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11th Independent Battery
“Bulletin Office”, satirical news publication
originally illustrated
authors unknown
8 March 1863- 1 April 1863
Transcribed by Brendan Murphy

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March 4, 1863

Highly Important!!
Latest news by Telegraph!!
10 o’clock AM March 4, 1863
Camp near Falmouth Va
“All quiet along the Rappahannock”
Some unimportant movements among the Union forces occurred this morning-
12 o’clock M. It is now believed at this Office, that a considerable portion of Hooker’s army will embark at Aquia Creek Tomorrow Morning for the Peninsula.

Later Troops are embarking at Bell Plains to day!!
2 o’clock P.M. Hartford Conn March 4- Election returns come in shortly 40 towns give Seymour dem for Gov. 400 may (uknw) New Hampshire has undoubtedly gone Republican by a small majority.

New York March 4- The town meetings in this state held yesterday show steady democratic gains-
Congress Adjourns to day-Thank God-!!

3 PM Latest
Important, Capt A.A.L Puttkammer is expected to arrive in camp this evening- HB the goose hangs low

Here after the latest news received at this office will be put upon the Bulletin board for the benefit of the Public every afternoon at 4 PM.

March 5th, 1863

Latest Telegraphic
News from
Washington and the Potomac.
Camp near Falmouth,
March 5th, 11, p.m.

The organization of African regiments is the neighborhood of Washington is rapidly going on, Horace Greeley being appointed Brigadier General
It is now expected that Fred Douglas will take the place of Maj. Gen. Halleck.

A terrible insurrection is in progress! Three millions of negroes are in arms!! The Capital of the State has fallen, and is in their possession! Charleston has, at last, been reduced to ashes!!! and this terrible force is supposed to be marching on Richmond!!!!
It is now believed in this office that the Rebellion is on its last legs! Mark this, oh Havelocks!!!!!!! Our “cullud bruddren” are arisen,
“Away down on the Swanee River.”
Let us strike together, and go forth freely to the fight,-and mark our editorial word, the Rebellion shall be ended in three weeks!
Glorious News!!!

March 7, 1863

March 7, 1863
Camp Puttkamer

Startling Information!

Glorious News
The 11th N.Y. Baty’
(Capt A. A. P------r)

A Grand Artillery Review came off Yesterday in which the 11th New York Battery figured most conspicuously!! Both officers and horses acquitted themselves nobly! Never was the like before seen!

The Pirate ALABAMA has foundered at sea, having been struck abaft by a large Sperm Whale.
Latest from the Army
Captain Alexander Adolphus Leopold von Puttkammer arrived in camp to-day. Upon his arrival the star spangled banner floated proudly at half-mast. General Hooker says he cannot bear to have a single one of his Havelocks away from him, even for a ten days. Gallant General !! Noble Havelocks!!
SUCCESSFUL RAID. Forty men from the 11th N. Y. Battery made a raid on the Brigades commanded by Generals War and Birney, and leveled their camp with the ... on our side.
Important Fact!
No Whiskey in camp!! Our editorial throat has consequently been lamentably dry for some days. Our devil is suffering acutely from the same cause: we fear that he will be driven to return to the use of brimstone.

March 8, 1863

Review of the 11th NY.
March 8.
The Battery was reviewed yesterday and again A-morn Today. As usual the men presented a splendid appearance-and received general praised from the reviewing officer.
Our Captain (A A von P) was in his element!! His appearance was grand! His commands were excellent-!-superb! Correct! (unkw)- Banded with gold-and wreathed with honor-his splendid military genius shown forth t-r-e-m-e-n-d-o-u-s-l-y!

We have received intelligence from Washington to day to the effect- that furloughs will hereafter be issued to the members of this battery at the rate of three furloughs to two men.
By recent regulation of the War Department-Pepper is to be added to the daily rations of the Soldiers.

The War Department has determined that the Soldiers shall be well peppered, before they are mustered out of the service!
The 11th N.Y. (Havelocks)- (unkw) not demoralized is spiritually in a bad condition. The men are sadly off for want-of something- to take.

LOST! A half barrel of government-Whiskey- The last seen of it was in the Captain’s Tent-Whoever will return it to this office will be liberally rewarded!!!

Attention Owls

Do you know your business? Then meet at the “Alee Tree” to night at 10!!
(Cartoon in original document entitled “Ye Original Havelock on Guard” featuring an empty bottle of Rye)

“I-hic-wonder-if-hic-cap’l be ‘round t’night”
“Your ish de guard”

It was a regular “Havelock” Review! Thousands of people beheld it- and were amazed-! (well they might-be, Ed) Proficiency in drill and facility of Evolution-rendered the 11th.-the renowned 11th N.Y.-the immortal 11th NY (Havelocks) again TRIUMPHANT!!!

Great-is Diana
Great-is Drill
Great-is (Havelock)
Great-is AA von P
This Grand Review is to be replicated today by the special Request-of Maj Genl Hooker!
Of course we will all go-

From Washington
An entire session of Congress has been called by the President – it convenes the 21st of March- “Old Abe” thinks it will take twenty days to finish the Rebellion.
It is reported that Gov Seymour is about to call home all New York Troops (Don’t believe it. Ed)

Washington is safe!!!
Under the head-“Carry Hem” we shall introduce hereafter a series of comic pictures from our “special artist”

No Paper
issued to morrow
from this office
(Document damaged, cartoon destroyed)

March 9 1863

March 9 1863
Latest News

Rebel Victory in Tennessee!
The 11th NY Battery. Again!

Bulletin Office March 9, 1863

Late Telegraphic intelligence from Nashville Tenn represents that the rebel Genl van Dorn with 18 thousand men attacked Gen. Coburn’s forces, crushing eight regiments
and one battery at Springville Tenn. and captured or dispersed the entire force!
No demonstration has yet been made against Charleston or Vicksburg!
[this article appears before “The Review of the 11th N. Y. on 8 March]

March 10 1863

March 10 1863
Bulletin Office 9 A.M.

Startling Intelligence.

Peace Propositions Again

Jeff Davis is positively en route for Washington on board a Confederate steamer from Richmond: the late grand reviews have scared him. He will present himself in person to Abraham Lincoln and sue for peace

(Cartoon of a seated Lincoln, a dead Uncle Sam with a knife in his chest, and a kneeling Jefferson Davis with the Devil behind him)


By the Inspection Report of the Chief of Artilley, we perceive that the Havelock Battery, instead of having its numbers decreased by its numerous battles, keeps up its full numerical status. Thus:

Present for Duty……………………………………….100
Grand Total, as reported 149

Another grand review, in which the 11th N.Y. is expected to figure conspicuously, comes off to-day, D.V. (that is Devil Willing.) Attend, O Havelocks! Let the laurels be yours!! Come forth with rampant steeds:-come forth with blackened boots and combed hair! Yea, verily, let not a single button of your uniforms be missing!!!
[Special Order by A.A.L. v. P.

March 11th 1863

Bulletin Office
March 11th 1863

The Editor, following the example set before him, was drunk as usual last night, consequently no paper will be issued from this office this morning,

The Devil

12th March 186

12th March 1863

The Review of the 11th N.Y. Battery which was announced to take place at 11 o’clock on Tuesday morning, was postponed on account of the weather, our noble captain positively refusing to allow the men to come out of their tents and expose themselves to the violent snow-storm which was prevailing at the time.

(Cartoon captioned “Ye original Havelock at Drill. The Ace of Spaces and the Knave of Diamonds are both good cards. See latest edition of Hoyle.” An officer hands a shovel to a stumbling soldier with a bottle in one hand an a pipe in his mouth)
Sketched by Tipperary.

In the afternoon the Battery had its usual drill, during which an immense quantity of sh-ovelling was done-in a very scientific manner-, notwithstanding the rain. Yesterday afternoon the men were again drilled at their pieces-(shovels-) and presented a creditable appearance. At sunset the company had their grand full-dress PARADE, during which the most intricate military manoeuvres and evolutions were EXECUTED in a manner which reflected the very highest credit upon both officers and men. Some portions of the ceremonial in its connection with guard-mounting were not without novelty!
When Prussia bade her Albert mend his way
To the far regions of declining day,
She dreamed not that ere long his blood stained brand
Would flash a meteor, o’er Columbia’s land.
But such was fate to him who sought erewhile,
In this fair clime to bask in Freedom’s smile
A higher lot , a nobler far is given
By the decree of all-directing Heaven
To win the Goddess back to earth again.
And by his valour reassert her reign.

March 16, 1863

March 16, 1863
Bulletin Office 9 AM

Latest News

Genl. Hooker designed moving the army of the Rappahannock to day.- Two grand divisions were to cross the river at some favorable point above-and attack the revels in their strongholds. But Providence has, fortunately, again interfered on our behalf and we are likely to obtain a short respite from active field operations.

News from Abroad, is unimportant:
The Rebellion is still rampant.

Our Devil has taken slightly to Poetry now-a-days. The following Parody he perpetrated yesterday and then went immediately to bed: He was totally exhausted-we are glad to notice that he is better this morning.

The 11th NY at Fredericksburg

One day, when winter sun was low,
And could December’s frosty show:
Dark and dismal was the flow,
Of Rappahannock rapidly!

Then A, von’ saw another sight-
When Col. H-at dead of night;
Sent him forth to the field of fight;
(ukwn) the darkness of the scenery.

With spade and pick each man arrayed,
Forth to the bloody field essayed,
While not a few quite gladly staid
Back-from the toil and drudgery,

There shook the Earth with shovels riven;
Then rushed the men by A. von driven,
Then piled the dirt, high as heaven,
Before the brave artillery!!!

But higher yet-that dirt shall go;
On Fredericks hill to day t’will show,
While in the distance rumbled low
The darksome river rapidly!

‘Tis mor’n, but-ere the lurid sun,
Had pierced the clouds o’er Frederick hung,
A. von, said “de work ish done”
And joined the grand skedaddlery!!

The day is breaking, on ye brave,
A gallant rush your life shall save!!
Ware A. von let ye banner wave!
We have erased the fearful river!

Ah! Here we part,-but-let us meet,
Anywhere, but in Frederick street,
There every stone beneath our feet-
Will be a soldiers sepulcher!!

March 17, 1863

March 17, 1863
Bulletin Office 9 AM

Latest per Telegraph
From Washington

Rebellion Squelched

Important Evacuations

Since the last issue of our paper numerous reports and rumors have reached us, announcing the Evacuation of the Cities of Vicksburg and Fredericksburg by the Rebels. Although we do not place much confidence in the reports, we have no doubt but that many of the rebels within the past twenty four hours, have had evacuations (of the bowels). If our opinion should prove correct, then the country will feel much relieved, as well as the rebels, and we wish them a pleasant passage, and that they may be speedily wiped out!!

Yesterday was made notorious, by the arrival of some 30 rampant, Arabian steeds, expressly for the corral of the 11th NY Battery!
It is now the intention, to celebrate this event, in a few days, by a little pistol practice, in the adjoining valley of Gethsemane- for the especial benefit of a few ancient Stallions!!

St. Patrick’s Day
To day, being the anniversary of the birth day of St. Patrick, who did so much for this world at large, and Ireland in particular, it has been decided highly proper of Gen’l Hooker, that it be fittingly observed by the army of the Potomac! In accordance, the Commander in Chief of Artillery has issued the following order to the Havelock Battery
First: The command “arise Havelocks” will be given in the morning, by Albert; and the “Havelocks” will arise and eat.
Second: At noon there will be a grand equestrian performance, in which about thirty Mexican mustangs, just caught-will take part. Prof Cheeny the celebrated horse tamer- with his wild horse “Pegasus” will be present and take charge of the exhibition
Third: At sunset there will be a grand full dress parade of the Battery. Each member of the company in addition to his usual green-ness will wear a small sprig of evergreen on his left breast! (a. (unkw) inspected. Ed)

No illustrations this morning- reason, our special artist has a slight head-ache occasioned by overtaxing the brain yesterday!

March 18, 1863

Motto: No War, no anything, no nothing!! Shale’
March 18, 1863
Bulletin Office 9 AM

Starling News
Per Telegraph!
To these Headquarters!

The heavy cannonading, heard yesterday afternoon to the north west, was occasioned by a rebel force of 10,000 men under Genl. Stuart attempting to cross the river near Rappahannock Station. They were successfully repelled by the Union Forces stationed at that point- but subsequently succeeded in establishing themselves on this side under cover of night-A battle will undoubtedly ensue to day.

St. Patricks Day was appropriately celebrated by the Irish Brigade- encamped a few miles to the west. A large number of visitors (officers) were in attendance upon the feats participating and enjoying among whom, we are glad to notice, was out Capt. Albert-Alexander. Albert was in his element. Mrs. Sickles was there. Albert saw Mrs. Sickles. Mrs. Sickles smiled upon Albert. Albert felt good-he felt gay. His horse felt good. Yet Albert himself was calm, sublime triumphant: No man on the ground looked so well. No road as well, none jumped so high, nor so far. Albert took the bell. Then Mrs. Sickles smiled again and said to Albert “long may you wave”. Here, verily Albert had a good time.

Genl. Hooker and Staff were present at the celebrations of the Irish Brigade yesterday. The Irish told to use confidentially, that while upon the ground, the General introduced and recommended to the officers, the use of a new and powerful field glass, designed for long as well as short range, we believed it holds about 3 pints!

(Cartoon with caption “ Puss in Boots, the Demon and the Dwarf resolve to knock the Old Man’s head off with a whiskey Bottle.”)

[New Fairy Tale.
Hurrah for the Albany Regency!

March 23 186

March 23 1863
Bulletin Office, 9 AM
Pro Bono Public

The 11 NY Battery.

Our Editorial corps was somewhat astonished a day or two since by the receipt of startling information from the 11 NY Battery. This body of men have heretofore been noted for their high moral character gentlemanly deportment and rare military proficiency. But it now appears that this religious organization has been, of late, somewhat compromised by the conduct of some three or four of its original members. On Saturday last, the members above mentioned (officers, we believe), attempted a little sharp practice on an elderly gentleman commanding a battery in these parts, designing, evidently, to remove his shoulder straps. It now appears that they were not very successful, but are in a fair way of losing own (Be not over ambitions: moral Ed)

Notice: In pursuance to the order of Gov’ Seymour- read by the Captain last evening at “roll Call”; calling for the military and biographical history of this battery, we shall commence at once collecting facts and incidents, for a correct history. Particular attention will be paid to the Biographies of Officers, sergeants included in any of the persons interested in having a good (unkw) of themselves appear in this forthcoming military history of N. Y. which shall hand them gloriously down to posterity. They must come down with their spondulicks! We are not going to make characters and here for nothing, we must be paid and well paid too. Our special article will illustrate the manuscript as we proceed-. This history will not appear on the Bulletin board, but will be open to private inspection. We have already received orders for two first class characters.

Editorial: The non-appearance of the Bulletin for the last few days- is not owing to our being suppressed, but to local causes, over which we have had no ontrol: Paper is getting scarce and high and funds; in our editorial pocket are beautifully low. For some time, here after, we shall be occupied in writing the history of the battery, during which time, the Bulletin will appear only semi occasionally, as the importance of events shall demand.
Special Order no. 26. The Captain received this morning, s.o. no 26- Which requires all artillery officers, below the rank of Capt’, to detail each three privates as servants; together with as many “niggers” as can be obtained. If “niggers” are to be had, then four privates to each commissioned officer are allowed!

Date Unknown

Pro Bono Publico
Local News!
The “Havelocks” again

By special request we publish this morning some interesting accounts of the expenditure of those remarkable and fabulous company funds accumulated during the early history of the 11 N.Y. Batt’y. This account is compiled from various receipts, diaries and recollections obtained -no matter where or how.
Of this first $400 received, about $100 was expended per order, for a first-class Fourth of July dinner- we all engaged ourselves-had a good time. All that was lacking to make the happiness complete was a little old “never mind” that’s a digestive!
-about $100 more we voted to our patriotic and self sacrificing cooks- as a solid expression of our appreciation of their skill and cleanliness. The remainder of the $400 was unfortunately, as every body knows, lost on the 27th of August-’62 with some other insignificant property at Manasas- Providentially another $250 was drawn for the benefit of the battery and duly appropriated as seen by the following
11th NY Battery in account with somebody.
CR. Sept: 1862 Dr
Sept-3d To One Cheese $40.00
Sept 8 To 3 lbs. Ser’ Potatoes 87.50
Sept-24 To 42 lbs Bolona Sausage 29.50
Sept-24 To one dozen knives forks, plates 25.00
Some other trifles 20.00
Balance on hand $48.00
$250 $250.00

April 1st, 1863

April 1st, 1863
Bulletin Office, 9 A.M.
Pro Bono Publico

3rd Chronicles
Chapter I
Listen unto my words oh ye sinful Havelocks-and learn, for what I speak-did happen in camp near Falmouth which is by the river.
Now it came to pass in the 2d year of the reign of King Albert-which is called A von- that his officers-Lieutenants- being men of valor did rise in rebellion against him-The King-and sought to behead him (officially) and so there was a great tumult-.
There was the King standing sorrowful, for he was old and full of years, now it so happened one day that these men of valor-James, the son of the carpenter, and James- a Gentile and Watmore, the Jew did each and every one send their resignations to Albert-the King but alas, the King wouldn’t forward them.
Then did these three men, commanders of fifths, wax exceeding wroth-did appeal unto Caesar for these things were in the reign of Caesar Whipple-unto whom King Albert did pay tribute. No when these men and even Albert the King had come before the throne of Caesar, Caesar spake unto them all and verily did say, I there King, and ye men of valor declare unto me those things whereof I hear, for it hath been told me that a great uproar doth prevail in the camp.
Then did Watmore the Jew arise and did lift-up his voice on high and would have spoken, but Caesar which is called Whipple did rebuke him and bid him hold his peace. Then did Watmore rend his garments and did abase his face even in the dust.
Now it came to pass that silence did reign for the space of four minutes and not a word was spake. Then did the Caesar raise up his voice and did say, why the devil did don’t ye compromise this matter, wherefore still do ye quibble and quarrel and froth, like unto a Keg of ancient beer called lager.
Thus endeth the first Chapter-Continued.
[end of document]


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