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Announcement CD 13-11: All Army and Air National Guard Members, Nationwide, are eligible.  FULL TIME NATIONAL GUARD DUTY - COUNTERDRUG WORK (FTNGD-CD)

OPENING DATE: 18 June 2013   CLOSING DATE: 19 July 2013

POSITION:  Counterdrug New York City Region Coordinator

LENGTH OF TOUR: On/about 1 August 2013 - 30 September 2014 (with the possibility of extending into the next FY dependent on funding)


LOCATION: New York City Area

MILITARY REQUIREMENTS AND OTHER SELECTIVE PLACEMENT FACTORS: This vacancy announcement is for Full Time National Guard Duty - Counterdrug Work (FTNGD-CD) under Title 32 USC Sec 502 (f). Length of tour is dependent upon mission funding, with continuance of orders into next fiscal year dependant on subsequent FY funding.  Applicant must reside within reasonable commuting distance.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: Primary responsibility as providing principle leadership for the control of the NYNG Counterdrug Program New York City Region.  This consists of the five boroughs of New York city, two Long Island counties of Nassau and Suffolk and seven counties in the lower Hudson Valley. 

ADDITIONAL POSITION INFORMATION: Duties may require additional nights and weekends aside from unit training assemblies.

APPLICATION PROCEDURES: Individuals meeting qualification requirements may apply by submitting the following documents as a complete package:

·         Full Time National Guard Duty - Counterdrug Position Application (CDTF Form 10-8). Announcement number and position title must be annotated on form.

·         Copy of Soldier’s Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) and Medical Protection System (MEDPROS) printout or Airman’s Preventive Health Assessment and Individual Medical Readiness Status printout from the AF Portal (HIV within six months of start of orders). Must meet the physical standards for retention without temporary profiles at the time of selection in accordance with AR 40-501, Chapter 3 and Chapter 10 and AFI 48-123, Chapter 3 and Atchs 2, 9 and 19.

·         Three (3) most recent OPRs/OERs.

·         NGB FORM 23B (RPAS) and PQR (Army) or complete vMPF printout with point summary (Air).

·         Resume of civilian and military skills.

·         Last two physical fitness scores (one within last six months of start of orders).

·         Verification of security clearance.

·         Recommendation letter from Unit Commander

Application MUST reach the address indicated below NLT the closing date specified in order to receive consideration. Incomplete packets will not be considered. Applicant must reside within reasonable commuting distance.

New York National Guard Counterdrug Program
ATTN: Director of Personnel
1 ANG Rd
Scotia, NY 12302

or emailed to J3DOCDJ1@ang.af.mil


·         Must have demonstrated organizational management and supervisory skills
  • Individual must possess excellent communication skills
  • Personnel must be eligible for FTNGDCD IAW ARNG or ANG requirements.
  • Personnel must receive a written recommendation from their unit commander on CDTF Form 10-8
  • ARNG Personnel must meet medical retention standards as set forth in AR 40-501 Chapter 3 and Chapter 10 at the time of selection.
  • ANG personnel must meet the medical retention standards as set forth in AFI 48-123 Chapter 3 and Attachments 2, 9, and 19 at the time of selection.
  • Urinalysis testing is required upon entry on active duty, and personnel are subject to periodic testing while

on active duty. These requirements are in addition to testing by units of assignment during IDT/IAD under the JNGSAP.

  • Requirement to continue attendance at IDT/IAD and AT while on FTNGDCD.
  • Status of funding from year to year.
  • Probability of criminal records checks, and/or security screening by LEAs of applicants serving in LEA offices or in positions where they

are privy to operational information of LEAs. Applicants will be informed that

                such inquiries are likely to be completed after entry on duty and that rejection by LEAs could result in their removal from the CD program.

  • Standards of Conduct.

·         National Guard members participating in the Counterdrug Support Program are required to comply with state laws and with DoD 5500.7-R.

·         They are required to uphold the highest standards of conduct and personal appearance.

·         Outside employment, associations and off-duty conduct/activities must be consistent with federal directives on ethics and with state and federal conflict of interest policies.  Outside employment will require written approval of CDC according to para 8-25 NGR 500-2.

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY: Consideration for placement and evaluation of qualifications will be made on a fair and equitable basis without regard to race, religion, color, lawful political affiliation, marital status, sex or national origin.

DMNA: Counterdrug: FT jobs
Latest-Update: 18 Jun 2013
URL: http://www.dmna.state.ny.us/jobs/CD13-11.htm