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World War II Honor List
New York US Army & US Army Air Force - Dead and Missing
US Navy, US Marine Corps and US Coast Guard - Dead, Missing, POW and Wounded

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Last Name First Name Rank Regiment Date of Death County
Tabaczynski Joseph Marion Seaman 2nd Class Sullivan
Tabakin Robert Flight Officer Kings
Tabdei Pasquale D G Corporal 13 REGT 1 ARMD DIV 25-Jun-44 Bronx
Taber Curtis George Shipfitter 2nd Class Erie
Taber Kenneth A. Technician 5th Grade 82 ENGR COMBAT BN 30-Nov-44 Queens
Taberer Warren J 2nd Lieutenant New York
Tabone Joseph V Technician 5th Grade 177 ORD BOMB DISP SQ 12-Mar-45 New York
Tabor Gilbert S Jr Technician 4th Grade Dutchess
Tacconi Chester P. Private 1st Class Niagara
Tachan Daniel R. Sergeant Kings
Tachna Lionel Judah Ensign New York
Tackaberry Leroy W Sergeant New York
Taddeo Angelo Seaman 2nd Class Monroe
Taddeo Anthony Peter Seaman 1st Class Queens
Tafelski Frank Staff Sergeant 779 BOMB SQ 464 BOMB 26-May-45 Erie
Taffe John J. Private 21 ENGR REGT/AVN/ 25-Feb-45 Kings
Taffe John V 1st Lieutenant 372 BOMB SQ 307 BOMB 20-Mar-44 Dutchess
Taft Clayton F Private 1st Class Chemung
Taft Ingwald P. 2nd Lieutenant 18 INF 1 DIV 23-Dec-42 Kings
Taft Robert M Private Albany
Tafuri Gabriel Staff Sergeant Kings
Tafuro Frank Thomas Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Nassau
Taggart Charles McLeister Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Onondaga
Taggart James F J Private 1st Class Kings
Taggart LeRoy Leslie Signalman 3rd Class Tioga
Tagliaferri V. J. Technician 5th Grade Oneida
Tagliaferro John N Sergeant 119 INF 30 DIV 24-Aug-44 Erie
Taglianetto Michael Sergeant Bronx
Tagliere Jack J. Private 1st Class Kings
Tague Philip J. Private 1st Class 143 INF 36 DIV 10-Feb-45 Kings
Tague Robert A Sergeant Erie
Tahany John E. Private 1st Class Kings
Taibl Howard A. Technical Sergeant Queens
Taifer Jack E 2nd Lieutenant Chenango
Taitzner Frank Private New York
Takacs Ernest Private New York
Takacs John J Private 1st Class Nassau
Takagi Boon E 1st Lieutenant Chautauqua
Talaga William Anthony Private 1st Class Schenectady
Talbird Samuel O Corporal 3242 QM SV CO 13-Oct-45 New York
Talbot Charles N. Jr. 2nd Lieutenant 404 BOMB SQ 28 BOMB 23-Jan-45 Queens
Talbot Edward J. Jr. Sergeant Kings
Talbot James T. Private 1st Class 168 INF 34 DIV 4-Feb-44 Queens
Talbot John E Private Bronx
Talesnick Joseph Private Kings
Taliferro Lenwood Technician 5th Grade 385 QM TRK CO 31-Mar-45 Orange
Talisse Joseph E Private 1st Class Kings
Tallarida Frank Raymond Fireman 1st Class Kings
Talley James Francis Seaman 2nd Class Queens
Tallman Clark W Jr Staff Sergeant Herkimer
Tallman Fletcher Jr Private 1st Class Albany
Tallman William J Technician 5th Grade Dutchess
Tallon Charles A. Private 269 INF 65 DIV 5-May-45 Monroe
Talluto Charles Private 1st Class 21 INF 24 DIV 15-May-45 Kings
Talmage Robert Allen Radioman 3rd Class Onondaga
Tamao John Private 179 INF 45 DIV 2-Dec-44 Kings
Tambascia Edward Private 1st Class 115 INF 29 DIV 5-Oct-45 Erie
Tambe Christopher Paul Radioman 3rd Class Monroe
Tambs Clifford Mortimer Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Onondaga
Tamburri John Richard Assistant Cook Richmond
Tamburro Angelo J 2nd Lieutenant Bronx
Tamke William R Private 1st Class
Tamlyn Edward W Private Kings
Tamucci Rocco A Private Westchester
Tancredi Edward J Private 1st Class Westchester
Tancredi Michael Anthony Seaman 1st Class Kings
Tane Sidney Private Bronx
Tanenbaum Wilfred N. Technician 4th Grade AACS 25-Sep-44 Monroe
Tangney Nicholas Ensign Bronx
Tannenbaum A.E. Broome
Tannenbaum Sol Nmi Staff Sergeant Kings
Tanner Davis O Corporal Madison
Tanner Herbert C Private Orleans
Tanner Kenneth D Private Livingston
Tanner Richard J 1st Lieutenant Tompkins
Tansey Edwin I Jr Sergeant Westchester
Tansey Leonard V Private 1st Class 15 INF 3 DIV 9-Nov-44 Albany
Tanski Thaddeus L Sergeant 405 INF 102 DIV 15-Apr-45 Erie
Tanski William Private 194 GLI INF 17 ABN D 7-Jan-45 Greene
Tantalo B.Z. Private Monroe
Tantalo Telesfore J Private 1st Class Monroe
Tantillo Anthony Private 1st Class New York
Tanury Acey J Private Oneida
Tanzella Frank J Private 9 INF 2 DIV 26-Jul-44 Bronx
Tanzi James Sergeant Oneida
Tanzola Vincent J Colonel New York
Taormina Antonino Private 77 MED BN 7 ARMD DIV 20-Sep-44 Kings
Taormina Dominick N. Private 1st Class Kings
Taormina Enrico Erasmus Seaman 1st Class Kings
Taormina Salvatore S. Private Kings
Taormina Vincent J Private New York
Tapalansky John Private 413 INF 104 DIV 16-Nov-44 Bronx
Tapia Joseph Officer's Cook 2nd Class Kings
Tappen Jerome F Technician 5th Grade 550 INF ABN BN 15-Aug-44 Bronx
Tapscott Adrian V Staff Sergeant 400 BOMB SQ 90 BOMB 8-Apr-45 Nassau
Tarallo Alfred Private 1st Class Bronx
Tarallo Arthur L Corporal Bronx
Tarangelo Emil A Private 1st Class New York
Tarant Alvin A. Corporal Kings
Tarantino Joseph J. Staff Sergeant Kings
Tarantola Peter Private New York
Tarapchak Steve J . Aviation Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Kings
Tarasuk Andrew E Staff Sergeant New York
Tarazavich Vincent P. Private 104 INF 26 DIV 29-Dec-44 Suffolk
Tardio John Michael Private 1st Class Albany
Targonski Alexander George Watertender 2nd Class Nassau
Tarkett Howard S Technical Sergeant 389 PORT BN 19-Sep-43 Orange
Tarlano Chester A. Private 1st Class 5 RANGER BN 6-Jun-44 Kings
Tarnofsky Isidor Sergeant Bronx
Tarnowski Edward Private Westchester
Taroulareas Tony Sergeant 41 SQ 12 FERRY GP 1-Apr-43 Kings
Tarpinian Robert Edward Seaman 1st Class Kings
Tarrant David B Captain 106 INF 27 DIV 28-Jun-44 New York
Tarshis David W Jr Private 1st Class Montgomery
Tarsitano Dominic T. Technician 4th Grade 53 INF BN 4 ARMD DIV 1-Mar-45 Queens
Tartaglia Anthony Electrician's Mate 3rd Class Bronx
Tartaglia John J. Private Kings
Tartaglia Mauro H. Private 13 INF 8 DIV 2-Apr-45 Monroe
Tartaglia Samuel Frederic Private Monroe
Tartakoff Ira I Private 1st Class New York
Tartakofsky Morton Seaman 2nd Class Kings
Tartakower Jochanan Private 1st Class New York
Tartaro Joseph F. Sergeant 262 INF 66 DIV 25-Dec-44 Queens
Tarver Joseph T Private 168 INF 34 DIV 27-May-44 New York
Tarzanin John J. Private Kings
Tascher Abraham Staff Sergeant 415 BOMB SQ 98 BOMB 19-Aug-44 Kings
Tascillo Matteo Coxswain Schenectady
Tash Robert T Captain Cattaraugas
Tashjian Dickran G Private New York
Tashjian John Aviation Cadet New York
Tashjian Joseph G Sergeant New York
Tashjian Martin 2nd Lieutenant 350 BOMB SQ 100 BOMB 15-Mar-44 Kings
Tashjy John Private Kings
Taskey Irving R. Private Oswego
Tasman Donald R Staff Sergeant Rockland
Tassche Louis E. Private 1st Class Onondaga
Tassi John L Sergeant 500 FA BN 13 ARMD DI 1-Jan-45 Nassau
Tassi Louis 1st Sergeant Queens
Tassi Philip J. Private 1st Class Queens
Tassi Reno L Staff Sergeant New York
Tassie Alexander W Private St. Lawrence
Tassino Gaetano Louis Seaman 2nd Class Oneida
Tassone Joseph Nmi Technician 5th Grade 83 ARMD FA BN 24-Aug-44 New York
Tassoni John A. Private 1st Class Queens
Tatakis Anthony Private Erie
Tatarewitz Anthony J Private Bronx
Tate Philip F Private New York
Tatko Alex Jr Staff Sergeant Erie
Tatlian Charles M. Private 1st Class Kings
Taub Leo Captain New York
Taube Richard T. Private Fulton
Tauber Morris I Sergeant Kings
Tauber Saul M. Staff Sergeant Kings
Tauro Nicholas F. Flight Officer Kings
Tausinger John W Private Queens
Tauss Martin William Private 1st Class New York
Tavani Michael Private 1st Class Bronx
Tavano Frank Joseph Seaman 1st Class Westchester
Tavarone Frank J Private 1st Class Bronx
Taverni Frank J Private 15 INF 3 DIV 10-Sep-44 New York
Tavolaro Vincent F. Private Kings
Tavoulareas Tony Sergeant 41 SQ 12 FERRY GP 1-Apr-43 Kings
Taxon Rubin Staff Sergeant 360 BOMB SQ 303 BOMB 27-Aug-44 Kings
Taylor Alexander Pittendreigh Painter 3rd Class Nassau
Taylor Arthur J. Technical Sergeant 85 INF 10 MT DIV 15-Apr-45 Oneida
Taylor Carl F. Private Oswego
Taylor Charles E Private 77 ORD DEPOT CO 23-Aug-44 Erie
Taylor Clyde D. Flight Officer Steuben
Taylor Clyde M. [Lieutenant Colonel] Broome
Taylor Cyril E Jr Private 1st Class Erie
Taylor Cyrus Robinson Lieutenant Westchester
Taylor Donald A. Private 1st Class Queens
Taylor Donald E 2nd Lieutenant Onondaga
Taylor Donald H Master Sergeant 240 ENGR CONS BN 21-Dec-44 State at large
Taylor Donald V Private 1st Class Chautauqua
Taylor Edgar S 2nd Lieutenant 33 BOMB SQ 22 BOMB G 21-Apr-42 Ulster
Taylor Edward Jesup Lieutenant New York
Taylor Edward Lee Fireman 1st Class Onondaga
Taylor Edwin P III Private 1st Class 324 INF 44 DIV 29-Mar-45 Nassau
Taylor Elmer R. Private 1st Class Tioga
Taylor Felix M Private 1st Class 119 INF 30 DIV 14-Jul-44 Clinton
Taylor Floyd Staff Sergeant Jefferson
Taylor Francis H. Jr. Sergeant 68 INF BN 14 ARMD DI 18-Dec-44 Niagara
Taylor Francis Joseph Private 1st Class Kings
Taylor Fred Technician 4th Grade Rockland
Taylor George Private Schuyler
Taylor George A. Staff Sergeant Franklin
Taylor George E. Sergeant 783 BOMB SQ 465 BOMB 4-Oct-44 Monroe
Taylor George H Private 1st Class Erie
Taylor George Krementz Lieutenant (Junior Grade) New York
Taylor George L Private 1st Class 405 INF 102 DIV 26-Feb-45 New York
Taylor Gerald Ray 2d Lieutenant Erie
Taylor Gordon Staff Sergeant 141 INF 36 DIV 22-Jan-44 Orange
Taylor Harry A. 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Taylor Herbert Keith Private 1st Class Allegany
Taylor Herman E. Sergeant 751 BOMB SQ 457 BOMB 10-Sep-44 Franklin
Taylor James E Private 1st Class Suffolk
Taylor James K 1st Lieutenant AIR CORPS 13-Mar-43 Westchester
Taylor James R Private 13 REGT 1 ARMD DIV 26-May-44 Herkimer
Taylor James William Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Monroe
Taylor James Winsor Lieutenant (Junior Grade) St Lawrence
Taylor John Cleveland Private 1st Class New York
Taylor John J Sergeant Rensselaer
Taylor John W Private New York
Taylor John W 2nd Lieutenant State at large
Taylor John W. 2nd Lieutenant 722 BOMB SQ 450 BOMB 24-Mar-44 Niagara
Taylor Joseph H. 1st Lieutenant Queens
Taylor Lamar C Private Nassau
Taylor Leonard Calvin Seaman 2nd Class Nassau
Taylor Leonard L. Private 1st Class Sullivan
Taylor Lorenzo A. Private 1st Class 508 PRCHT INF REGT 7-Jun-44 Chemung
Taylor Lynn Anson Fireman 3rd Class Livingston
Taylor Malcolm S Staff Sergeant Madison
Taylor McKinley B. Jr. Private Nassau
Taylor Paul C. Private 1st Class Steuben
Taylor Quintard Jr 2nd Lieutenant 74 BOMB SQ 6 BOMB GP 13-Jul-42 Nassau
Taylor Reginald Edgar Motor Machinist's Mate 1st Class Onondaga
Taylor Richard Jr. Private 318 INF 80 DIV 11-Feb-45 Kings
Taylor Robert H Corporal Nassau
Taylor Robert H 1st Lieutenant 340 BOMB SQ 97 BOMB 11-Mar-44 Ontario
Taylor Thomas Private Kings
Taylor Truman L. Sergeant Steuben
Taylor Victor V Jr Captain New York
Taylor Walter C Sergeant Orange
Taylor Walter S. Private 1st Class 310 INF 78 DIV 16-Dec-44 Monroe
Taylor William E. Private 1st Class Niagara
Taytor Willis R Colonel Nassau
Tazzetta Anthony P. Private Kings
Te Gussinklo W G Sergeant 61 INF BN 10 ARMD DI 2-Apr-45 Nassau
Teabo Robert M Private 1st Class St. Lawrence
Teahan Martin J Private 508 PRCHT INF REGT 23-Jun-44 New York
Teal Edward F Private 83 CML BN 26-Jan-44 Rensselaer
Teal Leslie F Staff Sergeant Rensselaer
Teal Richard Phillip Private Erie
Teale David A Private 1st Class 346 INF 87 DIV 16-Mar-45 Nassau
Teall Lawrence J. Staff Sergeant 319 BOMB SQ 90 BOMB 15-Jul-45 Monroe
Teator Henry L Private Columbia
Tebo Charles L Sergeant 16 INF 1 DIV 24-Nov-44 Jefferson
Tecarr James V Staff Sergeant Montgomery
Tecarr Joseph Stephen Fireman 1st Class Kings
Tedder William Henry Chief Machinist's Mate New York
Tedeschi Charles A. 2nd Lieutenant 41 FTR SQ 35 FTR GP 10-Jun-44 Queens
Tedeschi Frank J. Corporal Kings
Tedesco Alphonse A. Private Kings
Tedesco Joseph F. Technician 4th Grade 116 CAV RCN SQ 11-May-45 Kings
Tedesco Joseph Peter Seaman 2nd Class Kings
Tedesco Vito J Corporal 599 SIG AIR WNG BN 25-Dec-45 New York
Tedesco Vito J. Corporal Kings
Tee Robert M. Private Queens
Teegarden John M Captain Albany
Teelin Paul Augustin 1st Lieutenant Jefferson
Teemley Bruce L. Private Schuyler
Teeter Arthur H. Sergeant Monroe
Teeter Edward Olin Seaman 1st Class Schuyler
Teetsel Arthur J . 1st Lieutenant 70 FTR SQ 18 FTR GP 21-Sep-44 Broome
Teetsel Walter Ernest Coxswain Albany
Teetsell William J Technician 5th Grade Greene
Tefft Charles Wesley Jr Private 1st Class Madison
Tegart Clarence Arthur Private Monroe
Tehan Thomas E. Private 1st Class Erie
Teicher Max Private Bronx
Teichman Aaron Private Kings
Teichman Manuel Seaman 1st Class Kings
Teichmann James S Jr Technician 4th Grade 43 CAV RCN SQ 31-Mar-45 Erie
Teitelbaum Irving L Corporal Bronx
Teitelbaun Abraham Corporal AIR CORPS 27-Nov-43 Kings
Teitler Harry A Private 1st Class Kings
Teitler Herbert Private Kings
Telent Samuel Staff Sergeant New York
Telesca Leslie H 2nd Lieutenant Madison
Telesco Angelo J Private 1st Class Westchester
Telesz Joseph F. Private 1st Class Oneida
Telford James F Private Delaware
Telko Andrew R 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
Teller William C Technician 5th Grade Allegany
Tellinghuisen Rudolph Raymond Shipfitter 3rd Class Chautauqua
Tellman Edwin T Major Wayne
Telxeira Vincent A. Private 233 SIG OPN CO 15-Sep-43 Kings
Temmel Alfred Felix Corporal Nassau
Tempia John Corporal Queens
Tempkin Morris Private Bronx
Temple Arthur Evans Aviation Pilot 1st Class Nassau
Temple Elmer Corporal Nassau
Temple Eugene Congdon Private 1st Class Onondaga
Ten Eyck William R. Captain 365 BOMB SQ 305 BOMB 2-Mar-45 Kings
Tenaglia Aldo Private Kings
Tencza Casimer C. Private Kings
Tencza Stanley John Seaman 1st Class Oneida
Tendler Ira Private 1st Class Kings
Tendrock Sam Technician 5th Grade 27 INF BN 9 ARMD DIV 22-Dec-44 Kings
Tenebruso Samuel Private New York
Tenglund Albert Hilding Painter 3rd Class Cattaraugus
Tenhagen Chester F Corporal Orange
Tenhagen Russell Private Erie
Tenke Ernest Jr Corporal Nassau
Tennant Roger S 2nd Lieutenant 347 BOMB SQ 99 BOMB 15-Apr-44 Dutchess
Tenney George J. Staff Sergeant 23 TK BN 12 ARMD DIV 10-Dec-44 Genesee
Tenney James F. Technical Sergeant Oswego
Tennity Donald Charles Seaman 1st Class Monroe
Tensi Camillo W 1st Lieutenant Chenango
Tensley Willie Private 701 CML CO/AVN/ 2-Dec-43 New York
Tentler Solomon Staff Sergeant New York
Teodorowski John M Private 1st Class 60 INF 9 DIV 25-Jul-44 Erie
Tepedino Michael J. Private Kings
Tepper Hyman E. Private Kings
Tepper Morris Technical Sergeant Kings
Tepper Paul E Sergeant New York
Ter Boss Francis George Radar man 2nd Class Broome
Terbening Charles Everett Jr. Seaman 1st Class Schoharie
Terciak Stanley F. Private Queens
Tereno Nathan Private Kings
Terico Abraham Private Westchester
Terlizzi Francis J Private Westchester
Termine Paul Joseph Jr. Gunner's Mate 2nd Class Kings
Termotto John J. Private Kings
Ternan Dominic 1st Lieutenant Kings
Terp Perry Jens Fireman 2nd Class Bronx
Terpening Richard Joseph Seaman 1st Class Ulster
Terracciano Jerry Anthony Ship's Cook 2nd Class Westchester
Terracino William M Private New York
Terrana Michael A. Corporal Queens
Terrance William C Private 1st Class Onondaga
Terrance William P Technician 5th Grade 1 MED BN 1 DIV 8-Jun-44 New York
Terrano Mario J. Private 1st Class 67 REGT 2 ARMD DIV 17-Nov-44 Kings
Terrano Richard Robert Electrician's Mate 3rd Class Chautauqua
Terranover James C Private 1st Class 6 INF 1 ARMD DIV 19-Feb-44 Herkimer
Terrell Robert William Motor Machinist's Mate 2nd Class New York
Terrence John Peter Private 1st Class Kings
Terrents Harold George Seaman 2nd Class Bronx
Terribile Dominick Radar man 3rd Class Bronx
Terribile V. W. Private Kings
Territo Ignatius P Private 1st Class Erie
Terron Edward H Staff Sergeant Bronx
Terrusa Vincent J Private Bronx
Terry Charles A Private Tompkins
Terry Earl A. Private 1st Class 9 INF 2 DIV 19-Jun-44 Broome
Terry Frank Electrician's Mate 1st Class Schenectady
Terry Gilbert H. Technical Sergeant 423 BOMB SQ 306 BOMB 22-Oct-44 Queens
Terry Gilmore D. Private 1st Class Broome
Terry James J. Private 31 INF REGT 24-Jun-42 Kings
Terry Prosper V. Captain INDIA CHINA WING ATC 23-May-44 Kings
Terry Ralph R Private 1st Class 9 INF 2 DIV 9-Feb-45 Chenango
Terry William E Private 1st Class Tompkins
Terryberry William Private Niagara
Terwilliger Earl W Sergeant Dutchess
Terwilliger Gordon G 1st Lieutenant Chautauqua
Terzi Joseph A. Captain Queens
Terzian George Staff Sergeant 23 INF 2 DIV 12-Sep-44 Erie
Tesch Harold A Private 1st Class Monroe
Teschke William M. Private 1st Class 103 CA BN 2-Jun-43 Kings
Tesiero Donald E Private 1st Class Montgomery
Teska Michael M Private New York
Tesla Joseph Francis Seaman 2nd Class Broome
Tesoriero Anthony Private Kings
Tesoriero Guiseppe Private Kings
Tesoriero Joseph A. Private 3206 QM SV CO 28-Apr-44 Kings
Tessier Oscar H Private Albany
Tessler Issy Private 1st Class Ulster
Testa Anthony P. Private 322 INF 81 DIV 27-Sep-44 Kings
Testa Charles F. Private 1st Class 7 INF 3 DIV 30-May-44 Oneida
Testa Slavatore Private 1st Class Kings
Testaguzza Eraldo Private 1st Class Albany
Testiler Max Private Kings
Tete Anthony Rocco Seaman 1st Class Otsego
Tetlak Roman Jacob Gunner's Mate 2nd Class Cattaraugus
Tetrault Marcel O. Sergeant Schenectady
Tetro William V Private Westchester
Tevlin Creighton J Private 1st Class Bronx
Tew Gerard J. Corporal Nassau
Tewksbury Bayard D 2nd Lieutenant Greene
Thaler Fred Private 30 INF 3 DIV 1-May-45 Queens
Thaler John C. Private 1st Class Putnam
Thalmann John C. 1st Lieutenant Kings
Tharau Frederick L Private 1st Class Erie
Tharp Walter H Private 1st Class 99 SIG CO 99 DIV 22-Apr-45 New York
Tharrett Warren N Corporal St Lawrence
Thatcher Donald H. Technical Sergeant Essex
Thatcher William L Private Montgomery
Thaulow Christian L Captain CIVIL AFFAIRS CEN 8-Jan-44 New York
Thayer Alpha H Private Rensselaer
Thayer George E Private Madison
Thayer Lyman I Jr Private 175 INF 29 DIV 17-Jun-44 Warren
Theile William W Private 1st Class Westchester
Theiler George E 2nd Lieutenant Bronx
Their Joseph J 1st Lieutenant State at large
Theis Edward Kenneth Pharmacist's Mate 1st Class New York
Theisen George I Private 1st Class Queens
Theiss Harry L Sergeant 60 CA REGT 4-Jan-42 New York
Thelen John E. 2d Lieutenant Schenectady
Thellefsen Merrill A Private 36 INF 3 ARMD DIV 22-Apr-45 Erie
Themels Constantine Private 1st Class New York
Themm Richard Robert Seaman 1st Class Montgomery
Theobald William E Private 1st Class 313 INF 79 DIV 25-Jun-44 Erie
Theobold Arthur L Sergeant Bronx
Therrien Clayton Homer Seaman 1st Class Washington
Theuman Edgar L. Sergeant Kings
Thibault Donald F Private 1st Class Monroe
Thibault Paul Joseph Private 1st Class Jefferson
Thibodeau George E Private 1st Class Albany
Thiele Edward B Private 1st Class Niagara
Thiele Frederick A. Sergeant 824 TD BN 21-Dec-44 Kings
Thiele Roy E. Private 1st Class Niagara
Thierman George W Jr Staff Sergeant Cattaraugas
Thies Gilbert 1. Private 1st Class Chautauqua
Thistlewaite S.M. 2nd Lieutenant Monroe
Thoben Francis Aloysus Ship's Cook 3rd Class Orange
Thom Howard E Corporal Steuben
Thomaides Alex 1st Lieutenant Sullivan
Thoman Ferdinand Lewis Seaman 2nd Class New York
Thoman William Perley Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Westchester
Thomann George E Jr Private Bronx
Thomann Jack Bernard Private 1st Class Queens
Thomas Adam J Private 366 INF REGT 10-Feb-45 New York
Thomas Albert Bruno Aviation Machinist's Mate 1st Class Richmond
Thomas Alex J. Corporal Kings
Thomas Alexander C Staff Sergeant New York
Thomas Andrew G. Private 359 ORD CO 11-Jun-44 Kings
Thomas Clair P. Private Broome
Thomas Clarence A Private 1st Class 329 INF 83 DIV 4-Jul-44 Washington
Thomas Craig S 1st Lieutenant Westchester
Thomas Curtis Stanley Seaman 2nd Class Westchester
Thomas David Staff Sergeant New York
Thomas Donald F Private 1st Class 28 INF 8 DIV 3-Mar-45 Chautauqua
Thomas Donald F. Private 1st Class Steuben
Thomas Earl W. Jr. 2nd Lieutenant 370 FTR SQ 359 FTR G 22-Apr-44 Broome
Thomas Edward Fire Controlman 2nd Class New York
Thomas Francis A 2nd Lieutenant New York
Thomas Frederick N Private Rensselaer
Thomas George Lesser 2d Lieutenant Erie
Thomas Gregory Private 10 INF BN 4 ARMD DIV 14-Apr-45 Queens
Thomas Griffith Edward 1st Lieutenant Jefferson
Thomas Habib G Private 1st Class Erie
Thomas Harold C Corporal Orange
Thomas Harry S. Private 301 INF 94 DIV 24-Feb-45 Queens
Thomas Helen Private 1st Class New York
Thomas Howard R 1st Lieutenant Broome
Thomas James H Corporal New York
Thomas John B 1st Lieutenant 343 BOMB SQ 98 BOMB 1-Aug-43 Wayne
Thomas John R Staff Sergeant 513 PRCHT INF 17 ABN 24-Mar-45 Jefferson
Thomas Joseph L. Jr. Private 1st Class 175 INF 29 DIV 15-Sep-44 Essex
Thomas Julius W Private New York
Thomas Kenneth J Assistant Cook Oneida
Thomas Leo Paul Radioman 2nd Class Niagara
Thomas Leonard A. Private 1st Class Broome
Thomas Maurice E. 1st Lieutenant Schuyler
Thomas Morris L Private Chautauqua
Thomas Norman Private Kings
Thomas Paul E Technician 4th Grade 3 CAV RCN SQ 31-Mar-45 Wayne
Thomas Paul N Corporal 15 TK BN 6 ARMD DIV 22-Nov-44 Albany
Thomas Perain A. Sergeant Chemung
Thomas Richard Private 1st Class Oneida
Thomas Richard E. Private Niagara
Thomas Richard F Private 1st Class New York
Thomas Richard J. Private 1st Class Monroe
Thomas Richard R. Private 831 BOMB SQ 485 BOMB 20-Apr-44 Kings
Thomas Robert Private 1st Class 988 QM SV CO 27-Oct-45 Queens
Thomas Robert L Lieutenant Colonel HQ MED 20-Apr-45 New York
Thomas Robert O. Sergeant Oneida
Thomas Thaddeus E. 1st Lieutenant Kings
Thomas Thomas K. Technician 4th Grade Kings
Thomas Walter Sergeant Monroe
Thomas William G. Sergeant 513 BOMB SQ 376 BOMB 26-Jun-44 Queens
Thomashefsky Paul F Sergeant Queens
Thomasson Frank T Sergeant Richmond
Thomey Vincent R. Private 1st Class 106 INF 27 DIV 27-Jun-44 Queens
Thommen Richard Edward Private 1st Class Nassau
Thompkins James Technician 5th Grade 4038 QM TRK CO 20-Mar-45 Kings
Thompsin Robert J Sergeant 427 NIGHT FIGHTER SQ 5-Jul-46 New York
Thompson Adam C. Jr. 2nd Lieutenant Suffolk
Thompson Albert Staff Sergeant Herkimer
Thompson Arnold W. 2nd Lieutenant 91 BOMB SQ 27 BOMB G 15-Dec-44 Steuben
Thompson Ashley C.N. Private Suffolk
Thompson Charles E Private 1st Class Cortland
Thompson Clifford F Private 24 CAV RCN SQ 18-Sep-44 Livingston
Thompson Daniel E Corporal Saratoga
Thompson David L. Private 1st Class 467 MP ESCORT GD CO 26-Apr-45 Suffolk
Thompson Donald J Private 1st Class Onondaga
Thompson Edward Joseph Seaman 1st Class Queens
Thompson Edward M. Sergeant 371 INF 92 DIV 16-Nov-44 Steuben
Thompson Elbridge I Private 518 ORD MAINT CO 29-Jul-44 Albany
Thompson Ernest 1st Lieutenant Queens
Thompson Francis Radioman 3rd Class Kings
Thompson Fred B Staff Sergeant 53 INF BN 4 ARMD DIV 24-Mar-45 Bronx
Thompson George C Sergeant 361 INF 91 DIV 17-Sep-44 Rockland
Thompson Glenn E Jr. Staff Sergeant 193 GLI INF 17 ABN D 7-Jan-45 Chautauqua
Thompson Harry Private Saratoga
Thompson Howard S. Staff Sergeant Essex
Thompson James Jr. Technical Sergeant Queens
Thompson James A. Captain Queens
Thompson James F Private 1st Class 44 INF BN 6 ARMD DIV 13-Feb-45 New York
Thompson James M Private 1st Class Westchester
Thompson James R Private 1st Class Onondaga
Thompson John E Private 1st Class Queens
Thompson John H Private 1st Class 376 INF 94 DIV 26-Jan-45 Nassau
Thompson John H. Private Erie
Thompson John T Private 1st Class Saratoga
Thompson Joseph Cyril Corporal Oneida
Thompson Lawrence E. Private 365 INF 92 DIV 28-Jan-45 Kings
Thompson Leon C 1st Lieutenant Richmond
Thompson Nathaniel Elton Cook 2nd Class New York
Thompson Norman E. Sergeant New York
Thompson Oscar Staff Sergeant New York
Thompson Paul L. Private 1st Class Cayuga
Thompson Richard J Sergeant Albany
Thompson Richard James Seaman 1st Class Ontario
Thompson Richard V Sergeant 505 PRCHT INF 82 ABN 5-Nov-43 Onondaga
Thompson Robert D. Private 509 PRCHT INF REGT 7-Dec-43 Genesee
Thompson Robert G. Private 1st Class Kings
Thompson Robert M. Private 106 CAV RCN SQ 31-Mar-45 Schenectady
Thompson Robert Stearns 2d Lieutenant Westchester
Thompson Roy Dale Gunner's Mate 2nd Class Kings
Thompson Roy E. 2nd Lieutenant Monroe
Thompson Sylvester J Private 502 PRCHT INF 101 AB 24-Oct-44 Onondaga
Thompson Thomas J. Private 1st Class Chemung
Thompson Thomas L 1st Lieutenant 600 BOMB SQ 398 BOMB 30-May-44 Chautauqua
Thompson W C Jr Private 1st Class HQ CO ADV COMM ZONE 25-May-45 Westchester
Thompson Wesley J Private Kings
Thompson Willard F. Private 1st Class Broome
Thompson William A Private Richmond
Thompson William A Corporal Kings
Thompson William A. Private 1st Class 30 INF 3 DIV 22-Sep-43 Queens
Thompson William E Sergeant Cayuga
Thomson Albert K Private 1st Class 331 INF 83 DIV 10-Jan-45 Delaware
Thomson Arch B Captain 568 SIG AIR WNG BN 24-Jun-45 Livingston
Thomson Arthur S Technician 5th Grade 22 INF 4 DIV 14-Jun-44 Westchester
Thomson John Sergeant Westchester
Thomson Rupert F Private 1st Class Otsego
Thomson William C Field Cook Queens
Thorborg Robert W. 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Thorne Horace M Corporal Bronx
Thorne Lawrence J Jr Corporal Nassau
Thorne Nicholas Gracian Ward 1st Lieutenant New York
Thorne William W. Private 1st Class 67 CA REGT 24-Feb-44 Broome
Thornell Lloyd A. 1st Lieutenant 351 FTR SQ 353 FTR G 3-Feb-44 Monroe
Thorner Martin S. Private 1st Class 302 INF 94 DIV 30-Jan-45 Queens
Thornhill John A 2nd Lieutenant Jefferson
Thornton Edwin R. Sergeant Tioga
Thornton Eugene J. Staff Sergeant AIR CORPS 25-Sep-43 Oneida
Thornton George B Technical Sergeant 28 SQ 60 TRP CARR GP 21-Jun-44 Cattaraugas
Thornton John F. Sergeant Queens
Thornton John P Private Kings
Thornton Laurence O Captain Erie
Thornton Leonard H Sergeant Rensselaer
Thornton Paul G 2nd Lieutenant Rensselaer
Thornton R G Jr 1st Lieutenant Saratoga
Thornton Richard G. 1st Lieutenant Chemung
Thornton Stanley Francis Pharmacist's Mate 3rd Class Jefferson
Thornton Thomas J Sergeant Rensselaer
Thorpe Charles P. Sergeant 512 BOMB SQ 376 BOMB 17-Oct-44 Queens
Thorpe Glenn E. 1st Lieutenant Seneca
Thorpe Malacy T Sergeant 1337 AAF BASE UNIT 11-Sep-45 New York
Thorpe Richard E. 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Thorpe Richard Edward Private 1st Class Queens
Thorpe Robert F Private 1st Class Monroe
Thorsen Norman R Private 1st Class Kings
Thorsen Thomas M Private Bronx
Thorson William A. Private Putnam
Thorstensen Oden Technician 4th Grade Kings
Thorton Robert E Corporal Onondaga
Thousand Charles D Sergeant Tompkins
Thousand Harold R Private Monroe
Thrasher Hugh L Private Erie
Throm Kurt O. Private 1st Class Queens
Throne John H. Staff Sergeant Monroe
Thumann Everett J Private 1st Class Bronx
Thumb Ward Chief Machinist's Mate Kings
Thuna Milton Harold Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Queens
Thurber Stanley Technician 5th Grade 722 ENGR DEPOT CO 25-Oct-44 Steuben
Thurman Charles Merril Chief Machinist's Mate Kings
Thurn John H Aviation Cadet Erie
Thurncliff William J 1st Lieutenant New York
Thursen Sigurd G Staff Sergeant Richmond
Thurston Frank Private 1st Class 401 GLI INF 101 ABN 5-Jul-44 Otsego
Thurston Hiram E Private 1st Class Cayuga
Thurston Lester W Private Madison
Thurston Robert Allen Seaman 1st Class Erie
Thurston Walter M. Jr. Corporal Queens
Thurston William Staff Sergeant 314 INF 79 DIV 13-Nov-44 Queens
Thwaits Dexter J Private 1st Class Onondaga
Tiano Morris Private New York
Tiaskkum Joseph Private 1st Class Seneca
Tibball James J. Private 1st Class Queens
Tibbatts Daniel G Private 314 INF 79 DIV 9-Dec-44 New York
Tibbens James C Corporal Chenango
Tibbets Joseph T. Corporal Queens
Tibby Arthur R Private Orange
Tiberia Lawrence G Private 1st Class Albany
Tiberio Carlo Private Wayne
Tiburzi Cletto Seaman 2nd Class Erie
Ticak William A. Technical Sergeant 355 AAA SLT BN 3-Jan-45 Kings
Ticconi Leo A. Private 1st Class Niagara
Tice Gerald J 2d Lieutenant Chenango
Tice Kenneth C Sergeant Bronx
Tice Rolando R Private New York
Tice William C. 2nd Lieutenant Monroe
Tichansky Alexander Private Queens
Tichoncek John Corporal Broome
Tichy Edwin R Private 1st Class New York
Tiede Gerald L. Private Genesee
Tiedehan George H Private 7 INF 3 DIV 24-May-44 Bronx
Tieden Raymond L Technical Sergeant Onondaga
Tieman Alfred Sergeant Bronx
Tier Charles A Sergeant 743 BOMB SQ 455 BOMB 10-Dec-44 Westchester
Tiernan John V. Private Kings
Tierney Farley Patrick Seaman 2nd Class Warren
Tierney John J Private Queens
Tierney John J. Sergeant 120 INF 30 DIV 7-Aug-44 Queens
Tierney John Joseph Seaman 2nd Class Westchester
Tierney Robert Austin Seaman 1st Class Albany
Tierney William A Private 1st Class Queens
Tierney William Charles Pharmacist's Mate 2nd Class Bronx
Tierney William J Private 1st Class Queens
Tierney William W. 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Tierno Nat C. D. Private Kings
Tierson Dean L Private 1st Class 110 INF 28 DIV 20-Dec-44 Wayne
Tietjen Charles V. 1st Lieutenant 319 BOMB SQ 90 BOMB 30-Sep-44 Queens
Tietjen Harold R. 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Tiff William H Private 1255 ENGR COMBAT BN 13-Feb-45 Jefferson
Tiffany Frederick A. Private 1st Class Monroe
Tiffany Stanley G Private Erie
Tiffany Willard H. Private 1st Class Oswego
Tighe Edward F Jr Staff Sergeant 337 BOMB SQ 96 BOMB 21-Nov-44 Erie
Tighe Edward J. Private Queens
Tighe James G. Jr. Sergeant Kings
Tighe Rody Joseph Fireman 2nd Class Dutchess
Tigue John E Corporal Bronx
Tilburg John B Technical Sergeant 322 FTR CONTROL SQ 27-Nov-43 Erie
Tilghman George Hammond Commander New York
Tilitz Paul E. Sergeant 32 BOMB SQ 301 BOMB 11-Sep-44 Queens
Tillduster Frederick G Private 1st Class Kings
Tiller William H 2nd Lieutenant New York
Tilley Milton Staff Sergeant 105 INF 27 DIV 7-Jul-44 Nassau
Tillier Roger J. Staff Sergeant Queens
Tillis Gordon B. Private 1st Class Schuyler
Tillistrand Edward J Private 1st Class Bronx
Tillman Samuel E Brigadier General State at large
Tillner Charles J Technician 5th Grade New York
Tillore John B 1st Lieutenant Erie
Tillotson Donald A Private 1st Class Chautauqua
Tillotson Roland H Private Chautauqua
Tillson John C.F. Colonel Chemung
Tilton Charles A Technical Sergeant New York
Tilzer David Nmi Private 1st Class 262 INF 66 DIV 25-Dec-44 New York
Timan Peter Technical Sergeant Westchester
Timblin Francis E Private Erie
Timbrell Charles A Private Nassau
Timbrook Willard H Staff Sergeant Onondaga
Timerman Claude D 1st Lieutenant Jefferson
Timian Clifton W. Private Oneida
Timko James J Staff Sergeant Westchester
Timko Nicholas Chief Watertender Queens
Timm Bernard K Jr 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
Timme Arthur C. Sergeant Kings
Timme Claude M. Master Sergeant Monroe
Timmens Thomas W. Technician 5th Grade Monroe
Timmerman Edison C Private 311 INF 78 DIV 13-Mar-45 Greene
Timmerman Henry L Private 1st Class Tompkins
Timmerman Lyle E Corporal Montgomery
Timmermann Charles O. Private 1st Class 112 INF 28 DIV 7-Aug-44 Kings
Timmermann William F. Private 22 MAT SQ 17 AIR BAS 7-Dec-41 Kings
Timoshuk Andrew Private Queens
Timpanaro John Andrew Private 1st Class Queens
Timrud Herbert W Assistant Cook Kings
Tinder Joseph Staff Sergeant 306 INF 77 DIV 12-Aug-44 Broome
Tinger Wendell J Sergeant New York
Tinker Henry G Private 175 INF 29 DIV 13-Jul-44 Richmond
Tinklepaugh Clyde Lasher Sergeant Columbia
Tinley Charles D Captain Chautauqua
Tinnelly William Francis Pharmacist's Mate 2nd Class Bronx
Tinnelly William Francis Seaman 2nd Class Bronx
Tino Anthony George Machinist's Mate 1st Class Westchester
Tinsley Robert Eugene Fireman 2nd Class Queens
Tintera William J Jr Staff Sergeant 405 INF 102 DIV 28-Feb-45 Westchester
Tirado Frank Private New York
Tirado George Private 1st Class 115 INF 29 DIV 20-Jun-44 Broome
Tirado Louis Private 1st Class New York
Tirk Richard E. Ensign New York
Tirpak John A 2nd Lieutenant Orange
Tischler Albert J. Private Kings
Tischler Louis Private 1st Class 18 INF 1 DIV 23-Nov-44 New York
Tischner Samuel P Private AIR CORPS 27-Nov-43 Nassau
Tiso Alfred J Private Westchester
Titano Sebastian C. Private 1st Class Kings
Title Lawrence Private 28 PHOTO RCN SQ 12-Oct-45 New York
Tito Ralph E. Sergeant Queens
Titone Anthony J. Staff Sergeant Kings
Titone Charles A. Private 1st Class 345 INF 87 DIV 17-Mar-45 Kings
Titterington John E. 1st Lieutenant 105 INF 27 DIV 10-Jul-44 Schenectady
Tittler Milton M 2nd Lieutenant 91 AAF BASE UNIT 21-Jun-45 New York
Titus E. G. N. Jr. Private Kings
Titus Harold Albert Radioman 3rd Class Westchester
Titus Harry W. Private Kings
Titus Mark Lowell Ensign Schuyler
Titus Silas J 1st Lieutenant Queens
Titz Edward Private New York
Tkacy Philip Private 1st Class Columbia
Tloczkowski Frank Edward Private 1st Class Nassau
Toan Charles Scott Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Westchester
Toback Milton Private 1st Class Kings
Tobasco Arthur Ottellio Seaman 1st Class Orange
Tobe Henry Corporal 81 CML GENERATOR CO 9-Dec-44 New York
Tobia John A Private Bronx
Tobias Joseph S. Private Queens
Tobiassen Reidar A Private New York
Tobin Bernard Private 1st Class Kings
Tobin Charles F. Technical Sergeant Monroe
Tobin David R Private 1st Class Erie
Tobin John Patrick Corporal Westchester
Tobin Richard Sergeant 505 PRCHT INF 82 ABN 6-Jun-44 Broome
Tobin William H Corporal Kings
Tobin William M Private Onondaga
Tocci Paul T. Private Kings
Tocco Paul V Private 1st Class New York
Tock Herbert C. Sergeant 27 FA BN 1 ARMD DIV 19-Feb-44 Queens
Toczek Henry G Private 1st Class 16 INF 1 DIV 16-Nov-44 Erie
Todaro John S. Private 1st Class Kings
Todaro Nicholas J Private 1st Class Wayne
Todd Robert L Sergeant 506 PRCHT INF 101 AB 6-Jun-44 Chautauqua
Todd William K Private 1st Class 8 INF 4 DIV 16-Apr-45 Nassau
Todd William L Private 1st Class SIG AIR WNG CO 8-Dec-41 Delaware
Todhunter Clifford James Fireman 2nd Class Nassau
Todisco Caesar D. 1st Lieutenant Kings
Todter Heinrich John Seaman 1st Class Kings
Toellner Raymond Frederick Private 1st Class Erie
Toepfer Charles Gustave Signalman 2nd Class Queens
Toepp Howard S. Private Oswego
Tofany Benedict F Private 1st Class Monroe
Toffey John J Jr Lieutenant Colonel Nassau
Tofinchio Joseph Private 12 INF 4 DIV 8-Jun-44 Fulton
Toft Bernard A Captain Onondaga
Toich John J Private New York
Tokarz Theodore S Technical Sergeant Cayuga
Tokarzewski Frank S Technical Sergeant 424 BOMB SQ 307 BOMB 11-Jan-46 Richmond
Tokson Max Sergeant Chemung
Tolan Matthew E. Private 1st Class 409 INF 103 DIV 19-Dec-44 Kings
Tolan William T Private 1st Class Ontario
Toledo Anthony Private Bronx
Toledo Carlos Manuel Private New York
Toles Russell H. Private 1st Class Onondaga
Toliver Howard E Private New York
Toliver Melton Private Kings
Tolkacz John Carl Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Erie
Tolnay Rudolph E Private 1st Class New York
Tolson Arthur L. Jr. Technician 4th Grade Kings
Tom Chin T Private 513 PRCHT INF 17 ABN 24-Mar-45 New York
Toma George J Private New York
Tomacchio Rosario A. Private Kings
Tomaiolo Angelo J. Sergeant Kings
Tomaka Eugene W Private 1st Class Erie
Tomaka Henry J Private Erie
Tomala John M Private 1st Class 16 INF 1 DIV 6-Jun-44 Erie
Toman Paul Jr Private 1st Class Saratoga
Tomas John William Ship's Cook 3rd Class Columbia
Tomaselli Frank J. Sergeant Kings
Tomaselli Joseph Private 1st Class Oneida
Tomasetti Albert P Corporal 61 BOMB SQ 39 BOMB G 28-Apr-45 Orleans
Tomasik Teddy V Staff Sergeant 96 BOMB SQ 2 BOMB GP 22-Aug-44 Erie
Tomasino Gioacchino Corporal 255 INF 63 DIV 18-Apr-45 Orleans
Tomaski Stanley Private Erie
Tomasko John Jr Private 1st Class New York
Tomassi Albert Corporal Queens
Tomasulo Edward J Private Westchester
Tomasulo Louis A. Private 1st Class 19 TRP CARR SQ 20-Oct-43 Kings
Tomaszewski Benny J. Private Kings
Tomaszewski Edward Dominick Coxswain Kings
Tomaszewski Francis S Chief Cook Bronx
Tomberg Leon 1st Lieutenant Kings
Tomczak Leo N Private 1st Class Erie
Tomczuk Walter M Private 1st Class Westchester
Tomczyk Stephen A Private 1st Class Erie
Tomei John J Private 1st Class Herkimer
Tomich Branko Private 1st Class New York
Tomik John J. Private 1st Class 36 INF 3 ARMD DIV 3-Mar-45 Broome
Tomilo Henry D Technical Sergeant Erie
Tomkinson Robert F Private 1st Class 317 INF 80 DIV 17-Sep-44 Erie
Tomlinson George E. 2nd Lieutenant Monroe
Tommillo Peter A Staff Sergeant New York
Tompkins Alva J 1st Lieutenant Westchester
Tompkins B.S. Sergeant HQ SQ 6 AIR SV GP 31-Oct-45 Chemung
Tompkins Calvin G Sergeant Orange
Tompkins Clifford Staff Sergeant Greene
Tompkins Daniel Charles Private Westchester
Tompkins Elwood E. Staff Sergeant Niagara
Tompkins Eugene W Private 1st Class Warren
Tompkins Raymond A. Staff Sergeant 330 BOMB SQ 93 BOMB 18-Sep-44 Broome
Tompkins Richard L Private 1st Class Westchester
Tompkins Thomas G Private 1st Class Orange
Tompkins Wilbur John Seaman 1st Class Westchester
Tompkins William A Staff Sergeant 871 BOMB SQ 497 BOMB 4-Jan-46 New York
Tompkins William Christopher Corporal New York
Tomsey John J. Staff Sergeant Broome
Tondo Anthony Private 1st Class 291 INF 75 DIV 3-Apr-45 Queens
Tonetti Attilio Private 1st Class New York
Toney Ruben Private Kings
Tong Hom Y Private 423 INF 106 DIV 8-May-45 New York
Tooker Warran Edward Carpenter's Mate 2nd Class Kings
Tooker Warren C Corporal Nassau
Tookey John J Private New York
Toolan Edward G Private 1st Class Kings
Tooley Robert J H Private 358 INF 90 DIV 12-Jul-44 St. Lawrence
Toomey Francis L 2d Lieutenant Niagara
Toomey John J. Private Kings
Toomey John J. Private 1st Class 977 FA BN 3-May-44 Kings
Toomey John R Staff Sergeant 513 PRCHT INF 17 ABN 24-Mar-45 Bronx
Toomey William J Private 1st Class Erie
Toop George C III Private 1st Class Westchester
Topalian James M. Corporal 7 WEATHER SQ 17 AIR 7-Dec-41 Queens
Toporovich Edward Staff Sergeant 370 BOMB SQ 307 BOMB 6-Apr-44 New York
Topp Henry J. Private 23 INF 2 DIV 4-Aug-44 Sullivan
Topp Irving Corporal Kings
Torchetti Guy A Sergeant 502 PRCHT INF 101 AB 24-Jun-44 New York
Tordik William R. Private Suffolk
Torelli Frank L. Private Kings
Toretsky Nathan J. Staff Sergeant Queens
Torgerson Harry L Captain Queens
Torhan Andrew Julius Private Westchester
Tormatore James J. Technical Sergeant Kings
Tormay William P. Private 1st Class Monroe
Tormenia Frank A. Private Kings
Tormey Edwin J. Private Queens
Tormey Walter E Private Erie
Tornabene Francis R. Sergeant Queens
Tornabene S J Sergeant New York
Tornatore Carmen T Private 1st Class 411 INF 103 DIV 15-Mar-45 Madison
Torns Herbert Glenn Fireman 1st Class Suffolk
Toro Ivan A Private New York
Toro Louis Amelio Seaman 2nd Class New York
Toronto Michael Vincent Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Suffolk
Torpey Edmund J 2nd Lieutenant Nassau
Torraca Joseph P Jr 2d Lieutenant Kings
Torrance James R 1st Lieutenant Kings
Torre Amedeo A. Private 1st Class Kings
Torre James J. Private 1st Class Kings
Torre Michael J. Private 1st Class Kings
Torre Salvatore A. Private Kings
Torrente Alphonse A Corporal Bronx
Torres Anibal Private Bronx
Torres Carmen A Private 1st Class Westchester
Torres Frank Nmi Private Kings
Torres John A Private 71 INF 44 DIV 2-Dec-44 Bronx
Torres Luis Sergeant New York
Torres Ralph Cecil Jr Aviation Ordnance man 3rd Class Kings
Torres Rosendo Private 1st Class Kings
Torres Wallace Staff Sergeant New York
Torres William E. 1st Lieutenant 753 BOMB SQ 458 BOMB 23-Feb-45 Kings
Torrey Donald R Private 1st Class 175 INF 29 DIV 4-Sep-44 Westchester
Torro Ferdinand J. Corporal Kings
Torti Charles J. Sergeant 31 INF REGT 13-Feb-44 Kings
Tortolani Angelo Patrick Private 1st Class New York
Tortora Pasquale Private 1st Class 143 INF 36 DIV 2-Oct-44 Kings
Tortorello Rocco P Private Bronx
Tortorice Anthony J Technician 4th Grade Wyoming
Tortorici Acursio Seaman 1st Class Richmond
Tortorici Joseph A. Private 1st Class Kings
Tortu Dominick Frank Private 1st Class Queens
Tos Carl G. Sergeant Queens
Toscano Carlo S. Private 62 INF BN 14 ARMD DI 15-Dec-44 Kings
Toscano Joseph A. Private 1st Class Kings
Toscano Joseph D Private 1st Class New York
Toscano Joseph Michael Private Kings
Toskos Sotiris Private 7 INF 3 DIV 30-Jan-44 New York
Tosso Kostandin T Private 1st Class 39 INF 9 DIV 25-Jul-44 New York
Tostanoski Edward Nicholas Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class Steuben
Tostman Willard Edwin Ensign Queens
Tosto George Private 1st Class 347 INF 87 DIV 25-Mar-45 Bronx
Totaro Robert M 2nd Lieutenant 550 BOMB SQ 385 BOMB 5-Jan-44 Erie
Toth Albert G Aviation Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Westchester
Toth Francis J Private 1st Class 106 INF 27 DIV 25-Jun-44 Dutchess
Toth John Corporal 84 FA BN 9 DIV 22-Feb-43 Erie
Toth Paul J Private 320 INF 35 DIV 1-Aug-44 Erie
Toth Stephen P 1st Lieutenant Bronx
Toth Steve Sergeant Erie
Toth William Private 1st Class 731 FA BN 11-Nov-44 Suffolk
Totman Theodore C Major Chautauqua
Toto Carlo Private 39 ENGR COMBAT REGT 28-May-44 Kings
Toto Rocco Private Bronx
Totten Ellsworth III 1st Lieutenant 84 BOMB SQ 47 BOMB G 23-Dec-44 Westchester
Totten Frederick W Private 1st Class 175 INF 29 DIV 18-Jun-44 Livingston
Totten Harold John Seaman 1st Class Kings
Totten Raymond Seaman 2nd Class Kings
Tougaw Bernard A 1st Lieutenant Warren
Toumey John J. Private 1st Class 18 INF 1 DIV 6-Aug-44 Kings
Touri Francis J Sergeant Westchester
Tousey Edward F. Private 1st Class 359 INF 90 DIV 10-Nov-44 Kings
Towe Edward Thomas Aviation Machinist's Mate 1st Class Onondaga
Tower Charles A. Private Monroe
Tower Everette L Corporal Niagara
Towers Frederic J. 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Towey Joseph M Staff Sergeant 17 RCN SQ 71 RCN GP 28-Nov-44 Westchester
Towle Edward Staff Sergeant 366 BOMB SQ 305 BOMB 29-May-44 Queens
Towne Clarence A Private 1st Class Clinton
Towne Donald H. Private 1st Class Genesee
Towne George D Technical Sergeant 28 INF 8 DIV 15-Dec-44 Wayne
Towner Robert G Private Steuben
Townley Calvert Private Orange
Townley Walter Harris Jr Storekeeper 3rd Class Richmond
Townsend Albert Staff Sergeant 16 INF 1 DIV 6-Jun-44 Chenango
Townsend Arthur R Private 1st Class 320 INF 35 DIV 24-Nov-45 Chautauqua
Townsend Burr C Private 1st Class Delaware
Townsend Charles C 1st Lieutenant 37 FTR SQ 14 FTR GP 17-Aug-45 New York
Townsend DeForest Mess Attendant 1st Class Kings
Townsend Edgar L 2nd Lieutenant 65 BOMB SQ 43 BOMB G 15-Sep-43 Westchester
Townsend Ira R Jr Private Madison
Townsend James G Staff Sergeant 188 GLI INF 11 ABN D 14-Feb-45 Herkimer
Townsend Leslie D Private 1st Class Ulster
Townsend Paul A Private Herkimer
Townsend Richard John Private 1st Class Cayuga
Townsend Thomas Robert Aviation Ordnance man 2nd Class Delaware
Townsend Wilbur Private 1st Class Schenectady
Townsend William E. Staff Sergeant 820 BOMB SQ 41 BOMB 10-Jul-45 Kings
Toy Edward R Private Erie
Toye Gerard E. Private Kings
Toye Lewis S Private New York
Trabalzi Samuel A. Sergeant Monroe
Trabucco Thomas F Major Dutchess
Trace Herbert C Private Livingston
Tracey Frederick Kenneth Seaman 1st Class Kings
Tracey Patrick A Staff Sergeant New York
Tracey Thomas B Technician 5th Grade 397 AAA AW BN 6-Jun-44 Cayuga
Trach Leon M. Private 1st Class Oswego
Tracy Burton M Private 114 FA BN 31 DIV 18-Aug-44 Chautauqua
Tracy Frank James Seaman 2nd Class Kings
Tracy John T 1st Lieutenant New York
Tracy John Thomas Electrician's Mate 3rd Class Queens
Tracy Joseph E. Jr. Sergeant Kings
Tracy Thomas G Jr 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
Tracy Thomas J. 2nd Lieutenant 349 BOMB SQ 100 BOMB 24-May-44 Monroe
Traficante Paul J 1st Lieutenant New York
Trager Jacob Private 1st Class 3206 QM SV CO 28-Apr-44 Kings
Trahan James John Philip Seaman 2nd Class Kings
Trahey John Thomas Watertender 2nd Class Kings
Trahey Robert Thomas Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Kings
Traicchio Paul J Private 1st Class Wayne
Trainer Frank J Aviation Cadet Erie
Trainor James Francis Storekeeper 2nd Class Bronx
Trainor James Joseph Gunner's Mate 2nd Class Kings
Trajanowski Henry J. Staff Sergeant Kings
Trajlinek Paul Steven Private Fulton
Tralongo Jack Private 1st Class 39 INF 9 DIV 25-Jun-44 Kings
Trammell Homer E Private Erie
Tramo Michael P Private 1st Class New York
Tramontano Frank Private 1st Class Kings
Tramontano Guy J. Private 853 ENGR BN/AVN/ 27-Nov-43 Monroe
Tramontano Louis Private 1st Class Allegany
Tramutola Andrew L. Private 23 INF BN 7 ARMD DIV 25-Jan-45 Kings
Tranchese Raffaele A. Private Kings
Trant Richard R Private 1st Class New York
Trantimo Joseph J. Staff Sergeant Kings
Trapani Charles Sergeant 30 INF 3 DIV 23-May-44 Kings
Trapani Frank A. Private 30 INF 3 DIV 8-Feb-44 Kings
Trapani Ignazio A Technician 5th Grade 116 INF 29 DIV 4-Jul-44 Orange
Trapani Joseph Eugene Seaman 1st Class Monroe
Trapani Richard Staff Sergeant 399 INF 100 DIV 15-Mar-45 Kings
Trapani Salvatore A. Private 1st Class Kings
Trapani Sebastian J. Private 157 REGT 45 DIV 28-May-44 Kings
Trapp Harold George Seaman 1st Class Erie
Trapp John Arthur Private 1st Class Kings
Trapp William I Sergeant 32 SQ 314 TRP CARR G 10-Jul-43 Bronx
Trappasse Joseph R. Private Queens
Trask Mandley Franklin Seaman 1st Class Greene
Trass Wilfred L 2nd Lieutenant Madison
Trathen Robert W 1st Lieutenant Bronx
Traub Charles E Private 1st Class Monroe
Traub Donald W Private 1st Class Queens
Traudt Roland O Private 1st Class 157 REGT 45 DIV 25-Sep-44 Dutchess
Traudt Walter Private 1st Class 406 INF 102 DIV 21-Nov-44 Queens
Traugot Irving 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Trault Marshall Jr Private Dutchess
Traum John A Private Chemung
Traupe William F Captain Westchester
Trautman Joseph H Private Bronx
Trautwein John R Sergeant 440 FA BN 7 ARMD DIV 25-Nov-44 New York
Traver George H Private 1st Class Columbia
Traver Harold F. Private Queens
Travers Patrick J Private 504 PRCHT INF 82 ABN 6-Feb-44 New York
Travers Thomas J Private 507 PRCHT INF 82 ABN 11-Jun-44 New York
Travinek Anthony John Fireman 1st Class Kings
Travis Elmer James Jr Seaman 2nd Class Sullivan
Travis George E Platoon Sergeant Westchester
Travis James E Private 1st Class Westchester
Travis Lester W Staff Sergeant 15 INF 3 DIV 26-Jan-45 Yates
Travis Richard I Private 1st Class Westchester
Travis Thomas K Private 1st Class Westchester
Traynor Bernard J Technician 4th Grade Richmond
Treadwell Jesse Carter Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Westchester
Treat Matthew F Staff Sergeant 566 BOMB SQ 389 BOMB 24-Feb-44 Dutchess
Treef Stanley H. Private 3206 QM SV CO 28-Apr-44 Kings
Trehanon Alfred J Aviation Cadet Chenango
Trehey William V Staff Sergeant Westchester
Treible Clifford H Private Orange
Trela Stanislaus P Private 1st Class Albany
Treloar Warren Private 507 PRCHT INF REGT 14-Jun-44 Queens
Tremallo Michael Anthony Pharmacist's Mate 2nd Class Westchester
Tremblay Earl T 1st Lieutenant New York
Tremblay Joseph Louis Corporal Albany
Trembley Richard Allen Seaman 2nd Class Fulton
Tremer Joseph Patrick Seaman 2nd Class New York
Tremlett Robert S Staff Sergeant St. Lawrence
Tremolini John Richard Private 1st Class Kings
Tremper Charles A Staff Sergeant Ulster
Trenaman Thomas J Private 754 TANK BN 10-Mar-45 New York
Trenca Joseph D. Staff Sergeant 16 SQ 68 RCN GP 12-Apr-45 Oswego
Trenchard Robert J Private Yates
Trenchard William H Technician 4th Grade 517 SIG CO 17 ABN DI 24-Mar-45 Ontario
Trenholm James Albert Seaman 1st Class Kings
Trenske Joseph A Private 1st Class Allegany
Trentalange Gus N Private Bronx
Trenz William J 2nd Lieutenant New York
Tresch Donald A Private 1st Class Erie
Tresch Wayne M Corporal New York
Treshansky Milton Private Kings
Tresmond Albert J Corporal Erie
Treston Hubert F Private 1st Class Queens
Tresville Robert B J Captain Erie
Treubig Charles Francis Watertender 2nd Class Queens
Treutle Stanley F. Sergeant 8 REGT 1 CAV DIV 27-Feb-45 Queens
Trevillian Kenneth R Private 1st Class Erie
Trevithick Richard J Corporal Schenectady
Trevorah William T Private Westchester
Trezza Frank F. Private Kings
Triantafilakos T C Private 110 INF 28 DIV 25-Aug-44 New York
Tribble William L. Private Kings
Tribken Charles W. Captain Kings
Tricarico Frank A Private 1st Class Bronx
Trickey Roswell Peter Private 1st Class Jefferson
Tricoli Vincent James Private Erie
Trieste Michael J. Private Monroe
Trifon Herman Sergeant Kings
Trimaldi Frank Staff Sergeant Bronx
Trimarchi Anthony J Private New York
Trimarchi Santi J. Technical Sergeant Queens
Trimble Lawrence G Staff Sergeant Queens
Trimble Thomas A Private 15 TK BN 6 ARMD DIV 2-Aug-44 Rensselaer
Trimboli Stephen Eugene Seaman 2nd Class Kings
Trinceri Louis Fireman 1st Class Kings
Tringale Alfredo C Private 1st Class Kings
Tripi Angelo Private 1269 ENGR COMBAT BN 4-Jun-45 Erie
Tripi Angelo J Staff Sergeant 175 INF 29 DIV 12-Aug-44 Erie
Tripiccione Emideo M Private Kings
Tripodi Joseph Private 1st Class Orange
Tripodi Ralph J. Private 157 REGT 45 DIV 28-Aug-44 Queens
Tripodo Vincent Private Kings
Tripoli Ignatius Corporal 179 INF 45 DIV 11-Nov-43 Erie
Tripp Arthur S Corporal Kings
Tripp Leon E 1st Lieutenant Saratoga
Tripp Walter F. Jr. 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Tripp Wilbur James Chief Electrician Queens
Tripple Samuel J Private 1st Class Herkimer
Trirsch Charles J Private 1st Class 165 INF 27 DIV 17-Jun-44 Bronx
Trish Milton C Private Erie
Tristram Alexander Private 1st Class 747 TANK BN 8-Jun-44 New York
Tritsch Fred A. Private 1st Class Oneida
Tritten Herman Nmi Private 1st Class Oneida
Troccoli Dominic Private 1st Class Nassau
Trockwitz Alexander Private Kings
Troianiello Nicholas M Private Richmond
Troiano Anthony J Corporal Bronx
Troiano Frank Charles Corporal Bronx
Troiano Nicholas V 1st Sergeant Onondaga
Troiso Frank Sam Fireman 1st Class Kings
Trojakowski Wadsworth Caesar Commander Schenectady
Trojnor Joseph S Sergeant Cayuga
Trolio Arthur B. Technical Sergeant 28 INF 8 DIV 2-Dec-44 Queens
Troll Francis E. Private 1st Class Kings
Trombetta Louis J. Private 1st Class Monroe
Trombino Joseph Frank Seaman 2nd Class New York
Trombino Louis J Corporal Wayne
Trombley Francis G Private 1st Class Clinton
Trombley John L Private 1st Class Franklin
Trombley Leonard Corporal Clinton
Trombley William E. Aviation Cadet Schenectady
Trombley William J Private 12 INF 4 DIV 9-Jul-44 Clinton
Tromp Joseph J Private 1st Class Kings
Tronolone John J Ensign Erie
Tronolone Vito M Private 1st Class Erie
Tronsor John Francis Jr Private Nassau
Trope Ashley G 1st Lieutenant New York
Tropeano Anthony A Private 1st Class Bronx
Tropiano Vito C. Private 10 INF 5 DIV 7-Dec-44 Broome
Troppodo Rosolino Private 1st Class Fulton
Trosset Jack F. Corporal Oneida
Trost Mason H. Private Queens
Trost Vincent J. Private 1st Class Queens
Trott Edward F Corporal Westchester
Trotta Edward Emil Private 1st Class Nassau
Trotta Michael J Sergeant 856 BOMB SQ 492 BOMB 23-Jun-44 New York
Trotta Ralph J Private 6 INF 1 ARMD DIV 8-Nov-42 Westchester
Trotter Neal Junior Watertender 2nd Class Queens
Trottier Robert W Captain Erie
Troub Jacob Private 1st Class Bronx
Troup Kenneth T Technician 5th Grade St. Lawrence
Troutman Raymond H. Sergeant AIR CORPS 27-Nov-43 Monroe
Trovato Mario B. Private 53 INF BN 4 ARMD DIV 29-Jul-44 Kings
Trovato Salvatore P Private 1st Class Queens
Trowbridge Henry Charles Private Queens
Troy Edwin G Staff Sergeant 2 INF 5 DIV 16-Feb-45 New York
Troy Francis J Captain State at large
Troy Francis J. Captain Oswego
Troy Frank C Staff Sergeant New York
Troy Gerald V Private Bronx
Troy William M Private 1st Class 107 GUN CREW CA CORP 7-Jun-42 Bronx
Troy William W Private Rensselaer
Trubacz Walter T. Technician 5th Grade 28 CAV RCN SQ 1-Mar-45 Kings
Truberg William Christopher Machinist's Mate 1st Class Queens
Trubia Orlando Richard Corporal Livingston
Truble Joseph A. Private 59 ARMD FA BN 26-May-44 Queens
Trudeau Carter N. Technician 4th Grade Franklin
Trudnowski Benjamin P Private Niagara
Trudnowski Edward W Master Technical Sergeant Chautauqua
True Joseph N Private 455 AAA AW BN 4-Apr-45 Herkimer
True Robert G. Staff Sergeant 535 BOMB SQ 381 BOMB 5-Nov-43 Monroe
Trueit George F. Jr. Private 782 TANK BN 30-Jan-45 Queens
Truglio Joseph Staff Sergeant Kings
Truisi Victor Private 1st Class 105 INF 27 DIV 11-Jul-44 Kings
Truman Harlow M 2nd Lieutenant 585 BOMB SQ 394 BOMB 7-Aug-44 Madison
Truman Laurence E Staff Sergeant Cortland
Trumble B.C. Jr. 2nd Lieutenant INFANTRY 15-Jul-42 Chemung
Trumble Frank C Gunnery Sergeant New York
Trumbull Bernard O. Technician 5th Grade 8 INF 4 DIV 14-Feb-45 Essex
Trumbull Thomas P Sergeant Washington
Trunk Adam J C Private 1st Class 803 ENGR BN/AVN/ 27-Jun-42 Erie
Truskoski Thomas Frank Seaman 2nd Class Suffolk
Truslow Walter Jr Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Kings
Trustman Robert Sergeant 415 BOMB SQ 98 BOMB 19-Aug-44 Queens
Tryon Edgar L. Private 501 PRCHT INF 101 AB 4-Oct-44 Oswego
Tryon Leonard S Staff Sergeant Albany
Tryon Loren L Staff Sergeant 116 INF 29 DIV 28-Aug-44 Jefferson
Trythall Harry E Staff Sergeant 339 INF 85 DIV 14-May-44 Orange
Trzaskos Leonard F Technician 5th Grade Montgomery
Trzepacz Edwin Stanley Aviation Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Oneida
Tscherne Joseph F. Corporal Kings
Tschinkel Edward C. Private 1st Class Queens
Tszuskot Stanley Private 1st Class 115 INF 29 DIV 8-Jun-44 Kings
Tubbs Charles F Sr Private 358 INF 90 DIV 15-Jan-45 Albany
Tubbs Herbert L. Staff Sergeant 579 BOMB SQ 392 BOMB 21-Jul-44 Steuben
Tubbs Warren H Technical Sergeant Ontario
Tuberman Frank Private Bronx
Tucci Firmino Private 1st Class Westchester
Tucci Francesso F. Corporal 47 TK BN 14 ARMD DIV 3-Apr-45 Genesee
Tucci Peter A Private Westchester
Tucciarone Robert F Staff Sergeant AIR CORPS 25-Sep-43 Bronx
Tucek Joseph Staff Sergeant Queens
Tuchinsky Bernard Private Kings
Tuchman Sidney Private 13 INF 8 DIV 3-Apr-45 Kings
Tuchols John E Corporal Erie
Tuck Andrew E III 1st Lieutenant Westchester
Tuck George Thomas Gunner's Mate 2nd Class Bronx
Tuck Thomas Stanley Electrician's Mate 2nd Class Queens
Tucke James R Private 1st Class Monroe
Tucker Arthur B 1st Lieutenant Rockland
Tucker Edward V Private 1st Class 47 INF 9 DIV 6-Aug-44 Nassau
Tucker Ernest S Jr Private Wayne
Tucker Harlan Dean Jr Corporal Westchester
Tucker Harold D Private 1st Class Onondaga
Tucker Herbert L. Staff Sergeant 579 BOMB SQ 392 BOMB 4-Oct-43 Kings
Tucker Herman Ship's Serviceman 3rd Class Bronx
Tucker Howard W Staff Sergeant Orleans
Tucker Irving Private New York
Tucker Joseph J. Jr. Private 1st Class 168 INF 34 DIV 1-Nov-44 Kings
Tucker Kenneth D. Private 18 INF 1 DIV 8-Jun-44 Essex
Tucker Paul R Jr Private 1st Class Broome
Tucker Richard Eugene Sergeant Monroe
Tucker Richard G. Staff Sergeant Monroe
Tucker Robert Major Monroe
Tucker Roy M Private 1st Class Erie
Tucker Thomas A 2nd Lieutenant Erie
Tucker Watson B Jr Private Westchester
Tuckerman Preston G 1st Lieutenant New York
Tuckey Bernard A. 1st Lieutenant 361 FTR SQ 356 FTR G 20-Mar-44 Queens
Tuckosh Eugene T Private 1st Class 104 INF 26 DIV 28-Nov-44 Orange
Tudor Arnold B Private New York
Tufano Gabriel J. Private Queens
Tufano Jack A Corporal Queens
Tuffey Delos J. Private 1st Class 431 BOMB SQ 11 BOMB 1-Dec-42 Oneida
Tuffey Francis L. Private 1st Class HQ SQ 4 COMPOSITE GP 24-May-42 Oneida
Tuffley Harry E. Private 1st Class 346 INF 87 DIV 4-Mar-45 Broome
Tukis Watslow W Private 1st Class Queens
Tulchin Sidney Private 1st Class Bronx
Tulik Edward Private Oswego
Tulipane Silveo J Staff Sergeant New York
Tulipane William E Sergeant Bronx
Tulley Franklin T Private 1st Class St. Lawrence
Tully Andrew Private 1st Class New York
Tuna Anthony Chief Carpenter Bronx
Tunney John Francis III Ensign Albany
Tuohy John Joseph Signalman 3rd Class New York
Tuohy John M Private New York
Tuosto Michael Frank Field Cook Kings
Tupkelewicz Joseph M Private 1st Class 6 INF 1 ARMD DIV 8-Nov-42 Nassau
Tupper Leo M 1st Lieutenant Westchester
Tupper Theodore Jr Electrician's Mate 3rd Class Nassau
Turano Anthony Corporal Queens
Turano Harold J. Private Kings
Turansky Bernard 2nd Lieutenant 353 BOMB SQ 301 BOMB 27-Jul-43 Kings
Turash William Technical Sergeant 120 INF 30 DIV 1-Aug-44 New York
Turchiano Donato V. Staff Sergeant 364 BOMB SQ 305 BOMB 25-Feb-44 Kings
Turck Frank J Private Ulster
Turco John Private New York
Turco Michael A Private 1st Class 10 INF 5 DIV 24-Mar-45 Westchester
Turcott Charles A Private 1st Class Onondaga
Turcotte Arthur J. Private Niagara
Turcotte Gerald W Private St. Lawrence
Turcotte John O.L. 2nd Lieutenant Essex
Turczyn Adam Private 1st Class 32 REGT 3 ARMD DIV 3-Sep-44 Kings
Turek Leon Mathew Seaman 1st Class Erie
Turek Philip A. Private Monroe
Turekian Arthur K Technical Sergeant 718 BOMB SQ 449 BOMB 16-Apr-44 Kings
Turetsky Murray Private 1st Class 15 INF 3 DIV 25-Oct-44 Kings
Turetzky David S Private 262 INF 66 DIV 25-Dec-44 Bronx
Turfeo Salvatore Technical Sergeant Kings
Turi Arthur B. Sergeant Queens
Turino Thomas Robert Lieutenant Kings
Turisk Isadore Private Niagara
Turitz Morris 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Turk Bertram M. 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Turk Irving Aviation Chief Radio Technician Kings
Turk Mathew O. Jr. Private 1st Class Queens
Turk Robert H Private 1st Class Queens
Turk Theodore A. 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Turko Peter Staff Sergeant Nassau
Turkovich Victor A Sergeant 506 PRCHT INF 101 AB 6-Jun-44 Chautauqua
Turley Matthew Private 435 AAA AW BN 7-Oct-44 Erie
Turman Milton P Private Bronx
Turnbull Glenn W. Private 1st Class Schenectady
Turnbull Jerome J. Sergeant QM CORPS 24-Oct-44 Broome
Turnbull Kenneth Hamilton Jr Private 1st Class New York
Turnbull Mark Sergeant New York
Turnbull Philip J Corporal Kings
Turnbull William Cowans Jr Storekeeper 3rd Class Bronx
Turner Earl B. Staff Sergeant 27 BOMB SQ 30 BOMB G 10-Apr-44 Oswego
Turner Edward P Private 1st Class 330 INF 83 DIV 15-Jan-45 Richmond
Turner Ernest William Assistant Cook Herkimer
Turner Frederick Arthur Ensign Westchester
Turner Frederick Wade Seaman 1st Class Erie
Turner Harold H. Private 1st Class Schenectady
Turner Isiah Private Erie
Turner John E. Technical Sergeant Queens
Turner Kenneth J. Private 1st Class 262 INF 66 DIV 25-Dec-44 Oneida
Turner Louis F Private New York
Turner Robert Lawrence Private 1st Class Bronx
Turner Robert M. Sergeant Tioga
Turner Ross C Staff Sergeant 20 PUR SQ 24 PUR GP 5-Aug-42 Orleans
Turner Sam Private 1st Class Wayne
Turner Stanley King Jr Lieutenant Westchester
Turner William Richmond Jr 2d Lieutenant Cattaraugus
Turner William W Private New York
Turnier Harry B Corporal 29 FA BN 4 DIV 18-Nov-44 Bronx
Turo Michael A Private Bronx
Turon Ignacy Private 1st Class New York
Turrillo Louis Signalman 3rd Class Bronx
Turton Edgar Private 1st Class Westchester
Turton Francis G 1st Lieutenant Albany
Turton Jann Gunner's Mate 3rd Class Erie
Turtora Anthony J Jr 1st Lieutenant Bronx
Turturro Ausustine T Corporal 803 ENGR BN/AVN/ 21-Aug-42 Ulster
Turturro Michael Private Kings
Turverey Ralph C Private 1st Class Onondaga
Turzik Joseph J Sergeant Dutchess
Tusa Romeo Private 1st Class Kings
Tuschinsky Paul Private 1st Class Nassau
Tuskey Arthur R Private 1st Class Onondaga
Tussing Donald Frederick Aviation Ordnance man 3rd Class Niagara
Tuszynski Edmund R Private 4 CAV RCN SQ 20-Jun-44 Erie
Tutera John Seaman 2nd Class Westchester
Tuthill Bruce W Staff Sergeant Nassau
Tuthill Francis W. Private 1st Class Schuyler
Tuthill Fred T Jr Private Orange
Tuthill Merton C Sergeant Oneida
Tutko George J Private 1st Class 309 INF 78 DIV 22-Mar-45 Erie
Tutko Michael Nmi Private 23 INF BN 7 ARMD DIV 7-Oct-44 Kings
Tuttle Fred Seaman 2nd Class Westchester
Tuttle Harvey R Private Jefferson
Tuttobene Joseph A. 1st Lieutenant Monroe
Tuxson Thomas Robert Seaman 1st Class Queens
Tuyn Richard Francis Pharmacist's Mate 3rd Class Erie
Tuzeo Vincent Frank Sr Private New York
Tuzio Nicholas V. Private 1st Class 748 TANK BN 18-Mar-45 Kings
Tuzzolino Frank M Private 1st Class 56 INF BN 12 ARMD DI 5-Apr-45 Dutchess
Twardy Michael J Private 339 INF 85 DIV 12-Jul-44 Erie
Twedt Cornelius Private 1st Class Kings
Tweed Robert Samuel Seaman 1st Class Orange
Tweedie Richard D Private 1st Class Delaware
Twist George L. Private Chemung
Twist Robert A. Private 1st Class Steuben
Twitchell Robert Joseph Seaman 1st Class Westchester
Twohy John Walter Ensign Kings
Twombly Richard M 2nd Lieutenant Ulster
Twomey Thomas J. 1st Lieutenant Queens
Twyman George Private 813 MP CO 3-Nov-44 New York
Tyburczy Joseph O. Private 1st Class 307 INF 77 DIV 28-Jan-45 Kings
Tychostup William Technical Sergeant 766 BOMB SQ 461 BOMB 23-Dec-44 New York
Tyers George H Private 1st Class 749 TANK BN 26-Jul-44 Nassau
Tyler Douglas S. Private Kings
Tyler Everett F 2nd Lieutenant Cattaraugas
Tyler Mahlon J. 1st Lieutenant Otsego
Tyler Walter D Private Broome
Tylicki Stanley P Sergeant Bronx
Tyll Felix Flight Officer New York
Tymons Charles M Sergeant Bronx
Tynan Charles S Private 319 INF 80 DIV 8-Oct-44 Nassau
Tynan Clifford H Private 1st Class 415 INF 104 DIV 18-Nov-44 Nassau
Tynan Joseph Martin Jr Seaman 2nd Class Westchester
Tyniec Bronislaus Sergeant 179 INF 45 DIV 30-May-44 Erie
Tyo Joseph J A Sergeant St. Lawrence
Tyrpa Joseph A Private 1st Class Erie
Tyrrell Thomas J. 2nd Lieutenant Schenectady
Tysco Stanley E Sergeant Onondaga
Tysinger Dale C Private 67 CA REGT 31-Dec-43 New York
Tyson Ernest Private Nassau
Tyson Solomon Private 1st Class 301 INF 94 DIV 14-Mar-45 Oneida

The entire list containing over 43,000 names can be downloaded here.

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