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Albany County, New York
in the Civil War

The following is taken from Third Annual Report of the Bureau of Military Statistics of the State of New York, Albany: [The Bureau], (C. Wendell), 1866.

The news of the first hostile demonstration made by the so-called Southern Confederacy, created a profound sensation in the city and county of Albany. Partizan zeal was forgotten, and the people unanimously resolved, upon a vigorous support of the Government. Both Houses of the Legislature, as they adjourned, joined in the popular demonstrations of enthusiasm. In Senate and Assembly, the scenes were very extraordinary and exciting. American flags were displayed, patriotic songs were sung, a military band gave forth inspiring music. In the House, Governor Morgan delivered a stirring address, and the eloquent utterances of members prolonged the scene, amid the cheers of people and representatives. Throughout the city, expression of fervent devotion to the Government and the Union, assumed every phase that enthusiasm could suggest, and the excitement became intense, and martial music resounded everywhere.
Unfurling the National standard being accepted as a significant evidence of patriotism, it floated from all public buildings, armories, hotels and vessels in harbor, and at length the roofs and windows of stores, schools and private dwellings, and even the steeples of churches bristled with flag staffs, and the breeze of each successive day dallied with a hundred new banners.
After the first burst of enthusiasm, the work of practical patriotism began.
Through all its early annals the city had been the grand arsenal and entrepot of war. In the military history of the State, there had always clustered around Albany a peculiar interest. Here were mustered the battalions of Amherst and Abercrombie, and the elements of formidable armies, whose exploits are the schoolboy's' story, and Greenbush and Bath were the ancient seats of barracks and stockades, and the depositories of arms and men.
The martial ardor animating the American people, never faltered here for want of scope and encouragement, and the call of country and duty have ever met with a prompt and chivalrous response. The bravery of native and adopted Albanians, is identified with American glory. Few battlefields that their blood has not baptized ; few that their bones have not whitened. Niagara and Lundy's Lane, Queenstown Heights and Sackett's Harbor, attest their valor. From the days of the old Dutch church, whose threshold is yet visible in State street, to the present era of general advancement, the whole local part of this quaint old town teems with exciting incidents, and is uniformly graced and adorned by sterling patriotism.
Animated by such a past, the people sturdily and thoughtfully prepared for the business of war. Recruiting offices were forthwith opened in advantageous localities by William G. Weed, Capt. Michael Cassidy, John McDuffie, John Lawless, J. O. Moore, Thos. W. Stevens, Major Chas. Townsend, E. K. Pruyn, J. H. Ten Eyck, jr., Captain H. S. Hurlbut, J. H. Chase, J. W. Bhanchard, M. H. Donovan, W. R. Seymour, and others, and volunteers were rapidly enlisted. Throughout the city the formation of companies was so rapid, that the requisite authorizations could not be prepared with adequate speed; the Adjutant-General's office being thronged with military from all parts of the State. The roll of drums and strains of martial music, gave a war-like appearance to the entire town. The alacrity of naturalized citizens and foreign residents to enlist, was here as everywhere else, noticeable. The Twenty-fifth regiment, largely composed of adopted citizens, unanimously tendered their servics. One company of this regiment, the artillery, had taken part in the wars of 1812 and 1847. Another com-pany, the Emmet Guards, was the first in the whole State, to volunteer at the breaking out of the Mexican war.
The honor of being in advance of Albanian volunteers this time, however, belongs to Captain John Lawless' company of new men, which between 8 and 9 on the evening of April 15, proceeded by a martial corps and accompanied by an immense concourse, marched to the Capitol and offered themselves in behalf of the Union-- though Captain William G. Weed claims to have received the first volunteer commission in the State.
The Burgesses corps, an independent organization, prepared to join the Twenty-fifth, and were ultimately represented at Wash-ington by a \splendidly equipped body of stalwart men, with an outfit costing $7,000, subscribed by the members of the corps, without a dollar's expense to either State or National Governments.
The common council entertained a recommendation that $30,000 be appropriated for the families of volunteers, and an instalment of $5,000 was forthwith set apart for this object. They also tendered the Industrial School building, a large and commodious edifice, with ample grounds attached, for the purpose of lodging the troops gathering at this depot. The east wing of the Albany Hospital, with its dispensary, was devoted by its directors to the use of the State medical department. Numerous banks and corporations passed resolutions maintaining the salaries of their officials while in service. A body of influential citizens assumed the duty of raising additional funds for families of soldiers. Large contributions of provisions and clothing for the immediate necessities of recently enlisted men flowed in from all quarters of the city. The medical men, with prompt unanimity, placed themselves at the disposal of, the State authorities. The clergy likewise tendered their services, besides making their potent influence felt in the encouragement of enlistments. The Sisters of Charity signified their desire to attend the hospital and their valuable aid was will-ingly accepted. The artists met and resolved to contribute paintings and sculpture for the volunteer fund. The project originating with Mr. E. D. Palmer, the distinguished sculptor, was promptly acted upon in New York city, and over $4,000 realized. For that sale but three pictures were expressly prepared. At Albany every offering was so prepared. The amount realized was $1,000.
The ladies of the city, with a spontaneous impulse, originated a relief association, which from first to last, has merited the gratitude of soldier and historian. During the first period of excite-ment and unforeseen necessity, their influence and labors dispensed to camp and barracks and hospital a myriad of comforts and bless-ings. Not a regiment, company or detachment quartered here but recognized and rejoiced in the hereditary and proverbial hospitality of old Albany and its inestimable women.
In addition to the general relief associations, numerous private contributions to divers patriotic objects were solicited. Each ward and district had its special subscription list, and pistols, swords, clothes, horses and camp equipage drew constantly upon the sympathies and purses of the community. On the 22d of July $18,350, it was officially reported, had been expended from the public sources, but an exhibition of the private munificence continually displayed would have greatly magnified, perhaps trebled the amount.


Civil War Newspapers
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The following tables are taken from Fourth Annual Report of the Bureau of Military Statistics of the State of New York, Albany: Week, Parsons & Co., 1867.
Thank you to Paul Stambach for transcribing this information.

ABSTRACT of Reports from Supervisors of Towns and Treasurer of County, showing amount of moneys received for Bounties, etc., and from what sources in the years 1862, 1863, 1864 and 1865.
  1862. 1863. 1864. 1865. 1862. 1863. 1864. 1865. In cash. State bonds. Interest on bonds.
Bethlehem, $200.00 $1,000.00 $800.00 - - - - - - - - $2,000.00
Berne,  6,500.00 12,159.00  - $800.00 - - - - - - - 19,459.00
Coeymans, 2,941.86 2,190.51 2,063.78 - $7,241.37 - - - - - 14,437.52
Guilderland, 5,046.13 - - 5046.13 - - - - - - 10,092.26 
Knox, 5,064.74 1,256.68 820.00 5,908.00 233.50 - - - - 13,282.92
New Scotland,*  - - - - - - - - - - - -
Rensselaerville,* - - - - - - - - - - -
Westerlo, 3,000.00  - - - - 150.00 - - - - - 3,150.00
Watervliet,*  - - - - - - - - - - -
Subtotal $9,700.00  $26,211.73 $4,247.19 $3,683.78 $10,954.13 $7,624.87 - - - - - $62,421.70
City & Co., Albany                         4,485,276.45
TOTAL                        $4,547,698.15 
 *No report received.


ABSTRACT of Reports from Supervisors of Towns and Treasurer of County, showing amount of moneys paid out for Bounties, etc., and for what purposes paid in the years 1862, 1863, 1864 and 1865.
Paid for town bounties.   Paid for fees and expenses. Paid interest on loans. Paid principal of loans. Paid support of families. State bonds on hand. Cash on hand. Discount on bonds. Reimbursed to tax pay'rs.  Total Paid.  Principal of loans out-standing.
Bethlehem, $2,000.00 $2,000.00
Berne, $19,159.00 $300.00 $19,459.00
Coeymans, $7,800.00 $39.00 $1,167.50 $5,431.02 $14,437.52 $1,810.34
Guilderland, $5,046.13 $5,046.13 $10,092.26
Knox, $7,108.00 $120.00 $651.92 $5,308.00 $95.00 $13,282.92 $600.00
New Scotland,*
Westerlo, $2,367.72 $632.28 $150.00 $3,150.00
Subtotal $39,113.13 $2,826.72 $2,451.70 $15,785.15 $2,245.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $62,421.70 $2,410.34
City & Co., Albany  $3,100,700.00 $225,125.39 $228,260.38 $459,000.00 $167,000.00 $305,190.68 $4,458,276.45 $2,530,522.00
TOTAL $3,139,813.13 $227,952.11 $230,712.08 $474,785.15 $2,245.00 $167,000.00 $305,190.68 $0.00 $0.00 $4,520,698.15 $2,532,932.34
 *No report received.


Index to Newspaper Articles from Albany County periodicals.
Indexed by David Moore.

An Excel spreadsheet with this data is here.

Albany Evening Journal
City: Albany
County: Albany
Frequency: Daily
1861:04:15 "Call to Arms!"  New York to furnish 30,000 [of 75,000] troops.
1861:04:15 [Ed.]. Argus "croaks out treasonable sympathies."
1861:04:15 [Letter] fr. E.D. Shuler [Col., 66th N.Y. (S.M.)], dated 4/13/61, Lockport, N.Y.
1861:04:16 At a meeting in Buffalo yesterday, it was resolved to raise three regiments.
1861:04:16 Officers of the 45th Regt. [N.Y.S.M], in Utica, had a meeting to get ready.
1861:04:16 Volunteer bill passed.
1861:04:16 Patriotic meeting in Troy yesterday.
1861:04:16 Meeting at Malta Saloon in Maiden Lane last eve.
1861:04:16 Capt. J. Owen Moore is raising a co.;
1861:04:16 Lt. J.[ackson?] H. Chase has opened a recruiting office at the Albany Hotel, Washington Ave.
1861:04:16 Capt. Michael Cassidy, formerly of Worth Guards,  has opened a recruiting office in the First Ward.
1861:04:17 [Notice]. Capt. John Lawless, 27 Maiden Lane [Albany].
1861:04:17 Capt. J. Owen Moore called to the bedside of his mother.
1861:04:18 [Ed.]. Refutes Argus' claim that Journal want to "excite a mob" to attack offices of Argus.
1861:04:18 Germans of Albany had a meeting last eve.
1861:04:18 Albany Hosp. has tendered east wing, dispensary and ward to Governor for military use.
1861:04:18 Committee formed for the support of families of vols.
1861:04:18 German Turner Society met at Newark [N.Y.] Tues. eve.
1861:04:18 1st Regt. Nat. Gd. Forming at Arsenal, corner of White & Elm Sts.
1861:04:18 19th N.Y.S.M., Co. L, the "Parmenter Riflemen" held a mtg. at the Newburg[h] Armory.
1861:04:18 The whole 1st Div., N.Y.S.M., offers assurance to MG Sanford.
1861:04:18 25th N.Y.S.M. has tendered services to Gov.
1861:04:18 Ex-Capt. Justus W. Blanchard, of the ABC [Albany Burgess' Corps] is raising a co.;
1861:04:18 Thomas W. Stevens and Maj. Charles Townsend are raising a company, "Albany Rangers".
1861:04:18 Members of the Gymnasium have organized into Zouaves, and are being drilled by Sgt. McRoberts.
1861:04:18 George Cottingham has requested a meeting of the company formed at the Rainbow [Saloon].
1861:04:18 There will be a meeting of the Albany City Vols., Capt. John Lawless, at the Malta Saloon this eve.
1861:04:18 [Order].  G.O.#13, State of New York.
1861:04:19 Call for proposals for subsistence of vols., by Cuyler Van Veghten, Qtm. Gen.
1861:04:19 [Order].  N.Y.S. Surg. Gen., Dept. of State.  G.O. #1.
1861:04:19 First vol. co. raised and ready for duty; Capt. John Lawless cmd.
1861:04:19 J. Owen Moore's rendevous has moved to Anne's Bldg., South Pearl St.
1861:04:19 Capt. Henry S. Hulbert [Hurlbert] , a grad. Of West Point, opens a rendevous today at 539 Broadway, above Bleecker Hall.
1861:04:19 Capt. E.R. Pruyn, formerly cmd. of Co. A, Continentals, is at Van Valkenburgh House.
1861:04:19 Col. Wilson Miller, Capt. John McDuffie, and Alexander Hamilton Wands are recr. a co.
1861:04:19 Schuyler Hose Co., in 1st Ward, have org a co. and will render services to Gov.
1861:04:19 Jackson Guards of West Troy, under Capt. P. Kane, announced they are ready for service.
1861:04:19 J.W. Blanchard's company rapidly filling up.
1861:04:19 Capt. William G. Weed's rendevous was crowded all day yesterday, with recruits.
1861:04:19 Jacob Ten Eyck, Jr., engaged in recruiting for co. of vols.
1861:04:19 Co. formed at Albany Hotel, under cmd. of Capt. [Jackson H.?] Chase to be sworn in by Gov.
1861:04:19 [Ed.]. "Show your colors."
1861:04:19 [Notice]. Vols. Who enlisted at Washington Avenue rendevous to meet at Beardsley's Hotel, Fri., 4/19, to elect officers.
1861:04:19 [Order].  S.O. #1. Armory of Albany City Vols. Wh[
1861:04:19 [Notice].  Germans Union Loving Citizens of Albany, are invited to attend a mass meeting.
1861:04:20 [Ed.].  Supports Gov. Morgan's mobilization efforts.
1861:04:20 Oscar Tyler, of Albany, lowest bidder for rations supply (34 cents per day per man).
1861:04:20 B.C. Butler, of Warren County, designated Clerk of Vol. Militia.
1861:04:20 Col. Bryan ordered to hold 25th N.Y.S.M in readiness.
1861:04:20 Troy has four vol. companies full.
1861:04:20 [Notice].
1861:04:20 [Notice].  "Freemen, Rally!"  At Johnny Cooke's Saloon, State St., opp. Capitol.
1861:04:20 [Notice].  Residents of 8th Ward forming a company.
1861:04:20 [Notice].  Regular meeting of Rainbow Vols., to be held at Rainbow Saloon.
1861:04:20 Capt. J.[acob] H. Ten Eyck is recruiting for Gen. Townsends' Regt., at 550 Broadway, opposite Delevan House.
1861:04:20 Michael H. Donnovan [Donovan] has opened a recruiting rendevous at Barney Kavenaugh's in Broadway between No. Lansing and DeWitt Sts.
1861:04:20 William R. Seymour has opened a recruiting rendevous at 28 Clinton Ave.
1861:04:20 Capt. [Henry S.] Hurlburt [Hurlbert] has opened a [new] recruiting rendevous at Bleecker Hall.
1861:04:20 Capt. Lawless would like to thank citizens [List] who contributed goods to his company.
1861:04:20 Gen. Frederick Townsend's Regiment filling rapidly [pt. 1].
1861:04:20 Gen. Frederick Townsend's Regiment filling rapidly [pt. 2].
1861:04:20 Gen. Frederick Townsend's Regiment filling rapidly [pt. 3].
1861:04:20 Col. Williard's Regiment in Troy is filling up.
1861:04:20 Col. McKay's Regiment at Hudson has three companies, Capt. W.G. Reed, Albany, and two New York City companies: Capts. Henry Gaines and A.W. Taylor.
1861:04:20 Capt. John Gray anxious to fill up Worth Guards.
1861:04:20 Capt. John F. Baker's Company of Auburn, and Capt. Calvin Walker's Company, of Geneva, accepted by Gov.
1861:04:22 Departure of 25th N.Y.S.M [Desc.; several accounts], with remarks, flag presentation by Mayor Thacher.
1861:04:22 13,000 muskets have arrived from Springfield; 23,000 total ordered.
1861:04:22 2,300,000 ball cartridges ordered from Watervliet Arsenal.
1861:04:22 Only 300,000 to be had for New York City.
1861:04:22 BG [John] Wool left for New York City.
1861:04:22 Capt. Edmund Schriver, Troy, resigned from Army several years since and now President of Rensselaer & Saratoga R.R., has tendered services to Gov.
1861:04:22 A company being formed in this city, entirely of evangelical church members.
1861:04:22 [List] of 81 companies in Albany ready for service.
1861:04:22 [Order].  S.O. #10, HQ, 9th Brigade, N.Y.S.M., 4/21/61.
1861:04:22 [Letter]. Fr. Mayor Thacher.  Requesting citizens to donate "caps, knapsacks," etc. for 25th N.Y.S.M.
1861:04:22 First barracks opened at building next to Bleecker Hall, on Broadway.
1861:04:22 Industrial School being converted into barracks.
1861:04:22 Albany City Volunteers have elected William G. Weed Capt.
1861:04:22 Capt. Lawless' Company remained at Malta Saloon, on Saturday and Sunday [4/20-21].
1861:04:22 Washington Continentals, Co. B, the nucleus of the 10th Regt. [N.Y.S.M.], has opened a recruiting station at their armory on Broadway (over Mason's Billiard Rooms).
1861:04:22 Rendevous at 28 1/2 Clinton St., now at "full blast".
1861:04:22 Rolls now open for firemen at [illeg.] North Pearl St. & Beardsley's Hotel.
1861:04:22 John Hastings has opened a "branch of his rendevous" at Malta Saloon.
1861:04:22 The "gallant" [Albany] Burgesses [Corps] getting ready.
1861:04:22 William Ellis has accepted position of Engineer of the 25th [N.Y.S.M.].
1861:04:22 [Notice].  Albany Burgesses Corps roll at Capt. Kingsley's office at Museum Building.
1861:04:22 Loyal colored citizens invited to attend a mass meeting at the Hamilton Baptist Church.
1861:04:23 20th N.Y.S.M., Ulster Co., Col. Pratt, ordered out.
1861:04:23 J.[ackson?] H. Chase, clerk in Canal Dept., having volunteered, will retain place on return.
1861:04:23 Rev. Drs. Sprague, Pohlman, [E.P.] Rogers, & J.P. Fulton, Albany, have offered services as chaplains.
1861:04:23 Capt. W.L. Elliott, USA, from Carlisle Barracks [Pa.], has been detailed to Elmira.
1861:04:23 Capt. [Joseph L.] Tidball [10th U.S. (Inf.)], USA, from Buffalo, reported for duty, and sent to Elmira.
1861:04:23 Maj. Sitgrave, USA, is at Albany.
1861:04:23 Gen. [Frederick] Townsend has designated the following companies [List] for Regiment.
1861:04:23 Augustus Viele & Co., of West Troy Foundry, received an order from Grinnell, Minton & Co., New York City, for quantity of shot for arming their vessels.
1861:04:23 [Notice].  "Tigers, Fall In!"  Meeting of Albany City Tiger Drill Assn, at Wendell Hall, 110 State St.
1861:04:23 [Notice].  Havelock Guards to meet at YMCA, this eve.
1861:04:23 Capt. [Henry S.] Hulbert's [Hurlbert's] Company, 55 strong, mustered in;
1861:04:23 The Newburgh Company arrived last night.
1861:04:23 The 25th N.Y.S.M.'s Johnny Cook, veteran of War of 1812 and Mexican War, is drum major.
1861:04:23 [Hale] Kingsley, of the Albany Burgesses' Corps, recruiting it to battalion size.
1861:04:23 More firemen are needed for [No.] 28 Clinton Company.
1861:04:23 Capt. James Bowden has opened a recruiting office at the William Tell house, 91 Church St.
1861:04:23 James Gray and Edward Stanton are recruiting a company at State and Knox Streets; 30 men so far.
1861:04:23 Cohoes [Union] Artillery have offered services to the Governor.
1861:04:23 Members of Engine [Co.] No. 6, presented E. [lbridge] G. Floyd [Capt., 3rd N.Y. (Inf.). Co. C], with sash & sword; presentation made by James Kinnear.
1861:04:23 The Zouaves, a new military organization, doing guard duty at the Barracks, with Company B, Continentals, Capt. Ainsworth.
1861:04:23 George P. Johnson has opened a rendevous at 25 Church Street.
1861:04:24 Syracuse Zouaves, Capt. John C. [G.] Butler, arrived in Albany on 4/23, to take place in Col. Townshend's regt.
1861:04:24 The Marion took off with 15th [?] Regiment [N.Y.S.M.] from New York City last eve.;
1861:04:24 The Rendevous at Elmira was in perfect condition for the reception of troops Monday [4/22].
1861:04:24 The 79th [N.Y.S.M.], commanded by Col. Thomas W. Maclay, ordered by the Governor to proceed.
1861:04:24 Col. David B. Haswell has opened a recruiting station at Roach's Hotel, Bethlehem Centre.
1861:04:24 James Gibbons, one of the Fort Sumter heroes, visited his family in Rochester yesterday.
1861:04:24 Capt. S.W. Updike, appointed Postmaster at Rochester, is busy drilling troops in that city.
1861:04:24 Rev. Von Putkammer offered his services as Chaplain of the 25th N.Y.S.M., but turned down
1861:04:24 There was an enthusiastic meeting at Dunkirk.
1861:04:24 [N.Y.S.] Quartermaster General's Department awarded contracts
1861:04:24 Meeting at Waterloo, 4/22/61.
1861:04:24 Meeting at Fulton, 4/20/61.
1861:04:24 [Letter].  Fr. James S. Cook, Ballston Spa, dated 4/22/61, to son, saying he must go with Albany Burgesses [Corps].
1861:04:24 Union meetings in Geneva, Adams, Albion.
1861:04:24 Company B [Washington Continentals?], Capt. Ainsworth, relieved Zouaves [Albany Zouave Cadets?] at the [Albany] Barracks for the remainder of the week.
1861:04:24 Another building being erected for Col. Townsend's Regiment.
1861:04:24 The Schenectady Company [               ] arrived this morning and proceeded to the Barracks.
1861:04:24 Lt. McDermott commanded the Montgomery Guards when they left.
1861:04:24 Capt. Michael Cassidy, of Albany, commanding a company in Troy.
1861:04:24 Lt. G[eorge]. E. Mink, Townsend Guards [Co. C, 3rd N.Y. Inf.], was presented with a sword, sash, epaulets and belt by Engine Co. No. 5, of which he is foreman.
1861:04:24 Tivoli Hose Co. members presented revolvers to Richard M. and Thomas Goldwaite, who have volunteered.
1861:04:24 Col. Willard's Regiment [2nd N.Y. Inf.] went into camp at Rensselaer County Fairgrounds yesterday.  Six companies inspected and accepted.  Remaining four to be inspected this morning.
1861:04:24 Utica Citizen Corps mustered in by BG [         ] White.
1861:04:24 West Troy [Watervliet] Arsenal very busy.
1861:04:24 Troy Citizen Corps tendered their services; Capt. H.L. Shields.
1861:04:24 In Capt. [William H.] McConihe's Company of Troy [Co. I, 2nd N.Y. Inf.], every man has a brace of revolvers.
1861:04:24 Capt. Thomas Brickley is organizing a company in West Troy, at the Lansing House.
1861:04:24 Wool Guards of Troy ready to march.
1861:04:24 MG John Taylor Cooper's farewell to 25th N.Y.S.M. [Text].
1861:04:24 [Notice]. Havelock Guards to meet at Y.M.C.A.
1861:04:24 Ten full companies in Barracks.
1861:04:25 Every man who [desires] military instruction can join the Putnam Tiger drill, every evening at Wendell Hall, State St.
1861:04:25 [Ed.].  "North is a unit."
1861:04:25 Committees in wards were appointed to obtain names of families needing relief.
1861:04:25 Maj. M.[arsena] H. Patrick now on Governor's staff.
1861:04:25 [Order].  G.O.#17, State of New York.  Adj. Gen.  Organizes two Divisions of Militia; 21 regiments.
1861:04:25 Additional companies enrolled.
1861:04:25 Departure of 25th N.Y. [S.M.] from the Battery, New York City (from the New York daily times).
1861:04:25 Meeting in Perry, Wyoming County, 4/22/61.
1861:04:25 Ex-Mayor Perry left this morning with two revolvers for the 25th Regiment [N.Y. S.M.].
1861:04:25 Capt. James Gray, engaged in recruiting, applied for enrollment.
1861:04:25 Isaac Morris recruiting volunteers at Bell Tavern, 115 South Pearl St.; a Mexican War vet.
1861:04:25 Utica Citizens Corps is a fine body of men (included two editors).
1861:04:25 Wilkes of the New York spirit of the times, has gone to Washington to join Cassius M. Clay, if he forms a regiment.
1861:04:25 [Letter].  From A. Van Santvoord [n.d.].
1861:04:25 23 from Turner Society left for New York City to join Col. Siegel's [Sigel's] Regiment of Turners.
1861:04:25 70 members of the Independent Washington Engine No. 4 have volunteered for the war from Lansingburgh.
1861:04:25 Contintental Zouaves from Utica, Capt. Brazie; Capt. Har[rer], with the German Sharpshooters, and Capt. Flanigan, same city, are also expected.
1861:04:25 Thanks from Lt. Brandenburgh and Louis Sautter, of the Turners, for revolvers [presented?] before leaving with Turners.
1861:04:25 Utica Citizens Corps, Capt. McQuade, in city.
1861:04:25 [Desc.] of Industrial School Building as barracks.
1861:04:26 "Arrival of Vols." [pt. 1].  Several fine cos.  From Ogdensburgh, Capt. [David] Neven, arrived in the afternoon, dined at Stanwyx Hall, and was escorted to Barracks.   They complain of being overcharged for Champlain boat.
1861:04:26 "Arrival of Vols." [pt. 2].  At 7 o'clock, a company of 110 men, Capt. [Charles] Hobbs [Hubbs], came in from Amsterdam -- The Amsterdam Rifle Corps.  Mayor [Thacher] escorted them to City Hall and quartered them in the County Court Room.
1861:04:26 "Arrival of Vols." [pt. 3].  "The mayor, with commendable  alacrity, gathered up, from different places, an abundant repast for the noble fellows."
1861:04:26 "Arrival of Vols." [pt. 4].  The following companies received by Capt. McQuade's Utica Corps and given quarters in the large rooms adjoining the Adams House: Seymour Artillery, Capt. Lewis Michael [Co. F, 14th N.Y. Inf], 88 men; Utica Washington Contine.
1861:04:26 "Arrival of Vols." [pt. 5].  … Utica Washington Continentals, Capt. [        ] Brazee, 87 men; Seymour Artillery, Capt. Lewis Michael, 87 men; Utica Rifle Corps, Capt. F. Harrer, 72 men.
1861:04:26 "General Frisby's intended regiment" (fr. Argus).
1861:04:26 Summer clothes for troops: contracts needed.
1861:04:26 Col. Richard Delafield, Corps of Engineers, U.S.A., assigned to staff of Gov. Morgan.
1861:04:26 Rev. Father [              ] Walworth, formerly of St. Peter's, Troy, now Chaplain of 69th N.Y.S.M.
1861:04:26 [Letter extr.].  Fr. George Lilly [25th N.Y. (S.M.)]., dated New York, 4/24/61.
1861:04:26 [Order].  G.O. #2, dated 4/26/61.  Fr. "State Military Dept."
1861:04:26 [Notice].  Fr. Cuyler Van Vechten [Qtm. Gen., N.Y. (S.M.)], dated 4/26/61.
1861:04:26 Utica Citizen Corps, Companies B, C, E, left for Albany, escorted by Home Guard, 4/25/61.
1861:04:26 Citizens Committee has received $15,698.00 in donations.
1861:04:26 Additional companies enr.
1861:04:26 [Order].  G.O. #1.  Fr. Brig. Gen. R.B. Van Valkenburgh, commanding Elmira Depot.
1861:04:26 Amsterdam Rifle Corps [welcomed?] by Mayor Thacher.
1861:04:26 Well done Waterford!  Raised $8,000.00 for equipping troops.
1861:04:26 Officer Mack, of Police Court, yesterday presented Lt. B.B. Whalen, a former associate, of Blanchard's Company [E, 3rd N.Y. Inf.], with a beautiful revolver and box of ball cartridges.
1861:04:26 Beds wanting for troops.
1861:04:26 [Notice].  "Volunteers wanted."  For Townsend Guards.
1861:04:26 [Notice].  "Putnam Continentals, Attention."
1861:04:27 [Table].  Pay, rations, and clothing of Army.
1861:04:27 New York (State).  Surg. Gen. Office.  G.O. #3.
1861:04:27 Companies enr. [pt. 1]: Capts. Charles F. Muller's, Boonville; John Van Rensselaer, Eagle Bridge; John C. Kenyon, Fulton;
1861:04:27 Companies enr. [pt. 2]: Capts. Thadius [sic] Bodine, Ovid; James A. Creed, Elmira.
1861:04:27 The company from Havana, Schuyler County, received this AM -- 100 men, Capt. J.E. Mulford.
1861:04:27 Scotchmen!  Attend!  Form a military company called Caledonia Corps at Metropolitan Hotel, Beaver St., next Tues.
1861:04:27 City News.  Adj. Gen. says he won't receive another company from this city until all portions of the state are heard from.
1861:04:27 West Troy citizens have formed a relief committee for families of volunteers.
1861:04:27 Glens Falls, too.  The Glens Falls Light Guards reported ready.
1861:04:27 Many volunteers in Fort Edward.
1861:04:27 A Chester company, Capt. [    ] May.
1861:04:27 3,500 men in city.  City Barracks is "pretty full."
1861:04:27 [Albany] Relief Committee [Resol.].
1861:04:27 Albany Burgesses Corps is mustered up -- 80 strong; fully officered and ready "for a long siege."
1861:04:27 20th N.Y.S.M. ordered to New York City.
1861:04:27 A company of 70 men drilled at Wendell Hall by P. Putnam.
1861:04:27 Officers elected in [Albany] Burgesses Corps [List].
1861:04:27 Utica Citizens Corps is quartered at no. 797 Broadway by Charles A. Burt.
1861:04:27 Joseph Lacey, errand boy at Goold's Coach Factory, was taken by Capt. Fredenhall of the artillery, 25th.
1861:04:29 [Notice].  From Commander-in-Chief John S. Van Rensselaer, Veterans of War of 1812.
1861:04:29 Row at Adams House Barracks, where 60 men of the Owego [Catlin's] Co. [are billeted] …
1861:04:29 The Courier des Etas Unis today publishes a list of subscribers for arming and equipping the 55th N.Y. [S.M.] Lafayette Guard.
1861:04:29 The ladies of Syracuse formed an association, the "Daughters of Liberty" to aid families of volunteers.
1861:04:29 $7,000.00 [pledged] at Volunteer Fund meeting in Canandaigua.
1861:04:29 "State Military Department."  The Ellsworth Regiment (11th N.Y. [Inf.]) ready.
1861:04:29 Several companies from Rochester go into camp today at Elmira.
1861:04:29 "City news."  [Syracuse?] Zouaves are in the Armory, sleeping on the bare floor.
1861:04:29 5,000 muskets arrived on Isaac Newton, destined for Indianapolis.
1861:04:29 Cannon balls are being manufactured at Starbuck's Foundry, Center Island, Troy.
1861:04:29 The report that Col. [Isaac] Quimby's Regiment will leave Rochester for here is incorrect; they go to Elmira
1861:04:29 Isaac McConihe, of Troy, presented a full set of equipment to George Taff[e], Co. I, Col. Willard's  Regiment [2nd N.Y Inf.].
1861:04:29 Catlin's Company of volunteers, from Owego, arrived Sunday AM [4/28]; at Adams House Barracks.
1861:04:29 Mark J. Cowan, Company B, Utica Citizens Corps, fights off a mugging.
1861:04:29 [Notice].  "Scotchmen!  Attend!"  Meeting at Metropolitan Hotel, Beaver St. [on 4/28], for Caledonia Corps.
1861:04:29 [Notice].  Albany Zouave Cadets are ordered to appear armed and equipped at their Armory, 5/1, for guard duty, s. Capt. F. Townsend.
1861:04:29 [Notice].  Recruits needed for Townsend Guards, at Beardsley's Hotel, 67 Washington Ave.
1861:04:30 The following companies have been accepted by the State [List of captains and residence]: James McQuade, Utica; Francis A. Schoeffel, Monroe County; Robert F. Taylor, Monroe County; William F. Tully, Monroe County; Lebbeus Brown, Monroe County;
1861:04:30 The following companies have been accepted by the State [p. 2].  [List of captains and residence]: Henry B. Williams, Monroe County; Adolphe Nolte, Monroe County; William H. Drew, Buffalo; Morris A. Church, Syracuse; Jacob Brand, Syracuse; …
1861:04:30 The following companies have been accepted by the State [p. 3].  [List of captains and residence]: George E. Stone, Syracuse; J.M. Brower, Syracuse; George W. Cole, Syracuse; Henry A. Barnum, Syracuse; John T. Baker, Auburn; John F. Aikins, Waterloo …;
1861:04:30 The following companies have been accepted by the State [p. 4].  [List of captains and residence]: Isaac S. Catlin, Owego; Theodore Schlick, Bath; Lewis Michael, Utica; William R. Brazee, Utica; Miles T. Blivin [Bliven], Saratoga Springs;
1861:04:30 The following companies have been accepted by the State [p. 5].  [List of captains and residence]: David A. Nevin, Ogdensburgh; John C. Maginnis, Middletown; Harrison Hollidy, Poughkeepsie; Frank Palmer, Plattsburgh.
1861:04:30 [Letter], from Capt. [Isaac] Catlin [3rd N.Y. (Inf.). Co. H], Albany [N.Y.], 4/30/61.
1861:04:30 [Letter], from Capt. [Isaac] Catlin [3rd N.Y. (Inf.). Co. H], Albany [N.Y.], 4/30/61 [pt. 2].
1861:04:30 It was the Brigade Band, not Schreiber's which played at the flag raising at the Exchange [Hotel].
1861:04:30 Carl Schurz has received three month leave of absence to raise a Wisconsin regiment.
1861:04:30 A son of the late Nicholas Hill, has been appointed a 2nd Lt., in Washington [D.C.].
1861:04:30 There are now 18,000 men in New York enrolled and awaiting orders to move.
1861:04:30 [Notice].  "Volunteers Wanted."
1861:04:30 [Order].  [S.O.].  [Albany] Burgesses [Corps] ordered to Capital in Washington.
1861:04:30 Lansingburgh Volunteers, composed exclusively of Independent Engine Co. No. 4, of that village.
1861:04:30 Ladies of Albany formed the U.S. Army Relief Society.
1861:04:30 Alderman [Terrence I.?] Quinn went with the 25th [N.Y.S.M.], an officer.
1861:04:30 The 25th [N.Y.S.M.] heard from; landed at Annapolis [Md.].
1861:05:01 [Proclamation].  Edwin D. Morgan, Governor, N.Y.S.
1861:05:01 [Order].  Adj. Gen. Office, N.Y.S., Albany, N.Y., 4/25/61.  G.O. #17.
1861:05:01 Townsend Guards.  See also: New York Troops -- Inf. -- 3rd after 5/14/61.
1861:05:01 [Order].  Adj. Gen. Office, N.Y.S., Albany, N.Y., 4/30/61.  G.O. #26.
1861:05:01 [List] of companies have been accepted by the State: Capt. John M. Layton, Buffalo; Capt. Edward Hazard, Buffalo; Capt. Elisha L. Haywood, Buffalo; Capt. Hiram Smith, Rochester; Capt. Milo W. Locke, Liverpool; …
1861:05:01 [List] of companies have been accepted by the State [2] : Capt. Joseph Irish, Syracuse; Capt. Augustus J. Root, Batavia; Capt Dennis Driscoll, Syracuse.  36 companies at the Albany Rendevous.
1861:05:01 Departure of [Albany Burgesses] Corps [Desc.].
1861:05:01 Departure of [Albany Burgesses] Corps [p. 2].  … [&?] Sgt. H[enry]. C. Haskell with a revolver.
1861:05:01 The 25th [N.Y.S.M.] is at Annapolis.
1861:05:01 Scotchmen met at Metropolitan Hotel to organize a company.
1861:05:01 [Notice].  Volunteers wanted for Townsend Guards [3rd N.Y. (Inf.)], at Beardsley's Albany Hotel, 67 Washington Ave.
1861:05:01 [Notice].  Volunteers wanted for a "select company".
1861:05:01 "2nd edition."  [List] of Committee members, to aid families of volunteers, by Ward, with alderman and address.  [List] of physicians to aid destitute families of soldiers.
1861:05:02 [Order].  Adj. Gen. Office, N.Y.S., Albany, N.Y., 5/1/61.  G.O. #26.
1861:05:02 Volunteer force of the State.  [N.Y.] has applications for 373 companies = 28,700 men.
1861:05:02 [List] of companies accepted since last report, by Capt. and location.
1861:05:02 [List] of companies with applications received, for purposes of inspection, by Capt. and location.
1861:05:02 Flag raising at Female Academy on North Pearl St.
1861:05:02 Burned rubble removed from Museum Building and will be repaired.
1861:05:02 BG [           ] Frisby, who went with the 25th [N.Y.S.M.], returned home this morning.  He brought a packet of letters with patriotic envelopes.
1861:05:02 Flag raising at Boys Academy.
1861:05:02 A company from Potsdam arrived at 4 o'clock and went to barracks.
1861:05:03 [Corres.].  [Anon.?]  "Patriotism of Union College."
1861:05:03 Voice of Old Schoharie.  Meeting at Court House, 4/27/61 [Desc.].
1861:05:03 25th [N.Y.S.M.].  Capt. [John] Gray [Co. C] writes he has excellent quarters in Washington, near the Capitol.  Mr. [Michael?] Lynch, Co. G, of Dunlop House, has returned with rheumatism.
1861:05:03 The Rochester Regiment [13th N.Y. Inf.], Col. [Isaac] Quimby, graduate of West Point and son-in-law of the gallant Col. Gardner of the Army, commands.
1861:05:03 Secession flag in Schodack.
1861:05:03 Geneseo volunteer company organized las Fri. [4/26?].
1861:05:03 Owego volunteers are a fine company.
1861:05:03 Another company, from Ogdensburgh, 90 strong, reached this city this a.m.
1861:05:03 Utica Citizens Corps is doing guard duty at the military quarters on Broadway.
1861:05:03 [Notice].  Peter Hogan [Capt., 18th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. H].
1861:05:04 Only two majors in U.S. Army: Keyes and R. Anderson.
1861:05:04 Col. [William H.] Christian [26th N.Y. (Inf.)], of Utica, is raising a regiment.
1861:05:04 A company arrived last evening from Middletown, Capt. John McGinnis, 135 men.
1861:05:07 State Military Dept.  [List]x of companies applying for service.
1861:05:07 [Notice].  Attn: military men in city.  All officers are requested to meet at Mayor's Room, City Hall.
1861:05:07 74th [N.Y.S.M.] (Buffalo) determined to go in as volunteers.
1861:05:07 Rochester Regiment [13th N.Y. Inf.] elected field officers:
1861:05:07 42 companies at Elmira Rendevous.
1861:05:07 [Letter], form Capt. John Gray, Worth Guards [25th N.Y. (S.M.)], Washington, D.C., 5/3/61.
1861:05:07 Three companies from Herkimer County [34th N.Y. Inf.]; 218 men, arrived last evening.
1861:05:07 Five more companies arrived this A.M., 400 more men [pt. 1].
1861:05:07 Five more companies arrived this A.M., 400 more men [pt. 2].
1861:05:07 Fire in the "composition kettle" while roofing new barracks at the Industrial School; not barracks.
1861:05:08 [Order], G.O. No. 32, from State Military Dept.  GHQ, N.Y.S., Adj. General's Office, Albany, N.Y., 5/7/61.
1861:05:08 [Order], G.O. No. 33, from State Military Dept.  GHQ, N.Y.S., Adj. General's Office, Albany, N.Y., 5/8/61.
1861:05:08 [List] of companies with applications received.  Other companies: no orders because quota is full.
1861:05:08 Volunteers in city.  Most of the 4,000 here are quietly disposed & peaceable.
1861:05:08 Two more companies arrived: Capt. Edward [Edmund] Boynton [Co. G, 22nd N.Y. Inf.], Whitehall, to the barracks in Troy.
1861:05:08 1,900 fed at Adams House yesterday.
1861:05:08 City Hospital.  Dr. John Swinburne is surgeon to troops in hospital.
1861:05:09 Edward Mulcahey, Esq., Alderman-elect from the 7th Ward was honored, as he left for the Worth Guards 25th Regiment [N.Y. (S.M.), Co. C].
1861:05:09 State Military.  [List]x of regiments.
1861:05:09 State Military.  [List]x of companies received conditionally.
1861:05:09 State Military.  Military Board [Resol.]x.  Bids for the following [List] articles.
1861:05:09 Flag presentation to Capt. Perry's Company of Saratoga Springs [Co. F, 30th N.Y. Inf.], by E. J. Huling [Speech].
1861:05:09 Unprovoked attack on a soldier by two men, at the barracks of the Schenectady and Saratoga companies [30th N.Y. Inf.].
1861:05:09 The Sacandaga Volunteers [30th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. G] are "tough as pine knots".
1861:05:09 [Ed.?] wants captains to order soldiers not to carry pistols.
1861:05:09 Peter Gouyon, of the Plattsburgh Company (he is from Glens Falls), discharged, nearly 56 years old.
1861:05:09 A soldier killed on the railroad, named Simmons, of the Johnstown Volunteers.
1861:05:09 Sgt. Jerome Purdy, Saratoga volunteers [Sgt., 30th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. F] is quite lame.
1861:06:13 [Ed.].  Response to [Albany] Argus regarding the uniforms.
1861:06:13 Albany Army Relief Association to meet.
1861:06:13 The Ellsworth Regiment [44th N.Y.].
1861:06:13 Palmer V. Kellogg has made 1,000 pants, etc.
1861:06:13 Two lots of uniforms rejected in New York City.
1861:06:13 John [N.?] Black?, Qtm., 25th Regiment [N.Y.S.M.], expected home today.
1861:06:14 The Baltimore sun has published an exaggerated account of the Battle of Big Bethel [Va.] …
1861:06:14 The 14th [N.Y. Inf.] and 18th [N.Y. Inf.] received knapsacks, haversacks, etc. today.
1861:06:14 [Corres.], from "L," on board steamer [Cataline?], Ft. Monroe [Va.], 6/11/61.
1861:06:14 [Notice].  Meeting of Tenth Ward for Ellsworth Regiment, 6/15.
1861:06:14 Eighth Ward Ellsworth Assn. to start subscription list.
1861:06:20 18th Regiment [N.Y. Inf.] reached Jersey City [N.J.] at 2 P.M. Wednesday [6/19].
1861:06:20 [Letter], from "J.O.M." [Jonathan O. Moore, Adj.], HQ, 3rd Regt., N.Y.V. [Inf.], Camp Hamilton, Va., 6/11/61.
1861:06:20 [Corres.], from "L.," Fortress Monroe [Va.], 6/17/61.
1861:06:20 Funeral of Sgt. William C. Cady, 3rd N.Y. [Inf.], Co. F, will take place today.
1861:07:15 Affray on the steamer Daniel Drew, en route to New York.
1861:07:15 Fire at the Arsenal in Watervliet, in lower story of the finishing shop..
1861:07:16 The Daniel Drew didn't stop at Newburgh, due to a hostile crowd.
1861:07:16 [Letter], from L.H. Vermilyea, USN, on board U.S.S. Crusader, off Key West, Fla., 7/7/61.
1861:07:16 [Corres.], from Mrs. D. G. Smith, Ladies Relief Society, Waterford.
1861:07:16 George Opdyke and others of Brooks Brothers are being investigated for supplying goods inferior to their samples.
1861:07:16 [Ed.].  "Increase of cavalry."
1861:07:16 We understand Brooks Brothers has reached an ageement with the state to replace 7,000 pants and jackets as a "set off for the worthless garments given to volunteers.
1861:07:16 Three cavalry companies to be sent from New York City to the seat of war.
1861:07:16 The following names [List] selected to represent towns in Albany County in the Ellsworth Regiment [44th N.Y. Inf.].
1862:01:10 Consolidation of artillery.  The four skeleton artillery companies recently consolidated into two.
1862:01:11 [Notice].  18th Regt. [N.Y. Inf.].
1862:01:11 [Notice].  "Three cheers for the Union."  D'Epineul Zouaves Regt. [53rd N.Y. Inf.].
1862:01:11 [Notice].  United States Sharpshooters.  Apply at Mssrs. Scott's, no. 9 Beaver St.
1862:01:11 [Notice].  17 months volunteers wanted, for "2nd" [3rd] N.Y. Volunteers [Inf.], now stationed at Fort McHenry [Monroe, Va.?].
1862:01:11 Grand Jury in Cortland indicted Capt. [Col.] [Nelson W.] Greene [Green] [76th N.Y. (Inf.)], for assault on Capt. [Major Andrew J.] McNeil [McNett] with a deadly weapon.
1862:01:11 Lt. Col. J. Fred Pierson, 1st New York Vols. [Inf.] in this city to a.m. to see Gov. Morgan.
1862:01:11 Lt. Col. Lewis Benedict, 73rd New York [Inf.] has returned home on parole and in city visiting parents.
1862:01:13 [Report], from Abraham J. Berry [Surg., 38th N.Y. (Inf.)], to Oakley Vanderpoel [Surg. Gen., N.Y.S.], Camp Scott, near Alexandria, Va., 1/9/62.
1862:01:13 Flag presentation, from several young ladies of Troy & Lansingburgh to Ellis' company of Light Artillery.
1862:01:13 Lt. Col. [Michael] Cassidy, of Wilson's Zouaves [6th N.Y. Inf.], is still in New York.
1862:01:13 Maj. James McKown, recently resigned from the Ellsworth Regiment [44th N.Y. Inf.], arrived here Saturday evening [4/11].
1862:01:14 The two artillery companies at the Barracks.
1862:01:15 We understand that the 76th Regiment, [N.Y. Inf.], Col. [Nelson W.] Green, will leave this city next Friday.
1862:01:16 Departure of the 76th Regiment, [N.Y. Inf.], tomorrow.
1862:01:16 The two artillery companies at the Barracks, Von Puttkammer [11th N.Y. Inf. Bty.] and [William H.] Ellis, will leave tomorrow.
1862:01:19 [Brief desc.] Departure of the 76th Regiment, [N.Y. Inf.].


Albany Evening Standard
City: Albany
County: Albany
Frequency: Daily
1861:04:15 William G. Wood has formed a co. for "actual service," 100 strong.  A meeting is called at the Malta Saloon, Maiden Lane, to form another co.
1861:04:15 [Notice] "To Arms. To Arms."  William G. Wood [Weed?] has opened a recr. Office at Room 28, Museum Building.
1861:04:16 [Ed.]  Difficult to understand the Atlas & Argus of [4/15].  Some articles patriotic; some treasonous.  "… we could not for the life of us say, whether the editor of the Atlas wished his friends to march against Charleston or shoot Lincoln."
1861:04:16 Capt. Jack Lawless made a parade last eve.
1861:04:16 [J.] Owen Moore, of Bank of Albany, is raising a co.  Capt. John McDuffie also raising a co.
1861:04:18 Vols. who enl. at Washington Ave. rendevous requested to meet at N. Beardsley' s Hotel on Fri. eve., 4/19, to elect officers.
1861:04:18 Thomas W. Stevens and Maj. Charles Townsend are raising a co. of vols., to be called Albany Rangers.
1861:04:18 Germans have a meeting on Saturday at Scriber [Schreiber's] Hall.  Prof. Piesniers [Elias Peissner] and Adolph Myer [Mayer] will address
1861:04:18 Several young men of the 10th Ward met casually last eve.  Elected John Roff Capt.; 35 enr.
1861:04:18 Capt. M. Cassidy, of this city a popular man.  Elected Capt. Of a Troy Co. yesterday.  "There is no 'Cow Boy' about Cassidy."
1861:04:18 New York Zouaves forming.  Rush C. Hawkins, president.
1861:04:18 Meeting at T. Fanklin's Saloon, 25 Church St., tomorrow.  Capt. M. Cassidy.
Albany Times and Courier
City: Albany
County: Albany
Frequency: Daily
1861:08:14 [Letter], from Anon. [2nd N.Y. (Inf.)], Camp Butler, Newport News [Va.], 8/11/61.
1861:08:15 [Letter], from Charles E. Russ [Lt., Qtm., 30th N.Y. (Inf.)], HQ, 30th N.Y.V., Hunter's Chapel, Va., 8/12/61.
1861:09:09 [Letter], from "L.B." [Capt. Louis Bieral, 71st Pa. (Inf.). Co. G], HQ, the Hon. Col. [Ed] Baker's 1st California Regiment, Baker's Brigade, Camp Oregon, Washington, D.C., 9/2/61.
1861:09:09 Col. [Jacob] Fredenhall's Regiment.
1861:09:18 Departure of 43rd N.Y. [Inf.].x
1861:10:02 [Letter], from "L.B." [Capt. Louis Bieral, 71st Pa. (Inf.). Co. G], HQ, MG, Brigade, 1st California Regiment, Baker's Brigade, Camp Advance, 9/[ ]/61.
1861:10:15 [Letter]x, from "L.B." [Capt. Louis Bieral, 71st Pa. (Inf.). Co. G], HQ, Baker's 1st California Regiment, Camp Oregon, Gen. Stone's Div., near Poolesville, Bank of the Potomac, Md., 10/6/[61].
1861:10:16 [Letter]x, from John Wilson [Capt., 43rd N.Y. (Inf.). Co. A], HQ, Camp Advance, Va., 10/3/61.


Atlas & Argus
City: Albany
County: Albany
Frequency: Daily
1861:04:16 Gen. [John] Wool or his Adj., Lt. [George L.?] Williard have not received any telegraphic dispatches about Fort Sumter.
1861:04:18 Meeting at Doolittle Hall, Oswego [4/16].
1861:04:18 Meeting at Ogdensburgh to be held tonight [4/17].
1861:04:18 Watervliet Arsenal workforce doubled (fr. Troy Arena).
1861:04:18 Company of vols. forming in Schenectady, under William S. Gridley.
1861:04:18 It is said that the regt. under Gen. Frederick Townsend will soon be filled up.
1861:04:18 Capt. William G. Weed to fill out a co. at own expense.
1861:04:18 J.W. Blanchard, of the Custom House is to enroll a corps of vols.; will accept Captaincy, but will abide by the votes of the co.
1861:04:18 Capt. Michael Cassidy's name mentioned for a new co.
1861:04:19 "Democratic Union Meeting."  Our Country is in Danger.
1861:04:19 "Local Affairs".  Good times for the Armorers.
1861:04:19 Volunteer in trouble.  John Dolan, fighting with brother in the street and intoxicated; arrested.
1861:04:19 Subscriptions for the support of volunteers and their families.
1861:04:19 "War Spirit."  Recruiting going on.
1861:04:19 National Zouaves, 100 strong, offered by Capt. McChesney.
1861:04:19 Scott Life Guard also volunteered.
1861:04:19 It is said that the Syracuse Zouaves want to join Townsend’s Regiment.
1861:04:19 Lt. William H. Christian offers to raise a battalion in Central New York.
1861:04:19 30 members of the Utica Citizen Corps have volunteered.
1861:04:19 German Rifles, of Utica, have resolved to volunteer.
1861:04:19 Albany Hospital has tendered services to Gov. [Resol.], Pres. Thomas W. Olcott.
1861:04:19 Capt. [Michael] Cassidy has accepted command of a Troy co.
1861:04:19 Capt. J. Owen Moore’s Company will be in readiness in a couple days.
1861:04:19 Thomas Stephens and Maj. Charles Townsend raising the "Albany Rangers".
1861:04:19 Members of Gynasium have organized into a Zouave Corps and Sgt. McReynolds will drill them.
1861:04:19 A woolen factory at Sandy Hill to be built (fr. Sandy Hill Herald).
1861:05:01 [Letter extr.] Brooklyn 18th Ward recruiting.
1861:05:01 [Letter extr.] Lists bill of fare at Adams [House].
1861:05:01 Another company off to Washington [D.C.]: [Albany] Burgess Corps left by boat.
1861:05:01 Col. McCardel presented Jack Lawless with his Nicauraguan sword.
1861:05:01 Several letters from the 25th [N.Y.S.M.] received.



Cohoes Cataract
City: Cohoes
County: Albany
Frequency: Weekly
1861:04:20 A paper is circulating in the village, calling a meeting to form a company.
1861:04:20 Jackson Guards, Capt. [P.] Kane, held a meeting last eve. [4/19].
1861:04:20 Capt. [Joseph] McNutt’s Company, of Green Island has reorganized and will drill Tuesday and Friday (fr. West Troy Advocate).
1861:04:20 Cohoes Union Artillery ready.
1861:04:20 Lt. Francis Keating and Capt. J.L. Yates recruiting a company.
1861:04:27 Enthusiastic Meeting! At Egbert’s Hall, 7:30 P.M. last Thurs.
1861:04:27 Meeting in West Troy [Desc.].
1861:04:27 Volunteer fund [List] for Waterford.
1861:04:27 E. Welch, Pres., Cohoes Union Artillery, a company in the 29th N.Y.S.M., Col. Peck, have tendered services.
1861:04:27 Military organization in West Troy “for the purpose of obtaining a knowledge of military tactics.”
1861:05:04 [Letter]x.  Fr. P. Remson Chadwick [7th N.Y. (S.M.)]., Washington City [D.C.], 4/25/61.
1861:05:04 Capt. F. Temple’s Company, 84 men, left for Camp Willard, accompanied by Green’s Cornet Band and Cohoes Union Artillery.
1861:05:04 30 men have enlisted in Capt. [George] Wilson’s [Willson] Company.
1861:05:04 [Ed.]. A report that a company from barracks missing; all that could be found were their officers.
1861:05:04 Four Rensselaer County and several Albany and Saratoga County companies have elected field officers [of 30th N.Y. Inf.]: Col. Edward Frisby, of Albany; Lt. Col. Charles Brintall [Brintnell], of Troy; Maj. W.L. Searing, of Saratoga.
1861:05:04 The West Troy company was inspected at Union Place Hall last Friday, by Maj. Isaac McConihe, Jr.
1861:06:01 [List]x of Cohoes men in 2nd N.Y. [Inf.].
1861:10:26 [Letter]x, from Joseph Chadwick [USN (USS Wyandank), Indian Head, Potomac River, 10/17/61.
1861:11:02 [Letter]x, from Hiram Clute [2nd Lt., 22nd N.Y. (Inf.). Co. A], Camp Keyes, near Upton Hill [Va.], 10/21/61.



See also The Communites of New York in the Civil War



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