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Collection of Items Owned by
John Pershing Earley
106th Infantry Regiment
World War Two


Historical / Biographical note : John Pershing Earley was from Brooklyn, New York. He was in Company A, First Battalion, 106th Infantry Regiment. During his time in service, he was promoted from private to private first class and served in the 27th Division military police platoon.

Scope & Content : This collection consists of memorabilia collected by John P. Earley during and after his time in the 27th Division, as well as, print materials related to the 27th Infantry Division during World War Two. Four photograph albums contain numerous pictures he took while stationed in Fort McLellan, Alabama; Cucamonga, California; Oahu and Kauai Islands of Hawaii; and Saipan. These photographs provide a snapshot of his life and time while in the 27th Division including military training, civilian life, Hawaiian buildings and landscapes, and war time. Additional items in the collection include military manuals and 27th Division reunion mementos. Several physical artifacts owned by Mr. Earley are also part of the museum's collection. This collection is housed at the New York State Military Museum Research Center.


Fort McLellan, Alabama 1940 - 1941 and 1990

Photo of John P. EarleyPhoto of 106th Infantry sign at Fort McLellan, AlabamaPhoto of soldiers training at Fort McLellan, Alabama

Photo of tents used for training at Fort McLellan, Alabama Photo of soldiers training at Fort McLellan, Alabama Photo of Noble Theater near Fort McLellan, Alabama

Photo of John Earley next to 27th Division monument at Fort McLellan, Alabama

Cucamonga, California 1941 - 1942

Photo of John P. Earley Photo of mess hall at Cucamonga CCC Camp in California

Oahu island, Hawaii 1942 - 1943

Photo of cover from traffic summons book issued to John Earley Photo of men training on Oahua island in Hawaii Photo of men training on Oahu island of Hawaii

Photo of air raid shelter on island of Oahu in Hawaii Photo of scenery on island of Oahu in Hawaii Photo of busy street corner on island of Oahu in Hawaii

Kauai island, Hawaii 1943

Photo of John P. Earley shooting a gun during training on Kauai island of HawaiiPhoto of Manapep USO opening on island of Kauai in HawaiiPhoto of Kauai island scenery in Hawaii

Saipan 1944

Photo of howitzer gun blown up in Saipan battle Photo of cemetary for fallen US soldiers in Saipan



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