US Property & Fiscal Office - New York

Internal Review Division

The Internal Review Division performs internal reviews, evaluations, and management consultant services for The Adjutant General, USP&FO, Senior Leadership, and Management Staff of the New York National Guard. Provides a quality, professional service that is timely, adds value to the organization and meets customer expectations. Acts as the audit liaison between the New York National Guard and other internal or external audit agencies.

Points of Contact MNPF-IR
Chief, Internal Review Division
LTC Arthur Zegers IV
(518) 786-0382
(DSN) 489-0832
Senior Auditor
William Book
(518) 786-0385
(DSN) 489-0385
Senior Auditor
Ralph Richter
(518) 786-4464
(DSN) 489-4464
CW2 Randy Burckhard
(518) 786-0383
(DSN) 489-0383
CPT Radhika Reddy
(518) 786-0407
(DSN) 489-0407
1LT Jose Perez
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