NY Army National Guard
Resilience, Risk Reduction and Suicide Prevention

The NYARNG R3SP Program will provide resources and education to all Soldiers, Family members and civilian employees to combat high risk behaviors. The end state is a healthy organization that is resilient, knowledgeable regarding high risk behaviors, educated on stress reduction measures and aware of available Soldier-Family-employee support network resources.


Emergency Contact:

Jacquelyn Beniquez
Psychological Health Coordinator (PHC)
jacquelyn.d.beniquez.ctr@mail.mil Office: (518) 270-1512
24/7: (518) 545-8753

CW3 Larry Langley
Suicide Prevention Program Manager
(518) 786-4455
Cell: (518) 527-7011
Emily Siegel
Suicide Prevention Program Coordinator
(518) 786-4661
Cell: (518) 649-7045
LTC Scott Ehler
State Chaplain
(518) 786-0394
24/7: (518) 410-1269
Marsha Caraway
Psychological Health Coordinator (PHC)
(518) 786-4956
24/7: (518) 396-8993  

Suicide Prevention:

Crisis Hotlines:

1-800 273-TALK
1-800 342-9647
1-800 442-HOPE

NYNG Guidance:

LOI 04-16 - Suicide Intervention Training LOI 23-14 NYARNG R3SP Courses for FY-2014 R3SP Campaign Plan CIR 629 - Suicide Prevention Program Example of Suicide Intervention Officer Appointment Memo


ACE and ACE-SI Training Materials (AKO login required)

Army Regulations:

AR 600-63 — Army Health Promotion

Air Force Instructions:

AFI44-109 — Mental Health, Confidentiality and Military Law AFI44-153 — Traumatic Stress Response AFPAM44-160 — The Air Force Suicide Prevention Program Squadron Commander’s Suicide Prevention Education

Serious Incident Report Protocol:

NYNG suicide investigation policy NGB suicide investigation policy NGB suicide investigation policy amendment 190-40 — Serious Incident Report AR 15-6 procedures for investigating officers and boards of officers


Suicide Postvention Toolkit DA PAM 600-24 - Health Promotion, Risk Reduction, and Suicide Prevention Family Programs- Suicide Prevention Quick Refrence Guide Suicide Prevention Facts Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention Suicide Awareness/Prevention Post-test Military Crisis Line brochure Military Crisis Line Fact Sheet Suicide Prevention Talking Points Air National Guard Suicide Prevention Briefing Community Suicide Prevention Briefing Printable “No Soldier Stands Alone” Poster Printable “Courage to Seek Help” Poster Printable “Never Accept Defeat” Poster Printable “Wingman” Poster

Links to helpful websites:

Army Knowledge Online Army Center for Health Promotion & Preventive Medicine (Suicide Prevention) Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine Army G-1 Army Suicide Prevention Program
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