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FOR RELEASE: Thursday, Apr 22, 2010

Soldiers Versus Wild For Ny Army National Guard Aircrews

Rochester-Based Aviation Unit to Conduct Survival Training

ROCHESTER, NY (04/21/2010)-- The Rochester-based 249th Medical Company (Air Ambulance), an aero medical evacuation unit trained to extract Soldiers wounded during battle. This week, aircrews from the company will conduct training exercises to prepare crews for surviving in hostile territory, both as individuals and as crews. On April 22, the 249th Air Ambulance Company will conduct survival annual training for its pilots and crew members at the Mount Morris Dam and Recreation area. Who - Approximately 20-30 aviation Soldiers from the 249th Medical Company (Air Ambulance). What - Soldiers will initially conduct classroom instruction outdoors and move onto "hands on" practical instruction to include food and water procurement, making or finding shelter and maintaining a fire. When -- Training begins at approximately 9 a.m. on Thursday, April 22. Where -- The Mount Morris Dam and Recreation Area, Mount Morris, NY 14510. The aircraft landing zone is located approximately 2000 feet from the Visitors parking lot. Coverage Opportunities: Members of the media are invited to observe and speak to unit members while they conduct their outdoor classroom training and then move on to "hands-on" practical exercises in survivability techniques using the natural surroundings. Aircrews will fly to the Mount Morris Dam Area via UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters. Background 249th Medical Company (Air Ambulance): The 249th Medical Company has the mission of providing medical evacuation support and rescue for deployed U.S> forces. Known as "Dustoffs" since Vietnam, Army medevac pilots are famous for flying into dangers situations whenever needed to rescue wounded Soldiers. The 249th, which also has detachments in the Rhode Island and New Hampshire Army National Guards, was organized at Rochester in 2002 when the Army stopped operating Cobra Attack Helicopters which had previously equipped the aviation unit there. Less than a year after being organized the 249th was mobilized in 2002 to backfill an Active Army Air Ambulance company which was deployed to Iraq. The unit's helicopters and aviators provided air ambulance support to Fort Benning, Georgia; Fort Stewart, Ga.; Fort Bragg; Fort Knox, Ky.; and the Ranger camps in Dahlonega, Ga.; and Florida for 18 months. In 2005 the unit responded to Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi as part of the massive relief effort following the storm. In 2006 when flooding hit the Southern Tier of New York the 249th responded. In one instance one of the unit's helicopters employed its hoist to lift stranded civilians from a flooded house in the Binghamton area. When Hurricane Gustav threatened the Gulf Coast in 2008, the 249th deployed to Louisiana to assist in any potential recovery operation. For access to the training area and coverage of the Army National Guard's 249th Air Ambulance Company, coordinate with Sgt. 1st Class Steven Petibone, 42nd Combat Aviation Brigade Public Affairs at 518-225-6649.
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