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Long and Faithful Service Decoration Recipients

This is New York's oldest military decoration. It was instituted in 1894 (General Orders No. 10) and was issued shortly thereafter. This award was given to people in the New York National Guard who attended at least 85% (later, 90%) of scheduled training exercises. There are five main classes to this award:

CLASS Number of Years in Service Number issued to 1963
Class IV 10 years 13,058
Class III 15 years 5,137
Class II 20 years 2,980
Class I 25 years 1,841
Special 30, 35 and 40 years 294

Downloadable recipient lists:
Special Class I Class II Class III Class IV

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Last Name First Name Rank Company Regiment Date Class
Uhl Oswald W. 2nd Lieutenant C 7th Infantry 1908 III
Uhl Oswald W. 1st Sergeant Company C 7th Regiment 1903 IV
Uline John N. Private 6th Separate Company 1898 IV
Ulmen John H. Physicians Mate First Class 13th Separate Fl. Division 1936 III
Ulrichs Charles B. 2nd Lieutenant A 23rd Infantry 1914 III
Ulrichs Charles B. Private A 23nd Infantry 1909 IV
Ulses William T. Sergeant Battery E 212th Coast Artillery 1937 IV
Unable to make out name (sp?) [Andrew H.] Sergeant First Class Hospital Corps 13th [Arty Dist] 1912 IV
Unable to make out name (sp?) [Unable to make out name] Sergeant 6th 13th [Arty Dist] 1912 IV
Underhill George S. Artificer F 2nd Infantry 1913 IV
Underwood Charles M. Sergeant B 10th Battalion 1894 IV
Underwood John N. 1st Lieutenant 6th Battery 1897 I
Underwood John N. 1st Lieutenant 6th Battery 1894 II
Underwood William J. Captain G 7th Regiment 1902 I
Underwood William J. Captain G 7th Infantry Regiment 1900 II
Underwood William J. Captain G 7th Infantry 1912 Special (35 Year)
Underwood Wm. J. 2nd Lieutenant H 7th Regiment 1894 III
Unger George L. Private E 12th Regiment 1899 IV
Unger John III Sergeant C 107th Infantry 1936 III
Unger Joseph 1st Sergeant B 22nd Regiment 1906 I
Unger Joseph Sergeant B 22nd Infantry Regiment 1901 II
Unger Joseph Sergeant B 69th Regiment 1896 III
Unger Joseph Sergeant B 22nd Regimet 1894 IV
Unright William H. Private First Class Service 10th Infantry 1935 III
Upjohn William O. Sergeant B 10th Infantry 1914 IV
Upson Frank H. Private 9th Company 13th Artillery District 1910 IV
Upson Tracy P. Sergeant C 108th Infantry 1939 IV
Urban Theodore A. Sergeant 1st Class 102nd Ordnance Company (DS) NYARNG 1959 IV
Urquhart John C. 1st Lieutenant & Assistant Surgeon 8th Separate Company 1900 IV
Uschold John F. SP4 Battery A 1st Howitzer Battalion 270th Artillery 1960 IV
Usher Bloomfield Major 22nd Engineers 1908 I
Usher Bloomfield Captain E 22nd Infantry Regiment 1903 II
Usher Bloomfield 1st Lieutenant E 22nd Regiment 1898 III
Usher Bloomfield First Sergeant E 22nd Regiment 1894 IV
Usiak Stanley F. Sergeant C 174th Infantry 1939 IV
Ussiker (sp?) Isador J. First Sergeant A 12th Infantry 1912 IV
Uter William H. 1st Lieutenant L 369th Infantry 1940 IV
Utter Joseph W. Colonel Headquarters 42nd Division 1952 I
Utter Joseph W. Colonel Headquarters 42nd Infantry Division 1952 II
Utter Joseph W. Colonel Headquarters 42nd Infantry Division 1956 Special (35 Year)
Utter Joseph W. Colonel Headquarters 42nd Infantry Division 1951 III
Utz Leroy Staff Sergeant Medical Detachment 105th Infantry 1925 III
Utz LeRoy Sergeant 1st Class S D 2nd Infantry 1920 IV


Boyce, Doug, Gary Hartman, and Nick McDowell. For merit, service, and valor : a history of some New York military decorations and awards and their recipients (1915 to 1983). 2 vols. San Ramon, CA: Orders and Medals Society of America, 2008.

Till, Paul H. The Military Awards of the Empire State. Ft. Myer, FL: Planchet Press, 1989.

Many thanks to all of the volunteers who have helped enter these thousands of names into spreadsheets:
Bruce and Bonita Scott, Greta Hamilton, Mike Mansir, Gary Mitchell, Tarraha (Tee) Branch, Michela Cecilia-Infantino, Manuelita Frederick, Betti O'Brian, Jim "Zak" Szakmary, Reyna Thomas, Sarah Tilevitz, and Gary Waters. Without them this project would not have happened.

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