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World War II Honor List
New York US Army & US Army Air Force - Dead and Missing
US Navy, US Marine Corps and US Coast Guard - Dead, Missing, POW and Wounded

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Last Name First Name Rank Regiment Date of Death County
Pabst George H Jr Staff Sergeant 327 GLI INF 101 ABN 17-Jun-44 Erie
Pacana John S Sergeant Cayuga
Pacca Anthony Private New York
Paccione Marco T. Private 1st Class Kings
Paccione Michael T Staff Sergeant 766 BOMB SQ 461 BOMB 24-May-44 Kings
Paccione Thomas J. Private Queens
Pace Robert Arthur 1st Lieutenant New York
Pacelli Lewis Henry Ship's Service 2nd Class Oneida
Pacera Alfred Private 1st Class Kings
Pacheco Peter P Private New York
Pacholek Stephen Private Kings
Paci Salvatore J Private 1st Class Kings
Paci Vincwent NMI Private 264 INF 66 DIV 25-Dec-44 Onondaga
Pacia Michael A Corporal Kings
Pacifico Charles J Private 1st Class New York
Pacifico Thomas C Private New York
Pacillo Frank A Private 1st Class Montgomery
Pacini Charles Vincent Private 1st Class Niagara
Pacitto Ralph Angelo Carpenter's Mate 2nd Class Erie
Paciunas Edmund J Private Montgomery
Packard James Edward Seaman 1st Class Monroe
Packard James Michael Private 1st Class Genesee
Packard William Owen Jr. Corporal Delaware
Packer Sidney S Sergeant Kings
Pacuillo Nick F. Private 1st Class Queens
Pacuinas Edmond C Corporal Montgomery
Pacyna Adam P Private Washington
Padak Stephen P. 2nd Lieutenant Monroe
Padaman John C Private 1st Class Orleans
Padawer Joel 1st Lieutenant Kings
Paddock Herbert Frank Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Erie
Paddock Thomas J Private 1st Class New York
Paden Thomas H Technician 5th Grade 317 INF 80 DIV 25-Nov-44 New York
Padilla Frank Private 1st Class New York
Padlasoff Henry Private 336 FA BN 87 DIV 26-Dec-44 New York
Padlo Alexander M. Corporal Niagara
Padlo Walter J. 2nd Lieutenant Niagara
Pado George Private 1st Class 115 INF 29 DIV 12-Jun-44 Broome
Padovano Thomas J Corporal 103 AA BLN BTRY 20-Feb-44 Richmond
Padro Henry Private 1st Class Kings
Padron Joseph Private 1st Class Kings
Paduano Thomas Private 12 INF 4 DIV 12-Nov-44 Westchester
Paduch Theodore Staff Sergeant Oneida
Paduck Paul Private 1st Class Oneida
Padula James P Private 1st Class 313 INF 79 DIV 9-Dec-44 Richmond
Paessino Ralph H Private 1st Class Clinton
Paeth Charles E. Private 331 INF 83 DIV 14-Aug-44 Monroe
Paetz Joseph H. Private 1st Class Queens
Paez Hector 2nd Lieutenant New York
Pagach Martin Private 1st Class 25 ENGR BN 6 ARMD DI 1-Oct-44 Saratoga
Paganelli Frank Louis Radioman 1st Class Richmond
Paganello Louis A Technician 5th Grade 83 RCN BN 3 ARMD DIV 5-Mar-45 Erie
Pagano Anthony Technician 5th Grade Queens
Pagano Daniel A. Private 1st Class 8 INF 4 DIV 27-Jul-44 Monroe
Pagano George D Corporal Kings
Pagano Pasquale J Private 1st Class 32 PHOTO SQ 5 RCN GP 20-Apr-44 Albany
Pagano Ralph D. Staff Sergeant Queens
Pagano Salvatore Torpedoman's Mate 3rd Class Queens
Page Arthur J Private Westchester
Page Burnard L 2nd Lieutenant Chenango
Page Daniel L Private New York
Page Edward F Jr 2nd Lieutenant 366 BOMB SQ 305 BOMB 29-Mar-44 Westchester
Page Francis P 1st Lieutenant Chenango
Page George T Technician 5th Grade Rensselaer
Page Harold K Technician 5th Grade Westchester
Page Herbert Bruce Gunner's Mate 3rd Class Queens
Page James Keena Corporal Westchester
Page Louis Leland Private 1st Class Sullivan
Page Maurice A. Private 1st Class Broome
Page Richard J. Sergeant Sullivan
Page Robert E Technician 5th Grade Chautauqua
Page Warren O 1st Sergeant 318 INF 80 DIV 16-Sep-44 St. Lawrence
Pagel Alvin W 1st Lieutenant Kings
Pagel Nelson A. Corporal 454 ORD CO/AVN/ 26-Nov-42 Monroe
Pagels Herman H Private 1st Class 19 INF BN 14 ARMD DI 24-Mar-45 Dutchess
Pagels Joseph K. Staff Sergeant Queens
Paggi Hugo J 2nd Lieutenant Dutchess
Paglia Eugene Technician 4th Grade Suffolk
Pagliarello John Private 1st Class 120 INF 30 DIV 16-Jul-44 Queens
Pagliari Ronald P Private 1st Class Westchester
Pagliaro Daniel Seaman 2nd Class Richmond
Pagliaro Rocco Technical Sergeant Herkimer
Pagliuco Gaetano T Sergeant Richmond
Pagliuso John A Staff Sergeant 405 BOMB SQ 38 BOMB 13-Dec-45 Wayne
Pagnella Leonard J Technician 5th Grade 475 INF REGT 15-Dec-44 Westchester
Pagnotta Carmine P Private Kings
Pagnozzi Alfred Corporal Queens
Pahucki Raymond A. Corporal Oneida
Paice Harold V. Private Oswego
Paige Eugene Stanley Pharmacist's Mate 3rd Class Queens
Paige Norman Sidney Private 1st Class Schenectady
Paille Joseph A Private 417 INF 76 DIV 7-Feb-45 Kings
Paine Everett S Private Delaware
Paine Leland Francis Sergeant Oneida
Paine Robert C Jr Technical Sergeant Westchester
Paine Russell W 2nd Lieutenant Onondaga
Paini Gino Joseph Seaman 1st Class Suffolk
Paino Joseph T. Jr. Private 1st Class Cortland
Paisley John B. Staff Sergeant Monroe
Paiva John Nazareth Private New York
Paiva Joseph B Sergeant Kings
Pajank Louis S Technical Sergeant Erie
Pakaluk William J Private 1st Class Nassau
Pakradooni Aram Puzant 2d Lieutenant Westchester
Pakradoonian Sam S 2nd Lieutenant New York
Palacio Carlos A Private 1st Class 179 INF 45 DIV 2-Oct-44 New York
Palacios John R. Private 1st Class Queens
Paladino Ralph P. Sergeant Oneida
Paladino Rocco F Private Kings
Palaino Leonard NMI Sergeant Bronx
Palamidesi Ralph A Private Kings
Palasciano Dominick Staff Sergeant Kings
Palazzolo Frank Joseph Seaman 1st Class New York
Palcich Stanley Henry Ensign New York
Palecek Francis J 2nd Lieutenant Nassau
Palen Vincent C Private Ulster
Palermo Anthony Private 1st Class Kings
Palermo Carmello J. Corporal AIR CORPS 21-Jan-46 Monroe
Palermo Charles Francis Private 1st Class Erie
Palermo James William Fireman 2nd Class Richmond
Palermo Joseph J Private 104 INF 26 DIV 9-Dec-44 Dutchess
Palermo Michael S Private Kings
Palermo Nick J Private 28 INF 8 DIV 26-Feb-45 Westchester
Palermo Ralph P. Private Queens
Palermo Raymond S. Private 1st Class Monroe
Palerno J. Anthony Private 303 SQ 442 TRP CARR 30-Mar-46 Monroe
Palesi Francis J. Private 27 INF BN 9 ARMD DIV 17-Dec-44 Queens
Paletta Joseph F Private New York
Paley Ben Private 18 INF 1 DIV 14-Oct-44 Queens
Paley William J Jr Corporal Albany
Palicki Steven Stanislaus Seaman 2nd Class Erie
Palillo Frank W Private 1st Class New York
Paliotta Armando Private Bronx
Palka Stephen Frank Shipfitter 3rd Class Chautauqua
Palladino Frank Private 1st Class Onondaga
Palladino Michael R Private 1st Class 134 INF 35 DIV 25-Jan-45 Kings
Paller Joseph Jr Private 1st Class 39 INF 9 DIV 2-Apr-43 New York
Palleschi Angelo D Staff Sergeant 456 AAA AW BN 29-Jun-44 Onondaga
Palleska Peter P. Corporal Oneida
Pallini Raymond E Private Erie
Pallman Charles Technician 4th Grade New York
Pallott James J. Private 1st Class 553 MP ESCORT GD CO 3-Jul-44 Monroe
Palm George Corporal 244 CA REGT 21-Mar-44 New York
Palma Alex A Private 1st Class New York
Palma Felix F Private 747 TANK BN 17-Jun-44 Kings
Palma Michael Joseph Private Kings
Palmatier Isaac Private Orange
Palmatier Richard A Technician 4th Grade Yates
Palmer Alan E Private 1st Class 319 INF 80 DIV 11-Jun-45 Madison
Palmer Barry F 1st Lieutenant Kings
Palmer Clarence Erwin Private 1st Class Washington
Palmer Clayton B Private Orange
Palmer Crispus A Jr Technician 5th Grade New York
Palmer Daniel F Private Westchester
Palmer Donald A. Corporal Monroe
Palmer Ernest Private 291 ENGR COMBAT BN 19-May-45 Bronx
Palmer Frank D Private 1st Class Kings
Palmer George E. Sergeant Schenectady
Palmer Harold L. Private 1st Class 19 INF 24 DIV 11-May-45 Steuben
Palmer Henry P Private New York
Palmer Jackson Jr 2nd Lieutenant 358 BOMB SQ 303 BOMB 28-May-44 Westchester
Palmer James Arthur Seaman 2nd Class Monroe
Palmer James M Private Westchester
Palmer John A 2nd Lieutenant 531 BOMB SQ 380 BOMB 11-Jun-43 Herkimer
Palmer John P Jr Private 1st Class Monroe
Palmer Joseph Louis Boatswain Queens
Palmer Robert C Private 1st Class New York
Palmer Robert E Private Westchester
Palmer Robert W Private 1st Class 351 INF 88 DIV 16-Oct-44 Kings
Palmer Russell 1st Lieutenant 86 FTR GP 10-Mar-44 New York
Palmer William A Private 1st Class 398 INF 100 DIV 23-Nov-44 New York
Palmer William F Jr Private New York
Palmer William F Captain 191 TANK BN 28-Apr-43 Westchester
Palmeroni Fernando J. Private Monroe
Palmeter Clarence F. Staff Sergeant 728 BOMB SQ 452 BOMB 12-May-44 Oneida
Palmich John J. Sergeant 721 BOMB SQ 450 BOMB 16-Apr-45 Queens
Palmieri Anthony Private 1st Class Chemung
Palmieri Joseph J Technician 5th Grade Bronx
Palmieri Vincent L. Jr. Sergeant Queens
Palmisano Vincent A. Private Queens
Palomba Ralph A Private Bronx
Palopoli Domonick Corporal Queens
Palopoli Orlando C Captain Ulster
Palotta Nicholas C Technical Sergeant 525 BOMB SQ 379 BOMB 29-Jan-44 Onondaga
Palser Geroge R Jr Technician 3rd Grade Kings
Paltridge Donald L Technician 4th Grade 18 INF 1 DIV 13-Apr-45 Ulster
Palty Isidore J Private 1st Class New York
Paluch Thaddeus Walter Gunner's Mate 3rd Class Erie
Palumbo Barney Private Kings
Palumbo Dominic P. Staff Sergeant Kings
Palumbo Joseph A. Private 1st Class Kings
Palumbo Joseph M Private 8 INF 4 DIV 28-Jul-44 Kings
Palumbo Pasquale J. Corporal Queens
Paluzzi Anthony R Private 1st Class New York
Palyo Edward W. Private Westchester
Palzer James D. Private 401 GLI INF 101 ABN 4-Jul-44 Oneida
Pam Martin Private Kings
Panagos John F. Corporal New York
Panara Joseph Nicholas Fireman 1st Class Erie
Panariello Arthur Francis Private 1st Class Kings
Panaro James M Corporal Delaware
Panaro Vincent A Private 1st Class New York
Panasuk Paul Nmi Private 1st Class Kings
Panchyshyn John Private 1st Class Kings
Pandolfe Joseph Corporal Bronx
Pandolfi Gerard J Private Erie
Pandolfini Elmo Private 1st Class 142 INF 36 DIV 15-Dec-44 Westchester
Pandolfo John L Technician 5th Grade Kings
Panek Joseph F Private 1st Class Onondaga
Panek Norbert Joseph Private Erie
Panek Walter P Private 355 INF 89 DIV 8-Apr-45 Erie
Panek Walter S Private 1st Class Erie
Panetti Mario A. Staff Sergeant Tioga
Pangallo Frank S. Private 1st Class Schuyler
Pangburn Ernest Samuel Gunner's Mate 3rd Class Queens
Panica Lewis J. Sergeant New York
Paniccia Edward Private Schenectady
Panik Paul Corporal Herkimer
Panini Arthur P Staff Sergeant 20 BOMB SQ 2 BOMB GP 19-Aug-43 New York
Panitz Irwin Arthur Seaman 1st Class Bronx
Panken Horace J 2nd Lieutenant New York
Pankowski Raymond Joseph Private 1st Class Kings
Pannofino Peter J. Staff Sergeant Oswego
Pannone Frank J Corporal Kings
Panos John G Staff Sergeant Bronx
Panosian George Private 1st Class Niagara
Panse Arthur F Private 1st Class Bronx
Panson Fred Private 1st Class Kings
Pantaleo Louis P. 2d Lieutenant Greene
Pantaleo Mario J. Sergeant Oneida
Pantaleo Vincent P Private 1st Class Kings
Pantaleoni Guido Lieutenant Colonel 2677 CO OSS 8-Aug-43 New York
Pantalia DanieI J. Private 1st Class Chenango
Pantesco Victor P Private 313 SQ 349 TRP CARR 6-May-45 Nassau
Panzarino Nicholas V Technician 5th Grade 536 AAA AW BN 27-Feb-44 Kings
Panzera Thomas A. Private Monroe
Panzetta Pasquale Private 754 TANK BN 21-Oct-44 Monroe
Panzone Vincent A. Corporal Genesee
Pao Ho Y Private 41 INF 2 ARMD DIV 6-Oct-44 Kings
Paolantonio George J Sergeant New York
Paolillo Enrico V Staff Sergeant Bronx
Paolillo Frank X Technician 5th Grade Kings
Paolillo Joseph A Private 1st Class Westchester
Paolini Herbert J Private 1st Class Kings
Paolucci Felix M Private 1st Class Kings
Paolucci John A Private Kings
Paone Constantino J. Corporal Schenectady
Paonessa Anthony J. Technical Sergeant 724 BOMB SQ 451 BOMB 29-Dec-44 Niagara
Paonessa John F. Private 1st Class Westchester
Paonessa Samuel F Private 1st Class Westchester
Papa Anello Dominick Fireman 1st Class Kings
Papa Anthony Technician 5th Grade Kings
Papa Pasquale Joseph Seaman 1st Class New York
Papacosta Kemon G. Staff Sergeant Queens
Papageorgiou George Private 1st Class Otsego
Papaleo Anthony G Corporal Onondaga
Papalexis Alexander Private 1st Class Bronx
Paparella Ignatius C Sergeant Kings
Papaw Cortland F Sergeant St. Lawrence
Papazian Frank Sergeant Bronx
Pape John Albert Seaman 1st Class New York
Pape Patrick Staff Sergeant Orange
Pape Robert B. Corporal Kings
Pape William A. Private Queens
Pape William H Private 1st Class 38 INF BN 7 ARMD DIV 9-Apr-45 Kings
Papenhausen George A. Staff Sergeant Kings
Papke Vincent C. Private 1st Class Queens
Papke Walter N Private 1st Class 275 INF 70 DIV 22-Feb-45 Erie
Paplatario Anthony 1st Sergeant 550 INF ABN BN 16-Aug-44 New York
Pappagiotes Pano V. Private 1st Class Queens
Pappalardo Samuel Corporal Suffolk
Pappanicholas Angelo Private 1st Class 473 INF REGT 11-Apr-45 Bronx
Pappas Aaleiviades M 1st Lieutenant Queens
Pappas Basil A Sergeant Bronx
Pappas Frank J Private 1st Class Onondaga
Pappas James Martin Quartermaster 2nd Class New York
Pappas John J Private 1st Class New York
Pappas John S 2nd Lieutenant Onondaga
Pappas Peter Private New York
Pappas Peter N. 2d Lieutenant Westchester
Paqanelli John D. Private 1st Class Chemung
Paquet Leo C Lieutenant Colonel Albany
Paradies Warren W 2nd Lieutenant 717 BOMB SQ 449 BOMB 23-Feb-44 Kings
Paradis Joseph Albert Jr Signalman 1st Class New York
Paradise Joseph Technician 5th Grade Queens
Paradiso Joseph A Private 1st Class New York
Paralic Andrew Joseph Shipfitter 3rd Class Kings
Parchen Herman H 2nd Lieutenant New York
Parcheta Walter J. Private 1st Class Erie
Parchinski Joseph S Technical Sergeant New York
Parchuk Steve Jr Technician 5th Grade 331 INF 83 DIV 10-Jan-45 Kings
Parella Steven 2nd Lieutenant 242 AAF BASE UNIT 13-Jan-45 New York
Parello Frank J Private 254 INF 63 DIV 19-Mar-45 New York
Parello Michael T Technician 4th Grade Ontario
Parent Amos L. Private Monroe
Parent Ernest R. Private 1st Class Queens
Parent Francis W Sergeant Clinton
Parente Giustino Private 1st Class Kings
Paris Frank P. Sergeant Monroe
Paris Peter M Technician 3rd Grade Kings
Parise Michael S Private Onondaga
Parisi Carmelo C Private 1st Class Bronx
Parisi Frank Jr Private 1st Class Saratoga
Parisi Ignatius P Corporal Chautauqua
Parisi Marion A. Private 1st Class 359 INF 90 DIV 7-Apr-45 Broome
Parisi Philip S. Private 1st Class Monroe
Parisi Simone Private 1st Class Kings
Park Clifford F Private Kings
Park David W 2nd Lieutenant 365 BOMB SQ 305 BOMB 20-Dec-43 St. Lawrence
Park Francis S. Corporal Chenango
Park Harold L. Corporal Cortland
Park William N. Jr. Technician 4th Grade 771 TANK BN 30-Nov-44 Steuben
Parker Albert C Staff Sergeant Saratoga
Parker Beecher A Private 1st Class Saratoga
Parker Bernard E Private 1st Class 3 CAV RCN SQ 21-Nov-44 Erie
Parker Bradley C Private Westchester
Parker Charles W 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
Parker Clifford John Ensign Richmond
Parker Dewey Ernest Baker 3rd Class Albany
Parker Doctor W Private 1st Class Orange
Parker Edward L Sergeant New York
Parker Gerald Private 1st Class Cattaraugus
Parker Harold C Aviation Cadet Erie
Parker Harry S. Radio Technician 2nd Class Chautauqua
Parker Henry Sr. Private 1st Class 1 INF BN 28-Aug-45 Broome
Parker Hubert G. Private 1st Class 397 INF 100 DIV 11-Dec-44 Broome
Parker John Eugene Gunner's Mate 1st Class Kings
Parker John J Staff Sergeant Saratoga
Parker John Shelton Radioman 3rd Class New York
Parker John W Technician 5th Grade Richmond
Parker Joseph E. Private 1st Class Erie
Parker Joseph Francis Corporal Albany
Parker Kenneth Private 1st Class Kings
Parker Leland E Staff Sergeant Orleans
Parker Lincoln S Private 1st Class New York
Parker Lloyd V. Corporal Erie
Parker Morgan J Private 1st Class Washington
Parker Robert E Sergeant 94 RCN TRP 94 DIV 20-Mar-45 Clinton
Parker Samuel Thomas Yeoman 2nd Class Queens
Parker Stephen J. Private Monroe
Parker Thomas A Staff Sergeant Wyoming
Parker Willard M 1st Lieutenant 20 BOMB SQ 2 BOMB GP 9-May-43 Westchester
Parker Wilmont C Private 1st Class 16 INF 1 DIV 5-Mar-45 Tompkins
Parkes Paul E. Private Steuben
Parkhouse George A. 2nd Lieutenant Monroe
Parkhurst Clif Eugene Jr Gunner's Mate 2nd Class Kings
Parkhurst Lester Kent Signalman 3rd Class Chautauqua
Parkinson Roger W Lieutenant Colonel Westchester
Parkinson Stanley George Boatswain's Mate 1st Class Schenectady
Parkison Howard A Private 1st Class Monroe
Parks Charles B. Sergeant Sullivan
Parks Donald F 2nd Lieutenant Lewis
Parks Edward C Technician 4th Grade New York
Parks Everett T. Private 1st Class Richmond
Parks John J Private Erie
Parks Leon W. Private 551 PRCHT INF REGT 21-Aug-44 Oswego
Parks Ned Franklin Chief Watertender Herkimer
Parks Nelson G. 1st Sergeant Monroe
Parks Norman E Private 1st Class Kings
Parks Robert Wallace Specialist 3rd Class New York
Parks Stanley R Private 1st Class Cortland
Parks William A. Seaman 2nd class Suffolk
Parkus Douglas F Private 1st Class 47 INF 9 DIV 25-Jul-44 Westchester
Parla Antonio Private 1st Class Kings
Parlag Michael J Private 15 INF 3 DIV 18-Apr-45 Richmond
Parlato Jesse C Staff Sergeant 8 INF 4 DIV 12-Jul-44 Erie
Parlavecchia Frank J Captain Kings
Parmelee Walter J. Private 381 BOMB SQ 310 BOMB 14-Mar-44 Broome
Paro Robert W. Private 1st Class Onondaga
Parolini Emil Technician 5th Grade Queens
Parr Edward S Private Chautauqua
Parr Thurber Sergeant 48 SIG HV CONS BN 2-Sep-45 Monroe
Parrinello Frank Seaman 1st Class Kings
Parrinello James Private Kings
Parrino Ciro Technician 5th Grade Kings
Parrott Bishop Flight Officer Bronx
Parrott Clifford S Private 18 INF 1 DIV 6-May-43 Clinton
Parrott Russell H Private 142 INF 36 DIV 15-Jun-44 Clinton
Parrotte Jules V Technician 5th Grade Clinton
Parry Warren W. Private Queens
Parslow James A Staff Sergeant Jefferson
Parsnow Richard C. Private Monroe
Parsoff Herman A Sergeant Bronx
Parson James Private 1st Class Kings
Parsons Charles W. Private 1st Class Suffolk
Parsons George Herbert Gunner's Mate 2nd Class New York
Parsons James W Sergeant Westchester
Parsons John S. Private 101 INF 26 DIV 30-Dec-44 Broome
Parsons Richard L Staff Sergeant Chenango
Parsons William G 1st Lieutenant 27 FTR SQ 1 FTR GP 4-Oct-45 Westchester
Parteko Eugene J Sergeant 314 INF 79 DIV 15-Oct-44 Madison
Partin John A. Private 1st Class Queens
Partnow Morris Jack Hospital Apprentice 1st Class Bronx
Partyka Edward Joseph Motor Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Montgomery
Paruola Peter P Private Bronx
Parus Henry Robert Jr Seaman 1st Class Onondaga
Parver Hartley Sergeant New York
Parylak John W. Private 1st Class Queens
Parziale Michael John Private Queens
Pasagoli Louis Ma Corporal 31 SIG CONS BN 27-Nov-43 Bronx
Pascal Gerard R Private 1st Class 100 SIG CO 100 DIV 2-Jan-45 New York
Pascal Irwin M 1st Lieutenant 395 FTR SQ 368 FTR G 9-Jul-45 New York
Pascal Joseph N Private 1st Class Kings
Pascale Anthony Private 1st Class 141 INF 36 DIV 3-Feb-45 New York
Pascale Joseph J Technician 4th Grade Nassau
Pascarella Joseph Private 1st Class Richmond
Pascaretti Frank Thomas Gunner's Mate 2nd Class Queens
Pascavage Tony Corporal Westchester
Pasceri Anthony R Private 1st Class Kings
Pascetta Frank J Private 1st Class Albany
Pasch Erl I. Private 1st Class Monroe
Pasciuto Aldo F. Private 1st Class Kings
Pascocello Michael Raymond Storekeeper 2nd Class Richmond
Pascoe Howard W. Sergeant Steuben
Pascual Raymond 1st Lieutenant 856 BOMB SQ 492 BOMB 7-Jul-44 Queens
Pash Joseph Stanley Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Niagara
Pashley Fred W Sergeant Herkimer
Pashoff Gustave Seaman 1st Class Bronx
Pasini Dominic R Private New York
Pasini Giovanni J Private 1st Class 18 INF 1 DIV 10-Jun-44 New York
Pask Patrick J. Private 1st Class Rensselaer
Pask William Fredrick Fireman 1st Class Orleans
Paskiewicz Walter S. Technical Sergeant Queens
Paskowitz Max Private Kings
Paslawski Andrew Private 1st Class AIR CORPS 27-Nov-43 Kings
Paslawski Joseph P Technician 4th Grade Kings
Paslawsky Daniel Private New York
Pasqua Ernest F 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
Pasquale Mike J. Private 1st Class Herkimer
Pasqualini Carmine Private Richmond
Pasqualone Joseph J Staff Sergeant 8 INF 4 DIV 9-Jun-44 Kings
Passalacqua Andrew A Private Kings
Passalacqua Louis John Seaman 1st Class Kings
Passalacqua M A Private 1st Class Ontario
Passalacqua (?) John F. Private Oneida
Passanisi Thomas Joseph Seaman 2nd Class New York
Passarelli John Anthony Seaman 1st Class Kings
Passaretti Thomas A. Yeoman 3rd class Queens
Passaro Francis M 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Passaro Joseph J. Technician 5th Grade 603 ENGR CAMOUFLAGE 21-Jul-44 Queens
Passera John J Private Kings
Passero Angelo Staff Sergeant 412 BOMB SQ 95 BOMB 11-Apr-44 Bronx
Passero Samuel N. 1st Sergeant Fulton
Passiglia Agostino J. Private 1st Class Kings
Passmore John A. Corporal Erie
Passmore Warren G Private 24 CAV RCN SQ 19-Jun-44 Livingston
Passon Benjamin Fabian Seaman 2nd Class Erie
Passopulo Kyriakos K 2nd Lieutenant New York
Pasternac Stanley A Private New York
Pasternak Chester Private 34 INF 24 DIV 1-Mar-44 Oneida
Pastor Richard K Corporal 435 BOMB SQ 19 BOMB 7-Dec-45 Nassau
Pastor Robert W Private 1st Class Kings
Pastore Joseph D Private Westchester
Pastoressa Angelo Private New York
Pastorini John Louis Chief Boatswain's Mate Kings
Paszel Michael J Private 1st Class Bronx
Paszkewich Joseph M Private 1st Class New York
Paszkowski Felix S. Private 1st Class Queens
Paszkowski John J Private 1st Class 23 INF BN 7 ARMD DIV 4-Apr-45 Kings
Pataky George P Technician 5th Grade 240 ENGR CONS BN 21-Dec-44 New York
Patalon Charles Seaman 1st Class Westchester
Patary William Private 22 INF 4 DIV 31-Jul-44 Bronx
Pataye Russell F Private 128 FA BN 6 ARMD DIV 12-Feb-46 Onondaga
Patchen Robert H Corporal Monroe
Patcyk Chester L Private Erie
Pate Herbert L Private 4453 QM SV CO 10-Jun-45 Erie
Pate Norman Alexander Private 1st Class Richmond
Patenaude Eugene F Technician 5th Grade Kings
Paterno Andrew Patrick Seaman 2nd Class Kings
Paterno Charles Joseph Seaman 1st Class Richmond
Paterno Joseph J Private Kings
Paterno Michael J Staff Sergeant 27 INF BN 9 ARMD DIV 17-Dec-44 New York
Paterson Douglas W Sergeant Kings
Paterson Keith E. Private HQ CO 43 DIV 18-Jul-43 Niagara
Pati Adolpho Private 1st Class Chautauqua
Patino Joseph M Staff Sergeant Richmond
Patitucci James G Staff Sergeant 676 BOMB SQ 444 BOMB 29-May-45 New York
Patka Edward A. Private Schenectady
Patnode Clarence P Private 1st Class St. Lawrence
Patnode David A Private Albany
Patnode Earl W. Private 1st Class 405 AAA GUN BN 26-Jun-45 Broome
Paton John Joseph Seaman 2nd Class Bronx
Patras Nicholas J Private Kings
Patrick William J Private Erie
Patrizio Raymond Private 5 REGT 1 CAV DIV 29-Feb-44 Bronx
Patrowicz Joseph J. Private Queens
Patruno Pasquale John Private 1st Class New York
Patrzyc Henry Frank Private 1st Class Erie
Patszalek Charles C. Private 1st Class 101 INF 26 DIV 10-Jan-45 Niagara
Patszalek Leo Staff Sergeant 339 BOMB SQ 96 BOMB 26-Nov-43 Niagara
Patten Martin J Staff Sergeant Westchester
Patten Robert F. 1st Lieutenant Schenectady
Patterson Carroll J Technician 5th Grade Erie
Patterson Daniel William Platoon Sergeant Westchester
Patterson Donald Delos Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Orleans
Patterson Duncan L. Technical Sergeant 850 BOMB SQ 801 BOMB 18-Jul-44 Monroe
Patterson Henry A. 2nd Lieutenant MIS 2-Feb-43 Monroe
Patterson Joseph P Private 13 INF 8 DIV 20-Aug-44 New York
Patterson Joseph R Staff Sergeant Kings
Patterson Paul Anthony Private 1st Class Queens
Patterson Rufus L 2nd Lieutenant New York
Patterson William Raymond Seaman 2nd Class Orange
Patteson William W 2nd Lieutenant 484 BOMB SQ 505 BOMB 10-Oct-45 Westchester
Patti Carl A Private 414 INF 104 DIV 7-Mar-45 Erie
Patti Giacomo V Sergeant Kings
Patti Paul L 2nd Lieutenant SIGNAL CORPS 15-Jun-42 Kings
Patton Ellery D Private INFANTRY 27-Nov-43 Kings
Paturzo Thomas F Corporal New York
Paul Clifford A. Technical Sergeant Steuben
Paul Henry C Jr Captain Rockland
Paul James Technical Sergeant 98 BOMB SQ 11 BOMB G 9-Feb-46 Albany
Paul Joseph F Private Kings
Paul Robert Private 28 INF 8 DIV 14-Oct-44 Monroe
Paul Robert A 2nd Lieutenant 87 FTR SQ 79 FTR GP 7-Apr-45 Kings
Paulik Andrew Seaman 2nd Class New York
Paulson Elmer C. Private 1st Class Schoharie
Paulson Francis Jack Aviation Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Queens
Paulson Henry C. Private 1st Class 379 INF 95 DIV 14-Nov-44 Queens
Paulus Donald T. Technician 5th Grade Queens
Pausley John J. Private 1st Class Cayuga
Paust Carl William Aviation Metalsmith 3rd Class Kings
Pautler Cornelius W Sergeant Erie
Pautler Roman P Private 1st Class 354 INF 89 DIV 26-Mar-45 Erie
Pavia Fred C Corporal Chenango
Pavlak Charles D Staff Sergeant 311 FERRY SQ 27 AT G 7-Nov-44 Greene
Pavlich Willmore L Major Orange
Pavlick Frank A Staff Sergeant New York
Pavlovcak Michael Private 1st Class 1340 ENGR COMBAT BN 5-Dec-44 New York
Pavon Leo Private New York
Pavone Concetto Private 1st Class Queens
Pavone Vincent J Private 1st Class Bronx
Pavonetti John A. Private Queens
Pavucek John M. Private 1st Class 135 INF 34 DIV 5-Jan-44 Fulton
Pawelek Zygmund A. Private 1st Class Herkimer
Pawelski Frank S Staff Sergeant Erie
Pawkett Henry James Jr Corporal Schenectady
Pawlicki Eugene T Private 1st Class Erie
Pawlik Frank P. Private Niagara
Pawlik George T. Corporal AIR CORPS 15-Jul-44 Monroe
Pawlikowski Jesse P Technician 5th Grade 2 OBSN SQ 6-Jul-42 Bronx
Pawlina John J. Sergeant 404 BOMB SQ 28 BOMB 26-Mar-44 Oneida
Pawlings Henry S. Private 504 PRCHT INF 82 ABN 6-Jun-44 Oneida
Pawloski John Thomas Motor Machinist's Mate 1st Class Montgomery
Pawlowski Joseph A Private 1st Class Erie
Pawlowski Raymond Staff Sergeant Westchester
Pawlowski Raymond Paul Seaman 1st Class Erie
Pawlyshyn John 2d Lieutenant Monroe
Pawson William B Technician 5th Grade Kings
Paxton Robert G Technician 5th Grade Bronx
Paxton William A Jr Staff Sergeant 67 BOMB SQ 44 BOMB G 29-Jan-44 Kings
Pay Donald D. Staff Sergeant Monroe
Payavis Edgar Allen Private 1st Class Broome
Paye David 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Payette Ernest P. Private 1st Class Schenectady
Payman Robert S Private Nassau
Payne Arthur Seaman 1st Class Bronx
Payne Charles W. Private Steuben
Payne Chester R. Private 1st Class 172 INF 43 DIV 16-Mar-45 Monroe
Payne Ernest C Private HQ SP TRPS SIXTH ARM 25-Oct-44 Erie
Payne Harry Decker Seaman 1st Class Broome
Payne Hayden O Jr Staff Sergeant Kings
Payne James Andrew Jr. Steward 3rd Class Schenectady
Payne James P. Private 1st Class 90 RCN TRP 90 DIV 25-Mar-45 Monroe
Payne John A 2nd Lieutenant 335 BOMB SQ 95 BOMB 14-May-43 Erie
Payne Robert E Corporal Onondaga
Payne Robert R. Corporal New York
Payne Thomas E. Field Cook New York
Payne West Adams Lieutenant New York
Paynor Harrison B 2nd Lieutenant Nassau
Paynter Stewart W. Private Erie
Pazofsky Harold Private Kings
Peabody Robert A 2nd Lieutenant State at large
Peacock Edward E Sergeant Erie
Peacock John A Sergeant 332 BOMB SQ 94 BOMB 5-Dec-43 Ulster
Peacock Robert Sergeant 124 INF 31 DIV 31-Jul-44 Westchester
Peacock Wesley L Sergeant Nassau
Pear William Electrician's Mate 3rd Class Bronx
Pearce Frederick E. Staff Sergeant 322 BOMB SQ 91 BOMB 17-Aug-43 Niagara
Pearce Richard C. Technical Sergeant Steuben
Pearce William R Technical Sergeant New York
Peariman Phillip Sergeant 254 INF 63 DIV 28-Jan-45 New York
Pearl Jack 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Pearl Joseph 1st Lieutenant Kings
Pearl Marvin R Sergeant Kings
Pearl Norman J Private 1st Class New York
Pearo Richard J Private 7 INF 3 DIV 31-Oct-44 Onondaga
Pearre Howard 1st Lieutenant Kings
Pearsall Edward Lee Lieutenant Nassau
Pearsall Samuel 2nd 1st Lieutenant 353 BOMB SQ 301 BOMB 23-Jun-44 Madison
Pearsall Winford James Sergeant Wayne
Pearson Alfred Private 117 INF 30 DIV 20-Nov-44 Kings
Pearson Burton E 2nd Lieutenant Onondaga
Pearson Charles Joseph Jr Seaman 1st Class Nassau
Pearson Donald W. Private Monroe
Pearson Edgar J Staff Sergeant Kings
Pearson Edward C Private Erie
Pearson Victor S Private Kings
Pearson William T. 1st Lieutenant 13 BOMB SQ 3 BOMB GP 15-Feb-44 Queens
Pease Harold G Staff Sergeant Westchester
Pease Llewellyn Carpenter's Mate 1st Class Queens
Peaslee Homer K Private 1st Class Cattaraugas
Peate Jack B Corporal Queens
Peattie Francis C 2nd Lieutenant 65 BOMB SQ 43 BOMB G 26-Jun-43 Dutchess
Pecharsky Arthur N. 1st Lieutenant 763 BOMB SQ 460 BOMB 19-Jul-44 Queens
Pechenuk Sidney R Private 1st Class Kings
Pecheone Raymond F. Private 1st Class Oneida
Pechinsky Benjamin P. Corporal Kings
Pechuman Earl F. Technician 4th Grade Niagara
Peck Charles F Sergeant Nassau
Peck Donald Frederick Private 1st Class Onondaga
Peck Francis G Private HQ TRP 2 CAV GP 28-Mar-46 Kings
Peck Franklin L 1st Lieutenant 400 BOMB SQ 90 BOMB 21-Jan-46 Livingston
Peck Gordon Charles Corporal Queens
Peck James R. Corporal Oneida
Peck Norman 1st Lieutenant Kings
Peck Raymond Francis Seaman 1st Class Niagara
Peck Robert Private Richmond
Peck Stephen W. 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Peck Walter Joseph 2d Lieutenant Onondaga
Peck Wayne M Technical Sergeant St. Lawrence
Peckay Frank R Private 1st Class Herkimer
Peckerar Joseph Private 1st Class Kings
Peckham Charles C Sergeant 507 PRCHT INF REGT 19-Jan-45 Erie
Peckham Finley R. Aviation Cadet(?) Chemung
Peckham William M. Staff Sergeant 801 TD BN 20-Dec-44 Schoharie
Pecor Timothy Edward Gunner's Mate 2nd Class Westchester
Pecora Ernest D Private Kings
Pecoralla Stefano Private Kings
Pecoraro Joseph Private 1st Class Monroe
Pecoraro Nicholas Private 1st Class Cattaraugas
Pecorella John P. Private Broome
Pecorella Joseph Staff Sergeant Kings
Pecori Peter Private 1st Class Jefferson
Peden Thomas J Jr Staff Sergeant 868 BOMB SQ/H/ 20-Feb-46 Kings
Pedero George P Private Bronx
Pedersen Albert Christian Private Kings
Pedersen Mangaard V Private 12 INF 4 DIV 10-Jun-44 Kings
Pedersen Nels W 1st Lieutenant Westchester
Pedersen Perry G Staff Sergeant 367 BOMB SQ 306 BOMB 29-Jul-43 Kings
Pedersen Thomas J Private 1st Class 314 INF 79 DIV 30-Nov-44 Kings
Pedersen Walter Richard Baker 3rd Class Kings
Pedicini Frank J. Corporal Queens
Pedine William Arthur Private 1st Class Erie
Pedinoff Martin Corporal Chautauqua
Pedone Andrew Joseph Private 1st Class Oneida
Pedone Stephen P Flight Officer Westchester
Pedota Vito V. Private 1st Class Queens
Pedoto Paul Private 1st Class New York
Peduto Carmine L Private New York
Peebles James E Private 1st Class 3252 QM SV CO 5-Jan-45 New York
Peek Prose Private Kings
Peeler Frank Private Montgomery
Peeters David Staff Sergeant Bronx
Peffers William K Private MEDICAL DEPT 3-Feb-43 Ontario
Pehr Jack Private Kings
Peick Ernest H Private 1st Class 38 INF 2 DIV 17-Dec-44 Kings
Peirson John S S 1st Lieutenant New York
Peiser Harold E Private 1st Class AIR CORPS 27-Nov-43 Kings
Peismer Norman H Technician 5th Grade Kings
Pekarich Joseph S. Sergeant New York
Pekins Robert E Private 1st Class Washington
Pelc Casimir P. Corporal Onondaga
Pelc Edward R Private 1st Class HQ CO IX CORPS 25-Oct-45 Bronx
Pelc John S Private 1st Class Cayuga
Pelc John Stanley Fireman 1st Class Oneida
Pelczar Leo A. Private 1st Class Oneida
Pelech Andrew Private 1st Class New York
Peleschak Michael Seaman 1st Class Dutchess
Pelham Daniel Eugene Aviation Ordnance man 3rd Class Otsego
Peligri Morris Private Bronx
Pelish Ben Private 143 INF 36 DIV 13-Aug-43 Kings
Pelkey Gerald N. Staff Sergeant Franklin
Pelkey Jerry A. Private Oneida
Pell Clarence T. Private 1st Class Westchester
Pellac Eugene Aviation Machinist's Mate 2nd Class New York
Pellecchia Raymond W. Sergeant 577 BOMB SQ 392 BOMB 28-Jan-45 Queens
Pellechia Frank Nmi Private 1st Class Kings
Pellegrini Joseph L Private 1st Class 116 INF 29 DIV 29-Jun-44 New York
Pellegrini Rino J Technician 5th Grade Bronx
Pellegrino Frank Sergeant New York
Pellegrino Fred P. Technician 4th Grade Queens
Pellegrino Joseph C. Private Queens
Pellegrino Joseph S Sergeant 349 BOMB SQ 100 BOMB 12-Jun-44 Richmond
Pellegrino Mario Staff Sergeant 567 BOMB SQ 389 BOMB 24-Feb-44 Kings
Pellegrino Russell J Corporal Greene
Pellettiere Frank Fireman 1st Class Kings
Pellicci Pazsquale M 2nd Lieutenant Bronx
Pellman Seymour E Technician 5th Grade 394 INF 99 DIV 12-Mar-45 Jefferson
Pelner Benjamin J Corporal State at large
Peloke Dale D Staff Sergeant Greene
Pelow Kenneth F. Private Oswego
Pelszynski Henry P Private 1st Class Richmond
Peltola Veikko J Private New York
Pelton Harold Private Kings
Pelton Raymond H. Private 1st Class 11 INF 5 DIV 4-May-45 Monroe
Pelton Richard M Technician 5th Grade 130 CML PROCESSING C 3-Jul-44 Herkimer
Pelton William B 1st Lieutenant 488 BOMB SQ 340 BOMB 16-Mar-45 Cattaraugas
Peltonen Andrew Captain Queens
Peltz William Private 1st Class 513 PRCHT INF 17 ABN 25-Mar-45 Onondaga
Peluso Louis 2nd Lieutenant New York
Peluso Philip Staff Sergeant Queens
Peluso Sebastiano J Staff Sergeant Kings
Pemberton Hector F. Private 1st Class Suffolk
Penacho John R Private Kings
Pencylean Orrin Charles Private Monroe
Pendergast Hamilton T. Private 1st Class Kings
Pendergast Robert L Staff Sergeant Onondaga
Pendleton Guy D Private Dutchess
Pendzich Frank J Sergeant Onondaga
Peneno John Private New York
Penge Raymond. G. Corporal Oneida
Penhollow Theodore A Private 1st Class Chautauqua
Penn Albert J. Private 1st Class Nassau
Penn Harry T Private Bronx
Penn Milton Private 1st Class 3206 QM SV CO 28-Apr-44 Kings
Penn Selby Private New York
Penna Anthony T 1st Lieutenant HQ THIRTEENTH AIR FO 20-Mar-44 New York
Penna Frank F Private Madison
Pennacchia Fernando Private Westchester
Penney Jean M. Sergeant New York
Penney Marvin R Private 1st Class Orange
Penney Michael B. Private 1st Class 27 INF BN 9 ARMD DIV 17-Dec-44 Queens
Penney Norman H. Private 1st Class Suffolk
Pennica Frank James Private 1st Class Chautauqua
Pennington Frank Henry Jr. Aviation Chief Ordnance man Westchester
Pennino Joseph Vincent Pharmacist's Mate 3rd Class Richmond
Pennisi Joseph S Private 7 INF 3 DIV 10-Nov-42 Orange
Pennisi Sebastian J Sergeant Bronx
Pennisi Sidney S Technician 4th Grade Kings
Penny Joseph M 2nd Lieutenant Erie
Penny Russell M. Private Suffolk
Pennyfeather W B Private St. Lawrence
Peno Arthur C. Private 1st Class 30 INF 3 DIV 7-Oct-43 Franklin
Pensabene Francis S Technician 4th Grade State at large
Pensabene Giacchino T. Private 1st Class Kings
Pensabene Joseph Anthony Private 1st Class Kings
Pensabene Philip A Private 310 INF 78 DIV 16-Dec-44 Onondaga
Pensas Emil T Private New York
Penso Stanley Private New York
Penta John J Private Wayne
Penteck Edward W Private 1st Class Bronx
Penter Loren Boyd Seaman 1st Class Kings
Penzner Ira Private 1st Class Bronx
Pepe Alfred C. Private Kings
Pepe Antonio Staff Sergeant Kings
Pepe Frank J. Private Jefferson
Pepe John H. Private Queens
Pepe Joseph Michael Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Kings
Pepe Nicholas J. Private 1st Class 30 INF 3 DIV 23-Feb-44 Queens
Pepe Pasquale Private 1st Class Bronx
Pepe Patsy Jr Sergeant 737 BOMB SQ 454 BOMB 4-Feb-44 Nassau
Pepe Thomas M 2d Lieutenant Kings
Pepernik Herbert Private Kings
Peppard Frederick J. Technician 5th Grade 672 AMPH TRACTOR BN 23-Dec-44 Queens
Peppard John M. 2nd Lieutenant Tioga
Pepper Louis Fireman 3rd Class Bronx
Peppiatt Gordon A. Sergeant 7 INF 3 DIV 23-May-44 Queens
Peragine Joseph F Private 1st Class Bronx
Peralta Anthony Fireman 1st Class Monroe
Perciavalle A P Private Kings
Percoco Veto Private 1st Class Bronx
Percy Francis B Private MEDICAL DEPT 3-Feb-43 Jefferson
Perdikakis Gus Private 1st Class New York
Perdreaux Emil F Staff Sergeant New York
Perdubinski Frank S Private 1st Class Kings
Perdue Harold Joseph Shipfitter 2nd Class New York
Pere Marcus J Technician 4th Grade New York
Pere Raymond I. Corporal Sullivan
Perec Stanley J. Private 1st Class Oneida
Perechinsky Joseph Private New York
Pereira Jose R Private 1st Class 143 INF 36 DIV 2-Jun-44 Westchester
Pereira Joseph J Private 1st Class Nassau
Pereiro Andrew Private 1st Class 116 INF 29 DIV 1-Sep-44 New York
Perelberg Jack A Private Kings
Perera Francisco Private New York
Perez Efrain G Technician 4th Grade Kings
Perez Joseph R Private 1st Class New York
Perez Rafael Matlas Seaman 2nd Class New York
Perez Rafael O Private 1st Class Kings
Perez Ricardo Private 1st Class Kings
Perez Samuel P Private New York
Perez Vincent Edward Aviation Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Queens
Perfetti Louis Private Cortland
Pergolizzi John Nmi Private 1st Class Kings
Perialas Melvin C Corporal Tompkins
Perich Marijan M Private 349 INF 88 DIV 25-Oct-44 New York
Perillo Joseph S Flight Officer Westchester
Perino Joseph J Private 1st Class New York
Peritore Joseph A Private Kings
Perkel Charles Corporal New York
Perkett William J Staff Sergeant Montgomery
Perkins A J Private Orleans
Perkins Chester D 2nd Lieutenant Dutchess
Perkins Edson Q. Private 1st Class Onondaga
Perkins Elbert S. Private Westchester
Perkins Ellsworth Clark Fireman 1st Class Steuben
Perkins John J 1st Lieutenant Onondaga
Perkins John L 1st Lieutenant Albany
Perkins John Wentworth Seaman 1st Class Monroe
Perkins Louis Thomas Ensign New York
Perkins Merle L. Private 1st Class 117 INF 30 DIV 11-Mar-45 Steuben
Perkins Norman E Corporal Chautauqua
Perkins Philip L Sergeant Chautauqua
Perkins Robert W. 1st Lieutenant Schenectady
Perkins Robert W. Private 1st Class Madison
Perkins Stuart B. Private 1st Class Wayne
Perkins Walter E. Sergeant Kings
Perkins Wendell B. Technician 5th Grade 18 INF 1 DIV 17-Jun-44 Broome
Perkowski Michael Staff Sergeant Queens
Perks John H Technical Sergeant 333 BOMB SQ 94 BOMB 21-Jun-44 Kings
Perla Anthony L Staff Sergeant 52 INF BN 9 ARMD DIV 13-Apr-45 Erie
Perla John Technical Sergeant Kings
Perlberg Alvin L. 2nd Lieutenant Franklin
Perlberg William D Staff Sergeant State at large
Perling Richard Charles Radioman 3rd Class Madison
Perlis Benjamin Private Kings
Perlis David Technician 5th Grade New York
Perlitch Kenneth S 2nd Lieutenant 563 BOMB SQ 388 BOMB 11-Apr-44 New York
Perlman Max Storekeeper 2nd Class Kings
Perlman Max Morton Chief Radio Technician Kings
Perlman Richard Private 1st Class Queens
Perlmuter Jerome H 1st Lieutenant New York
Perlmutter Harold L Corporal New York
Perlmutter Leon Technician 5th Grade Kings
Perloff Milton Max. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) New York
Perna Anthony Thomas Carpenter's Mate 2nd Class Kings
Perna Carmen J Private 1st Class Orange
Perna Ralph Carmine Pharmacist's Mate 2nd Class Orange
Pernell Andrew Technical Sergeant Kings
Pero Charles E. Sergeant Broome
Pero Donald L. Private 1st Class Monroe
Perras Francis J 2nd Lieutenant Warren
Perrault George E Sr Private Westchester
Perrault Lewis J. Private 1st Class Onondaga
Perri Armando Francesco Seaman 2nd Class Monroe
Perri Joseph A 2nd Lieutenant 875 BOMB SQ 498 BOMB 5-May-45 Kings
Perri Peter V. Private 1st Class Kings
Perricone Albert Technician 4th Grade Kings
Perricone Alfred J Corporal New York
Perricone Anthony Private 1st Class Suffolk
Perrigo Richard C Staff Sergeant Richmond
Perrin Edward J Technical Sergeant 436 BOMB SQ 7 BOMB G 28-Oct-43 Dutchess
Perrin John A Private 120 INF 30 DIV 28-Jul-44 New York
Perrine Ralph C Private 1st Class Erie
Perris Pandilis Seaman 1st Class Bronx
Perrone Charles Shipfitter 3rd Class Queens
Perrone Sebastian J. Private 1st Class 315 INF 79 DIV 17-Jan-45 Queens
Perrotta Carmen Joseph Assistant Cook Oneida
Perrotta Salvatore Seaman 1st Class Bronx
Perrotta Victor J Staff Sergeant Kings
Perry Allen M Technician 4th Grade Erie
Perry Carl R Private 264 INF 66 DIV 25-Dec-44 Broome
Perry Charles H. 2nd Lieutenant 48 BOMB SQ 41 BOMB G 17-Jan-46 Suffolk
Perry Chester C. Private 1st Class 137 INF 35 DIV 14-Sep-44 Niagara
Perry Don O. Private Queens
Perry Edward J Private 1st Class Kings
Perry Edwin W. Private Clinton
Perry Elbert J. Machinist Saratoga
Perry Francis 1st Lieutenant Kings
Perry Gordon F 2nd Lieutenant 505 SQ 339 FTR GP 29-May-44 Jefferson
Perry James Private 3286 QM SV CO 24-Jan-45 Bronx
Perry James G Private Erie
Perry James V Technician 5th Grade Kings
Perry John Edward Private 1st Class Washington
Perry Joseph 2nd Lieutenant New York
Perry Joseph D 2nd Lieutenant 838 BOMB SQ 487 BOMB 11-May-44 Kings
Perry Kenneth G Flight Officer Dutchess
Perry Leslie R. Technician 5th Grade 94 CAV RCN SQ 14 ARM 15-Apr-45 Broome
Perry Louis F Technician 5th Grade 526 ORD MAINT CO 9-Jun-44 Ulster
Perry Mark H Technician 4th Grade 394 QM TRK CO 17-May-45 New York
Perry Max C. Private Suffolk
Perry Morris Private Bronx
Perry Ralph E Sergeant Rensselaer
Perry Ralph L. Technician 5th Grade Chemung
Perry Richard C Private New York
Perry Richard M. 1st Lieutenant Niagara
Perry Robert C. Staff Sergeant Niagara
Perry Verl J Staff Sergeant 392 BOMB SQ 30 BOMB 20-Dec-43 Onondaga
Pers Gordon Raymond Private Erie
Persia Edward A Private 1st Class Orleans
Pertain Herbert E 1st Lieutenant Kings
Pertilla Charles E Private 1st Class 81 CML GENERATOR CO 9-Dec-44 Chenango
Pertus Charles Private Kings
Perullo Anthony J Corporal New York
Peryea Robert C. Private 1st Class Oneida
Pesce Frank J Private 143 INF 36 DIV 13-Sep-43 New York
Pesce John B Private 1st Class Bronx
Pescia Everett Vincent Private 1st Class Nassau
Pescod Dennis N Private 1st Class New York
Peseka Peter J Private 1st Class Albany
Peshkoff Benjamin Private 1st Class Kings
Peskar Emil J Private New York
Peskin David Staff Sergeant Kings
Peskin Harold Staff Sergeant 738 BOMB SQ 454 BOMB 19-Mar-44 New York
Peskin Max Private 1st Class New York
Peskin Michael Marine Gunner New York
Pessirilo Louise 1st Lieutenant Kings
Petchenick Solly Sergeant Kings
Peter Daniel T 1st Lieutenant State at large
Peterick Joseph R. Private 106 INF 27 DIV 30-Jun-44 Oswego
Peterman Fred E. Corporal Seneca
Petermann Erich C Staff Sergeant Richmond
Peternell William F. Staff Sergeant Schenectady
Petero Charles J. Private 1st Class 59 CA REGT 7-Sep-44 Queens
Peterowski Chester F Private Cayuga
Peters Charles A. Sergeant 31 INF REGT 25-Sep-42 Niagara
Peters Charles J Jr Private 1st Class Nassau
Peters Edward W. Private Erie
Peters Ernest A. Technical Sergeant Franklin
Peters Ernest James Aviation Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Steuben
Peters Frederick E. Captain 450 BOMB SQ 322 BOMB 8-Jul-44 Monroe
Peters Jerome M Private 1st Class Kings
Peters John E Jr Private 143 INF 36 DIV 1-Jun-45 New York
Peters Nelson H Corporal New York
Peters Robert C. Sergeant Broome
Peters Robert C. Private 1st Class Schenectady
Peters Victor Private 1st Class 317 INF 80 DIV 6-Dec-44 Westchester
Peters William Jr. Private 1st Class New York
Peters William H. Private 1st Class Queens
Petersen Andrew Jr. Private 1st Class Albany
Petersen Edward V Staff Sergeant Kings
Petersen Frank N Technician 5th Grade New York
Petersen George Staff Sergeant Kings
Petersen George W 1st Lieutenant Nassau
Petersen Henry F Private Kings
Petersen James H. 1st Lieutenant Queens
Petersen John Francis Private Herkimer
Petersen John M Staff Sergeant Kings
Petersen Lawrence Corporal Kings
Petersen Louis F 2nd Lieutenant 36 BOMB SQ 482 BOMB 27-Dec-43 Kings
Petersen Marvin R Private 1st Class Kings
Petersen Raymond T Captain State at large
Petersen Raymond T. Major Queens
Petersen Revere F Private 1st Class Kings
Petersen Robert G Private 1st Class Kings
Petersen Robert Otto Seaman 2nd Class Kings
Petersen Stanly M Private Kings
Petersen William H Corporal 803 ENGR BN/AVN/ 3-May-42 Nassau
Petersen William J Private Richmond
Petersohn James Warren Seaman 1st Class Kings
Peterson Albert Hendrix Jr Fire Controlman 3rd Class Queens
Peterson Albert T Staff Sergeant 68 INF BN 14 ARMD DI 17-Nov-44 Erie
Peterson Alfred A. Private 11 INF 5 DIV 17-Jul-44 Queens
Peterson Anthony James Seaman 2nd Class Queens
Peterson Arthur Burnett Fireman 1st Class Queens
Peterson Arthur M Technical Sergeant 389 PORT BN 14-Sep-43 Westchester
Peterson Bernard W Corporal Chautauqua
Peterson David W Sergeant Erie
Peterson Donald Albert Private Erie
Peterson Edgar N 1st Lieutenant Dutchess
Peterson Edward A. Private 15 INF 3 DIV 28-Jan-44 Niagara
Peterson Edward J. Jr. 1st Lieutenant Queens
Peterson Elmer F. Staff Sergeant Broome
Peterson Floyd A Private Chautauqua
Peterson Frederick L Corporal Cattaraugas
Peterson Gardner H Private 1st Class 2678 CIVIL AFFAIRS R 25-Sep-44 New York
Peterson Harry C Staff Sergeant Delaware
Peterson Howard B. Corporal Queens
Peterson John LeRoy Fireman 1st Class Kings
Peterson Louis J Technical Sergeant 369 BOMB SQ 306 BOMB 1-Jan-45 Erie
Peterson Melvin Luther Jr Radar man 3rd Class Chautauqua
Peterson Oscar P Corporal Dutchess
Peterson Richard C. Corporal Genesee
Peterson Robert H Corporal Onondaga
Peterson Robert J Private 318 INF 80 DIV 19-Aug-44 Westchester
Peterson Roy C Private 1st Class 28 INF 8 DIV 26-Aug-44 Nassau
Peterson Smith A Corporal New York
Peterson Walter L Captain State at large
Peterson William Francis Seaman 1st Class Kings
Peterssen John Francis Pharmacist's Mate 3rd Class Queens
Petite Sam J. Private 1st Class 307 INF 77 DIV 9-Dec-44 Monroe
Petito Frank Joseph Seaman 1st Class Kings
Petitti Anthony J Private 33 BOMB SQ 22 BOMB G 28-May-42 Montgomery
Petitti Leonard A. Private 179 INF 45 DIV 11-Sep-43 Monroe
Petlicki Joseph C 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Petoniak Theodore J Private Erie
Petosa Martin L Private 1st Class 766 TANK BN 3-Jul-44 Richmond
Petralia Anthony J Private 1st Class Kings
Petrarca Salvatore J Private Kings
Petrasek August F. Jr. Corporal 272 INF 69 DIV 5-Jun-45 Queens
Petrella Julius Thomas Radioman 3rd Class Kings
Petri Liberty Private 1st Class Kings
Petrich Henry R Private 1st Class New York
Petrick David F. Private 1st Class Broome
Petrides Gus N Private 1st Class 99 FIELD HOSP 22-May-45 Bronx
Petrie Bernard R. Private 1st Class Oneida
Petrie Carlton E Sergeant 681 FA BN 17 ABN DIV 4-Apr-45 Erie
Petrie Donald R Staff Sergeant 33 BOMB SQ 22 BOMB G 28-Feb-44 Herkimer
Petrie Morris E Technician 5th Grade St. Lawrence
Petrill Richard J Private Montgomery
Petrille Wette V. Private 1st Class Monroe
Petrilli Vito Michael Electrician's Mate 2nd Class Monroe
Petrillo Joseph P Corporal Kings
Petro Anthony Private 1st Class Clinton
Petro Charles Staff Sergeant New York
Petro George Edward 1st Lieutenant Kings
Petrolino Frank A Private 1st Class Kings
Petrone Alfred W Private 1st Class Bronx
Petrone Anthony F. Radioman 2nd class Nassau
Petrone Carl A Private 1st Class Kings
Petrone Charles A Private 1st Class Westchester
Petrone Peter P. Private 1st Class Monroe
Petroni Robert Private Chautauqua
Petronis Phillip W Technician 4th Grade Kings
Petropoulos Angelo Private 1st Class Kings
Petropoulos Peter Private New York
Petros George Corporal New York
Petrosino Frank R Technical Sergeant Kings
Petrosino John J 2nd Lieutenant New York
Petroski Edward Staff Sergeant Erie
Petroski Richard Private 1st Class Erie
Petrosky Stanley O. Private 18 INF 1 DIV 23-Apr-43 Oneida
Petrotta Joseph P Staff Sergeant Kings
Petrozzella B C 2nd Lieutenant 578 BOMB SQ 392 BOMB 18-Mar-44 Kings
Petrunyak John Jr. Gunner's Mate 2nd Class Erie
Petruska Albin G Private 1st Class Kings
Petruska John J Staff Sergeant Kings
Petruska Michael C Sergeant 827 BOMB SQ 484 BOMB 21-Jan-46 Westchester
Petry Edward C. Private Kings
Petry George F Private 750 TANK BN 23-Nov-44 New York
Petry Walter F 1st Lieutenant Bronx
Pettengill Floyd H. Private 1st Class Chemung
Pettens Everett B. Private 1st Class 314 INF 79 DIV 23-Sep-44 Suffolk
Petters Robert J 1st Lieutenant Erie
Petteys Alvin H Technical Sergeant 351 BOMB SQ 100 BOMB 31-Dec-44 State at large
Petti Angelo J Staff Sergeant Kings
Petti Florie F Staff Sergeant New York
Pettibone Alfred B. Staff Sergeant 870 BOMB SQ 497 BOMB 15-Jan-46 Steuben
Pettigrew Dennis P. Private 1st Class Queens
Pettinati Hugo Staff Sergeant New York
Pettinelli Arthur A. Private 1st Class Oneida
Pettinger Harry V. Private Monroe
Pettis Roland L Private 1st Class 357 INF 90 DIV 12-Oct-44 Chenango
Pettit Denis Joseph Corporal Bronx
Pettit Edward G. Aviation Radioman 2nd class Nassau
Pettit Frank J Jr Sergeant Erie
Pettit Robert C. Jr. Major INFANTRY 9-Jan-45 Queens
Pettograssia Fred J Private 7 INF 3 DIV 3-Mar-44 Albany
Pettrone John J. Corporal Monroe
Petty Roger Donald Coxswain Kings
Petty Winthrop W. Sergeant Suffolk
Petula George Staff Sergeant 713 BOMB SQ 448 BOMB 11-Jan-44 Westchester
Pew Robert Private 1st Class 313 INF 79 DIV 24-Jun-44 Bronx
Peyre Roger P 1st Lieutenant New York
Peyser Jerome 1st Lieutenant New York
Pezza Leonard J Private State at large
Pezzatti Renato A Private Bronx
Pezzella Frank A 1st Lieutenant New York
Pezzello George M Private New York
Pfaff William James Radio Technician 2nd Class Monroe
Pfahlert Frank L. Seaman 1st class Niagara
Pfalzer George C Technician 5th Grade New York
Pfanne Charles H. 2nd Lieutenant Schenectady
Pfau William R Private 49 INF BN 8 ARMD DIV 20-Apr-45 New York
Pfeffer Milton J Private Erie
Pfeffer Norman G. Private 1st Class Queens
Pfeffer Robert C. Private 1st Class New York
Pfeffer Walter F 2nd Lieutenant Nassau
Pfeifer Fred E. Private 1st Class 293 QM LDRY CO 8-Jan-45 Queens
Pfeifer John A. 2nd Lieutenant Monroe
Pfeifer Rudolph G. Corporal 803 ENGR BN/AVN/ 15-Dec-44 Broome
Pfeifer Sigmund Technical Sergeant Kings
Pfeiffer Edward Private 1st Class Suffolk
Pfeiffer Edward F. Private 1st Class Oneida
Pfeiffer George E Private 1st Class Kings
Pfeiffer Paul A. Chief Torpedoman's Mate Queens
Pfeil Bernhard Henry Radioman 3rd Class Columbia
Pfeil William H 2nd Lieutenant 26 INF 1 DIV 9-Nov-42 Orange
Pfendler Bernard Jr. Private Oneida
Pfiel Harry C Jr Private 11 INF 5 DIV 16-Nov-44 Greene
Pfisterer Frederick Private 1st Class New York
Pflanz Arthur C Private 1st Class Madison
Pflieger Martin J Private 109 INF 28 DIV 6-Aug-44 Albany
Pflock Kenneth H. Sergeant Queens
Pflug Edwin Jr Corporal Onondaga
Pfohl Eugene A Technical Sergeant 763 BOMB SQ 460 BOMB 11-Nov-44 Erie
Pfohlman Thomas G Private Kings
Pfuerstinger Louis J. Electrician's Mate 3rd class Nassau
Pharo Glenn W. Private 1st Class Schenectady
Phasey Robert E. Staff Sergeant Queens
Phelan Edward L. 2nd Lieutenant Oneida
Phelan Edwin R. Staff Sergeant 115 INF 29 DIV 12-Jul-44 Queens
Phelan Gerald F J 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Phelan John F. 1st Lieutenant Oneida
Phelan John J Lieutenant Colonel New York
Phelan John J Private 1st Class Onondaga
Phelan John W. Private 1st Class Oneida
Phelan Joseph E Sergeant 338 BOMB SQ 96 BOMB 11-Apr-44 Westchester
Phelan Peter P. Jr. Fireman 1st class Bronx
Phelan William S Private 1st Class 132 INF AMERICAL DIV 3-Apr-45 Wayne
Phelps Alfred E. 2nd Lieutenant Genesee
Phelps George E. Seaman 1st class Jefferson
Phelps Jackson E 2nd Lieutenant Montgomery
Phelps John W Technician 4th Grade 29 FA BN 4 DIV 6-Jun-44 Westchester
Phelps Kenneth M Private 1st Class Delaware
Philip John Van Ness Jr. 2d Lieutenant Columbia
Philipbar Theodore J. Sergeant Dutchess
Philipp William Francis Staff Sergeant Genesee
Philleo Earl L. 1st Lieutenant 374 BOMB SQ 308 BOMB 13-Jul-44 Niagara
Philleo George B. Sergeant 723 BOMB SQ 450 BOMB 31-Mar-45 Niagara
Phillipo Dominick J Private Dutchess
Phillips Allen W. Staff Sergeant 67 BOMB SQ 44 BOMB G 27-Apr-44 Queens
Phillips Andrew Pharmacist's Mate 3rd Class Onondaga
Phillips Arnold P. Private 1st Class Suffolk
Phillips Calvin D. Seaman, 2nd class Kings
Phillips Carl H. 1st Lieutenant Queens
Phillips Charles Private 1st Class 165 INF 27 DIV 5-Aug-44 New York
Phillips Clarence E Private 1st Class Jefferson
Phillips Clifford F. Corporal Oneida
Phillips Clifford James Corporal New York
Phillips Dewitt Private Herkimer
Phillips Donald A. Private Oneida
Phillips Donald J. Private Onondaga
Phillips Donald S 2nd Lieutenant 325 FERRY SQ 31 AT G 20-Jan-45 New York
Phillips Erwin E. Private 1st Class Cayuga
Phillips Francis E. Private 1st Class Oneida
Phillips Frank P. Private 1st Class New York
Phillips George A. Private 1st Class Cayuga
Phillips George J. Corporal Queens
Phillips George T. Private 1st Class Oneida
Phillips Gerard F. Staff Sergeant 1404 AAF BASE UNIT 11-Aug-44 Queens
Phillips Harold L Private 318 INF 80 DIV 3-Nov-44 Lewis
Phillips Harry Roff Jr. Corporal Onondaga
Phillips Herman W. Private Broome
Phillips Howrd W. Private 1st Class 2 CML BN 19-Dec-43 Tioga
Phillips Isador I. Staff Sergeant 115 INF 29 DIV 2-Aug-44 Monroe
Phillips John Corporal Kings
Phillips John A Staff Sergeant St. Lawrence
Phillips John J. Watertender 1st class Kings
Phillips John R. Private 1st Class Onondaga
Phillips Lecount W Private 1st Class 28 INF 8 DIV 31-Aug-44 Cortland
Phillips Leo M. Fireman 1st class Queens
Phillips Mark 2nd Lieutenant New York
Phillips Martin 2nd Lieutenant 371 BOMB SQ 307 BOMB 16-Jan-46 Kings
Phillips Philip J Jr Sergeant Nassau
Phillips Robert S. 2nd Lieutenant Oneida
Phillips Russell Staff Sergeant Saratoga
Phillips Sidney B Private Kings
Phillips Theodore V Sergeant Jefferson
Phillips Thomas J Private 1st Class Onondaga
Phillips William F Technician 4th Grade New York
Phillipse Vito Staff Sergeant Westchester
Philo Pierce E Private 1st Class Rensselaer
Philpott Robert E. Private 1st Class Westchester
Philyaw James H. Gunner's Mate 1st class Bronx
Phinney Arthur Wesley Ensign Albany
Phinney Charles E Staff Sergeant Ulster
Phippen Gershon R Jr Private 1st Class Cayuga
Phipps Allen Belding Pharmacist's Mate 2nd Class Nassau
Phipps Donald A. Pharmacist's Mate 2nd class Madison
Phipps John S. Ensign Nassau
Phipps Leopold Staff Sergeant New York
Phoenix Leo E Jr Private Kings
Piacente Vincent G Private 1st Class Westchester
Piacentino Leonard Coxswain Richmond
Piacitelli Michael J Private 1st Class Westchester
Piatak John Jr Captain 8 SQ 62 TRP CARR GP 12-Jan-44 Erie
Piatt Ralph A Private Tompkins
Piazza Albert J Private 1st Class Cortland
Piazza John Private 1st Class Bronx
Piazza Joseph Private Kings
Piazza Marco J Sergeant Kings
Piazza Nicholas Technician 5th Grade New York
Piazza Philip M Technician 4th Grade Bronx
Picard Gaspard O 1st Lieutenant Albany
Picardi Joseph A Private Greene
Picarelli Francis D Sergeant 700 BOMB SQ 445 BOMB 12-Dec-44 Jefferson
Picarello Dominick J Private Kings
Picarello Michael Private Kings
Picariello R P Jr Private Rockland
Picarsky Julius Staff Sergeant 143 INF 36 DIV 3-Dec-44 Jefferson
Picca Peter Private New York
Picciano Michael A. Private 1st Class 109 INF 28 DIV 7-Aug-44 Broome
Picciano Vincent J. Private 1st Class Queens
Piccininni Philip Private Queens
Piccinotti Joseph Private New York
Picciocchi Giovanni Platoon Sergeant Montgomery
Piccirilli Nathan F. Ensign Bronx
Piccirillo Angelo J. Torpedoman's Mate 3rd class Queens
Piccirillo Anthony C. Private 1st Class Niagara
Piccirillo James J Sergeant Kings
Picco Enrico Private 1st Class Ulster
Piccoli Corrado A G Private Jefferson
Piccolo Arthur D Private Kings
Piccolo Frank A Sergeant Kings
Piccolo James L Staff Sergeant Erie
Piccolo Matthew T. Private 1st Class Monroe
Piccolo Pasquale J Private Kings
Piccolo Samuel P Staff Sergeant 735 TANK BN 20-Sep-44 Erie
Piccolomini Dominick Private 1st Class Kings
Piccone Joseph J Private Kings
Picczynski Joseph S Sergeant 22 INF 4 DIV 12-Jul-44 Erie
Picerno Mario N. Private 1st Class Queens
Piche Edmond S. Private 1st Class Rensselaer
Pick Alfred F 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Pick Joseph Sergeant Suffolk
Pickan Samuel B Staff Sergeant 1896 ENGR BN/AVN/ 12-Jan-45 New York
Pickard Donald W Technician 5th Grade 44 EVAC HOSP 17-Dec-44 Onondaga
Pickel Charles M Private 1st Class Kings
Pickens Clifford J Private Kings
Pickens Walter L. Private 1st Class Oswego
Pickett Harris C Sergeant 59 CA REGT 6-Jan-42 Yates
Pickett Joseph E 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
Pickman Lawrence Private 1st Class New York
Pickup Lewis Herman Captain Cattaraugus
Picone Peter Private Queens
Picozzi Orlando J. Corporal Schenectady
Pidich Charles Private Wayne
Pidone Louis J Private 831 BOMB SQ 485 BOMB 20-Apr-44 New York
Pidsirkowny John Staff Sergeant Kings
Piechnick Vincent P Private 1st Class 180 INF 45 DIV 15-Mar-45 Rensselaer
Piechoki S N Jr Master Sergeant 303 AIRDROME SQ 6-Jun-44 Erie
Piechota Peter P. Private 1st Class Cattaraugus
Pieczynski Joseph S Sergeant 22 INF 4 DIV 12-Jul-44 Erie
Piede Werner Private 1st Class Queens
Piekarski Alex J Staff Sergeant 41 INF 2 ARMD DIV 5-Aug-44 Westchester
Piekarski Benny Anthony Pharmacist's Mate 3rd Class Kings
Piekarz Joseph S Private INFANTRY 27-Nov-43 Westchester
Pieklo Walter A Sergeant Cattaraugas
Pienack Raymond R. Gunner's Mate 2nd class Queens
Pierantony Angelo Private New York
Pierce Bernard A Sergeant HQ CO USAF CBI 15-Sep-45 Rensselaer
Pierce Canterbury B. Lieutenant New York
Pierce Clarence John Radioman 2nd Class Oswego
Pierce Edward E. Private 1st Class New York
Pierce Frank S 2nd Lieutenant AIR CORPS 11-Jun-45 Westchester
Pierce George H Private Saratoga
Pierce John E. Private Seneca
Pierce John F Sergeant 740 BOMB SQ 455 BOMB 26-Jun-44 Nassau
Pierce John W. Fireman 3rd class Tompkins
Pierce Leonard R 1st Lieutenant 334 FTR SQ 4 FTR GP 13-May-44 Ontario
Pierce Lewis J. Staff Sergeant 774 BOMB SQ 463 BOMB 15-Mar-45 Broome
Pierce Willard J. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Westchester
Pierce William Thomas Private Queens
Piering William J. Private 1st Class Queens
Pieringer Charles F. Jr. Torpedoman's Mate 2nd class Greene
Pierluca Mario J Private 1st Class New York
Pierno Frank J Staff Sergeant 27 INF 25 DIV 28-Apr-45 New York
Pierog Anthony Private 1st Class 91 CML MORTAR CO 19-Apr-45 Niagara
Pierpont Charles B. Fireman 1st class Ulster
Piersanti Joseph G Private 318 INF 80 DIV 13-Mar-45 Erie
Pierson Carl H 1st Lieutenant Greene
Pierson Hilan R. Chief Machinist's Mate Bronx
Pierson Robert D. Watertender 3rd class Kings
Pierson Robert M 1st Lieutenant Onondaga
Pierz Casimir F 1st Lieutenant Westchester
Pieters Jack C Private Wayne
Pieters William J. 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Pietersanti A. J. Private 1st Class Broome
Pietrantonio Joseph D. Private 1st Class Onondaga
Pietras Edward J Technical Sergeant Erie
Pietrowski Anthony John Chief Gunner's Mate Kings
Pietrowski John S. Gunner's Mate 3rd class Monroe
Pietruch Stanley J. Private 1st Class Oneida
Pietryka Antoni J Private 1st Class Chenango
Piggott Frank J 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Pignata John A Corporal Richmond
Pignetti Erminio Private 1st Class Bronx
Pigott Alan H Private Bronx
Pike Francis H. Private 1st Class 18 INF 1 DIV 4-May-43 Putnam
Pike Ira Private 1st Class Queens
Pikul Stanley J. Private Queens
Pikulski Francis S Corporal Kings
Pilato Frank C Staff Sergeant 560 BOMB SQ 388 BOMB 30-Dec-43 State at large
Pileckas Allen Corporal Montgomery
Pileckas Henry Sergeant Montgomery
Pilgrim Howard D Technician 5th Grade Rockland
Pilichowski Henry J Private 1st Class Kings
Pilipaic Anthony J. Technician 5th Grade 86 CAV RCN SQ 6 ARMD 5-Aug-44 Queens
Pilkington Daniel F Technician 5th Grade Kings
Pilkington Joseph A Private 1st Class Broome
Pilkington Kieran J. Shipfitter 3rd class Bronx
Pilla Vincent Private 1st Class New York
Pillard Arnold A. Chief Machinist's Mate Kings
Pilnick Eugene Private 1st Class Kings
Pilon Glenn W. Private Cattaraugus
Pilon Leo W. Private 157 REGT 45 DIV 19-Jan-45 Monroe
Pilotti Charles Private 1st Class New York
Pimm Henry G. Jr. Signalman 2nd class Queens
Pincus Herbert M Sergeant Kings
Pincus Samuel Private 1st Class Kings
Pinegar Franklin A. Ensign New York
Pinelli Theodore L. Private 1st Class Chemung
Pineman Robert W. Corporal Kings
Pinero Robert W. Private 1st Class New York
Pines Albert 1st Lieutenant New York
Pines Harry Technical Sergeant Kings
Pingue Godfrey Technician 4th Grade New York
Pinheiro Sidney J Private 1st Class New York
Pink Saul Private Kings
Pinkney Donald R. Corporal Monroe
Pinkoff Jerome David Ship's Cook 3rd Class Bronx
Pinkowski Edward S Private 1st Class 13 INF 8 DIV 15-Jun-44 Erie
Pinkus Sherman A Private Westchester
Pinnelas David 2nd Lieutenant 326 BOMB SQ 92 BOMB 16-Dec-43 Kings
Pinnelas Morton Private 1st Class Kings
Pinneo Donald R Private 16 ENGR BN 1 ARMD DI 26-Feb-44 Yates
Pinner Clifford L. Private 1st Class Jefferson
Pinner Richard A 1st Lieutenant New York
Pinney Kenneth J. Private 1st Class 504 PRCHT INF 82 ABN 28-Sep-44 Genesee
Pinnisi Salvatore S Sergeant Kings
Pinsky Seymour S Staff Sergeant Kings
Pintabona Anthony A Private 1st Class Kings
Pinter George A. Electrician's Mate 2nd class Bronx
Pinter Warren H. Corporal New York
Pinti Carino H. Private 1st Class 26 INF 1 DIV 20-Jun-44 Oneida
Pinto Fernando Private New York
Pinto George J Sergeant 1 ENGR CMBT BN 1 DIV 1-Jan-45 Rockland
Pinto John G Technician 5th Grade 771 TD BN 22-Jan-45 New York
Pinto Joseph J Private Kings
Pinto Juan Staff Sergeant New York
Pinto Thomas P Sergeant Kings
Pinzon Mariano L Technician 5th Grade New York
Pioli James A Private Onondaga
Pion Alan R Private 1st Class 71 INF 44 DIV 16-Feb-45 New York
Piorkowski Cornelius S. Private 1st Class Kings
Piorun Stanley Jr Private Richmond
Piotrowski Stanley J. Private Niagara
Pipa Louis Private 1st Class 7 INF 3 DIV 7-Oct-44 New York
Piper Albert S Private 1st Class Orange
Piper Ernst Technical Sergeant Erie
Piperata Alfred J. Machinist's Mate 1st class Kings
Piperni Samuel A. Technician 5th Grade Monroe
Pipia Leo Private New York
Pipino Pasquale J Private 1st Class Kings
Pipino Silvio Private Saratoga
Pipitone Leonard Boatswain's Mate 1st class Kings
Pipolo Charles E Staff Sergeant Bronx
Piquet Paul K Private 1st Class Onondaga
Piquet William C Corporal 26 TK BN 16 ARMD DIV 28-Jun-45 Onondaga
Piraino Frank A Technical Sergeant 319 BOMB SQ 90 BOMB 15-Jul-45 Onondaga
Pirc Edward C. Private 1st Class Queens
Pirie James M Captain Ulster
Piroha Peter W Private 1st Class Clinton
Pirozzi Charles Nickolas Private 1st Class Ontario
Pirrello Richard D Sergeant Kings
Pirrera Irving A Private Kings
Pirro Joseph P. Private 1st Class Kings
Pirrone Anthony D Private 1st Class Bronx
Pirrone David F Private Kings
Pirrone Joseph F Technical Sergeant 817 BOMB SQ 483 BOMB 22-Mar-45 Bronx
Pirrung Elmer H Private Westchester
Pisano Patrick Private 1st Class Westchester
Pisapia Anthony J Private Kings
Pisarski Anthony Private 1st Class Nassau
Pisciotti Nicholas J Private New York
Piscitelli Anthony L 1st Lieutenant 343 FTR SQ 55 FTR GP 10-Apr-44 Kings
Piscitelli William F. Private 1st Class New York
Piscopo Andrew W. Aviation Radioman 2nd class Richmond
Piscopo Frank V Private 1st Class Richmond
Piskorski Bronislaus L. Private 1st Class Erie
Pistek Joseph Technical Sergeant Kings
Piszczek Joseph Anthony Seaman 2nd Class Erie
Pitaniello Dominick Technical Sergeant Rensselaer
Pitcher Frederick N. Private 1st Class Kings
Pitcher Lynn R Private 1st Class 328 INF 26 DIV 18-Feb-45 New York
Pitcher Roger M. Private Fulton
Pitchon Salvatore Seaman 1st class New York
Pitera Stanley E. Private 1st Class Oneida
Pitka Antonio A. Seaman 1st class New York
Pitkouvich Nicholas Private 1st Class New York
Pitkow Alvin B Private 1st Class Kings
Pitkus Lawrence N Staff Sergeant 64 SQ 403 TRP CARR G 23-Nov-43 Bronx
Pitman Earl Private 1st Class Cortland
Pitman Glen C Private 1st Class Westchester
Pitta Joseph Anthony Motor Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Westchester
Pittala Vincent R 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Pittaro Vincent F Staff Sergeant New York
Pittman Harry T. Carpenter's Mate 2nd class Sullivan
Pittoni Lucio A Technical Sergeant Nassau
Pittorino Joseph Staff Sergeant Kings
Pitts George J. Corporal Schenectady
Pitts Harold E Aviation Cadet Orange
Pitts Hobart E. Staff Sergeant Oneida
Pitts Raymond F. Technician 5th Grade Monroe
Pitts Walter R. Private 1st Class Schenectady
Pivnick Jerome Private 1st Class Kings
Piwinski Alfred M Sergeant Kings
Pixley William J Private 1st Class Saratoga
Pizanello Samuel P Corporal Chenango
Pizanowski Walter Thomas Seaman 1st Class New York
Pizer Hymen Private 1st Class Oneida
Pizza Anthony R Sergeant Kings
Pizzano Joseph E Corporal New York
Pizzati John Private Kings
Pizzimenti Thomas J Sergeant Kings
Pizzo Dominic Private Queens
Pizzo George D. Seaman 1st class Bronx
Pizzo John B. Private 1st Class Kings
Pizzo John Francis Seaman 1st Class Herkimer
Pizzonia Albert Private 1st Class Kings
Pizzulli Nunzio 1st Lieutenant Kings
Pizzuto Severio S Private 351 INF 88 DIV 12-Oct-44 Erie
Placa Joseph Private 1st Class Queens
Place Kenneth Everdell Lieutenant Nassau
Place Robert G Private Nassau
Placenti Joseph Private New York
Placzkiewicz Henry L Technician 5th Grade 24 CAV RCN SQ 12-Jan-45 Erie
Plagianos Leon M 2nd Lieutenant 749 BOMB SQ 457 BOMB 8-Nov-44 New York
Plagoff Edward Corporal Bronx
Plain Gardner V. 1st Lieutenant Niagara
Plain Roger M. 2nd Lieutenant Niagara
Plaine Irving M. Technical Sergeant New York
Planishek Victor F. Seaman 1st class New York
Plante Thomas E 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Planty Fred C Technician 5th Grade St. Lawrence
Planty George V Sergeant St. Lawrence
Plaskon Peter J Private 1st Class Rensselaer
Plaszowecki Joseph Technician 4th Grade New York
Plata George Private 1st Class New York
Plata Mitchell J. Technician 4th Grade 240 ENGR CONS BN 21-Dec-44 Oswego
Plate Arthur Private Nassau
Plate William C Private New York
Platek John F. Private Erie
Platner Volney L. Private 1st Class 127 SIG INT CO 16-Jun-45 Monroe
Platt Alexander H. Corporal Kings
Platt Arthur J 2nd Lieutenant Onondaga
Platt Douglas L Private 1st Class Herkimer
Platt Edward J Corporal Kings
Platt Gerald E. Jr. Private 1st Class 345 INF 87 DIV 8-Apr-45 Genesee
Platt Julian C Staff Sergeant New York
Platt Layton 2nd Lieutenant AIR CORPS 16-Jan-43 New York
Platt Theron G 2nd Lieutenant 90 BOMB SQ 3 BOMB GP 1-Nov-42 Nassau
Platten Thomas V 1st Lieutenant New York
Plattner Morton Private Bronx
Platz George Corporal New York
Plawski Stanley Torpedoman's Mate 2nd class Kings
Playford Leonard V. Private 1st Class Albany
Playford William E Staff Sergeant Onondaga
Playne Charles Ramon Aviation Machinist's Mate 1st Class Orange
Playne Everett E. Private 1st Class Monroe
Plec Adam Frank Shipfitter 1st Class Erie
Pledger Robert E. Sergeant 72 BOMB SQ 5 BOMB GP 5-Jun-42 Monroe
Plese Thomas M. Captain 847 BOMB SQ 489 BOMB 9-Sep-44 Suffolk
Pleshko Andrew N Jr 2nd Lieutenant Saratoga
Plesniarski Albert Staff Sergeant Madison
Pletl John H. Private Oneida
Pleva Bohumir J Technician 5th Grade HQ CO 26 DIV 19-Jan-45 New York
Plichta John F Staff Sergeant 16 INF 1 DIV 6-Jun-44 New York
Plihcik John F Technician 5th Grade New York
Pliseck Michael S Technical Sergeant Herkimer
Pliss Seymour C Sergeant Erie
Plocharczyk Walter Vincent Assistant Cook Orange
Plochick Frederick Private 1st Class Kings
Plock Charles E Private 1st Class Orange
Plog Charles T Private 1st Class Dutchess
Plohetski Anthony J Sergeant Kings
Plohocki Zenon K. Chief Pharmacist's Mate New York
Ploian Jacob J. Private 1st Class Bronx
Plopper Elmer M Private 1st Class BAND 28 DIV 22-Dec-44 Onondaga
Plotkin Edward I 2nd Lieutenant Bronx
Plotkin Meyer Private Kings
Plotnick Eli Private 1st Class Queens
Plotnicki Richard J Staff Sergeant 484 BOMB SQ 505 BOMB 4-Sep-45 Erie
Plotzker Irving Private 1st Class Bronx
Plouffe Gerard M Sergeant AIR CORPS 25-Feb-46 Erie
Plowman Gilbert M 2nd Lieutenant Nassau
Plum Richard R Sergeant Kings
Plumb John H. Lt. Commander Richmond
Plunkett Edward A Private 180 INF 45 DIV 26-Mar-45 Nassau
Plunkett Thomas Joseph Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class New York
Plunkett Walter J. Seaman 2nd class New York
Pluta John Private 1st Class Wayne
Pluta Stanley P Private 1st Class 359 INF 90 DIV 16-Jan-45 Erie
Pobeschein John L Sergeant Nassau
Pocalun Thaddeus J Aviation Cadet Onondaga
Pocchiare Michael J. Private 1st Class Monroe
Pociegiel Joseph A. Private Westchester
Pock Bernard J. Private 1st Class Steuben
Pockalny Andrew J. Motor Machinist's Mate 2nd class Cattaraugus
Poczatek Julian Henry Private 1st Class Oneida
Podemski Richard S Private 1st Class 387 INF 97 DIV 2-May-45 Erie
Podesta Alfred A Staff Sergeant Kings
Podewils Robert H Staff Sergeant New York
Podgorniak Henry Peter Assistant Cook Onondaga
Podgorny Rudolph V Private 1st Class 15 INF 3 DIV 16-Mar-45 Erie
Podlas John F Technician 5th Grade Bronx
Podolsky Irving Private 1st Class Kings
Podolsky Irving E Flight Officer New York
Podolsky Louis Private Kings
Podolsky Murray Staff Sergeant 412 BOMB SQ 95 BOMB 10-Feb-44 Bronx
Podolsky Thadeus Private 1st Class Kings
Podres John S. Private Essex
Podres Ladislaus Watertender 2nd class Richmond
Podzeba Herman Private 1st Class New York
Poelluci Francis J Staff Sergeant Dutchess
Poggi Alfred E. Corporal 3206 QM SV CO 28-Apr-44 Queens
Poggioli John N. Private 1st Class Westchester
Pogorzala Alois S Private 1st Class Erie
Pogwist Frank J Staff Sergeant Kings
Pohl Earl G Private 1st Class Erie
Pohl Lester Seaman 2nd class Orange
Pohl Theodore Fireman 2nd class Kings
Pohl Warren W. Private 1st Class Monroe
Pohlman John H Jr Private Erie
Pohlmann Henry H Private Kings
Pohmer Wilfred A. 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Poillucci Arthur T Staff Sergeant Dutchess
Poinson Michael R. Staff Sergeant Queens
Poirier Raymond W. Technical Sergeant 365 BOMB SQ 305 BOMB 26-Nov-43 Franklin
Poissant Clifford V Private 1st Class 18 INF 1 DIV 6-Aug-44 Clinton
Pokoik Leon Aviation Cadet Bronx
Pokorny Walter F Staff Sergeant New York
Pokrass Irving F Private Bronx
Polachek Lester H Private 344 ENGR GEN SV REGT 28-Aug-44 Bronx
Polack Charles Private New York
Polacsek Floyd Private Kings
Polak Hyman G Private 1st Class Nassau
Polakiewicz T.C. 2nd Lieutenant Suffolk
Polan Dighton L. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Queens
Polanco Edward A Private 1st Class Bronx
Poland Robert James Private Chautauqua
Polanowski Raymond J Technician 5th Grade 48 TK BN 14 ARMD DIV 27-Nov-44 Erie
Polanowski Theodore F. Electrician's Mate 3rd class Erie
Polans Arnold R Corporal Kings
Polans Murray Private Bronx
Polanski Harold W Private Bronx
Polanski Walter Private 1st Class Erie
Polasek John J Staff Sergeant HQ SQ 462 AIR SV GP 7-May-45 Westchester
Polasik Stanley J Private 1st Class Chautauqua
Polcover Fred Technical Sergeant Kings
Poldino Frank P. Sergeant Suffolk
Poleil Joseph Corporal 47 INF 9 DIV 6-May-43 New York
Polen Joseph P. Sergeant Tompkins
Polen Robert M. Private Erie
Poleselli Vivian Sergeant Bronx
Poleski Stephen Private New York
Polesso James A. Private 1st Class Nassau
Poletta Gabriel J. Private 1st Class Monroe
Polgreen Waldron M Private 1st Class 262 INF 66 DIV 25-Dec-44 Albany
Polhemus Harold L Private Greene
Polhemus Willis Fireman 3rd class Rockland
Poli Anthony Leonard Seaman 1st Class Westchester
Poli Paul J. Private 1st Class Queens
Poliak Steven Private 1st Class New York
Policano Vincent James Seaman 1st Class Kings
Policastro Joseph F Private New York
Polick Edward A Private Bronx
Polidore Ubaldo Corporal Queens
Polidori Albert Private 1st Class Herkimer
Polidoro Anthony W Staff Sergeant 85 INF 10 MT DIV 19-Apr-45 New York
Polifrone Angelo Private 1st Class New York
Polikowski Michael Radioman 3rd class Montgomery
Poling Clark V. 1st Lieutenant Schenectady
Polinsky Norman A Private 1st Class New York
Polishan Steve J. Mailman 3rd class Kings
Polisky Edward Private 1st Class Albany
Polito Albert F Private 1st Class Kings
Polito Anthony V Private Kings
Polito Joseph C. Jr. Private 1st Class Oneida
Polityka Thomas Daniel Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class New York
Politylo Roman S. Sergeant Broome
Politylo Wasil Electrician's Mate 3rd class Niagara
Polivy Calvin Seaman 2nd class New York
Polizzi Samuel Private 1st Class Monroe
Polk Nicholas Lieutenant New York
Polk Oscar L. Private 1st Class Bronx
Polk Raymond R Captain New York
Pollack Clement Jr. Corporal Dutchess
Pollack Rudolph F. Private 1st Class Fulton
Pollack Samuel Private Kings
Pollack William A Private Kings
Pollak Edward G. Ensign New York
Polland Leslie W Private Erie
Pollard Hallard S Technician 5th Grade Kings
Pollard Henry Jr 2nd Lieutenant 302 FTR SQ 332 FTR G 22-May-44 Erie
Pollard Richard H. Seaman 1st class Monroe
Pollard Robert W Captain New York
Pollastro Dominick P. Corporal Onondaga
Pollin Ernst H. Private 1st Class Queens
Pollinger Arthur Harold Private 1st Class Queens
Pollino Sam R. Private 1st Class 149 INF 38 DIV 17-May-45 Monroe
Pollio Francis X 1st Lieutenant Kings
Pollock Albert E Private 1st Class New York
Pollock Edward B. Technician 4th Grade Monroe
Pollock Edward J Staff Sergeant 109 INF 28 DIV 4-Nov-44 Washington
Pollock Fred L. Private Queens
Pollock John A. Private 1st Class Queens
Pollock Leroy W. Jr. Private Schoharie
Pollock Roy J. Corporal Schenectady
Pollock Stephen E. Corporal 59 CA REGT 24-Oct-44 Suffolk
Polniaszek Richard J Technician 5th Grade Erie
Polo Albert J Sergeant Kings
Polomares Manuel F. Apprentice Seaman St. Lawrence
Polomski Michael B Private Kings
Poloncarz John E. Seaman 1st class Erie
Polonyi Charles Gunner's Mate 3rd Class Orange
Polos James 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Polsinelli Fred Private Schenectady
Polsky Nathan Private 1st Class Richmond
Polverari Geno J Private 1st Class 85 INF 10 MT DIV 13-Mar-45 Westchester
PomaDied of woundsski Adam J Sergeant New York
Pomarici Alfred Technician 4th Grade Westchester
Pomelek Leo J Private MEDICAL DEPT 3-Feb-43 Erie
Pomellitto Carmino A Private 1st Class Albany
Pomiber Nicholas Private 159 ENGR COMBAT BN 21-Aug-44 Rensselaer
Pomichowski Benjamin A. Seaman 1st class Kings
Pominowski Stanley Private 1st Class Queens
Pompay Alfred F Flight Officer 315 FTR SQ 324 FTR G 17-Jun-44 New York
Pompili John Private Richmond
Pompilio Gennaro Private 1st Class 386 INF 97 DIV 10-Apr-45 Richmond
Pomplun Albert E 2nd Lieutenant 36 FTR SQ 8 FTR GP 24-Dec-44 Erie
Pompoli Giovanni G Private Kings
Pomponio Mario Private Monroe
Pomposello Peter Anthony Seaman 1st Class New York
Pomposello Peter J Private New York
Poness Ralph C. Storekeeper 2nd class Orange
Ponessa Alfred J Flight Officer Orange
Ponge William F 2nd Lieutenant New York
Poni Alphonse A Private 1st Class 39 INF 9 DIV 18-Jun-44 Erie
Ponichtera Edward V Private 1st Class Nassau
Pontante Louis P. Private Schoharie
Pontecorvo Albert A Private 1st Class New York
Pontecorvo F.E. Private 15 INF 3 DIV 17-Mar-44 Queens
Pontecorvo Julius H. Seaman 1st class Kings
Ponzi Trieste S. Private 1st Class Chemung
Pool Howard A Private 1st Class Ontario
Poole Edward L Private New York
Poole Francis L. Jr. Private 1st Class Onondaga
Poole Frederick E. Private 1st Class Chemung
Poole Henry Clark Mess Attendant 1st Class New York
Poole John J. Staff Sergeant Monroe
Poole Walker P. Watertender 1st class Kings
Pooler Robert W. Electrician's Mate 3rd class Oswego
Poosikian George Seaman 1st Class New York
Popa Gregore Sergeant New York
Popavero Andrew A Private 112 INF 28 DIV 8-Nov-44 Dutchess
Pope Douglas A. Platoon Sergeant New York
Pope Edgar F Technician 4th Grade Erie
Pope George Joseph Private 1st Class Nassau
Pope George L Corporal Kings
Pope Henry G. Jr. Private 1st Class Schenectady
Popeckie Frank Seaman 1st class Columbia
Popel George Private 1st Class Kings
Popeleski Stanley D. Corporal Queens
Popell Harold Private 1st Class 10 INF 5 DIV 21-Sep-44 Monroe
Popella Edwin Private 30 INF 3 DIV 20-Apr-44 New York
Popeo Gerald A. Private Oneida
Popielarski Adolph M. Corporal Queens
Popielarz Edward Private 1st Class 314 INF 79 DIV 22-Oct-44 Montgomery
Popinny Michael H. Private 1st Class Monroe
Popiolek Frank J Private Kings
Popiolek Frank J Private 77 SQ 22 FERRY GP 8-Jan-46 New York
Popiolek Henry A Staff Sergeant State at large
Popiolek Stanley J Private 60 INF 9 DIV 15-Jul-44 New York
Popkin Arthur G. Private Bronx
Popkin Herman Sergeant Bronx
Popkin Leonard Technical Sergeant Bronx
Poplawski Eugene M Corporal 885 BOMB SQ 450 BOMB 7-Mar-45 New York
Pople John F. 1st Lieutenant Queens
Popoli Thomas G. 2nd Lieutenant 877 BOMB SQ 499 BOMB 10-Jan-46 Monroe
Popovich Nicholas P. Hospital Apprentice 1st class New York
Popowich John J Staff Sergeant New York
Poppe George S. Corporal Queens
Popper Henry Private New York
Poppleton George H. Private 1st Class Oneida
Popson George P Private 927 SIG BN 8-Apr-43 Westchester
Poquet Luc L Private 30 INF 3 DIV 11-Mar-44 New York
Poray Linwood Peter Coxswain Wayne
Porcaro Vincent J Private 1st Class Kings
Porcelli John J Staff Sergeant Kings
Porcello Anthony Private Cattaraugas
Porcher Norman W. Private 1st Class Erie
Porchi Joseph J Private 83 CML BN 26-Jan-44 Westchester
Poremba Edward A 2nd Lieutenant Erie
Poremba Peter J Staff Sergeant Montgomery
Porille Simon Z Private Bronx
Poris James Private Queens
Pormigiano Lorenzo J Private 1st Class New York
Porpiglia Matthew L Private 1st Class Cattaraugas
Porpiglia Vincent Anthony Private Kings
Porpora Alfonso Staff Sergeant 991 FA BN 4-Sep-44 Bronx
Porpora Alphonse Private 1st Class Kings
Porpora Joseph Private 1st Class Kings
Porrecz Vincent A Technician 5th Grade State at large
Porsch John Charles Electrician's Mate 3rd Class Ulster
Porsia Patsy F Private Kings
Port Irving Staff Sergeant Kings
Portanova Vito Staff Sergeant 599 BOMB SQ 397 BOMB 23-Dec-44 Albany
Porteous Charles L Sergeant 512 BOMB SQ 376 BOMB 28-Dec-43 Westchester
Porter Allen K. 1st Lieutenant Steuben
Porter Andrew R. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) New York
Porter Frederick E. Technician 5th Grade 17 SIG CO 9-Jan-43 Tioga
Porter Irwin M Jr Captain 325 GLI INF 82 ABN D 15-Jun-44 New York
Porter Jack E. Private 141 INF 36 DIV 30-Aug-44 Essex
Porter James L Private Bronx
Porter John R Private 1st Class New York
Porter Joseph R. Private 1st Class Lewis
Porter Ralph Lane Lieutenant Queens
Porter Raymond A Private Cortland
Porter Robert A Private Orange
Porter Robert E. Private 1st Class Niagara
Porter Robert J. Private 1st Class New York
Porter William J Technician 5th Grade Wayne
Portera Salvatore C Private 228 FA BN 14-Jun-44 Bronx
Portera Sebastian C Technician 5th Grade New York
Porterfield Joseph A 2nd Lieutenant 95 FTR SQ 82 FTR GP 9-Dec-44 Westchester
Porteus Donald F. Corporal Queens
Portnick Irving Private 1st Class Bronx
Portnoy Abraham J Private 1st Class New York
Porto Philip J. Seaman 2nd class Kings
Portz George W. Jr. Ensign Broome
Porzelt William J. Private 1st Class New York
Poschadel Edward Jr. Firemen 1st class Westchester
Posellico Antonio D. Corporal Schenectady
Posemsky Jack Sergeant Kings
Posener Berrian Philip Chief Boatswain's Mate Nassau
Posey Samuel F. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) New York
Posillipo Dominick Private 1st Class 27 INF BN 9 ARMD DIV 17-Dec-44 New York
Poskosh Hyman Private bronx
Posner Daniel Sergeant New York
Posner Norman F Private Kings
Posner Samuel I 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Pospisil Charles P Private 1st Class New York
Pospisil Frank Corporal Albany
Pospisil Leonard A Flight Officer Nassau
Possomato Anthony A Private 1st Class Delaware
Posson Karl E Corporal Orleans
Post Clarence H. Technical Sergeant Ulster
Post Edward Charles Fireman 1st Class Erie
Post Frederick R. Major Queens
Post Harold Captain Kings
Post James E Technical Sergeant 719 BOMB SQ 449 BOMB 4-Apr-44 Rensselaer
Post John J Private 1st Class Ulster
Post Lawrence R Private 1st Class Richmond
Post Leonard R Private 1st Class Erie
Postiglione Gerald Private 1st Class Kings
Postiglione Louis C Technician 4th Grade Kings
Postman Hyman Aviation Machinist's Mate 1st class Kings
Postolakis Michael Private New York
Postupak Francis P Private 1st Class 410 INF 103 DIV 16-Nov-44 Albany
Potaczala Joseph Andrew Baker 3rd Class Oneida
Potash Philip Staff Sergeant Bronx
Potaski Jacob S Private 907 FA BN 101 ABN DI 21-Dec-44 Albany
Potenza Joseph D Aviation Cadet Kings
Potish Michael A. Private 1st Class Oswego
Potito Orlando J Private 319 INF 80 DIV 27-Nov-44 New York
Potkewitz Herbert E. Aviation Machinist's Mate 3rd class Kings
Potocki Henry G. Private 1st Class Oneida
Potocki Teddy R. Corporal Monroe
Potolicchio Rodney Alphonso Ensign Richmond
Potratz Robert G. Corporal Erie
Potter Charles K. Ensign Suffolk
Potter Charles Steele Lieutenant New York
Potter Clayton Jr. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) New York
Potter Edmund F. Jr. Private 12 INF 4 DIV 17-Nov-44 Schenectady
Potter Edward D. Jr. Private 1st Class Westchester
Potter Ernest R Private 1st Class Lewis
Potter Henry Technician 5th Grade Orange
Potter Henry Thomas Jr. Seaman 2nd Class Cattaraugus
Potter James W Private 142 INF 36 DIV 10-Nov-44 Ontario
Potter John B Technician 5th Grade HQ SQ NINTH AIR FORC 5-Feb-44 Erie
Potter John R. Private 1st Class Jefferson
Potter Milton B. Private Steuben
Potter Sheldon H. Aviation Ordnance man 2nd class Steuben
Pottle Winston G. Master Sergeant 353 ORD MAINT CO 20-May-45 Niagara
Pottorff Irven P Private 1st Class St. Lawrence
Potts Joseph Edward Corporal Rensselaer
Poturica Anthony Private 1st Class New York
Potvin Donald E Private 1st Class 276 INF 70 DIV 7-Jan-45 Erie
Potvin Rosario J Private 1st Class Cayuga
Potwin George C Staff Sergeant Nassau
Potwin Roger M Technical Sergeant Chautauqua
Poucher Burton G Technician 4th Grade 31 SIG CONS BN 27-Nov-43 Columbia
Poulin Wilfred A Staff Sergeant Albany
Poulin Wilfred H. Jr. Seaman 1st class Rensselaer
Poulos Nicholas 1st Lieutenant Queens
Poulsen Alexander Private 1st Class 194 GLI INF 17 ABN D 24-Mar-45 Erie
Poulsen Andrew E Private Westchester
Pound Frederick J 1st Lieutenant Jefferson
Pound Robert L. Gunner's Mate 2nd class Queens
Pousont James A Technician 5th Grade Kings
Povoliski George J. Private 1st Class Monroe
Powell Charles A. Chief Radioman Kings
Powell David Baden Private 1st Class Erie
Powell Edward J Staff Sergeant Rensselaer
Powell Edward Vincent Corporal Westchester
Powell Gerald A. Private 1st Class 115 INF 29 DIV 2-Aug-44 Broome
Powell Isaac Private 1st Class New York
Powell James E Private New York
Powell James M 1st Lieutenant Kings
Powell James R. Quartermaster 3rd class Kings
Powell John Michael Boatswain's Mate 1st Class Jefferson
Powell Richard C Jr 1st Lieutenant 26 BOMB SQ 11 BOMB G 3-Feb-44 New York
Powell Robert F. Corporal Monroe
Powell Thomas Francis Pharmacist's Mate 2nd Class New York
Powell William J. Corporal Richmond
Power Herbert E. Corporal 377 INF 95 DIV 2-Apr-45 Suffolk
Power Rowland Private 1st Class 110 INF 28 DIV 10-Aug-44 New York
Powers Andres Technician 4th Grade New York
Powers Arthur V. Seaman 1st class Queens
Powers Edward F 1st Sergeant Kings
Powers George J. Private 1st Class Rensselaer
Powers Glenmore Sergeant 157 REGT 45 DIV 15-Mar-45 Herkimer
Powers Harry E Technician 5th Grade 142 INF 36 DIV 26-Nov-44 Rensselaer
Powers James Anthony Seaman 2nd Class Queens
Powers James J. Jr. Private Westchester
Powers John J Private 130 CML PROCESSING C 3-Jul-44 Bronx
Powers John J. Lieutenant New York
Powers Joseph G. Private 1st Class Albany
Powers Leo W Private Bronx
Powers Matthew F. Jr. Radioman 3rd class New York
Powers Robert L. 1st Lieutenant Monroe
Powers Robert N 2nd Lieutenant Madison
Powers Thomas J Corporal 747 TANK BN 15-Jul-44 New York
Powers Thomas Nmi Private 1st Class 27 INF BN 9 ARMD DIV 17-Dec-44 New York
Powers William J Staff Sergeant Erie
Powers William P. Private 1st Class Kings
Powers William R. Private 1st Class New York
Powles John M. Chief Pharmacist's Mate Kings
Powles Wilbur H Private Kings
Powless Randall A Private 1st Class 502 PRCHT INF 101 AB 3-Jan-45 Erie
Powley Charles 0. Private 1st Class Niagara
Powloski Daniel J. Private 88 RCN SQ 7 BOMB GP/ 7-Dec-41 Monroe
Powlowski Albert Michael Private 1st Class Monroe
Powojski Leo P 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Poy Chin Y Private 1st Class New York
Pozolante Joseph V Private Kings
Pozona Edward J Private 1st Class 254 INF 63 DIV 9-Jan-45 Westchester
Prabucki Bernard D Staff Sergeant 715 BOMB SQ 448 BOMB 5-Jan-44 Erie
Prack Edward A Private Kings
Praglar Harold H Private Kings
Prainito Andrew P Private 157 REGT 45 DIV 11-Dec-43 New York
Prairie Richard J Private 1st Class 141 INF 36 DIV 13-Oct-44 Clinton
Prall James Arthur Private Richmond
Pramberger Anthony A. Corporal Queens
Prange John M Sergeant 340 BOMB SQ 97 BOMB 15-Apr-44 Orange
Pranzitelli William Technician 5th Grade Kings
Pranzo Robert J. Private 1st Class Queens
Prapopoulos Stephen Private 1st Class New York
Prata John W Technician 5th Grade New York
Pratico Vincent A Private 1st Class Kings
Prato Leo J Private Rockland
Pratt Clifton L. Jr. Corporal Onondaga
Pratt Curtis M Technician 5th Grade Kings
Pratt Edwin G 1st Lieutenant Westchester
Pratt Frederick W. Jr. 1st Lieutenant Niagara
Pratt George A Private 1st Class New York
Pratt George W 1st Lieutenant Bronx
Pratt Glenn A 2nd Lieutenant Cattaraugas
Pratt Herbert Private 1st Class Ulster
Pratt Lyman S. Private Monroe
Pratt Nelson P. Private Oswego
Pratt Philip V Sergeant Kings
Pratt Robert C Corporal 777 BOMB SQ 464 BOMB 28-Dec-44 Warren
Pratt Stanley R. Private 1st Class Schoharie
Pratt William T Private New York
Praydich George F. Private 1st Class Niagara
Prebola John M. Private Monroe
Precit John Jr. Technician 4th Grade 15 CAV RCN SQ 8-Jan-45 Steuben
Prefontaine John William Motor Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Erie
Prego Tony Private 1st Class New York
Pregosin Arthur A Private 1st Class 86 CAV RCN SQ 6 ARMD 8-Jan-45 New York
Prehoda Michael Staff Sergeant 157 REGT 45 DIV 8-Mar-45 Washington
Prehoda Peter Jr Private 1st Class Washington
Preiser Arthur Seaman 2nd Class New York
Preiser Harold C Private Kings
Preiser Joseph Private 359 INF 90 DIV 11-Jul-44 New York
Preissler Walter O. 1st Lieutenant Queens
Prell Francis M. Private 1st Class Onondaga
Premo Harold J Private 1st Class 507 PRCHT INF REGT 6-Jun-44 Montgomery
Premo Leo E Sergeant St. Lawrence
Premschetz Alex Seaman 1st Class Erie
Prendergast John H. Corporal Oneida
Prendergast John J. Sergeant Queens
Prentes Lester Technician 5th Grade Kings
Prentice Donald M 2nd Lieutenant Wyoming
Prentice Earl J. Corporal Erie
Prentice Richard H Corporal 26 INF 1 DIV 27-Feb-45 Chenango
Prentice Richard K Technician 5th Grade Cortland
Prentice Sheldon E. Lt. Commander New York
Preschel Irving M Private 1st Class New York
Prescott Kenneth W. J. 2nd Lieutenant Broome
Prescott Wallace H Private 121 INF 8 DIV 17-Sep-44 Westchester
Preset Douglas R. Seaman 2nd class Steuben
Preslak John Private Bronx
Preslak Peter Seaman 1st class New York
Press Benjamin Private 1st Class Suffolk
Pressberg Harold Technician 5th Grade Kings
Pressell Albert L Staff Sergeant New York
Presser Samuel 1st Lieutenant Bronx
Pressman Herman Private Bronx
Pressner Charles J. Private 1st Class Bronx
Prest James V Private 1st Class 141 INF 36 DIV 1-Nov-44 Erie
Prestia Cosimo G Private 1st Class Kings
Prestia Philip J. Torpedoman's Mate 2nd class Queens
Prestianni Anthony Coxswain Putnam
Prestigacomo Carlo N Private New York
Prestigiacomo Samuel A. Private 1st Class Herkimer
Presto Frank C Private 1st Class New York
Preston Bernard E. Private 1st Class 28 BOMB SQ 19 BOMB G 15-Dec-44 Chemung
Preston James E Sergeant Kings
Preston Kenneth I. Technician 5th Grade Steuben
Preston Morgan O 2nd Lieutenant New York
Preston Randolph 2nd Lieutenant State at large
Preston Ronald F. Sergeant Oneida
Preston Victor M. Carpenter's Mate 2nd class Westchester
Preston Wilson E 1st Lieutenant Ontario
Presvelis John Technician 5th Grade 66 REGT 2 ARMD DIV 25-Aug-44 New York
Prete Albert J Jr Private 1st Class New York
Prete Joseph A. Corporal New York
Preuss Arnold Technician 5th Grade New York
Preville Raymond M Private 1st Class 110 INF 28 DIV 30-Sep-44 Bronx
Prew Robert J. Private 1st Class Bronx
Prewentowski Stanley Private 1st Class Niagara
Prezeczki Felix Private FIELD ARTILLERY 30-Jul-44 New York
Preziose Michael J Sergeant Kings
Preziosi Carmen J. Fireman 1st class Nassau
Preziotti Benjamin Sergeant Kings
Prezzano Joseph E Jr 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Prezzano Ralph William Sergeant Westchester
Prezzavento C.R. Private 299 ENGR COMBAT BN 6-Jun-44 Monroe
Prianti Frank A. Private Suffolk
Prianti Peter Jr. Private Suffolk
Pribish Robert J Staff Sergeant Dutchess
Price Edgar E Staff Sergeant New York
Price Frank L. Seaman 2nd class Rensselaer
Price George Corporal Kings
Price Herbert W Technical Sergeant 106 INF 27 DIV 1-Jul-44 Delaware
Price James E Jr 2nd Lieutenant New York
Price John J Sergeant Kings
Price Joseph T. Machinist's Mate 3rd class Kings
Price LeRoy Jr. Private 1st Class Bronx
Price Lewis E. Staff Sergeant 346 INF 87 DIV 15-Apr-45 Niagara
Price Robert A. Sergeant 16 INF 1 DIV 6-Jun-44 Queens
Price Robert C. Private Suffolk
Price Robert L Private 113 CAV RCN SQ 11-Sep-44 Albany
Price S. Franklin Corporal New York
Price Thomas Langdon Private 1st Class Bronx
Price Thomas U Staff Sergeant 555 BOMB SQ 386 BOMB 18-Nov-44 Erie
Price Vincent Herbert Jr. Pharmacist's Mate 3rd Class Monroe
Price Virgil B. Private Montgomery
Prichard Charles L. Jr. Carpenter's Mate 3rd class Onondaga
Priest Dtanley Private 1st Class 143 INF 36 DIV 3-Feb-45 Onondaga
Priest Leonard Nicholas Assistant Cook New York
Priester Marion P. Private 1st Class 291 ENGR COMBAT BN 9-Mar-45 Niagara
Prieto Miguel A. Jr. Private New York
Prieur Henry L Private 1st Class Onondaga
Priewe Bruno G Private Westchester
Prihas William G Private Erie
Prihodka Jack Patrick Aviation Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Queens
Primiano John P. Watertender 3rd class (?)
Primiano Michael A Staff Sergeant AIR CORPS 26-Feb-44 Richmond
Primoff Leon R. 2d Lieutenant New York
Primusz Rudolph Corporal New York
Prince Harold R. 1st Lieutenant 90 BOMB SQ 3 BOMB GP 14-May-44 Monroe
Prince Jerome Private 1st Class Bronx
Prince John F. Private Nassau
Prince Vincent K 1st Lieutenant Chautauqua
Principe Joseph S. 1st Lieutenant 370 BOMB SQ 307 BOMB 15-Jul-44 Queens
Prindle Everett R. 2nd Lieutenant 725 BOMB SQ 451 BOMB 10-Mar-44 Queens
Pringle Homer M Flight Officer Orleans
Pringle Paul E Staff Sergeant 35 TK BN 4 ARMD DIV 5-Apr-45 New York
Pringle Walter G. Signalman 2nd class Albany
Printup Emmett K. Private 1st Class Niagara
Prinzivalli Anthony Private Monroe
Prinzo Ralph Private 1st Class Chautauqua
Prior Egidio G Private 1st Class Bronx
Prior James W 2nd Lieutenant New York
Prior Richard G. Private Oswego
Prior Thomas J Private Kings
Prior-Leahy Edward Charles Private 1st Class Nassau
Priore Frank Private Bronx
Prisaznuk Michael Dominick Private Kings
Prisco John J Private New York
Prisinzano Emilio T Technical Sergeant Erie
Prislusky Stephen M. Corporal Broome
Pritchard Ashley F 1st Lieutenant 31 BOMB SQ 5 BOMB GP 15-Jan-46 Washington
Pritchard Charles F. Private 1st Class 334 INF 84 DIV 22-Nov-44 Niagara
Pritchard Elbert B. Ensign Niagara
Pritchard Harry W. 2nd Lieutenant Oneida
Pritchard Norman M. Private 1st Class Putnam
Pritchard William L. Apprentice Seaman Chemung
Pritchett Dubarb W Private Kings
Pritzlaff Paul Earnest Jr. Lieutenant New York
Prive Ernest S. Technical Sergeant Otsego
Proakis James Staff Sergeant New York
Proal William A. Corporal Dutchess
Probst Walter H Technical Sergeant Erie
Proce Benedict Technical Sergeant Kings
Prochnicki Joseph L Staff Sergeant 89 BOMB SQ 3 BOMB GP 4-Feb-45 Orange
Procio Peter Staff Sergeant Allegany
Procita Gerald Flight Officer 854 BOMB SQ 491 BOMB 19-Feb-45 Fulton
Procker Herbert J Private New York
Procopio Raymond J. Private 378 INF 95 DIV 4-Dec-44 Queens
Proctor Harry Private Wayne
Proctor William A. Aviation Radioman 2nd class Bronx
Procyk Nicholas Seaman 1st class Rensselaer
Profe Siegfried C Staff Sergeant Kings
Proffitt Edward L. F. 2d Lieutenant Monroe
Profis Peter Seaman 1st class Nassau
Progy Henry Motor Machinist's Mate 3rd class Broome
Progy Stanley Corporal Broome
Proia Albert Private 1st Class 7 INF 3 DIV 1-Mar-44 Orange
Proietti John A Technical Sergeant 419 BOMB SQ 301 BOMB 16-Nov-43 Orange
Prokop Edward J Sergeant Kings
Prokop John Jr 1st Lieutenant New York
Prokopia George W Private 1st Class 361 INF 91 DIV 21-Nov-44 Chautauqua
Proper Francis E Private 506 PRCHT INF 101 AB 16-Jan-45 St. Lawrence
Proper Harvey B. Sergeant New York
Proper Leonard G. Assistant Cook Cayuga
Proppe Henry C. Private 1st Class Oswego
Propper Daniel R 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
Propper Paul Private 39 INF 9 DIV 26-Jun-43 Queens
Proschan Aaron Private Bronx
Proscia Frank P. Private 60 INF 9 DIV 25-Jul-44 Queens
Proscia Joseph Sergeant 722 BOMB SQ 450 BOMB 24-Mar-44 Bronx
Proscia Ralph Private 1st Class Kings
Prosser Arthur D. Private 1st Class Oneida
Prosser John W Private 1st Class Kings
Prosser Richard S Private 1st Class Onondaga
Prosser Robert H. 2nd Lieutenant Oneida
Prosser William P Staff Sergeant Chautauqua
Prosten Hyman Staff Sergeant Kings
Protas Stefani Fireman 1st class New York
Protas Walter August Electrician's Mate 3rd Class New York
Protchenko Anatole Private 1st Class Kings
Protina David A Private 1st Class Kings
Proto Louis F Private 1st Class Kings
Protopapas Nikitas A Private Kings
Proud Wilfred R. Sergeant New York
Prout Robert Herman Torpedoman's Mate 3rd Class Rensselaer
Prouty Paul B. Private 1st Class Onondaga
Provenzano Nkicholas Master Sergeant Bronx
Provenzano S. Private Queens
Provenzo Anthony Seaman 1st Class Chautauqua
Provost Leee F. Sergeant Clinton
Provost Robert J. Private 133 INF 34 DIV 21-Oct-43 Oneida
Prowler Sol Technician 5th Grade Bronx
Pruden Harry M Jr 2nd Lieutenant 62 FTR SQ 56 FTR GP 1-Dec-43 Delaware
Prue William K Private Onondaga
Pruis John A 1st Lieutenant 654 BOMB SQ 25 BOMB 9-Apr-45 Chautauqua
Prunty Alvah J Private 1st Class Kings
Prusansky Joseph W 1st Lieutenant Kings
Prush John Anthony Private 1st Class Queens
Prusinoski Frank Private Westchester
Prusinowski Stanley Private 1st Class 51 INF BN 4 ARMD DIV 21-Jul-44 Onondaga
Prusinski Joseph Machinist's Mate 1st class Albany
Pruskowski John Private Queens
Pruzan Murray M Private 1st Class Kings
Pryor James M Private 1st Class Kings
Pryor Peter H Jr 2nd Lieutenant State at large
Przekopowicz Henry J Private 1st Class Erie
Przybyl Edward B Staff Sergeant Erie
Przybyl Matthew J. Corporal Onondaga
Przybyla Frederic J. Private 1st Class Erie
Przybyla Leonard Private Monroe
Przybys Richard Motor Machinist's Mate 3rd class Cattaraugus
Przybysz Daniel J Private 23 INF BN 7 ARMD DIV 25-Jan-45 Erie
Przylucki Walter J. Private New York
Przyoyslawski W Staff Sergeant New York
Pshenitzky Charles J Private 3206 QM SV CO 28-Apr-44 Bronx
Psihogeos Peter Private 820 ENGR BN/AVN/ 4-Mar-44 Bronx
Psyk Edward B. Private 1st Class 101 SIG BN 9-May-45 Monroe
Ptaskinski Emil A Corporal Westchester
Puccetti Dante M. Private 1st Class Schenectady
Puccio Mathew I Corporal 128 INF 32 DIV 28-Nov-44 Erie
Pucek John Edward Corporal Broome
Pucek Joseph E. Corporal Broome
Pucello Eddio V. Private 1st Class Onondaga
Puchalski Chester W Private 1st Class 13 INF 8 DIV 14-Jul-44 Nassau
Puchalski Raymond John Private Erie
Puchalski Stephen S Private 1st Class 253 INF 63 DIV 25-Feb-45 New York
Puchalski Walter J 2nd Lieutenant Onondaga
Puckey William E Private 1st Class Westchester
Puckman Philip Seaman 1st class Kings
Pudiack Franklin A. Hospital Apprentice 1st class Broome
Pudlewski Adam R Staff Sergeant Erie
Pudlewski Frank B Private 1st Class Erie
Pudlewski Norbert S. Private 1st Class Erie
Puff Donald L. Private Erie
Puff Norman H. Technician 5th Grade 60 INF 9 DIV 24-Apr-43 Queens
Puff William T Jr Corporal 386 BOMB SQ 312 BOMB 6-Feb-45 Erie
Puffer Clarence F Private St. Lawrence
Pugh Reginald P Sergeant Bronx
Puglia James J Private Westchester
Puglia Nicholas D Sergeant 834 BOMB SQ 486 BOMB 2-Nov-44 New York
Puglia Vincent J. Private 1st Class Queens
Pugliani Patsy D Private 168 INF 34 DIV 27-Jan-44 New York
Pugliese Albert J. Radioman 3rd class Westchester
Pugliese Vincent A. Corporal Oneida
Pugliesi Gabriel P Private Kings
Puhala Edward F Private 1st Class 305 INF 77 DIV 10-May-45 Westchester
Puhalski Henry J. 2nd Lieutenant Oswego
Pujia Joseph Jr Private 1st Class Kings
Pula Eugene 1st Lieutenant New York
Puleo Peter Staff Sergeant Kings
Pulgrano Anthony F Technician 4th Grade Kings
Puliafico Aniello Anthony Sergeant New York
Pulizzi Vincent F. Gunner's Mate 3rd class Kings
Pull John P. Ensign Kings
Pulla Joseph F Private 1st Class 338 INF 85 DIV 18-Sep-44 Erie
Pullen Benjamin R Private 12 INF 4 DIV 21-Jun-44 Columbia
Pullen Walter 1st Sergeant Kings
Pulliner Raymond J Staff Sergeant Westchester
Pullis Donald C Technical Sergeant Westchester
Pulschen John H Private TRANS CORPS 27-May-44 Bronx
Pultz Glenn M Private Cayuga
Pulver Bernard L. 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Pulver Harvey Private Ontario
Pumo Jerome B Technical Sergeant Kings
Pumphrey Robert G. Chief Motor Machinist's Mate Kings
Puorto Angelo Private 1st Class 119 INF 30 DIV 4-Oct-44 Schenectady
Puorto Gregory L. Private 1st Class Schenectady
Pupacko Alexander 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Pupillo Calogero S. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) New York
Purcell Charles J. Private Queens
Purcell Donald A Private 1st Class Rensselaer
Purcell James D Technical Sergeant 349 BOMB SQ 100 BOMB 25-Jun-43 New York
Purcell John A Staff Sergeant Kings
Purcell John A. Private 1st Class Queens
Purcell Patrick R. Seaman 2nd class Saratoga
Purcell Theodrick C Technician 5th Grade Bronx
Purchas John Barrnett Private 1st Class Cortland
Purchase Leon 2nd Lieutenant New York
Purcio Joseph F. Private Monroe
Purdoski John P. Private 1st Class Nassau
Purdy Gilbert E Private 1st Class Washington
Purdy Steve F. Private Oneida
Purdy Willard E. Private 1st Class 895 AAA AW BN 15-Aug-44 Monroe
Purdy William H Private 1st Class Nassau
Purdy William H Private 1st Class 42 FA BN 4 DIV 13-Nov-44 New York
Purick John Andrew Aviation Ordnance man 3rd Class Nassau
Purino Albert J. Private 1st Class Kings
Purpura Bartola P Corporal Jefferson
Purpura Fedele Private Kings
Purrick Theodore Franklin Signalman 3rd Class Queens
Pursey Harold A Private 1st Class Cortland
Pursino William J. Private 1st Class Queens
Purtell Robert J. Lieutenant Kings
Purves George T. Jr. Private Nassau
Purzycki Joseph Private 1st Class Kings
Purzycki Richard E. Private 1st Class Schenectady
Pusateri John V 2nd Lieutenant New York
Pusins Raymond R. Sergeant Queens
Puskar George J Private 1st Class Bronx
Puskarowitz John J. Jr. Private 1st Class Bronx
Puskas James Seaman 1st class New York
Puskas Zoltan Private 1st Class New York
Puswicz Victor J Private 152 INF 38 DIV 1-Feb-45 Bronx
Pusztay Joseph V Private 1st Class Erie
Putman Clarence E Private 1st Class Jefferson
Putman Fred R Private 712 TANK BN 8-Sep-44 Albany
Putman Ralph W Private 8 INF 4 DIV 30-Nov-44 Jefferson
Putnam Gerald C. Sergeant Broome
Putnam John J Private Jefferson
Putnam L C Jr Private 1st Class 11 INF 5 DIV 9-Aug-44 Albany
Putnam Melvin D 1st Lieutenant Wayne
Putnam Ralph C Private 1st Class 160 INF 40 DIV 24-Apr-45 St. Lawrence
Putney James Paul Private 1st Class St Lawrence
Putorti Tony J. Private Queens
Putz Frank M. Corporal Queens
Puzio Benjamin J. Staff Sergeant Broome
Puzio John J Staff Sergeant 39 INF 9 DIV 20-Sep-44 Columbia
Py Alfred F Jr 2nd Lieutenant New York
Pych Edward F Private 1st Class Erie
Pycior Frank B. Private 1st Class Oneida
Pydych William S Private 1st Class Saratoga
Pyjas Joseph A Technician 4th Grade 883 ORD AUTO MAINT C 18-Jan-46 Erie
Pyle Donald G. Sergeant Queens
Pyle John R. Private Suffolk
Pyles Will L Colonel New York
Pyne Warner C. Jr. Private 1st Class New York
Pyne William F Staff Sergeant 747 BOMB SQ 456 BOMB 27-Jul-44 New York
Pyrch George Seaman 1st class Westchester
Pys Anthony M Private 1st Class 16 INF 1 DIV 12-Jul-43 Erie
Pyscz Samuel Technician 5th Grade New York
Pyse Walter 2nd Lieutenant 379 BOMB SQ 310 BOMB 14-Nov-43 Erie
Pytel Stanley J Private 1st Class Erie
Pytlik Karlo P Sergeant Rockland
Pyzak Edward B. Private 1st Class Kings
Pyznar Joseph J Private Kings
Pyzow Walter Electrician's Mate 2nd class New York

The entire list containing over 43,000 names can be downloaded here.

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