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Roll of honor:
Citizens of the State of New York who died while in the service of the United States during World War I

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Last Name First Name Rank Company Regiment Date of Death
Vail Charles E Pvt Co 146 Overseas Casual 6-Oct-1918
Vail Donald E Pvt Co K 107th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Vail Herman H CPT Co M 312th Inf 29-Oct-1918
Vajda Henry J Sergeant I 328th Infantry 15-Sep-1918
Valengano Vitantonio Private A 4th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Valentine Andrew Peter Carpenters Mate, 1st Class USNRF 21-Oct-1918
Valentine Fred W., Jr. 11-Nov-1918
Valentine Herman W. 2nd Lieutenant Air Service 4-May-1918
Valentine James PVT I 23rd Infantry 26-Nov-1918
Valentine Walter H. Private M 1st Infantry Repl [Camp] 8-Oct-1918
Valentini Nicola Private M 325th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Valliere Ernest Charles Private M 1st Army Supply Tn 17-Oct-1918
Vallone Domenic PVT F 147th Infantry 26-Oct-1918
Valois Henry E PFC D 148th Infantry 31-Oct-1918
Van Allen Clifford William SGT NY Bks. Det. 3-Nov-1918
Van Atta Max Pvt 81st Co 20th Bn Syracuse ret Cp 28-Sep-1918
Van Avery Leon R. Private Quartermaster Corps, Camp Johnson, FL 25-Oct-1918
Van Brocklin LeRoy Pvt Co M 53d Inf 8-Oct-1918
Van Buren Francis E. Private M.G. 105th Infantry 26-Oct-1918
Van Buskirk Harold Private Company I 105th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Van Cott Robert Private 1st class Machine Gun Company 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Van De Mark Fred W. Private Company B 305th Infantry 23-Aug-1918
Van deloo Matthew John Cpl 10th Bn 154th Dep Bde 6-Oct-1918
Van Der Kar Walter F. Private First Class M 105th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Van Derhoof William D. Corporal M. G. 105th Infantry 29-Oct-1918
Van Dewerker Frank W. Private K 328th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Van Dyck Alexander S. Private Battery A 7th Regiment Field Artillery Repl. Draft 29-Sep-1918
Van Gorder Ernest H. Private Battery D 73rd Artillery 6-Oct-1918
Van Heusen Francis L. Private K 105th Infantry 2-Nov-1918
Van Heusen Ira D Pvt Co D 2d Pion Inf 22-Oct-1918
Van Hoosen Earl J. Private S.A.T.C. N. Y. S. Col, Albany , N.Y. 19-Oct-1919
Van Houten Frank H Jr Pvt 3d Co CAC Naragansett RI 9-Oct-1918
Van Lean Howard W Sgt Fld Hosp 105th Sn Tn 23-Oct-1918
Van Lu Van Ernest Private [New Hampshire College Student United States. Army Training Corps 1-Oct-1918
Van Nortwick Fay F. Fireman 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 30-Sep-1918
Van Orden Arlington Private Headquarters Company Adjutant Detachment Office 29-Nov-1918
Van Rensselaer Holmes R Pvt Co A 50th Regt Trans Co 9-Nov-1918
Van Riper Thomas L. Corporal Company B 108th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Van Schaick Edward E Pvt 1st cl Co I 108th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Van Schoonhoven Francis 1st Lieutenant Company D 101st Infantry 3-Nov-1918
Van Skinner Serrell Private Battery C 304th Field Artillery 18-Mar-1918
Van Tassell T. Roosevelt 73rd Company Quantico, VA 13-Jun-1918
Van Tassell Wardell C Sgt Co I 325th Inf 13-Oct-1918
Van Valkenberg Roy Private C 302nd Engineers 7-May-1918
Van Valkenburgh Ray C Pvt Co B 12th Bn USGNA 12-Oct-1918
Van Wagner Clarence Pvt Co B 2d NYNG 27-Apr-1918
Van Wagner Howard A. Private Company E. 6th Engineers 28-Jul-1918
Van Wass Augustus Private C 7th Infantry 24-Jan-1918
Vanalstine James R PVT A 18th Infantry 6-May-1918
Vanarnum Charles Eugene Private First Class M. G. 7th Infantry 26-Aug-1918
VanBramer Frank Private 1st Class I 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
VanBussel Mathys J Private MP MG Tng Cen Cp Hancock, GA 29-Nov-1918
VanCaesecle Domien Ck 314th Aero Sq, SC 10-Nov-1918
Vance John A Private A 312th Infantry 21-Oct-1918
Vancour Edmond Pvt Co M 311th Inf 29-Dec-1918
Vandenberg Roy Private 1st class Company A 325th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Vandenburg Albert J Pvt 1st cl Co B 13th Bn US Gds 16-Oct-1918
Vanderbeek George R SGT Hq 309th Infantry 20-Feb-1919
Vanderdoes John P Private 1st Class D 21st Engineers 27-Sep-1918
Vanderhof Samuel E Private C 148th MG Battalion 6-Oct-1918
Vandermallie Jn D'ghway CPL C 23rd Infantry 1-Nov-1918
Vanderwerken George D. 156th Dep Brigade 7-Oct-1918
Vanderzell Michael PFC B 310th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Vandeusen Edwin J. 2nd Lieutenant C.W.S 13-Jun-1919
VanDunk John Machinists Mate, 1st Class 14-Dec-1920
VanDunk William H CPL H 369th Infantry
VanDusen Frank Private A 1st Dev. Brigade, Camp Jackson S.C. 7-Oct-1919
VanEsch Harold Ambrose Seaman, 2nd Class 30-Sep-1918
VanEtten Clarence E Private 1st Class I 10th Infantry, NYNG 11-Nov-1917
VanGorcum Adriaan H Cook F 1st Gas Regt 29-Oct-1918
VanGorkom Francis W Corporal Headquarters Co 30th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
VanHennik Burtis W SGT A 107th Infantry 15-Aug-1918
Vanhessen Copie PVT 7 Infantry 21-Jun-1918
VanHoesen Glenn D Pvt Co A 305th MG Bn 3-Oct-1918
VanHoff Jacob F Pvt Co D 312th Inf Nov 7u, 1918
VanHouten Charles W Corporal Chemical Warfare Serv, Cleveland, OH 16-Jan-1919
VanIngen Richard W Private E 106th Infantry 2-Sep-1918
VanMoppes Morton S Landsman Yeoman USN 27-Sep-1918
Vannata Alfred Private L 313th Infantry 2-Oct-1918
Vannini Antonio Private Battery D 304th Field Artillery 23-Aug-1918
VanOrden Perry Horseshoer Btry D, 309th FA 11-Feb-1919
VanPatten Archie PFC F 306th Infantry 20-Aug-1918
VanPelt Abram Private H 39th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
VanPelt Milton E Private 1st Class Headquarters Co 23d Infantry 2-Jul-1918
VanScoit Royal Private H 15th Infantry, NYNG 30-Sep-1917
VanThun William Captain A Infantry, Camp Upton Sep Repl Draft 3-Oct-1918
VanValkenberg Everitt J 1st Sergeant E 5th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
VanValkenburg Henrietta Yeoman 1st cl USNRF 17-Oct-1918
VanVliet Morris Private F 313th Infantry 10-Oct-1918
VanWert Ralph Cook F 310th Infantry, 2nd Bn 18-Dec-1918
Vargus Harry Sgt Co I 325th Inf 13-Oct-1918
Vario John Private 1st Class D 102d Infantry 9-Nov-1918
Varney Irvin C. Private 43rd 11th Battalion 153rd Dep Brig 1-Oct-1918
Varney William J. Private Battery F 78th Field Artillery 30-Sep-1918
Varno Antonio Private A 126th Infantry 18-Sep-1918
Varvaro Joseph Private D 74th Infantry 3-Oct-1918
Varvelli John Private Tr E 6th Cavalry 21-Oct-1918
Vascimini John J Private E 347th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Vasilian Pany Blacksmith 1st cl USNRF 14-Jun-1918
Vath Raymond Private M 128th Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Vaugh Gordon Private Headquarters Co 5th Field Artillery 26-Dec-1917
Vaughan Edward Henry Wagoner Supply 346th Infantry 21-Apr-1919
Vaughan Edward W Private 1st Class School of Military Aeronautics Princeton, NJ 29-Nov-1918
Vaughan Robert Private 1st Class A 325th Labor Battalion 22-Feb-1919
Vaughan Roscoe Pvt Btry A 7th Regt 3d Bdse FA Repl 25-Sep-1918
Vaughn Claud B. Private 1st class Company B 58th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Vaughn John Private M 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Vaught Joseph Francis Private 23d 6th Regiment 10-Nov-1918
Vecchione Leonard A Private D 315th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Vecedomenio Frank K. Private K 305th Infantry 19-Nov-1918
Vedder Harmon B Mess Sergeant K 107th Infantry 5-Nov-1918
Vedder James C Private 1st Class K 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Vedilago Joseph Corporal A 308th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Vegei James 96th Company 3-Oct-1918
Veitch Thomas Stevenson Chief Pay Clerk 13-Jul-1919
Veith Norman H Pvt Co E 163d Inf 19-Jul-1918
Veldon William T Sergeant Tng Group 6 M T Dep Camp Hancock, GA 16-Oct-1918
Velia Ernest J. Private First Class K 108th Infantry 2-Sep-1918
Velie John Carleton Cpl Btry B 34th FA 28-Jan-1919
Venditti John PVT G Camp Gordon Det, 18th Infantry 1-May-1918
Ventimiglia Gaspare Private D 2d Brigade, MG Battalion 28-May-1918
Vento Andrew Private G 307th Infantry 7-Sep-1918
Verdu Antonio Private E 109th Infantry 7-Oct-1918
Verhag Amiel T Btry F, 334th FA 28-Sep-1918
Vermaelen John F Sergeant C 165th Infantry 30-Jul-1918
Vermet Harry Albert Ships' Cook, 2nd Class 2-Feb-1919
Vermilya Leo J Pvt Sup Co No 305 QMC 12-Oct-1918
Vermilyea Jerome M Private 1st Class G 307th Infantry 9-Jan-1919
Vermilyea Sidney C. 1st Lieutenant Medical Detachment 363rd Infantry 2-Nov-1918
Vernam Remington 1st Lt A S 22d Aero Squadron 1-Dec-1918
Verowitz Daniel Private 1st Class A 4th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Verplanck Eldridge B 10th Sept Battalion 17-Nov-1918
Verras Sotirios Private F 315th Infantry 1-Oct-1918
Vette Richard H Corporal F 9th Infantry 20-Jul-1918
Victory Edward Corporal H 106th Infantry 11-Mar-1919
Vidziunas Anthony Private L 313th Infantry 10-Feb-1919
Viebey Charles Wesley Fireman 5-Sep-1918
Viens Arthur Private B 165th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Vigilittre Michael PVT G 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Vill Joseph A E Sergeant D 302d Engineers 5-Nov-1918
Vincent Jefferson D 1LT Avn Sec Sig Res Corps 3-May-1918
Vincenzi Guiseppi Private Company L 67th Infantry 21-Oct-1918
Vincey James Private D 102d Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Vinckosvsky Ignatius Private H 306th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Viner John Winfield Ensign 4-Nov-1918
Vinnito Leonard Private L 350th Infantry 19-May-1919
Viola Pellegrino Private L 306th Infantry & 301st Quartermaster Corps 15-Sep-1918
Virkler Abel S. Private First Class Battery C 305th Field Artillery 2-Nov-1918
Virtell Peter C. Private First Class G 10th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Visconti Charles J. Private 156th Dep Brigade 7-Oct-1918
Vitale Domenick Private L 311 Infantry 26-Oct-1918
Vitale Joseph Private H 311 Infantry 20-Sep-1918
Vitale Salvatore PVT Trk Co F 8th Corps, Art Park 22-Nov-1918
Vitali Clementi Private L 308th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Vitelli Salvatore Private G 4th Infantry 16-Dec-1918
Vitello Fortunato Private Company A 26th Infantry 7-Oct-1918
Vlassopulous Hanloas Private E 302d Engineers 27-Oct-1918
Vock Frank L Private C 107th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Voelkl George J Saddler Btry F, 336th FA 13-Feb-1919
Voelzar Carl PVT F 148th Infantry 21-Oct-1918
Vofrei Samuel Bunker Private A 4th Engineers, Tng Regt, Camp AA, Humphreys, VA 5-Oct-1918
Vogel Charles Abraham Private 1st Class B 306th Infantry 7-Sep-1918
Vogel Frederick W Captain H 71st Infantry, NYNG 15-Aug-1917
Vogt Albert S Private A 316th Infantry 11-Oct-1918
Vogt Charles Private A 1st Field Artillery 7-Sep-1918
Vogt Edwin George Carpntr Mate USN 5-Oct-1918
Volk Joseph W. Private First Class B 312th Infantry 26-Nov-1918
Volkert Walter F Private I 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Vollbracht Ferdinand Charles Pvt Co D 306th Inf 5-Feb-1918
Volpe Louis Private L 5th Infantry, Regt Cp Gordon, GA 28-Oct-1918
Volpe Valentine Corporal G 39th Infantry 1-Aug-1918
Vols Camille Private First Class Battery E 308th Field Artillery 22-Feb-1919
Volz Fred Pvt Co D 306th Inf 26-Sep-1918
Volz Victor 2d Lt F 112th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
VonDiezelski Harry Private MG 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Vondoblen Howard A Sergeant B 105th MG Battalion 17-Oct-1918
VonGlahn Herman Henry 96th 6th Regiment 17-Jun-1918
Vonicopulos Demosthenis Pvt Ord Corp 5-Jan-1918
VonKrebs Paul 1st Sergeant M 47th Infantry 4-Nov-1918
VonLubken George Corporal 6 2d Battalion 152d Dep Brigade 19-Sep-1918
VonLumm William Gunnery Sergeant 66th 5th Regiment 6-Oct-1918
VonPolheim Carl Private 1st Class Aux Remount Dep 309 23-Mar-1919
Voorhees Prime Private 1st Class A 549th Engineers 14-Apr-1919
Voorhis Milton PVT Supply 61st Infantry 27-Apr-1918
Vorta Nicholas Private B 311th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Vortin Sam Private H 9th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Vorwerk Louis H Private 6th Ret Ft Slocum, NY 14-Oct-1918
Votrie Charles Pvt 1st cl Co B 59th Inf 11-Aug-1918
Vought James T Corporal K 107th Infantry 12-Jan-1919
Vowels Charles P PVT D 67th Infantry 23-Oct-1918
Vrbsky Charles Private Battery D 76th Field Artillery 23-Apr-1918
Vredenburgh Theodore F Private Battery F 16th Field Artillery 24-Oct-1917
Vreeland John A Private Headquarters Co 20th Field Artillery 5-Apr-1918
Vroman Charles H Corporal C 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Vrooman Almon E Pvt Co F 15th Inf 2-Jun-1919
Vrooman Hermon M. Private Company F 105th Infantry 6-Aug-1918
Vrooman Lemanche Pvt 78th Co 19th Bn Syracuse Ret Cp 25-Sep-1918
Vrooman Philo W PVT Supply 30th Infantry 1-Jan-1918


This information was indexed from: Roll of honor: Citizens of the State of New York who died while in the service of the United States during the World war. New York (State). Adjutant General's Office. -- Albany: J.B. Lyon Company, 1922.

Volunteers working throughout New York state and the country have spent many hours indexing this book so that the general public can access this information over the web. The museum would like to thank the following volunteers who made this possible:

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