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CONTACT: Mr. Eric Durr, 518-786-4581
FOR RELEASE: Thursday, Feb 21, 2008

New York National Guard Unveils New Command Center


Major General Joseph Taluto, the Adjutant General, and National Guard Officers and NCOs responsible for running the New York National Guard Joint Operations Center .


The New York National Guard is inviting members of the Capital Region media to a briefing on the new, $280,000, high-tech command center that is now in use at the National Guard’s Latham headquarters


1:30 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 21


The Division of Military and Naval Affairs headquarters at 330 Old Niskayuna road, Latham, NY.

VISUALS/COVERAGE OPPORTUNITES: Reporters will be able to visit the National Guard’s new Joint Operations Centers, which is modeled on similar facilities in use around the world, including Iraq and Afghanistan. The facility features rows of high-tech computer workstations, overhead video projectors, and a bank of five screens which allow the commander to monitor video imagery, TV news reports, and communications over the state Disaster-LAN system.


As part of a $6.24 million project which adds additional space to the DMNA building in Latham, a new Joint Operations Center was designed and constructed using the latest technology. The Joint Operations Center is the command facility which the Adjutant General employs to command and control New York’s Military Forces when directed by the governor. The new center uses state-of-the-art computer, and audio/visual technology to integrate information in the most efficient way possible, allowing the Adjutant General to make decisions rapidly, with the most up-to-date information. The JOC has seats for 19 people operating computer work stations linked into a main server by the WYSE Thin client system. A backup server in the New York National Guard flight facility in Rochester, and a backup set of workstations allow the TOC to be located anywhere if need be. The system employs overhead video projectors to show data and video on five screens. The commander can use digital tools to make notations on those screens and send the information out to subordinate commands around the state. The facility can communicate with the State Emergency Management Office command center and other state agencies, and National Guard facilities by secure LAN, and telephones. Satellite communications equipment can be used if required. A backup generator is available which ensure that the JOC can operate even during a power shortage. Secure communications equipment is available to allow the New York National Guard to communicate with the Department of Defense’s Northern Command and other federal military forces if required. The layout of the National Guard JOC mirrors the system that National Guardsmen have gotten used to using in their wartime deployments to Iraq, with seats for logistics, intelligence, operations, personnel, and communications specialists and other required liaison officers. Members of the media who wish to attend this briefing must contact Mr. Eric Durr at (518) 786-4581 no later than 10. p.m. on Thursday Feb. 21 in order to gain access to this secure facility.
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