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World War II Honor List
New York US Army & US Army Air Force - Dead and Missing
US Navy, US Marine Corps and US Coast Guard - Dead, Missing, POW and Wounded

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Last Name First Name Rank Regiment Date of Death County
O Daniels William H. Private 1st Class 1748 ENGR PETR DIST 25-May-45 Broome
O Reilly George P 2nd Lieutenant Bronx
O'Boyle Anthony A Private 1st Class Westchester
O'Brian William Joseph Jr. Ensign Erie
O'Brien Charles M. Staff Sergeant 409 BOMB SQ 93 BOMB 13-Mar-44 Monroe
O'Brien Charles W. Private 1st Class Niagara
O'Brien Daniel Francis Gunner's Mate 3rd Class Erie
O'Brien Daniel J Private 1st Class Putnam
O'Brien Ernest Roy Hospital Apprentice 1st Class Niagara
O'Brien Francis J Sergeant Bronx
O'Brien Frank John Seaman 1st Class Kings
O'Brien Gerard K. Private 70 TANK BN 6-Jun-44 Niagara
O'Brien Henry J Private 853 ENGR BN/AVN/ 27-Nov-43 Bronx
O'Brien Herbert Raymond Jr Motor Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Bronx
O'Brien James H Jr Private 1st Class Nassau
O'Brien James M Corporal Albany
O'Brien John Clarence Jr Coxswain Nassau
O'Brien John Edward Jr Fireman 1st Class Westchester
O'Brien John F 2nd Lieutenant Onondaga
O'Brien John Francis Chief Carpenter Kings
O'Brien John J Flight Officer Bronx
O'Brien John J Technical Sergeant Bronx
O'Brien John J Private Kings
O'Brien John James Chief Motor Machinist's Mate Queens
O'Brien John Joseph Motor Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Albany
O'Brien John Patrick Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Bronx
O'Brien John Patrick Signalman 3rd Class Kings
O'Brien John R. Staff Sergeant Putnam
O'Brien John T. Private Chemung
O'Brien Kenneth P. Private 1st Class Monroe
O'Brien Lawrence Edmund Private 1st Class Bronx
O'Brien Leo William Gunner's Mate 3rd Class Bronx
O'Brien Robert J Private 47 INF 9 DIV 17-Jul-44 Bronx
O'Brien Robert L. Chief Gunner's Mate Queens
O'Brien Thomas C Private 1st Class Bronx
O'Brien Thomas Francis Fire Controlman 2nd Class New York
O'Brien Thomas Patrick Seaman 2nd Class Queens
O'Brien William D Captain Albany
O'Brien William J. Private 1st Class 320 INF 35 DIV 22-Jan-45 Monroe
O'Bryan Walter J Fireman 1st Class Albany
O'Byrne John Francis Yeoman 2nd Class Westchester
O'Byrne Theodore R. Technician 5th Grade 255 INF 63 DIV 7-Apr-45 Monroe
O'Callaghan Vincent Thomas Aviation Ordnance man 3rd Class Kings
O'Coin Lawrence O. Private 1st Class 39 INF 9 DIV 11-Dec-44 Monroe
O'Connell Bernard Joseph Fireman 1st Class Nassau
O'Connell Daniel W 1st Lieutenant Bronx
O'Connell Donald Francis Seaman 2nd Class Columbia
O'Connell Edward J Private 1st Class Westchester
O'Connell Francis Xavier Aviation Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Queens
O'Connell James L Private 1st Class Bronx
O'Connell John Aloysius Jr Motor Machinist's Mate 1st Class Kings
O'Connell John V Private Bronx
O'Connell Joseph J. Private 1st Class Suffolk
O'Connell Michael R Private 141 INF 36 DIV 18-Dec-44 Bronx
O'Connell Oscar J Corporal Niagara
O'Connell Thomas M Jr Private 313 INF 79 DIV 23-Sep-44 Bronx
O'Connell William Stephen Lieutenant (Junior Grade) New York
O'Conner Richard J. 1st Lieutenant 384 FTR SQ 364 FTR G 30-Nov-44 Niagara
O'Connor Charles Sergeant Kings
O'Connor Charles David Seaman 1st Class Orange
O'Connor Dudley Bernard Jr Watertender 2nd Class Westchester
O'Connor James A. Watertender 1st class Queens
O'Connor John Albert Private 1st Class Erie
O'Connor John Christopher Signalman 3rd Class Kings
O'Connor John T Private 1st Class Kings
O'Connor Joseph Aloysius Seaman 2nd Class Monroe
O'Connor Kenneth T Corporal 350 BOMB SQ 100 BOMB 17-Aug-43 Onondaga
O'Connor Leo F Private 1st Class Cortland
O'Connor Marvin J Private 1st Class Essex
O'Connor Maurice Michael Machinist's Mate 1st Class Queens
O'Connor Richard E Lieutenant Colonel Bronx
O'Connor Robert J Private 1st Class Kings
O'Connor Thomas J Jr Private Kings
O'Connor Thomas J. Seaman 2nd class Queens
O'Connor Thomas P Private Bronx
O'Connor Timothy Augustine Storekeeper 2nd Class Bronx
O'Connor William J Private 1st Class Kings
O'Corr Joseph A. 2nd Lieutenant 6 INF BN 1 ARMD DIV 2-Dec-42 Monroe
O'Dell Bruce H Technician 4th Grade Bronx
O'Dell Robert E. Flight Officer Genesee
O'Donnell Edmund Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Broome
O'Donnell James Sergeant Bronx
O'Donnell James F Private 1st Class Rennselaer
O'Donnell James J Private Bronx
O'Donnell James J Private 1st Class Queens
O'Donnell James P Private 1st Class Herkimer
O'Donnell James T. Technical Sergeant 375 BOMB SQ 308 BOMB 22-Nov-45 Monroe
O'Donnell John Thomas Pharmacist's Mate 1st Class Erie
O'Donnell Simon Joseph Jr Apprentice Seaman Kings
O'Donnell Thomas F Private 1st Class Oneida
O'Donoghue Daniel A Private 1st Class Queens
O'Gorman Charles Patrick Fireman 1st Class Kings
O'Gorman Hubert Joseph Jr Private 1st Class New York
O'Grady John A Private 1st Class St Lawrence
O'Grady John Lawrence Seaman 2nd Class New York
O'Grady John William Seaman 2nd Class Rennselaer
O'Grady William P Private 1st Class Cayuga
O'Hagan Brian G 1st Lieutenant Bronx
O'Haire George V Private Bronx
O'Halloran Edward Joseph Machinist's Mate 2nd Class New York
O'Halloran James J Private 1st Class Bronx
O'Halloran Joseph A Jr Private Dutchess
O'Hanlon John Paul Shipfitter 1st Class Bronx
O'Hara Bernard A Corporal Westchester
O'Hara Francis Gerald Seaman 1st Class New York
O'Hara Francis W. Private Monroe
O'Hara Harry John 1st Lieutenant Onondaga
O'Hara Henry H. Staff Sergeant 67 BOMB SQ 44 BOMB G 18-Nov-43 Putnam
O'Hara John F. Jr. Sergeant Westchester
O'Hara John S Staff Sergeant Bronx
O'Hara Peter Ship's Cook 1st Class Bronx
O'Hara William John Shipfitter 3rd Class Richmond
O'Hare Donald Francis Private 1st Class Albany
O'Harra Joy Millard Seaman 2nd Class Dutchess
O'Kane Bernard James Private 1st Class Kings
O'Kane James Sergeant 78 SQ 435 TRP CARR G 7-May-45 Queens
O'Keefe Eugene Francis Fireman 3rd Class Kings
O'Keefe Harold F. Technician 5th Grade Monroe
O'Keefe Michael E Corporal New York
O'Keefe Vincent William Ensign Queens
O'Lati Louis John Pharmacist's Mate 3rd Class Erie
O'Leary Gerard E Private 363 INF 91 DIV 29-Sep-44 Bronx
O'Leary John E. Jr. Private 1st Class Chemung
O'Leary Robert Corporal Nassau
O'Loughlin R R Jr Private 1st Class 333 INF 84 DIV 9-Jan-45 Bronx
O'Loughlin Robert Henry Private Nassau
O'Loughlin William Francis Jr. Seaman 2nd Class Schenectady
O'Madigan Edward Joseph Jr. Private New York
O'Malley John F. Jr. Private Kings
O'Malley John J Staff Sergeant 127 ENGR BN 11 ABN D 7-Dec-44 Bronx
O'Malley Joseph M Private 1st Class Bronx
O'Malley William P Corporal Erie
O'Meara Thomas Francis Torpedoman's Mate 2nd Class Kings
O'Moore Pearse Daniel Radioman 3rd Class Bronx
O'Neil Bernard Joseph Yeoman 3rd Class Chenango
O'Neil Charles V. Private 1st Class New York
O'Neil Daniel R. Corporal 45 FA BN 8 DIV 3-Aug-44 Essex
O'Neil Donald F. Private 1st Class Steuben
O'Neil Harold Edward Fireman 1st Class Jefferson
O'Neil John J Private 116 INF 29 DIV 6-Jun-44 Bronx
O'Neil Joseph Francis Jr. Fireman 1st Class Kings
O'Neil Thomas Staff Sergeant 87 REGT 10 MT DIV 15-Apr-45 Queens
O'Neil William Joseph Pharmacist's Mate 1st Class Kings
O'Neill Bryan Thomas Fireman 2nd Class Westchester
O'Neill Cornelius Edward Radio Technician 1st Class Warren
O'Neill Edward Francis Corporal Queens
O'Neill James D. 2nd Lieutenant Queens
O'Neill James Louis Radar man 3rd Class New York
O'Neill John P 1st Sergeant 107 GUN CREW CA CORP 7-Jun-42 Bronx
O'Neill John P. Staff Sergeant Queens
O'Neill Peter J. Private 1st Class Queens
O'Neill Robert Gunner's Mate 3rd Class Erie
O'Neill William John Jr Ensign Queens
O'Reilly Alfred James Shipfitter 3rd Class Richmond
O'Reilly Edward W. Private 1st Class Queens
O'Reilly Harold Anthony Seaman 2nd Class Oswego
O'Reilly James J. 2nd Lieutenant Queens
O'Reilly Martin J. Jr. Private Queens
O'Reilly Patrick Joseph Jr Seaman 1st Class Queens
O'Reilly Peter F Private Bronx
O'Rourke Edward A. Private 1st Class Queens
O'Rourke Henry Joseph Seaman 1st Class Kings
O'Rourke John J. Private Queens
O'Ryan James E. 1st Lieutenant Westchester
O'Shaughnessy James Joseph Seaman 1st Class Queens
O'Shaughnessy William John Jr. Seaman 1st Class New York
O'Shea George J Corporal Queens
O'Shea Harold S. Private 1st Class New York
O'Sullivan Arthur Paul Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Suffolk
O'Sullivan C.J. 1st Lieutenant Queens
O'Sullivan Donald F Captain New York
O'Sullivan James A Jr 1st Lieutenant New York
O'Sullivan Patrick Joseph Jr. Private 1st Class Niagara
O'Sullivan Vincent L. Sergeant Queens
O'Toole Bernard J. Sergeant Queens
Oakes Abraham A. Private Franklin
Oakes Harold Thomas Private 1st Class Franklin
Oakes John H 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Oakley Clinton L Private Saratoga
Oakley George J. Sergeant Oneida
Oaksford Howard M. Private 1st Class Fulton
Oaksford Richard S. 1st Lieutenant Fulton
Oard Donald J Private Saratoga
Oarside Frank Lieutenant (Junior Grade) New York
Oates Charles Francis Jr Field Music 1st Class Bronx
Oates James J Private 26 INF 1 DIV 11-Feb-45 Kings
Oatman Thomas E Sergeant Washington
Obera Hector A Sergeant Bronx
Oberdorf Raymond M Private 1st Class 334 INF 84 DIV 24-Jan-45 Ontario
Oberfelder Robert F 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
Oberg Albert Edward Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Kings
Oberg Harold E Private MEDICAL DEPT 3-Feb-43 Chautauqua
Oberg Robert L Private 1st Class Kings
Oberhuber Herbert A Aviation Cadet New York
Obersheimer Clayton Banks Lieutenant Erie
Oblamski Valentine M. Staff Sergeant Niagara
Oblock Herman Private Chautauqua
Oboyle Andrew V Sergeant 344 BOMB SQ 98 BOMB 24-Jul-42 New York
Obremski Chester T Private 1st Class Saratoga
Obrian John T Sergeant AIR CORPS 30-Sep-43 Cattaraugas
Obrian Robert J Sergeant Erie
Obrien Alexander Technician 5th Grade Kings
Obrien Bernard R Technician 5th Grade Madison
Obrien Charles W Private 1st Class 160 INF 40 DIV 11-Feb-45 Kings
Obrien Cornelius J Private 1st Class Queens
Obrien Donald D Sergeant 15 INF 3 DIV 29-Jan-45 Jefferson
Obrien Eamon J Private 1st Class Nassau
Obrien Edward J Private 1st Class New York
Obrien Edwin L Private 1st Class Orleans
Obrien Eugene F Private 152 INF 38 DIV 18-May-45 Queens
Obrien Frank J 1st Lieutenant State at large
Obrien Henry C Private Queens
Obrien James F 1st Lieutenant Queens
Obrien James J Sergeant Queens
Obrien Jeremiah E Aviation Cadet Nassau
Obrien John C Jr 2nd Lieutenant 785 BOMB SQ 466 BOMB 9-Apr-44 Albany
Obrien John J Private Erie
Obrien John J 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
Obrien John R Private St. Lawrence
Obrien John T Private 853 ENGR BN/AVN/ 27-Nov-43 New York
Obrien Joseph P Aviation Cadet Kings
Obrien Lee D 1st Lieutenant State at large
Obrien Matthew M 1st Lieutenant Erie
Obrien Morgan J 2nd Lieutenant New York
Obrien Paschal J Private 318 INF 80 DIV 21-Mar-45 Erie
Obrien Patrick J Staff Sergeant Dutchess
Obrien Patrick J Private 383 INF 96 DIV 2-Nov-44 Erie
Obrien Patrick J Staff Sergeant QM CORPS 9-Jul-42 Kings
Obrien Patrick J Staff Sergeant New York
Obrien Paul J Major Chautauqua
Obrien Richard D Technical Sergeant Westchester
Obrien Robert G 1st Lieutenant 118 TAC RCN SQ 6-Aug-44 New York
Obrien Stephen E Private 1st Class Erie
Obrien Thomas Private Westchester
Obrien Thomas P 1st Lieutenant New York
Obrien Thomas P Private 330 INF 83 DIV 17-Jan-45 Wyoming
Obrien Thomas R 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Obrien William C 2nd Lieutenant 308 FTR SQ 31 FTR GP 1-Apr-43 New York
Obrien William F Staff Sergeant Westchester
Obrien William J Private 16 INF 1 DIV 6-Jun-44 Kings
Obrien William J Private 306 INF 77 DIV 5-May-45 Kings
Obrien William J Lieutenant Colonel Rensselaer
Obyrne John R Private 1st Class 505 PRCHT INF 82 ABN 3-Jul-44 Cayuga
Ocallaghan Thomas E Private Kings
Ocasio Angel M Sergeant 40 BOMB SQ 6 BOMB GP 28-Mar-45 Bronx
Occhipinti Fred J Private 1st Class Kings
Occhipinti Joseph Private 557 RHD CO 28-Apr-44 Bronx
Ochlan Charles Private 1st Class 120 INF 30 DIV 22-Oct-44 Kings
Ochs Homer H Private 27 INF BN 9 ARMD DIV 8-Mar-45 Erie
Oconnell Eugene J Private 28 MAT SQ 20 AIR BAS 18-May-42 Kings
Oconnell Gerald M Jr Flight Officer Nassau
Oconnell James J 2nd Lieutenant Nassau
Oconnell John L Sergeant Westchester
Oconnell John L Technical Sergeant Westchester
Oconnell Joseph E Corporal New York
Oconnell Joseph F Private Kings
Oconnell Norman V Private 237 ENGR COMBAT BN 7-Jun-45 Westchester
Oconnell Ronald M Private 1st Class 314 INF 79 DIV 25-Jul-44 New York
Oconnell William F Sergeant Queens
Oconnell William J 2nd Lieutenant AIR CORPS 10-Oct-43 New York
Oconnell William V 2nd Lieutenant New York
Oconnor Bernard Sergeant Queens
Oconnor Charles H Sergeant Ontario
Oconnor Connor C 2nd Lieutenant New York
Oconnor Daniel E Private AIR CORPS 3-Feb-43 Queens
Oconnor Daniel J 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Oconnor David P Jr 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Oconnor Edward J Private 40 TK BN 7 ARMD DIV 7-Sep-44 New York
Oconnor Erned J Private 440 ORD CO/AVN/ 7-Sep-44 Queens
Oconnor George T Private 1st Class Kings
Oconnor James F Private 1st Class 191 TANK BN 23-Oct-44 Kings
Oconnor James J Technical Sergeant 480 AAA AW BN 25-Feb-44 New York
Oconnor James Joseph 2nd Lieutenant New York
Oconnor James M 2nd Lieutenant New York
Oconnor John J Private Queens
Oconnor Joseph M Private 1st Class Cattaraugas
Oconnor Kevin R Sergeant New York
Oconnor Michael J 1st Sergeant 513 PRCHT INF 17 ABN 25-Mar-45 New York
Oconnor Michael J Jr Private 119 INF 30 DIV 9-Aug-44 Queens
Oconnor Richard E Private Kings
Oconnor Thomas I Jr Private Nassau
Odea Clifford J 1st Lieutenant Kings
Odea John F Private 245 QM DEPOT CO 26-Aug-44 New York
Odea Thomas J Sergeant Kings
Odee Charles W Private 1st Class Erie
Odell Clare W 1st Lieutenant Cattaraugas
Odell Donald J Private New York
Odell Enos H. Sergeant 358 BOMB SQ 303 BOMB 22-Feb-44 Broome
Odell Nelson A 2nd Lieutenant Albany
Odell Paul R Private 143 INF 36 DIV 28-Nov-44 Delaware
Odell William L Private 180 INF 45 DIV 6-Oct-44 Saratoga
Odenwald William Private 1st Class 318 INF 80 DIV 16-Feb-45 Queens
Odoherty Robert B Private 1st Class 551 PRCHT INF REGT 8-Jan-45 New York
Odonnell Charles P Private 1st Class Nassau
Odonnell Francis J Private 31 INF REGT 24-Jan-42 Rensselaer
Odonnell Frederick W 1st Lieutenant Queens
Odonnell Jeremiah J 1st Lieutenant Nassau
Odonnell Joseph Sergeant 311 INF 78 DIV 14-Mar-45 Erie
Odonnell Oscar J Corporal 31 INF REGT 1-Feb-46 Queens
Odonnell Patrick R Private New York
Odonnell Raymond T Corporal 48 TK BN 14 ARMD DIV 17-Jan-45 Allegany
Odonnell Robert J Private 1st Class Washington
Odonnell Robert W Jr 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Odonnell Thomas J Technician 5th Grade New York
Odonnell Walter Private 318 INF 80 DIV 18-Feb-45 Kings
Odonnell William M Private Kings
Odonoghue James J 2nd Lieutenant 509 BOMB SQ 351 BOMB 1-Dec-43 Kings
Odonohue Francis J Corporal Kings
Odonovan James J Major 31 INF REGT 18-Oct-42 Albany
Odstrom Nils H 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Odwyer Joseph P Private 1st Class 12 REGT 1 CAV DIV 7-Mar-45 Kings
Oeffler John S Private 1st Class Rennselaer
Oehl Donald Frederick Seaman 1st Class Suffolk
Oehler William C Staff Sergeant Erie
Oehm Michael Private Erie
Oeinck Leo C Corporal Erie
Oelkers Henry Edward Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Queens
Oelz George R Private 1st Class 66 INF BN 12 ARMD DI 19-Jan-45 Queens
Oertel Richard D Private 1st Class 180 INF 45 DIV 19-Apr-45 Onondaga
Oesau Andrew John Radioman 2nd Class Kings
Oesch Harold E 1st Lieutenant Erie
Oeser Donald H Private 1st Class Montgomery
Oestreicher Seymour Sergeant 701 TANK BN 2-Mar-45 Queens
Oestrich Raymond E. Private 315 INF 79 DIV 17-Jan-45 Sullivan
Oetinger Edwin Norman Aviation Metalsmith 2nd Class Erie
Oettinger Richard J Corporal Queens
Offenbacker Albert P Sergeant Saratoga
Oflaherty Joseph E 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Oflaherty Paul J Sergeant AIR CORPS 9-Apr-44 Kings
Oflaherty William J Private 180 INF 45 DIV 13-Jul-43 Richmond
Ofverberg Edward L Private 1st Class Queens
Ogden George H Private 1st Class 322 INF 81 DIV 20-Oct-44 Rensselaer
Ogden Robert L Sergeant Wayne
Ogg Harry Lamb Corporal Kings
Ogi Verner F. Captain Oneida
Ogilvie Donald J Private 1st Class 116 INF 29 DIV 5-Dec-44 Erie
Ogilvie Douglas R Corporal Rensselaer
Ogilvie Peter Staff Sergeant 556 BOMB SQ 387 BOMB 26-Mar-44 Richmond
Ogilvie William A Jr Private 1st Class Rensselaer
Ogle Reider C G Private 1st Class 2 CIVIL AFFAIRS UNIT 3-Jul-44 New York
Ognibene Ralph Sergeant 366 BOMB SQ 305 BOMB 3-Aug-44 Kings
Ogniewski Daniel L Private 1st Class Erie
Ogrady Harold V Private INFANTRY 10-Mar-44 Queens
Ogrady John C Staff Sergeant New York
Ogrady Joseph R 1st Lieutenant 877 BOMB SQ 499 BOMB 10-Jan-46 Queens
Ogrady Thomas P Staff Sergeant 303 SQ 442 TRP CARR 25-Apr-44 New York
Ogren Edwin J Sergeant 28 MAT SQ 20 AIR BAS 28-May-42 Chautauqua
Ogur Warren Private Kings
Ogurek Michael A Corporal 478 AMPH TRK CO 28-Apr-44 Queens
Ohalloran Thomas Private 845 ENGR BN/AVN/ 20-Nov-43 Kings
Ohanlon Edward M Sergeant 32 PHOTO SQ 5 RCN GP 20-Apr-44 Kings
Ohar John Seaman 2nd Class Erie
Ohara Dennis F Technician 5th Grade Westchester
Ohara Frank A Technical Sergeant New York
Ohara Gerard E Private 87 REGT 10 MT DIV 3-Mar-45 New York
Ohara Kenneth F Private 1st Class 116 INF 29 DIV 8-Jul-44 Erie
Ohara Thomas P Private Kings
Ohara Thomas W Private Queens
Oharra Sylvester J Staff Sergeant Kings
Ohearn Edward J Sergeant Albany
Ohearn Joseph K Private 1st Class 725 BOMB SQ 451 BOMB 17-Mar-44 Rensselaer
Ohler William H. Technician 4th Grade 53 INF BN 4 ARMD DIV 30-Dec-44 Queens
Ohlert John T Corporal Queens
Ohlhorst Robert W. Staff Sergeant 12 INF 4 DIV 10-Jun-44 Suffolk
Ohlman Richard Joseph Radioman 2nd Class Rensselaer
Ohnigian Suran Motor Machinist's Mate 1st Class New York
Ohrt Charles Newton Jr Chief Electrician's Mate New York
Ojalvo Leo Seaman 1st Class Bronx
Okane Thomas C. Private 1st Class 133 FA BN 36 DIV 19-Dec-43 Suffolk
Okane Thomas J Jr Sergeant New York
Okeefe Earl T Private 1st Class Cayuga
Okeefe Francis T 2nd Lieutenant 527 BOMB SQ 379 BOMB 9-Sep-44 New York
Okeefe James W Staff Sergeant 551 BOMB SQ 385 BOMB 5-Dec-43 Albany
Okeefe John J Captain Kings
Okeefe Joseph H Private Albany
Okerblum Samuel Motor Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Nassau
Okman Stanley 2nd Lieutenant New York
Okolowicz Telesfor J. Private 1st Class Monroe
Okon Stanley A Staff Sergeant 7 AIRDROME SQ 1-Apr-44 Erie
Okonczak Leonard E Private 1st Class 19 SQ 20 AIR BASE GP 31-May-42 Erie
Oktavec Jan Lier Aviation Radioman 2nd Class New York
Okunevich Constantine Keen Corporal Bronx
Olafson Harold A Private 135 INF 34 DIV 4-Feb-44 Chautauqua
Olander Joseph E Captain Westchester
Oldenborg George F. 1st Lieutenant Queens
Older Howard R Staff Sergeant Saratoga
Oldham Philip A 2d Lieutenant Westchester
Olds Ford B Private Herkimer
Olds Lawrence B. Private 6 INF 1 ARMD DIV 27-Apr-43 Queens
Oleary Cornelius P Private 1st Class Allegany
Oleary Daniel J Private 1st Class Onondaga
Oleary Frank C Technician 5th Grade 722 ENGR DEPOT CO 25-Oct-44 Erie
Oleary Jack B Sergeant Erie
Olejniczak Stephen S. Staff Sergeant 289 INF 75 DIV 1-Jan-45 Niagara
Oleksiak Stanley J. Staff Sergeant Steuben
Olen Roy Chief Commissary Steward Nasau
Olender Walter V Private 501 PRCHT INF 101 AB 18-Sep-44 Kings
Oles Edward K Private 1st Class 18 INF 1 DIV 8-Sep-44 Kings
Olesh Leonard Private Kings
Olevsky Louis E Corporal Kings
Olewski Ignatius J Corporal Chautauqua
Olfenius William H. Staff Sergeant 775 BOMB SQ 463 BOMB 10-May-44 Queens
Olff John Nicholas Motor Machinist's Mate 3rd Class New York
Olgedzinksi M J Private 1st Class Erie
Olin Albert H Corporal 47 SQ 313 TRP CARR G 5-Feb-45 Kings
Olinik John Private 1st Class 507 PRCHT INF REGT 16-Jun-44 Cayuga
Olinsky Max Private Kings
Olitsky William Gabriel Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class Bronx
Oliva Americo Sergeant Kings
Olive Richard Everett Chief Fire Controlman Kings
Olivencia Santiago Private 1st Class Kings
Oliver Chester T. Private Albany
Oliver Curtis Ismal Machinist's Mate 1st Class Broome
Oliver Guy Monroe 1st Lieutenant Queens
Oliver James Henry Private Dutchess
Oliver Leroy M. Jr. Private 1st Class Rensselaer
Oliver Matthew N Technician 5th Grade Ulster
Oliver Paul Henry Fireman 2nd Class Cayuga
Oliveri John J Private 1st Class 6 INF 1 ARMD DIV 1-Apr-43 Nassau
Oliveri John J Sergeant Queens
Oliveri Peter A. Private 1st Class Queens
Olivero Armando J Corporal New York
Olivieri Anthony Private 325 GLI INF 82 ABN D 2-Oct-44 New York
Olkowski Arthur P Corporal 318 INF 80 DIV 9-Sep-44 Kings
Olkowski Edward Private 1st Class Kings
Olkowski Joseph E Private Erie
Olkowski Lester H Staff Sergeant 109 INF 28 DIV 9-Aug-44 Erie
Olley Clarence C. Private 1st Class Schenectady
Ollinger Richard J Staff Sergeant Cattaraugas
Ollmetzer Godfrey Z Technician 5th Grade New York
Olmsted Harry W 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
Oloughlin Joseph A Private Orange
Olphie Richard Aviation Radioman 3rd Class Kings
Olrogge Myrl D. Staff Sergeant Niagara
Olsen Arne M Private 1st Class New York
Olsen Arthur E Technician 5th Grade 536 ENGR L PON CO 23-Feb-45 Orange
Olsen Arthur Helmer Private 1st Class Kings
Olsen Bernard Martin Commander Richmond
Olsen Edward M Sergeant 325 GLI INF 82 ABN D 2-Feb-45 Kings
Olsen George William Fireman 1st Class Kings
Olsen Holbrook Private 1st Class Queens
Olsen John Franklin Private 1st Class Kings
Olsen John J 1st Lieutenant New York
Olsen John Martin Seaman 2nd Class Queens
Olsen John W Private 1st Class 143 INF 36 DIV 1-Oct-44 Kings
Olsen Kenneth U Staff Sergeant Bronx
Olsen Norman Private Kings
Olsen Raymond W Private 1st Class Kings
Olsen Richard Frank Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Westchester
Olsen Robert Otto Private 1st Class Kings
Olsen Samuel Mathew Jr 2d Lieutenant Nassau
Olsen Stanley Roderick Motor Machinist's Mate 1st Class Kings
Olsen Theodore Major Westchester
Olsen William H Staff Sergeant 775 BOMB SQ 463 BOMB 8-Nov-45 Kings
Olsen William Joseph Aviation Radioman 2nd Class Richmond
Olshalsky Stephen P Private Chautauqua
Olshefski Ignatius S. Private 1st Class Broome
Olshin Howard E Private New York
Olson Arthur T Private New York
Olson Bertil R. Technical Sergeant Suffolk
Olson Elmer 2nd Lieutenant Oswego
Olson Eric T Staff Sergeant 991 FA BN 4-Sep-44 Rockland
Olson Howard Albin Corporal Westchester
Olson Jack H. Private 310 INF 78 DIV 8-Feb-45 Broome
Olson Paul William Seaman 1st Class Queens
Olson Willard H 1st Lieutenant Onondaga
Olstad John F Private 1st Class Westchester
Olszewski Edward J. Corporal Suffolk
Olszewski John L Private 1st Class Onondaga
Olszewski Michael P. Private 2 INF 5 DIV 20-Sep-44 Queens
Oltman Fred 2nd Lieutenant 835 BOMB SQ 486 BOMB 28-Sep-44 Queens
Oltz Allen M. Private 117 INF 30 DIV 19-Nov-44 Broome
Olvany John P Private 119 INF 30 DIV 12-Jul-44 Kings
Omanoff William Private New York
Omara Richard B 1st Lieutenant Erie
Omarrah Howard J Staff Sergeant Westchester
Omilian Felix P 2nd Lieutenant State at large
Omilian Felix P. 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Omundsen Howard R 2nd Lieutenant Richmond
Onderdonk Robert N. Private 1st Class Ontario
Ondis Nicholas Private 1st Class Kings
Ondo Michael C Private 1st Class Bronx
Oneal Harry 2nd Lieutenant New York
Oneil Frank A Private Rensselaer
Oneil Frederick H. Technician 5th Grade 592 ENGR SHORE REGT 17-Feb-45 Broome
Oneil George F Technician 5th Grade 87 CAV RCN SQ 7 ARMD 1-Aug-44 Westchester
Oneil Gerald A Private 1st Class 349 INF 88 DIV 25-Oct-44 Rensselaer
Oneil Michael J. Private 1st Class Broome
Oneil Robert G Private 1st Class 17 INF BN 12 ARMD DI 16-Jan-45 Kings
Oneill George J 1st Lieutenant New York
Oneill Henry F Staff Sergeant Kings
Oneill James H Technician 4th Grade Albany
Oneill Jeremiah F Private 168 INF 34 DIV 18-Feb-44 Kings
Oneill Nicholas M Private 339 INF 85 DIV 22-Sep-44 New York
Oneill Nicholas P Private 1st Class 318 INF 80 DIV 27-Jan-45 Kings
Oneill Paul J Private New York
Oneill Thomas F Private Albany
Oney August J Private Wayne
Oniks Charles Chief Watertender New York
Onorato Joseph B. 2nd Lieutenant 365 BOMB SQ 305 BOMB 26-Feb-43 Queens
Onorato Joseph J Private Kings
Onorato Michael A Private 16 INF 1 DIV 31-Jan-43 Kings
Ontko George Private Queens
Onufer George Technician 5th Grade Albany
Onusko Albert Private New York
Onyskiewicz Vladimir Private 1st Class 394 INF 99 DIV 13-Mar-45 Kings
Opala Eugene J Corporal Erie
Opalenchuk Henry Private New York
Opalka Stanley H Private Cayuga
Openheimer Robert T Technician 5th Grade Erie
Oper Norwood C. Staff Sergeant Oneida
Opie Ronald A Corporal Westchester
Opisso Larry Anzo Motor Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Queens
Oppedisano Joseph Frank Aviation Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Kings
Oppelt Harry J. 1st Lieutenant Queens
Oppelt John Thomas Seaman 2nd Class Orange
Oppenheim Irving Private 1st Class New York
Oppenheim Raymond B Sergeant Cattaraugas
Oppenheimer Saul J 2nd Lieutenant New York
Oppenheimer Sol Private 1st Class Suffolk
Opper Henry J Staff Sergeant Westchester
Oppleton Alfred George Private 1st Class Onondaga
Oppmann Andrew W. Jr. Corporal 759 BOMB SQ 459 BOMB 29-Oct-44 Fulton
Oprendik John E Private 1st Class Greene
Oquendo Diego H Private New York
Oram Leonard G Private Columbia
Orange Herbert E 1st Lieutenant Nassau
Orbell Edgar N Technical Sergeant 339 BOMB SQ 96 BOMB 11-Feb-45 Kings
Orchoff Michael E Private Bronx
Orcutt Clifford S Private 1st Class Allegany
Orcutt Clinton R. Jr. Private 1st Class Fulton
Orcutt Kenneth Calvert Aviation Ordnance man 2nd Class Seneca
Ordway Kenneth S. 2nd Lieutenant Steuben
Oregan John D Technician 5th Grade New York
Oreilly Francis W Staff Sergeant Kings
Oreilly John B Private 1st Class New York
Oreilly John S 1st Lieutenant State at large
Orel Walter S. Private 1st Class Oswego
Oren Clifford J. Private AIR CORPS 3-Feb-43 Monroe
Ores Edward J. Private 1st Class 305 INF 77 DIV 10-May-45 Queens
Orf Russell H. 1st Lieutenant Steuben
Organ Patrick T Private 1st Class Nassau
Orgovan John George Corporal New York
Oriley Harold C Corporal 741 TANK BN 20-Sep-44 Westchester
Orkin Milton 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Orlando Alfred F Sergeant Kings
Orlando Anthony Private 1st Class 47 INF 9 DIV 22-Dec-44 Westchester
Orlando Anthony H Private Erie
Orlando Frank N. Private 1st Class Livingston
Orlando Joseph Private Bronx
Orlando Philip Private Bronx
Orlikowski Joseph A Private 1st Class Dutchess
Orloff John S Staff Sergeant 498 BOMB SQ 345 BOMB 9-Jan-45 Saratoga
Orloff Joseph S Private Kings
Orlowski Henry O 1st Lieutenant Ulster
Orlyk Stephen M. Machinist's Mate 1st class Rensselaer
Ormsbee John R Private 351 INF 88 DIV 2-Oct-44 Albany
Ormsby Frank Worden Gunner's Mate 3rd Class Oswego
Ormsby Robert Private Oswego
Ormsby Rollin L Jr. Private 1st Class 315 INF 79 DIV 10-Jan-45 Chautauqua
Orner Fred Seaman 2nd Class Albany
Ornstein Adolph 2nd Lieutenant New York
Oro Robert Albert Pharmacist's Mate 2nd Class Kings
Orosch Albin Private Queens
Orourke Arthur E Private 274 INF 70 DIV 17-Feb-45 Kings
Orourke Charles J Private New York
Orourke Edmund J. Staff Sergeant Oneida
Orourke Edward J 1st Lieutenant New York
Orourke James J Staff Sergeant Kings
Orourke James W. Jr. Technician 5th Grade 507 PRCHT INF REGT 7-Jun-45 Oneida
Orourke Lawrence E 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Orourke Patrick J Private New York
Orr George E Technician 4th Grade Westchester
Orr Harold C Private 1st Class Erie
Orr Joseph Private 1st Class 307 INF 77 DIV 23-Apr-45 Queens
Orr Leonard F. Private Schuyler
Orr Lester Ferris Jr Lieutenant Queens
Orr Robert M Private 4108 QM TRK CO 4-Dec-45 New York
Orrichio Dominick J Staff Sergeant Kings
Orrok Richard L 2d Lieutenant Kings
Orshancky Jack M 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Orsie Charles John Chief Radioman Kings
Orsillo Nicholas J. Staff Sergeant 52 FA BN 24 DIV 24-Apr-44 Queens
Orsino James J Private 1st Class Albany
Ort Milton D. Private 1st Class Sullivan
Ortale Louis J Private 1st Class 133 INF 34 DIV 27-Mar-44 Ulster
Ortega Julius Corporal New York
Orth Frank Staff Sergeant Erie
Orth William G. 2nd Lieutenant 515 BOMB SQ 376 BOMB 11-Nov-44 Queens
Ortiz Florencio Private 1st Class New York
Ortiz John M Private 1st Class 16 CAV RCN SQ 14-Mar-45 New York
Ortiz Louis R Private 1st Class 351 INF 88 DIV 30-Nov-44 New York
Ortiz Luis Private 1st Class New York
Ortiz Nicholas D Private 1st Class 772 FA BN 26-Nov-44 New York
Ortiz Robert I Private Rockland
Orton William B. Corporal Dutchess
Ortutay William J. Private 1st Class Kings
Ortynaki Michael J Technician 5th Grade New York
Orzechowski Joseph L. Private Oneida
Orzechowski Leo Gunner's Mate 1st Class Erie
Osacar Joseph Private New York
Osani Joseph Corporal Nassau
Osbonlighter Fred T. Sergeant Schenectady
Osborn Charles W. Corporal AIR CORPS 15-Jul-44 Steuben
Osborn David L. Private Onondaga
Osborn Edward Staff Sergeant Nassau
Osborn Raymond L Staff Sergeant 749 BOMB SQ 457 BOMB 14-Jun-44 Saratoga
Osborne Cgarles P. Sergeant Fulton
Osborne John Morey Private Erie
Osborne William J. 2nd Lieutenant 61 FTR SQ 56 FTR GP 24-Oct-44 Tioga
Osborne William L. Private 1st Class Erie
Osgood Robert E Aviation Cadet Cattaraugas
Oshaughnessy E M Corporal 248 ENGR COMBAT BN 3-Jan-45 Kings
Oshaughnessy James F Private 180 INF 45 DIV 11-Oct-43 Kings
Oshaughnessy W A Jr Technician 5th Grade 1 REGT 1 ARMD DIV 31-Mar-43 Kings
Oshea James P Private 6 INF 1 ARMD DIV 6-Dec-42 New York
Oshea John Corporal Kings
Oshensky Anthony W Private 1st Class 120 INF 30 DIV 17-Dec-44 Erie
Oshier Allen Phillip Seaman 2nd Class St Lawrence
Oshier Leland F Private 1st Class State at large
Oshin Harold Sergeant 416 BOMB SQ 99 BOMB 24-Nov-43 New York
Osias Mac Private 1st Class New York
Osip Joseph L. Private 1st Class 23 INF 2 DIV 29-Dec-44 Queens
Osipovich John Sergeant Kings
Oskamp Clifford G 2nd Lieutenant Ontario
Osl Adolph J Private Rensselaer
Osmanski Eugene Private 1st Class Erie
Osness Wyman E 2nd Lieutenant New York
Osofsky Stanley L Private Bronx
Ossenfort F W 1st Lieutenant 425 BOMB SQ 308 BOMB 20-Jan-46 Kings
Ost Robert E Corporal Richmond
Ostachowicz A R Staff Sergeant 501 BOMB SQ 345 BOMB 20-Feb-45 Kings
Ostapow Edward T Technician 4th Grade 102 CAV RCN SQ 2-Aug-44 New York
Ostberg Edwin J Lieutenant Colonel Kings
Oster Daniel Private 1st Class Bronx
Ostergren Erick Gustaf Fire Controlman 3rd Class New York
Osterhoudt Carl Private Dutchess
Osterhoudt Lincoln C. Private Otsego
Osterman Bruce W. Private 1st Class Erie
Ostermeier Markus Staff Sergeant 161 INF 25 DIV 24-Jan-45 Bronx
Osterweil Harold D 2nd Lieutenant Nassau
Osterweis Lewis M. Private 1st Class Westchester
Ostheimer Emerick J. Private Queens
Ostling Charles F Flight Officer Westchester
Ostrach Edward A Private 1st Class 17 INF BN 12 ARMD DI 17-Jan-45 Erie
Ostrander Edward J. Technician 5th Grade 993 ENGR BR CO 8-Mar-45 Queens
Ostrander Frank W 1st Sergeant 28 INF 8 DIV 15-Jul-44 Kings
Ostrander Harold J Private 1st Class Kings
Ostrander Howard D 2d Lieutenant Columbia
Ostrander James M Staff Sergeant 26 INF 1 DIV 24-Nov-44 Saratoga
Ostrander Jole D. Private Schoharie
Ostrander Lyle G Sergeant Chautauqua
Ostro Bertram 1st Lieutenant New York
Ostroleng Philip H Technician 5th Grade Kings
Ostrom Joseph W Private 1st Class Dutchess
Ostroski Peter 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Ostrove Ellis 2d Lieutenant Queens
Ostrowski Julius Fred Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class Orleans
Ostrowski Raymond J. Private 1st Class Queens
Ostune John Private Onondaga
Osullivan John F Corporal New York
Osullivan John S Private 1st Class Nassau
Oswald Edwin R Private Kings
Oswald John Vincent Corporal Westchester
Oszukowski John Private 28 INF 8 DIV 17-Jul-44 Kings
Otero Manuel Private 1st Class Westchester
Otis Albert Charles Private Jefferson
Otis George 3D 2nd Lieutenant State at large
Otoole Austin E Sergeant Albany
Otoole Edward J Corporal 60 CA REGT 24-Oct-44 New York
Otoole John F 1st Lieutenant Cayuga
Ott Alson J Private Rensselaer
Ott Andrew T Technician 5th Grade New York
Ott Arthur J Private Montgomery
Ott Eugene H Private 358 INF 90 DIV 14-Jul-44 Erie
Ott Francis J Staff Sergeant Erie
Ott Harry William Electrician's Mate 2nd Class Erie
Ott John W. Jr. Private Queens
Ott Richard L Major 79 FTR SQ 20 FTR GP 30-Jan-44 New York
Ottavio Vincent J. 1st Lieutenant Oneida
Ottaway Jack E. Staff Sergeant Broome
Ottenstein Alan E Private Kings
Ottersland Gerald Technician 5th Grade Kings
Ottimo Mario J Sergeant New York
Ottinger Henry G 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Otto Henry J. Private Richmond
Otto William Private 109 INF 28 DIV 18-Dec-44 Queens
Ouderkirk Harold W Jr Private 1st Class Montgomery
Ouellet Joyce L Technical Sergeant State at large
Ougheltree Jack H Aviation Cadet Nassau
Ouimette Roy O. Technician 3rd Grade Oneida
Ouriel Michael A. Private 1st Class Monroe
Ours William T Sergeant 38 INF 2 DIV 27-Mar-45 Allegany
Outman Donald R Staff Sergeant St. Lawrence
Ouzounian Gregory Private 93 BOMB SQ 19 BOMB G 13-Nov-42 Queens
Ovenshire Perry A. Private 1st Class Schuyler
Overend Donald K. 2nd Lieutenant 74 FTR SQ 23 FTR GP 26-Jun-44 Niagara
Overlook George L Private 1st Class Rensselaer
Overton Alan Gustave Lieutenant New York
Overton Edmund B 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
Overton Otis C. 1st Lieutenant 338 HARBOR CRAFT CO 27-Mar-45 Niagara
Ovsanik Joseph Private Steuben
Owczarczak Joseph F Staff Sergeant 18 INF 1 DIV 15-Sep-44 Erie
Owczarz Stanley A Private 1st Class New York
Owen Arthur J 2nd Lieutenant Rockland
Owen Charles R. Sergeant Queens
Owen David C. Private 1st Class 318 INF 80 DIV 1-Apr-45 Oneida
Owen Earl K. Staff Sergeant 367 BOMB SQ 306 BOMB 7-Jan-43 Franklin
Owen Harold M. Technical Sergeant Monroe
Owen Harold O Private 1st Class Erie
Owen Henry E Sergeant Columbia
Owen Idwal Evan Jr. Seaman 1st Class Oneida
Owen Richard C Sergeant 121 INF 8 DIV 1-Apr-45 Erie
Owen Ross Maxwell Private Niagara
Owens Clifford Sergeant AIR CORPS 15-Jun-44 Broome
Owens Cornelius W Corporal Kings
Owens Fred B. Private 1st Class Oneida
Owens George Sutter Lieutenant Niagara
Owens James J Private 16 INF 1 DIV 4-Aug-43 New York
Owens John J. Private Queens
Owens John Nmi Staff Sergeant 13 INF 8 DIV 23-Aug-44 Oneida
Owens Peter C 2nd Lieutenant 742 BOMB SQ 455 BOMB 27-Jul-44 Delaware
Owens Peter S. Technical Sergeant 65 BOMB SQ 43 BOMB G 15-Sep-43 Oneida
Owens Ralph C 2nd Lieutenant 742 BOMB SQ 455 BOMB 27-Jul-44 Delaware
Owens Thomas J Technician 5th Grade Westchester
Owens Thomas L Private 1st Class Onondaga
Owens Warren E Private 175 INF 29 DIV 13-Jul-44 Erie
Owens William 1st Lieutenant Kings
Owesny Joseph F Staff Sergeant New York
Owocki Stanley S Corporal Albany
Owsiany Frank J 1st Lieutenant Dutchess
Oxley John F Private 1st Class 357 INF 90 DIV 11-Jun-44 Westchester
Ozemina Frank M. Private 13 STA COMPLEMENT SQ 28-Oct-43 Broome
Ozer Albert Milton Private 34 CAV RCN TRP 34 DI 12-Feb-45 Kings
Ozoroff David Private New York

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