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World War II Honor List
New York US Army & US Army Air Force - Dead and Missing
US Navy, US Marine Corps and US Coast Guard - Dead, Missing, POW and Wounded

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Last Name First Name Rank Regiment Date of Death County
Qua Ralph J. Carpenter's Mate 3rd Class Albany
Quackenbush Bernard S. Corporal Oswego
Quackenbush F V Jr Sergeant Albany
Quackenbush Lawrence 2nd Lieutenant Montgomery
Quackenbush Robert A Private 1st Class Rensselaer
Quackenbush Robert R. Seaman 1st class Kings
Quackenbush William E. Private 1st Class Queens
Quaglia Cosimo A Sergeant 328 INF 26 DIV 12-Dec-44 Bronx
Quagliariello Angelo Private 1st Class Kings
Quagliariello Vito J. Seaman 1st class Kings
Quaglieri Henry A Sergeant 763 BOMB SQ 460 BOMB 6-Aug-44 Albany
Quail Joseph N Private 1st Class 331 INF 83 DIV 1-Jul-44 Bronx
Quail Peter D Private 124 INF 31 DIV 6-Aug-44 Bronx
Qualey Robert E Corporal Kings
Qualey Robert V. Private 1st Class Monroe
Qualter Ambrose T Private Bronx
Quandt Aaron Herman Boatswain's Mate 1st Class Kings
Quantrell Charles B 2nd Lieutenant Nassau
Quaranta Alfred J. Private New York
Quaranta Robert J. Staff Sergeant 545 BOMB SQ 384 BOMB 29-Jul-43 Queens
Quaranto Salvatore J. Private 1st Class Kings
Quaremba Michael J Captain Bronx
Quartaraco Alphonse Seaman 2nd Class Kings
Quartner Maxwell 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Quattlander George T Staff Sergeant Bronx
Quattrini Joseph H. Private Oswego
Quattrini Peter Leo Private 1st Class Chemung
Quattrochi Joseph Angelo Hospital Apprentice 1st Class Westchester
Quattromani Harry 1st Lieutenant New York
Quattrone George Private Bronx
Quay Leslie Milton Fireman 1st Class Albany
Quayle Howard B Private 26 INF 1 DIV 28-Dec-44 Albany
Queen Henry Private Kings
Queen Ira E Private 1st Class 8 INF 4 DIV 25-Nov-44 Erie
Queffelec Marcel Joseph Torpedoman's Mate 2nd Class Queens
Quellhorst W Jr Private Saratoga
Quencas Joseph H 1st Lieutenant Bronx
Quent Robert N Private Kings
Querbes James Private 1st Class Fulton
Quercia Antonio Private 1st Class 305 INF 77 DIV 12-May-45 Monroe
Queret Arthur J Private 1st Class 361 INF 91 DIV 10-Oct-44 New York
Quick Blaine E. 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Quick David Private New York
Quick Harry K Private Kings
Quick Wilson B Private 1st Class Ulster
Quigg Raymond F. Technician 5th Grade 784 MP BN 16-Oct-44 Queens
Quigley Earl W. Corporal Monroe
Quigley James Francis Aviation Radioman 2nd Class Kings
Quigley John J Sergeant Erie
Quigley John J. Platoon Sergeant Kings
Quigley Thomas J 1st Lieutenant Montgomery
Quigley Warren H Private Delaware
Quigley William J. Private 1st Class Queens
Quillet Armand L. Private 110 INF 28 DIV 13-Sep-44 Franklin
Quilliman David S Technician 5th Grade Rensselaer
Quimby Edward C. Private 1st Class Queens
Quimby Edward E Jr 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
Quimby Walter C. Corporal New York
Quinlan Alexander J. Sergeant 358 BOMB SQ 303 BOMB 3-Feb-44 Queens
Quinlan Bernard J. Technician 5th Grade 141 INF 36 DIV 15-Dec-43 Genesee
Quinlan James Francis 2d Lieutenant Steuben
Quinlan John J. 2nd Lieutenant Schenectady
Quinlan Thomas J. 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Quinlin George T 2nd Lieutenant Chautauqua
Quinn Arthur J Jr Sergeant 180 INF 45 DIV 27-Mar-45 Westchester
Quinn Charles A Private Kings
Quinn Charles A. Boatswain's Mate 1st class New York
Quinn Donald J. Private 1st Class Albany
Quinn Edward T Private 1st Class Kings
Quinn Francis J Private 1st Class New York
Quinn George J Sergeant 112 INF 28 DIV 1-Sep-44 Orleans
Quinn Gerard J. Private Queens
Quinn James B 1st Lieutenant New York
Quinn James F. Aviation Machinist's Mate 3rd class Bronx
Quinn James Joseph Seaman 1st Class New York
Quinn James L Staff Sergeant Albany
Quinn John B. Jr. Private 1st Class Kings
Quinn John E Staff Sergeant Dutchess
Quinn John J Technician 5th Grade New York
Quinn John J. Corporal New York
Quinn John J. Corporal Fulton
Quinn John P Sergeant Erie
Quinn John Richard Pharmacist's Mate 3rd Class Bronx
Quinn Joseph B Sergeant Kings
Quinn Joseph F. Private Queens
Quinn Joseph J Private 1st Class New York
Quinn Martin R. Seaman 1st class Queens
Quinn Peter J Private 1st Class New York
Quinn Peter L Technician 4th Grade 35 TK BN 4 ARMD DIV 1-Aug-44 Bronx
Quinn Phillip T Private 1st Class 738 FA BN 18-Dec-44 New York
Quinn Raymond F Private Kings
Quinn Robert J Private 1st Class Cattaraugas
Quinn Robert J Private Kings
Quinn Rudolph W. Fireman 2nd class Westchester
Quinn William A Flight Officer Onondaga
Quinn William C. Private 1st Class Chemung
Quinn William F Corporal 310 INF 78 DIV 10-Apr-45 Erie
Quinn William H Private 1st Class Westchester
Quinn William J Technician 5th Grade New York
Quinones Alfonso R Private New York
Quinones Charles Private 1st Class Kings
Quinones Johnny Private 1st Class New York
Quinones Modesto O Private New York
Quint Edward H Private Bronx
Quint Maurice Lieutenant New York
Quintana Joaquin A Technician 4th Grade New York
Quintyne Michael C Private 3201 QM SV CO 13-Jul-45 New York
Quirk Edward J Jr Private Westchester
Quirk Edward J. Fireman 1st class Rensselaer

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