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Roll of honor:
Citizens of the State of New York who died while in the service of the United States during World War I

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Last Name First Name Rank Company Regiment Date of Death
D' Agarioff Genia Private First Class Headquarters Enl. Staff, Camp AA Humphreys 13-Oct-1918
D'Agostino Guido Corporal D 9th Infantry 25-Jul-1918
D'Agostino Joseph Musician 3rd Class Headquarters 326th Infantry 28-Oct-1918
D'Agostino Patrick Private Headquarters Tr. 42nd Division 30-Jul-1918
D'Aloia Carmine Private [Training] [14th Main Training Dep. M. G.] Camp Hancock GA. 7-Nov-1918
D'Amico Pietro R. Private I 316th Infantry 5-Nov-1918
D'Amico Zepito Private L 327th Infantry 15-Mar-1918
D'Antono Angelo Private Medical Department 2-Nov-1918
D'Auria John Private First Class F 325th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
D'Avella John Private D 306th Infantry 5-Nov-1918
D'Elio Raffaole Private First Class L 307th Infantry 7-Nov-1918
D'Esposito Frank M. Sergeant B 305th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
D'Eufenia Michael J. Private Headquarters Company 22nd Infantry 8-Oct-1918
D'Orio Gaetano Private Company B 325th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Dabbs John J. Lieutenant Junior Grade 24-Dec-1918
Dagner Harold G. Private 12th Eastern N. Y.C.A.C. 13-Oct-1918
Dahdah Nageeb Pvt Co A Prov Bn Cp Perry OH 10-Oct-1918
Dahill Cornelius Private [1st Provisional Regiment Ordnance Training C] 28-Nov-1918
Dahl Peter D Pvt Co L 308th Uinf 17-Oct-1918
Dahlbender George A. Private Battery D 5th Trench Mortar Battery 8-Oct-1918
Dahm John M Pvt 1st cl Co D 310th Inf 20-Oct-1918
Daimler Charles F. C 71st Infantry N, Y.N.G./105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Dakin John E. Private Battery B 35th Field Artillery 20-Oct-1918
Daley Christopher J. Private 4-Oct-1918
Daley Cornelius Private D 112th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Daley Cornelius Private First Class C/G 12th Infantry N. Y.N.G/108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Daley Eugene R Pvt Co C 30th MG Bn 5-Oct-1918
Daley Frank Private C 69th Infantry N. Y/165th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Daley Hugh Private 1st Class L 107th Infantry 20-Aug-1918
Daley James Private 1st class Machine Gun Company 305th Infantry 5-Nov-1918
Daley Joseph L. Private H 51st Infantry 27-Dec-1917
Daley Joseph Michael Cpl 18th Co Juun 10, 1918
Dallas Leonard G. Sergeant Major Battery A
Dallinger George N. Private G 4th Infantry 2-Oct-1918
Dalrymple Theron E SFC A 1st Engrs 10-May-1918
Dalton Francis 78th 4-Oct-1918
Dalton James H. Fireman, 1st class U.S.N. 4-Oct-1918
Dalton Jeremiah Joseph 21-Oct-1918
Dalton Leonard Leo Private K 18th Infantry 7-May-1918
Dalton Richard Private L 115th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Daly Edward J Pvt Co G 105th Inf 18-Jun-1918
Daly George A. Battery F 51st Artillery C.A.C 28-Jul-1918
Daly James W. Private K 165th Infantry 29-Jul-1918
Daly John P Pvt Med det Evac Hosp 11 11-Oct-1918
Daly William H. Private 3rd Quartermaster Detachment Newport News VA. 15-Oct-1918
Damaschke Harry C Seaman USNRF 14-Jul-1917
Damato Anthony Private A 306th Infantry 24-Aug-1918
Damavara Christ Coxswain USNRF 14-Jun-1918
Damere Tom Coxswain USNRF 14-Jun-1918
Damico Maramo Private 153rd Dep Brig 2-Oct-1918
Dammann Frank C. Private First Class D 5th M. G. Battalion 25-Feb-1919
Damon Linus E. Private 21st Ret. Gen. Ser. Infantry, Ft. Slocum 5-May-1919
Damone Ralph Private B 305th Infantry 5-Jun-1918
Damscott John F Pvt 1st cl Co C 308th inf 5-Oct-1918
Dana Charles Loomis, Jr B 13th Regiment 12-Oct-1918
Dana Erie D. Private First Class 329th Gd. & Fire 16-Dec-1918
Danaher James T Co A 105th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Dancey James A. Mess Sergeant M 369th Infantry 1-Aug-1918
Dandlinger Leon Pvt Bakers and Cooks Sch 5-Oct-1918
Dane Elmer W Sgt Co G 309th Inf 11-Feb-1919
Dangelo Antonio PVT A 310th Infantry 1-Oct-1918
Dangelo Mariano Private B 591st Engineers 7-Jul-1918
Danguy Victor Private Supply 16th Field Artillery 22-Dec-1918
Daniel James Private B 329th Infantry 28-Dec-1918
Daniel John V. Private First Class M 102nd F. Signal Battalion 3-Oct-1918
Daniel William J. Stable Sergeant Supply 319th Field Artillery 3-Dec-1918
Daniels Albert G. Private, 1st class Company E 307th Infantry 2-Dec-1918
Daniels Charles R. 2nd Lieutenant 125th Infantry 23-Nov-1918
Daniels Loren Raymond Fireman 3rd Class 3-Aug-1917
Daniels Maurice V Pvt Co I 108th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Daniels Victor Private D 16th Engineers 29-Mar-1918
Dann Charles Lafayette Chief Water Tender 22-Sep-1918
Dann William M. Private Battery E 334th Field Artillery 29-Sep-1918
Dannenberg Isaac Private K 312th Infantry 24-Oct-1918
Dannhardt Peter Private First Class M 308th Infantry 5-Sep-1918
Dante Peter Private First Class G 326th Infantry 11-Oct-1918
Dantzig Mark Private First Class C 305th Infantry 5-Sep-1918
Danwit Daniel Corporal Butchery 349th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Danzinger David Private L 305th Infantry 1-Nov-1918
Danzis Alex Arlington Private Sn. Det. 101st Field Artillery 1-Nov-1918
Darby Walton Carpenter Midshipman 6-Sep-1920
Dargan Arthur Ralph Pvt Co A 310th Engrs 8-Oct-1918
Dargavel James W. [Regimental Supply Sergeant] Supply 48th Infantry 24-Jan-1919
Darling Carl M Cpl Co A 303d Hq Tn and MP 9-May-1918
Darling Elton H Pvt 1st cl Co D 52 TBS CAPO 717 14-Aug-1918
Darling Gilbert M Pvt Co H 107th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Darling Herbert Delancy Pvt Co E 306th Inf 28-Oct-1918
Darragh Patrick J. Mess Attendant, 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 21-Oct-1918
Darrell Lester Harry Cpl Co L 13th Regt USMC 29-Sep-1918
Dart Charles George PVT Motor Transport 326th Quartermaster Corps 7-Dec-1918
Darzinski Alexander Private M. D. Camp, Camp Greenleaf GA. 9-Oct-1918
Dash Karl J PVT 118th Engrs 19-Oct-1918
Dashnaw John L PVT A Devl Bn, Ft. Sill, Okla 14-Dec-1918
Daskowick Peter Private Company I 108th Infantry 17-Jun-1918
Dater Waldo Van Dyke Seaman 2nd Class 6-Nov-1918
Datskof Vasil Private M 147th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Dattlebaum Harry A. 1st Lieutenant San. C. 5-Apr-1918
Daub John [Bugler] 30th 152nd Dep. Brigade 15-Dec-1918
Daudelin Omer PVT Med Det, BH No 65 29-Sep-1919
Daur Francis J. Private Provisional Company 14 102nd signal Training Corps, Camp Stuart, VA 14-Oct-1918
Dausch William Sergeant I 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Davenport Horace Elmer PVT Hq 104th Infantry 24-Sep-1919
Davenport Thomas S. Private L 307th Infantry 2-Nov-1918
Davgin Charles [Bugler] F 26th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Davias Socrates Private H 26th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
David Harry V. Private Headquarters Company 105th Infantry 3-Nov-1918
Davidian Paronag Private B [344th] M. G. Battalion 31-Dec-1918
Davidowitz Joseph Private H 115th Infantry 22-Sep-1918
Davidson Ralph J Pvt Hq Co 11th inf 14-Sep-1918
Davidson William H Cpl Co A 108th Inf 18-Jul-1918
Davidson Fred F. Private E 2nd Devel Battalion, 152nd Dep Brigade 28-Jan-1919
Davidson Julius Private 41st 152nd Dep. Brigade 12-Oct-1918
Davidson Morris Private B 344th M. G. Battalion 24-Oct-1918
Davidson Norman Private H 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Davidson Reuben Corporal Headquarters [306th Field Artillery] 7-Nov-1918
Davies Owen PVT M 39th Infantry 19-Jul-1918
Davies William PVT B 23rd Infantry 6-Jun-1918
Davios Harold Private First Class G 326th Infantry 11-Oct-1918
Davis Andrew J. Jr. Private First Class G 34th Infantry 3-Nov-1918
Davis Andrew McK. Private Company A 3d Provost Regiment, 156th Dep. Brigade 28-Sep-1918
Davis Charles J. Private Company F 305th Infantry 3-Oct-1918
Davis Eugene L PVT D 18th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Davis Fay Irving Private H 51 Prov. Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Davis Floyd L. Private Battery F 53rd Field Artillery 21-Dec-1918
Davis Fred H CPL I 107th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Davis George P. Private E 369th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Davis George T. Jr. Private First Class Supply 105th Field Artillery 27-Feb-1919
Davis Griffith 1Sgt Hq Det 326th Labro Bn 15-Feb-1919
Davis Jacob A. Private B 26th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Davis James Fredick Smn 2d cl USNRF 28-Sep-1918
Davis James P. Private First Class K 2nd Infantry 5-Jul-1917
Davis John J. Private C 11th Cavalry 5-Apr-1917
Davis John J. Private [Ordinance Detachment] 6th Infantry 6-Nov-1918
Davis Joseph Private B 121st M. G. Battalion 10-Oct-1918
Davis Joseph Meadow 97th 4-Oct-1918
Davis Lawrence Emmons Pvt Co A Stu United States. Army Tng Corps 16-Oct-1918
Davis Mark Private H 124th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Davis Nathan Private D 107th Infantry 26-Oct-1918
Davis Oliver R. Sergeant Company D 9th Infantry 13-Sep-1918
Davis Powell Sergeant F 15th Infantry N. Y. N. G. 11-May-1918
Davis Robert G Cpl Sqdn BAS Sig Corps 13-Oct-1918
Davis Robert McC. Private Company A 107th Infantry 16-Aug-1918
Davis Selah Private 1st Class M 310th Infantry 31-Jul-1918
Davis Stanley L. Private I 26th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Davis Theron Private 1st Class D 102d Infantry 20-Apr-1918
Davis Vernon Private First Class F 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Davis Walter J. Private 3rd Ordinance Reinforce Det. 14-Oct-1918
Davis William Mess Attendant, 3d Class 14-Sep-1918
Davis William D Colonel Field and Staff 361st Infantry 1-Nov-1918
Davis William G. 1st Lieutenant C 541st Engineers 7-Oct-1918
Davis Willis E Pvt 1st cl MD Evac Hosp 24
Davis William B. Sergeant 5th C.A.C. Ft. Hamilton 20-Apr-1917
Davison Alden Cadet A.S. Sig. E. R.C. 27th Aero Squadron 26-Dec-1917
Davison Laurie E. Private C 7th Infantry N. Y. G. 2-Oct-1918
Davitt James Private E 326th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Dawe LeRoy Private F 51st Pioneer Infantry 13-Feb-1919
Dawson Charles James Private E 308th Infantry 20-Jul-1918
Dawson Clarence J. Private Headquarters Company 307th Infantry 16-Apr-1919
Dawson George A Pvt Co E 309th Inf 21-Sep-1918
Dawson John J. Private Headquarters 309th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Dawson Samuel J. Corporal Company K 34th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Day Buell Van Keuren Landsman for Q. M. “A” 17-Feb-1918
Day Clarence E. Private E 326th Infantry 21-Oct-1918
Day Edward A Pvt Co A 105th MG Bn 27-Sep-1918
Day Everett 1st Cook 328th F Hosp, 307th Sn Tn 17-Sep-1918
Day Frank Joseph Private B 306th M. G. Battalion 12-Dec-1918
Day Harvey Leander Private 6th 2nd Training Battalion, 151st Dep Brigade 22-Apr-1918
Daymont Ulises C. Private 1st class Company I 9th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
De Alleaume Arthur W. Private Battery B 5th Trench Mortar Battalion 7-Oct-1918
De Barbiery Joseph G. Sergeant Company A 305th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
De Bells Vincent Private B 114th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
De Belmonte Henry Wardroom Steward U.S.N.R.F. 3-Jul-1917
De Boe Frank J. Private E 107th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
De Carnis William Private C 307th Infantry 15-Sep-1918
De Caro Joseph Private C 53 Pioneer Infantry 5-Oct-1918
De Cristo Alfred Private Sec C Post Gd, Op., Greenleaf 12-Oct-1918
De Fay Ernest Earl Corporal K 311th Infantry 24-Nov-1918
De Feo Nicholas Private D 9th Infantry 6-Nov-1918
De Filippis Floro Private F 57th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
De Flora Ralph Private Salv. Quartermaster Corps, Camp Upton 15-Jan-1919
De Forge John F. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N. 10-Oct-1917
De Fureo Augusto Private H 147th Infantry 11-Oct-1918
De Gisi Joseph Private Company C 2nd Anti-aircraft Machine Gun Battalion 30-Oct-1918
De Groodt Fay Medkiff Landsman for Machinist Mate, “A” 24-Sep-1918
De La Torre Juan Mess Attendant U.S.N. 7-Jan-1919
De Lacey Matthew F. Private Headquarters 106th Infantry 17-Oct-1916
De Lameter Harry Pvt 3d Co 7th Prov Ord Dep 19-Oct-1918
De Lawrence Lawrence Ships Cook, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 14-Oct-1918
De Lee James E. Sergeant Battery A 7th Field Artillery 16-May-1918
De Long Lillian H. Landsman for yoeman U.S.N.R.F. 7-Oct-1918
De Luca Attansio Private [Unassigned] 18-Oct-1918
De Luca Francis J. Private 54th Dep Brigade 9-Sep-1918
De Marco Pasquale A. Private First Class I 106th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
De Mello Claudio Viriato Private Battery A 17th Field Artillery 18-Feb-1919
De Mott Thomas S. Private 1st class Battery C 311th Field Artillery 28-Feb-1919
De Muth Frank F. Private D 69th Infantry N. Y. N. G., 165th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
De Natale Alphonse Private H 112th Infantry 6-Nov-1918
De Palma Domonico Private E 4th Pioneer Infantry 10-Oct-1918
De Palma Frank Water Tender 23-Oct-1918
De Ponso Lidovico Private Battery F 301st Field Artillery 14-Oct-1918
De Primo Dominick Private B 14th Battalion U. S. Guards 6-Oct-1918
De Roever Frederick A. Private H 305th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
De Rose Dominick Private Q. M. X. 12-Jan-1919
De Salvo Leonard Private D 328th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
De St. Croix Mather Private M 23rd Infantry 6-Jun-1918
De Stefano Enrico Private 7 Provisional Labor Battalion, 3 21-Jan-1919
De Vaucene George P. Machinist Mate, 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 1-Nov-1918
De Veny Harry W. Sergeant Company G 9th Infantry 26-Jun-1918
Deagin Robert E. Ensign 4-Oct-1918
Deakins Aubrey P. Ensign 6-Jan-1918
Deamer Elmer Ray Private H 57th Pioneers Infantry 3-Oct-1918
Dean Allen C. Private Company B 312th Military Police 23-Oct-1918
Dean John G Pvt Co C 109th MG Bn 1-Oct-1918
Dean John S Private G 127th Infantry 24-Oct-1918
Dean Percy a. Corporal L 26th Infantry 7-Oct-1918
Dean Stanley Captain Quartermaster Corps
Dean David H. Mec. B 11th Infantry 12-Sep-1918
DeAngelis Anthony D. Private First Class C 306th Infantry 11-Oct-1918
Deans William J PVT Sn Det 313th Infantry 17-Sep-1918
Dearden Arthur Private C 303rd F. Sig. Battalion 18-Apr-1918
Dearing Harry A. M. G. 7th Infantry N. Y. G. (165th Infantry) 14-Oct-1918
Dearoff Harry Chief Water Tender U.S.N. 16-Nov-1919
Deas Richard D. Private B 369th Infantry 26-Dec-1918
Deasy Arthur J. Quartermaster, “A” U.S.N. 26-Sep-1918
DeBadts Orice Private C 305th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
DeBaun Henry PFC F 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Debaun William H. Private First Class B 1st Gas Regiment 3-Oct-1918
Decker Albert Private Med. Repl Unit 59 11-Oct-1918
Decker Byron W. Private First Class C 325th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Decker Elmer J Wag Hq Co 2 AAA MG Bn 17-Feb-1919
Decker Leo B CPL M 107th Infantry 22-Nov-1918
Decker Lester L. Private Company I 133rd Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Decker Louis L Private D 312th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Decker Stanley Victor Sergeant M. G. 59th Infantry 10-Aug-1918
Deckro Floyd H. 81st Company 6th Machine Gun Battalion 3-Jun-1918
DeCoots Tony Private A 15th M. P. 5-Oct-1918
Decoste Albert V Pvt Co B Sec B Stu Tng Cp 22-Oct-1918
Decry Frank W. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 8-Oct-1918
Dederer Ellsworth H 1st Lt E 311th Infantry 27-Oct-1918
Dedicke Earnest C 1st Lt Engrs Rc Att Co D 6th Engrs 15-Jul-1918
Dee David J. Private Troop B 6th Cavalry 23-Oct-1918
Deegan Michael J Corporal 9th 3d Bn, 154th Dep Brig 12-Oct-1918
Deen Russell H. Seaman 6-Feb-1918
Deevy William J. 1st Lieutenant C 18th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Defabbis Anthony Corporal G 6th Infantry 4-Nov-1918
DeFabio Nicholas Private E 116th Engineers 19-Jun-1918
Defabio Nicholas Private Company E 116th Engineers 19-Jun-1918
DeFede Joseph Private M 11th Infantry 2-Oct-1918
Defee Carmine J. Private H 11th Infantry N.Y.N.G.( Co. A, 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
DeForest Damon B. Private First Class C 105th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Deforest Walter Sergeant A 105th Infantry 1-Sep-1918
DeForzi Ippolito Private Battery C 19th Field Artillery 12-Feb-1919
DeFrancisco Nicholas Private L 312th Infantry 9-Oct-1918
DeFrisco Victor Private B 305th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Degenhart Harry I. Boatswains Mate, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 8-Aug-1918
Degirolomo Joe PVT E 3rd Infantry 9-Oct-1918
Degnan James Francis Corporal 51st 5th Regiment 10-Nov-1918
Degnan John 66th 5th Regiment 6-Jun-1918
Degnan Thomas Private M 306th Infantry 6-Sep-1918
Degnan Thomas F. Private B 11th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
DeGraff Raymond PFC MG 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
DeGraw John H PVT E 51st Pion Infantry 2-Jul-1918
Dehli Sverre Private E 359th Infantry 10-Feb-1919
Dehm William Private 3rd Amb N. Y. N. G./Amb Co. 107 30-Sep-1918
Dehmer Frederick W. F Squadron Air Service, Elberts Field, Lonoke, AR 29-Sep-1918
Deicke Herman C Pvt 1st cl Hq Co 305th Inf 17-Oct-1918
Deiters Harold Private M 23rd Infantry 6-Jun-1918
DeKruijiff Theodore 2nd Lieutenant Air Ser. Pro. Ctr. 2 16-Nov-1918
Del Gaudio John Machinists Mate, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 18-Oct-1918
Del Giudice Giovanni Private A 26th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Del Vecchio John Private C 106th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Delahunt Samuel K. Corporal C 7th Infantry NYNG/107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Delahy George Cpl Co L 107th Inf 21-Dec-1918
Delamore Arthur J. Private 21st 6th Tg. Battalion, 151st Dep Brigade 25-Sep-1918
Delaney Aloysius A Sergeant F 11th Infantry 21-Oct-1918
Delaney Frank Patrick App Smn USNRF 22-Oct-1918
Delaney Howard A PFC MG 109th Infantry 16-Jul-1918
Delaney James J. Seaman 6-Oct-1918
Delaney John Private Battery C 76th Field Artillery 28-Oct-1918
Delaney John J. Private B 114th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Delaney Thomas J. Private D 69th Infantry N. Y.N. G., 165th Infantry 29-Jul-1918
Delaney Thomas M. Private Battery F 104th Field Artillery 4-Nov-1918
Delaney William H Corporal A 26th Infantry 18-May-1918
Delaney William H. Corporal A 26th Infantry 18-May-1918
Delany James F. 2nd Lieutenant M. G. 315th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Delaripa Michael Private Headquarters 2 Gen. Tng. Dep., M. G. School Camp Hancock GA. 21-Oct-1918
Delekta John Private Company F 105th Infantry 20-Sep-1918
DeLester Arthur Francis Yeoman, 1st Class 22-Nov-1918
Delia Roeea P. Private 1st class Company E 58th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Delicati Robert Private 2nd Battalion , Edgewood Arsenal 1-Oct-1918
Dellacamera Vincenzo Private B 312th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Delmonico Antony CPL B 7th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Deloney Esdras J CPL D 328th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
DeLong Clarence Private B 305th Infantry 14-Aug-1918
DeLong Herbert W Pvt Co D 307th Inf 16-Sep-1918
Delong Millard L Pvt 3d Co 7th Prov Ord Bn 28-Nov-1918
DeLuce Lawrence PVT H 23rd Infantry 3-Nov-1918
Delvecchio John Private L 327th Infantry 12-Sep-1918
DeMann George M Wag 102 Sn Tn 1-Oct-1918
Demarco Louis J. Private 3rd 7th Pro. Ord. Det. 20-Oct-1918
Demarco Louis P. Private L 105th Infantry 31-Aug-1918
Demarest Frank C. Private Company G 71st Infantry 2-Oct-1918
DeMaria John A Pvt Co M 147th Inf 1-Nov-1918
Dematti Nicholas Private First Class K 310th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
DeMattis Italio B Chauffeur 107th Aero (Serv), Squadron AAS 2-Nov-1918
Demave Eugene Ships Cook, 1st class U.S.N. 30-Jan-1919
Demby David Corporal H 308th Infantry 2-Mar-1919
Demeis Pasquale PFC C 39th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Demesey Eugene J. Private A 165th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Demetrion Plato H. Private I 107th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Demetzki Egnatz Private First Class Headquarters 110th Infantry 15-Mar-1919
Demianovich Nicholas Private A 326th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
DeMichele Guiseppe PVT L 148th Infantry 1-Nov-1918
Deming William J PFC 1st Pion Inf 28-Dec-1918
Demorest Millard W. Corporal H 307th Infantry 22-Feb-1919
Dempsey Edward Private United States. Army Serv Det Quartermaster Corps, USMA, West Point, NY 2-Oct-1918
Dempsey Frederick Private L 15th Infantry N. Y. N. G., 369th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Dempsey Louis C. Private B 346th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Dempsey William J. Fireman, 1st class U.S.N. 13-Nov-1919
Dena John J. Private 1st Class Company A 8th M.G. Battalion 5-Oct-1918
Denaro Charles Private G 58th Infantry 7-Oct-1918
Dench Thomas Francis Private First Class Supply 322nd Quartermaster Corps 13-Feb-1919
Denecke William Private E 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Denell Frank J. Private M. G. 106th Infantry 9-Aug-1918
Denenny James M. Seaman 2nd Class 28-Sep-1918
DeNering John D. Private C 305th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Dengler Victor E M 327th Infantry 10-Oct-1918
DeNicols Arsenio PVT L 148th Infantry 2-Nov-1918
Denig George L. Private K 114th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Deniger Jesse J. Corporal E 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Dening Addison Lee Private 4th 1st Sapper Repl Battalion 21-Oct-1918
Denmark Lauren N Pvt 1st cl Med Det 3-Oct-1918
Dennee Frank A. 152nd Dep. Brigade 17-Dec-1918
Dennis Charles S Pvt Co M 36th Inf 21-Apr-1917
Dennis Thomas P. Private C 15th Battalion , U. S. Guard 3-Nov-1918
Dennison Ellery D Pvt Co E 5th Inf 29-Dec-1918
Dennison John Mess Sergeant H 6th Infantry 12-Sep-1918
Dennison Robert Kysor Private S.A.T.C. University of Rochester, NY 17-Dec-1918
Denny Thomas F. Private Headquarters 323rd Infantry 9-Oct-1918
Denon Charles E. Sergeant F 69th Infantry , N. Y. N. G. , 165th Infantry 31-Jul-1919
Denowitz Jacob Private First Class K 305th Infantry 15-Aug-1918
Densmore Robert B. Jr. Private [Tr. 1] 16th Cavalry 23-Jun-1917
Denton Leslie C Pvt 26th Inf 8-Oct-1918
Depew Frank Corporal F 9th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Depta Joseph Pvt 5th Tng Bn 153d Dep Bde 5-Oct-1918
DePuy Ivan G. Private Gas 1st Tnk , C. Camp Dix, N. J. 22-Oct-1919
Depuy Wilfred J. Private D 305th M. G. Battalion 23-Oct-1918
Derago Frank Ret, [Unassigned] Ft. Slocum NY
derby Samuel L Cpl Co E 309th Inf 17-Oct-1918
DeRham Charles Jr. 1st Lieutenant C 305th Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Derolland Gaston Private 102nd Amb 27-Oct-1918
Derrig Stephen V. Private E 69th Infantry N. Y. N. G., 165th Infantry 7-Sep-1918
Derry Fred A. Sergeant C 48th Infantry 5-Jan-1921
Derthick John A. Jr. Corporal C 106th M. G. Battalion 22-Oct-1918
DeRum Howard P Cpl Co C 102d Fld Tng Bn Sig 29-Sep-1918
Desantis Patsy Private H 167th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
DeSanto Joseph J. Private [Medical Department Unassigned] 4-Jul-1918
Desario Vincenzo PVT D 312th Infantry 24-Oct-1918
Desia John Private First Class 303rd Labor Quartermaster Corps 20-Oct-1918
Desimore Generino Private Company B 305th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Desmond Steve C. Corporal C 9th Infantry 4-Nov-1916
Dessoir Alfred Corporal Company C 61st Infantry 1-Nov-1918
Destito Antonio PVT B 347th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Detchon Benjamin C. Captain Ord Res. Corps Cas 1-Oct-1918
Detrani Dominick A. Private First Class Battery E 306th Field Artillery 22-Oct-1918
Dettling Joseph V. Private L 308th Infantry 18-Mar-1918
Devall Lafayette Private B 5th Dev. Battalion 14-Oct-1918
Devanney Patrick Private E 308th Infantry 3-Oct-1918
Devens John R. Private D 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Devereaux James J PFC A 312th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Deveson George H Pvt 1st cl Co E 107th Inf 28-Sep-1918
Devine Frank Private First Class F 69th Infantry , N. Y. N. G. , 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Devine James F. Private First Class Quartermaster Corps Aux. Remount Depot 302, Camp Upton NY 26-Oct-1918
Devivo Ralph Private First Class D 306th Infantry 22-Jun-1918
Devlin James A. Private D 106th M. G. Battalion 21-Oct-1918
Devlin Leslie A. Private C 316th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Devlin William J. Private Supply 106th Infantry 5-May-1918
Devonmille Edward A. Private H 23rd Infantry N. Y. N. G. , 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Devries Anthony A. Corporal I 306th Infantry 5-Mar-1919
Dewhurst John R. Landsman for Electrician-Radio U.S.N.R.F. 19-Oct-1918
Dexter Robert I Cpl Co B 309th Inf 12-Feb-1919
Dexter William C. Private Company F 311th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
DeYoung Jacob Peter Machinist Mate USN 6-Feb-1918
Di Gennaro Joseph Private K 9th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Di Griorio Raffzele Private G 9th Infantry 14-Jun-1918
Di Jorio Thomas Private B 316th Infantry 11-Nov-1918
Di Leo Antonio Private First Class D 305th Infantry 6-Sep-1918
Di Miceli Salvatore Private D 307th Infantry 10-Sep-1918
Di Paola Peter Private G 305th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Di Pasquale Fortunato Private Company D 308th Infantry 14-Sep-1918
Di Santo Joseph Private M 308th Infantry 19-May-1918
Di'Donato Floriano Private I 58th Infantry 7-Oct-1918
Di'Orio Pasquale Private I 58th Infantry 3-Oct-1918
Di'Orio Vincenzo Private F 327th Infantry 26-Jan-1918
Diack Bruce Seaman U.S.N. 14-Dec-1918
Diamond Albert Sergeant M 9th Infantry 24-Jun-1918
Diamond Edward R Pvt Co H 312th Inf 19-Oct-1918
Diapolo Nicolo Pvt Co K 7th Inf 20-Oct-1918
Diaz Joseph J. Private Med. Dept. B. H. , Camp Merritt NJ 28-Sep-1918
Diaz Pedro Private G 106th Infantry 23-Oct-1918
Dibble Robert F. Ensign 25-Feb-1919
DiCarlo Angelo PVT E 305th Infantry 3-Oct-1918
Dick James F., Jr. Private 1st class Aviation 5-Jan-1918
Dickenson Arthur James Private E 2nd Division Battalion 152nd Dep Brigade 4-Oct-1918
Dickerson George I. Private First Class Quartermaster Corps 24-Nov-1918
Dickes Andrew A. Bugler Battery D 307th Field Artillery 30-Mar-1918
Dickey Floyd Pvt Co A 108th Inf 23-Jan-1918
Dickey Stephen W. 2nd Lieutenant C 110th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Dickie David Private [I] 18th Infantry 9-Jun-1918
Dickinson Harry Alfred Seamn 2d cl USN 13-Feb-1918
Dickson Harry L Pvt Co B 12th Inf 24-Aug-1917
Dickson Herbert F. Private 49th Tng Battery Field Artillery , Central Officers Tng School, Camp Taylor KY 7-Dec-1918
Dickson Winslow Pvt Co D 60th Inf 24-Nov-1918
Dickstein Morris Private C 4th Infantry 3-Oct-1918
Didley Anthony Cpl Hq Co 311th Inf 30-Oct-1918
Diedtrich Charles F. Private Quartermaster Corps, Camp Johnston FL. 4-Dec-1918
Diefenthal Clement Sergeant Amb 25th Sn. Tn. 17-Aug-1918
Diehl Henry E Pvt AS Sig C Unasgd 13-Feb-1918
Diele Giuseppe Private Company F 305th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Diener Henry Private M 30th Infantry 20-Nov-1918
Dienst Edward Private 306th M. Rep. Sh. Unit 4-Oct-1918
Diesel Louis Private First Class D 306th M. G. Battalion 8-Oct-1918
Diestelhorst Ernest H. Yoeman, 3rd class U.S.N. 31-May-1917
Dieterich Lewis C. Private H 110th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Dieterlin Gerald E. First Sergeant C 7th Regiment N. Y. Infantry, N. G., 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Dietrich Carl F. Private E 28th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Dietrich George J PFC I 305th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Dietter Otto Private First Class G 23rd N. Y Infantry , N. G. 106th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Dietz Martin L. Private K 64th Infantry 10-Jul-1917
Dietz William Harold Fireman, 2nd cl 24-Sep-1918
Dill John W Sgt Co M 9th Inf 4-Nov-1918
Dillard Alex W Major Infantry 4-May-1919
Dilley Roger Pvt 1st cl 250 Co MP 6-Feb-1919
Dillinger George Jr Wag Co B 513d Engrs 29-Jan-1918
Dillion John First Sergeant Headquarters 13th Infantry, Repl. and Tng Battalion 10-Sep-1918
Dillion John Wagoner Quartermaster Corps, Camp Merritt NJ 1-Nov-1918
Dillion Vincent A. Private First Class I 10th Infantry N. Y. N. G., 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Dillmann George Private 44th 11th Battalion , 153rd Dep. Brigade 22-Sep-1918
Dillon Ernest Pvt Co D 135th Inf 19-May-1918
Dillon Joseph Leo Apprentice Seaman 28-Sep-1918
Dilts Russell B. Sergeant Motor Truck. 537th M Sup. Tn. 11-Oct-1918
Dimaggio Rocco Private I 30th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Dimarco Joseph Private Headquarters 23rd Infantry 21-Apr-1918
Dimico Antonio Private L 39th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Dimmick Frank Chester Pvt 1st cl Co D 306th MG Bn 25-Sep-1918
Dina Michael Private F 11th Engineers 30-Nov-1917
Dinaro James Private E 115th Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Dinean Jeremiah F. Private A 69th Infantry., N. Y., N. G. , 165th Infantry 23-Oct-1918
Dingledine Elliott Nicholas Pvt Co D 306th MG bn 9-Oct-1918
DiNitto Erasmo PVT F 28th Infantry 21-Jul-1918
Dinitz Sam Private L 307th Infantry 12-Nov-1918
Dinsmore Pvt Hq Co 108th Inf 13-Oct-1918
Diodora Frank PVT Cement Mills Co. I A.S.C 28-Nov-1918
Dirago Nicholas Private F 328th Infantry 22-Aug-1918
Director Samuel Private First Class H 306th Infantry 5-Nov-1918
Dirusso Dominick PVT Hq 123rd Infantry 23-Oct-1918
Disappio Paul Private G 103rd Infantry 22-Jul-1918
Discher Frank E. Private First Class C 307th Supply Train 17-Aug-1918
Discue Jessie Pvt 41st o 11 Tng Bn 158th Dep Bde 5-Oct-1918
Dishaw Kernan K Seaman USN 28-Apr-1919
Disio Anthony Private First Class A 106th N. G. Battalion 18-Oct-1918
Diskin Michael Private K 106th Infantry 4-Nov-1918
Dismorne Fiordinande Pvt Co B 309th Inf 19-Oct-1918
Dissick Harry Private F 305th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Diston Jacob E. Private Unassigned 13-Oct-1918
Ditaranto Donato Private A 18th Infantry [10/11/1908]
Dittner Henry Pvt 1st cl Co C 307th Inf 6-Sep-1918
Diviesti Pasquale PVT 12th 3d Tng Bn, 153d Dep Brig (Co. C, 310th Infantry) 18-Oct-1918
Dix Conrad A PVT MTD, MG Tng, Camp Hancock, GA 16-Oct-1918
Dix Frank S. Machinist Mate, 2nd class U.S.N. 13-Aug-1918
Dixon Jerome J. 2d Lt A.S.A. 9-Dec-1918
Dixon Walter Pvt Co I 369th Inf 15-Oct-1918
Dixon Walter J. Unk A 26th Inf 28-May-1918
Dixon William R. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 9-Oct-1918
Dixson Walter E. Pvt 152d Dep Brig 16-Oct-1918
Dixstater Gregory F Seaman, 2nd Class USNRF 27-Jan-1917
Dlouhy Charles PVT 80th 19th Bn, Syracuse Ret C, NY 26-Sep-1918
Dmochowski Jan Pvt D 114th Inf 12-Oct-1918
Doane Hugh R CPT H 112th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Doane Leroy L Private Headquarters Co 27th Field Artillery 24-Oct-1918
Dobbins Patrick J. Pvt 1st cl 2d U.S Dis Bks Gds 23-Aug-1918
Dobbs George H Pvt Co I 9th Inf 20-Jul-1918
Dobbs Jordon E PFC D 309th MG Bn 1-Oct-1918
Dobmeier Joseph Pvt Co B 314 th Motor Sup Tn 27-Oct-1918
Dobrzynski John Pvt Co E 310th Engrs 25-Sep-1918
Docteur Michael C. Corporal Company G 306th Infantry 27-Aug-1918
Dodge Frederick App Smn USNRF 6-Oct-1918
Dodge Gordon 1st Lt 2d Ave Instruction Center 2-Oct-1918
Dodge Miles H. Sergeant 18th Company 1-Jun-1918
Dodge William J Pvt Co E 7th Inf 15-Jan-1918
Dodin James Pvt H 396th Inf 1-Jun-1918
Doeherty Henry Band Cpl C 306th Inf 19-Mar-1918
Doering Fred Pvt B 3d FA 29-May-1918
Doerr Louis Pvt 1st cl F 302d Engrs 26-Sep-1918
Doerr Walter Pvt Q.M.C 10-Oct-1918
Doherty William J. Sgt K 106th Inf 2-Sep-1918
Dolan Bernard L. Corporal Company I 309th Infantry 1-Nov-1918
Dolan Clarence G. Private 1st class Company D 417th Telephone Battalion 22-Sep-1918
Dolan Edward P Pvt Co I 307th Inf 14-Sep-1918
Dolan Frank Pvt F 52d Pion Inf 12-Mar-1919
Dolan James 1st Lt Engineers 8-Oct-1918
Dolan James E. Pvt C 9th Inf 18-Jul-1918
Dolan John Pvt D 165th Inf 29-Jul-1918
Dolan John Pvt K 305th Inf 20-Aug-1918
Dolan John Pvt I 308th Inf 16-Oct-1918
Dolan Joseph Pvt C 121st M.G. Bn 2-Sep-1918
Dolan William Pvt Vet. Hosp. No. 6 30-Sep-1918
Dollard Joseph P PVT B 311th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Dollinger Abraham Mach. D 126th Inf 5-Oct-1918
Doloboff Reuben Pvt M 161st Inf 13-Feb-1919
Dolphin Francis H PVT E 30th Engineers 25-Feb-1918
Dombrowski Frank J. Pvt E 305th Inf 4-Oct-1918
Dombrowski Frank T. Pvt M.D., 108th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Dombrowski Joseph Pvt C 16th Inf 8-Oct-1918
Domes Claude J Pvt 1st cl Co ,I 108th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Dominick Louis Private Company L 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Domkus Joseph Pvt 1st cl B 307th Inf 1-Sep-1918
Donaghy Rfrancis A. Shipwright U.S.N.R.F. 18-Mar-1918
Donahue Edward J. Pvt C 2 A.A., M.G. Bn 12-Oct-1918
Donahue James I. Corporal Company M 106th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Donahue James P SFC Det 1, USAP 17-Feb-1919
Donahue John J. 1st Sgt L 165th Inf 30-Jul-1918
Donahue John M. Pvt 1st cl M.G. Co 109th Inf 1-Oct-1918
Donahue John P. Pvt M 165th Inf 2-Aug-1918
Donahue Michael Private Company B 307th Infantry 15-Sep-1918
Donahue Walter E. 1st Lt K 309th Inf 2-Nov-1918
Donald Alexander Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N. 28-Apr-1917
Donaldson W H Chief Pharmacist Mate 6-Jan-1919
Donatelli Donatello Private 349th Company Medical Department, Replacement Draft, 26th Division 19-Oct-1918
Donato James Private Company G 310th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Dondero Frederick Joseph Corp D 307th Inf 28-May-1918
Donigan Gerald T Pvt Co I 108th Inf Sdep 29, 1918
Donlan Martin W. Pvt 2d Cp. Casual Det. Spruce Prod. Det. 2-Feb-1919
Donley Julius Michael SGT M 326th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Donlon Patrick Pvt G 114th Inf 12-Oct-1918
Donnabie Arthur N. Private C 117th Engineers 14-Oct-1918
Donnarummo Anthony Pvt Sn. Det. 329th Inf 8-Oct-1918
Donnegan Albert Pvt 1st cl Co K 325th Inf 18-Oct-1918
Donnellan Timothy Pvt 1st cl G 165th Inf 30-May-1918
Donnellon Joseph John Pvt Hq 306th Inf 7-Nov-1918
Donnelly Benjamin Private 157th Dep Brig 4-Sep-1918
Donnelly Dennis F CPL MG 107th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Donnelly James Sergeant B 165th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Donnelly James J Btry E 35th FA 19-Oct-1918
Donnelly John J Corporal L 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Donnelly Leo A PFC B 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Donnelly Rowland M. Private Company M 305th Infantry 6-Dec-1918
Donnelly Stephen E. Private Company C 309th Infantry 2-Oct-1918
Donnelly William Edgar Joseph Trumpeter 28-Sep-1918
Donohue John J. Pvt 1st cl B 106th Inf 27-Sep-1918
Donohue John J. Pvt F 165th Inf 6-Jun-1918
Donohue Michael F. Pvt Provost Guard M.G.Tng. Center, Camp Hancock 11-Dec-1918
Donovan Andrew Corp M 165th Inf 16-Oct-1918
Donovan Dennis Pvt 1st cl A 165th Inf 29-Jul-1918
Donovan Edward Pvt Non-effective Co. 2 Rec. Guard, Camp Johnston, FL 22-Oct-1918
Donovan James P. Pvt 1st cl F 105th FA 29-Sep-1918
Donovan John J. Corp F 105th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Donovan John L. Private First Class C 312th 24-Oct-1918
Donovan Michael J. Private 75th 18th Battalion 27-Sep-1918
Donovan Thomas F. Pvt E 105th FA 18-Jun-1918
Donovan William J. Pvt E 305th Inf 5-Oct-1918
Doody William J. Pvt 1st cl B 114th Inf 12-Oct-1918
Doolan Patrick J. Corp A 165th Inf 12-Sep-1918
Dooley Edward Pvt H 112th Inf 2-Oct-1918
Dooley Frank Pvt C 102d Engrs 30-Sep-1918
Dooley John Alfred Seaman, 2d Class 7-Mar-1918
Dooley Thomas Pvt 358th Bakery Co. 330th Inf 6-Oct-1918
Doolittle Aaron W Corporal I 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Doolittle Gilbert 1st Lieutenant Company B 303rd Engineers 25-Sep-1918
Dooman James J. Pvt 1st cl Hq Det 1st Ob. Gr. Sig. C 11-May-1918
Doop James E. Pvt 1st cl C 106th Inf 16-Aug-1918
Doppel Horman Pvt A 325th Inf 12-Oct-1918
Doran William E. 1st Lt Q.M.C 3-Jul-1919
Dorfer Joseph Pvt B 4th Inf 3-Oct-1918
Dorfman Alexander Pvt A 121st M.G. Bn 7-Oct-1918
Dorgan Edgar F. Seaman U.S.N. 26-Sep-1918
Dorian Thomas J. Pvt H 105th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Dorini Carlo Pvt D 306th Inf 15-Oct-1918
Doris Dennis J. Pvt L 23d Inf 28-Dec-1918
Doris James T., Jr. Sergeant 1st class Company D 302nd Engineers 28-Aug-1918
Doris John Joseph, Jr 80th Quantico, VA 20-Jul-1918
Doris Samuel Pvt B 315th Inf 28-Sep-1918
Dorman Tom L. Private Remount Depot, Front Royal, VA Quarter Master Corps 31-Aug-1917
Dorn Archie Nelson Pvt 124th Inf 17-Oct-1918
Dornburgh Clyde Jay Musc 2d cl USNRF 10-Mar-1918
Dornfield Sam Corp 5 U.S Dis Bks Gds, Governors' Island 9-Oct-1918
Dorries George F. Private Company C 307th Engineers 7-Oct-1918
Dorscheid Floyd F. Private Company M 307th Infantry 14-Sep-1918
Dorscheid Norbert B Pvt 1st cl MG Co 61 311th Inf 22-Sep-1918
Dorsey Gorreol Girard Pvt Q.M.C. Aug Repl Draft 303 17-Jan-1919
Dorsey John J. Musician, 2nd class 18-Oct-1918
Dorves Seward Private 1st class Company K 105th Infantry 24-Jan-1919
Doscher Fabian W. 2d Lt G 38th Inf 11-Oct-1918
Doscher Fabianx W. 2nd Lieutenant C 38th Infantry 11-Oct-1918
Dose Frederick C Captain Headquarters Co 60th Infantry 17-Dec-1918
Dost Franklin Ldeon Sgt 8th Co 5th Regt USMC 6-Jun-1918
Doty Eugene L. Corp F 165th Inf 10-Aug-1918
Doty LeRoy Arthur App Seamn USNRF 28-Jun-1918
Doty Percival G PVT Bln. Company Av. Sec. Sig. Corps 16-Oct-1918
Doty William D, Jr 2nd Lt M 168th Infantry 12-Sep-1918
Dotz Herman Pvt 1st cl 1 Div. N.G. Bn. 28-May-1918
Doud William Wiley PFC Btry D, 309th FA 1-Nov-1918
Dougherty James P. Private 75th Company 18th Battalion, Recruit Camp, Syracuse, NY 8-Oct-1918
Dougherty William L. Corp E 165th Inf 16-Oct-1918
Doughney Frank Sgt K 165th Inf 28-Jul-1918
Doughtery Bernard F. Private Battery B 46th Field Artillery, Coast Artillery Corps 26-Oct-1918
Doughty Walter C PVT 500 Aero Sq (Cons) 24-Feb-1918
Douglas Abraham Corp H 369th Inf 26-Sep-1918
Douglas Alfred Pvt B 106th Inf 27-Sep-1918
Douglas Allan W 1LT Btry A 113th FA 13-Sep-1918
Douglas James H PVT D 313th Lab Bn 9-Jun-1919
Douglas John F. Sgt M.G. 308th Inf 23-Aug-1918
Douglas Raymond Private 1st class Company G 107th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Douglas William L. Jr. Corp Hq 2d Pion. Inf. 7-Dec-1918
Douglas William W. Private Company C 310th Infantry 12-Feb-1919
Douglass Henry Corp L 369th Inf 30-Sep-1918
Douglass Jesse E. Pvt 1st cl K 107th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Dougrey Gates M Pvt Co C 11 Amm Tn 28-Sep-1918
Douty Harry C. Corp B 106th Inf 27-Sep-1918
Dovas Peter A. Sgt K 105th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Dow Alfred N. Pvt 1st cl I 305th Inf 13-Aug-1918
Dow Harold E. Private 1st Instr. Signal Cps 11-Oct-1918
Dow Samuel H. Private Colored Replacement Battalion, 1st Depot Division 30-Sep-1918
Dowd Charles A, Jr PFC M 310th Infantry 22-Sep-1918
Dowd Edward J. Private C 105th Infantry 10-Sep-1918
Dowd Edwin Anthony Seaman, 2nd Class 30-Jan-1919
Dowd John Francis Corp A 305th Inf 7-Sep-1918
Dowd John Joseph 55th Co 12-Jun-1918
Dowd William A. Machinist Mate, 2nd class 26-Oct-1918
Dowdell Francis J. Private Headquarters Company 7th Battalion, Mechanized Unit No.1, A.S.C. 5-Apr-1919
Dowling Edward T. 19th 5th Tng. Battalion, 153rd Dep. Brigade 11-Oct-1918
Dowling John J. Chief Commissary Steward U.S.N.R.F. 28-Sep-1920
Dowling Patrick J. 1st Lt K 165th Inf 29-Jul-1918
Down Earl L. Private Casual Detachment 153rd Dep Brigade 30-Sep-1918
Downey Paul Private Company A Syracuse University United States. Army Training Corps 17-Oct-1918
Downey Stephen J. Seaman, 2nd class Armed Draft Detail New York City 24-Nov-1917
Downing Denis Sgt G 165th Inf 5-May-1918
Downing George H. Private Company A 7th Infantry 23-Jun-1918
Downing John L. Private Battery C 33rd Field Artillery 8-Oct-1918
Downs George T. Pvt H 307th Inf 27-Aug-1918
Downs William F. Sergeant Headquarters Company 302nd Battalion 27-Nov-1918
Doyle Abram SGT Btry A, 6th FA 26-Nov-1918
Doyle Alfred B. Wagoner Supply Co 2-Nov-1918
Doyle Ambrose P. Pvt L 106th Inf 27-Sep-1918
Doyle Daniel William PVT E 7th Infantry 25-Oct-1918
Doyle Edward J Mec Co I 312th Inf 23-Oct-1918
Doyle Gilbert J. Seaman U.S.N. 26-Sep-1918
Doyle John J. Pvt D 105th M.G. Bn 16-Oct-1918
Doyle John P. Chief Boatswains Mate U.S.N.R.F. 26-Sep-1918
Doyle Joseph J. Pvt C Dev Bn, No 1, Camp Upton 7-Oct-1918
Doyle Leroy A PVT Medical Detachment 106th Infantry 2-Sep-1918
Doyle Thomas Pvt 1st cl B 165th Inf 15-Oct-1918
Doyle William J. Pvt B 165th Inf 28-Jul-1918
Doyle William Jr Private 1st Class F 307th Infantry 5-Sep-1918
Drab William J. Seaman 2nd class Training Station, Great Lakes, IL 30-Sep-1918
Drabble Phillip M. Pvt B 105th M.G. Bn 5-Nov-1918
Drabble William Wendell Sgt E 7th Inf 10-Oct-1918
Drain William Pvt E 165th Inf 7-Mar-1918
Drake Duane D. Private 1st class Battery D 19th Field Artillery 28-Sep-1918
Drake William A. Pvt M.G. 165th Inf 24-Sep-1918
Drake William S. Pvt A 6th Engineers 16-Jul-1918
Dramis Theodore Private 1st class Company M 113th Infantry 11-Oct-1918
Draper Arthur M. Pvt 1st cl B 303d F. Sig. Bn. 3-Nov-1918
Draper Frederick Pvt B 103d M.G. Bn. 18-Jul-1918
Drennan Thomas Landsman Electrician Gen. U.S.N.R.F. 12-Oct-1918
Dressel Charles Sgt M. Sup. Tn. 402d M.T.C. 23-Jan-1919
Dresser Ellsworth Seaman 2nd Class 10-Oct-1918
Dresser Fritz L. Captain Office of quartermaster 16-Oct-1918
Dresser Hans Private 5th Company 152nd Depot Brigade 28-Sep-1918
Dressor John F. Private Company D 1st Regiment, S.A.T.C. 21-Oct-1918
Drevinski Stanislov PFC Medical Detachment 106th Infantry 19-Oct-1918
Dreyer Richard F. Private 1st class Hq, 100th Aero Squadron 5-Feb-1918
Drezwicki Raphael A. Pvt L 307th Inf 14-Sep-1918
Driscoll Cornelius F Sgt 106th FA 1-Dec-1918
Driscoll Harry Mess Attendant, 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 18-Sep-1918
Driscoll Howard M. Unk G 106th Inf 20-Oct-1918
Driscoll Jerry J. Sergeant First Class F 303rd Engineers 15-Jul-1918
Driscoll John Joseph Sgt 1st cl GD Hq DWEST TC 9-Feb-1919
Driscoll Richard A. Pvt M Unk 12-Oct-1918
Driscoll William Pvt Co I 307th Inf 8-Sep-1918
Drucker Max Pvt C 25th FA 12-Sep-1918
Drudge Laverne W Pvt Co C 59th Pion Inf 10-Oct-1918
Drumgold James Private Company G 369th Infantry 7-Oct-1918
Drumm Holland E. Provisional Guard Camp Meade, MD 27-Jan-1919
Du Valle William J. Unk Tng. Co. 16th M.T. Det., M.G. Tng. Center 29-Sep-1918
Duane Alexander Pvt 1st cl B 107th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Duane Leon J Pvt Co F 165th Inf 17-Jul-1918
Duane Robert J. Corp C 107th Inf 4-Oct-1918
Dubey Joseph H Pvt Co A 28th Inf 5-Oct-1918
Dubin Victor Pvt M.D. Aug. Aut. Repl. Draft No. 62, Camp Crane 25-Sep-1918
Dubinsky Philip Corp H 307th Inf 27-Aug-1918
Dubradryz Charles Private Company K 30th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Dubuque Thomas J Pvt 1st cl Co C 6th Div Tn 27-Oct-1918
Ducket Sylvester Pvt H 359th Inf 1-Oct-1918
Dudinsky Paul Pvt L 148th Inf 4-Nov-1918
Dudley Carl A. 2d Lt A 306th M.G. Bn 15-Sep-1918
Dudley Earl B. 55th Company 12-Jun-1918
Dudley Harry C Pvt Co D 2d AA MG Bn 3-Nov-1918
Dudley Harry T. Private 1st class Company M 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Dudley William McK 2LT ASA 29-Dec-1918
Duell Jesse F. Private Company K 7th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Duff Henry I. 2d Lt B 305th M.G.Bn. 27-Sep-1918
Duff James P. Corp A 165th Inf 16-Oct-1918
Duffano Fred Pvt MTC Cen 11 19-Feb-1918
Duffy Charles Sgt A 306th M.G. Bn 28-Oct-1918
Duffy Charles A. 2d Lt K 11th Inf 14-Oct-1918
Duffy Charles H CPL H 21st Engineers 10-Oct-1918
Duffy Edward J. Private Company D 307th Infantry 6-Sep-1918
Duffy Francis R. Pvt Hq.Bn., 4th Repl. Gp., Greenleaf, GA 12-Oct-1918
Duffy Frank L. Pvt 1st cl B 105th FA 21-Dec-1918
Duffy George E. Corp K 165th Inf 28-Jul-1918
Duffy James Harold C NYG Phila. 27-Jan-1920
Duffy James M. Corp L 105th Inf 12-Mar-1919
Duffy Joseph Cook E 108th Inf 30-Mar-1919
Duffy Merton G. Wag [Supply] 348th Infantry 27-Oct-1918
Duffy Walter F. Corp A 106th Inf 27-Sep-1918
Dugan Charles Pvt Cp. Utilities Det. Q.M.C., Camp Upton 14-Mar-1918
Dugan Gerorge E. Pvt 1st cl Hq 106th Inf 27-Sep-1918
Dugan James 1st Sergeant 56th Depot Brigade 14-Dec-1918
Dugan John Pvt 1st cl Co A 310th Inf 18-Oct-1918
Dugan Neal M Pvt 344th Labor Bn 8-Oct-1918
Dugan Patrick F. Pvt 4th FA, Camp Jackson 30-Sep-1918
Dugan Thomas PFC 308th G & Fire Quartermaster Company 29-Oct-1918
Dugan Thomas E. Pvt I 105th Inf 24-Dec-1918
Dugan William C. Pvt A 33d FA 16-Oct-1918
Dugdale Joseph Pvt 6 152d Dep Brig 3-Oct-1918
Duggan John F Cpl Co WE 311th Inf 18-Oct-1918
Duhig John Private Company I 165th Infantry 29-Apr-1918
Duke William Pvt Hq 369th Inf 3-Apr-1919
Duke William PVT Hq 369th Infantry 3-Apr-1919
Duley James T. Private Company K 52nd Pioneer Infantry 7-Oct-1918
Dulhagen Harry F. Jr. Wag. Hq 105th M.G. Bn 5-Mar-1919
Dulong Jules C. Pvt 12 152d Dep Brig 26-Sep-1918
Duly John R Pvt MG Co 61 316th Inf 26-Sep-1918
Dumbach Joseph Jr. Pvt Chem.Warfare Serv., Hastings Plant E.A. 8-Oct-1918
Dunbar Lewis Edward 16th 4-Oct-1918
Duncan William Charles Pvt Repl. Unit 29, Med. Dept. 2-Apr-1919
Dunckel Fred Pvt Graves Reg.Serv., Unit 304, Q.M.C. 17-Oct-1918
Dundas Dominic J. Pvt 1st cl G 105th Inf 6-Sep-1918
Dunham Ira Private 74th Company 18th Battalion Camp, Syracuse, NY 30-Sep-1918
Dunham Vincent C Cadet Aviation Sec, Sig C, Kelly Field, Tex 21-Jan-1918
Dunkel Joseph Corp F 106th Inf 28-Sep-1918
Dunlap Felix G Private I 107th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Dunlap Robert E. Saddler A 102d M.P. 27-Apr-1918
Dunlap Willaim C Private I 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Dunlavey John F Private United States. Army Serv Det Quartermaster Dept 16-Apr-1917
Dunleavy Andrew Pvt 1st cl F 4th Inf 29-Jul-1918
Dunleavy John Pvt 1st cl C 106th Inf 27-Sep-1918
Dunleavy Joseph John Pvt A 308th Inf 12-Oct-1918
Dunn Charles P. Pvt M.G. 106th Inf 27-Sep-1918
Dunn Clifford Pvt K 38th Inf 8-Oct-1918
Dunn Cornelius G SGT L 26th Infantry 21-Dec-1919
Dunn Edward J. Jr. Corp D 106th Inf 26-Oct-1918
Dunn Frank P. Pvt D 114th Inf 12-Oct-1918
Dunn Harry Pvt H 328th Inf 3-Jul-1918
Dunn James Bernard Private A 305th Infantry 5-Sep-1918
Dunn John J. Pvt D 105th M.G. Bn 2-Sep-1918
Dunn John W. Jr. Corp H 308th Inf 29-Aug-1918
Dunn Parker F Pvt Co A 312th Inf 24-Oct-1918
Dunn Robert Sgt 1st cl 96th Aero Sq C 6-Jul-1918
Dunn Thomas F PVT K 306th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Dunn William E. Private 157th Dep . Brigade 1-Oct-1918
Dunne George Robert Sgt F 307th Inf 28-Aug-1918
Dunne John J. Pvt B 305th FA 17-Oct-1918
Dunne John P. Unk C 102d Engrs 29-Sep-1918
Dunne William J. Pvt M.P. M.G. Tng. Center 19-Oct-1918
Dunnigan Joseph A. Corp H 165th Inf 15-Jul-1918
Dunning Morris M Pvt Hq Co 304th FA 25-Apr-1918
Dunscombe Cecil Acting Pay Clerk 10-Dec-1918
Dunseath John J. Storekeeper, 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 8-Mar-1920
Dunwoody Edward Vincent Pvt B 52d Pion Inf 22-Feb-1919
Dupius Louis E. Private C 105th Infantry 2-Oct-1918
Dupre Harold J SGT L 9th Infantry 3-Oct-1918
Duprey Lawrence Pvt Co D 71st Inf 22-Oct-1918
Duquette Thomas J PFC F 23rd Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Durand Anthony H Pvt Co I 148th Inf 2-Nov-1918
Durant Arthur E Machinist's Mate, 2nd Class USNRF 5-Oct-1918
Durfee Harold H. Private First Class M 105th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Durieu Walter Pvt B 315th Inf 28-Sep-1918
Durkin Francis V. Pvt D 52d Pion Inf 30-Oct-1918
Durkin John F. Pvt H 328th Inf 8-Oct-1918
Durkin John Joseph USMC 30-Mar-1919
Durney Edward J. Mech. D 105th M.G. Bn 16-Oct-1918
Durocher John H Pvt Co B 105th Inf 17-Mar-1918
Duschkin Isidore Pvt G 312th Inf 22-Oct-1918
Dusel Edward T Clk 302d Mec rep Shop MTC 16-Jan-1919
Dusenberry Hiram Pvt 78th Co 19th Bn Syracuse NY 1-Oct-1918
Dusenbury Harold B. Private Company D 107th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Dusold Charles Pvt 1st cl B 4th Inf 23-Jul-1918
Dutcher Philo J PVT K 312th Infantry 12-Apr-1918
Duval Joseph Pvt I 26th Inf 18-Jul-1918
Duvall Harold L CPL C 302nd Engineers 13-Oct-1918
Duzenski Stanislaw Private Company M 325th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Dwyer Daniel J PVT I 57th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Dwyer David James Carpenter's Mate, 2nd Class Aviation 4-Apr-1918
Dwyer David M Pvt 74th Co 18th Bn 25-Sep-1918
Dwyer Frank Pvt Fld Hosp 5 31-Jul-1918
Dwyer Henry J. Private Company C 318th Field Signal Batalion 10-Oct-1918
Dwyer John Pvt C 6th Engineers 2-Oct-1918
Dwyer John J. Pvt 1st cl M 105th Inf 27-Sep-1918
Dwyer John James [Supply] Sergeant Supply 105th Infantry 21-Feb-1919
Dwyer John P PFC G 23rd Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Dwyer Mary J. Yoeman, 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 26-May-1919
Dwyer William J. 2nd Lieutenant Cavalry 9-Oct-1918
Dwyer Wm Edward PVT A 305th Infantry 6-Sep-1918
Dyball John Private First Class M 327th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Dybdahl Birger Chief Yoeman U.S.N.R.F. 11-Oct-1918
Dye Milton E Pvt Co H 107th Inf 16-Oct-1918
Dyer Alexander Pvt 1st cl D 305th Inf 4-Oct-1918
Dyer Owen D. Chief Yoeman U.S.N.R.F. 14-Jan-1919
Dyer Perry Private M 303rd Infantry 5-Apr-1918
Dykeman Edwin B Pvt Co H 115th Inf 2-Oct-1918
Dykeman Karl Frederick Seaman USNRF 17-Nov-1918
Dymock Gilbert B. Corp K 107th Inf 16-Nov-1918
Dymski Charles PVT MG 112th Infantry 9-Oct-1918
Dynan John Pvt 1st cl F 30th Inf 15-Jul-1918
Dyroff Phillip Mech. I 308th Inf 3-Sep-1918
Dzadolonis John Pvt D 9th Inf 3-May-1918
Dziaurack John Pvt 45th Co 12th Bn 153d Dep Bde 2-Oct-1918


This information was indexed from: Roll of honor: Citizens of the State of New York who died while in the service of the United States during the World war. New York (State). Adjutant General's Office. -- Albany: J.B. Lyon Company, 1922.

Volunteers working throughout New York state and the country have spent many hours indexing this book so that the general public can access this information over the web. The museum would like to thank the following volunteers who made this possible:

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