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World War II Honor List
New York US Army & US Army Air Force - Dead and Missing
US Navy, US Marine Corps and US Coast Guard - Dead, Missing, POW and Wounded

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Last Name First Name Rank Regiment Date of Death County
Vacanti Andrew J. Sergeant Monroe
Vacca Anthony A. Sergeant Queens
Vaccarelli Michael M Private 1st Class New York
Vaccaro Benjamin A. Sergeant Kings
Vaccaro Emanuel S. Staff Sergeant 323 BOMB SQ 91 BOMB 31-Aug-43 Kings
Vaccaro Frank J Sergeant 415 INF 104 DIV 16-Nov-44 Bronx
Vaccaro Michael Private 1st Class Kings
Vaccaro Tony J. Private 1st Class Kings
Vaccaro Victorio Staff Sergeant 415 BOMB SQ 98 BOMB 2-May-44 Queens
Vaccaro Victorio Staff Sergeant State at large
Vacchelli John 1st Lieutenant New York
Vacek Charles F. Sergeant Fulton
Vader George M Private 1st Class Onondaga
Vader Warren A Private 1st Class Onondaga
Vadney Edward W. Private 31 SIG CONS BN 27-Nov-43 Schenectady
Vadney William J Staff Sergeant 337 BOMB SQ 96 BOMB 17-Oct-43 Albany
Vagnone Alphonse V Private 1st Class Bronx
Vahaly Michael Private Kings
Vail Archie H. Private 120 INF 30 DIV 13-Aug-44 Otsego
Vail Charles C. Private Kings
Vail Frederick C Private 1st Class State at large
Vail Frederick W III 2nd Lieutenant 1337 AAF BASE UNIT 20-Oct-44 Dutchess
Vail Maurice Francis Private 1st Class Herkimer
Vail Raymond J Private 1st Class New York
Vail Roger B 2nd Lieutenant Orange
Vail Russell L Private 496 AAA GUN BN 3-Sep-44 Erie
Vail William H 1st Lieutenant New York
Vajda Paul P Private 1st Class Kings
Valdas Peter J. Sergeant Queens
Valdes Alfonse Private 1st Class Bronx
Valdevento Arthur L Private 1st Class Bronx
Valek Antone George Jr. Aviation Machinist's Mate 1st Class Suffolk
Valek William J Private Albany
Valela Salvatore Staff Sergeant 483 BOMB SQ 505 BOMB 10-Feb-45 Kings
Valente Alie Private Bronx
Valente Paul O. Private Kings
Valente Ralph Private New York
Valente Salvatore Private 1st Class Albany
Valenti Carlo Private 1st Class Rensselaer
Valenti James Private 110 INF 28 DIV 31-Jul-44 Kings
Valenti James Vincent Ship's Cook 3rd Class Kings
Valenti Joseph N. Technician 4th Grade 9 INF 2 DIV 14-Apr-45 Kings
Valenti Mariano Private Queens
Valentin Emilio De J Private 1st Class New York
Valentine Clifford B. Private 36 ENGR COMBAT REGT 12-Oct-44 Suffolk
Valentine Eugene M 1st Lieutenant Dutchess
Valentine Floyd Staff Sergeant 675 BOMB SQ 417 BOMB 3-Jan-46 Orleans
Valentine Gordon J. Private Queens
Valentine James R. 2nd Lieutenant Steuben
Valentine William R Private 1st Class Steuben
Valentino Joseph J. Private Kings
Valentino Joseph R Private 1st Class Niagara
Valentino Mario D. Private 1st Class Kings
Valentino Michael A Corporal Richmond
Valentino Nathan Private 1st Class New York
Valentino Nicholas F Staff Sergeant 7 INF 3 DIV 31-Jan-44 Richmond
Valenzano Dominick Frank Seaman 2nd Class New York
Valenzio Vibo Vincent Chief Photographer's Mate New York
Valeri Ernest Sergeant 7 INF 3 DIV 15-Sep-44 Bronx
Valerio Dominick A Private 1st Class Onondaga
Valerio Enio J Staff Sergeant 323 BOMB SQ 91 BOMB 13-May-43 Westchester
Vales Jarome Technician 4th Grade Orleans
Valina Anthony Private 1st Class New York
Valinsky Solomon Private Kings
Valis Constantine T. 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Valk Benjamin Private 1st Class Dutchess
Valkinas Vincent Private 46 INF BN 5 ARMD DIV 30-Nov-44 Queens
Valkovich J C Jr Private 7 INF 3 DIV 4-Feb-44 New York
Valkwitch James A 2nd Lieutenant Erie
Vallejo Frank J. Private 1st Class Kings
Vallen Charles W. Staff Sergeant Broome
Valles Henry J Technician 5th Grade New York
Vallet Fernand P. Technician 5th Grade Queens
Vallet Rene Jr Ship's Cook 2nd Class Queens
Valley Oscar A Private 1st Class Queens
Valley Wilbur L. 2nd Lieutenant Oswego
Valone Louis A. Private 1st Class 26 INF 1 DIV 9-Jun-44 Monroe
Valvo Leonard J Private Erie
Vampotic Rudolph V Private 1st Class Erie
Van Aalten Sylvan Private 1st Class 28 INF 8 DIV 30-Nov-44 Bronx
Van Auken Harry H Private Madison
Van Buren Franklin W. Technician 4th Grade Schoharie
Van Derwerken John H. Private 507 PRCHT INF REGT 7-Jun-44 Schenectady
Van DeWall Alvin L. Staff Sergeant 992 ENGR BR CO 18-Dec-44 Monroe
Van Dixon Gerald F Corporal 1 ANTISUB SQ 17-Aug-43 Cattaraugas
Van Dresar Gerald C. Technician 5th Grade Oneida
Van Dusen Robert F. Major Monroe
Van Erden Herbert L Private 1st Class Chautauqua
Van Etten William E Private 357 INF 90 DIV 6-Jul-44 State at large
Van Every William H. Staff Sergeant 10 INF 5 DIV 23-Dec-44 Queens
Van Gelder Fred Private Queens
Van Hine Frank Private 1st Class Essex
Van Houten John F. Private 1st Class 507 PRCHT INF REGT 8-Jan-45 Queens
Van Houton Charles H. 2nd Lieutenant 419 BOMB SQ 301 BOMB 26-Jul-44 Chemung
Van Iderstine J.E. Technician 4th Grade Queens
Van Kirk William A. Private 37 TK BN 4 ARMD DIV 20-Sep-44 Seneca
Van Kleeck Arthur B. Sergeant 344 BOMB SQ 98 BOMB 1-Aug-43 Kings
Van Kuller Kurt Private 1st Class Onondaga
Van Morrelgem Frank Sergeant 13 REGT 1 ARMD DIV 30-May-44 Monroe
Van Niel Jasper Jr. Staff Sergeant Monroe
Van Nort John Staff Sergeant 120 INF 30 DIV 16-Jul-44 Queens
Van Nostrand C.H. Technician 5th Grade 462 AMPH TRK CO 28-Apr-44 Fulton
Van Nostrand R N Staff Sergeant Madison
Van Orden Floyd C. Private 1st Class Monroe
Van Orden Robert D Private Onondaga
Van Reenen Albert Flight Officer Monroe
Van Schryver Harry A. 1st Lieutenant Niagara
Van Scoten Elwood R. Technician 5th Grade Broome
Van Scoy Floyd B. Sergeant Broome
Van Sille Gilbert Private 1st Class Bronx
Van Slyke Frank A Private Onondaga
Van Steenburg A Private 1st Class 33 FA BN 1 DIV 10-Apr-45 Broome
Van Troyen Joseph J. 2nd Lieutenant Monroe
Van Valkenburgh E.J. Private 1st Class Essex
Van Vechten C.E. Technical Sergeant Schenectady
Van Vliet John E. 1st Lieutenant 321 SQ 516 TRP CARR 10-Nov-45 Oneida
Van Volkenburg C.B. Private 23 INF 2 DIV 5-Sep-44 Genesee
Van Wely Richard C Private 119 INF 30 DIV 5-Nov-44 Albany
Van Wicklen W. F. Private 1st Class Kings
Van Zandt Howard J Private 112 CAV REGT 28-Dec-43 Bronx
Van-Wely Gilbert Jr Private 1st Class Albany
Vanace Andrew W 2nd Lieutenant 767 BOMB SQ 461 BOMB 20-Nov-44 Albany
Vanacore Julius A 2nd Lieutenant 759 BOMB SQ 459 BOMB 9-Apr-44 New York
Vanacore Michael T Private New York
Vanacour Boris Nmi Private Kings
Vanaken Howard L 2nd Lieutenant New York
Vanalstyne Elwood F Private 755 TANK BN 19-May-44 Albany
VanAlstyne George Philip Seaman 1st Class New York
Vanalstyne W S Technician 4th Grade Herkimer
Vanasco Edward F. Private Queens
Vanasse John W Private 1st Class New York
Vanbronkhorst A G Captain New York
VanBuren Barnett Gates Radio Technician 2nd Class Fulton
VanBuren Clifford Millard Private 1st Class Schenectady
Vanbuskirk Fred Technical Sergeant 120 INF 30 DIV 8-Aug-44 Albany
VanCamp Robert Gunnery Sergeant Ulster
Vance Harold R Staff Sergeant Bronx
Vance Robert T Major Queens
Vance Travis Holloway Jr Machinist's Mate 1st Class New York
Vance Walter Thomas Platoon Sergeant New York
VanCook William P Private 1st Class Bronx
Vancortlandt A III 1st Lieutenant 420 FA BN 10 ARMD DI 22-Apr-45 Westchester
VanDailey Charles R Corporal Richmond
Vandecarr C B Private 1st Class 60 ENGR CMBT BN 35 D 10-Oct-44 New York
Vandelinder Jess Technical Sergeant Herkimer
VanDeMoortel Gordon Charles Seaman 2nd Class Ontario
Vanden Bosch Grover Private 1st Class 325 GLI INF 82 ABN D 30-Jan-45 Monroe
Vanden-Heuvel T R 1st Lieutenant Richmond
Vandenberg Jacques Sergeant Westchester
Vandenberg L H Captain Ulster
Vandenbergh Jasper Private Albany
Vandenburge John R Private Saratoga
Vandenburgh Sylvester Frank Aviation Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Columbia
Vander - Laan Gordon B. Private 406 INF 102 DIV 7-Nov-44 Kings
Vanderbeck Kenneth R Private 1st Class Monroe
Vanderbilt Arthur D. Private 1st Class Kings
Vanderbit Renald R. Private 1st Class Queens
Vanderbrook C D Private 1st Class 18 INF 1 DIV 21-Aug-43 Wayne
Vanderhoff H.J. Jr. 2nd Lieutenant Steuben
Vanderhule Grant S Sergeant 121 INF 8 DIV 14-Aug-44 Warren
Vandermark Millard E. Private 1st Class 133 INF 34 DIV 1-Jun-44 Broome
Vandermark Robert F Private 1st Class Greene
Vanderpool Walter Private Tioga
Vandervate H Jr 1st Lieutenant Erie
Vanderveer Harold H. Technician 5th Grade 32 REGT 3 ARMD DIV 26-Feb-45 Queens
Vanderwall Clarence John Ensign Wayne
VanDeusen Harold Paul Coxswain Oswego
Vandeveer Robert E Corporal Bronx
VandeWalle Frank Jr Gunner's Mate 3rd Class Kings
Vandewater F L Staff Sergeant Nassau
Vandeymark Erza C. Technical Sergeant 1515 QM BN/AVN/ 28-Oct-44 Kings
Vandoren B Jr Captain Westchester
VanDrielst William Machinist's Mate 1st Class Kings
Vandyke John W Private 1st Class Erie
Vane George J Staff Sergeant Wayne
Vanek Joseph Seaman 1st Class New York
Vanek Joseph B. Captain Queens
Vanelk Gilbert J Technician 5th Grade 601 TD BN 26-Jan-45 New York
Vanella Joseph Private 1st Class Kings
VanEtten Clifford H Corporal Ulster
Vanetten Howard L Technician 5th Grade 53 INF BN 4 ARMD DIV 30-Dec-44 Orange
Vangaasbeck C M Private 143 INF 36 DIV 22-Aug-44 Ulster
Vangalio Sam Frank Private 1st Class Livingston
Vangor Andrew Staff Sergeant Westchester
VanGorp William Haile Private 1st Class Westchester
Vanguilder Arthur T Technician 5th Grade Saratoga
Vanhise Malcolm J 1st Lieutenant 535 BOMB SQ 381 BOMB 30-Jan-44 Orange
Vanhouten Homer H Sergeant 242 INF 42 DIV 9-Jan-45 Rockland
VanHouten Robert Stewart Motor Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Bronx
Vanhyning Oren G Technician 4th Grade 907 ORD AUTO MAINT C 27-Dec-45 St. Lawrence
Vanier Earnest Private 111 ENGR CMBT BN 36 1-Dec-44 Albany
Vanier Francis W Private 55 INF BN 11 ARMD DI 24-Feb-45 Rensselaer
Vaniglia Frank Staff Sergeant Richmond
Vankeuren Robert F Private 1st Class Steuben
Vankeuren Tobias R 1st Lieutenant 410 BOMB SQ 94 BOMB 6-Oct-44 Rensselaer
Vankirk Norman C 2nd Lieutenant 839 BOMB SQ 487 BOMB 7-Jun-44 Washington
Vankleeck Gordon L Staff Sergeant Orange
Vanmarter Harold R Corporal Tompkins
Vanmeer Laurence Private 1st Class 25 BOMB SQ 40 BOMB G 29-Jul-45 Erie
Vann Walter Jr Private 1st Class 372 INF REGT 24-Jun-45 Westchester
Vanname Griffin 2nd Lieutenant New York
VanName Jackson Walter Private 1st Class Kings
VanNess Schuyler Martin Yeoman 2nd Class Kings
Vanni Pio J. Sergeant Niagara
VanNorden Frederick Ethelbert Electrician's Mate 2nd Class Kings
Vanorden Roy Private Orleans
VanOrder Edmund Jr Private 1st Class Tompkins
VanPatten Edward Melville Private 1st Class Schenectady
Vanpelt Robert J Corporal 343 BOMB SQ 98 BOMB 1-May-43 Chenango
Vanrensselaer S K Captain Dutchess
Vanryn John G Private St. Lawrence
VanRyne Albert George Private Monroe
VanScoyk William T. Private 1st Class Onondaga
Vanslyck D Jr Technical Sergeant New York
Vanson John H Private 1st Class Nassau
VanStaden George Arthur Corporal Broome
Vant William F Private 1st Class Oswego
Vantassel L W 2nd Lieutenant Columbia
Vantassel Robert D 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
VanTassel William Henry Private 1st Class Chemung
Vantuyl Richard A 2nd Lieutenant 777 BOMB SQ 464 BOMB 28-Dec-44 Nassau
Vanucci Eugene John Fireman 2nd Class Queens
Vanvalkenburg A Sergeant Rensselaer
VanValkenburg Donald Seaman 1st Class Albany
VanValkenburg Thomas Edward Seaman 2nd Class Steuben
Vanvolkenburg L D 2nd Lieutenant Erie
Vanvolkenburg R H Technician 4th Grade Montgomery
Vanvoorhis R D Staff Sergeant 133 INF 34 DIV 3-Feb-44 Erie
Vanvoorhis Robert G Technician 4th Grade Orange
Vanvorst Leo A Jr Sergeant 714 BOMB SQ 448 BOMB 28-Jun-45 Richmond
Vanwagner Alfred M Private 301 INF 94 DIV 2-Mar-45 Nassau
VanWagner Gordon Seaman 1st Class Saratoga
VanWart William J. Private 1st Class Queens
VanWie William H. Private 1st Class Queens
VanWyck James T. Private Erie
Vanzandt Fred Sergeant Columbia
VanZile Ivan Jay Corporal Schuyler
Vaow Lawrence H. Sergeant Broome
Varacchi Romeo L. Staff Sergeant 333 BOMB SQ 94 BOMB 26-Jul-43 Kings
Varalli Daniel M 1st Lieutenant Wayne
Varcasia George A Technical Sergeant Bronx
Vardy James F. Private Kings
Varella Ramon Monroy Corporal Westchester
Vargas Frank Private 1st Class 209 FA BN 23-Oct-43 New York
Vargo Francis A. Private Essex
Vargo John P Private 1st Class Onondaga
Vargo Michael Staff Sergeant New York
Varley Edward J. Private 1st Class Monroe
Varney Maynard L Private 1st Class 40 TK BN 7 ARMD DIV 12-Apr-45 Saratoga
Varnum Herbert L. Private 1st Class Oneida
Varon Jack C. Private 1st Class Bronx
Varone Anthony M. Private Kings
Varone Carlo Technician 5th Grade Kings
Varriano John Technician 4th Grade 31 SIG CONS BN 27-Nov-43 Richmond
Varrichio Gerard Paul Seaman 1st Class Bronx
Varrone Peter L Private 1st Class 493 FA BN 12 ARMD DI 15-Dec-44 New York
Vasata John M. Technician 5th Grade 12 INF 4 DIV 23-Nov-44 Queens
Vascherault Arthur F. Private 1st Class Rensselaer
Vasconcellos Joseph Technical Sergeant 59 BOMB SQ 9 BOMB GP 25-Jun-41 Queens
Vasilakos Stratis C Private 1st Class Dutchess
Vasiliou William Christ Private 1st Class Queens
Vasko Richard E. Private 1327 AAF BASE UNIT 3-May-45 Queens
Vasquez Fernando Seaman 1st Class New York
Vasquez Joseph C Private 1st Class 143 INF 36 DIV 2-Oct-44 New York
Vasquez Tony Private New York
Vassallo Daniel Michael Seaman 2nd Class Kings
Vassallo Louis R Private 1st Class Onondaga
Vassallo Ralph J. Private 1st Class Queens
Vasse John Joel Shipfitter 2nd Class Tompkins
Vasselakos John Private 47 INF 9 DIV 29-Mar-43 Broome
Vassilieff Igor V Technical Sergeant 1141 ENGR COMBAT GP 2-Oct-44 Nassau
Vasslowski Charles Motor Machinist's Mate 1st Class New York
Vasta Vincent Private 175 INF 29 DIV 16-Nov-44 Queens
Vastola Sam M Private 7 INF 3 DIV 1-Jun-44 Erie
Vattes Irving C. Private Erie
Vaughan Alfred N Jr Private Madison
Vaughan Charles W Sergeant 855 ENGR BN/AVN/ 11-Nov-43 State at large
Vaughan Gwynne H Jr. Staff Sergeant 134 INF 35 DIV 11-Aug-44 Chautauqua
Vaughn Charles W Sergeant 855 ENGR BN/AVN/ 11-Nov-43 New York
Vaughn Robert F Private Orleans
Vaughn Roland V Jr 1st Lieutenant Westchester
Vaughn Rosco L Private 1st Class 3281 QM SV CO 25-Feb-44 Dutchess
Vavoulis Theodore Corporal 120 INF 30 DIV 28-Jul-44 Kings
Vavrinec Joseph J Corporal Nassau
Vayda John J. Technical Sergeant Queens
Vazoulas Thomas C. Private 1st Class Kings
Vazquez Atanacio Private Kings
Vazquez Irmundo C Private 1st Class Bronx
Vazquez Julio V Private 1st Class New York
Vazzana Anthony M. Jr. Technical Sergeant Monroe
Veach Jerome J Private 1st Class Washington
Veasey Robert J. Corporal 364 BOMB SQ 305 BOMB 17-Sep-44 Queens
Veasy Francis Clement Seaman 1st Class New York
Veatch Robert E Corporal Greene
Vecchicone John Private 1st Class 142 INF 36 DIV 10-Nov-44 Kings
Vecchio Elie N Private 1st Class Dutchess
Vecchio Joseph Technician 3rd Grade Queens
Vecchio Paul J. Private New York
Vece William T Private Rensselaer
Vecera Stephen Private 1st Class Fulton
Vedder Grant Albert Torpedoman's Mate 1st Class Allegany
Vedder Raymond D Private 1st Class Herkimer
Veech Robert James Hospital Apprentice 1st Class Kings
Vega Joseph Corporal New York
Veiders Donald R Private 1st Class Erie
Veiga Andres Enrique Seaman 2nd Class Queens
Veillette Joseph O Private 1st Class 133 INF 34 DIV 24-May-44 Bronx
Veira Robert S. Private 135 FA BN 37 DIV 31-Jan-45 Kings
Veit John Edward Sergeant Queens
Veitch Charles Jr. Aviation Cadet Queens
Velar Evelio Private New York
Velardi Joseph Samuel Fireman 1st Class Queens
Velardi Salvatore Jr Private New York
Velcoff Murray Private 164 INF AMERICAL DIV 1-Dec-42 Bronx
Velez Francisco A Sergeant New York
Velez Hector Private Bronx
Velez Paul M Private 1st Class 12 INF 4 DIV 9-Jun-44 New York
Velie Jack W 2nd Lieutenant 337 BOMB SQ 96 BOMB 4-Aug-44 Rockland
Veling Louis H. 2nd Lieutenant Oneida
Velkey John Technician 5th Grade 102 RCN TRP 102 DIV 28-Aug-44 Queens
Vella Philip A. Technician 4th Grade 319 INF 80 DIV 12-Jan-45 Monroe
Vella Thomas F Private 101 SIG CO 101 ABN D 17-Sep-44 Cayuga
Vellone Enrico G Corporal Onondaga
Velmosky Edward Private Erie
Velotta Vincent F. Private 1st Class New York
Velotto Ralph P. Private 1st Class Kings
Veltman Theodore Corporal Queens
Veltri Bonaventura Private 1st Class Westchester
Veltz Donald L. Technician 5th Grade 30 POSTAL REG SEC 30-May-44 Genesee
Velzy Gordon A. Private 1st Class Niagara
Vencatakrishniah D E Private 330 INF 83 DIV 9-Aug-44 New York
Vendemia Anthony J. Private 1st Class Kings
Vender Robert Staff Sergeant 399 INF 100 DIV 7-Dec-44 Richmond
Vendetta Richard N 2nd Lieutenant Orleans
Venditte Nicholas J Private 1st Class Bronx
Venditti Thomas Pharmacist's Mate 2nd Class Onondaga
Venezia Gus A. Private 1st Class 339 INF 85 DIV 15-May-44 Queens
Venezia Michael C. Sergeant Kings
Veneziale Michael J Private 1st Class Orange
Vennard Charles Private New York
Venokur Paul R Private 1st Class Kings
Venticinque Philip Private Kings
Ventre Hugo L Private 1st Class Bronx
Ventresca Joseph T. Private 1st Class Erie
Ventura Anthony J Technical Sergeant Chautauqua
Ventura Benedetto Private 1st Class 276 INF 70 DIV 16-Apr-45 Richmond
Ventura Frank J Private Greene
Ventura James J. Sergeant Queens
Ventura Joseph S. Private Kings
Ver Died of wounds Harold L Private 1st Class Onondaga
Ver Valin Charles H. Motor Machinist's Mate 2nd class Wayne
Veras Andrew G. Private 1st Class Queens
Verbert Joseph C Corporal 165 INF 27 DIV 27-Jun-44 Orange
Verch Curt J. Private 1st Class 155 INF 31 DIV 15-Dec-44 Queens
Verchereau Joseph M Sergeant Albany
Vercz Nicholas Technician 4th Grade 776 TD BN 18-Sep-45 Otsego
Verde Anthony J Private 1st Class New York
Verdeur Henry G Technical Sergeant New York
Verdoliva Frank A. Private 1st Class Kings
Verdone Paul A. Private 1st Class Queens
Vereb Stephen Technician 5th Grade New York
Veres James Private 1st Class 30 SUP SQ 30 AIR DEP 26-Apr-44 Kings
Veress John A. Private Niagara
Vergano Peter P. Private 1st Class Queens
Vergona Anthony R. Private Kings
Vergos William 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Verguson Ernest L. Staff Sergeant 291 INF 75 DIV 1-Feb-45 Chemung
Verity Edward Charles Seaman 2nd Class Nassau
Verity Thomas W Technician 5th Grade Orange
Verlezza Pelligrino Private 1st Class Bronx
Vermilyea Richard L Private 1st Class Rensselaer
Vermokowitz Walter J. Corporal Queens
Verna Gaetano F Technician 4th Grade New York
Vernacchio Frank Private 1st Class Schenectady
Verne Stephen J. 1st Lieutenant Suffolk
Vernet Waldemar A Jr Technical Sergeant New York
Vernino Raymond R Technical Sergeant Orleans
Verra Tony John Seaman 1st Class New York
Verri Fiorello Private 1st Class Herkimer
Verry Edward William Private Queens
Versaggi Joseph B Private 334 INF 84 DIV 25-Feb-45 New York
Verso Charles Albert Baker 1st Class Erie
Verstraete Vincent Technician 5th Grade Ontario
Vertalino Joseph S Staff Sergeant 354 INF 89 DIV 10-Apr-45 Dutchess
Verteramo Natale Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Schenectady
Vertucci Frank M. Private 1st Class Oneida
Vertucci Gabriel James Corporal Montgomery
Vertuccio Peter P Private Kings
Vervalin Donald E Technician 5th Grade Dutchess
Verzole William R Staff Sergeant Onondaga
Verzyl C.S. Jr. Private 1st Class 15 INF 3 DIV 27-Sep-44 Queens
Verzyl Rayford R. Staff Sergeant Queens
Vesely Frank Staff Sergeant Tompkins
Vesko William Private 1st Class 304 INF 76 DIV 25-Jan-45 Kings
Vesneske Charles Joseph Seaman 2nd Class Cattaraugus
Vespa John Joseph Private Westchester
Vesper Donald L Private 1st Class 397 INF 100 DIV 18-Nov-44 Erie
Vespoli Anthony E. Private 1st Class Queens
Vess Harvey Jr. Private Dutchess
Vessichio Jerome T. Private 1st Class Bronx
Vest William J Private Jefferson
Vestey Edmund H. Technician 5th Grade 141 INF 36 DIV 27-Nov-43 Queens
Vetere Crescenzio J Private Bronx
Vetere Edward Private Queens
Vetere Edward L Private Kings
Vetrano Michael C Private New York
Vetro Peter F. Private 146 ENGR COMBAT BN 7-Nov-44 Queens
Vetrone Anthony James Coxswain Nassau
Vetter George H. Private 34 FA BN 9 DIV 23-Apr-43 Queens
Vetter John J Private 1st Class 321 FA BN 101 ABN DI 19-Sep-44 Nassau
Vettori Alexander Private 1st Class Kings
Vevia Raymond E Technician 5th Grade St. Lawrence
Vezina Thomas J. Staff Sergeant 545 BOMB SQ 384 BOMB 30-Jan-44 Niagara
Viborka John P Private 422 INF 106 DIV 22-Dec-44 New York
Vicari Peter F. Private Monroe
Vicedomini Joseph Private Kings
Vicino James S Private 201 AAA AW BN 9-Oct-43 Westchester
Vickery John J Technical Sergeant 62 INF BN 14 ARMD DI 26-Dec-44 Ontario
Victor James H Sergeant Nassau
Victor Peter A Sergeant Nassau
Victory Charles J Assistant Cook Kings
Victory John E Private 105 FA BN 40 DIV 17-Sep-42 Bronx
Viebrock John C 1st Lieutenant Nassau
Viebrock Theodore C. 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Viehl August W. Staff Sergeant Kings
Viele Harwood C Private 1st Class Warren
Vielhauer Carlton Casler Private 1st Class Herkimer
Viereck George S Jr Corporal 157 REGT 45 DIV 24-Mar-44 New York
Vietheer Alfred A Private 1st Class 327 GLI INF 101 ABN 26-Apr-45 New York
Vietri Harry P Technician 5th Grade Bronx
Vigdor Seymour S. Private Kings
Viger James Toomey Private 1st Class Rensselaer
Viggers Eugene A Private 1st Class 350 INF 88 DIV 16-Apr-45 Orange
Viggiani Charles A Private Onondaga
Viggiano Anthony J Private Bronx
Viggiano Louis P. Technician 5th Grade Kings
Vigilante Ralpn J. Private 1st Class Kings
Vigilotti Vincent L. Private Kings
Vigliante Anthony F. Staff Sergeant Kings
Viglietta Frank David Fireman 1st Class Queens
Vignari Angelo Private Kings
Vignola Ralph Private 22 INF 4 DIV 7-Jul-44 Kings
Vila Edward Corporal New York
Vila James J. Private 1st Class New York
Vilardi Frank Private 322 FTR CONTROL SQ 27-Nov-43 Kings
Vilege Robert M Private 1st Class 428 CA BN 19-Oct-42 New York
Vilen George Staff Sergeant 42 SQ 329 SV GP 24-Nov-43 New York
Vileno George A Staff Sergeant 324 INF 44 DIV 18-Apr-45 Westchester
Villa Michael William Fireman 3rd Class Queens
Villalonga John F. 1st Lieutenant Queens
Villani Louis A. Staff Sergeant 12 INF 4 DIV 23-Jan-45 Queens
Villani Ralph A Sergeant Bronx
Villano Andrew F. Private 1st Class Kings
Villano Carmine Salvatore Pharmacist's Mate 3rd Class Kings
Villano Gabriale A Corporal Cayuga
Villano George N. Private 1st Class Kings
Villari Andrew Joseph Seaman 1st Class Bronx
Villega George J Private 1st Class Bronx
Villella Joseph F Sergeant INFANTRY 17-Jan-44 Bronx
Villetto William P Staff Sergeant 338 BOMB SQ 96 BOMB 7-Jan-45 Westchester
Vinas Pablo Private 125 FA BN 34 DIV 7-Feb-44 New York
Vincent Curtis E Private Wayne
Vincent Donald C. Private Oswego
Vincent James K Private 1st Class Queens
Vincent James M Sergeant 120 INF 30 DIV 24-Mar-45 New York
Vincent John Henry Jr. 2d Lieutenant Albany
Vincent Nicholas J Private 1st Class 129 INF 37 DIV 9-Aug-45 Montgomery
Vincent Robert T. Private Chemung
Vincent Roland L 1st Lieutenant Greene
Vincent Thomas Frederick Jr. Seaman 1st Class Orange
Vinci Carl Michael Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Oneida
Vinci Edward J. Corporal Oneida
Vinciguerra Joseph G. Private 6 INF 1 ARMD DIV 2-Jun-44 Monroe
Vine Arthur Private 1st Class Albany
Vine Wells F Private Onondaga
Vinette Richard T Sergeant 8 INF 4 DIV 23-Jun-44 Onondaga
Vinigrad David S Private Bronx
Vining Willard C Sergeant Westchester
Vinson Henry Technician 5th Grade 39 QM BN 18-Apr-45 Kings
Vintis Charles V. Staff Sergeant Kings
Viola Joseph Private 1st Class Kings
Viola Peter Joseph Coxswain Bronx
Violante James Technician 5th Grade 14 FA BN 2 ARMD DIV 20-Jan-45 Queens
Violon Julien E Staff Sergeant Bronx
Virga Ciro Robert Fireman 1st Class Kings
Virgilio John Private 1st Class Kings
Virgilio William Anthony Fireman 1st Class Suffolk
Virgopia John Jr. Private 1st Class Queens
Virkler Henry J 2nd Lieutenant Lewis
Virzi Frank J Private 1st Class 30 INF 3 DIV 19-Mar-45 Richmond
Viscomi William Private Westchester
Visconti Febo Private AIR CORPS 3-Feb-43 New York
Visconti Francis John Fireman 1st Class Onondaga
Viscount Ralph Daniel Seaman 1st Class Bronx
Viscovich Dario Private 1st Class Queens
Vishlitsky Milton P Private Bronx
Visit Vincent S Private 1st Class 16 INF 1 DIV 25-Apr-43 New York
Visko George W Staff Sergeant HQ CO N AFR 27-Mar-44 New York
Viskup Daniel Nmi Private New York
Viso Rocco A Private 1st Class New York
Visone Albert John Seaman 1st Class Kings
Visosky John J Staff Sergeant 722 BOMB SQ 450 BOMB 24-Mar-44 Chautauqua
Vissaris Christopher Private 1st Class New York
Visser James N Private 1st Class Washington
Vita Louis A. Sergeant Monroe
Vitacco Rocco Private 1st Class Kings
Vitagliano John Private Cayuga
Vitale Anthony Private 1st Class State at large
Vitale Felice J. Staff Sergeant 567 BOMB SQ 389 BOMB 24-Feb-44 Queens
Vitale Frank Private 1st Class New York
Vitale Frederick Oscar Hospital Apprentice 1st Class Broome
Vitale Gioachino J Private 1st Class Bronx
Vitale Paul M. Private 1st Class Kings
Vitale Rocco John Motor Machinist's Mate 1st Class Kings
Vitale Tony J. Private Kings
Vitalone Pasquale J Private 1st Class Ontario
Vitanovitz Stephen F Private 1st Class New York
Vitarius Bela Private 1st Class Ulster
Vitch Simon Sergeant Kings
Vitello Joseph Apprentice Seaman Niagara
Viteritti Angelo Nicholas Seaman 2nd Class Kings
Vitetta Dominic A. Private 1st Class Westchester
Vito James Technician 5th Grade Kings
Vitolo George Francis Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class Queens
Vitouski Joseph A Sergeant Washington
Vitro Carlo C Private 180 INF 45 DIV 11-Jul-43 Westchester
Vitti Vito Private Queens
Vittore Peter B Private Tompkins
Vivelo Donald G. Private 317 INF 80 DIV 7-Oct-44 Kings
Vivian John Thomas Storekeeper 2nd Class Westchester
Viviani John J. Staff Sergeant Queens
Viviano Robert J. Corporal Rensselaer
Vivlamore Albert W. Private 1st Class Oswego
Vizi Salvatore A. Technical Sergeant Niagara
Vizzi Charles Technician 5th Grade Kings
Vizzini Cxhar;Es Flight Officer Bronx
Vlachos Christy Private 1st Class Kings
Vlahos Charles Staff Sergeant Bronx
Vlahos Charles Staff Sergeant 339 INF 85 DIV 13-May-44 Monroe
Vlcek John Platoon Sergeant Suffolk
Vlchek Tony Joseph Private 1st Class Queens
Vlymen John R. Jr. 1st Lieutenant Tioga
Vnuk Martin Private 1st Class New York
Voboril Rudolph J. 1st Lieutenant Queens
Vockerath Philip J 2nd Lieutenant 549 BOMB SQ 385 BOMB 14-Oct-43 Westchester
Voehringer Conrad F Private Kings
Voehringer Paul W 1st Lieutenant Saratoga
Voelker Joseph M. [1st Lieutenant] Kings
Voelkle Norman Technician 5th Grade Erie
Voge Almar Emil Aviation Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Suffolk
Vogel Abraham Private 1st Class Kings
Vogel Arthur J Flight Officer New York
Vogel Bernard J. Private 1st Class Kings
Vogel Charles H. Private 1st Class Queens
Vogel Frank S. Private 1st Class 262 INF 66 DIV 25-Dec-44 Queens
Vogel Harold W. Private HQ SQ 35 PUR GP 1-Mar-42 Kings
Vogel Herbert Private 1st Class 803 ENGR BN/AVN/ 19-Jul-42 Richmond
Vogel Isaac Corporal Kings
Vogel Isadore Private 1st Class New York
Vogel Leonard Private Kings
Vogel Morris Gunnery Sgt. Kings
Vogel Nathan Private 1st Class Kings
Vogel Peter J. Private 1st Class 27 INF BN 9 ARMD DIV 24-Dec-44 Kings
Vogel Robert E. Corporal Cayuga
Vogel Robert R. 1st Lieutenant Queens
Vogel Thomas H 2nd Lieutenant New York
Vogel Thomas W Technical Sergeant 550 BOMB SQ 385 BOMB 23-Mar-44 Erie
Vogel Walter G. Private 1st Class 151 INF 38 DIV 18-May-45 Queens
Vogelstein Henry Staff Sergeant Kings
Voght Nelson R 1st Lieutenant Erie
Voght Oscar F Jr Private 1st Class 135 ENGR COMBAT BN 10-Nov-44 Ulster
Vogl George A. Jr. Sergeant Queens
Vogler Herbert F Corporal Onondaga
Vogola Francis J Sergeant 30 BOMB SQ 19 BOMB G 16-Apr-45 State at large
Vogt Elmer R. Private Monroe
Vogt Louis P. Corporal Kings
Voisinet Robert Kean Signalman 2nd Class Erie
Vojcik John J. Technical Sergeant Oneida
Vojir Frank W Private 1st Class 262 INF 66 DIV 25-Dec-44 New York
Vojnar Rudolf Frank Private Schenectady
Volcko Andrew P. Corporal Onondaga
Voldo Angelo M. Private Kings
Volk Joseph C. 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Volk Robert D. Private Westchester
Volk William Corporal 37 TK BN 4 ARMD DIV 2-Jan-45 Albany
Volkay Arnold M. 2nd Lieutenant 602 BOMB SQ 398 BOMB 28-Oct-44 Broome
Volkel William Emil Private 1st Class Queens
Volkert Wilfred O Corporal Queens
Volkert William S Private 1st Class Erie
Volkman Conrad Private Queens
Volkmar James L Private 1st Class 319 INF 80 DIV 9-Feb-45 Cattaraugas
Volland Paul F. Private 1st Class 502 PRCHT INF 101 AB 21-Sep-44 Queens
Vollenweider Thomas 2nd Lieutenant 22 FTR SQ 36 FTR GP 27-Dec-44 Nassau
Vollino Salvatore L. Private 76 MED BN 6 ARMD DIV 8-Oct-44 Kings
Vollmer Bert H Private Erie
Vollmer James H. Private Monroe
Volonino Mark A. Private 1st Class 309 INF 78 DIV 12-Jan-45 Monroe
Volpe Adam Nmi Private 1st Class Kings
Volpe John Technical Sergeant 862 BOMB SQ 493 BOMB 31-Dec-44 Kings
Volpe Joseph Corporal Queens
Volpe Patsy P Private Bronx
Volz Robert Victor Coxswain Monroe
Von Bergen Robert Covert Private 1st Class Seneca
Von Braunsberg J. J. Staff Sergeant Kings
Von During Joseph H. Private 334 INF 84 DIV 28-Feb-45 Kings
Von Hinken Frederick Herman Jr. Fire Controlman 3rd Class Kings
Von Seebach Walter J Technical Sergeant Bronx
Vona Salvatore J. Private 1st Class Genesee
Vonberg Arthur C 2nd Lieutenant New York
Voncalio Herbert H. Private 1st Class New York
Voncannon Watkins P Platoon Sergeant New York
Vonderchek John Private 1st Class Columbia
Vonderlieth C E Staff Sergeant 423 BOMB SQ 306 BOMB 9-Nov-42 New York
Vonderlieth Henry E. Staff Sergeant 913 FA BN 88 DIV 13-May-44 Queens
Vonderlin George Edward Corporal Kings
Vonende William R 1st Lieutenant 635 TD BN 12-Dec-44 Albany
Vonfritz Peter K Technical Sergeant Westchester
Vongonten John A Staff Sergeant Nassau
Vonhegel William B Private 1st Class 374 FA BN 100 DIV 4-Apr-45 New York
Vonhusen John C Sergeant Westchester
Vono Mario Louis Private 1st Class Kings
Vonscheidt Roy A Private 1st Class Erie
Vonstade Charles S 1st Lieutenant Nassau
Vontransehe Leon Technician 5th Grade New York
Voost Raymond E. Corporal 256 FA BN 25-Feb-45 Monroe
Vorce James S Private 1st Class Clinton
Vorel Arthur F. Private Queens
Voris Richard E. Technician 4th Grade Schenectady
Vorm Eldon L 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
Vorpahl Donald C. Staff Sergeant 86 BOMB SQ 47 BOMB G 29-Jan-43 Niagara
Vorwek Paul G. Jr. Private Kings
Vosburg William R. Corporal Steuben
Vosburgh Charles F Private 2 ENGR CMBT BN 2 DIV 20-Jun-44 Albany
Vosh Edward Private 1st Class Seneca
Vosh Francis Private 1st Class Rensselaer
Voss Frederick A Private Onondaga
Vossler George Arthur Seaman 2nd Class Erie
Vosswinkel George Edwin Motor Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Kings
Votta Michael T. Private 1st Class Greene
Votto Frank Vincent Ensign Queens
Voutsinas Jerry H. Private Kings
Vozzo Louis A Technician 4th Grade 101 CAV RCN SQ 2-Feb-45 New York
Vranisky Joseph P Private 1st Class Rockland
Vrba Edward Private 1st Class 28 INF 8 DIV 6-Mar-45 New York
Vroman Carl J Private Delaware
Vroman Leland E Private 1st Class Delaware
Vulpis William B. Sergeant Kings
Vunk Lloyd R Private 1st Class 39 INF 9 DIV 22-Dec-44 New York
Vure Ellis Flight Officer Kings

The entire list containing over 43,000 names can be downloaded here.

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