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Roll of honor:
Citizens of the State of New York who died while in the service of the United States during World War I

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Last Name First Name Rank Company Regiment Date of Death
O'Brien Albert J Pvt Student United States. Army Tng Corps Buffalo,NY 18-Oct-1918
O'Brien Charles F. Private F 312th Engineers 2-May-1919
O'Brien Daniel F. Private Company M 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
O'Brien David Private 1st Class L 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
O'Brien Dennis J. Private D 312th Infantry 26-Oct-1918
O'Brien Edward J Private M 165th Infantry 10-Feb-1918
O'Brien Francis Private MG Battalion 4th Infantry 25-Oct-1918
O'Brien Frank Private A 106th Infantry 7-Sep-1918
O'Brien George A Sergeant C 102d Engineers 17-Oct-1918
O'Brien Herbert J Private F 1st Infantry, Repl Regt, Camp Gordon 5-Oct-1918
O'Brien James Francis Boatswain Mate, 1st Class USN 22-Mar-1919
O'Brien James Joseph Private B 105th Infantry 24-Sep-1918
O'Brien Jeremiah Private 1st Class A 102d Engineers 17-Oct-1918
O'Brien John B. Private M 305th Infantry 7-Oct-1918
O'Brien John C 1st Lt E 307th Infantry 26-Aug-1918
O'Brien John F Private B 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
O'Brien John J Private A 165th Infantry 3-Nov-1918
O'Brien John J. Private Battery B 13th Field Artillery 20-Jul-1917
O'Brien John L Private I 106th Infantry 31-Jul-1918
O'Brien John T Corporal I 9th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
O'Brien Joseph E Private Det Base Hospital No 77 19-Oct-1918
O'Brien Michael Private A 26th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
O'Brien Michael James Private F 311th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
O'Brien Michael W. Seaman 2nd class 24-Mar-1918
O'Brien Thomas A Captain Infantry 12-Oct-1918
O'Brien Thomas F Private L 310th Infantry 24-Sep-1918
O'Brien Thomas J Private 1st Class Troop E 3d Cavalry 18-Sep-1918
O'Brien Timothy J PVT G 10-Sep-1918
O'Brien William Private C 305th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
O'Brien William James Pvt Co A 2d Pion Inf 22-Oct-1918
O'Brien Hugh J Cpl Co A 311th Inf 5-Feb-1918
O'Briest Charles Quartermaster, 2d Class USN 27-Sep-1918
O'Byrne Patrick J. Private B 108th Infantry 30-Oct-1918
O'Connell Artaur J Private Battery D 5th TM Battery 2-Oct-1918
O'Connell Charles Pvt Co H 147th Inf 7-Oct-1918
O'Connell Charles J Private MG 166th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
O'Connell Daniel Private M 307th Infantry 30-Aug-1918
O'Connell Daniel Ships Cook, 3d Class USNRF 21-Jun-1920
O'Connell Daniel A Private G 114th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
O'Connell Daniel M Private A 165th Infantry 29-Jul-1918
O'Connell Frank Sergeant K 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
O'Connell George F Sergeant G 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
O'Connell John V Private MG 126th Infantry 31-Jul-1918
O'Connell Michael Pvt Co B 26th Engrs 8-Feb-1918
O'Connell Michael J Private Panama Cas Det Jackson Barks, LA 24-Dec-1918
O'Connell Peter Private F 2d Pioneer Infantry 10-Oct-1918
O'Connell Thomas PVT MG 308th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
O'Connell Thomas J Private 1st Class L 18th Infantry 29-May-1918
O'Connell Walter Dennis Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 28-Apr-1919
O'Connell William D. Private Company C 114th Infantry 25-Oct-1918
O'Connell William J Private C 105th MG Battalion 17-Oct-1918
O'Connor Arthur P Private A 302d Engineers 15-Oct-1918
O'Connor Charles Arthur 49th 5th Regiment 6-Jun-1918
O'Connor Daniel J Corporal K 59th Infantry 1-Jul-1918
O'Connor Daniel P Private 1st Class F 302d Engineers 23-Aug-1918
O'Connor David Pvt Co B 11th Inf 12-Sep-1918
O'Connor Edwin Francis 77th 6th Mach Gun Battalion 5-Nov-1918
O'Connor Francis J Private 608 Aer Squadron 11-Feb-1919
O'Connor James A. Corporal Company C 113th Machine Gun Corps 30-Sep-1918
O'Connor James J Jr Corporal K 49th Infantry 20-Jan-1919
O'Connor James P Private M 314th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
O'Connor James P Private 26th 7th Battalion, 152d Dep Brig 25-Mar-1919
O'Connor James Thomas App Seaman 22-Sep-1918
O'Connor John J Private C 165th Infantry 1-Aug-1918
O'Connor John J Private I 165th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
O'Connor John J Private Ord Detachment Sandy Hook Proving Grounds, NJ 23-Sep-1918
O'Connor John T Pvt 1st cl Co D 7th Inf 21-Jun-1918
O'Connor Joseph F. Private Company A 308th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
O'Connor Michael B. Private, 1st class Machine Gun Company 307th Infantry 9-Nov-1918
O'Connor Phillip J. Private Training Battery Field Artillery Training School, Camp Taylor, KY 9-Oct-1918
O'Connor Thomas J Private C 165th Infantry 31-Jul-1918
O'Connor Thomas J. Private Company I 106th Infantry 22-Jan-1918
O'Connor William F 2d Lt D 165th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
O'Connor William H. Corporal 18th Company 5th Regiment 18-Jul-1918
O'Connor Frank A Pvt Co I 4th Engrs 14-Oct-1918
O'Day Charles W. Private Company H 165th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
O'Dea John F. Sergeant Company B 305th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
O'Dea Raymond F PVT 9th 3rd Mech Regt, Air Service 21-Oct-1918
O'Dell John J. Private, 1st class Company F 107th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
O'Donald Charles W PVT 30 41st, 153rd Dep Brig 27-Sep-1918
O'Donnell Charles Private, 1st class Machine Gun Company 305th Infantry 8-Sep-1918
O'Donnell Hugh Chief Water Tender USN 10-Nov-1918
O'Donnell James C PFC I 9th Infantry 5-Apr-1919
O'Donnell James V. Private Company C 106th Infantry 25-Sep-1918
O'Donnell John G. Corporal Company B 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
O'Donnell Michael S. Private, 1st class Company I 105th Infantry 11-Mar-1919
O'Donnell Thomas F. Private Company F 5th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
O'Donnell Thomas F. Sergeant 8th Company Coast Artillery Corps, Ft. Terry, NY 15-Sep-1919
O'Donoghue Michael T 67th 4-Oct-1918
O'Donovan Thomas P. Sergeant Company I 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
O'Dowd Dennis H Chaplain, Captain 12-Jul-1919
O'Dowd John Private Company I 148th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
O'Flaherty James E. Sergeant, 1st class 33rd Aero Squadron 9-Jun-1918
O'Gorman Thomas Private Company D 306th Infantry 25-Jun-1918
O'Grady John J. Private Company B 114th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
O'Grady John Joseph Fireman, 1st Class USN 24-Jul-1919
O'Hallaran James F. Mechanic Supply Company 165th Infantry 11-Feb-1919
O'Hara Frank J. Private Cassion Division 406 6-Oct-1918
O'Hara John Unassigned 6-May-1918
O'Hara John J. Private Company I 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
O'Hara Thomas CPL 45th Company 20th Engrs 11-Feb-1919
O'Hare Daniel Private Battery A 308th Field Artillery 27-Feb-1919
O'Hare Daniel J CPL G 108th Infantry 5-Dec-1918
O'Hare James A. Private Company D 106th Infantry 27-Jul-1918
O'Hern Joseph F. Private Company C 307th Infantry 24-Jun-1918
O'Keefe Joseph A. Private Compay K 47th Infantry 1-Jul-1918
O'Keefe Thomas C. Bugler Company D 304th Machine Gun battalion 8-Oct-1918
O'Laughlin Frank Pvt Co D 307th Inf 6-Sep-1918
O'Leary Arthur Corporal Company H 30th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
O'Leary Bartholomew Sergeant Company D 14th Machine Gun Battalion 29-Oct-1918
O'Leary John J. Private Machine Gun Company 165th Infantry 10-Aug-1918
O'Leary Richard Wardcom Steward USNRF 9-Aug-1918
O'Leary Timothy Private 14th Provisional Engineers, Camp Humphreys, Automatic Replacement Draft 9-Oct-1918
O'Malley Peter Private Company C 312th Infantry 24-Oct-1918
O'Mara Valentine Private Company K 116th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
O'Marra Thomas J. Private 1st class Medical Detachment 16th Infantry 28-Nov-1918
O'Meara David M. Private Company H 328th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
O'Meara Francis Private, 1st class Company E 165th Infantry 29-Jul-1918
O'Meara John W. Sergeant Company H 105th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
O'Meara William J Pvt Co A 126th Inf 10-Nov-1918
O'Neale James S., Jr. 1st Lieutenant Company G 308th Infantry 2-Oct-1918
O'Neil Alfred H. Corporal Company F 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
O'Neil John T. Private Company E 307th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
O'Neil Thomas Private Company F 28th Infantry 7-Jan-1918
O'Neill Arthur Private Company C 306th Machine Gun Battalion 24-Aug-1918
O'Neill Chester H App Smn USNRF
O'Neill Daniel J. Sergeant Company H 165th Infantry 6-Aug-1918
O'Neill George J. Corporal 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
O'Neill Henry J. Private Casual Company 410 Medical Department, unassigned 6-Oct-1918
O'Neill Herbert J. Corporal Company E 306th Infantry 28-Oct-1918
O'Neill John 1st Sergeant Company B 165th Infantry 31-Jul-1918
O'Neill John P. Private Company E 2nd Pioneer infantry 8-Nov-1918
O'Neill Lewis E. G. Private, 1st class Battery F 104th Field Artillery 21-Nov-1918
O'Neill Michael J. Private Company A 322nd Infantry 20-Oct-1918
O'Neill Michael J. Private First Class C 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
O'Neill Nicholas F. Corporal Battery A 47th Trench Mortar Battalion 10-Oct-1918
O'Neill Patrick J PVT 93rd 23rd Bn, RCT Camp, Syracuse, NY 4-Oct-1918
O'Neill Patrick J. Private Company M 165th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
O'Neill William Sergeant Company H 165th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
O'Reilly Bernard D. Corporal Port Storage & Traffic Division, QuarterMaster Corps 23-Mar-1919
O'Reilly Edward Seaman USN 23-Sep-1918
O'Reilly Joseph V. Private Headquarters Company 305th Field Artillery 8-Oct-1918
O'Reilly William J. Company E 107th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
O'Rorke Joseph Sergeant Company H 165th Infantry 16-Jul-1918
O'Rorke Patrick C. Wagoner Company C 302nd Engineers 23-Aug-1918
O'Rourke James M. Private, 1st class Company L 325th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
O'Rourke James P. Private Ordnance department Rock Island Arsenal, IL 9-Dec-1918
O'Rourke John Private Company G 165th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
O'Rourke John J. Corporal Company I 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
O'Rourke Joseph Private 2nd Company Coast Artillery Corps, Ft. Howard, MD 4-May-1917
O'Rourke Michael F. Private Company M 307th Infantry 16-Nov-1918
O'Rourke Thomas F. Private, 1st class Company F 165th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
O'Rourke Thomas F. Private Battery E 306th Infantry 17-Feb-1919
O'Shea Edward J. Corporal Supply Company 54th Infantry 5-Mar-1919
O'Shea Thomas Private, 1st class Machine Gun Company 107th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
O'Sullivan Frank Private Company M 53rd Infantry 8-Oct-1918
O'Sullivan Michael D Pvt Co K 312th Inf 1-Jul-1918
O'Sullivan Michael R. Corporal Company G 165th Infantry 29-Jul-1918
O'Toole Arthur Corporal Machine Gun Company 308th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Oak Harry Arthur Chief Boatswain Mate USNRF 5-Dec-1917
Oakley John R. Private First Class B 309th Infantry 19-Oct-1918
Obuhski Walter Pvt Co A 61st Inf 16-Oct-1918
Ocaler Max S. Private, 1st class Headquarters Company 306th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Ochlmann Arthur H.M. Private Company C 71st Regiment, N.Y. Infantry 5-Jun-1917
Ochs Albert Stanley Private MD Army Med School 17-Oct-1918
Odello Frank Private Company C 49th Infantry 19-Oct-1918
Oderkirk Claude J. Private First Class C 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Oelkers Arend G. Private, 1st class Company D 307th Infantry 11-Sep-1918
Oeser Henry H. Jr. Private M 57th Pion. Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Offenburger William Corporal Company D 302nd Ammunition Train 26-Sep-1918
Ohlhausen George N. Corporal Company A 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Ohlson Alfred H. Private Sanitary Department 307th Infantry 5-Sep-1918
Ohren George E Pvt MG Co 7th Inf 26-Oct-1918
Okunski John Private Company E 48th Infantry 25-Jul-1917
Olansen Jay H. Private, 1st class Company H 308th Infantry 17-Aug-1918
Olds George Private Battery C 34th Field Artillery 2-Oct-1918
Oleshuk Selvester Private Company E 316th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Olhausen Jay H. 1st Lieutenant QuarterMaster Corps 1-Oct-1918
Olian Isidor Company K 18th Infantry 2-Oct-1918
Oligny Joseph A Pvt 1st cl Co D 651st Inf 25-Oct-1918
Oliquist Edward H. Private company D 106th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Oliva Joseph Master Signal Electrician Company C 303rd Field Signal Battalion 16-Oct-1918
Oliva Joseph W Private Battery A 18th Battalion Field Artillery, Replacement Draft 11-Oct-1918
Oliver Clarence R Captain Infantry 19-Jul-1918
Oliver Otis Corporal 424th Reserve Labor Battalion 11-Nov-1919
Olmstead Carl P PVT E 37th Engrs 17-Aug-1918
Olmsted Arthru F. Sergeant Company C 102nd Field Signal Battalion 29-Sep-1918
Olsen Arthur W. 1st Sergeant Company G 328th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Olsen Charles Wagoner Supply Company 308th Infantry 30-Jan-1919
Olsen Edwin Coxswain USNRF 23-Sep-1918
Olsen Gustave E. Private Company D 313th Infantry 7-Nov-1918
Olsen Harry A. Private, 1st class Company E 306th Infantry 23-Nov-1918
Olsen Herbert Ernest Lieutenant (JG) unknown
Olsen John Fireman, 1st class 19-Nov-1919
Olsen Olov A. Private Headquarters Company Inland Conv. Detachment, Camp Upton 15-Dec-1918
Olsen Oluf A. Private, 1st class Company L 9th Infantry 15-Mar-1918
Olsen Orman G. Mechanic Company I 106th Infantry 11-Sep-1918
Olsen Robert Fireman, 3d Class USNRF 9-Oct-1918
Olsen Wm Leslie Seaman, 2d Class 6-Aug-1918
Olson Carl M Pvt Co C 312th Inf 24-Oct-1918
Olson Ole B Pvt 1st cl Co I 108th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Olstein Matthew 1st Lieutenant Medical Corps, Sanitary Detachment 314th Infantry 1-Oct-1918
Oltman Henry Private Depot Brigade 8-Aug-1918
Omundsen Abraham L 51st 6-Jun-1918
Onczar Stanley PVT F 18th Infantry 5-Dec-1918
Onken August Joseph Apprentice Seaman USNRF 28-Sep-1918
Onorio Creno Private A 305th Infantry 5-Nov-1918
Oppel William Private Company F 305th Infantry 31-Oct-1918
Optofsky Moses Private Company C 305th Infantry 5-Nov-1918
Orbaker Kenneth K. Private Headquarters 309th Infantry 19-Oct-1918
Orbinatti Antonio PVT M 153rd Dep Brig, 135th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Orchard William H. 2nd Lieutenant Company H 101st Infantry 4-Dec-1918
Orlando Salvatore 309th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Orlowski John R. Private 32nd Company 152nd Depot Brigade 28-Oct-1918
Ormond William J. Private Company L 165th Infantry 30-Jul-1918
Orne Edward Earle Private First Class E 414th Tel. Battalion 12-Mar-1919
Ornsby Orsen C Pvt MG Co 306th Inf 15-Oct-1918
Ornstein Albert J 2LT Co H 110th Inf 28-Sep-1918
Oroho James J. Corporal Medical Department 308th Infantry 11-Oct-1918
Orozietti Frederico PVT Battery E, 35th F. A. 17-Oct-1918
Orr Clarence J. Private First Class K 105th Infantry 1-Aug-1918
Orsbourn Ernest W Pvt Co M 28th Inf 30-Dec-1918
Orser Thomas H Capt MC 20-Apr-1919
Ortlieb Frank J. Private D 17th M. G. Battalion 1-Mar-1919
Ortlieb Theodore Pvt 1st cl Co K 306th Inf 29-Oct-1918
Orton Everett E. Private 22nd 6th Battalion , 153rd Dep Brigade 28-Sep-1918
Osborn Emory R Private 1st Class I 107th Infantry 13-Aug-1918
Osborn Leonard 44th Sq, A S Sig C 20-Jan-1918
Osborn Stanley Meyer Private Battery C 7th Regiment, Field Artillery Repl Draft 4-Oct-1918
Osborn William H. Private A 26th Infantry 28-May-1918
Osborne Albert W. Private Headquarters Company 51st Pioneer Infantry 7-Feb-1918
Osborne Alfred James Cpl Co G 18th Inf 19-Oct-1918
Osborne Lawrence M. Supply Sergeant Company B 308th Infantry 7-Oct-1918
Osborne Thomas Private, 1st class Machine Gun Company 16th Infantry 24-Jul-1918
Osgood Harold S. Sergeant, 1st class Company A 102nd Field Signal Brigade 30-Oct-1918
Osmers Phillip J. Corporal Company C 102nd Engineers 17-Oct-1918
Osofsky Harry Private Company G 110th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Ossont Charles R. Mess Sergeant Company D 9th Infantry 2-Oct-1918
Osswalt John H. Corporal Copany L 111th Infantry 2-Oct-1918
Ostberg Charles G. 1st Lieutenant Company B 106th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Ostby Joseph P.A. Private Company E 23rd Infantry 16-Jul-1918
Oster Lester W PFC Btry B, 17th FA 9-Oct-1918
Osterberg John D. Battalion Sergeant Major Infantry Army Candidate School 28-Oct-1918
Osterhaus Harold Seaman USNRF 26-Oct-1917
Osterhoudt Clarence Corporal Headquarters Co 107th Infantry 29-Oct-1918
Ostrander Cliffors W Cpl 609th Aero Sq 11-Oct-1918
Ostrerhoudt Harrison G Pvt Ret Ret Draft Unasgd 18-Oct-1918
Ostrom Einar Private Company C 125th Infantry 23-Oct-1918
Ostrowski Francis S Pvt CoM 311th Inf 18-Oct-1918
Ostroy Paul Private Company B 313th Infantry 3-Nov-1918
Oswald Julius Private Headquarters Company 348th Infantry 1-Nov-1918
Otero Juan Private 29th Company 8th Training Battalion, 157th Depot Brigade 3-Oct-1918
Otis Roy AQ Pvt Co E 128th Inf 2-Dec-1918
Ott Ferdinand W. Private Company B 106th Infantry 2-Sep-1918
Ott John F Pvt Co I 346th Inf 1-Dec-1918
Ott John M. Private Company G 114th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Ottati Anello F PFC E 310th Infantry 18-Sep-1918
Otto Frank Private, 1st class Company E 305th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Otto John Christian Private Field Bakery 363 9-Dec-1918
Ouderkirk Nelson R. Corporal Company A 327th Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Overstreet Coy Private C 164th Infantry 15-Mar-1918
Overton William C. Private Motor Truck Company 485 3-Oct-1918
Ovesen Martin Marinus Fireman USN 17-Sep-1918
Ovington Carter I. 1st Lieutenant Aviation Section Signal Corps 29-May-1918
Owen Guy PVT M G Company 305th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Owen John G PVT MD, 58th Infantry 2-Oct-1918
Owens Edward L. Private D 312th Infantry 24-Oct-1918
Owens Frank Private Company A 2nd Pioneer infantry 20-Oct-1918
Owens Frank Robert Bks Det 15-Jun-1918
Owens Joseph Corporal Company A 307th Infantry 29-Aug-1918
Owens Levi Private 1st Class L 105th Infantry 5-Nov-1918
Owens Patrick Private 37th Company 10th Training Battalion, Depot Brigade, Camp Devons, MA 26-Sep-1918
Owens Walter F Pvt Co D 325th Inf 10-Oct-1918
Owings Samuel D. Private, 1st class Company C 107th Infantry 21-Oct-1918


This information was indexed from: Roll of honor: Citizens of the State of New York who died while in the service of the United States during the World war. New York (State). Adjutant General's Office. -- Albany: J.B. Lyon Company, 1922.

Volunteers working throughout New York state and the country have spent many hours indexing this book so that the general public can access this information over the web. The museum would like to thank the following volunteers who made this possible:

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