Joint Training & Exercises

Updated: 15 Apr 19


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The J37 functions as staff proponent for New York National Guard joint force development, joint doctrine, education and professional development, joint training exercises, readiness, and assessment.

Individual Joint Training - Resident & Distance Learning

Resident Courses - Access here.
Distance Learning Courses
Course Name Course Description Course Length
FEMA IS 75 Military Resources in Emergency Management 8 hours
FEMA IS 100 b Intro to Incident Management System, ICS 100 2 hours
FEMA IS 200 b ICS for Single Resource and Initial Action Incidents 3 hours
FEMA IS 230 d Fundamentals of Emergency Management 6 hours
FEMA IS 700 a National Incident Management System (NIMS), An Introduction 3 hours
FEMA IS 800 b National Response Framework Introduction, An Introduction 3 hours
FEMA IS 860 c The National Infrastructure Protection Plan, An Introduction 2 hours
DSCA Phase I Orientation to develop DSCA awareness, comprehension and competence 6 hours
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