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Pictures from Swaziland

NY SPP - Swaziland Parade

Parade Color Guard: The Umbutfo Swaziland Defence Forces have a long tradition of service. The imsizi, or traditional Swazi warrior, is much like the American Minuteman, ready at a moment’s notice to defend his nation. Swazis fought with the British Army during both world wars, and their military still retains many distinctly British traditions. The colorful Swazi flag is proudly displayed during parades such as the one shown here.

NY SPP - Mlilwane Blesbok

Another Blesbok: Swaziland is alive with natural wonders. At the Mlilwane Wildlife Preserve many African animals such as this blesbok wander free in a majestic setting. Swaziland hosts tourists from all over the globe who travel in search of wildlife to photograph and admire.

NY SPP - The Executioners Rock, Swaziland

The Executioners Rock: A well-known landmark in Swaziland, the Executioner’s Rock is where, legend has it, Swazis convicted of a capital crime were pushed off the rock to their deaths. Nowadays it is a more peaceful part of the Swazi countryside.

NY SPP - Swaziland Parade Gospel Singers

Parade Gospel Singers: Swaziland is a very spiritual nation. The Umbutfo Swaziland Defence Forces have many groups of soldiers who meet to study the bible, sing praise and celebrate their beliefs. A gospel chorus performed for American chaplains at the USDF headquarters recently, where this photo was taken.

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