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New York State Decorations, Medals and Awards
Long and Faithful Service Decoration Recipients

This is New York's oldest military decoration. It was instituted in 1894 (General Orders No. 10) and was issued shortly thereafter. This award was given to people in the New York National Guard who attended at least 85% (later, 90%) of scheduled training exercises. There are five main classes to this award:

CLASS Number of Years in Service Number issued to 1963
Class IV 10 years 13,058
Class III 15 years 5,137
Class II 20 years 2,980
Class I 25 years 1,841
Special 30, 35 and 40 years 294

Downloadable recipient lists:
Special Class I Class II Class III Class IV

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Last Name First Name Rank Company Regiment Date Class
O'Brian Thomas R. Private L 22nd 2nd Infantry 1911 IV
O'Brien John E. Captain Field & Staff 1st Howitzer Battalion 258th Artillery Regiment 1963 II
O'Brien John E. Captain Headquarters 3rd Engineers 1949 III
O'Brien John E. Captain Headquarters & Headquarters Company 3rd Engineering Group NYNG 1949 IV
O'Brien John M. Sergeant D 14th Infantry 1913 IV
O'Brien John W. Band 1913 IV
O'Brien Michael J. Private E 69th Infantry 1912 IV
O'Brien Patrick Quatermaster Sergeant 12th Battalion 1899 I
O'Brien Patrick Quartermaster Sergeant 5th Separate Company 1894 II
O'Brien Paul D. Chief Warrant Officer Tank Company 3rd Battalion 101st Armored Cavalry 1957 IV
O'Brien Benjamin F. Master Sergeant Service 107th Infantry 1935 III
O'Brien Thomas A. Private B 71st Infantry 1913 IV
O'Brien Daniel [Imr] Sergeant D 8th Regiment 1901 III
O'Brien Thomas J. Colonel Headquarters, NYG 1960 I
O'Brien Daniel Private D 8th Regiment 1896 IV
O'Brien Thomas J. Lieutenant Colonel Field & Staff Headquarters New York Guard 1955 II
O'Brien Daniel E. Captain 69th Regiment 1944 III
O'Brien Thomas J. Lt. Colonel Headquarters NYG 1955 III
O'Brien Daniel E. 1st Lieutenant 165th Infantry 1936 IV
O'Brien Thomas J. Sergeant H 165th Infantry 1924 IV
O'Brien Edward F. 1st Lieutenant A 205th Tank Battalion NYARNG 1959 IV
O'Brien Thomas J. Staff Sergeant Headquarters Detachment 27th Division 1939 IV
O'Brien Edward W. Private 13th Company 9 CDC 1915 III
O'Brien William J. 1st Lieutenant A 105th Infantry 1934 III
O'Brien Edward W. Musician F M 9th Regiment 1906 IV
O'Brien William J. Private 1st Class E 107th Infantry 1938 IV
O'Brien Francis J. Sergeant I 14th Infantry 1941 III
O'Brien Gilbert G. Platoon Sergeant C 1st Battle Group 71st Infantry Regiment 1963 II
O'Brien Gilbert G. Master Sergeant Headquarters 1st Battalion 71st Infantry 1954 III
O'Brien Gilbert G. Master Sergeant Headquarters Company 1st Battalion 71st Infantry NYNG 1953 IV
O'Brien James E. Private, 1st Class 165th Infantry 1939 IV
O'Brien John A. Sergeant H 71st Infantry Regiment 1922 II
O'Brien John A. Quartermaster Sergeant H 71st Infantry 1913 III
O'Brien John A. Quartermaster Sergeant H 71st Infantry 1908 IV
O'Brien John E. Captain 69th Regiment 1899 I
O'Byrne Frederick Private A 7th Infantry 1909 I
O'Byrne Frederick Private A 7th Infantry Regiment 1903 II
O'Byrne Frederick Private A 7th Regiment 1894 IV
O'Connell John J. Private Field Artillery 6th Battery 1910 IV
O'Connell William J. Lieutenant 2nd Batallion, New York Naval Militia 1932 I
O'Connell William J. Lieutenant 2nd Battalion Naval Militia 1931 II
O'Connell William J. Lieutenant J.G. 6 2nd Battalion Naval Militia 1922 III
O'Connell William J. Lieutenant J. G. 2nd Battalion Naval Militia 1920 IV
O'Connell John Captain C 69th Battalion 1894 III
O'Connell John E. Corporal F 165th Infantry 1940 IV
O'Connell John J. Sergeant B 104th Field Artillery 1927 I
O'Connell John J. 1st Sergeant Non-commissioned Staff 104th Field Artillery 1922 II
O'Connell John J. Corporel Battery C 1st Field Artillery 1917 III
O'Connor Thomas M. Lieutenant Colonel Headquarters 2nd Battalion 174th Infantry Regiment 1953 II
O'Connor Thomas M. Lieutenant Colonel Headquarters 2nd Battalion 174th Infantry 1949 III
O'Connor Thomas M. Commander 3-2 Brigade NYNM 1958 IV
O'Connor Walter J. Staff Sergeant G 174th Infantry Regiment 1943 II
O'Connor Walter J. Sergeant G 174th Infantry 1941 III
O'Connor William B. Acting Chief Yeoman Headquarters 3rd Battalion 1914 IV
O'Connor Arthur F. Corporal E 107th Infantry 1938 IV
O'Connor William E. Sergeant K 71st Infantry 1937 IV
O'Connor Daniel V. First Sergeant A 102nd Quartermaster Regiment 1938 IV
O'Connor William J. Sergeant First Class 145th Ordnance Company 106th Ordnance Battalion 1963 II
O'Connor Edward P. Lieutenant Colonel Headquarters 1st Howitzer Battalion 105th Artillery Regiment 1963 II
O'Connor William J. Sergeant A 102nd M Regiment 1941 III
O'Connor Edward P. Captain 105th Field Artillery Battalion 1955 III
O'Connor William J. Sergeant First Class Service Battery 105th Field Artillery Battalion 42nd Division 1956 III
O'Connor Edward P. Captain Battery A 105th Field Artillery Battalion NYNG 1952 IV
O'Connor William J. Sergeant E 5th Infantry [1948] IV
O'Connor Eugene E. Musician 19th Company 9th Artillery District 1910 II
O'Connor Eugene E. N.C. S 69th Regiment 1904 III
O'Connor Eugene E. 12th Infantry 1912 I
O'Connor Francis X. 1st Lieutenant C 7th Infantry Regiment 1911 II
O'Connor Francis X. 1st Sergeant C 7th Regiment 1906 III
O'Connor Francis X. Sergeant C 7th Regiment 1901 IV
O'Connor George J. Sergeant H.S. Company Band 102nd Engineers 1941 III
O'Connor Howard Lt. Colonel 1950 I
O'Connor Howard 1st Lieutenant Headquarters 1st Battalion, 102nd Quartermaster Regiment 1941 III
O'Connor James H. Master Sergeant B 1st Armored Rifle Battalion 174th Infantry 1960 IV
O'Connor John Henry Major [Medical Corps] 71st Infantry 1932 III
O'Connor Kevney Captain 71st Infantry 1922 IV
O'Connor Michael J. Sergeant D 165th Infantry 1940 IV
O'Connor Thomas D. Private I 7th Regiment 1902 IV
O'Connor Thomas M. Lt. Colonel Headquarters 27th Armored Division, NYNG 1958 I
O'Donnell Bernard J. Staff Sergeant M. D. D. 101st Cavalry 1941 III
O'Donnell James E. Captain Headquarters 1st MTB 208th Armor 1960 IV
O'Donnell James M. Captain 13 9th Artillery District 1909 III
O'Donnell James M. Captain A 9th Regiment 1905 IV
O'Donohue Louis V. 1st Lieutenant F&S Squadron A 1904 III
O'Donohue Louis V. 1st Quartermaster Squadron A 1899 IV
O'Donohue Thomas J. Lt. Colonel [A.A.G.] Staff 1st Brigade 1905 III
O'Donohue Thomas J. Lt. Colonel & Assistant Adjutant General 5th Brigade 1900 IV
O'Donovan William L. Captain Adj 107th Infantry 1939 IV
O'Flynn Geoffrey J. Colonel HQ & HQ Detachment, Selective Service, NYNG 1947 I
O'Flynn Geoffrey J. Major Field & Staff 93rd Infantry Brigade 1932 II
O'Flynn Geoffrey J. Major 165th Infantry 1927 III
O'Flynn Geoffrey J. Captain 69th Infantry 1919 IV
O'Flynn Geoffrey J. Colonel SS Headquarters NYNG 1948 Special (35 Year)
O'Gara John J. Sergeant A 69th Battalion 1894 IV
O'Geary John D. Corporal B 1st Marine Battalion NYNM 1940 IV
O'Gorman John M. Captain H 65th Infantry Regiment 1910 II
O'Gorman John M. Captain H 65th Regiment 1904 III
O'Gounace (sp?) John M. 2nd Lieutenant H 65th Regiment 1899 IV
O'Grady Randall V. 1st Lieutenant 69th Infantry 1920 III
O'Hara Dominick J. Chief Warrant Officer 2nd Class E 165th Infantry Regiment 1955 II
O'Hara Dominick J. Warrant Officer Junior Grade E 165th Infantry 1952 III
O'Hara Dominick J. Master Sergeant E 165th Infantry NYNG 1951 IV
O'Hara Frank Staff Sergeant Headquarters Detachment 27th Division 1938 IV
O'Hara Joseph A. 2nd Lieutenant [Service Battery] 105th Field Artillery 1935 III
O'Hara Joseph B. Sergeant A 71st Infantry 1941 III
O'Hara Almerin C. Major General Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, NYARNG 1961 I
O'Hare Frank J. Major Field & Staff 102nd Engineer Regiment (Army of the United States) 1946 II
O'Hare Frank J. Major [AUS] 1947 III
O'Hare Patrick Private D 69th Infantry 1913 IV
O'Kand Mortimer J. Retired Colonel Formerly 165th Infantry 1960 I
O'Kane Mortimer J. Colonel (Retired) Retired 165th Infantry Regiment (formerly) 1960 II
O'Kane Mortimer J. Colonel (Retired) Formerly 165th Infantry 1960 III
O'Kane Thomas Sergeant Vet Company 102nd Medical Regiment 1937 IV
O'Kane Thomas M. Master Sergeant Headquarters 102nd Medical Battalion 1950 III
O'Keefe James Sergeant F 22nd Regiment 1899 IV
O'Keefe Thomas J. Major Headquarters 42nd Division 1954 I
O'Keefe Thomas J. Major Field & Staff 42nd Infantry Division 1950 II
O'Keefe Thomas J. Captain Headquarters 106th Infantry III
O'Keefe Thomas J. Major 42 [Admininstration] 1960 Special (30 Year, New Style)
O'Keefe William C. Sergeant D 65th Infantry 1914 IV
O'Keeffe Edward William Master Sergeant K 165th Infantry NYNG 1954 III
O'Keeffe Edward William Master Sergeant K 165th Infantry NYNG 1954 IV
O'Keeffe James Sergeant F 22nd Regiment 1904 III
O'Keeffe Thomas J. First Sergeant E 106th Infantry 1938 IV
O'Keeffe Edward W. Platoon Sergeant Battery C 2nd Battalion 104th Artillery Regiment 1963 II
O'Leary Richard J. 1st Sergeant C 165th Infantry 1936 IV
O'Malley Joseph 1st Lieutenant [F&S] 23rd Regiment 1907 IV
O'Malley Michael J. Private, 1st Class C 212th Coast Artillery 1939 IV
O'Meara John William Jr. Sergeant H 105th Infantry 1923 IV
O'Neal Henry W. Private K 23rd Regiment 1895 IV
O'Neil Daniel J. Sergeant A 101st Signal Battalion 1938 IV
O'Neil Stephen J. Lt. Commander HQ 3rd Battalion NMNY 1927 I
O'Neil Vincent A. 1st Lieutenant 52nd Field Artillery Brigade 1926 IV
O'Neil William J. Major 108th Infantry 1948 III
O'Neil William J. Sergeant D 108th Infantry 1940 IV
O'Neill Stephen J. Lieutenant 2nd Division 3rd Battalion Naval Militia 1922 II
O'Neill Stephen J. Ensign 3rd Battalion Naval Militia 1917 III
O'Neill Stephen J. Ensign 2nd 3rd Battalion Naval Militia 1912 IV
O'Neill Vincent A. Major Headquarters 52nd Field Artillery Brigade 1938 II
O'Neill William J. Major Headquarters & Headquarters Company 3rd Battalion 108th Infantry Regiment 1950 II
O'Neill Charles T. Major Field & Staff 2nd Battalion 10th Infantry Regiment 1938 II
O'Neill Charles T. Major [2nd Battalion 10th Infantry] 1926 IV
O'Neill Charles Thomas Major [2nd Battalion] 10th Infantry 1932 III
O'Neill Eugene J. Captain 8th Camp Battalion 1947 III
O'Neill Eugene J. 1st Lieutenant 680th [Sig AWR Co. Spec] 1943 IV
O'Prey Nicholas J. 1st Lieutenant Service Battery 156th Field Artillery 1937 III
O'Reilly Francis P. 1st Lieutenant I 165th Infantry 1956 IV
O'Reilly George W First Sergeant 8th [13th Artillery Dist] 1909 IV
O'Reilly Henry T. Machinist Mate 1st Class 5th Division 2nd Battalion NYNM 1939 IV
O'Reilly Patrick Sergeant I 69th Infantry 1910 IV
O'Rourke John Wagoner 12th Infantry 1917 III
O'Rourke John Private I 12th Infantry 1911 IV
O'Rourke Stephen Private First Class Battery C 912th Field Artillery Battalion [AUS] 1946 IV
O'Ryan John F. Major General National Guard 1922 I
O'Ryan John F. Captain 1st Battery 1907 IV
O'Shaughnessy Charles Corporal H 65th Infantry 1915 IV
O'Shaughnessy John First Sergeant I 69th Infantry 1910 III
O'Shaughnessy John First Sergeant I 69th Regiment 1906 IV
O'Shea Cornelius J. Private 1st Class Battery D 104th Field Artillery 1937 IV
O'Sullivan Private First Class Service 10th Infantry 1933 III
O'Toole John J. Sergeant M 10th Infantry 1916 IV
O'Toole William S. Lt. Colonel Headquarters and Headquarters Company Combat Command A 27th Armored Division 1957 I
O'Toole William S. Major Field & Staff Combat Command A 27th Armored Division 1955 II
O'Toole William S. Captain 105th Infantry 1948 III
Oakes John W. Captain F 108th Infantry Regiment 1939 II
Oakes John W. 2nd Lieutenant F 108th Infantry 1937 III
Oakes Thomas Private 7th Infantry 1921 I
Oakes Thomas Private C 7th Infantry Regiment 1921 II
Oakes Thomas Musician C 7th Infantry 1910 III
Oakley George Private A 7th Regiment 1899 IV
Oakley Porter S. First Sergeant 6th Separate Company 1902 IV
Oakley Porter Scott 2nd Lieutenant 6th Separate Company 1907 III
Oakley Benjamin F. Sergeant Band 13th C A C 1919 IV
Oaks John B. Master Sergeant B 1st Armed Rifle Battalion 108th Infantry NYARNG 1959 IV
Oathoudt Arthur E. Quartermaster Sergeant F 1st Infantry Regiment 1911 II
Obadiah Solomon B Sergeant G 22nd [Engineers] 1912 IV
Oberst Charles [William] Staff Sergeant Headquarters 22nd Regiment 1945 IV
Obrien Michael J. F 7th Infantry 1911 IV
Ochsen George A. Battalion Quartermaster Sergeant N.C.S 14th Regiment 1903 IV
Ocorr (sp?) Kenneth O. Surgeon's Mate 3rd Class 10th Fl Division 3rd Battalion 1937 IV
Oddo Carlo Sergeant C 108th Infantry 1938 IV
Odell Harry D. Color Sergeant 71st Infantry 1920 I
Odell Harry D. Color Sergeant Non-commissioned Staff 71st Infantry Regiment 1914 II
Odell Harry D. Color Sergeant NCS [Non-Commissioned Staff?] 71th Infantry 1910 III
Odell Harry D. Private B 71st Regiment 1905 IV
Odell Harry De Los. Staff Sergeant Service Company 71st Infantry 1930 Special (35 Year)
Odrovonz Casimir J. Captain Headquarters 107th Infantry 1941 III
Oeder Lambert R. Major Headquarters Company 102nd Medical Regiment 1937 III
Oehler Frederick G. Corporal 20th Company 9th Artillery District 1914 IV
Oehmke Benjamin H. Lt. Colonel 127th AAA AW Battalion 1956 I
Oehmke Benjamin H. Major Field & Staff 106th Anti-aircraft Artillery Battalion 1954 II
Oehmke Benjamin H. Major 127th Antiaircraft Artillery [Air Wing Battalion] 1949 III
Oehmke Benjamin H. 2nd Lieutenant H 108th Infantry 1939 IV
Oelkers William Private 27th 8th Art. Dist. 1909 IV
Oetgen-Gerdes Emil H. Captain Battery A. 991st Field Artillery Battalion 1953 III
Oetjen-Gerdes Emil H. Captain Field & Staff 991st Field Artillery Battalion 1958 II
Ogilivie (sp?) Donald M. 1st Lieutenant 1st Cavalry 1916 IV
Ogilvie Williiam J. Private E 74th Infantry 1921 IV
Ohn (sp?) Frank [Lester] [Imr] Sergeant G 18th Infantry 1914 I
Ohrnberger Charles Sergeant 2nd Batallion 258th Field Artillery 1933 I
Ohrnberger Charles Sergeant Headquarters Battery and Combat Train 2nd Battalion 258th Field Artillery Regiment 1928 II
Ohrnberger Charles Quartermaster Sergeant 25th Company 8th C D C 1917 IV
Ohrnberger Charles H. Supply Sergeant 258th Field Engineer 1922 III
Olander Frank H. Captain 1947 III
Olander Frank H. 1st Lieutenant G 105th Infantry 1943 IV
Olden Edward J. 1st Lieutenant B 47th Regiment 1894 IV
Oldfield William G. 1st Lieutenant Howitzer Company 14th Infantry 1939 IV
Olin Frank L. Quartermaster Sergeant G 1st Infantry Regiment 1909 II
Olin Frank L. [Imr] Sergeant 3rd Separate Company 1904 III
Olin Frank L. Corporal 3rd Separate Company 1899 IV
Olin Stephen H. Colonel & Assistant Adjutant General Field & Staff NYNG Headquarters 1902 II
Olin Stephen H. Lt. Colonel & Assistant Adjutant General 1st Brigade 1897 III
Olin Stephen H. Lieutenant Colonel & A.A.G. 1st Brigade 1894 IV
Oliphant Ira M. [Regimental Sergeant Major] 74th Infantry 1914 IV
Olive Frank C. Sergeant C 1st Infantry, 39th Separate Company 1909 IV
Oliver Dominick Sergeant D 102nd Medical Regiment 1941 III
Oliver Edward Captain C 10th Infantry Regiment 1909 II
Oliver Edward 2nd Lieutenant C 10th Battalion 1904 III
Oliver Edward 2nd Lieutenant C 10th Battalion 1899 IV
Oliver Harry J. Sergeant G 10th Infantry 1938 IV
Oliver Robert S. Brigadier General Field & Staff 3rd Brigade 1899 II
Oliver Robert Shaw Brigadier General 3rd Brigade 1894 III
Oliver Thomas Private 4th Separate Company 1895 I
Oliver Thomas Private 4th Separate Company 1894 II
Oliver William H. Private C 7th Regiment 1898 IV
Olivett William B. Captain Field & Staff 156th Field Artillery Battalion (Army of the United States) 1946 II
Ollivett William B. 2nd Lieutenant Battery C 156th Field Artillery 1937 III
Ollivett William B. 2nd Lieutenant Battery C 156th Field Artillery 1937 III
Olmstead Charles B. Private C. 1st Field Artillery 1916 IV
Olmstead Edward Lt. Colonel HQ 27th Division 1923 I
Olmstead Edward Lieutenant Colonel Field & Staff NYNG Headquarters 1919 II
Olmstead Erwin H. Chief Warrant Officer 2 Headquarters/Headquarters 1st Recon Squadron 121 Armor NYARNG 1959 IV
Olmstead Laurel L. Captain 6th Battery 1894 II
Olmstead Laurel M. Quartermaster Sergeant 6th Battery 1900 IV
Olmstead Theodore F. Quartermaster Sergeant C 47th Infantry 1911 III
Olmstead Theodore F. Jr. Quartermaster Sergeant E 47th Regiment 1906 IV
Olmsted Edward Captain, Aide to Maj Gen O'Ryan Division 1913 III
Olmsted Edward 1st Lieutenant Company 4 Squadron A 1908 IV
Olmsted Laurel L. Captain 6th Battery 1895 I
Olomor Edward A. Private B 69th Regiment 1897 IV
Olsen John A. Color Bearer NCS [Non-Commissioned Staff?] 7th Infantry 1906 III
Olsen John A. First Sergeant G 7th Regiment 1901 IV
Olsen Charles I. Captain AUS 1950 IV
Olsen Clarence M. Retired Colonel 1956 I
Olsen Frederick O. Lt. Colonel 105th Field Artillery, AUS, NYG 1946 I
Olsen Frederick O. Major Headquarters 281st Field Artillery Battalion 1943 II
Olsen Frederick O. Captain Battery B 105th Field Artillery 1941 III
Olsen James M. BMC NRSD 3-53rd Division, NYNM 1962 I
Olsen James M. F. BMGC 3-53 Division 3-15 Battalion NYNM 1954 III
Olsen James M. F. BMGC 3-53 Division 3-15 Battalion NYNM 1954 IV
Olsen James M.F. Chief Boatswain's Mate Shipboard Division 3-53 Battalion 3-15 Naval Militia 1957 II
Olshansky Abraham L. Lt. Colonel 27th Division 1948 I
Olshansky Abraham L. Lieutenant Colonel & Medical Corps Field & Staff 106th Infantry Regiment 1942 II
Olshansky Abraham L. Major MC 10th Infantry 1937 III
Olson Charles Private G 14th Infantry 1910 IV
Onderdonk Frederick A. Captain E 22nd Regiment 1907 IV
Onderdonk Henry R. Sergeant B 23rd Regiment 1906 IV
Onderdonk John D.A. 1st Lieutenant B 23rd Infantry Regiment 1896 II
Onderdonk John D.A. 1st Lieutenant B 23rd Regiment 1894 III
Onderdouk Frederick A. Captain E. 22nd Engineers 1912 III
Onker John H. Captain D 102nd Engineers 1924 IV
Onorato James V. Staff Sergeant Headquarters 22nd Engineers 1947 IV
Oothoudt Arthur E. Private 33rd Separate Company / F 1st Infantry 1908 III
Oppermann Harry C W M Mate 2nd Battalion Naval Militia 1917 IV
Orchard Alfred S. 1st Lieutenant 23rd Regiment 1895 IV
Orcutt Charles L. Master Sergeant 107th Con Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 1960 IV
Ordway Milton G. 2nd Lieutenant F 21st Regiment, N.Y. Guard 1941 IV
Orgill John C. Captain [Battery B] 105th Field Artillery 1934 III
Orland Joseph Colonel Field & Staff 165th Infantry Regiment & United States Air Force 1956 II
Orland Joseph Captain 165th Infantry 1941 III
Orlick [Anthany M.] Private First Class Troop K 121st Cavalry 1936 III
Ormiston Leon R 1st Sergeant L 3rd Infantry Regiment 1920 II
Ormiston Leon R. Sergeant 39th Separate Company 1908 IV
Ormond James R. Corporal D 14th Regiment 1899 IV
Ormond James [Quartermaster Sergeant] D 14th Regiment 1906 III
Ormond James R. Quartermaster Sergeant D 14th Infantry Regiment 1909 II
Ormsby Joseph E. Private 71st Infantry, Band 1915 IV
Orr Arthur F. Quartermaster Sergeant 11th Company Coast Artillery District 1910 IV
Orr Gilbert F. 1st Lieutenant F&S 8th Regiment 1906 III
Orr Gilbert F. [Commissary Sergeant] [NCS] 8th Regiment 1901 IV
Orr Robert P Captain 12th Company 13th Artillery District 1913 II
Orr Robert P. Lt. Colonel 245th Coast Artillery 1928 Special (35 Year)
Orr Robert Peebles Major 13th Coast Defence Command 1921 I
Orr Robert Peebles Captain 12 13th Artillery District 1909 III
Orr Robert Peebles 1st Lieutenant Company D 13th Regiment 1903 IV
Orsenigo Eugene J. 2nd Lieutenant 71st Infantry 1917 IV
Orsenigo Eugene Joseph Captain 71st Infantry 1932 III
Ortez Anthony R. Sergeant Battery A 369th Coast Artillery 1941 IV
Orthey George F. Lt. Colonel Retired 1961 I
Orthey George F. Captain Battery K 245th Coast Artillery Regiment 1940 II
Orthey George F. Captain [Battery K] 245th Coastal Artillery 1935 III
Ortiz Edward Sergeant 1st Class C 642nd Transportation Battalion 1960 IV
Osborn Edward C. Private H 23rd Regiment 1894 IV
Osborne Mortimer Sergeant I 7th Regiment 1895 IV
Osborne Richard Gordon Color Sergeant Headquarters Battery 245th Coast Artillery 1927 IV
Osborne Robert E. Major USA Air Corps 165th Infantry 1943 IV
Osborne Charles D. Lt. Colonel 3rd Infantry, NYG 1946 I
Osborne Charles D. Major Field & Staff 3rd Battalion 3rd Regiment New York Guard 1942 II
Osborne Charles D. Captain Headquarters 54th Infantry Brigade 1933 III
Osborne (sp?) Charles [W] Captain 16th 9th [Arty Dist] 1913 IV
Osina Joseph Technical Sergeant Service 14th Infantry 1941 III
Osman Ames F. 1st Lieutenant D 1st Medical Tank Battalion 174th Armor NYARNG 1960 IV
Osmann George H. Private K 47th Infantry 1913 IV
Ostberg Charles G. 1st Lieutenant D 14th Infantry 1916 IV
Osterberg Charles A. First Sergeant G 14th Regiment 1895 IV
Osterhaut James Edgar Master Sergeant Service Company 108th Infantry 1930 Special (35 Year)
Osterholt Ehler Private Company C 7th Regiment 1903 IV
Osterhout James E. Supply Sergeant 3rd infantry 1919 I
Osterhout James E. Private M 3rd Infantry Regiment 1914 II
Osterhout James E. Private 2nd Separate Company/ M 3rd Infantry 1909 III
Osterhout James Edgar Corporal 2nd Separate Company 1904 IV
Osterhout John D. Private First Class 104th Field Artillery 1934 III
Osterhout John D. Corporal Headquarters Battery & C T 104th Field Artillery 1927 IV
Oswald Francis L. Major Medical Corps 69th Infantry 1909 IV
Oswick Frederick C. Captain Company I 74th Regiment, NYG 1945 I
Oswick Frederick C. 2nd Lieutenant I 174th Infantry 1934 III
Oswick Frederick J. 2nd Lieutenant I 174th Infantry Regiment 1939 II
Ott [Christian T.] Sergeant B 12th Regiment 1901 IV
Ott Christian T. Sergeant B 12th Infantry Regiment 1911 II
Ott Christian T. Sergeant B 12th Regiment 1906 III
Ottati Augustus Private 1st Class M 105th Infantry 1937 IV
Otte Ralph E. Lt. Colonel 1948 I
Otte Ralph E. Captain 102nd Engineers 1937 III
Ottman William Brigadier General Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment Coast Artillery Brigade 1938 II
Ottmann William Colonel 212th Coastal Artillery 1933 III
Ottmann William Colonel 212th Coast Artillery 1927 IV
Otto Andrew C. Jr. Captain Signal Corps 101st Battaliion 1924 IV
Otto Andrew Charles Jr. Major 101st [Signal Battalion] 1930 III
Otto George N. Master Sergeant HHB 1st Missile Battalion 245th Artillery 1962 I
Otto George N. Master Sergeant Headquarters & Headquarters Battery 1st Missile Battalion 245th Artillery Regiment 1963 II
Otto George N. Major 102nd AAA Brigade NYNG 1949 IV
Otto Ralph H. Lieutenant Colonel C 102nd Engineer Battalion 1948 II
Ottobre Victor E. 1st Lieutenant Band 9th Regiment New York Guard 1945 II
Ottobre Victor E. Private First Class Headquarters 2nd Battalion 9th Regiment 1942 III
Ottobre Victor E. Private 244th Coast Artillery 1937 IV
Ouderdouk Henry R. First Sergeant B 23rd Infantry 1911 III
Ousper (sp?) Charles W. 1st Lieutenant & Assistant Surgeon 14th Separate Company 1900 III
Outerbridge Frank R. 1st Lieutenant Company 2 Squadron A 1908 IV
Outerbridge Samuel R. Private K 7th Infantry 1909 IV
Outerbridge Vivian L. Lt. Colonel 23rd Infantry 1921 III
Outerbridge Vivian L. 1st Lieutenant D 23rd Infantry 1911 IV
Outerbridge Frank R. Captain E 1st Cavalry 1913 III
Outhouse Charles H. Staff Sergeant Service Battery 156th Field Artillery 1941 III
Outterson Charles W. 1st Lieutenant Headquarters Battery & CT 1st Battalion 104th Field Artillery 1938 IV
Outterson Charles William 1st Lieutenant 104th Field Artillery 1941 III
Overfield Arthur R. 1st Lieutenant 74th Infantry 1916 III
Overton William W. [Imr] Sergeant D 1st Infantry 1912 IV
Owellen Cornelius A. Chief Machinist 2nd Class 9th Fl division 3rd Battalion NMNY 1937 III
Owellen John A. Chief Gunner's Mate 9th Division 3rd Battalion Naval Militia 1949 II
Owellen John A. Gunners Mate First Class 9th Division 3rd Battalion NYNM 1941 III
Owen Franklin J. Jr. Private Regimental Headquarters Company 107th Infantry 1938 IV
Owen Paul D. Captain 2nd Infantry 1919 IV
Owen William E. Captain Headquarters 106th AFA Battalion NYNG 1956 III
Owen William E. Captain Headquarters 1st Rocket Howitzer 106th Artillery 1960 IV
Owens Richard W. Musician A 71st Regiment 1894 III


Boyce, Doug, Gary Hartman, and Nick McDowell. For merit, service, and valor : a history of some New York military decorations and awards and their recipients (1915 to 1983). 2 vols. San Ramon, CA: Orders and Medals Society of America, 2008.

Till, Paul H. The Military Awards of the Empire State. Ft. Myer, FL: Planchet Press, 1989.

Many thanks to all of the volunteers who have helped enter these thousands of names into spreadsheets:
Bruce and Bonita Scott, Greta Hamilton, Mike Mansir, Gary Mitchell, Tarraha (Tee) Branch, Michela Cecilia-Infantino, Manuelita Frederick, Betti O'Brian, Jim "Zak" Szakmary, Reyna Thomas, Sarah Tilevitz, and Gary Waters. Without them this project would not have happened.

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