Lodging / Visitors Quarters (VQ)

  Post Lodging is open to Active Duty Military, National Guard, Reserves, Military Retirees, New York Guard and Naval Militias. In addition, DOD (Department of Defense), NGB (National Guard Bureau) and DMNA (Division of Military and Naval Affairs) civilian employees, contract employees and NYS Office of General Services (OGS) employees with official business on Camp Smith. With permission and an approved lease agreement Non Military Users (NMUs) may also request billeting facilities. In special instances transient military with the approval from the Base Operations Supervisor or Post Director.

  Camp Smith offers one dormitory style lodging visitor quarters located in building 508 and 2 cottages located in building 89 & 90. For open bay troop barracks see Barracks & DFAC.

Office hours:

M-F: 0830-1600 (Friday extended to 2000)
Sat: 0800-1600
Sun: 0800-1200



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