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World War II Honor List
New York US Army & US Army Air Force - Dead and Missing
US Navy, US Marine Corps and US Coast Guard - Dead, Missing, POW and Wounded

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Last Name First Name Rank Regiment Date of Death County
Haaf Clarence E 1st Lieutenant Onondaga
Haag Alfred Sergeant Rensselaer
Haag Bernard Henry Ensign Nassau
Haag Gerald C Private 1st Class 253 INF 63 DIV 19-Feb-45 Erie
Haag Justin Conrad Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Kings
Haake Arthur J. Major Kings
Haapala Arnold H Staff Sergeant 22 INF 4 DIV 21-Jun-44 Nassau
Haar Harold E Sergeant 553 BOMB SQ 386 BOMB 15-Dec-44 Kings
Haar Robert W Corporal Queens
Haaren Joseph D Private 1st Class Nassau
Haas Albert C. Seaman 2nd class Richmond
Haas Frederick J Staff Sergeant 760 BOMB SQ 460 BOMB 26-Jun-44 Erie
Haas Herbert J Private 422 INF 106 DIV 11-Feb-45 Queens
Haas John L Jr Technical Sergeant Montgomery
Haas Robert Kalman Jr Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Westchester
Haas William H Private 1st Class Westchester
Haase Albert Charles Seaman 1st Class Kings
Haase Michael J Technician 5th Grade Queens
Haasis Charles J Private Queens
Haass Joseph L 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Haban William 1st Lieutenant Bronx
Habberfield Eugene Howard Seaman 1st Class Yates
Habeeb Ameen Private 1st Class Erie
Haber Irving Corporal Bronx
Haberer Martin Private New York
Haberman Arthur Private Bronx
Haberman Edwin I. Private New York
Haberman Robert R. Private 1st Class Queens
Haberski Henry J 1st Sergeant Queens
Habib Rudolph Private 1st Class AIR CORPS 27-Nov-43 New York
Habif Joseph Sergeant 96 BOMB SQ 2 BOMB GP 31-Jan-44 New York
Habinyak John Private 193 GLI INF 17 ABN D 7-Jan-45 New York
Haburchak Richard J. Private 4142 QM SV CO 7-Jun-44 Broome
Habyan Gabriel John Private 1st Class Kings
Hack Edgar M. Private 1st Class Niagara
Hack Frank John Aviation Ordnance man 3rd Class Kings
Hack George H. Jr. Technician 5th Grade New York
Hackel William C Private 1st Class Queens
Hacker Charles H Private Kings
Hackett Clyde I Private Onondaga
Hackett Edward J 1st Lieutenant Westchester
Hackett Hubert Byron Steward's Mate 2nd Class Queens
Hackett James J Private 1st Class 12 INF 4 DIV 7-Oct-44 Kings
Hackley Francis M. 2nd Lieutenant Genesee
Hackulich William Corporal Broome
Hadcock Lawrence 1st Lieutenant Cayuga
Haddad Edward Private 1st Class Westchester
Hadden Harold B Private 1st Class Rockland
Hadden Malcolm E Sergeant Cayuga
Hadden Martin H Private Dutchess
Hadden Wilber F Staff Sergeant 193 GLI INF 17 ABN D 7-Jan-45 Chautauqua
Hadeed Henry Seaman 2nd Class Monroe
Haden William H Staff Sergeant Queens
Haderer Robert P Aviation Cadet Erie
Hadjopoulos George Sergeant 370 BOMB SQ 307 BOMB 8-Jan-45 New York
Hadley George H 2nd Lieutenant 3 SQ 1 FERRY GP 11-Dec-45 Cortland
Hadsell George A Colonel Dutchess
Hadykien Anthony J. Private 1st Class Niagara
Haerdtner Roland P Private 1st Class 467 MP ESCORT GD CO 26-Apr-45 Bronx
Hafberg Eric G Private 1st Class Erie
Hafele Stanley M. 2nd Lieutenant Suffolk
Hafstad Christian A Sergeant 54 FA BN 3 ARMD DIV 3-Mar-45 Bronx
Haft Jerome L Private 1st Class Queens
Hagan James F Private Bronx
Hagan James R Private 1st Class Erie
Hagan Kenneth William Fireman 2nd Class Queens
Hagberg Eric G Private 1st Class Erie
Hagen Clifford Stanley Private 1st Class Monroe
Hagen Howard B Sergeant 567 BOMB SQ 389 BOMB 9-Jul-43 Queens
Hagen John F Jr 1st Lieutenant Columbia
Hagen William H. Sr. Private Monroe
Hagenburg Charles S Private Nassau
Hagendorn Arthur Charles Jr Photographer's Mate 3rd Class Kings
Hagenstein Herbert Private Westchester
Haggerty Francis X. Sergeant 157 REGT 45 DIV 31-May-44 Oneida
Haggerty Frank C 2nd Lieutenant Nassau
Haggerty Fred J Jr Private 104 INF 26 DIV 29-Oct-44 Kings
Haggerty George LeGrande 1st Lieutenant Kings
Haggerty James A Private 60 CA REGT 24-Oct-44 Kings
Haggerty John F. 2nd Lieutenant New York
Haggerty Robert H. Captain Queens
Haggerty Timothy J. 2nd Lieutenant 352 BOMB SQ 301 BOMB 26-Jul-44 Monroe
Haggerty William M Private 1st Class 93 SIG BN 14-Mar-45 Kings
Haggins Sylvester D Private 1st Class 364 ENGR GEN SV REGT 7-Jul-44 Erie
Haggman Charles D Private 1st Class Bronx
Hagler Murray L Private 1st Class Kings
Haglind Robert David Radioman 3rd Class Kings
Haglund Axel W Private 1st Class Kings
Hagstedt Arthur Private 675 FA BN 11 ABN DIV 6-Jul-45 Kings
Hagstrom Theodore P Private 1st Class 233 ENGR COMBAT BN 21-Apr-45 Chautauqua
Hague Raymond F X 2nd Lieutenant 747 BOMB SQ 456 BOMB 20-Sep-44 Rockland
Hahl Frank H. Private 1st Class 330 INF 83 DIV 16-Dec-44 New York
Hahn Burton F 2nd Lieutenant 845 BOMB SQ 489 BOMB 26-Jul-45 Queens
Hahn Carl A 1st Lieutenant Albany
Hahn Gordon L. Private 1st Class Schenectady
Hahn Jack James Fireman 1st Class Kings
Hahn John D Corporal Erie
Hahn John J Staff Sergeant 47 INF 9 DIV 16-Jun-44 Queens
Hahn Paul B Private 2 SP SV REGT 24-May-44 Westchester
Hahn Raymond E Private 1st Class 311 INF 78 DIV 7-Feb-45 Onondaga
Hahn Robert D Private 1st Class 112 INF 28 DIV 4-Aug-44 Erie
Haig Edward Nerso Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Queens
Haight Byron G Technician 5th Grade 901 ORD AUTO MAINT C 7-Apr-45 Delaware
Haight David E. 2nd Lieutenant Niagara
Haight Donald G Private 1st Class Westchester
Hailand John W. Private Erie
Hailey Andrew J. 2nd Lieutenant Niagara
Haines William Montgomery Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Sullivan
Hains Ernest W Staff Sergeant Orleans
Hains Wallace H Private 1st Class Westchester
Hair Irving Sergeant Queens
Haire Edward A. 2nd Lieutenant New York
Haisch Howard Burr Lieutenant Dental Corps Kings
Hajduk Alfred M Private 1st Class 362 INF 91 DIV 16-Sep-44 Erie
Hajek Carl N Staff Sergeant 105 INF 27 DIV 12-Jul-44 Queens
Hajek Charles J Private 1st Class 508 PRCHT INF REGT 21-Sep-44 Queens
Hakamaa John Private 1st Class 13 INF 8 DIV 4-Apr-45 Bronx
Halaby George J 2nd Lieutenant 408 BOMB SQ 22 BOMB 16-Apr-44 Kings
Halas Mitchell O Private Kings
Halasy John J Sergeant Kings
Halat Joseph L. Private Genesee
Halbert Truair E Staff Sergeant 524 BOMB SQ 379 BOMB 30-Jul-43 Delaware
Halbrecht Samuel A Private 1st Class Kings
Haldane William Richard Ensign New York
Haldeman John E Private 1st Class Erie
Hale Charles F 2nd Lieutenant Chenango
Hale Clifford L. Private 1st Class Genesee
Hale Donald C. Private 1st Class New York
Hale Edward P 2nd Lieutenant Erie
Hale Elbert S. Private 1st Class 362 INF 91 DIV 20-Oct-44 Essex
Hale Harry E Sergeant Onondaga
Hale Horace C Major St. Lawrence
Hale John Richard Hospital Apprentice 1st Class Nassau
Hale Martin Technician 5th Grade Kings
Haley Delbert C Private Onondaga
Haley Donald J Private 26 INF 1 DIV 19-Apr-45 Cattaraugas
Haley James M Flight Officer 301 SQ 441 TRP CARR 15-May-45 Clinton
Haley John J. 2d Lieutenant New York
Haley Leonard J. Private 1st Class 507 AAA GUN BN 19-Mar-45 Seneca
Halgren Axel J Sergeant Rockland
Halibi Robert Vladimir Soundman 3rd Class Kings
Halic Edward F Sergeant 18 INF 1 DIV 23-Apr-43 Kings
Halik Stanley S Private 26 INF 1 DIV 30-Mar-43 Kings
Halio John R Sergeant Bronx
Haliscky Michael Private 1st Class Westchester
Halka Frederick J Private 1st Class Westchester
Hall Albert W. Corporal Monroe
Hall Beaufort Steward's Mate 2nd Class Greene
Hall Bernard Francis Fireman 1st Class New York
Hall Bond M Captain Nassau
Hall Charles E. Technician 5th Grade 255 INF 63 DIV 6-Feb-45 Steuben
Hall Clarence D Technician 4th Grade Jefferson
Hall Edgar W. Corporal Chautauqua
Hall Edward John Radioman 2nd Class Richmond
Hall Edward R Private Wyoming
Hall Everett M Sergeant Saratoga
Hall Everette Jr Private 1st Class 383 INF 96 DIV 9-Apr-45 Onondaga
Hall Frank Willard III Private 1st Class Orange
Hall Frederick C. Private 74 FTR SQ 23 FTR GP 26-Apr-43 Chemung
Hall Frederick D. 2nd Lieutenant Steuben
Hall Gilbert B Lieutenant Colonel Orange
Hall Harvey Clement Pharmacist's Mate 2nd Class Onondaga
Hall Howard J Sergeant 305 INF 77 DIV 11-May-45 Warren
Hall Irwin 1st Lieutenant Oswego
Hall Jack B. Staff Sergeant 598 BOMB SQ 397 BOMB 17-Jun-44 Broome
Hall James G. Private Queens
Hall Jared P. Technician 4th Grade Oneida
Hall John C. 1st Sergeant New York
Hall Joseph Cyril Electrician's Mate 3rd Class Queens
Hall Joseph J Staff Sergeant 366 BOMB SQ 305 BOMB 12-Aug-43 Westchester
Hall Karsten L Private 1st Class 503 PRCHT INF REGT 4-Jun-45 Kings
Hall Kenneth Charles 2d Lieutenant Nassau
Hall Leroy I. Private 1st Class Schuyler
Hall Loren R. Sergeant 334 INF 84 DIV 18-Nov-44 Niagara
Hall Marvin John Motor Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Erie
Hall Ralph H. Sergeant Monroe
Hall Richard B. Corporal Washington
Hall Richard N Private Allegany
Hall Robert J. Private 1st Class Oswego
Hall Robert J. 1st Lieutenant Chemung
Hall Robert L Private Washington
Hall Robert L Private 1st Class Onondaga
Hall Theodore P 1st Lieutenant Onondaga
Hall Thomas J. Private 1st Class New York
Hall Valentine J. Corporal New York
Hall Wallace K. Sergeant Erie
Hall Willard James Machinist's Mate 1st Class Putnam
Hall William E. Sergeant Steuben
Hall Winfield L 2nd Lieutenant 415 BOMB SQ 98 BOMB 19-Aug-44 Cayuga
Halla Howard L 2nd Lieutenant Bronx
Hallas Nicholas Corporal 391 FTR SQ 366 FTR G 12-Apr-44 Kings
Hallden Robert H 2nd Lieutenant Nassau
Hallen Francis 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Hallen John Victor Jr. Radar man 3rd Class Suffolk
Hallenbeck Frank L Private Columbia
Hallenbeck John L Technician 4th Grade Ulster
Hallenbeck Keene S Sergeant Ulster
Hallenbeck L E Staff Sergeant Greene
Hallenbeck William H Flight Officer Greene
Haller Arthur Jacob Pharmacist's Mate 2nd Class Kings
Haller John J. Albany
Hallett Edward A. Staff Sergeant Monroe
Halley James Geoffrey Private 1st Class Queens
Halliday James P. Staff Sergeant 440 ENGR DEPOT CO 2-May-45 Niagara
Halliday William Staff Sergeant 357 INF 90 DIV 7-Aug-44 New York
Halligan James Martin Private Kings
Halligan Richard Erwin Seaman 2nd Class Monroe
Halligan Robert W. 1st Lieutenant 427 BOMB SQ 303 BOMB 9-Apr-44 New York
Halligan Terence 1st Lieutenant 441 BOMB SQ 320 BOMB 18-Aug-45 Richmond
Hallin Mortimer P Private 1st Class Kings
Hallinan Agnes K 2nd Lieutenant Onondaga
Hallissey John H Staff Sergeant Kings
Hallister Harold A. Corporal Erie
Halliwell David E. Private 1st Class Suffolk
Halliwell David M Private Kings
Hallman Donald A. Technical Sergeant Queens
Hallman Lawrence Oscar Boatswain's Mate 1st Class Kings
Hallock Eugene Frederick Seaman 1st Class Columbia
Hallock John G. Major New York
Hallock John L. Staff Sergeant 343 BOMB SQ 98 BOMB 19-Dec-43 Suffolk
Halloran Edward R. 1st Lieutenant Monroe
Halloran James D Private 1st Class Columbia
Hally William Thomas Watertender 1st Class Seneca
Halme August J Private Erie
Halper Howard Padgett Lieutenant New York
Halperin Abraham Nmi Private 423 INF 106 DIV 20-Dec-44 New York
Halperin Gabriel J 1st Lieutenant Kings
Halperin Isidore L Staff Sergeant Kings
Halperin Julius M. Private 1st Class Kings
Halpern Jerome B. Private New York
Halpern Leonard M Captain Queens
Halpern Martin Private Kings
Halpern Milton Private 1st Class Kings
Halpert Alfred Sander Radioman 1st Class Queens
Halpin Alfred V. Gunnery Sgt. New York
Halpin Patrick J. Private New York
Halstead Earl B Technician 5th Grade 464 FA BN 17 ABN DIV 24-Mar-45 Orange
Halstead Irving D Private 26 INF 1 DIV 28-Apr-43 Onondaga
Halstead John Joseph Assistant Cook Ulster
Halstead Peter B Private 1st Class Columbia
Halstead Robert B. Private 1st Class Chemung
Halstead Robert B. Private 1st Class Schoharie
Halsted John J Private Queens
Halter Lawrence D Technical Sergeant Queens
Haltom Winfred S. Captain New York
Halton Ernest 1st Lieutenant Westchester
Halton James P 2nd Lieutenant Rensselaer
Halubowicz John S. Private Suffolk
Haluchak Alex Sergeant New York
Halverson Roy E Major CWS 21-Oct-43 Tompkins
Halvorsen Harry John Fireman 1st Class Kings
Halvorsen Robert Elvell Seaman 1st Class Kings
Hamacher Harry S Private Onondaga
Hamalainen Eino S. Staff Sergeant 431 BOMB SQ 11 BOMB 1-Dec-42 New York
Hamann Gerald W Corporal 31 INF REGT 25-Jul-42 Erie
Hamann Harry Private Kings
Hamann John F. Jr. Private 143 INF 36 DIV 20-Aug-44 New York
Hambidge Elmer S Private 169 INF 43 DIV 15-Aug-43 Albany
Hambrecht George A Captain Queens
Hamburger Charles W. Corporal New York
Hamburger Leonard A. Private New York
Hamelin Gilbert P Private Lewis
Hameline Edwin J. Private 977 FA BN 15-Aug-44 Oneida
Hamer Stanley Sergeant Kings
Hamershlag Julius Corporal Kings
Hamilton Allan B 2nd Lieutenant Erie
Hamilton Arthur de Chantel 1st Lieutenant Kings
Hamilton Charles 0 Private Cattaraugas
Hamilton Daniel J Staff Sergeant 341 BOMB SQ 97 BOMB 8-Nov-43 Erie
Hamilton Delmer C Private 1st Class Tompkins
Hamilton Edward F. Corporal Herkimer
Hamilton F W Jr Private 1st Class 9 INF 2 DIV 29-Aug-44 Albany
Hamilton Gerald E 2nd Lieutenant Allegany
Hamilton Guy Jr Private 1st Class Tompkins
Hamilton Harold F. Private 1st Class Broome
Hamilton John Franklin Chief Steward New York
Hamilton Lane Jr Coxswain Kings
Hamilton Lawrence Private 470 AAA AW BN 9-Jul-44 Queens
Hamilton Leroy R Private Kings
Hamilton Robert D Staff Sergeant Orange
Hamilton Robert J Technician 5th Grade 226 FA BN 25-Oct-44 Queens
Hamilton Stewart A. Sergeant Niagara
Hamilton Thomas A Technician 4th Grade 389 PORT BN 15-Sep-43 Tompkins
Hamilton Vincent P. 1st Lieutenant New York
Hamilton William L. Sergeant New York
Hamley Raymond D. Staff Sergeant 453 BOMB SQ 323 BOMB 20-May-44 Broome
Hamlin Harry L Sergeant Erie
Hamlin Jack Preston Private 1st Class Monroe
Hamlin Joseph T Private 1st Class Herkimer
Hamm George Private 1st Class 3199 QM SV CO 13-Jan-45 Kings
Hamm Robert E 2nd Lieutenant 326 BOMB SQ 92 BOMB 26-Nov-43 Erie
Hamman Frank J. Jr. Sergeant Niagara
Hammann Kenneth S Private 47 INF 9 DIV 2-Mar-45 Albany
Hammarberg Robert Anton Seaman 1st Class Queens
Hammel Edward L 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
Hammel Gerard B Sergeant 754 BOMB SQ 458 BOMB 31-Jul-44 Kings
Hammel Ralph E Private 143 INF 36 DIV 22-Jan-44 Queens
Hammer Benjamin Sergeant 12 ENGR CMBT BN 8 DI 16-Dec-44 Kings
Hammer Joseph A Jr Corporal Kings
Hammer Paul H Corporal Erie
Hammer Paul P. Jr. Sergeant 63 AACS GP 6-Jan-45 New York
Hammersmith George W 1st Lieutenant 450 ORD CO/AVN/ 16-Aug-42 Erie
Hammill Richard James Private 1st Class Kings
Hamminga John W. Private 1st Class Niagara
Hammler Henry E Private 1st Class Queens
Hammond Caryl E. Private 1st Class 245 QM DEPOT CO 29-Sep-44 Suffolk
Hammond Edward A Sergeant 6 INF 1 ARMD DIV 6-Dec-42 Westchester
Hammond Eugene W. Sergeant 180 INF 45 DIV 22-Feb-44 Chemung
Hammond Harold R. Staff Sergeant 305 INF 77 DIV 26-Dec-44 Essex
Hammond Harvey Jr Private 1st Class Oswego
Hammond James L Corporal Chautauqua
Hammond John C Private Dutchess
Hammond John E. Staff Sergeant New York
Hammond Karl Louis Motor Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Orange
Hammond Leon C. Sergeant 802 MP BN 12-Apr-43 Fulton
Hammond Orson S. 1st Lieutenant Schenectady
Hammond Raymond I. Private 1st Class Monroe
Hammond Roland C Corporal Cortland
Hammond Thomas A Technician 5th Grade Kings
Hammond Walter C 1st Lieutenant Queens
Hamner Edward Earl Aviation Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Hamilton
Hamner Timothy Reardon Machinist's Mate 1st Class Hamilton
Hample Henry J Private Chemung
Hampton Edwin Wombwell Lieutenant (Junior Grade) New York
Hampton John R Private Kings
Hampton Robert G. Private Oneida
Hamridge Gordon W 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
Hamsher Howard L Private 1st Class 119 INF 30 DIV 3-Apr-45 Livingston
Hana Clifford H. Private 442 INF REGT 12-Jul-44 Franklin
Hanauer Henry L Private 1st Class 30 INF 3 DIV 21-Sep-44 Kings
Hanavan John J Sergeant Cayuga
Hanba Frederick T. Private 1st Class Oneida
Hanby John J Sergeant 333 INF 84 DIV 6-Jan-45 Livingston
Hancock Alfred E Technical Sergeant Erie
Hancock Allen J. Private Monroe
Hancock Earl W Sergeant 66 BOMB SQ 44 BOMB G 19-Apr-43 Erie
Hancock Jack Aviation Radioman 2nd Class Erie
Hancock James Joseph Seaman 2nd Class Kings
Hancock John Howard Private Saratoga
Hancock Robert C. Corporal Kings
Hand Daniel R. Private Steuben
Hand John C. Corporal Onondaga
Hand John E. Jr. 1st Lieutenant New York
Handal Louis A Private 1st Class Kings
Handel Ashur A Private 1st Class Westchester
Handel Theodore Fireman 1st Class Westchester
Handelman Irwin Private New York
Handelman Jack Technician 5th Grade Kings
Handelsman B F Captain Kings
Handelsman George Private 1st Class Bronx
Handleman William M. Staff Sergeant New York
Handley John E Technician 5th Grade Queens
Handly Thomas F Private Kings
Handov John Uwe Torpedoman's Mate 2nd Class Monroe
Hands Albert J Staff Sergeant 451 BOMB SQ 322 BOMB 1-Jan-45 Kings
Handy Edward V. Jr. 2nd Lieutenant New York
Haneoak Jacob A. Corporal Albany
Haney James A Private 1st Class Erie
Haney James Philip Jr Private 1st Class Onondaga
Haney John W Staff Sergeant Erie
Hanfling Irving P Staff Sergeant 644 BOMB SQ 410 BOMB 3-Jun-44 Kings
Hanft Richard J. 1st Lieutenant Fulton
Hangan William F. Private 18 INF 1 DIV 10-Jan-43 New York
Hanickel Norbert W. Technician 5th Grade 101 ENGR CMBT BN 26 29-Apr-45 New York
Hankin Edward Private New York
Hanley Edward Francis Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Queens
Hanley James H Sergeant Erie
Hanley Joseph R Corporal Erie
Hanley Thomas Edward Aviation Radioman 3rd Class Kings
Hanley Thomas P. Private 831 BOMB SQ 485 BOMB 20-Apr-44 New York
Hanley William F Corporal Cayuga
Hanley William Lester Private 1st Class New York
Hanley William R Private 1st Class Kings
Hanlon Edmund F Private 1st Class 349 INF 88 DIV 8-Jul-44 Kings
Hanlon Francis Xavier Fireman 1st Class Kings
Hanlon James Lawrence Seaman 2nd Class Kings
Hanlon John A Private 4 TK BN 1 ARMD DIV 24-Apr-45 Erie
Hanlon John J Sergeant INDIA CHINA WING ATC 18-Jan-45 Albany
Hanly John Haye Lieutenant Commander Clinton
Hanly John Michael Seaman 2nd Class Wyoming
Hanmer William Jr Aviation Radioman 2nd Class Essex
Hanna Edward A Sergeant Oneida
Hanna John D Jr Private 1st Class Kings
Hanna Robert F. Aviation Radioman 2nd class Bronx
Hanna William T Private Kings
Hannah George S. Private 175 INF 29 DIV 2-Aug-44 Oneida
Hannan Jay Paul Private 1st Class St Lawrence
Hannan William J 2nd Lieutenant 66 BOMB SQ 44 BOMB G 26-Feb-43 St. Lawrence
Hannan William J Major Kings
Hanne Walter J Private 1st Class 143 INF 36 DIV 25-Aug-44 Erie
Hanneman Robert Corporal Erie
Hanney James V Technical Sergeant Kings
Hannig Walter Private 1st Class 253 INF 63 DIV 4-Mar-45 Onondaga
Hannigan Charles Michael Private 1st Class Queens
Hannigan John F 2nd Lieutenant Ontario
Hannock Marshall S 1st Lieutenant Albany
Hannon Donald F Private 1st Class Queens
Hannon Gerald P Technician 4th Grade Erie
Hannon James J Technical Sergeant Bronx
Hannon John J. Private 1st Class 401 GLI INF 101 ABN 30-Sep-44 Broome
Hannon Joseph P. 2nd Lieutenant New York
Hano Alfred 1st Lieutenant New York
Hanrahan Charles J Private 1st Class 133 INF 34 DIV 2-Feb-44 Queens
Hanrahan Joseph F. 1st Lieutenant New York
Hanrahan Walter T Aviation Cadet Queens
Hanratty Joseph B Private Bronx
Hanriot John A Private Chautauqua
Hans Frederick C Private 1st Class Kings
Hansbury Francis J Staff Sergeant 143 INF 36 DIV 27-Aug-44 Albany
Hansen Alfred W Corporal Genesee
Hansen Floyd M. Private 180 INF 45 DIV 26-Mar-45 Seneca
Hansen George W Staff Sergeant 148 AAA OPR DET 25-Sep-44 Richmond
Hansen Harold G Private Kings
Hansen Harold Walter Torpedoman 3rd Class Westchester
Hansen Harry A Private Kings
Hansen Henry M Corporal 507 PRCHT INF REGT 6-Jun-44 Queens
Hansen Howard 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Hansen James W Private 109 ENGR CMBT BN 34 19-Jun-43 Erie
Hansen John H 2nd Lieutenant 862 BOMB SQ 493 BOMB 29-Jun-44 Queens
Hansen Leslie E Private 1st Class Genesee
Hansen Randall N Private 1st Class Nassau
Hansen Raynard A Private 1st Class 87 CAV RCN SQ 7 ARMD 6-Sep-44 Dutchess
Hansen Robert A 1st Lieutenant 490 BOMB SQ 341 BOMB 30-May-45 Queens
Hansen Robert B Private 1st Class Bronx
Hansen Thomas F Jr Private 1st Class Queens
Hansen Tonny Private New York
Hansen Walter Seaman 1st Class Richmond
Hansen William A Private 60 INF 9 DIV 6-Aug-44 Kings
Hansen William D 1st Lieutenant 86 FTR SQ 79 FTR GP 30-Apr-43 Kings
Hansen William Henry Private 1st Class Richmond
Hanshaw John G 1st Lieutenant Tompkins
Hansley James A Corporal Kings
Hansman Ralph F 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Hanson Carl G A Private 330 INF 83 DIV 12-Dec-44 Queens
Hanson Edward Frederick Hospital Apprentice 2nd Class Bronx
Hanson Elwood J Technician 5th Grade 203 FA BN 25-Nov-44 Chautauqua
Hanson Garnet E Private Erie
Hanson Gene Wayne 1st Lieutenant Erie
Hanson George F Sergeant Queens
Hanson Harley Clarence Machinist Bronx
Hanson Harold W Private Chautauqua
Hanson Harry William Aviation Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Kings
Hanson John D. 2nd Lieutenant New York
Hanson Raymond G Corporal 9 INF 2 DIV 13-Aug-44 Kings
Hanson Robert August Gunner's Mate 2nd Class Chautauqua
Hanson Robert H. 2nd Lieutenant New York
Hantman Morton M. 2nd Lieutenant New York
Hantober Manuel Staff Sergeant Kings
Hanula Alex Corporal New York
Hanula Walter Private 1st Class New York
Hanulec Joseph S Private Queens
Hanwell Robert H Private 104 INF 26 DIV 22-Nov-44 Erie
Hanzel Frank Michael Jr Ship's Cook 2nd Class Kings
Hapeman Robert L. Private Broome
Happ Arthur E. Corporal New York
Happe John J Private 1st Class Queens
Haramis George George Jr Private 1st Class New York
Haran James P Jr 1st Lieutenant 706 BOMB SQ 446 BOMB 11-Apr-45 Kings
Haran Patrick S Captain Kings
Harancas Stephen J 1st Lieutenant Livingston
Harasimowicz Anthony Chief Electrician's Mate Schenectady
Haraszewicz Francis A Private New York
Harbold John L Corporal Queens
Harbor Walter Aviation Machinist's Mate 3rd Class New York
Harbrecht Jack E Sergeant 23 BOMB SQ 5 BOMB GP 5-Jan-45 Nassau
Harcher William J Staff Sergeant 778 BOMB SQ 464 BOMB 26-May-45 Orleans
Harcola John M Staff Sergeant 52 MED BN 30-Jan-44 Onondaga
Harden John S Private 1st Class Orange
Harden Joseph John Seaman 2nd Class Montgomery
Harden Michael 1st Sergeant Albany
Harden Reginald Private New York
Harder Frank August Sergeant Kings
Harder Halmut Corporal New York
Harder Julius F Corporal Kings
Harder Raymond A. Private 1st Class 337 INF 85 DIV 7-Oct-44 Niagara
Hardie Frank R Private Wayne
Hardiman Bryce Edward Private 1st Class Chemung
Harding Edgar M 1st Lieutenant Albany
Harding Joseph W. Private New York
Harding Kenneth Merle Torpedoman's Mate 2nd Class Broome
Harding Philip T Private 1st Class Bronx
Harding Robert J. Sr. 1st Lieutenant New York
Harding Thomas L Technical Sergeant Queens
Harding Warren J Platoon Sergeant Queens
Harding William E. Private 319 INF 80 DIV 22-Feb-45 Tioga
Harding William M Corporal Ontario
Hardman Thomas E Sergeant Kings
Hards Harold Frederick Platoon Sergeant Westchester
Hardwick Warren Private 24 INF REGT 26-May-43 New York
Hardy Amos Technician 5th Grade 370 INF 92 DIV 20-Apr-45 Westchester
Hardy Dalton R 2nd Lieutenant Onondaga
Hardy John G. 2nd Lieutenant New York
Hardy Lawrence W Private Kings
Hardy Philip R. Corporal 161 INF 25 DIV 31-Jul-43 Essex
Hardy Ralph E 1st Lieutenant Herkimer
Hardy Robert Charles Seaman 1st Class Orange
Hardy Robert T Private Kings
Hare David F. Private 1st Class Monroe
Hare James R. Private Monroe
Harfman Lavern F Technical Sergeant 545 BOMB SQ 384 BOMB 10-Jan-45 Erie
Hargrave Lloyd G Private 1st Class 6 REGT 1 ARMD DIV 23-Mar-43 St. Lawrence
Haring Bernard F Sergeant Rockland
Harismides Costa Aviation Ordnance man 3rd Class New York
Harkavy Julius Private QM CORPS 5-Aug-45 Kings
Harkins Charles F. Staff Sergeant New York
Harkins James A Private New York
Harknett Richard F. Private 349 INF 88 DIV 12-Oct-44 Suffolk
Harla Casimir F Private 1st Class Westchester
Harlam Fred M. Private New York
Harle John Charles 1st Lieutenant Queens
Harler John M Private SIG AIR WNG CO 8-Dec-41 Erie
Harley Edmond M Technician 5th Grade 397 AAA AW BN 6-Jun-44 Queens
Harley Jerome V Staff Sergeant Kings
Harlin Henry J Corporal Bronx
Harling Allen J Staff Sergeant Chautauqua
Harloff Donalc K. Staff Sergeant Genesee
Harman Elmer Larry Jr Chief Radioman Richmond
Harman Marvin A Private 311 INF 78 DIV 31-Jan-45 Kings
Harmaza Stephen J Staff Sergeant 71 INF 44 DIV 2-Dec-44 Kings
Harmon David Lieutenant Colonel HQ THIRD ARMY 7-Apr-45 Westchester
Harmon Ethelbert A. Corporal 793 FA BN 2-Aug-45 Monroe
Harmon George A. Private 1st Class 115 INF 29 DIV 17-Sep-44 New York
Harmon Glen R Private 1st Class Allegany
Harmonay Albert L 1st Lieutenant 561 AAF BASE UNIT 23-Jul-45 Westchester
Harmonay Ernest Andrew Aviation Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Westchester
Harms Elmer Fred Henry Metalsmith 1st Class Kings
Harms Godfrey G Assistant Cook Kings
Harms Harry Jr Private 1st Class Ulster
Harmych Michael Technician 5th Grade 126 ORD BN 4 ARMD DI 30-Jul-44 Lewis
Harned Gordon H. Private 1st Class Essex
Harned Joe N Technician 4th Grade Allegany
Harnett Maurice T Private 1st Class Bronx
Harnett Thomas M Staff Sergeant Bronx
Harney John P Technician 4th Grade Bronx
Harnisch Harry H Private 1st Class Erie
Harnischfeger Frank John Fireman 1st Class Kings
Harnish Walter H. 1st Lieutenant Monroe
Harold Donald W. 2nd Lieutenant 23 BOMB SQ 5 BOMB GP 1-Nov-44 Monroe
Harper Ellsworth L. Private 3281 QM SV CO 7-Jun-44 New York
Harper Herbert P 1st Lieutenant Bronx
Harper John D Corporal Onondaga
Harper Laurence R. Captain New York
Harper Stanley C Staff Sergeant Herkimer
Harper Thomas Jr Sergeant 340 FTR SQ 348 FTR G 3-Apr-45 Queens
Harppinger Ruskin E Private Rensselaer
Harps Howard L Private 1st Class Erie
Harr John Joseph Seaman 2nd Class Bronx
Harrell William F Colonel Dutchess
Harrigan Gerard A Staff Sergeant 776 AMPH TANK BN 6-Jun-45 Queens
Harrigan Gerard J Staff Sergeant Rockland
Harrigan James E. Private 1st Class New York
Harrigan Lawrence J Private Queens
Harring Arthur R Private 1st Class 400 BOMB SQ 90 BOMB 6-Jun-45 Queens
Harrington A W Jr Private 1st Class Rensselaer
Harrington Arthur S Jr Private 1st Class Rensselaer
Harrington Carlton M Private 1st Class Livingston
Harrington Clayton L. Private 1st Class 10 INF BN 4 ARMD DIV 8-Oct-44 New York
Harrington Donald C Technician 4th Grade Madison
Harrington Donn F. 2nd Lieutenant Oneida
Harrington George Clark Motor Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Hamilton
Harrington J R Jr Flight Officer Erie
Harrington John Leslie Seaman 2nd Class Nassau
Harrington Leonard A. Staff Sergeant 725 BOMB SQ 451 BOMB 20-Jan-45 New York
Harrington Lester D Private Cortland
Harrington Raymond Private 1st Class Kings
Harrington Richard Private 1st Class Orange
Harrington Robert J. Private Monroe
Harrington Thomas C. Private 31 INF REGT 24-Oct-44 Monroe
Harrington Wilson H. Commander Queens
Harrinton Clifford Private 1st Class 319 FA BN 82 ABN DIV 6-Jun-44 State at large
Harris Benjamin L 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Harris Burton R. 1st Lieutenant New York
Harris Dalton W. Staff Sergeant 577 BOMB SQ 392 BOMB 26-Nov-43 Oneida
Harris David 2nd Lieutenant 23 BOMB SQ 5 BOMB GP 2-Nov-45 Kings
Harris Douglas F Private 67 REGT 2 ARMD DIV 13-Aug-44 Westchester
Harris Floyd V Technician 5th Grade Erie
Harris Francis L. 1st Lieutenant New York
Harris Frederick Private 9 INF 2 DIV 2-Aug-44 Queens
Harris Frederick C Jr Corporal Queens
Harris George Vincent Jr Private Onondaga
Harris Harold Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Queens
Harris Irving K. Private New York
Harris James S Private 1st Class Queens
Harris James W Technician 5th Grade Westchester
Harris Jerome Private 1st Class Kings
Harris Jerome A Private Kings
Harris John C Private Bronx
Harris Joseph Corporal New York
Harris Joseph D Captain Livingston
Harris Lee C. Technician 4th Grade Broome
Harris Lyle Cutler Private 1st Class Madison
Harris Mark Private 1st Class Kings
Harris Norman S Staff Sergeant Queens
Harris Paul M. Private 1st Class New York
Harris Robert E Technical Sergeant Cayuga
Harris Robert Earl Jr Lieutenant Monroe
Harris Robert J. Private 774 ENGR DUMP TRK CO 24-Aug-44 New York
Harris Robert Keith Fire Controlman 3rd Class Onondaga
Harris Robert L Private Nassau
Harris Samuel B Corporal 119 INF 30 DIV 16-Jul-44 Bronx
Harris William Anthony Fireman 3rd Class Erie
Harris-Zimmerman M. H. Private New York
Harrison Charles B 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
Harrison Charles D. 2nd Lieutenant New York
Harrison Edward Norman Electrician's Mate 3rd Class Nassau
Harrison Gordon C Staff Sergeant State at large
Harrison Howard F. Private New York
Harrison John Michael Corporal New York
Harrison Richard Private 1st Class 36 VET CO 16-May-45 New York
Harrison Richard W Private Cortland
Harrison Thomas J 2nd Lieutenant State at large
Harrison Thomas P. Sergeant New York
Harrison Victor S Aviation Cadet Erie
Harrison William H. Staff Sergeant New York
Harsche Michael Jr Radar man 2nd Class Queens
Harshbarger W H Private Allegany
Harsma Raymond Francis Ensign Albany
Hart Addison E 2nd Lieutenant 755 BOMB SQ 458 BOMB 6-Aug-44 Onondaga
Hart Alfred G. Private 1st Class 2 INF 5 DIV 20-Feb-45 Essex
Hart Cameron M. Captain Chemung
Hart Charles E. Private 1st Class Suffolk
Hart Daniel John Seaman 2nd Class Kings
Hart Delour A Private Saratoga
Hart Edwin P Private 1st Class Erie
Hart Elbert E Private 49 INF BN 8 ARMD DIV 29-Mar-45 Kings
Hart Everett W Private 50 GEN HOSP 25-Nov-44 Jefferson
Hart Francis V. Staff Sergeant 451 BOMB SQ 322 BOMB 25-May-44 New York
Hart Frank H Sergeant 551 BOMB SQ 385 BOMB 29-Apr-44 Kings
Hart Frank J Private 1st Class Kings
Hart Fred W Staff Sergeant 373 BOMB SQ 308 BOMB 27-Nov-43 Kings
Hart Gordon Barraclough Pharmacist's Mate 1st Class Nassau
Hart Gregory E Private Queens
Hart Harry Ogden Private 1st Class Onondaga
Hart James M Private 1st Class Onondaga
Hart James S Private 1st Class 15 INF 3 DIV 26-Oct-44 Kings
Hart John Francis Lieutenant Onondaga
Hart John Joseph Seaman 1st Class Albany
Hart John P 1st Lieutenant Richmond
Hart Leland A Private 1st Class Dutchess
Hart Leonard W Private 1st Class 28 INF 8 DIV 23-Feb-45 Cattaraugas
Hart Lyman B. Private 334 INF 84 DIV 21-Nov-44 Monroe
Hart Raymond G Private 1st Class 50 INF BN 6 ARMD DIV 12-Nov-44 Kings
Hart Richard Leroy Private Erie
Hart Robert Private 1st Class Kings
Hart Robert S. Corporal 33 ENGR BN 7 ARMD DI 19-Oct-44 Sullivan
Hart Rudolph I Private 1st Class 411 INF 103 DIV 11-Jan-45 Bronx
Hart Sterling L Corporal Westchester
Hartburg Merle L. Staff Sergeant 403 BOMB SQ 43 BOMB 7-Jan-46 Niagara
Harte Albert S Technician 5th Grade 784 TANK BN 4-Mar-45 Dutchess
Harte Francis V Private Bronx
Harte Kevin F Private 1st Class Queens
Hartel Kenneth J Corporal Erie
Hartenstein Martin Private 1st Class Kings
Harter James A Corporal 74 BOMB SQ 6 BOMB GP 11-Jun-43 Herkimer
Harter Percy F Sergeant Chemung
Hartery Michael B. Private New York
Harth Kenneth Corporal 204 FA BN 18-Mar-45 New York
Hartig George A Jr 2d Lieutenant Nassau
Hartill Fred E Private Queens
Hartkopf Louis I Private Onondaga
Hartl George A Sergeant 24 AACS SQ 29-May-44 Erie
Hartley Kenneth Jay Fireman 1st Class Rensselaer
Hartley William D 2nd Lieutenant Chautauqua
Hartman Isadore Private 1st Class Kings
Hartman Kurt E. Sergeant 121 INF 8 DIV 10-Jul-44 Suffolk
Hartman Leo 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Hartman Leon Myron Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Richmond
Hartman Louis J. Major HQ USAF WESPAC 6-Jun-45 Suffolk
Hartman Philip B. Private 1st Class 8 INF 4 DIV 22-Jul-44 New York
Hartman William A Corporal New York
Hartmann Richard A Sergeant Queens
Hartmann Sylvester J Technician 5th Grade Kings
Hartmann Vincent F. Private 1st Class 39 INF 9 DIV 6-Apr-45 Suffolk
Hartmeyer Herman Anthony Corporal Bronx
Hartner George Louis Staff Sergeant Queens
Hartnett William F Private 1st Class 112 INF 28 DIV 1-Sep-44 Erie
Hartnett William J Corporal New York
Hartney Harold E Jr 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Hartnig Carl 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Hartranft Douglas L. 2nd Lieutenant Steuben
Hartry William Francis Private 1st Class Kings
Hartson William N Corporal Westchester
Hartung Boleslaw Aviation Radioman 2nd Class Queens
Hartung Frederick Arbam II Lieutenant Queens
Hartwell Griffith Technician 5th Grade Nassau
Hartwell John Melvin Jr Lieutenant (Junior Grade) New York
Hartwick Leon S Private 1st Class St. Lawrence
Harty Willard Technical Sergeant Rockland
Hartz George A. Private Niagara
Hartz James A Technician 5th Grade Erie
Hartzog Trammel G. Private Niagara
Haruk John 1st Lieutenant Broome
Harvard Joseph E. Corporal 335 INF 84 DIV 12-Feb-45 New York
Harvey Alvin Jr Private 1st Class Westchester
Harvey Darwyn Private 94 ENGR GEN SV REGT 22-Oct-44 Westchester
Harvey David S. Corporal Niagara
Harvey Edward J. 2nd Lieutenant New York
Harvey Edward M 2nd Lieutenant Allegany
Harvey James D. Staff Sergeant New York
Harvey John Private Kings
Harvey John C Sergeant Nassau
Harvey Maxwell C Gunnery Sergeant Richmond
Harvey Ralph Private 1st Class St. Lawrence
Harvey Robert B. 2nd Lieutenant 458 FTR SQ 506 FTR G 1-Jun-45 New York
Harvey Warren W Staff Sergeant Nassau
Harvey Willard Tracy Sergeant Chemung
Harvey William E 2nd Lieutenant Warren
Harvey William N Private 1st Class 112 INF 28 DIV 4-Aug-44 Chautauqua
Harvie James Hugh Seaman 2nd Class Ontario
Harvie Russell I. Staff Sergeant Genesee
Harwood Dale L. Private 1st Class 318 INF 80 DIV 4-Dec-44 Steuben
Harwood Edward A 1st Lieutenant Kings
Harwood Kenneth W. Private Franklin
Harzynski Anthony F 1st Lieutenant Albany
Hasbrouck Allen P. 1st Lieutenant Monroe
Hasbrouck John David Gunner's Mate 1st Class Kings
Hasel Robert Charles Chief Commissary Steward Nassau
Haseloff John Kane Signalman 3rd Class Kings
Hasen Lawrence M Technician 5th Grade Bronx
Hasenfuss William E Private 1st Class 22 MAT SQ 17 AIR BAS 7-Dec-41 Montgomery
Hashagen Arthur J Private Kings
Hasiak Henry S 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Haskell Eldon L Private 1st Class Warren
Haskell Ray A Technician 5th Grade Warren
Haskin Gerald S Sergeant Chautauqua
Haskins Clifford A Private 1st Class AIR CORPS 24-Oct-44 Allegany
Haskins Earl R Sergeant 813 TD BN 15-Nov-44 Albany
Haskins James D Technician 4th Grade Albany
Haskins Joseph Forgarty Lieutenant Bronx
Haskins Ralph C Technician 5th Grade HQ CO 5 BASE SEC 5-Dec-43 Chautauqua
Haskins Warren E Private 440 BOMB SQ 319 BOMB 8-Dec-42 Delaware
Haskins Warren E. Private New York
Haslam Robert E Private 1st Class 120 INF 30 DIV 1-Jan-45 Bronx
Hass Howard E Staff Sergeant Erie
Hassel Charles E Private 30 INF 3 DIV 26-Apr-44 Nassau
Hassett James D. Private Schenectady
Hassett John B Private 1st Class Erie
Hassett William C Private New York
Hasson Solo On R Corporal 704 BOMB SQ 446 BOMB 17-Jun-45 Bronx
Hastings Alexander W Staff Sergeant Queens
Hastings David S 2nd Lieutenant Onondaga
Hastings Gerald R Private 1st Class Warren
Hastings Herbert L. 1st Lieutenant 379 BOMB SQ 310 BOMB 10-Oct-43 Monroe
Hastings Howard J Private 1st Class Washington
Hastings Michael R. Private New York
Hasto Victor J 2nd Lieutenant Bronx
Hasty Earlis V Private Madison
Haswell Thomas J Private 1st Class 26 INF 1 DIV 31-Mar-43 Kings
Hatam Peter Jr Gunner's Mate 3rd Class Westchester
Hatch Paul S Private 1st Class Allegany
Hatch Perry D Private 1st Class Nassau
Hatch Russell S Sergeant Dutchess
Hatem Albert Anthony Fireman 2nd Class Kings
Hatfield Earl M. Staff Sergeant Fulton
Hathaway George D Private 157 REGT 45 DIV 21-Feb-44 Saratoga
Hathaway Herbert E Private Cortland
Hathaway John A Private 1st Class Chautauqua
Hathaway John J Private Erie
Hathaway Robert I 2nd Lieutenant 442 BOMB SQ 320 BOMB 4-Nov-44 Albany
Hathaway William John Corporal Niagara
Hatkoff Nathan M 2nd Lieutenant 789 BOMB SQ 467 BOMB 4-Mar-45 Albany
Hatsell William Leslie 2d Lieutenant Jefferson
Hatt Clifford Milton Private Erie
Hattem Monroe NMI Private 1st Class 262 INF 66 DIV 25-Dec-44 Bronx
Hatton William J 1st Lieutenant Queens
Haubert George F Private Queens
Hauck Anthony A 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Hauck Arthur H Technical Sergeant 291 INF 75 DIV 16-Jan-45 Erie
Hauck Floyd L Private Wayne
Haug Arthur Edwin Private 1st Class Monroe
Haug Thor Egil Fireman 1st Class Suffolk
Haugh John J. Private New York
Haughery Thomas Budde Carpenter's Mate 3rd Class Kings
Haughey Francis J. Private 1st Class 115 INF 29 DIV 23-Feb-45 New York
Haughey John T Private 1st Class 50 RCN SQ 11 BOMB GP 7-Dec-41 Nassau
Haukvik Floyd R. Sergeant Chemung
Haupenthal Allen J. 2nd Lieutenant Monroe
Haupt Charles F Private 1st Class INFANTRY 13-Mar-45 Queens
Haupt Charles Harkness Jr Aviation Radioman 1st Class Westchester
Haupt Glen P Captain Greene
Hauptfleisch Joseph R Private 1st Class Broome
Hauptman David Private 1st Class Kings
Hauptman Fred H Staff Sergeant Kings
Hauptman George H Private Westchester
Hausauer Robert D Lieutenant Colonel Erie
Hause Frank R Private 1st Class Queens
Hauser Alfred C 2nd Lieutenant 338 BOMB SQ 96 BOMB 8-May-44 Queens
Hauser Jack Isaac Storekeeper 2nd Class Kings
Hauser Leo C Corporal AIR CORPS 4-Jan-45 Bronx
Hauser Leo C. Corporal AIR CORPS 4-Jan-45 New York
Haushalter Glenn W Staff Sergeant 23 INF 2 DIV 17-Sep-44 Erie
Hausler Thomas G Staff Sergeant 20 BOMB SQ 2 BOMB GP 19-Aug-43 Kings
Hausler Wilfred R Sergeant 26 INF 1 DIV 3-Aug-44 Clinton
Hausman Benjamin Private 1st Class New York
Hausman Edwin J. Boatswain's Mate 1st class Queens
Hausman Eugene Private 1st Class 186 INF 41 DIV 7-Jun-44 Queens
Hausman Nat L Private 1st Class Bronx
Hausman Russell F. Private Niagara
Hausner Edward I Private Kings
Hausner Leonard Corporal Bronx
Haussler Carl W. Private Suffolk
Haussler Herbert V Private Queens
Hausz Joseph Jr Seaman 2nd Class Queens
Haut Henry W Private 1st Class Cattaraugus
Havas John G. Private 1st Class New York
Havener Grove W Private 1st Class Oneida
Havens Arthur J Private 1st Class Warren
Haver John E 1st Lieutenant Onondaga
Haverlock Paul Private 337 INF 85 DIV 15-May-44 Onondaga
Haverly Allan W. 1st Sergeant Schenectady
Haviland Louis P Staff Sergeant 366 BOMB SQ 305 BOMB 19-May-43 Westchester
Hawden Richard H Corporal Montgomery
Hawes Robert S. Aviation Cadet New York
Hawkes Earl V. Technical Sergeant Niagara
Hawkes Whitfield A. Major New York
Hawkey Harold R Sergeant Bronx
Hawkins Francis S. Technical Sergeant Suffolk
Hawkins Frank D Jr Private 1st Class Queens
Hawkins Homer W. Private 1st Class New York
Hawkins James Michael Jr 2d Lieutenant Erie
Hawkins John I Corporal Kings
Hawkins Kingsley 2nd Lieutenant Suffolk
Hawkins Lawrence R. Technician 4th Grade New York
Hawkins Michael L. Technical Sergeant 411 INF 103 DIV 27-Nov-44 Oswego
Hawkins Norman D Private State at large
Hawkins Pershing A Private 1st Class Onondaga
Hawkins Richard D Technical Sergeant 350 BOMB SQ 100 BOMB 28-Jul-44 Orange
Hawkins Robert Frederick Seaman 2nd Class Queens
Hawkins Robert Joseph Hospital Apprentice 1st Class Erie
Hawkins Stanley R. Staff Sergeant 104 INF 26 DIV 8-Nov-44 Steuben
Hawkins Walter B Private 1st Class 339 INF 85 DIV 25-Sep-44 Nassau
Hawkins Wiley E 2nd Lieutenant Bronx
Hawkridge Earle Fredrick Seaman 2nd Class Madison
Hawley Edward F Corporal Orange
Hawley Gordon C. Private Niagara
Hawley Jack Holton Ensign Allegany
Hawley Willis F Corporal Niagara
Hawn William B. Private New York
Haworth James Kingsley Torpedoman's Mate 2nd Class Chautauqua
Hawthorne Walter Francis Seaman 1st Class Queens
Hawver Biard F Private 1st Class 415 INF 104 DIV 4-Mar-45 Columbia
Hawver John A Sergeant 105 INF 27 DIV 12-Jul-44 State at large
Hawver Owen A 1st Lieutenant State at large
Hay Arnold H. Technician 5th Grade New York
Hay Arthur H 1st Sergeant Queens
Hay John J Private 463 PRCHT FA BN RCT 23-Aug-44 Westchester
Hay Richard W Private 1st Class Warren
Hay Russel J Private Cayuga
Hayden Arthur H Private 152 INF 38 DIV 26-Nov-44 St. Lawrence
Hayden Carroll R Private 34 FA BN 9 DIV 28-May-44 Madison
Hayden Edward C. Private 1st Class Otsego
Hayden Elliot A Captain Bronx
Hayden Howard E. 1st Lieutenant New York
Hayden John H Colonel 20 CMBT BOMB WG 22-Dec-43 Westchester
Hayden Richard W. Private New York
Hayden Thomas J 1st Lieutenant 513 BOMB SQ 376 BOMB 26-Jun-44 Kings
Hayden Timothy J Private 1st Class Albany
Hayduke August H Corporal Onondaga
Hayek Teddy K. Private 1st Class New York
Hayes Alfred H. Private Suffolk
Hayes Bernard M Private 1st Class Westchester
Hayes Donald R 1st Lieutenant Queens
Hayes Edward E 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Hayes Edward M 2nd Lieutenant 19 BOMB SQ 22 BOMB G 21-Jan-45 Queens
Hayes Edwin Lester Watertender 3rd Class Nassau
Hayes Frank W. Corporal 517 PRCHT INF REGT 8-Feb-45 Steuben
Hayes Glenn S Private 1st Class 359 INF 90 DIV 27-Jan-45 Chautauqua
Hayes Harold Delos Seaman 1st Class Schoharie
Hayes Harold Fred Fireman 1st Class Oswego
Hayes Harold Tyler Jr 1st Lieutenant Erie
Hayes Howard B Private 1st Class Kings
Hayes James A Jr Private 116 INF 29 DIV 6-Jun-44 Westchester
Hayes James J Private Queens
Hayes John M Technician 5th Grade Bronx
Hayes John M Private 1st Class Westchester
Hayes John Robert Fireman 1st Class Erie
Hayes Martin A. Private 168 INF 34 DIV 20-Feb-46 New York
Hayes Norman H Private Clinton
Hayes Robert L Private Chautauqua
Hayes Thomas F Private 1st Class Westchester
Hayes William John Private 1st Class Saratoga
Hayes William R 1st Lieutenant Kings
Haylo George Seaman 2nd Class New York
Hayman Harvey Joseph Aviation Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Westchester
Haynal John F Private Erie
Hayner Benjamin F Private 1st Class 45 RCN TRP 45 DIV 9-Jun-44 Rensselaer
Haynes Ernest P. Private Suffolk
Haynes Everett W Corporal Columbia
Haynes Jack A 2nd Lieutenant Onondaga
Haynes Lester I. Technician 4th Grade Oswego
Haynes Samuel Private New York
Hays Bernard W. Private 1st Class New York
Hays David S. 2nd Lieutenant 98 SQ 440 TRP CARR G 24-Mar-45 Niagara
Hays George R 1st Lieutenant Queens
Hays Harold M Corporal 311 INF 78 DIV 12-Apr-45 Queens
Hayton William A Private Dutchess
Hayward Paul S 2nd Lieutenant Nassau
Hayward Robert W. Private Fulton
Hayward Warren Edward Torpedoman's Mate 3rd Class Madison
Haywood Alfred Williams Jr Ensign Westchester
Haywood Snowden 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
Hazard Albert George Seaman 1st Class Richmond
Hazard Peter Hamilton Lieutenant (Junior Grade) New York
Hazel Walter J Technician HQ CO USAF WESPAC 13-Jan-46 Kings
Hazelbaker Arnold E Sergeant 187 QM BN 19-Mar-44 Orleans
Hazell James Adrien Sergeant Bronx
Hazelton Paul H Lieutenant Colonel Westchester
Hazelwood Howard E Sergeant Jefferson
Hazen Alson Leonard Private 1st Class Chemung
Hazen John L. Jr. 2nd Lieutenant Monroe
Hazin Andrew Private New York
Hazlewood Ledyard B 1st Lieutenant Kings
Hazzard Albert William Fire Controlman 3rd Class Allegany
Hazzard Thomas R 2nd Lieutenant Dutchess
Head Frederic F Private 1st Class Oswego
Head James R Private 1st Class Onondaga
Heafy Goerge F 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
Heafy Joseph E Corporal Westchester
Heagerty John F. 2nd Lieutenant Tioga
Heald Calvin S. Private Essex
Heald James W. Private 1st Class Monroe
Healey John E 2nd Lieutenant 562 BOMB SQ 388 BOMB 8-Jul-44 Kings
Healey John J Staff Sergeant 336 BOMB SQ 95 BOMB 25-Jul-43 Kings
Healion Arthur J Technician 5th Grade 701 TD BN 24-Feb-45 Queens
Healion William D. Technician 4th Grade New York
Healy George E. 2nd Lieutenant 561 BOMB SQ 388 BOMB 25-Aug-44 Monroe
Healy Gerald P Private 1st Class Bronx
Healy James F Staff Sergeant 349 BOMB SQ 100 BOMB 12-Jun-44 Richmond
Healy John F Sergeant 535 BOMB SQ 381 BOMB 1-Dec-43 Kings
Healy John J Sergeant Queens
Healy Mark Staff Sergeant 524 BOMB SQ 379 BOMB 28-Dec-43 Kings
Healy Martin J 1st Lieutenant Columbia
Healy Patrick Joseph Seaman 1st Class Kings
Healy Richard Maurice Private 1st Class Queens
Healy Robert F 2nd Lieutenant 63 FTR SQ 56 FTR GP 5-Nov-44 Queens
Healy Robert John Private 1st Class Wayne
Healy Thomas R. Sergeant New York
Healy Timothy Private 1st Class Queens
Heaney James T. Sergeant 58 ORD AM CO 5-Nov-44 New York
Heaney Patrick J. Staff Sergeant 366 BOMB SQ 305 BOMB 17-May-43 New York
Heapes John J. Private 1st Class Suffolk
Heaphy John T Private 1st Class Schenectady
Heaphy Vincent J Private Kings
Heard Jessie Cook 3rd Class New York
Heard John A 1st Lieutenant Erie
Hearn Howard O Private 357 INF 90 DIV 19-Jun-44 Erie
Hearnden Frederick William Private 1st Class Oneida
Heary Thomas F. Private Niagara
Heath Benjamin Cook Seaman 1st Class Erie
Heath Carroll Private SIG AIR WNG CO 31-Dec-42 Erie
Heath Cyril F. Technical Sergeant 515 BOMB SQ 376 BOMB 20-Dec-43 New York
Heath Ellis G 2nd Lieutenant 522 FTR SQ 27 FTR GP 23-Aug-44 Wayne
Heath Gerald L Private 1st Class 592 ENGR SHORE REGT 2-Feb-44 Cattaraugas
Heath Nellis C Corporal Herkimer
Heatherton Thomas F. Private New York
Heaton Ambrose Joseph Radar man 3rd Class Bronx
Heaton Lloyd G. Sergeant Oneida
Heavey Thomas V. Coxswain Broome
Heaxt Walter Lincoln Soundman 3rd Class Chemung
Hebbard Herbert Davis Aviation Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Delaware
Hebbe Frederick J. Sergeant 507 PRCHT INF REGT 30-Jun-44 Chemung
Hebert Raymond C Private Clinton
Hecht Joseph Technical Sergeant 260 INF 65 DIV 18-Mar-45 Kings
Hecht Joseph Private 1st Class Bronx
Heck Charles Private 1st Class 15 INF BN 5 ARMD DIV 12-Dec-44 Rockland
Heck Frederick R. Staff Sergeant 106 INF 27 DIV 13-May-45 Otsego
Heck John T Private 16 INF 1 DIV 23-Apr-43 Cayuga
Heckel John Francis Fireman 2nd Class Westchester
Hecker Morton 2nd Lieutenant Bronx
Hecker Stanley A. 2nd Lieutenant New York
Heckler Harold Private 1st Class 319 INF 80 DIV 13-Feb-45 Schenectady
Heckner Wilbur G. Corporal Monroe
Heckstall Charles W Technical Sergeant Queens
Heckt Edward J Private 1st Class Erie
Hedberg Edward Joseph Seaman 2nd Class Kings
Heddrick Robert C 1st Lieutenant 72 BOMB SQ 5 BOMB GP 5-Feb-46 Queens
Hedges Francis Earl Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Nassau
Hedin Charles E 1st Lieutenant Richmond
Hedtke Walter Erwin Aviation Pilot 1st Class New York
Hee Clifford Captain 15 BOMB SQ 27 BOMB G 31-Dec-42 Queens
Hee Lee Yet Private 1st Class New York
Hee Theodore J Staff Sergeant 41 INF 2 ARMD DIV 12-Aug-44 Kings
Heeg Joseph T Private Queens
Heenan Paul E Private Erie
Hefferman Edward D Private 1st Class Kings
Hefferman Peter J Staff Sergeant Bronx
Heffernan C J Jr Captain Montgomery
Heffernan J Jr Private 1st Class Kings
Heffernan Joseph A Private Albany
Heffernan Peter J Private 3206 QM SV CO 28-Apr-44 Kings
Heffernan Robert M Private 1st Class AIR CORPS 27-Nov-43 Queens
Heffler Stephen G Private 1st Class Erie
Heffner Michael Private 105 INF 27 DIV 15-May-42 Broome
Heffran James J Sergeant Kings
Heffron William J. Private 1st Class 149 INF 38 DIV 5-Mar-45 New York
Hefter Henry G. Technician 5th Grade Suffolk
Hegarty Kevin D Corporal Kings
Hegarty William F. Private New York
Hegerty Thomas M Private 1st Class Yates
Hehr Robert G Staff Sergeant 568 BOMB SQ 390 BOMB 14-Jan-45 Erie
Heibel Gregory John Chief Aerographer's Mate Kings
Heidelberger N. J. 1st Lieutenant Oneida
Heidelberger S S Technical Sergeant Queens
Heidelmark F E Technician 5th Grade 517 PORT BN 20-Jan-45 Albany
Heideman Harold D Private 1st Class Kings
Heidenreich Thomas J Private 1st Class Wyoming
Heider Donald P 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Heidinger Thomas J Private 1st Class Erie
Heidrich Clarence B Staff Sergeant 337 BOMB SQ 96 BOMB 15-Sep-43 Chenango
Heidrick Harry L. Private 9 INF 2 DIV 27-Aug-44 Broome
Heidt Robert L Technician 5th Grade Tompkins
Heil Edward J. Private New York
Heil Francis E. Technician 5th Grade 641 TD BN 4-Jun-43 Suffolk
Heil Walter K Private 1st Class Orange
Heilbronn Eric M. Private New York
Heilshorn Kenneth Norman 2d Lieutenant Queens
Heilweil Samuel L Staff Sergeant Bronx
Heim Anthony H Private 1st Class Queens
Heim George C Private 1st Class 142 INF 36 DIV 4-Feb-44 Queens
Heim Jerome Private 1st Class Queens
Heim Joseph L Private 1st Class 290 INF 75 DIV 28-Dec-44 Nassau
Heim Warren E. 2nd Lieutenant 730 BOMB SQ 452 BOMB 10-Feb-44 Putnam
Heim William M 2nd Lieutenant Erie
Heiman Alex M Private 1st Class Kings
Heimark Karl J Private 1st Class Queens
Heimbueger John A Staff Sergeant 548 BOMB SQ 385 BOMB 11-Apr-44 Erie
Heimburg Allen J Staff Sergeant Chautauqua
Heimburg William Frederick Private Albany
Heimer Bayard Edward Specialist 3rd Class New York
Heimes Fred J. Staff Sergeant Schuyler
Heimiller Herman J Private 1st Class Erie
Heimlich Chester J Technician 5th Grade HQ CO USAF SP 4-May-43 Erie
Heimlick Philip J. 1st Lieutenant New York
Hein Howard R. 1st Lieutenant New York
Hein Richard F. Sergeant 359 INF 90 DIV 21-Mar-45 Niagara
Heine Harold W Private 1st Class Queens
Heineke Warren J Corporal Kings
Heineman Richard M. 2nd Lieutenant New York
Heinemann Chester John Radioman 1st Class Richmond
Heinish Murray M Private Kings
Heinrich Joseph Louis Charles Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Queens
Heins William Technician 5th Grade New York
Heinson Harold J Private 1st Class Queens
Heintz Harry Albert Motor Machinist's Mate 1st Class Dutchess
Heinz Carl Pierce Motor Machinist's Mate 1st Class Erie
Heinz Karl Gottlieb Torpedoman's Mate 1st Class Suffolk
Heinzinger Edward James Seaman 1st Class Westchester
Heise William W Private 1st Class Wayne
Heiser William M Private 1st Class Kings
Heiss Edward 1st Lieutenant 677 BOMB SQ 444 BOMB 10-Feb-45 Kings
Heiss John L. 2nd Lieutenant New York
Heist Henry W Staff Sergeant 59 BOMB SQ 9 BOMB GP 23-Feb-43 Erie
Heist Howard J Private 1st Class Nassau
Heist Walter H Sergeant 496 BOMB SQ 344 BOMB 27-Apr-44 Erie
Heitell Stanley L Staff Sergeant Kings
Heitler Julius Staff Sergeant 566 BOMB SQ 389 BOMB 21-Nov-44 Kings
Heitmann Arthur Gerrard Seaman 1st Class Kings
Heitz John A Private 1st Class Bronx
Heitz Martin J Private 1st Class Bronx
Hejmanowski Harry A Private 810 SIG SV BN 14-Sep-43 Erie
Hekimian George H. Private 1st Class 28 INF 8 DIV 5-Dec-44 Broome
Helberg Raymond L Corporal 753 TANK BN 28-Aug-44 Chautauqua
Helbert Richard J. 2nd Lieutenant 825 BOMB SQ 484 BOMB 9-Dec-44 Seneca
Helbic Herbert A Staff Sergeant 600 BOMB SQ 398 BOMB 30-Nov-44 Queens
Helbock Paul O Private 1st Class 69 SIG BN 12-Feb-45 Onondaga
Helbrecht F C 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Held Abraham Captain New York
Held Harry Nmi Private 1st Class Queens
Held Robert N. 2nd Lieutenant Chemung
Helderop James W Private 1st Class Erie
Helfand Jacob Storekeeper 2nd Class Bronx
Helfenberg Stanley B Private 1st Class Nassau
Helfert William F 1st Lieutenant Kings
Helfgott Fred A. Private 507 PRCHT INF 82 ABN 11-Jun-44 New York
Helfgott Harold S Private 1st Class 411 INF 103 DIV 11-Dec-44 Kings
Helfrich Bernard P Private Nassau
Helfrich William J Private Queens
Helion Charles D. 1st Lieutenant New York
Hellenbrand William Private 127 INF 32 DIV 7-Dec-44 Erie
Hellenschmidt Jack S. Private 1st Class Monroe
Heller Benjamin Private 1st Class Bronx
Heller David Private 1st Class Kings
Heller Harry Private 1st Class New York
Heller Martin 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Heller Robert 1st Lieutenant New York
Heller Samuel F. Private 116 INF 29 DIV 24-Nov-44 New York
Heller William D Staff Sergeant Onondaga
Heller William W Jr Private Kings
Hellerich Harold F. Staff Sergeant New York
Hellines Teddy J Seaman 1st Class New York
Hellings John F 1st Lieutenant Kings
Hellman Lawrence Corporal Bronx
Hellmann John J Private 1st Class Queens
Hellmuth Raymond F Private 127 INF 32 DIV 24-Jul-44 Queens
Hellwig James P Corporal Kings
Helm Charles J Staff Sergeant 330 INF 83 DIV 26-Jul-44 Delaware
Helm Earl A Private 3446 ORD AUTO MAINT 17-Jun-45 Erie
Helm George Arthur Soundman 2nd Class Broome
Helmer Floyd H Private 142 INF 36 DIV 6-Dec-43 Herkimer
Helmon Robert L Private 1st Class Queens
Helmond Robert L. Private 1st Class New York
Helmus Robert Alan Ensign Queens
Heltzer Charles Private 1st Class Bronx
Helwig Robert Albert Radar man 3rd Class Albany
Helwig William Corporal Bronx
Helyer Sydney J Staff Sergeant Nassau
Hembick Serge F. Staff Sergeant New York
Hembrock Laurence L. Private Monroe
Hemenway Merrill Seaman 1st Class Oneida
Hemfling Robert W Corporal Bronx
Hemingway Arthur E Private 1st Class Kings
Heminway Joseph J 1st Lieutenant Albany
Heminway William T Captain Albany
Hemlow Charles B Private 1st Class Kings
Hemmer Alfred S 2nd Lieutenant INDIA CHINA WING ATC 5-May-45 Queens
Hemmerich Paul L. Corporal 4608 QM TRK CO 1-Dec-45 Monroe
Hemming Albert A Jr Private 1st Class Onondaga
Hempel Raymond F Technician 5th Grade Albany
Hempel William J Sergeant Queens
Hempsey Charles E. Jr. Staff Sergeant 805 TD BN 24-Apr-45 New York
Hempstead Emerson Pease Lieutenant New York
Hemstreet Carl W Private 1st Class Herkimer
Hemstreet Charles Ryan Fireman 1st Class Montgomery
Hemstreet John S. Private 111 FA BN 29 DIV 17-Oct-44 Schenectady
Henabery Joseph E Jr 1st Lieutenant Queens
Hendershaw Arthur J 2d Lieutenant Bronx
Hendershot Waymond Chief Motor Machinist's Mate Bronx
Henderson Charles J Private 1st Class Ontario
Henderson Emil A Jr Sergeant 869 BOMB SQ 497 BOMB 23-Jan-45 Queens
Henderson Harold Melvin Pharmacist's Mate 3rd Class Erie
Henderson James Arthur Gunner's Mate 2nd Class Nassau
Henderson John E Private Queens
Henderson John P Private Kings
Henderson Joseph J Private Kings
Henderson Lawrence G Private Albany
Henderson Robert Technical Sergeant Erie
Henderson William 2nd Lieutenant New York
Hendricks Edwin O. Staff Sergeant 366 INF REGT 10-Feb-45 New York
Hendricks Harold Private 407 INF 102 DIV 28-Dec-44 Kings
Hendricks James H. Private 1st Class Monroe
Hendrickson Edward A. Private 1st Class 124 INF 31 DIV 16-Jul-44 New York
Hendrickson Gordon H. 2nd Lieutenant Monroe
Hendrickson Lawrence F Private Cortland
Hendrickson Lyle C Private 1st Class Madison
Hendrickson R E Sergeant 28 INF 8 DIV 3-Mar-45 Chenango
Hendrickson Robert G. Private 1st Class New York
Hendrickson Robert M Sergeant Nassau
Hendrix Donald Delos Private 1st Class Tompkins
Hene Julius A. Captain 422 INF 106 DIV 23-Dec-44 New York
Henecke Sturgis Private 1st Class Wayne
Heneghan John P. Private 1st Class 13 INF 8 DIV 18-Aug-44 New York
Henehan Gerald E Private 712 TANK BN 9-Dec-44 Ontario
Henenberg Seymour Private 1st Class New York
Heney Philip J Jr Private 1st Class Richmond
Henfling Franklin Coxswain Erie
Hengstler William C Private Westchester
Henig Edward 2nd Lieutenant 549 BOMB SQ 385 BOMB 28-Feb-44 New York
Henion James H. Private Suffolk
Henkel Richard C 2nd Lieutenant Albany
Henley Willard R Private Wayne
Henn Raymond J Staff Sergeant 423 BOMB SQ 306 BOMB 22-Mar-43 Queens
Henneberg Robert W. Technician 5th Grade 5307 COMPOSITE UNIT 5-Apr-44 New York
Henneman Eugene W Private 1st Class Warren
Hennes Warren J Private 1st Class 639 AAA AW BN 9-Sep-45 Kings
Hennessey H C Jr Private 1st Class Erie
Hennessey Harland J. Private 803 ENGR BN/AVN/ 1-Nov-42 Oneida
Hennessey James Henry Corporal Dutchess
Hennessey James Joseph Seaman 2nd Class Kings
Hennessey John F Jr Private 1st Class 382 INF 96 DIV 16-Nov-44 Queens
Hennessey Joseph M Private 1st Class Bronx
Hennessey Peter L Private Erie
Hennessey Raymond C Technical Sergeant Bronx
Hennessey William F Private 1st Class Westchester
Hennessey William Francis Fireman 2nd Class Kings
Hennessey William P. Private 1st Class 255 INF 63 DIV 15-Jan-45 New York
Hennessy Jean M. Private 1st Class New York
Hennessy John E. 1st Lieutenant New York
Hennessy Lawrence Keefer Captain Schenectady
Hennessy Leo 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Hennessy Philip C Private 1st Class Bronx
Hennessy Thomas G Technician 5th Grade 117 CAV RCN SQ 5-Jun-44 Bronx
Hennig Henry Sergeant Bronx
Hennigan Raymond C Private 40 TK BN 7 ARMD DIV 23-Dec-44 Erie
Hennigar Howard W Jr Private 1st Class Westchester
Henning George R. Private 1st Class 49 ENGR COMBAT BN 12-Jun-44 New York
Henning Roland G. Sergeant New York
Henning Walter J Jr Private 1st Class Westchester
Hennings William V Corporal 175 INF 29 DIV 22-Feb-45 Westchester
Henrich Bernard J. Private New York
Henrich George A Private 1st Class Nassau
Henrich John W Jr 2nd Lieutenant Erie
Henrich Louis J Private Queens
Henris Edward R Technician 4th Grade Chautauqua
Henry Carl E. Private 1st Class Broome
Henry David P Jr Aviation Cadet Queens
Henry Emmett F. 1st Lieutenant New York
Henry Francis W Private Oneida
Henry John J Private 1st Class 41 INF 2 ARMD DIV 6-Aug-44 Bronx
Henry Joseph P. Private 1st Class New York
Henry Kenneth J Corporal St. Lawrence
Henry Thomas P Sergeant Bronx
Henry William Sherwood Coxswain New York
Hensel George R Private 1st Class Kings
Hensel John Clifford Aviation Ordnance man 3rd Class Oneida
Henshaw George Arthur Ship's Cook 2nd Class Albany
Henshaw Vernon C. Staff Sergeant 385 INF 76 DIV 9-Apr-45 Steuben
Hensler Christian Frederick Private 1st Class Bronx
Hensley Boyce Clayton Chief Gunner's Mate New York
Henson Joseph T Private 1st Class Kings
Hentnik Henry M Staff Sergeant 413 BOMB SQ 96 BOMB 23-Sep-43 Queens
Henwood John R Sergeant 2 RANGER BN 6-Jun-44 Westchester
Hepfner Frederick Private 1st Class Onondaga
Hepkins Alfred W Private Erie
Hepp Raymond Private 121 INF 8 DIV 21-Dec-44 Bronx
Hepperle Robert A Private Onondaga
Heppy Henry P. Staff Sergeant Chemung
Herald Maurice H Private 1st Class Rensselaer
Herb Henry J Staff Sergeant Kings
Herback Gilbert M. 1st Lieutenant New York
Herbert Arthur C. Private 11 INF 5 DIV 25-Jan-45 Monroe
Herbert Joseph M Technical Sergeant 360 BOMB SQ 303 BOMB 16-Feb-44 Westchester
Herbert Michael Private 1st Class Kings
Herbert Sidney Hurell Seaman 2nd Class Orange
Herbert Victor Sergeant Steuben
Herbert Walter F Sergeant 441 BOMB SQ 320 BOMB 21-Jan-44 Nassau
Herborn Wesley M Technical Sergeant Queens
Herbrecht Albert P Field Music 1st Class Queens
Herbst George Edward Soundman 2nd Class Kings
Herbst George G Private Kings
Herbst Harold A 1st Lieutenant Bronx
Herbst Richard C. Sergeant Monroe
Herbst Robert F. 1st Lieutenant Monroe
Herbstman Harry L. Private 36 ENGR COMBAT BN 14-Sep-43 New York
Herchik Mortimer H Private 1st Class Bronx
Herda Theodore Michael Quartermaster 2nd Class Erie
Herdman Walter L Sergeant Rockland
Hergott Joseph A Private 1st Class 31 TK BN 7 ARMD DIV 27-Aug-44 Erie
Herko Jean V 2nd Lieutenant Erie
Herkommer Albert A Technical Sergeant Kings
Herkowitz Richard Corporal Bronx
Herles John J Staff Sergeant Dutchess
Herlihy Thomas P 1st Lieutenant 325 GLI INF 82 ABN D 11-Jun-44 Nassau
Herman Abraham P Private 333 INF 84 DIV 27-Dec-44 Wayne
Herman Albert 2nd Lieutenant New York
Herman Arthur J Private 1st Class 86 CAV RCN SQ 6 ARMD 1-Mar-45 Kings
Herman August Seaman 1st Class Bronx
Herman Charles Joseph Seaman 1st Class New York
Herman Francis Private Erie
Herman Gerald Thomas Private 1st Class Monroe
Herman Harold Technical Sergeant New York
Herman Henry J Private Kings
Herman Irving Corporal COAST ARTY CORPS 15-Jun-42 Kings
Herman Irving Electrician's Mate 3rd Class Bronx
Herman John L Corporal Dutchess
Herman June T Staff Sergeant Bronx
Herman Milton 1st Lieutenant Westchester
Herman Richard A. Private New York
Herman Robert Jacob Private 1st Class Nassau
Herman Roy E. Corporal New York
Herman Theodore F Private Wyoming
Hermance Alan E. 1st Lieutenant 326 BOMB SQ 92 BOMB 26-Jul-43 Monroe
Hermance George Nelson Fireman 2nd Class Greene
Hermance Ralph F Private 1st Class Greene
Hermann Franklin O. Sergeant Monroe
Hermann Kurt J. Technical Sergeant Suffolk
Hermansen Norman 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
Hermanspan Johnof Jr 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
Hernandez Antonio Private 1st Class New York
Hernandez Manuel Jr Private Queens
Hernandez Manuel A. Private 1st Class New York
Hernandez P. B. Private New York
Hernandez Sixto G Private 1st Class Kings
Herne Robert Private 513 PRCHT INF 17 ABN 4-Jan-45 Steuben
Hero Astor G Staff Sergeant 61 BOMB SQ 39 BOMB G 3-Oct-45 Kings
Herosky John A. Sergeant New York
Herr Charles Edmund Seaman 2nd Class Queens
Herr Charles H 1st Lieutenant 1 REGT 1 ARMD DIV 20-Mar-43 Jefferson
Herreilers F H Staff Sergeant Kings
Herricht Albert E Sergeant Queens
Herrick Gravace E. Technician 4th Grade 81 RCN BN 1 ARMD DIV 1-Feb-43 Oswego
Herrick Kimball 2d Lieutenant Nassau
Herrick Marshall 1st Lieutenant Westchester
Herrick Nicholas Private 1st Class Queens
Herrick Thomas W Corporal Bronx
Herrick Wayne E. Staff Sergeant 414 BOMB SQ 97 BOMB 14-Oct-43 Oswego
Herring Albert C. Jr. Staff Sergeant New York
Herring Fred W Jr Staff Sergeant Onondaga
Herrington Charles Staff Sergeant Erie
Herrman A W Jr Staff Sergeant Erie
Herrmann Charles J Private 48 ENGR COMBAT BN 16-Mar-44 Dutchess
Herrmann Conrad A Staff Sergeant Queens
Herrmann John H Private 1st Class Queens
Herrmann Ryanold J Private 1st Class 104 INF 26 DIV 20-Nov-44 Albany
Hersch Joseph Private 410 INF 103 DIV 25-Jan-45 New York
Hersch Leonard Flight Officer Kings
Herschberg Charles Private 1st Class Bronx
Herschenbein Arthur Private 1st Class New York
Hersh Alexander H. Technician 4th Grade New York
Hersh Walter A Private 1st Class Kings
Hershey Jacob W. 1st Lieutenant Sullivan
Hershkowitz David D Technician 5th Grade Kings
Hershkowitz Murray 2nd Lieutenant Bronx
Hershon Abraham L Technician 4th Grade Bronx
Hertel St.Clair X. Jr. 2nd Lieutenant 74 SQ 434 TRP CARR G 26-Nov-44 Monroe
Herten Austin N Jr Staff Sergeant 336 BOMB SQ 95 BOMB 18-Jun-44 Westchester
Herthneck Robert George Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Westchester
Hertik Donald Aldrich Fireman 1st Class Bronx
Hertle Edgar H Private Queens
Hertlein Anthony P Private 168 INF 34 DIV 31-Jan-43 Queens
Hertz Howard 2nd Lieutenant New York
Hertz James A. 2nd Lieutenant New York
Hertz Joseph Corporal 500 BOMB SQ 345 BOMB 9-Jan-45 Kings
Hertzan Harold Staff Sergeant Kings
Hertzen Harold G Private 1st Class Bronx
Hertzfeld Sol Corporal Kings
Hertzfield Irwin L Private 26 INF 1 DIV 25-Feb-43 Queens
Hertzfield Paul H Private 180 INF 45 DIV 8-Oct-44 Queens
Hertzog Robert A Private Broome
Hery Francis Paul Motor Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Monroe
Herz Leonard Private Bronx
Herz William Private Kings
Herzberg Joseph Private New York
Herzfeld Gerald C Private 1st Class 107 GUN CREW CA CORP 7-Jun-42 Bronx
Herzig Sidney Private 1st Class New York
Herzog Lawrence M Staff Sergeant Kings
Herzog Vincent P Sergeant Queens
Herzog William Ralph Lieutenant Rensselaer
Heslin Ppatrick F Sergeant 14 CAV GP 18-Dec-44 Bronx
Heslin Terence M. 2nd Lieutenant New York
Hespeler Robert S 1st Lieutenant Queens
Hess Arthur E Private Kings
Hess Charles E 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Hess Charles J Staff Sergeant Nassau
Hess Everett L 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Hess Frank E Private 737 CA BN 6-Oct-43 Queens
Hess Fred O. 2nd Lieutenant New York
Hess Glenn K Sergeant St. Lawrence
Hess Herbert Private 1st Class 15 INF 3 DIV 26-May-44 New York
Hess Herbert O Private 1st Class Kings
Hess Milton J. Private 1st Class 424 INF 106 DIV 16-Dec-44 New York
Hess Robert J Sergeant Wyoming
Hess Robert W Sergeant 853 BOMB SQ 491 BOMB 5-Jun-44 State at large
Hess William H Staff Sergeant 311 INF 78 DIV 5-Jan-45 Wayne
Hessell Arthur F Private Jefferson
Hession James Aloysius 2d Lieutenant New York
Hessle William J Private Queens
Hessler Matthew J. Private 985 MP CO/AVN/ 5-Sep-43 New York
Hessler Robert M 1st Lieutenant Onondaga
Hesson John Robert Storekeeper 3rd Class Bronx
Hester Paul R Private 1st Class Tompkins
Hestor James F Private 1st Class Bronx
Hetherington E. P. Jr. 2nd Lieutenant New York
Hetherly Raymond Joseph Aviation Ordnance man 2nd Class Westchester
Hetman Leo Private 1st Class 503 PRCHT INF REGT 15-Sep-43 Kings
Hettrick Alvin B. Staff Sergeant Genesee
Hettrick Clarence W. Private 1st Class Suffolk
Hetzel Frank Private Kings
Hetzel Fred Private 1st Class Richmond
Heuer Frank C. Private 1st Class New York
Heumann Werner J Sergeant Kings
Hewetson Henry H Jr 2nd Lieutenant Jefferson
Hewitt Donald E Private 1st Class 342 SIG CO 17-Nov-44 Saratoga
Hewitt Edward William Platoon Sergeant Onondaga
Hewitt Ernest C Aviation Cadet Columbia
Hewitt Francis A Technical Sergeant Orange
Hewitt Herbert Hassler Watertender 3rd Class Erie
Hewitt John F Technical Sergeant Westchester
Hewitt Joseph C Private 1st Class Queens
Hewitt Ward S Private 1st Class Erie
Hewitt William Isaac Private 1st Class Washington
Heyderman Augustus W Private 1st Class Kings
Heydon Patrick M Private 1st Class Westchester
Heyer Franklin C Private 1st Class Erie
Heymann Chester G Sergeant 424 INF 106 DIV 16-Dec-44 Queens
Heymann Gerard E Private 1st Class Queens
Heyne Paul M Staff Sergeant Richmond
Heysel Joel Private 1st Class Erie
Heyser William McFall Staff Sergeant Westchester
Hia Magnus Seaman 1st Class Kings
Hiam Millard G 2nd Lieutenant Erie
Hibbard Carlton E Technical Sergeant 301 INF 94 DIV 1-Mar-45 Jefferson
Hibbard Harry Russell Private 1st Class Oneida
Hibbard Howard J. Staff Sergeant 354 INF 89 DIV 11-Apr-45 Monroe
Hibbard John Emerson Seaman 2nd Class Erie
Hibbard Lansing J Jr Sergeant Onondaga
Hibbard Lee E Private 1st Class Orleans
Hibbard Warren R. Private 511 PRCHT INF 11 ABN 13-Dec-44 Monroe
Hibbert Rex Leo Lieutenant (Junior Grade) New York
Hicke Emil J Private 1st Class Queens
Hicke Ferdinand C Private Queens
Hickey Arthur Burton Seaman 2nd Class Steuben
Hickey Charles Augustus Lieutenant Bronx
Hickey David J. Sergeant New York
Hickey Francis W. Corporal Niagara
Hickey George M Private Allegany
Hickey George W Private 1st Class State at large
Hickey Gerald E. Private Monroe
Hickey James J Private Queens
Hickey John F. 2nd Lieutenant Essex
Hickey Joseph E Jr 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Hickey Joseph James Seaman 2nd Class Kings
Hickey Joseph Thomas Fireman 3rd Class Kings
Hickey Richard Gregory 2d Lieutenant Kings
Hickey Robert B Corporal Westchester
Hickey Robert J. Corporal Broome
Hickey Thomas J Sergeant 547 BOMB SQ 384 BOMB 19-Mar-45 Kings
Hickey William Harrison Photographer's Mate 1st Class Nassau
Hickling Floyd L. Staff Sergeant Broome
Hickok Douglas F 2d Lieutenant Allegany
Hicks Clifford F Private 37 QM BN 24-Nov-44 Orange
Hicks Donald W. Captain 67 FTR SQ 347 FTR GP 4-Sep-44 Oneida
Hicks George Henry Seaman 2nd Class Orange
Hicks Gordon D 1st Lieutenant Orange
Hicks Harry Lynnwood Lieutenant Commander Westchester
Hicks Helen E. 2nd Lieutenant Schuyler
Hicks Hill J Private 1st Class Chemung
Hicks Robert C Private 1st Class MP PLAT 7 ARMD DIV 9-May-45 Albany
Hicks William J Private Bronx
Hicks William P Private 1st Class 320 INF 35 DIV 7-Jan-45 Nassau
Hidalgo Oscar Rene Seaman 2nd Class Kings
Hiday David Louis Private 1st Class Onondaga
Hidecker Roy J Sergeant Nassau
Hiemcke Erich W A Jr Private 135 INF 34 DIV 1-Feb-44 Westchester
Hier Charles R Private 1st Class Suffolk
Higbee William J 2nd Lieutenant Nassau
Higgins Bernard J Master Sergeant Warren
Higgins Cornelius Technician 4th Grade Bronx
Higgins Daniel P. 1st Lieutenant 382 INF 96 DIV 12-Apr-45 New York
Higgins David B. Private 1st Class Oneida
Higgins David P 2nd Lieutenant Nassau
Higgins Donald L Private Cattaraugas
Higgins Edward Vincent Private 1st Class Richmond
Higgins Edward W Captain Nassau
Higgins Edwin P. Private 1st Class 378 INF 95 DIV 7-Apr-45 New York
Higgins Francis T Private 1st Class Queens
Higgins Frank S. Sergeant 86 CAV RCN SQ 6 ARMD 27-Feb-45 New York
Higgins Irving Technician 4th Grade Westchester
Higgins James Hugh Seaman 1st Class Kings
Higgins John Baptist 2d Lieutenant Queens
Higgins John M. Private 1st Class New York
Higgins John P Private 1st Class 378 INF 95 DIV 12-Nov-44 Bronx
Higgins John P Sergeant Nassau
Higgins Kevin Joseph Aviation Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Suffolk
Higgins Laurie Willard Lieutenant (Junior Grade) New York
Higgins Lucian M Jr Private Erie
Higgins Michael J. Private 2 SP SV REGT 4-Jun-44 New York
Higgins Peter Francis Private 1st Class Erie
Higgins Thomas F P Private Bronx
Highberger William W 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
Highhouse Elwood L 2nd Lieutenant Chautauqua
Hightower Hubie S. Private 1st Class 424 ENGR TRK CO 8-Jan-43 New York
Hightower Lewis C. 2nd Lieutenant New York
Hightower Tony Private 1st Class Nassau
Higinbotham F S Staff Sergeant Delaware
Higinbotham Philip E 2nd Lieutenant Tompkins
Higinson Vaughan L D Private Rockland
Higms Cecil R. Flight Officer Steuben
Hiland Vincent E Private 1st Class Westchester
Hildenbrand John C Sergeant 306 INF 77 DIV 19-Dec-44 Bronx
Hildenbrand John P. Corporal New York
Hilderbrandt James J. Staff Sergeant New York
Hildreth Carl Private 47 INF 9 DIV 28-Mar-43 Albany
Hill Andrew F Warrant Officer, Junior Grade Yates
Hill Benjamin Bingham Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Orleans
Hill Carl P. Technician 5th Grade 25 ENGR BN 6 ARMD DI 15-Apr-45 New York
Hill Charles J. Private 1st Class 3272 QM SV CO 10-Mar-44 New York
Hill Charles R Jr Technician 5th Grade Erie
Hill Clarence E Private Queens
Hill David Mitchell Fireman 1st Class Erie
Hill David R Technician 4th Grade Orange
Hill Edmund A. Technical Sergeant New York
Hill Edmund O. Corporal 23 BOMB SQ 5 BOMB GP 11-Jan-46 New York
Hill Edward G. Private 1st Class Monroe
Hill Edwin Warren Staff Sergeant Kings
Hill Elmer A Jr Staff Sergeant Richmond
Hill Ernest A Private Queens
Hill Eugene Edward Fireman 1st Class Kings
Hill Francis L. Technician 5th Grade 26 INF 1 DIV 4-Dec-44 Monroe
Hill George T. Aviation Cadet Genesee
Hill Gordon Anthony Seaman 2nd Class Queens
Hill Howard Earnest Fireman 1st Class Erie
Hill Hugh J Private 1st Class Kings
Hill James George Seaman 1st Class Erie
Hill James P. Private 117 INF 30 DIV 16-Jul-44 New York
Hill James Thomas Seaman 1st Class Westchester
Hill John H Private Yates
Hill John J Sergeant Nassau
Hill John L. Staff Sergeant 90 BOMB SQ 3 BOMB GP 10-Dec-45 Oneida
Hill John T. 1st Lieutenant Monroe
Hill Leo R Private Westchester
Hill Maurice T. Private 9 INF 2 DIV 17-Feb-45 Sullivan
Hill Ralph Edwin Coxswain Niagara
Hill Richard Seaman 2nd Class Nassau
Hill Robert Lucius Ensign Yates
Hill Rowland G Jr 2nd Lieutenant Delaware
Hill Russell J. Private Steuben
Hill Stanley R. Private 1st Class Niagara
Hill Thomas W Private 1st Class Queens
Hill William B. Technical Sergeant Suffolk
Hill William E Jr Private Montgomery
Hill William E Private Ontario
Hill William E Private Queens
Hillabrandt James H Private 397 INF 100 DIV 4-Dec-44 Montgomery
Hillage Walter G. Private Oneida
Hillebrand George B Private 504 PRCHT INF 82 ABN 10-Jul-43 Onondaga
Hillebrand Robert F Master Sergeant Onondaga
Hillenbrand John R. 2nd Lieutenant Oneida
Hiller Nicolai H Jr Captain Westchester
Hiller Robert D. Sergeant 398 INF 100 DIV 11-Feb-45 New York
Hiller Roy J Private 1st Class Erie
Hilliard Thomas A Private 1st Class Kings
Hillman Alan G 2nd Lieutenant 323 BOMB SQ 91 BOMB 6-Jan-45 Queens
Hillman Ernest Private 1st Class 399 INF 100 DIV 8-Dec-44 Queens
Hillman John Campbell Lieutenant Nassau
Hillman Norman Private 1st Class 36 INF 3 ARMD DIV 14-Jul-44 Erie
Hillman Robert Stephen Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Bronx
Hills Lawrence A. Private 1st Class 121 INF 8 DIV 11-Jul-44 Suffolk
Hillweg Charles U. 1st Lieutenant 850 BOMB SQ 490 BOMB 5-Dec-44 Monroe
Hilsenrath Manuel M Private 1st Class Kings
Hilt John J. Private 1st Class Steuben
Hilton Boyd Cartwright Seaman 2nd Class Albany
Hilton Herbert C Corporal Erie
Hilton John Corporal Erie
Hilzman George H. Corporal New York
Himes Casper H Private 1st Class 977 FA BN 15-Aug-44 Nassau
Himes Woodrow W Private 1st Class Chautauqua
Himmelbrand Jacob Private Bronx
Himmelstein George Private 1st Class Bronx
Himmelstein Saul S Private Bronx
Himmer Henry F Private Kings
Hinck Johann D Sergeant 116 CAV RCN SQ 1-Apr-45 Kings
Hinckley Birch C Staff Sergeant Columbia
Hindla Charles Technician 5th Grade MEDICAL DEPT NYPE 1-Dec-42 Queens
Hindley William H Private Erie
Hinds James H Private Madison
Hine Norman Ellsworth Jr Seaman 2nd Class Fulton
Hine Robert J. Aviation Cadet Fulton
Hine Walter J Corporal Chautauqua
Hines Casey Private 333 FA BN 17-Dec-44 New York
Hines Dennis Joseph Corporal Queens
Hines Eugene T Private 1st Class 36 INF 3 ARMD DIV 17-Sep-44 Nassau
Hines Frank Joseph Aviation Machinist's Mate 1st Class Queens
Hines Israel Technician 5th Grade New York
Hines John F. Staff Sergeant New York
Hines Joseph A Private Bronx
Hines Theodore E Private 1st Class Kings
Hiney Edmond L Private 1st Class Queens
Hiney Edward M Private 1st Class Queens
Hinitz Israel Harry Corporal Bronx
Hink George E Private 1st Class Orange
Hinkle Loron R. Staff Sergeant 347 INF 87 DIV 1-Jan-45 Chemung
Hinkley Charles Private Queens
Hinkley Leland F Private 1st Class 417 INF 76 DIV 30-Mar-45 Delaware
Hinkley Oliver Private 1st Class Chenango
Hinkley Robert D. Private 1st Class Monroe
Hinksman Malcolm A. Private 1st Class Suffolk
Hinman Harold W Corporal Wayne
Hinman Malcolm C. Sergeant Oswego
Hinrichs Herman T. Technician 4th Grade 304 ENGR CMBT BN 79 28-Jul-44 New York
Hinsman John J. Private 1st Class 110 INF 28 DIV 1-Aug-44 New York
Hinst George Carpenter's Mate 1st Class Suffolk
Hiovich Michael Private 1st Class Broome
Hippele James Anthony Private 1st Class Erie
Hipschman Isidore Technician 5th Grade New York
Hipsman Ralph R Technical Sergeant Kings
Hirn John D Private 11 INF 5 DIV 17-Dec-44 Queens
Hirner Paul J. Sergeant 643 TD BN 28-Feb-45 Broome
Hirsch Abraham A. Private 1st Class 121 INF 8 DIV 12-Jul-44 New York
Hirsch Bernard 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Hirsch David J Private Rockland
Hirsch Edwin F Private 1st Class Kings
Hirsch Harold R Staff Sergeant Queens
Hirsch John C 2nd Lieutenant Erie
Hirsch John J. Jr. Staff Sergeant 831 BOMB SQ 485 BOMB 18-Dec-44 New York
Hirsch Malcolm Leo Seaman 1st Class Suffolk
Hirsch Norman F 1st Lieutenant Kings
Hirsch Robert Harold Electrician's Mate 2nd Class New York
Hirsch Sam 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Hirsch Sam Technician 5th Grade Kings
Hirsch Sidney H Private 1st Class Queens
Hirsch Warren S. 2nd Lieutenant 335 INF 84 DIV 24-Dec-44 New York
Hirschberg Jesse J Sergeant Kings
Hirschel Howard T. 2nd Lieutenant New York
Hirschinger Walter Private New York
Hirsgh Irving I. Private 1st Class Monroe
Hirsh Martin Captain Steuben
Hirshberg Harold E. Chief Signalman Kings
Hirshberg Sidney Private 1st Class New York
Hirshfield Hugh D Private Kings
Hirshfield Myron Sergeant USSTAF 6-Dec-44 Queens
Hirshman Arnold I Private Queens
Hirst Samuel Priest Seaman 2nd Class New York
Hirt John P Technical Sergeant Bronx
Hirthler Carl H. Staff Sergeant 527 BOMB SQ 379 BOMB 5-Jul-44 Broome
Hirtzinger William A Private 1st Class Bronx
Hislop Thomas Staff Sergeant 68 FA BN 1 ARMD DIV 25-Jun-44 Kings
Hissem Herbert Lewis Jr Fireman 3rd Class New York
Hissin Jacob T. Technician 4th Grade Broome
Hitchcock Clinton Howard Sergeant Broome
Hitchcock Ernest H Private Westchester
Hitchcock Ernest M. Private 60 CA REGT 1-Feb-46 New York
Hitchcock F E Technician 5th Grade Nassau
Hitchcock Gladys M 2nd Lieutenant Washington
Hitchcock Henry J Technician 4th Grade Greene
Hitchcock Norman Gardner Aviation Machinist's Mate 1st Class Saratoga
Hitchcock Robert L Private 104 INF 26 DIV 22-Nov-44 Erie
Hitchcock Thomas Lieutenant Colonel HQ IX AIR SUPPORT CO 18-Apr-44 New York
Hitchler Arthur J Jr Technician 4th Grade 757 RY SHOP BN 16-Aug-45 Erie
Hite Harold Private New York
Hite Laverne P 2nd Lieutenant 42 BOMB SQ 11 BOMB G 11-Jan-46 Kings
Hiter Ernest F Private 2 INF 5 DIV 15-Sep-44 St. Lawrence
Hitlin John E Jr Private 1st Class Queens
Hittman Jack Private New York
Hixon James Lorraine Sergeant Erie
Hjelmeng Elden Sverre Aviation Chief Ordnance man Kings
Hlasny Thomas Staff Sergeant 305 INF 77 DIV 16-Apr-45 New York
Hlavna John Private 32 INF 7 DIV 14-Dec-44 Erie
Hluboky Charles J 1st Lieutenant Bronx
Hmelo Frank J. Private New York
Ho Hom J Private 1st Class 747 TANK BN 15-Jul-44 Kings
Ho Lawrence G. Private 1st Class New York
Hoagland Bern T Corporal HQ DET OSS 26-Aug-44 Kings
Hoagland C. A. Jr. Sergeant Oneida
Hoagland Herbert C. 1st Lieutenant New York
Hoar Ralph V Corporal Cortland
Hoarty Michael J. 2nd Lieutenant New York
Hobal John B Private 142 INF 36 DIV 4-Jun-44 Broome
Hoban Francis H. Private 1st Class New York
Hoban Lewis M Sergeant Jefferson
Hoban Thomas J Technician 4th Grade 165 ENGR COMBAT BN 21-Mar-45 Kings
Hobart Harris Private Kings
Hobartig Michael Private 1st Class Queens
Hobbs Fredric H Private 1st Class 358 INF 90 DIV 26-Mar-45 Erie
Hobby Douglas Robert Private 1st Class Queens
Hobby Thomas E Private 1st Class 26 INF 1 DIV 23-Apr-43 Kings
Hobert Francis X Private Queens
Hoch Anton Private 1st Class New York
Hoch Benjamin Private Kings
Hoch Theodore T. Private New York
Hoch Wayne E Private Kings
Hochberg Daniel S Staff Sergeant Kings
Hochhauser Philip Private 1st Class Kings
Hochheiser Bernard Staff Sergeant Kings
Hochlowski Joseph Michael Private 1st Class Dutchess
Hochstein Howard J Private 70 TANK BN 13-Jun-44 Queens
Hochstetler Andrew Private 1st Class 19 INF 24 DIV 20-Nov-44 Erie
Hociak Edward Staff Sergeant Bronx
Hociak William Private 1st Class Bronx
Hock William J Private 1st Class INDIA CHINA WING ATC 15-Jun-44 Queens
Hocking Hardy W Staff Sergeant Onondaga
Hoda Joseph R Corporal Nassau
Hodes Robert F Corporal Monroe
Hodge James S. Private 1st Class New York
Hodge Leslie W. 2nd Lieutenant 83 BOMB SQ 12 BOMB G 6-Oct-44 Niagara
Hodgen Robert J Aviation Cadet Nassau
Hodges David W. 1st Lieutenant Otsego
Hodges Fred D. 2nd Lieutenant 412 BOMB SQ 95 BOMB 29-Jul-44 Otsego
Hodges George William Technical Sergeant Bronx
Hodges Gerald Leroy Private Jefferson
Hodgson Richard D Corporal Kings
Hodiss Jacob B Private Onondaga
Hodiss Meyer S 2nd Lieutenant Onondaga
Hodlin Orville N Private 23 INF BN 7 ARMD DIV 19-Oct-44 Jefferson
Hodom John C Private Herkimer
Hodor Peter P Sergeant Greene
Hodorowski Henry J Private Kings
Hodosh Herbert 2nd Lieutenant New York
Hodson Thomas E Private 1st Class 110 INF 28 DIV 20-Dec-44 Albany
Hoeffer Frank H. Jr. Ship's Cook 2nd class Cayuga
Hoefler Donald W 2nd Lieutenant Erie
Hoeflich Charles W Private 1st Class Queens
Hoegger Herman J 1st Lieutenant Delaware
Hoehn Edward Haviland Private Westchester
Hoener Ralph J Captain Kings
Hoenig James F Corporal Queens
Hoenig Lester Storekeeper 2nd Class Bronx
Hoenings Bernard J Private 1st Class Kings
Hoerman Conrad P Jr 2nd Lieutenant Nassau
Hoes Isaac Private 39 INF 9 DIV 11-Oct-44 Rensselaer
Hoey Joseph T Private 1st Class Kings
Hoey Stephen E Private Kings
Hoey Thomas J Corporal Kings
Hofer Andrew J. Private 1st Class 15 ENGR CMBT BN 9 DI 18-Apr-46 New York
Hofer Wilbert G Private 1st Class Queens
Hoff Floyd J Private 1st Class 170 FA BN 20-Mar-45 Orange
Hoff Paul H Corporal Oneida
Hofferer Carl J Private 1st Class 10 INF BN 4 ARMD DIV 1-Sep-44 Bronx
Hoffman Albert G. Private Oneida
Hoffman Alfred Sergeant Rensselaer
Hoffman Andrew H Technician 5th Grade HQ CO 88 DIV 30-Aug-45 Queens
Hoffman Benedict F. 1st Lieutenant Suffolk
Hoffman Carl E Private 1st Class Dutchess
Hoffman Charles J Corporal 31 INF REGT 9-Jul-42 Kings
Hoffman Charles W. Corporal New York
Hoffman David H Sergeant 360 BOMB SQ 303 BOMB 29-Nov-43 Columbia
Hoffman Dennis Henry Private 1st Class Genesee
Hoffman Edward George Jr Seaman 1st Class Nassau
Hoffman Emil J Private Erie
Hoffman Eugene L. Private New York
Hoffman Franklin M Private 1st Class Kings
Hoffman Harold Technician 4th Grade New York
Hoffman Harry D Staff Sergeant 747 BOMB SQ 456 BOMB 10-May-44 Bronx
Hoffman Harry E Private 1st Class Queens
Hoffman Harry G Sergeant Saratoga
Hoffman Harvey S. 1st Lieutenant New York
Hoffman Herbert Sergeant 324 BOMB SQ 91 BOMB 24-Nov-42 Kings
Hoffman Isadore F Captain Kings
Hoffman John C Private 1st Class Onondaga
Hoffman John T Technical Sergeant Queens
Hoffman John Vincent Private 1st Class Bronx
Hoffman Joseph Staff Sergeant 179 INF 45 DIV 4-Jan-45 Bronx
Hoffman Joseph Sergeant Kings
Hoffman Joseph J Corporal Kings
Hoffman Julius Aviation Cadet New York
Hoffman Julius Romanoff Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Schenectady
Hoffman Kenneth H Private 1st Class Rensselaer
Hoffman Leslie E Jr 1st Lieutenant 264 INF 66 DIV 25-Dec-44 Herkimer
Hoffman Loftus J Private 6 INF 1 ARMD DIV 26-Mar-43 Westchester
Hoffman Martin Henry Private 1st Class Sullivan
Hoffman Milton Corporal Kings
Hoffman Robert C Private 1st Class Cattaraugus
Hoffman Robert Edward Motor Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Monroe
Hoffman Robert L. Sergeant Oneida
Hoffman Samuel Aviation Chief Ordnance man Kings
Hoffman Sherman H Private Rensselaer
Hoffman Victor Flight Officer Kings
Hoffman Walter G Technician 4th Grade Nassau
Hoffman William E. Private New York
Hoffman William R Technical Sergeant Kings
Hoffmann Edwin R Private 175 INF 29 DIV 16-Nov-44 Kings
Hoffmann Ferdinand C 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Hoffmann John R 2nd Lieutenant 330 BOMB SQ 93 BOMB 13-Jun-44 Rockland
Hoffmann Walter H Staff Sergeant Kings
Hoffmeister Walter R Private 7 INF 3 DIV 8-Aug-43 Bronx
Hofheimer Lester N. 2nd Lieutenant New York
Hofheinz Peter Stanley Baker 3rd Class Kings
Hoflund Bernard A Private 18 INF 1 DIV 15-Nov-44 Kings
Hofmann Bradley E Private 16 INF 1 DIV 23-Nov-44 Onondaga
Hofmann John G Captain 429 BOMB SQ 2 BOMB G 24-Apr-45 Kings
Hofmann William F. Jr. 2nd Lieutenant New York
Hogan Daniel J Private 1st Class Kings
Hogan Dennis Jr Private 1st Class 511 PRCHT INF 11 ABN 22-Apr-45 Rockland
Hogan Edward E Private Albany
Hogan Jeremiah F Private 1st Class Bronx
Hogan John E 2nd Lieutenant Bronx
Hogan John J. Private 1st Class 184 INF 7 DIV 7-May-45 New York
Hogan Joseph Chief Cook New York
Hogan Matthew J. 1st Lieutenant New York
Hogan Quentin B. Sergeant Schenectady
Hogan Thomas J 1st Lieutenant 4 BOMB SQ 34 BOMB GP 24-Aug-44 Nassau
Hogan Thomas J. Private Monroe
Hogan Walter R Private 1st Class Nassau
Hogan William Francis Seaman 2nd Class Orange
Hoggard Cecil Private Kings
Hogragian John Seaman 2nd Class New York
Hohenstein John Jr Private Albany
Hohl Edwin S Technician 5th Grade Erie
Hohl Frederick G Sergeant Queens
Hohmann Charles Motor Machinist's Mate 1st Class Queens
Hohner Jerome J Sergeant Kings
Hojnacki John E Platoon Sergeant Kings
Hokanson David O 2nd Lieutenant 735 BOMB SQ 453 BOMB 8-May-44 Kings
Hoke Allen R. Corporal Otsego
Hoke Robert N. Private New York
Hoke William B 1st Lieutenant Rockland
Holberg Norman Ragnar Radar man 3rd Class Kings
Holbert Donald V Staff Sergeant Richmond
Holbrook Allen A Private 1st Class Kings
Holbrook Gustave P Private 1st Class Queens
Holcomb Charles N Captain Herkimer
Holcomb Gordon F. Private Niagara
Holden Douglas E Private 1st Class Broome
Holden George B Private 1st Class New York
Holden Vincent H. Staff Sergeant New York
Holden William A Private New York
Holden William E. Corporal 116 INF 29 DIV 27-Aug-44 New York
Holder Horace Dinsmore Cook 3rd Class New York
Holdom Robert J 1st Lieutenant 535 BOMB SQ 381 BOMB 14-Jul-43 Westchester
Holdredge Willard B. 1st Lieutenant Onondaga
Holdridge Edward L Sergeant Albany
Holenbeck Edward L. Technician 5th Grade Monroe
Holfelmer James C 1st Lieutenant Erie
Holfolter Roderic Harrison Corporal Monroe
Holian Edward J Sergeant 2 INF 5 DIV 11-Sep-44 Kings
Holland Bernard H Private 1st Class Queens
Holland Clifford R Private Warren
Holland George F Private Cattaraugus
Holland George Robert Seaman 2nd Class Sullivan
Holland James J Corporal 439 BOMB SQ 319 BOMB 8-Dec-42 Kings
Holland James T Private 253 INF 63 DIV 16-Apr-45 Kings
Holland Robert F. Sergeant Oneida
Holland Robert J 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Holland Robert L 2nd Lieutenant Saratoga
Holland Wilho E. Private New York
Holland William D. 1st Lieutenant 22 FTR SQ 36 FTR GP 30-Jan-45 New York
Hollander Harry M. Private New York
Hollander Murray V. 2nd Lieutenant New York
Hollar Turner Oliver Jr Private 1st Class Queens
Holleb Eugene M Major Kings
Hollederer George E Technical Sergeant 717 BOMB SQ 449 BOMB 2-Apr-44 Erie
Hollenbach Paul Zepp Seaman 1st Class Queens
Hollenback James M Private 1st Class Schenectady
Hollenbeck William C Private 1st Class Allegany
Hollenbeck William F Sergeant Westchester
Hollenbeck Willis E Corporal Oswego
Hollenstein Charles Joseph Seaman 1st Class New York
Holleran Edward J Private 1st Class Niagara
Holleran James A Private 1st Class Erie
Holleran James R. Private 1st Class Steuben
Holley Joseph J Private 1st Class Kings
Holley Ward R Private 115 INF 29 DIV 28-Aug-44 Queens
Hollfelder Eric J Captain HQ 27 BOMB GP/L/ 17-Jul-43 Erie
Holliday Gordon D. Private 175 INF 29 DIV 6-Aug-44 Niagara
Holliday Lynn Staff Sergeant Oswego
Holliger Richard J. 2nd Lieutenant 394 BOMB SQ 5 BOMB G 23-Apr-44 Niagara
Hollis Walter R. Private Broome
Hollister Kingsley S Private CORPS OF ENGINEERS 3-Feb-43 Orange
Holloway Leander Sergeant Kings
Holloway Robert A Sergeant 5 REGT 1 CAV DIV 16-Feb-45 Erie
Holman Clarence J. 2nd Lieutenant Monroe
Holman Frederick R Private State at large
Holman Robert B 2nd Lieutenant Allegany
Holmberg Albert Private 70 QM BASE DEPOT 27-Oct-45 Kings
Holmers John N 1st Lieutenant 167 INF 31 DIV 27-May-45 Erie
Holmes Andrew C Private Nassau
Holmes Arthur Private 1st Class Westchester
Holmes Arthur Joseph Jr Private 1st Class New York
Holmes Arthur U. Technician 5th Grade Suffolk
Holmes Charles H Private Niagara
Holmes Charles Henry Seaman 2nd Class Bronx
Holmes Charles R Private 1st Class Oneida
Holmes Clifford A Gunnery Sergeant Queens
Holmes Garth L Private St. Lawrence
Holmes George T. 2nd Lieutenant QM CORPS 23-Jan-45 New York
Holmes Harry Randolph Fireman 3rd Class Washington
Holmes Herbert Underwood Gunner's Mate 1st Class Kings
Holmes James H Private 1st Class 18 INF 1 DIV 25-Mar-43 Cayuga
Holmes James W Private Queens
Holmes James Wilkinson Pay Clerk Albany
Holmes John W Private Wyoming
Holmes Robert E. Sergeant 607 QM GR REG CO 28-Apr-44 Fulton
Holmquist Carl Eric Chief Machinist's Mate Warren
Holmstrom Wilbur Emil Private 1st Class Dutchess
Holocinski William E Corporal Erie
Holodniak Walter Aviation Ordnance man 2nd Class New York
Holohan John David Pharmacist's Mate 2nd Class Albany
Holohan William V. Major New York
Holsapple Edward P Private Albany
Holsapple Penn H 1st Lieutenant Westchester
Holstein Richard C Private 1st Class Cayuga
Holsten Harold Francis Sr Private 1st Class Kings
Holsten Joseph Henry Pharmacist's Mate 3rd Class Suffolk
Holt John E. Lieutenant Colonel HQ FIRST ARMY 15-May-44 New York
Holt Peter A Private Queens
Holt William H Corporal Queens
Holt William R Private 1st Class Jefferson
Holthouse Lorraine H Sergeant Chautauqua
Holtyn Harry Stanley Motor Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Erie
Holtzberg Milton Private 329 INF 83 DIV 13-Jul-44 Kings
Holtzclaw William Merideth Lieutenant Erie
Holtzer Martin Private 115 INF 29 DIV 7-Dec-44 Queens
Holub Basil Private Westchester
Holzer Edward F Private 1st Class Queens
Holzer Harry M. Private 30 INF 3 DIV 8-Jun-44 New York
Holzhauser Warren Fred Private 1st Class Nassau
Holzman Emanuel Private 1st Class Kings
Homa George J Jr Private 1st Class Broome
Homa Paul Corporal Broome
Homer Frank Private 1st Class 378 INF 95 DIV 17-Nov-44 New York
Homer Norbert Jerome Aviation Machinist's Mate 1st Class Bronx
Homewood Geoffrey M Private 290 INF 75 DIV 19-Jan-45 Onondaga
Homic Bennie Stephen Machinist's Mate 1st Class Schenectady
Hommerson Gerrit K. Private SIG AIR WARNING CO 14-Nov-42 New York
Hommerson Leo A. Staff Sergeant New York
Homrighaus Frank E Sergeant Herkimer
Honaski Anthony Private 337 INF 85 DIV 3-Jun-44 Jefferson
Honcharuk George Private 1st Class Kings
Hondzinski N R Private 1st Class 583 SIG AW BN 8-Apr-46 Erie
Honeybell James H Private 1st Class 7 INF 3 DIV 20-Nov-44 Jefferson
Honig Jerome L. Private New York
Honis Donald James Private Onondaga
Honkanen Veikko Victor Private Kings
Honohan William J Corporal Bronx
Honsinger Ernest Private 1st Class 143 INF 36 DIV 22-Nov-43 Rensselaer
Honsinger Joseph Michael Private Monroe
Hoobing Carl D. 2nd Lieutenant Monroe
Hoock Charles J Staff Sergeant 16 INF 1 DIV 11-Jun-44 Queens
Hoock Lee A Jr 2d Lieutenant Queens
Hood Carroll F. Technician 5th Grade Sullivan
Hood James V Sergeant Queens
Hood Joseph N Jr 2nd Lieutenant 48 BOMB SQ 41 BOMB G 17-Jan-46 Queens
Hood Milton F. Sr. Private 1st Class 22 QM TRK REGT 21-Oct-43 New York
Hood Richard William Corporal Kings
Hood Robert L Staff Sergeant 301 INF 94 DIV 23-Mar-45 Orleans
Hoodak Joseph John Private 1st Class Chemung
Hooftallen Perry J Private 317 INF 80 DIV 19-Oct-44 Erie
Hook Andrew H Private 1st Class New York
Hook Peter Private 1st Class Oneida
Hook Robert D 1st Lieutenant Richmond
Hook William J 1st Lieutenant Albany
Hooker Donald F Private 1st Class Jefferson
Hooker George D. 1st Lieutenant Niagara
Hooker William S Private Richmond
Hookey Francis Joseph Radioman 2nd Class Kings
Hooks Eugene J 2nd Lieutenant Herkimer
Hooper Charles F Technician 5th Grade 204 PORT CO 29-Nov-44 Kings
Hooper George E Captain New York
Hooper George K Private 1st Class Onondaga
Hooper Harry E Private 1st Class Onondaga
Hooper Peter W Private 42 CAV RCN SQ 15-Oct-45 State at large
Hooper Stephen Ferguson Lieutenant New York
Hoopes Warrick G Captain New York
Hoops John Thomas Yeoman 1st Class Kings
Hoos Henry A Technical Sergeant Delaware
Hoos Leo Sergeant Kings
Hoos Robert O Captain Delaware
Hoose Eugene W Private Fulton
Hoose Robert H 1st Lieutenant Tompkins
Hoover Ralph E 2nd Lieutenant Chenango
Hopfenberg Herbert J. 2nd Lieutenant New York
Hopfer Albert Vincent Corporal Kings
Hopfer Arthur Otto Sergeant Kings
Hopfer Irving Technician 5th Grade 526 ORD MAINT CO 9-Jun-44 New York
Hopkins Albert H Major Erie
Hopkins Andrew Private 1st Class Montgomery
Hopkins Carlton J Field Music 1st Class Saratoga
Hopkins Edward Thomas Watertender 3rd Class Queens
Hopkins Francis P 1st Sergeant 65 ENGR CMBT BN 25 D 4-Jun-44 Queens
Hopkins James H. 2nd Lieutenant 350 FTR SQ 353 FTR G 24-Mar-45 Niagara
Hopkins James P Private 1st Class Kings
Hopkins John J Technical Sergeant Kings
Hopkins John J Corporal Kings
Hopkins John V 1st Lieutenant Onondaga
Hopkins Leroy J Staff Sergeant Kings
Hopkins Lionel J Private 1st Class Oneida
Hopkins Raymond W Private 3757 QM TRK CO 16-Dec-45 Tompkins
Hopkins Reed Technician 5th Grade Putnam
Hopkins Robert B Technician 5th Grade Livingston
Hopkins Robert J Staff Sergeant Kings
Hopkins Robert Leonard Private 1st Class Kings
Hopkins Thomas J 1st Lieutenant 589 AAF BASE UNIT 10-Nov-44 Queens
Hopkins Walter G Jr Corporal Monroe
Hopko Frank Jr 2nd Lieutenant 364 BOMB SQ 305 BOMB 22-Feb-44 Cayuga
Hoppe Charles A Private 1st Class 175 INF 29 DIV 16-Jul-44 Kings
Hoppe Henry Staff Sergeant 553 BOMB SQ 386 BOMB 29-May-44 Onondaga
Hopper Walter H. Private 1st Class 289 INF 75 DIV 30-Jan-45 Schenectady
Hopping Hallsted Lubeck Lieutenant Commander Kings
Hopson Vincent H 1st Lieutenant 482 BOMB SQ 505 BOMB 4-Sep-45 Chautauqua
Horacek George J 2nd Lieutenant 763 BOMB SQ 460 BOMB 20-Oct-44 Queens
Horan Edward Private 1st Class Kings
Horan Edward Thomas Seaman 2nd Class Rensselaer
Horan Edward W. Private 327 GLI INF 101 ABN 6-Jan-45 New York
Horan James Private 1st Class Kings
Horan James J 2nd Lieutenant 724 BOMB SQ 451 BOMB 28-Apr-44 Queens
Horan John J Private Westchester
Horan Joseph P. Private 1st Class New York
Horan Roger J 2nd Lieutenant Rensselaer
Horan Vincent J. Private New York
Horch Wilbert W Private Erie
Horgan Cornelius J Private 1st Class 36 INF 3 ARMD DIV 13-Aug-44 Kings
Horgan Cornelius J Private 1st Class Kings
Horgan John J. Sergeant New York
Horky John Private Westchester
Horn Meyer Private Kings
Horn Milton Staff Sergeant Bronx
Horn Morris Captain New York
Horn Robert L Jr Private Kings
Horne William R Private New York
Horner Peter A. Technical Sergeant Niagara
Horning Arthur F. Private 1st Class 777 TANK BN 14-Apr-45 Monroe
Hornstein David H 2nd Lieutenant Nassau
Hornstein Murray Private 1st Class Bronx
Hornung Harvey A Corporal Erie
Hornung William J Private Erie
Hornyai Edward S Technical Sergeant 45 BOMB SQ 40 BOMB G 17-Oct-44 Richmond
Horowitz Alex Sergeant Kings
Horowitz Arthur S Private Kings
Horowitz Bernard L 2nd Lieutenant Bronx
Horowitz George Staff Sergeant Queens
Horowitz Irving Private 1st Class Kings
Horowitz Isidore I Private 1st Class 51 INF BN 4 ARMD DIV 14-Apr-45 Kings
Horowitz Jack Staff Sergeant Kings
Horowitz Julius Private Bronx
Horowitz Louis D Private 1st Class 331 INF 83 DIV 30-Sep-44 Kings
Horowitz Monroe A. Flight Officer New York
Horowitz Morris M Private 301 INF 94 DIV 21-Jan-45 Bronx
Horowitz Nathan Colonel New York
Horowitz Norman H Flight Officer Kings
Horowitz Paul Private 1st Class 32 REGT 3 ARMD DIV 14-Sep-44 Kings
Horowitz Sol Private 1st Class 309 INF 78 DIV 19-Feb-45 New York
Horowitz Walter 1st Lieutenant Orange
Horowitz William H. Private 637 CLEARING CO 70 M 30-May-44 New York
Horridge John H Private Queens
Horrigan Daniel Jr Technician 5th Grade Erie
Horscraft Wilbur T 2nd Lieutenant Nassau
Horstmann Henry D Jr Private 1st Class Queens
Horth George W Private Rensselaer
Horton Billard Jr 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Horton Edwin Leroy Private Oneida
Horton Henry Private 1st Class 306 INF 77 DIV 18-Dec-45 New York
Horton Jack W 2nd Lieutenant 61 FTR SQ 56 FTR GP 30-Jul-43 Chautauqua
Horton Maxwell W. Private 1st Class 194 GLI INF 17 ABN D 24-Mar-45 Oswego
Horton Merle L Corporal Erie
Horton Raymond A Private Cortland
Horton Robert E. Private 1st Class 391 FA BN 3 ARMD DIV 2-Aug-44 Suffolk
Hortsch Arthur M Private Nassau
Horvath Anthony J. Private 1st Class Niagara
Horvath Carl J. Staff Sergeant Niagara
Horvath Edward Joseph Seaman 1st Class New York
Horwitz David Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Chemung
Horwitz Henry M. Private 354 INF 89 DIV 26-Mar-45 New York
Hosel Arthur J Private Herkimer
Hosford Leonard David Seaman 1st Class Nassau
Hosier Basil E Private 1st Class 188 GLI INF 11 ABN D 1-May-45 Bronx
Hoskins Raymond Corlet Gunner's Mate 3rd Class Tioga
Hoskins William H Private Yates
Host Arthur Private Kings
Hostomsky Jeremiah P Technician 4th Grade bronx
Hotaling Byron L Staff Sergeant Queens
Hotaling Earl Oswald Aviation Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Albany
Hotaling Kenneth V Staff Sergeant 328 INF 26 DIV 25-Dec-44 Albany
Hotaling Wesley H Private 1st Class Albany
Hotchkiss John Thomas Fireman 1st Class Chemung
Hotesse Stephen 2nd Lieutenant New York
Hott Robert L Corporal Erie
Houck Aloysius H Technician 3rd Grade 160 QM HARBOR BOAT C 13-Sep-43 Kings
Houck Milo Edward Aviation Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Albany
Houck Raymond J Private 1st Class 831 BOMB SQ 485 BOMB 20-Apr-44 Albany
Houdek William Peter Seaman 1st Class Kings
Hough Gerald E. Private 1st Class Essex
Hough Herbert L Private 1st Class Erie
Hough Thomas J Staff Sergeant Kings
Hough Wallace E Corporal St. Lawrence
Hough William P. Sergeant 165 INF 27 DIV 17-Jun-44 New York
Houghtaling Donald C Private 1st Class 302 INF 94 DIV 20-Jan-45 Greene
Houghtaling Edwin R. Technician 5th Grade Oswego
Houghtaling Elmond Jr Private 1st Class Dutchess
Houghtaling George J Private 1st Class Ulster
Houghtaling Harold A Flight Officer 381 BOMB SQ 310 BOMB 4-Jul-44 Dutchess
Houghtaling Philip A. Technician 5th Grade Oswego
Houghton Hugh F Captain 379 FTR SQ 362 FTR G 10-May-44 Westchester
Houghton Jack 1st Lieutenant 319 FTR SQ 325 FTR G 15-Oct-45 Niagara
Houghton Patrick Aviation Machinist's Mate 2nd Class New York
Houghton Robert C Sergeant 20 INF BN 10 ARMD DI 24-Dec-44 Erie
Houghton Welbie Elton Corporal Tompkins
Houhanisian Varton B Private 1st Class Queens
Houle Henry A Corporal 16 INF 1 DIV 30-Apr-43 Albany
Houlihan Thomas J Private 10 ENGR CMBT BN 3 DI 2-Sep-43 Kings
Hourant George M Sergeant 36 INF 3 ARMD DIV 15-Apr-45 Queens
Hourican John M Staff Sergeant 766 BOMB SQ 461 BOMB 24-May-44 Queens
Hourn Michael Sergeant 37 TK BN 4 ARMD DIV 7-Aug-44 Cattaraugas
House Harold L Staff Sergeant Montgomery
House Harry B 2nd Lieutenant Clinton
House John H Sergeant Jefferson
House Louis S. Private 1st Class 253 INF 63 DIV 1-Mar-45 Fulton
Householder Charles Sergeant 34 TK BN 5 ARMD DIV 12-Apr-45 Wayne
Houseman Franklin C Technical Sergeant Montgomery
Houseman Lyell W Corporal Orleans
Houston Charles E. Commander New York
Houston Earl Frederick Mess Attendant 2nd Class New York
Houston James W. Private 1st Class 6 INF BN 1 ARMD DIV 22-Aug-44 New York
Houston Robert V Private 54 INF BN 10 ARMD DI 5-Apr-45 Chautauqua
Houston William O. Corporal 335 INF 84 DIV 25-Jan-45 New York
Hover Charles E 1st Lieutenant Columbia
Hover James E Technician 5th Grade Albany
Hover Newton W Technician 5th Grade Dutchess
Hovey Edwin J Private Bronx
Hovey James D Private 1st Class Saratoga
Hovitz Louis Private 1st Class Erie
Hovitz Louis Private 1st Class Kings
Howard Charles H. 2nd Lieutenant 814 BOMB SQ 482 BOMB 23-Jan-44 Monroe
Howard Clifford H Private Erie
Howard David N Private 1st Class 134 INF 35 DIV 5-Jan-45 Onondaga
Howard Douglas C. Staff Sergeant 108 INF 40 DIV 14-Feb-45 Steuben
Howard Dwight C Private Cayuga
Howard Edward J Private Bronx
Howard Edward M Staff Sergeant 307 INF 77 DIV 3-Aug-44 Kings
Howard Eugene H. 1st Lieutenant Monroe
Howard Frank Jesse Corporal Kings
Howard George F Private Erie
Howard John L. Private 1st Class 3218 QM SV CO 14-Dec-45 New York
Howard John W Sergeant Schenectady
Howard Kenneth Private New York
Howard Michael Private 1st Class Kings
Howard Richard C Staff Sergeant 509 BOMB SQ 351 BOMB 11-Feb-44 Allegany
Howard Robert A Staff Sergeant Queens
Howard Robert C Private 1st Class Chenango
Howard Robert Raymond Watertender 1st Class Kings
Howard Sumner J.S. 2nd Lieutenant New York
Howard Walter J Private 1st Class Kings
Howard Warren D Private 38 INF BN 7 ARMD DIV 7-Nov-44 Washington
Howard William V Jr Sergeant Nassau
Howd Robert M. 2nd Lieutenant 347 BOMB SQ 99 BOMB 2-Jul-44 Oneida
Howe Dustin C Private 633 FA BN 18-Feb-44 Saratoga
Howe John J Private 1st Class Nassau
Howe John Patrick Corporal Kings
Howe Joseph D Staff Sergeant Kings
Howe Kenneth J. Staff Sergeant Suffolk
Howe Robert C Private 1st Class Onondaga
Howe Walter F Sergeant Albany
Howell Alfred L Jr Private New York
Howell Richard S. Private 1st Class New York
Howell William A Private 1st Class Queens
Howes Samuel J. Jr. 2nd Lieutenant Oneida
Howett Paul D. Private New York
Howey John T. Jr. Sergeant New York
Howitt James H Private 1st Class 143 INF 36 DIV 22-Sep-44 Bronx
Howitz Robert H Technician 5th Grade Queens
Howland James H. Sergeant 856 ENGR BN/AVN/ 14-Jun-44 New York
Howland Richard S Private 1st Class St. Lawrence
Howland Walter Kenneth Seaman 2nd Class Westchester
Howland Willard L. Staff Sergeant 10 INF 5 DIV 10-Nov-44 Oswego
Howley John J Private 1st Class Tompkins
Howley John P.G. 1st Lieutenant New York
Howse Willet S Private 1st Class Kings
Howson Charles H Private Erie
Hoyczyk Edward John Private 1st Class Erie
Hoyer Carlton A Corporal Montgomery
Hoyle Merrill 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Hoyo Karl Thomas Fireman 1st Class Westchester
Hoyt Clarence E. Private 1st Class 50 RCN SQ 11 BOMB GP 7-Dec-41 Sullivan
Hoyt Clifford L. Sergeant Franklin
Hoyt Edward Radioman 3rd Class Queens
Hoyt Edward L Private 1st Class St. Lawrence
Hoyt John D H Captain 372 BOMB SQ 307 BOMB 8-Jan-43 Erie
Hoyt John F Jr Private 1st Class Westchester
Hoyt Lavern R Private 1st Class Monroe
Hoyt Raymond A Private 1st Class Steuben
Hoyt Richard A. Sergeant 16 INF 1 DIV 13-Apr-45 Tioga
Hoyt Theodore D Private 1st Class Nassau
Hrabak Charles J Private 1st Class Suffolk
Hragyil Frank John Seaman 1st Class Bronx
Hrapsky William W Sergeant 535 BOMB SQ 381 BOMB 20-Dec-43 Kings
Hriczko Joseph Private 1st Class 28 BOMB SQ 19 BOMB G 8-Dec-41 Erie
Hrizo John J Private Westchester
Hromalik Lawrence L. Private Broome
Hronec John J. Private 1st Class 39 INF 9 DIV 6-Sep-44 New York
Hrostowski Henry C Private 1st Class Broome
Hrostowsky Adam J Captain State at large
Hrubes John William Jr Gunner's Mate 3rd Class Suffolk
Hruby Charles Private 1st Class 105 INF 27 DIV 7-Jul-44 Suffolk
Hrusa John Anthony Signalman 3rd Class Queens
Hrusecky Charles L. Private Broome
Hrusecky Joseph S. Private 1st Class Schenectady
Hryciak Daniel R Private 1st Class 14 BOMB SQ 7 BOMB GP 7-Sep-44 Queens
Hryhorczuk John V. 2nd Lieutenant New York
Hubal Earnest John Seaman 2nd Class Queens
Hubbard Jack Flight Officer 828 BOMB SQ 485 BOMB 23-Feb-45 Nassau
Hubbard Robert J. Private 1st Class 58 INF BN 8 ARMD DIV 3-Apr-45 Otsego
Hubbard Sidney Private Westchester
Hubbard Stanley E Jr Private 351 INF 88 DIV 3-Nov-45 Cortland
Hubbell William B Captain Cattaraugas
Hubbell William B Captain Westchester
Hubbert Norman V. Staff Sergeant Sullivan
Hube Charles Henry Shipfitter 1st Class Kings
Huben William Joseph Private 1st Class Richmond
Huber Arthur A Sergeant Kings
Huber Edward Victor Private 1st Class Kings
Huber George H Private 1st Class 13 REGT 1 ARMD DIV 8-May-43 Erie
Huber John Jr Machinist's Mate 1st Class Queens
Huber Lothar F Private 7 INF 3 DIV 24-Oct-43 Kings
Huber Otto Private Kings
Huber Robert T 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Hubert Jerome J Corporal Erie
Hubiak Joseph Christmas Seaman 1st Class Bronx
Hubner Emil John Seaman 1st Class Queens
Hubner Kenneth M Private 1st Class Westchester
Huckemeyer Edward Private 1st Class Queens
Hucko Andrew T 1st Lieutenant Orange
Hudack Edward A Private 1st Class 62 INF BN 14 ARMD DI 12-Jan-45 Erie
Hudak Edward Joseph Pharmacist's Mate 3rd Class Westchester
Hudak John A. Private 1st Class 274 INF 70 DIV 4-Mar-45 New York
Hudecek Frank Joseph Private 1st Class New York
Hudecek John J. Private 1st Class 28 INF 8 DIV 9-Jul-44 Schenectady
Hudson Erwin G Private 1st Class Montgomery
Hudson Francis S Corporal Wyoming
Hudson George E Jr Private Richmond
Hudson Henry D 1st Lieutenant Albany
Hudson Ira Duane Fireman 3rd Class Richmond
Hudson James C 2nd Lieutenant Erie
Hudson James L. Private New York
Hudson Raymond Major Albany
Hudson Robert J Jr Private Nassau
Hudson Robert P Jr Technical Sergeant 713 BOMB SQ 448 BOMB 5-Jan-44 Nassau
Hudson William A Jr Private 1st Class New York
Hudy Theophil Frank Chief Boatswain's Mate Erie
Huels Norman J Jr Technician 5th Grade 3137 SIG CO 20-Jun-45 Erie
Huelster Joseph L 2nd Lieutenant Nassau
Huey Ralph Leonard Ensign Niagara
Huff Delmar Lloyd Aviation Radioman 1st Class Bronx
Huff Elwood E Private 1st Class Livingston
Huff Fred E Jr Private 1st Class Onondaga
Huff Ralph F Staff Sergeant St. Lawrence
Huff Raymond E Technical Sergeant Erie
Huff Willis E Corporal 346 STA HOSP 16-Aug-45 Cayuga
Huffcut Robert J 2nd Lieutenant US ARMY 11-Aug-44 Erie
Huffman Robert P Corporal Westchester
Huftle Harry E Private 1st Class Onondaga
Huggins Wilfred L D Private 1st Class Onondaga
Hughes Albert J Private 1st Class Westchester
Hughes Andrew T Private Bronx
Hughes Arthur M Jr 1st Lieutenant Allegany
Hughes Charles J Private 1st Class Kings
Hughes Charles Joseph Seaman 1st Class Rensselaer
Hughes Clark J Private 1st Class 180 INF 45 DIV 29-Nov-44 Allegany
Hughes Clifford Warrant Officer, Junior Grade Nassau
Hughes David John Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Queens
Hughes Donald Patrick Torpedoman's Mate 3rd Class Queens
Hughes Edward Owen Aviation Radioman 3rd Class Suffolk
Hughes Felix J Private Bronx
Hughes Francis Private 109 INF 28 DIV 15-Nov-44 Queens
Hughes Frank E Private 1st Class Washington
Hughes Frank X Private Kings
Hughes Frederick J 1st Lieutenant 860 BOMB SQ 493 BOMB 30-Sep-44 Jefferson
Hughes George P. Private New York
Hughes Gerard T Technician 5th Grade 18 INF 1 DIV 5-May-45 Kings
Hughes Gilbert B Lieutenant Colonel Queens
Hughes Henry A. 1st Lieutenant New York
Hughes Henry W. 1st Lieutenant New York
Hughes Hollis Hatton Aviation Radioman 2nd Class Kings
Hughes James A Private 1st Class Queens
Hughes James F 1st Sergeant Kings
Hughes James F 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
Hughes James Vincent Pharmacist's Mate 2nd Class Queens
Hughes John Private 1st Class Ulster
Hughes John H. Private 1st Class Essex
Hughes John J Private 1st Class Bronx
Hughes John L. Private Chemung
Hughes John P Staff Sergeant 846 BOMB SQ 489 BOMB 7-Jul-44 Kings
Hughes John Vincent Photographer's Mate 1st Class Westchester
Hughes Joseph H Major Queens
Hughes Joseph P. Private 1st Class New York
Hughes Leo L. 2nd Lieutenant 563 BOMB SQ 388 BOMB 11-Apr-44 Niagara
Hughes Martin Sergeant Chemung
Hughes Murwin R. Private 51 INF BN 4 ARMD DIV 22-Nov-44 Niagara
Hughes Paul Cowley Lieutenant Kings
Hughes Peter Thomas Ensign Westchester
Hughes Richard F 2nd Lieutenant Erie
Hughes Robert A Private Orange
Hughes Ronald G Private 1st Class Orange
Hughes Ronald G. Technician 4th Grade Suffolk
Hughes Thomas F Jr Staff Sergeant 784 BOMB SQ 466 BOMB 1-Sep-44 Erie
Hughes Victor C. Staff Sergeant 28 INF 8 DIV 13-Jul-44 Steuben
Hughes Vincent P Sergeant Erie
Hughes William B Private 1st Class Ulster
Hughes William Edward Pharmacist's Mate 3rd Class Fulton
Hugo Melvin E Staff Sergeant 511 BOMB SQ 351 BOMB 15-May-43 Montgomery
Huguley William Jr Private 428 QM TRP TRANS CO 21-Nov-44 Queens
Huha George Technician 4th Grade Kings
Huha Nicholas J. Private 1st Class New York
Huisking Francis R. 2nd Lieutenant Suffolk
Hulbert Dudley K Staff Sergeant Albany
Hulbert Lewis Harrison Electrician's Mate 3rd Class Oswego
Hulburt Carl T. Private 16 INF 1 DIV 16-Nov-44 Monroe
Hulek William Private 1st Class Rensselaer
Hulick Donald Charles Aviation Radioman 2nd Class Nassau
Hulik Valentine A. Technical Sergeant New York
Hull Floyd R Private 1st Class Ulster
Hull Harold G Private St. Lawrence
Hull John B Staff Sergeant 337 BOMB SQ 96 BOMB 16-Dec-43 Rensselaer
Hull Joseph C Private 311 INF 78 DIV 11-Mar-45 Columbia
Hull Joseph P Private Jefferson
Hull Leonard N. Corporal Oneida
Hull Roscoe V. Private 1st Class 48 INF BN 7 ARMD DIV 8-Sep-44 Otsego
Hull Rovello S. Private AIR CORPS 3-Feb-43 Otsego
Hull Wells H Corporal Chautauqua
Hulse Walter S. Technician 5th Grade Suffolk
Hulslander Albert P Private 1st Class 106 INF 27 DIV 30-Apr-45 Kings
Hulslander Howard F Flight Officer Cortland
Hults Harry H Sr Corporal Nassau
Hults John R. Private 1st Class Genesee
Humanick Stephen Private Queens
Humbert John H. Major New York
Humbert William A Jr Private 1st Class State at large
Hume Kenneth A. Private New York
Hume Robert I Private 1st Class St. Lawrence
Humfrey Fredrick H. Private Oswego
Hummel Edwin J Private 1st Class 18 INF 1 DIV 17-Mar-45 Erie
Hummel Gustav William Private 1st Class Kings
Hummel Kenneth Francis Gunner's Mate 3rd Class Kings
Hummel William J. 1st Lieutenant New York
Hummell George P. Corporal 89 BOMB SQ 3 BOMB GP 17-Sep-45 New York
Humnicky Melvin Private Oneida
Humphrey Arthur S Staff Sergeant Erie
Humphrey Edgar P Warrant Officer, Junior Grade Queens
Humphrey Harold B. 1st Lieutenant Otsego
Humphrey Harold E. Technical Sergeant Broome
Humphrey Herbert H. Private 1st Class Monroe
Humphrey John L Corporal Chenango
Humphrey Kenneth F Private 1st Class Suffolk
Humphrey Paul T. Technical Sergeant 337 BOMB SQ 96 BOMB 12-May-44 Monroe
Humphrey Robert F P Sergeant Queens
Humphreys Edmond D. 1st Lieutenant Oneida
Humrich Walter A Private Queens
Hundshamer William F Private 1st Class 314 INF 79 DIV 11-Jul-44 Onondaga
Hung John T Staff Sergeant Nassau
Hunger Irving Technician 4th Grade New York
Huni Herman 1st Lieutenant New York
Hunken Martin D Private 1st Class Kings
Hunko Anthony J Jr Private Kings
Hunko Stanley V Private 1st Class Kings
Hunold William G 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Hunt Allen K Private 1st Class Kings
Hunt Arthur Clarendon Lieutenant (Junior Grade) New York
Hunt Charles T Private 1st Class Dutchess
Hunt Daniel F. Jr. 2nd Lieutenant 754 BOMB SQ 458 BOMB 23-Feb-45 Niagara
Hunt Donald W. 2nd Lieutenant Monroe
Hunt Edward Private 1st Class Rensselaer
Hunt Harold W. Technician 4th Grade 134 INF 35 DIV 14-Jan-45 New York
Hunt Howard D Private Rensselaer
Hunt John P. Private 1st Class New York
Hunt John W Private 1st Class New York
Hunt Robert Elwyn Fireman 2nd Class Cattaraugus
Hunt Theodore W Private Wyoming
Hunt Thomas J Private 1st Class Queens
Hunt Vincent Gregory Aviation Radioman 3rd Class Bronx
Hunt Wilfred M. Private Oneida
Hunt William C. Jr. 2nd Lieutenant 413 BOMB SQ 96 BOMB 9-Oct-43 Steuben
Hunt William S. Pharmacist's Mate 1st class New York
Hunter David D. Private New York
Hunter Elemar John Torpedoman's Mate 2nd Class Queens
Hunter Ernest V. Jr. Corporal Suffolk
Hunter George Jr. Technician 5th Grade 817 SIG CO 1-Nov-45 New York
Hunter George F. Private New York
Hunter James Adam Seaman 1st Class Oneida
Hunter Joseph Lawrence Chief Electrician's Mate New York
Hunter Kenneth B. Technician 5th Grade New York
Hunter Lawrence W Private 1st Class Oneida
Hunter Matthew J Private 1st Class Kings
Hunter Richard E 2nd Lieutenant 346 FTR SQ 350 FTR G 13-Jun-43 Jefferson
Hunter Richard J Private 1st Class Warren
Hunter Robert Harper Private 1st Class Rockland
Hunter Robert R 1st Lieutenant 10 BOMB SQ/H/ 8-May-44 Kings
Hunter William E. Private Monroe
Huntington E C III Private Tompkins
Huntington Howard W Private Delaware
Huntley Gordon R Private 119 INF 30 DIV 13-Jan-45 Delaware
Huntley John Foster Jr Seaman 2nd Class Saratoga
Hunton Arthur Chester Seaman 1st Class Suffolk
Huot Robert Joseph Aerographer 3rd Class Warren
Huott William D Private 1st Class Rockland
Hupman Byron E Jr Sergeant 405 FA BN 8 ARMD DIV 23-Feb-45 Washington
Hurd Donald W Private 1st Class 7 INF 3 DIV 25-Jan-45 Rockland
Hurd Frederick Eugene Seaman 1st Class Kings
Hurewitz Irving S Private 179 INF 45 DIV 19-Jan-44 Bronx
Hurewitz Morton Private Kings
Hurlburt Don M 1st Lieutenant 351 FTR SQ 353 FTR G 22-Feb-44 Cattaraugas
Hurlburt Donald W 1st Lieutenant Chautauqua
Hurlburt Frank S Private Erie
Hurlburt Richard N. Sergeant 569 BOMB SQ 390 BOMB 10-Sep-44 Monroe
Hurlbutt Wilbur E Major Ontario
Hurley Allen E Private 1st Class Onondaga
Hurley David John Chief Electrician's Mate Westchester
Hurley Donald 2nd Lieutenant Suffolk
Hurley Edward Joseph Fireman 1st Class Bronx
Hurley Edward T Technical Sergeant 349 INF 88 DIV 13-Jul-44 Queens
Hurley Frank P. Jr. Private 1st Class Essex
Hurley Fred W Private 1st Class St. Lawrence
Hurley George J Private 1st Class Niagara
Hurley John F Staff Sergeant Kings
Hurley John J Private 1st Class Kings
Hurley Joseph Private Kings
Hurley Joseph A 1st Lieutenant Kings
Hurley Josesph D Corporal Monroe
Hurley Robert J Corporal Queens
Hurley Robert W Staff Sergeant Erie
Hurley Thomas Francis Pharmacist's Mate 3rd Class Onondaga
Hurney John Thomas Storekeeper 3rd Class Kings
Hurrizzisq Tezzi W. Private 1st Class HQ CO 35 DIV 17-May-45 New York
Hurst Ralph Technician 4th Grade 253 ORD MAINT CO 11-Nov-43 New York
Hurst Richard 1st Lieutenant 71 BOMB SQ 38 BOMB G 1-Jul-44 New York
Hurstell Lawrence A. Private 1st Class Oneida
Hurt Arnold Private New York
Hurteau Francis P Sergeant St. Lawrence
Hurwitz Alfred Private Kings
Hurwitz Harmon 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
Hurwitz Jack C Private Bronx
Husband Wilfred M. Sergeant 548 BOMB SQ 385 BOMB 11-Dec-43 Niagara
Huse Richard N Aviation Cadet Jefferson
Husereau Rosario J. Private 1st Class Essex
Huskins Stephen E Private 1st Class Queens
Husner Roy E Corporal Wayne
Huss Robert J Technician 5th Grade 440 ENGR DEPOT CO 9-Jan-45 Erie
Husser James Corporal AIR CORPS 18-Sep-44 Nassau
Hussey William E Private Kings
Husted Bernard J Private 1st Class 99 RCN TRP 99 DIV 3-Apr-45 Cattaraugas
Husted Charles Johnston Jr Ensign Westchester
Husted Paul C 2nd Lieutenant Wyoming
Husted Raymond J 1st Lieutenant Erie
Huston Andrew Harold Private 1st Class New York
Hut Moe Technical Sergeant Kings
Hutch Richard T Private 1st Class New York
Hutchens Delbert Seaman 1st Class Nassau
Hutcherson Vard William Chief Motor Machinist's Mate Queens
Hutchings George Technician 5th Grade Cortland
Hutchings Harold Phillips Hospital Apprentice 1st Class Westchester
Hutchings Philip J Corporal Steuben
Hutchings William G Private Queens
Hutchinson Alvin S Staff Sergeant Nassau
Hutchinson Charles Technician 5th Grade 539 PORT CO 4-Oct-44 New York
Hutchinson David H Staff Sergeant 490 BOMB SQ 341 BOMB 12-Feb-44 Kings
Hutchinson Edward A Technician 4th Grade Rensselaer
Hutchinson Robert Bosworth Aviation Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Broome
Hutchinson Robert Emmet Torpedoman's Mate 3rd Class Erie
Hutchison Dawson L Warrant Officer, Junior Grade Erie
Hutchison Harold W. 2nd Lieutenant 32 PHOTO SQ 5 RCN GP 24-Jul-44 Niagara
Hutchison William R Private Montgomery
Hutchneker Aaron Private Kings
Hutchneker Sidney Private Kings
Huther William E. Private Oneida
Hutnick Stephen Corporal New York
Huto Leonard H Sergeant 109 INF 28 DIV 7-Sep-44 Rensselaer
Hutt Alexander Technician 5th Grade New York
Huttemann Gustave 2nd Lieutenant 379 BOMB SQ 310 BOMB 1-Feb-44 Jefferson
Hutter Frank Private 1st Class 26 INF 1 DIV 18-Jan-45 Kings
Hutter John R Private Erie
Huttner Arthur Staff Sergeant Richmond
Hutto Eldridge I Staff Sergeant Wayne
Hutton Carlton L Sergeant Oneida
Hutton James M Jr Private Delaware
Hutton John 2d Lieutenant Queens
Hutton Richard J Private 1st Class Richmond
Hutzel Kenneth L. 2nd Lieutenant Niagara
Hutzler Clayton L. Private 143 INF 36 DIV 28-Aug-44 Monroe
Hutzler Warren J Private Queens
Huyler George J 1st Sergeant 463 TRK CO 12-Jul-44 Kings
Huzarewicz Adam T. Private 133 INF 34 DIV 29-Oct-44 Oneida
Huzinec John Staff Sergeant 410 BOMB SQ 94 BOMB 13-Jun-43 New York
Huzsek Nick Technician 5th Grade Queens
Hyam Walter Private 1st Class New York
Hyatt George L. Private 1st Class New York
Hyatt Wallace W. Technician 4th Grade Essex
Hycner Theodore J 1st Sergeant 60 INF 9 DIV 6-Aug-44 Erie
Hycner Walter J Private 1st Class Erie
Hyde Albert A. Private Tioga
Hyde Milton Sterling Corporal Broome
Hyde Paul H Jr Captain 361 FTR SQ 356 FTR G 20-Dec-43 Erie
Hyla Frank George Electrician's Mate 3rd Class Westchester
Hyland Joseph Matthew Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Queens
Hyland Joseph William Coxswain Queens
Hyler William T Staff Sergeant Westchester
Hylin Orvar Ragnar Seaman 1st Class Westchester
Hyman Jerome Corporal New York
Hymes A Leonard Captain 13 BOMB SQ 3 BOMB GP 31-Dec-42 Kings
Hynard Emery Charles Fireman 2nd Class Westchester
Hyne Daniel P. Corporal Suffolk
Hynes James F Staff Sergeant 47 INF 9 DIV 13-Jul-44 Kings
Hynes John J. Technical Sergeant New York
Hynes Patrick T 1st Lieutenant Bronx
Hynes Walter A Corporal 6 SQ 1 TRANS GP 19-Dec-45 Kings
Hyson Joseph R. Staff Sergeant 42 BOMB SQ 11 BOMB G 22-Jan-45 New York
Hyvonen Edward E. Staff Sergeant 527 BOMB SQ 379 BOMB 11-Jun-43 Suffolk

The entire list containing over 43,000 names can be downloaded here.

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