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FOR RELEASE: Tuesday, Aug 12, 2014

Army National Guard Recruiters at the Altamont Fair

ALTAMONT, NY (08/12/2014)--New York Army National Guard Recruiters will be at the Altamont Fair this week to help tell the Guard story to fair visitors.

The Army National Guard recruiting team at the fair is manning a mobile recruiting station at which visitors can find out about the part-time jobs available as part of the Army National Guard. They can learn a little bit more about what the 10,000 members of the New York Army National Guard do and decide if joining that team is something they are interested in.

Recruiters, and Army National Guard Soldiers, will be prepared to discuss the benefits of National Guard membership-money for college, specialized skills training, and additional income-with fair goers.

The New York Army National Guard has units located across the state. National Guard Soldiers can expect to serve at least one weekend a month and a couple of weeks during the year once they complete their basic and advanced training. Other training opportunities require a greater time commitment.

Members of the Army National Guard have both a national and state function. Soldiers train as infantrymen, truck drivers, artillerymen, signal specialists, medics, and supply clerks or in other skills to prepare to deploy overseas into combat zones or for other federal missions. National Guard Soldiers also put those military skills to work here in New York when responding to state emergencies.

Members of the media are invited to stop by the National Guard recruiting station at the fair as part of their fair coverage.

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