L Bugler D 312th Infantry 19-Oct-1918
Clark Clarence Lee Co B MG Bn USMC 2-Nov-1918
Clark Dsavid A Cpl Co A 367th Inf 9-Sep-1918
Clark Fred H 1st Lt Cavalry 7-Sep-1917
Clark Frederick A. Private, 1st class Company I 106th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Clark Frenk Private Company F 305th Infantry 9-Nov-1918
Clark George P. Seaman U.S.N. 16-Jun-1919
Clark George W PVT Med Det, Ft. Slocum, NY 24-Oct-1918
Clark Hamilton R. 2nd Lieutenant Company F 605th Engineers 10-Oct-1918
Clark Harrison Private 419th M. T. C. 475 M. Sup. Trn 31-Oct-1918
Clark Harry A. Firemen, 2nd class U.S.N. 17-Oct-1918
Clark Henry Private Company A 18th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Clark Herbert J. Private Machine Gun company 307th Infantry 11-Sep-1918
Clark Homer M SGT B 328th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Clark Ira Vanorder Private B 7th Infantry 17-Jul-1918
Clark James C. Private Company A 109th Machine Gun Battalion 12-Mar-1919
Clark James C. Quartermaster, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 6-Oct-1918
Clark James P. Corporal F 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Clark Joseph I. Private Company I 116th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Clark Joseph P. Private Company I 108th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Clark Leon D. Corporal F 108th Infantry 9-Nov-1918
Clark Merlin H. Private L 58th Infantry 5-Aug-1918
Clark Nathan Private Company D 306th Machine Gun Battalion 9-Oct-1918
Clark Robert , Jr. Mechanic Company H 106th Infantry 4-Sep-1918
Clark Robert P. Machinist Mate 2nd class Aviation 15-Oct-1918
Clark Sidney H. Corporal Company A 165th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Clark Theodore P. Private Coast Artillery Corps, Mine Planter Mills 11-Apr-1917
Clark Thomas H. Private Company E Development Battalion No.2 4-Oct-1918
Clark Thomas R Pvt MG Co 312th Inf 22-Dec-1918
Clark Timothy M. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 2-Jun-1918
Clark Walter Private Company A Section B, Student Army Training Corps 20-Oct-1918
Clark William Pvt Co E 18th Inf 28-Apr-1918
Clark William Joseph Sgt 1st cl Co A 52d Pion Inf 22-Oct-1918
Clarke Lloyd W. Major Infantry 24-Oct-1918
Clarke Thomas Water Tender U.S.N.R.F. 20-Jan-1918
Clarkson Charles E. Private Company A 344th Battalion, Tank Corps 3-Sep-1918
Clarkson George E. Private Company K 23rd Infantry 2-Nov-1918
Clart Reginald F. Private, 1st class Company C 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Clary Ralph E. Company B 6th Machine Gun Battalion 5-Nov-1918
Clash Arthur J. Private 330th Supply Company QuarterMaster Corps 26-Nov-1918
Claude Elmer Samuel Seaman 2nd Class 8-Oct-1918
Clavin Thomas J. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 24-Apr-1919
Clay Arthur Ralph Sgt Co L 309th Inf 16-Oct-1918
Clay Firmin Earl Quantico, VA 8-Oct-1918
Clays Leon PVT C 30th Infantry 5-Jan-1919
Clayson Oren J. Private Train E 1st Cavalry 22-Sep-1918
Clayton Arthur Private, 1st class Company L 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Clayton Bertram T Colonel Quartermaster Corps Div Quartermaster 1st Div 30-May-1918
Clayton Harry Private Battery C 349th Field Artillery 22-May-1918
Clayton Jerry Sergeant Company I 305th Infantry 12-Aug-1918
Clayton Richard Pvt Unasgd 22-Oct-1918
Clayton Rollin Private Company D 328th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Clear Francis J. Private K 105th Infantry 1-Sep-1918
Clear John F. Private Company B 18th Infantry, 1st Division 22-Nov-1918
Cleary Charles Ret 23d Ret Co Camp No 4, Camp Greene, NC 27-Sep-1918
Cleary Frank W. Corporal G 38th Infantry 11-Oct-1918
Cleary Frederick Joseph Elec 3d cl USNRF 14-May-1919
Cleary James J., Jr. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 5-Nov-1917
Cleary John V Pvt Co D 310th Inf 20-Oct-1918
Cleary Joseph C. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N. 15-Dec-1918
Cleary Matthew T. Sergeant D 105th M. G. Battalion 17-Oct-1918
Cleary Patrick J. Private, 1st class Company M 18th Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Cleary William Private First Class A 23rd Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Cleaver William A. Sergeant Company I 106th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Cleaves Raymond L. Private Headquarters Company 107th Infantry 7-May-1919
Clegg Albert PVT I 328th Infantry 15-Sep-1918
Clegg Walter Corporal Company B 345th Battalion, Tank Corps 15-Sep-1918
Cleland Glenn W Pvt 78 Co 19th Bn 28-Sep-1919
Clemens Jay Earle PVT 7th Rgt, FA, Repl Draft, Camp Jackson, SC 4-Oct-1918
Clement Albert W. Private 1st class 16-Oct-1918
Clement Oliver Edwin Landsman Electrician, Radio 24-Feb-1919
Clemente Eugene Pvt Co B 305th Inf 14-Aug-1918
Clements Robert D. Private Company L 107th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Cleminshaw Charles K. 2nd Lieutenant Quartermaster Corps 27-Mar-1918
Clemons Daniel C. Private 1st class Company L 105th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Clifford Alfred J. Private Medical Detachment American Red Cross Hospital 13-Oct-1918
Clifford Andrew Owen Pvt Co D 18th Inf 13-Jul-1918
Clifford Eugene A SGT E 305th Infantry 3-Nov-1918
Clifford Paul L. 2nd Lieutenant Aviation Section Signal Res. U. Att. 44th Aero Squadron 20-Jul-1918
Clifford Vincent P. Private Company E 306th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Cline Wilbur A PVT Std's ATC, Clarkson C, Potsdam, NY 30-Oct-1918
Clinton Edgar O. Private Company K 116th Infantry 23-Nov-1918
Clinton Harry F. Corporal Headquarters Company 307th Infantry 10-Sep-1918
Clinton Vincent (Jerome) Private M.D. 20-May-1920
Clipper Jesse W Cpl Co D 317th Engrs 21-Feb-1918
Clipston Ernest S PVT Btry A, 76th FA 13-Jan-1919
Clonon Edward N. Supply Sergeant Commpany A 7th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Cloran Glandyn I. 122nd School Company Machine Gun School 8-Dec-1918
Close Delmer Wag 9th Co 20th Engrs 22-Nov-1918
Closkey Fred Pvt Co F 361st Inf 9-Oct-1918
Closs John E Pvt 1st cl Co F 107th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Closson Clarence L Pvt Co F 310th Engrs 14-Jan-1918
Clough Charles Leslie Cpl 74th Co 13-Apr-1918
Clough Herbert R PFC Avia Sec 38 Bln Co 7-Nov-1918
Cloughessy Michael Private Company E 165th Infantry 10-Nov-1918
Cloutier Joseph A. Private Company B 28th Infantry 21-Jul-1918
Clowe Edward P. Corporal Company C 165th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Clowes Gerardus Private 94th Volunteers 23rd Battalion 16-Oct-1918
Clukey George H Pvt 42d Co Repl Draft 3-Oct-1918
Clune Donald M. Private Company E 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Clute Grover C. Private Company A 307th Infantry 12-Sep-1918
Coakley Dennis Private Company Q 4th Development Battalion 9-Oct-1918
Coakley James P. Private 41st 11th Battalion 11-Dec-1918
Coan Erick L PFC C 108th Infantry 19-Oct-1918
Cobb Frederick W. Captain Company E 369th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Cobbett Robert G. Corporal G 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Coburn Walter Henry Musician 3rd Class Headquarters 52nd Pioneer Infantry 9-Oct-1918
Cochran Floyd B Pvt Btry B 147th FA 8-Aug-1918
Cochran Wells C PVT MG 59th Infantry 10-Aug-1918
Cochrane John W. Private Company D 106th Infantry 25-Oct-1918
Cochrane Richard Corporal Company I 106th Infantry 31-Jul-1918
Cocker Herbert M.P. Private 1st class Company B 311th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Cockerill Edward J. Private 2nd training Battalion, 26th Infantry 9-Dec-1917
Cockett Ray Dutcher Fireman, 2nd Class 21-Apr-1918
Cocquelet Alfred Corporal Company A 325th Infantry 6-Nov-1918
Cody Frederick Mechanic Company B Military Police 8-Apr-1919
Coessens Matthew J. Private A 16th Infantry 22-Jul-1918
Coffen Hiram W PVT D 125th Infantry 28-Aug-1918
Coffey Arthur H. 2nd Lieutenant A.S.A. 31-Dec-1918
Coffey Edward H Corporal L 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Coffey John Joseph Pvt Coi D 51st Pion Inf 2-Jan-1918
Coffey Thomas J. Private 13th Company 152nd Depot Brigade 25-Jan-1919
Coffey Walter M PVT L 326th Infantry 4-Aug-1918
Coffin Arthur E. Private, 1st class Company K 307th Infantry 4-Nov-1918
Coger Ira Seaman 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 21-Oct-1918
Coghan Harry G. Machinist Mate, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 18-Oct-1918
Cognato Joseph P. Private Company H 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Cohan Henry B. Private Company A 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Cohen Abraham Private Company D 116th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Cohen Abraham Private Company B 130th Machine Gun Battalion 3-Oct-1918
Cohen Benjamin Pvt Co I 108th Inf 24-Oct-1918
Cohen Charles C. Private Company H 47th Infantry 20-Jun-1918
Cohen Edward J. Sergeant Company G 11th Infantry 21-Oct-1918
Cohen Emil J. Captain A.G.D. 20-Oct-1918
Cohen Erwin Alfred 75th 9-Oct-1918
Cohen Harold Private Company K 167th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Cohen Harry Oliver Boatswains Mate, 2nd Class 3-Oct-1918
Cohen Herman Private Company A 4th Infantry 21-Oct-1918
Cohen Hyman Private Company H 59th Pioneer Infantry 20-Sep-1918
Cohen Israel Private Company K 2nd Pioneer Infantry 20-Sep-1918
Cohen Jacob Private Company A 107th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Cohen Joseph Private Battery A 2nd Field Artillery 18-Sep-1918
Cohen Joseph L. Private Company B 310th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Cohen Louis Private Company A 121st Machine Gun Battalion 5-Aug-1918
Cohen Louis Corporal Company D 2nd Engineers 28-Jun-1918
Cohen Louis L. Private, 1st class Company B 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Cohen Max Private 9th Detachment Labor Company 14-Oct-1918
Cohen Michael PVT H 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Cohen Philip Private Company B 325th Infantry 15-Aug-1919
Cohen Phillip Private Company M 125th Infantry 11-Oct-1918
Cohen Ralph Private, 1st class Battery D 320th field Artillery 17-Oct-1918
Cohen Raphael Private Company C 305th Infantry 6-Sep-1918
Cohen Ruben Private Company D 20th Engineers 5-Feb-1918
Cohen Simon Private, 1st class Company I 325th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Cohn Gabriel Private, 1st class Headquarters Company 4th Infantry 1-Oct-1918
Cohn Harry D. Corporal 28th Company 153rd Depot Brigade 5-Oct-1918
Cohn Meyer Corporal Company G 325th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Cohn Oscar Private Company K 114th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Cokeley Harold J. Private Company G 165th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Colagna Vincent Private Company D 58th Artillery 9-Oct-1918
Colaianni Charles Private Company B 321st Machine Gun Battalion 23-Oct-1918
Colamonico Stifano Private Cassion Company 376 27-Sep-1918
Colangelo James Pvt Co A 327th Inf 16-Oct-1918
Colantoni Nicola Private Company D 128th Infantry 24-Nov-1918
Colatosti Joseph Private Company M 23rd Infantry 4-Dec-1918
Colburn Homer N PVT B 308th Infantry 24-Jun-1918
Colby Frank Private, 1st class Company I 306th Infantry 5-Sep-1918
Cole Alfred F PVT Battery B, 10th Regt, FA Repl Draft 6-Oct-1918
Cole Arthur J Mech F 28th Infantry 28-May-1918
Cole Chales C. 2nd Lieutenant Air Service 6-Dec-1918
Cole Garland V. Private Company B 101st M.G. Battalion 22-Mar-1919
Cole George Tillott Seaman 5-Nov-1918
Cole Harold H PFC D 60th Infantry 28-Oct-1918
Cole Sidney T. 2nd Lieutenant Company I 16th Infantry 19-Jul-1918
Colebert Ernest H Sgt Co I 108th Inf 23-Sep-1918
Colegrove Harold M Sgt Gas Co 352d 30-Jan-1919
Colella Ralph Private, 1st class Company I 26th Infantry 19-Jul-1918
Coleman Bernard Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N. 22-Mar-1918
Coleman Elmus 2nd Lt H 16th Infantry 19-Jul-1918
Coleman George M. Oiler U.S.N.R.F. 28-Apr-1919
Coleman James S. Private Machine Gun Company 110th Infantry 2-Oct-1918
Coleman John Private, 1st class Company A 23rd Infantry 25-Dec-1917
Coleman Joseph Augustine Private Battery D 309th Infantry 25-Nov-1918
Coleman Joseph F. Corporal Theatrical Detachment 82nd Division 16-Jun-1919
Coleman William J. Private Headquarters Company 148th Field artillery 12-Nov-1918
Colgan Bernard F. Private, 1st class Company D 112th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Colgan Mathew T. Corporal Company E 165th Infantry 19-Oct-1918
Colgrove Harry Private Vetinary Hospital No. 16 16-Oct-1918
Colicci Salvatore Private Company B 501st Engineers 17-Jan-1918
Collard Clarence M 1st Lt I 38th Infantry, 3d Division 11-Oct-1918
Colleary James J., Jr. Private 16th Colco. Camp 12-Nov-1918
Collelo Luigi Private L 59th Pioneer Infantry 16-Sep-1918
Collentine Thomas J. Private Company A 314th Supply Train 27-Jun-1918
Coller Harlow Private Company C 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Coller Howard A. Private 16th Ambulance Company Medical Department 30-Jan-1919
Colli Louis Corporal Company A 305th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Collins Andrew Private Company E 367th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Collins Anthony Jr. Private Company D 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Collins Bert G. Private Headquarters 309th Infantry 23-Oct-1918
Collins Clarence O. Private Battery D 77th field Artillery 13-Aug-1918
Collins Dennis Private First Class C 306th Infantry 5-Sep-1918
Collins Earl J Pvt MG Co 61 12-Oct-1918
Collins Edward Private M. G. 126th Infantry 29-Aug-1918
Collins Homer Edward Pvt Co C 306th MG Bn 22-Aug-1918
Collins John A. Private L 326th Infantry 17-Sep-1918
Collins John F. 1st Lieutenant H 354th Infantry 11-Nov-1918
Collins John J. Private H 165th Infantry 16-Jul-1918
Collins John Joseph Pvt TNG Corps 7-Oct-1918
Collins John T. Private Engineer Corps, Unas, Ft. Slocum , NY 3-Oct-1918
Collins Joseph Michael Pvt 13 Co Ches Bay VA 3-Oct-1918
Collins Orlando B Jr 1st Lt Co L 309th Inf 16-Oct-1918
Collins Patrick Sergeant I 165th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Collins Peter, Jr. Corporal Company D 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Collins Thomas F. 2nd Lieutenant B 142nd Infantry 9-Oct-1918
Collins William A. Corporal Battery B 38th Artillery C.A.C. 28-Sep-1918
Collins William J. Corporal F 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Collis George Private E 22nd Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Collis William Private First Class G 30th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Colliton Michael Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 27-Oct-1918
Collman Solomon Private Supply 308th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Collopy Joseph A. Private First Class E 9th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Colon George O. Sergeant Replacement Battalion 21-Jul-1918
Colonna John Private C 106th Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Colton William J. Private D 49th Infantry 5-Apr-1918
Colton Grant C. Private First Class F 108th Infantry 23-Jul-1918
Colvin Harold E CPL Tr L 21st Cav, Btry F, 79th FA 31-May-1918
Colyer Wilbur E. Sergeant A 1st Regiment Engineers 10-Oct-1918
Comas Kostas Private A 309th Infantry 19-Oct-1918
Comer Edward Private Camp Upton Sept. Aut. Repl. Draft 4-Oct-1918
Comer Michael Corporal B 306th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Comer Sidney G. Private Company C 35th Machine Gun Battalion 22-Sep-1918
Comerford Richard J. Corporal A 397th Infantry 14-Sep-1918
Comini Nazzarini Private F 106th Infantry [09/27/1908]
Comiskey Spencer E. Apprentis Seaman 23-Sep-1919
Commerford Daniel Private First Class A 320th M. G. Battalion 5-Jan-1919
Commerford Joseph Private First Class [Medical Detachment] 7 Anti Aircraft Battalion 8-Dec-1918
Commo John Private M 307th Infantry 16-Sep-1918
Compo Harrison Private 35th 9th Battalion, 153rd Dep. Brigade 2-Oct-1918
Compton Robert F Pvt 1st cl Co B 1st MP Co 8-Oct-1918
Compton Samuel H. 2nd Lieutenant 3-Feb-1919
Conard John Stacy PFC 18-Oct-1918
Conay Irving Corporal A 307th Infantry 29-Aug-1918
Conboy Harry E Pvt Gas Co 2d Bn Chem War Svc 6-Oct-1918
Conboy Harry E Pvt Co K 309th Inf 2-Oct-1918
Conboy Peter Pvt Co B 26th Inf 23-Oct-1918
Conde Frederick W. Private M. G. 16th Infantry 9-Oct-1918
Conde Walter A. Private 11th Aero Service Squadron 2-Sep-1918
Condit Warren C. Private C 16th Infantry 18-Sep-1918
Condon Lawrence P. Sergeant L 106th Infantry 4-Sep-1918
Condon Thomas Sergeant Battery E 81st Field Artillery 4-Jun-1919
Conefry John J. Private First Class K 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Conetti Orazio Private 3rd School Troops C. O.T.S. 15-Oct-1918
Coneys James W. Private L 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Coneys Martin J. Private L 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Conforti Edward Private I 310th Infantry 16-Sep-1918
Conger Clyde V. Private 33rd Company Receiving Camp 3-Nov-1918
Conheady Patrick Private A 308th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Conijohn Toney Pvt Co M 325th Inf 16-Oct-1918
Conklin Arthur A. Private First Class E 107th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Conklin Charles F Corporal D 22d Infantry 7-Jul-1918
Conklin Eugene A. Private 20th Battalion, Recruit Camp, Syracuse, NY 5-Oct-1918
Conklin Kennedy Sergeant I 107th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Conklin Robert Wilford Private K 309th Infantry 13-Nov-1918
Conley David J. Corporal Headquarters Company 309th Infantry 17-Sep-1918
Conley Edward F. Wagoner Supply 106th Infantry 23-Oct-1918
Conley Robert Private Battery C 307th Field Artillery 1-Oct-1918
Conley Ross M. Private Company C 211th Field Signal Battalion 12-Oct-1918
Conley Thomas A CPL I 23rd Infantry 13-Sep-1918
Conlin Frank J. Private Railroad Detachment QuarterMaster Corps 18-Dec-1918
Conlin James R. Private First Class M.G. 311th Infantry 3-Oct-1918
Conlon Edward Private 5th U. S. Dis. Bks 17-Oct-1918
Conn William J. Private H 9th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Connaughton Edward P. Gunner's Mate, 3rd class U.S.N. 17-Apr-1918
Connell Charles J. Corporal D 108th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Connell Daniel Private First Class D 112th Infantry 10-Nov-1918
Connell Luther C PVT I 23rd Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Connelly Edward S. Private Company M 105th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Connelly James H. Private B 304th M. G. Battalion 23-Feb-1919
Connelly James M. Private First Class K 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Connelly John J. Private First Class M 9th Infantry 16-Jan-1918
Connelly Paul J. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 1-Jun-1918
Connelly Thomas J. Private First Class B 2nd Engineers 7-Jun-1918
Conner Richard L. J. Captain 4-Oct-1918
Connery William J. Corporal D 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Connolly Charles A. Sergeant I 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Connolly Daniel M. 2nd Lieutenant A 312th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Connolly Harry J. Private Company E 311th Infantry 22-Sep-1918
Connolly John J. Sergeant 326th Labor Battalion, Headquarters Detachment 21-Jan-1919
Connolly Patrick A Pvt Co D 309th MG Bn 19-Oct-1918
Connolly Thomas Private Unassigned N. A. Base Hospital 13-Oct-1917
Connor James Private B 307th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Connor Joseph Martin Corporal Headquarters 5th Pioneer Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Connor Thomas W. Private First Class C 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Connors John S. Private Battery A 11th Field Artillery 10-Oct-1918
Connors Michael J. Private 1st class Company I 102nd Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Connors Patrick Private First Class H 165th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Connors Thomas H Cpl Btry A 81st FA 18-Oct-1918
Connors Thomas J. Private I 71st Infantry 31-Jul-1917
Connors William Francis Private K 311th Infantry 13-Jan-1919
Connoughton Francis T. Private F 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Conor Lewis S., Jr. Private 1st class Battery F 104th Field Artillery 3-Nov-1918
Conrad Adrian Joseph Pvt Co C 18th Inf 18-Jul-1918
Conrad Harry C. Private 25th 153rd Dep. Brigade 24-Sep-1918
Conrad James Mitchell Private D 306th M. G. Battalion 9-Oct-1918
Conrad John P. Jr. Private Supply 105th Field Artillery 29-Sep-1918
Conrad Lowell W. Private H 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Conrad Walter T Pvt 1st cl Co H 107th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Conradi John P. Ensign 20-Mar-1918
Conroy David J. Private First Class C 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Conroy John J. Corporal G 165th Infantry 30-Jul-1918
Constantine Charles F. Private First Class C 302nd F. Battalion , Sig. R.C. 6-Aug-1918
Constantini David Pvt Btry D 106th FA 20-Mar-1919
Conte Joseph J. Private C 105th Infantry 3-Apr-1919
Conti Jos. Private L 367th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Contino Michele Private Service I.A.M.C. 6-Oct-1918
Convey Raymond Sergeant L 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Conway Clarence A. Wardroom Steward U.S.N.R.F. 7-Oct-1918
Conway Cornelius J. Private First Class I 305th Infantry 3-Nov-1918
Conway Frank Private C 165th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Conway Frederick J. Private Supply 165th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Conway Harley John Co K 311th Inf 9-Nov-1918
Conway Harold E Pvt Co A 305th MG Bn 26-Sep-1918
Conway Harry L. 1st Lieutenant H 105th Infantry 24-Aug-1918
Conway Horace E. Sergeant 2nd Gr. M. Trk Dep. M. G. Tg. Cps 3-Nov-1918
Conway Hugh Private Battery A 14th Regiment Field Artillery 16-Oct-1918
Conway John A. Private Supply 117th Regiment, 56th Field Artillery 26-Oct-1918
Conway John B. Private 1st class Company G 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Conway Michael PFC 328th G&F Camp Stuart 16-Oct-1918
Conway Michael F Corporal G 311th Infantry 1-Nov-1918
Conway Patrick Pvt 1st cl Co K 60th Inf 18-Apr-1918
Conway Philip J. Wagoner Battery E 57th C. A. C. 29-Oct-1918
Conwell George Barrett 96th 3-Mar-1919
Conwell William F. Private First Class M 106th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Cook Adolphus PVT F 369th Infantry 1-Oct-1918
Cook Albert Pvt Co M 18th Inf 21-Jan-1918
Cook Arthur Private E 6th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Cook Charles F. Major 1-Jan-1919
Cook Clarence Herman Pvt Co K 300th Inf 1-Nov-1918
Cook George Dwight Private D 28th Infantry 21-Jul-1918
Cook George F. Seaman, 2nd class 14-Jun-1918
Cook H. Gilbert Private 1st class Company A 105th Infantry 30-Oct-1918
Cook Jacob Private E 38th Infantry 11-Oct-1918
Cook Lee N. Private D 315th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Cook Percy Sergeant L 307th Infantry 4-Nov-1918
Cook Ralph L. Sergeant 1st class 26th Aero Squadron, 3rd Aviation Instruction Center 20-Oct-1918
Cook Rowland Private Motor Repair Shop Unit 311 6-Oct-1918
Cook Roy Pvt Btry D 11th FA Repl Div 9-Oct-1918
Cook Sigel F. Private I 59th Infantry 19-Jul-1918
Cook Thomas Private K 34th Engineers 19-May-1919
Cook William J. Private A 165th Infantry 23-Oct-1918
Cook James Private First Class G 307th Infantry 6-Sep-1918
Cooke James W. Private Company L 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Cooke Patrick G. Corporal M 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Cool John N PFC B 60th Infantry 16-Sep-1918
Cooley Dermott P. Sergeant Headquarters 321st Field Artillery 30-May-1919
Cooley Ira V Btry E 1st Regt Feb Auto Repl Draft 10-Oct-1918
Cooley Paul B. Private Park Field Tenn 12-Feb-1918
Coombs Perry J. G Private I 84th Infantry 2-Oct-1918
Coombs Peter, Jr. Private 1st class Company A 107th Infantry 21-Nov-1918
Coon Albert E. Private F 108th Infantry 2-Oct-1918
Coon William W. Corporal Company B 306th Infantry 21-Sep-1918
Cooney Edward J. Private A 5th Pioneer Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Cooney James Cook 152nd Field Artillery Brigade 25-Dec-1918
Cooney John J. Chief Water Tender U.S.N. 6-Dec-1917
Cooney Peter Sergeant M 165th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Cooney Thomas Jos. Private E 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Cooney Willard P PVT 308th FA
Coonrod William PVT Btry A, 308th FA 24-Sep-1918
Coons Clarence G. Private 117th Regiment, 56th Field Artillery Brigade 30-Oct-1918
Coons Richard M Pvt 42d Co Ret Cp Cp Wheeler GA 3-Nov-1918
Coope Joseph W. Gunner's Mate, 2nd class U.S.N. 9-Jan-1919
Cooper Albert L. Private Aviation Schools, Kelly Field TX. 11-Dec-1918
Cooper Ezra W Pvt 153 MG MG Sch Tng Cen 27-Oct-1918
Cooper Franklin Private 2nd 22-Mar-1918
Cooper Fred R PVT C 60th US Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Cooper James F. Captain Battery D 308th Field Artillery 17-Feb-1918
Cooper Mayer Private B 11th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Cooper William H. Sergeant 75th Company 19-Jul-1918
Cooper Robert T Cook Co F 107th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Cooperman Simon Private Headquarters 328th Infantry 25-Mar-1919
Cope Leroy S. Mechanic Company K 310th Infantry 23-Oct-1918
Copley Norman A. Private Company H 306th Infantry 22-Mar-1918
Copp Donald G. Chief Yoeman U.S.N.R.F. 29-Sep-1918
Coppa Venanzio Private B 1st Dev. Battalion, 151st Dep. Brigade 26-Sep-1918
Coppola Caspare Private D 38th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Coram Herbert W. Private, 1st class Company H 23rd Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Corbett Catherine I. Yoeman, 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 25-Jan-1920
Corbett Frank H. Private C 307th Infantry 21-Oct-1918
Corbett William Private First Class I 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Corbin Harlan H Pvt 1st cl Co A 327th Inf 16-Oct-1918
Corboy Robert M. 1st Lieutenant A 61st Infantry 7-Nov-1918
Corcan John Charles Pvt Co K 311th Inf 17-Nov-1918
Corcoran Francis Ignatius Corporal 3rd 152nd Dep Brigade 8-Nov-1918
Corcoran George S. Corporal F 308th Infantry 16-Aug-1918
Corcoran Patrick Private D 305th Infantry 20-Sep-1918
Corcoran Patrick J. Sergeant 1st M. P. 10th Battalion 3-Aug-1919
Cordeaux Clifford Mess Attendant, 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 14-Nov-1918
Cordes Paul H. 1st Lieutenant C 30th Engineers 12-Sep-1918
Cordi Raymond Corporal A 11th M. G. Battalion 27-Sep-1918
Corenza Sebastino Corporal D 307th Infantry 26-Jan-1919
Corey George D. First Sergeant E 86th Infantry 28-Jan-1919
Corey Harold Bedford Chf Mach Mate USN 5-May-1919
Corey Ronels Francis Private 14th 28-Sep-1918
Cornell Frank R Private 15-Oct-1918
Cornell Henry Private 1st class Company B 23rd Infantry 1-Jul-1918
Cornell LaRowe Pvt Co A 502d Engrs 1-Feb-1918
Cornell Walter Private D [N. Y . University Training Detachment] 3-Aug-1918
Corney John Private C 591st Engineers 4-Nov-1919
Cornish Henry D. Private First Class Auxiliary Dep 308 17-Jan-1920
Corodilas John Private E 9th Infantry 6-Jul-1918
Corr Wiliam F. Mec. Battery D 305th Field Artillery 4-Feb-1919
Corridori Guiseppi PVT Battery C, 2nd Bn, 1st Prov. Devel Bn 6-Oct-1918
Corroa Pasquale Private 16th 152nd Dep Brigade 28-Sep-1918
Corsentino Charles Private Chem. War Ser. Dept. No. 2 23-Jul-1918
Corsentino Joseph C. Corporal K 324th Infantry 8-Jan-1919
Corson John G 1LT MC 23-Oct-1918
Cortes Frank E. Bugler G 106th Infantry 7-Nov-1918
Cortes Harold T. Private A 4th Infantry 21-Oct-1918
Cory Harvey L 2nd Lt MG 210th Infantry 22-Sep-1918
Cosgrove George B. Corporal D 105th M. G. Battalion 22-Oct-1918
Cosgrove Gustav Private First Class Headquarters 165th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Cosgrove John Corporal M. G. 4th Infantry 21-Oct-1918
Costa Filippo Private Z Dev. Battalion No. 6 152nd Dep. Brigade 11-Oct-1918
Costa Guiseppe Private Headquarters 310th Infantry 26-Oct-1918
Costanzi Angelo Bglr Co K 309th Inf 4-Oct-1918
Costanzo Giovanni Private Company I 310th Infantry 19-Oct-1918
Costanzo James C. Private Company E 105th Infantry 19-Oct-1918
Costas Nick Private E 47th Infantry 3-Aug-1918
Costello Alfred C Pvt Co I 105th Uinbf 29-Sep-1918
Costello Charles E. Horseshoer 35th Engineers, Camp Dix Replacement Draft 9-Apr-1918
Costello James 7th company 152nd Depot Brigade 16-Apr-1918
Costello John Private E 165th Infantry 31-Jul-1918
Costello John F. Private First Class Provost Guard 5-Jun-1919
Cotle Harold S Cpl Co D 33d Inf 31-Mar-1918
Cotriss Edward F PVT H 177th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Cotter John Joseph App Smn USNRF 24-Sep-1918
Cotter Francis P. Private 29th 152nd Dep Brigade 30-Jul-1918
Cotter Thomas J. Private First Class G 325th Infantry 27-Oct-1918
Cotton Bert C. Private First Class I 328th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Cotton Charles G Pvt 8th Co CAC 28-Apr-1918
Cotton Charles H. Boatswain's Mate, 2nd class 18-Oct-1918
Cottone Charles B. Private D 23rd Infantry 6-Jun-1918
Cottrell Arthur M Capt ASSC 12-Oct-1918
Cottrell Edward J. Private Compnay 6 Engineers Replacement Troops 20-Oct-1918
Cottrell Joseph Fred PFC F 30th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Couch Harry W. Corporal Company A 7th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Coufal Charles M PVT Hq 310th Infantry 21-Jan-1919
Coughlan John J. Private Quartermaster Corps Guard & Fire 309th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Coughlin Cornelius F Sgt Hq Det 155th Inf Bde 7-Oct-1918
Coughlin Earl W Pvt Trp G ist Cav 10-Jul-1918
Coughlin Patrick F. Private G 29th Infantry 16-Sep-1917
Coughlin Thomas J Pvt Co I 23d Inf 1-Jul-1918
Coughlin Timothy Private 14th 4th Battalion , 153rd Dep. Brigade 17-Jan-1919
Countryman Oscar Private Company D 325th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Courter William J. Corporal M. G. 105th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Courtney Earven B. Private Company M 108th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Courtney Francis Private I 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Cousens Robert D. Private I 165th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Covell Wyatt D Pvt Co K 59th Inf 20-Jul-1918
Covert Vernon Pvt 1st cl Co D 106th MG Bn 1-Nov-1918
Covey William E CPL B 301st Sup Tn 3-Dec-1918
Cowan Benjamin S. Private First Class Headquarters 305th Infantry 9-Sep-1918
Cowen Joseph M. Private F 9th Infantry 20-Jul-1918
Cowley Sidney M. Private G 165th Infantry 8-Feb-1918
Cowper Francis W. Private Headquarters Detachment Field Artillery Brigade Training Center, Camp Jackson, SC 5-Oct-1918
Cowperthwaite Harold F. Corporal 5th 1st Infantry Battalion 25-Oct-1918
Cox Edward F Pvt 1st cl Co D 106th MG Bn 18-Oct-1918
Cox Francis Private I 60th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Cox James Michael Firmn 1st cl USNRF 28-Oct-1918
Cox William K. Sergeant 1st cl. M.D., Ancon, Canal Zone 13-Oct-1918
Coxe Arthur C. Private A 327th Battalion Tank C 23-Apr-1918
Coxe Edward Grant Private D 165th Infantry 30-Jul-1918
Coyle Edward 1st Sgt Co H 16th Inf 18-Jun-1918
Coyne James Edward Re-Jd, 82nd 4-Oct-1918
Coyne Thomas Private 1st class Company E 23rd Infantry 30-Mar-1918
Coyne William Joseph USMC 25-Jan-1918
Cozier Cardiff E. Private First Class Battery B 13th Field Artillery 2-Dec-1918
Crabtree Walter J. Corporal L 307th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Crady Joseph Francis Fireman 3d cl 26-Apr-1918
Cragan Bernard T. Private First Class M 107th Infantry 5-Nov-1918
Craig Frank J. Private Quartermaster Corps 18-Oct-1918
Cramade Frank Pvt Hq Co 116th Inf 25-Oct-1918
Cramer Carl C. 1st Lieutenant F 38th Infantry 7-Aug-1918
Cramer Murray E. 1st Lieutenant M 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Cramer Roy W. Recruit 2nd Recruit Company Fort Slocum, NY 23-Oct-1918
Cramer Valentine Pvt 3 Gp M Tk Det MG Tng 23-Oct-1918
Crames Charles Private G 305th Infantry 9-Jul-1918
Crandall Elmer E Cpl Co K 310th Inf 1-Nov-1918
Crandall Elverton C. 1st Lieutenant Hq. Company 306th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Crandall Emden B Pvt 1st cl Co A 105th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Crandall Harry R SGT H 4th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Crandall Jerry Private L 311th Infantry 23-Oct-1918
Crandall Walter L PVT MG 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Crandle Ray M Sgt Co L 108th Inf 17-Oct-1918
Crane Harry L. Private First Class Amb 31 Sn. Tn. 21-Oct-1918
Crane Wilbur Private Company D / Company I 9th Machine Gun battallion / 4th Infantry 31-Oct-1918
Cranmer Ralph T. Private B 26th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Crann Thomas J. Mec. E 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Cranz Ewald F. Sergeant First Class F 605th Engineers 7-Oct-1918
Craparotta Michael Private L 116th Infantry 19-Oct-1918
Crate Henry Pvt 3d Co Ord Det 17-Oct-1918
Craven Henry S. Seaman 14-Oct-1918
Craven Joseph A. Private M 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Crawford Conrad 2nd Lieutenant B 47th Infantry 2-Aug-1918
Crawford George Private 1st Class E 107th Infantry 16-Aug-1918
Crawford Herbert W PVT Chem War Serv, Am Univ Exp Sta 7-Oct-1918
Crawford Paul J. Fireman, 3rd class U.S.N. 13-Oct-1918
Crawley Harrison Private K 3rd Devel Battalion , 152nd Dep Brigade 4-Oct-1918
Creamer Fred Private Auxiliary Remount Depot 303 13-May-1919
Crean Patrick J. Private First Class I 306th Infantry 14-May-1919
Cregan George Private Battery C 57th C. A. C. 31-Oct-1918
Cregan Joseph L. Bugler I 161th Infantry 28-Oct-1918
Cregan Stephen Private M 308th Infantry 9-Nov-1918
Crego Arthur V. Corporal Company C 102nd Field Signal Battalion 17-Oct-1918
Crego Fred J CPL 2nd Bn Intelligence Sec 310th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Creighton Joseph Vincent 80th 6th Regiment 19-Jul-1918
Creighton Karl K Pvt Co A Sec B Sldr Tng Cp 18-Oct-1918
Cretton Benjamin J. Private C 105th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Crews Crawford Private H 369th Infantry 1-Oct-1918
Cricchio Gustave Cook 23rd Group 2 M. Trk. Det 10-Oct-1918
Crilly Cornelius A. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 13-Aug-1918
Crim Earl F PFC M 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Crimmins John P. Private First Class A 106th Infantry 11-Nov-1918
Crimonia Rocco Private First Class Butchery 308th Quartermaster Corp, B Sec. 22-Aug-1918
Crisci Frank Private A 314 M. Sup. Tn. 30-Oct-1918
Criscuolo Louis Private H 308th Infantry 17-Aug-1918
Crisp Arthur C 310th Infantry 20-Sep-1918
Critser Ross Seaman 2nd Cl USN 30-Sep-1918
Crittenden David PVT Aviation Sec, Ft.Dam, Houston, Tex 31-Mar-1918
Crittenden Errol D Pvt Co H 312th Engrs 15-Oct-1918
Croak Joseph Wagoner Sup 114th Infantry 26-Dec-1918
Crocco Frank Mech. Headquarters Detachment 301st Engineers 7-Jun-1919
Crocka Jacob Private M 308th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Croft Walter Howard Fireman 3rd Class 30-Sep-1918
Croft William, Jr. Private Company K 309th Infantry 21-Nov-1918
Crogan Giton Private, 1st class Medical Department 8-Oct-1918
Cromarty William F. Private Headquarters Troop 77th Division 11-Sep-1918
Crombie William J. Private Battery C 310th Field Artillery 18-Oct-1918
Cronin James L Private First Class B 307th Infantry 21-Jul-1918
Cronin John A., Jr. Corporal Company E 165th Infantry 31-Jul-1918
Cronin Thomas John Private B 165th Infantry 21-Oct-1918
Cronin William A PVT Quartermaster Corps Unit No 2 4-Oct-1918
Cronk Ceylon G Sgt 1st cl Co E 1st Engrs 21-Jul-1918
Cronkhite Alexander P Major Eng(Capt) 25-Oct-1918
Cronn George Private C 38th Infantry 7-Aug-1918
Crosbie Samuel F Sgt Co C 107th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Crosby Harry E 1LT Co L 108th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Cross Cassius C. Private First Class Headquarters 107th Infantry 24-Oct-1918
Cross Charles E. Private Company G 306th Infantry 28-Aug-1918
Cross Harley D. Private 1st Class Company A 310th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Cross Jay E Wagoner Supply 16th Infantry 20-May-1918
Cross Seth G Wag Sup Co 348th Kinf 27-Oct-1918
Cross Thomas Private First Class G 106th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Cross Waite Alfred PVT C 18th Infantry 10-33-19 6-Oct-1918
Cross John E Pvt Co B MG Bn 18-Dec-1918
Crossman Charles J. Sergeant First Class G 83rd Infantry 3-Oct-1918
Crosson Matthew G. Sergeant E 54th Pioneer Infantry 7-Oct-1918
Crotty Edmund Pvt 1st cl Co B 6th Engrs 8-Aug-1918
Crotty Peter J. Sergeant K 165th Infantry 2-Aug-1918
Crotty Thomas Private D 61st Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Crouch William C CPL M 310th Infantry 22-Sep-1918
Crouse William P Pvt Co K 307th Inf 12-Oct-1918
Crowder William A 45th 6-Jun-1918
Crowe Allen Corporal I 165th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Crowe George C.
Crowley Daniel L PFC C 302nd Engineers 13-Oct-1918
Crowley Edward Jerome Sergeant F 307th Infantry 15-Sep-1918
Crowley James Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N. 3-Nov-1917
Crowley John J SGT M 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Crowley John J. Private A 301st Engineers 9-Oct-1918
Crowley John J. Private First Class H 328th Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Crowley Patrick F. Mess Sergeant A 2nd Engineers 20-Jul-1918
Crowley Timothy J. Sergeant Company C 306th Infantry 20-Aug-1918
Crump Samuel Jr. 1st Lieutenant B 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Crunden William H. Corporal M 165th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Crupin Solomon Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 7-Oct-1918
Cruse James J Pvt Co B 369th Inf 14-Oct-1918
Crusius Roy T Pvt Med Det Post Madison Bks NY 7-Jun-1918
Cruz Tony NA
Crygier Howard Peter I 13th Regiment 24-Sep-1918
Crystal Morris Private B 310th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Cubisino Salvatore Private H 147th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Cucchiara Silvestre Private First Class D 302nd Engineers 5-Nov-1918
Cuddihy Michael E. Sergeant M 105th Infantry 9-Nov-1918
Cuddleback Maynard A. Private Company E 307th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Cuddy George J. Private F 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Cudlipp Jerome M. 2nd Lieutenant A.S.S.C. 23-Sep-1918
Cudmore John T. Private First Class M 106th Infantry 2-Sep-1918
Cuff Edward C. Corporal Navy Yard, D.C. 11-Jul-1918
Cuifetelli Lareto Pvt CoL 307th Inf 10-Oct-1918
Culbane Daniel Joseph PVT A 310th Infantry 25-Oct-1918
Culeton George C. Corporal D 108th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Culeton Raymond J. Private D 15th Battalion 23-Oct-1918
Cullen Austin Private First Class M. G. 4th Infantry 24-Jul-1918
Cullen Frank J SGT G 23rd Infantry abt. 10/20/1918
Cullen Hugh CPL C 16 Bn, US Guards 9-Oct-1918
Cullen John J Private Prov Co A Chem War Serv, Camp Kendrick 16-Feb-1919
Cullen Richard W. Private First Class B 307th Infantry 1-Sep-1918
Cullen Thomas A. Private First Class E 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Cullen Thomas M. Private First Class Camp Hospital , Fort Clark Texas 22-Oct-1918
Cullen William J. Corporal 333rd Guard & Fire 12-Dec-1918
Cullington Thomas R. Private 1st class Company E 103rd Engineers 20-Nov-1918
Cullington William T. Private First Class D 407th Tel Battalion 7-Jan-1918
Cumings Wells Bradley 80th 30-Jun-1918
Cumiskey Charles J Cpl 11th Co 20th Engrs 16-Aug-1918
Cummings Clarence H PFC Hq 306th Infantry 14-Aug-1918
Cummings Edward A. Corporal E 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Cummings Francis P. 74th 5-Oct-1918
Cummings Frank W PFC L 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Cummings Fred P. Private First Class Tng , A 13th Battalion Infantry Repl. 18-Oct-1918
Cummings John B. Private F 107th Infantry 24-Oct-1918
Cummings Joseph A. Private 3rd Officers Tng. School 11-Mar-1918
Cummings Oscar W Pvt Co C Sept Auto Repl 10-Oct-1918
Cummings William F. Private Company B 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Cundy Harry M. Private First Class K 106th Infantry 1-Sep-1918
Cunnane James Private C 306th M. G. Battalion 29-Sep-1918
Cunningham Ambrose J. Corporal M 307th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Cunningham Arthur H. 2nd Lieutenant Company H 105th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Cunningham Bertran L. Lieutenant (J.G.) 22-Oct-1917
Cunningham George Private C 108th Infantry 11-Jan-1919
Cunningham Harold B. Private 1st class Battery C 3rd Field Artillery 19-Sep-1918
Cunningham Joseph N. Private First Class D 306th M. G. Battalion 14-Sep-1918
Cunningham Lucius A PVT K 23rd Infantry 6-Jun-1918
Cunningham Patrick Private First Class K 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Cunningham Thomas F. Private C 53rd Pioneers Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Cunningham William Private 1st Class B 33d Infantry 5-Feb-1920
Cuoco Frank A. Corporal E 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Cuozzo Guiseppe Pvt Co L 309th Inf 20-Sep-1918
Curcio Tony Private M. G. 167th Infantry 24-Feb-1919
Curovish Joseph H Pvt Co I Div Bn 5-Oct-1918
Curran Edward F Cpl Btry D 320th FA 27-Dec-1918
Curran John J. Private A 121st M. G. Battalion 4-Aug-1918
Curran Thomas Private First Class G 310th Infantry 20-Sep-1918
Curran William A PFC G 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Curran William A. [Musician] Headquarters 5th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Currazzo Pasqualo Private M 4th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Curry Clarence T. Private Headquarters Company 9th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Curry Eugene Edward App Seamn USNRF 11-Apr-1917
Curry Frank P. Wagoner Headquarters 105th M. G. Battalion 5-Nov-1918
Curry James E. Seaman U.S.N. 7-Nov-1920
Curry Thomas H. Private I 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Curth Ernest F. Corporal Company E 18th Infantry 23-May-1918
Curti Joseph F. Private A 47th Infantry N. Y. N. G. 1-Dec-1917
Curtice Rex 67th 5th Regiment 6-Jun-1918
Curtin George F. Machinist Mate 1st class 5-Mar-1919
Curtin John Joseph Private 2nd Quartermaster Corps Detachment 16-Jan-1919
Curtin Thomas E Pvt Co E 312th Inf 16-Oct-1918
Curtin Thomas J. Sergeant First Class D 165th Infantry 12-Sep-1918
Curtin Stephen Private A 165th Infantry 29-Jul-1918
Curtis Clyde E Pvt Co M 108th Inf 4-Oct-1918
Curtis Felix R. J. Private C 165th Infantry 12-Sep-1918
Curtis Horace Hartson 13th Regt 22-Sep-1918
Curtis Howard Private H 23rd Infantry 27-Jul-1918
Curtis James Private A 59th Pioneer Infantry 15-Sep-1918
Curtis James F. 2nd Lieutenant M. G. 105th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Curtiss Oliver L. Corporal Company M 7th Infantry 2-Jul-1918
Curto Frank Private First Class A 47th Infantry 14-Oct-1917
Cusack Thomas F PVT A 59th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Cusack Timothy F. Private K 305th Infantry 5-Nov-1918
Cushman Joseph P. Corporal K 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Cushman William Reynolds Lieut Commander (Retired List) 27-Aug-1919
Cusick John Private Headquarters 59th Pioneer Infantry 27-Feb-1919
Cutler Grant H. Private 3rd Company Camp Devens Replacement Draft 14-Mar-1918
Cutler Lewis J. Private Company G 60th Infantry 6-Nov-1918
Cutler Stuart S. Ensign 10-Oct-1918
Cuykendall Edgar Private E 105th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Cwik Vincent O Pvt Hq 2d Bn Cp Amatol NJ 11-Oct-1918
Cyborosiy Wladyslaw PVT D 312th Infantry 14-Nov-1918
Cybulski Wladyslaw J Pvt 25th Co 7th Tng Bn 158 Dep Bde 6-Oct-1918
Czerniejewski Louis Pvt Co K 328th Inf 8-Oct-1918


This information was indexed from: Roll of honor: Citizens of the State of New York who died while in the service of the United States during the World war. New York (State). Adjutant General's Office. -- Albany: J.B. Lyon Company, 1922.

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