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Albany County, New York
Civil War Newspaper Clippings

List of Names Drawn from the Wheel.
About 9:30 A. M., the people began to assemble in Steuben street and Broadway. Inside the bar were the Assistant Provost Marshal General Townsend, Marshal Cole, Commissioner Dominick, the Mayor, some of the members of the Common Council, and Supervisors, and prominent citizens of the different wards and towns invited to be present and witness the method of ... drawing.
At 10 o'clock, the Marshal ... Fellow citizens, we are assembled ... a high duty, and I am pleased ... position to maintain peace and ....
The Marshal then ... _rollment had been carefully ... to Washington and one retained __om which the Cards, to be placed ... __el, had been prepared, and the Dr___ ... __w proceed, commencing with the ....
As a preliminary, the Aldermen and Supervisor of the First Ward, counted the ... number of Cards to be placed into the wheel, from which the prescribed number was to be drawn. The Cards were then placed in the wheel, the drawer (already blind) blindfolded, and the drawing began.

The first name drawn was Sieguim. The announcement was received with laughter and jocose remarks.
As well-known names were drawn, a good deal of merriment was manifested, but not the ... ill-feeling or disorder. We subjoin the names alphabetically:

First Ward.
[1,100 ballots in the wheel; 270 drawn.]
Alderman Tracy and Supervisor __ser participated in the opening and count of the ..... They were sealed up J__.
On being counted, they were found correct.
Auble, George, 4 Onet's alley.
Akinns, James, Dutch Hollow, Dela___.
Anderson, Robert, 31 Morton street.
Adams, William, 37 Schuyler.
Batio, Wilson.
Burns, Patrick, 42 Arch street.
Brant, William, 198 Bread street.
Butler, Wilson.
Blackman, Charles, (colored) 124 Clinton.
Bennett, Patrick, 67 Schuyler street.
Blackman, Charles, 39 Mulberry street.
Bauer, John, Broad street.
Benz, P___, 74 Schuyler street.
Beatly, ___nick, 9 Morton street, rear.
Brenne_, ___es, 48 Clinton street.
Bul_e_, ____, 137 Franklin street.
B___s, Michael, 56 Schuyler street.
Bethlehem, Charles, 3 Catharine street.
Brown, Philip, 27 Alexander street.
Bertram, Jeremiah, 226 South Pearl street.
Broombergh, Martin, 237 South Pearl.
Burke, Thomas, 146 Arch street.
Burns, Richard, 160 Grand street.
Cullen, Michael, 52 Clinton street.
Crew, William, 246 South Pearl street.
Cohn, Samuel, 87 Schuyler street, rear,
Conly, Thomas, 45 Bassett street.
Clark, James, 249 Green street.
Campbell, John, 53 Alexander street.
Collins, James, 18 Clinton street.
Costigan, James, 99 Dallius street.
Cox, Owen, 1 Clinton street.
Cronkhite, William, 22 Morton street.
Cleary, Edward, Warren street.
Cook, Peter, 263 South Pearl street.
Clark, James.
Clark, William, 19 Broadway.
Conners, Michael, 35 Mulberry street.
Cohn, Solomon, 213 South Pearl street.
Cox, James, 84 Clinton street.
Canull, James, 127 Bread street
Collin, Hugh, 125 Broad street
Cavanaugh, James, 72 Schuyler street.
Connaugh, Thomas, 182 Green street.
Connell, Edward, 119 Broad street.
Colyer, John, 12 Broadway.
Corcoran, Thomas, 118 Dallius street.
Casey, William, 175 Church street.
Cummings, John, 52 Arch street.
Crogan, Jeremiah, 98 Dallius street.
Conover, Henry, 33 Morten street.
Callahan, Philip, 41 Morton street.
Claremont, Joseph, 78 Cherry street.
Cappello, Irene, 18 Clinton street.
Dorflerger, Fred., 102 Nucella street.
Doe, Alex., (colored), 226 South Pearl street.
Deronville, Anthony, 146 Broad street.
Dearon, Thomas, 81 Cherry street.
Denkert, William, 11 Clinton street.
Dunphy, Robert, 62 Rensselaer street.
Durning, John, 32 Morton street
Dredy,James, 225 Green street.
Doyle, Richard, 17th Morton street.
Devereaux, Nicholas, 87 Franklin street.
Dwyer, Francis, 112 Dallius street.
Dommeny, Edward, 218 Green street.
Dainio, Larrie, 138 Broad street.
Dederick, Henry, 51 Clinton street.
Dommery, James, 89 Franklin street.
Elce, William, 291 South Pearl street.
Ebblay, Lucas, 125 Nucella street.
Evans, T. G., 116 Franklin street.
Fox, Patrick, 18 Norton street, rear.
Feeler, George, (colored), 111 Broad street.
Finnegan, John, 12 Broadway.
Flannigan, James, 92 Dallius street.
Ford, John, 52 Mulberry street.
Fahey, Patrick, 96 Arch street.
Ford, Thomas, 50 Mulberry street.
Fuller, John, 58 Arch street.
Garrity, William, 47 Bassett street.
Gallier, Edward, Clinton street.
Guardinier, Charles, 99 Nucella street.
Gahen, Michael, 115 Dallius street.
Grady, John, corner Church and Mulberry.
Gill, William, 162 Church street.
Gramy, Timothy, 242 Green street.
Gredden, Charles, 58 Mulbary street.
Geary, Thomas, 36 Cherry street.
Grundheffer, Joseph, 22 Delaware street.
Ganan, John, 138 Broad street.
Gregan, Peter, upper end Delaware street.
Grearson, Thomas, Clinton street, rear.
Glenning, Thomas, 68 Rensselear street.
Herser, John, Dutch Hollow, Delaware st.
Hertz, Philip, 149 Broad street.
Hutchinson, James, 14 Morton street.
Hopie, George, 286 South Pearl street.
Hardie, Richard, cor. Rensselear and Church.
Hardin, Thomas, 27 Schuyler street.
Hill, Robert, 156 Grand street.
Heade, James, 46 Cherry street.
Hotaling, Wm., 123 Franklin street.
Hall, Daniel, 117 Broad street.
Hickey, Andrew, 108 Broad street.    
Hickey, John, 24 Morton street.
Hefferman, Edward, 52 Cherry street.
Heart, Joseph, 56 Clinton street.
Hartness, Michael, 124 Broad street.
Healey, Thomas, 41 Schuyler street.
Hawley, S. Y., 126 Broad street.
Hilley, Thomas, cor. Green and Vine street.
Herds, Patrick, 120 Arch street.
Hotaling, W. C., 343 South Pearl street.
Irving, Thomas, 160 Grand street.
Isabel, Frank, 54 Basset street.
Jackson, Abram, 251 South Pearl street.
Johnson, Abram, 138 Broad street.
Lipman, Henry, 254 South Pearl street.
Lawless, Daniel, 76 Schuyler street [This man was announcing names.
Liser, Adolph, 57 Clinton street.
Launchpeck, Philip, 157 Broad street.
Lay, Patrick, 120 Arch street.
Lendorff, Udolph, 148 Broad street.
Laden, Patrick, 72 Arch street.
Ladowick, Noah, 160 Broad street.
Laver, Christian, 72 Clinton street.
Larnigan, Cornelius, 142 Church street.
Levy, John, 218 Green street.
Lyns, George, 97 Basset street.
Lyons, John, 98 Basset street.
Long, Jacob, 37 Clinton street.
Lamb, William, 52 Basset street.
Kohule, Andrew, 52 Delaware street.
Kindell, Charles, 171 Broad street.
Kline, Charles, 44 Clinton street.
Keho, Patrick, 36 Clinton street.
Keeler, Philip, 52 Delaware street.
Kelsh, George, 201 Broad street.
Kline, John, 24 Delaware street.
Kresser, Joseph, 42 Clinton street.
Kelch, George, 150 Franklin street.
Merchant, Arthur, 58 Schuyler street.
Milkerick, John, 1 Catharine street.
Mollowey, Henry, 4 Bassett street.
Mullen, Patrick, 49 Morton street.
McEvoy, John, 97 Schuyler street.
Mosely, Charles, 263 South Pearl street.
Martin, Barney, 93 Dallius street.
Madden, John, 133 Dallius street.
Murray, Patrick, 211 Green street.
Moore, John, Warren street.
Morris, James, 28 Mulberry street.
McGeth, Albert, 60 Arch street.
Manes, Thomas, 156 Grand street.
McCarroll, Frank, 265 Green street.
McLain, Henry, 39 Morton street.
Mehan, John, 257 Green street.
Miller, Charles, 105 Schuyler street.
Morgan, John, 257 Green street.
Martin, Thomas, 98 Dallius street.
McCarty, Daniel, 126 Broad street.
McDonald, Patrick, 42 Mulberry street.
McCaffery, 6 Morton street.
Mullin, Thomas, 142 Arch street.
Myers, Wolflany, 52 Clinton street.
McGee, Michael, 128 Broad street.
Moran, John, 67 Mulberry street.
McCaffery, Francis, Mulberry street.
McNulty, James, Cherry street.
Morrill, John, 255 Green street.
McIntyre, Henry, 111 Dallius street.
Mosher, Charles E., 53 Mulberry street.
Morean, Moses, 34 Bassett street.
Murray, Edward, 44 Rensselear street.
McGalh, Patrick, 43 Bassett street.
Millen, John, 49 Clinton street.
Millen, Edward, 116 Arch street.
McCann, James, 49 Mulberry street.
Nolan, Patrick, 110 Arch street
Nusbam, Frank, 26 Clinton street.
Newbauer, Francis, 40 Plumb street.
Nugent, Robert, 96 Arch street.
Neusbaum, William, 26 Clinton street.
O'Connell, John, 249 Green street.
O'Brien, James, 44 Delaware street.
O'Hare, Hugh, 43 Bassett street.
Roach, John, 164 Church street.
Ryan, Fidell, Dutch Hollow, Alexander st.
Roach, William, 221 Green street.
Ryan, Patrick, 221 Green street.
Ryan, John, 13 Catherine street.
Roach, Thomas, __ Green street.
Roach, Patrick, 275 Green street.
Rolhaupt, John, 94 Bassett street.
Radley, John, 62 Schuyler street.
Reiley, Cornelius, 162 Broad street.
Rork, Charles, 60 Arch street.
Ryan, Timothy, 24 Rensselaer street.
Rosseau, Daniel, __ South Pearl street.
Ritzmann, Michael, 175 Broad street.
Roach, William, Green street.
Rielly, William, 117 Dallius street.
Rosecrans, Frederick, 67 Franklin street.
Roach, Michael, 55 Nucella street.
Reynolds, Bernard, 230 South Pearl.
Pemberton, Charles, 7 Catherine street.
Purcell, Nicholas, 222 Green street.
Powers, Martin, 1 Rensselaer street.
Pearsall, David, 11 Catherine street.
Patrick, James M., 16 Clinton street.
Pulnam, Francis, 146 Franklin street.
Prince, Henry, 116 Broad street.
Phelps, Francis, 37 Mulberry street.
Parr, Richard, 152 Franklin street.
Smith, Thomas, 79 Franklin street.
Seehill, Joseph, 147 Dallius street.
Swift, Hugh, 28 Clinton street.
Shay, William, 280 Green street.
Swake, John, 200 South Pearl street.
Scott, Charles, 51 Cherry street
Shofer, L., 59 Morton street.
Screem, Peter, 116 Nucella street.
Snyder, Anthony, 283 South Pearl st.
Sennett, Richard, 193 Green street.
Sieguin, John, 96 Arch street.
Simpson, Alex., 60 Rensselaer street.
Slattery, James, 104 Arch street.
Sleighter, Aser, 107 Schuyler street.
Streebel, John, 10 Delaware street.
Shutter, John, 118 Dallius street.
Senfeit, Louis, 177 Broad street.
Shaffer, Joseph, 6 Delaware street.
Smith, Isaac, 5 Clinton street.
Sersenberry, Joseph, 213 Green street.
Scahill, John, 142 Green street.
Shenan, Thomas, 142 Church street.
Stein, Abram, 248 South Pearl street.
Smith, Thomas, 23 Rensselaer street.
Steavins, David, 23 Broad street.
Snell, Henry, cor. Arch and Dallius.
Sickerger, Constantine, 134 Broad street.
Sullivan, Anthony, 120 Broad street.
Schroeker, Johan, 215 South Pearl street.
Sinsinbeg, John, 123 Green street.
Swarts, Isreal, 225 South Pearl street.
Simon, Jacob, 12 Delaware street.
Tracy, Michael, Warren street.
Taylor, David, 49 Clinton street.
Turner, John, 229 Green street.
Townsend, Edward, 66 Basset street.
Turner, Chrles, 225 South Pearl street.
Thisen, Chris., 71 Alexander street.
Tuckerman, Charles, 110 Broad street.
Thompson, ____, 43 South Pearl street.
Tombey, Thos., 212 Green street (last name drawn.
Vincen, Karl, 329 South Pearl street.
Vichers, Alex., 233 South Pearl street.
Visher, Richard, Church street.
Van Patten, Abraham, 42 Broad street.
Wink, Louis, 43 Alexander street.
White, Wm., 59 Rensselaer street.
Wasser, Patrick, 71 Dallius street.
Wickham, Richard, 17 Morton street.
Weaver, Henry, 39 Clinton street.
Welder, Fraze, 39 Delaware street.
Wyland, Christian, 243 South Pearl street.
___ms, Adam, 249 South Pearl street.
___felds, George, 296 South Pearl street.

Second Ward.
[571 ballots. in box; 136 drawn.]
Andrus, Henry H , 156 South Pearl street.
Andersen, William, 20 Dallius street.
Anderson, David, 97 Church street.
Burke, Edward, 65 1/2 Arch street.
Burnside, Cornelius, 5 South Lansing street.
Blackman, S., 116 Green street.
Bleecker, G., 62 Westerlo street
Bush, Daniel, 44 John street.
Budd, Daniel, 134 Herkimer street.
Babcock, D. L., 68 South Ferry street.
Blackall, J. R., 82 Westerlo street.
Bennett, John H., 62 Phillip street.
Bar, Daniel, 65 South Lansing street.
Bark, Thomas, 119 Broadway.
Boylan, Alex., 113 Green street.
Capps, John, 182 South Pearl street.
Cleminshaw, J. B., 97 Grand street.
Cameron, John H., 156 South Pearl street.
Culman, Patrick, 119 Church street.
Connelly, Andrew, 152 Broadway.
Cassidy, Patrick, 119 Church street.
Connolly, Geo. P., 38 South Ferry street.
Cook, Robert B., 11 South Lansing street.
Carr, Hugh, 6 South Ferry street.
Chickman, David, 194 South Pearl street.
Downey, William, 53 Dallius street.
Days, John, 149 Grand street.
Donahue, Edward, 84 South Ferry street.
Dillon, Joseph, 49 South Ferry street.
Doye, Thomas, 151 Broadway.
Dugan, Daniel, 145 Broadway.
Dillon, Richard, 46 Dallius street.
Evans, Andrew, 65 1/2 Arch street.
Engle, W. 49 Church street.
Ellek, Myers, 73 South Ferry.
Fowler, W. S., 65 South Lansing street.
Fuller, E. D., __ South Ferry street.
Frieberthyser, Henry, 165 South Pearl st.
Faurot, Henry, 99 Grand street.
Fanning, James, 156 South Pearl street.
Fitzsimmons, P., 163 Broadway.
Fitzpatriek, Thomas, 178 Green street.
Gresham, Wm., 5 Bleecker Place.
Grimes, Philip, 102 Philip street.
Griswold, John, 24 South Ferry street.
Guns, J. H., 164 Philip street.
Gilligan, Thomas, 36 South Lansing street.
Gibson, David, 18 Bleecker Place.
Gribben, David, 121 Green street.
House, Wm. 133 Green street.
Helm, F., 44 South Ferry street.
Hoyle, Edward, 41 South Ferry street.
Hickey, Patrick, 188 Broadway.
Hendy, L., 36 South Ferry street.
Henshaw, Charles, 125 Broadway.
Johnson, F. M., 43 Dallius street.
Jenk, Valentine, 115 Broadway.
Klien, John, 214 South Pearl street.
Kirk, Michael, 164 Green street.
Kelly, Michael, 149 Broadway.
Kearney, William, 33 Arch street.
Kelly, Matthew, 144 Broadway.
Kelly, John, 14 John street.
Linton, Robert, 115 Grand street.
Lanngen, John, 53 Dallius street.
Lalebech, A., 183 South Pearl street.
Larose, Joseph, 142 Broadway.
Long, Wm., 84 Broad street.
Lloyd, G. Y., 135 Eagle street.
Lyman, Patrick, 158 Broadway,
Lanngen, William, 95 Church,
McKeon, Wm. C., 156 South Pearl street,
Moquon, T. J., 40 South Ferry street.
Minor, Henry, 94 Broad street.
Meher, John, 170 Green street.
Martin, George, 135 Eagle street.
Moran, Michael, 9 South Lansing street.
McFenn, F., 48 Johnson street.
Murphy, Michael, 67 Arch street.
Morrey, Aaron J., 29 West Ferry street.
McCluskey, 21 South Ferry street.
Mynders, J., 93 Grand street.
Martin, G. W., 37 Herkimer street.
Mesick, H. T., 77 Phillip street.
Malone, Patrick, 97 Church street.
Martin, Stephen, 84 West Ferry street.
Morye, H., 195 South Pearl street.
McCollum, James, 24 Westerlo street.
McGee, Richard, 183 Green street.
Morrell, Lew, 30 1/2 South Ferry street.
O'Brien, Philip, 119 South Pearl street.
O'Conner, John P., 21 South Ferry street.
Oliver, Peter, 84 Broad street.
Oalfield, Charles, West Ferry alley.
Powers, Peter, 133 Green street.
Petry, Peter, Jr., 61 John street.
Page, R. H., 133 Eagle street.
Pennington, James, 63 South Lansing street.
Patterson, James, 103 Arch street.
Pruyn, Horatio, 3 Green street.
Phillips, A. J., 183 1/2 South Pearl street.
Phillips, Henry, 34 Broad street.
Parker, Ed., 81 Church street.
Robinson, E. J., 159 South Pearl street.
Ryan, Patrick, 69 Church street.
Rielly, Daniel, 188 Broadway.
Rogers, Shylock, 137 Green street.
Roach, James, 33 South Pearl street.
Reilly, John, Broadway.
Roark, John, 11 Johnson.
Rice, Bernard, 60 South Ferry street.
Rogers, Charles, 814 South Pearl.
Stiles, Edward W., 156 South Pearl st.
Schellen, L., 85 Church street.
Stebbins, J. E., 88 Westerlo street.
Seymour, Charles, 14 John street.
Seisfraih, Chris., 134 Green street.
Sham, William, 56 Westerlo street.
Shepherd, R. J., 60 Westerlo street.
Stewart, P. W., (colored) 43 Broadway.
St. John, James P., 3 Bleecker Place.
Schippers, Jacob, 131 South Pearl street.
Stuart, James, 49 Westerlo street.
Slavim, Johm, 13 Johnson street.
Spardley, Alex., 61 John street.
Tweed, Wm, 149 Broadway.
Van Schaick, David, 133 Green street.
Vanderbagen, Peter, 130 Green street.
Williams, Edward, 92 Philip street.
Williams, Absalom., 134 South Ferry street.
West, R. T.
Walters, John, 59 Church street.
Walker, Robert, 66 South Ferry street.
Welch, George H., 107 Philip street,
Wentrick, JohnT, H10E7 D CRhAuFrcTh. street.
[Continued from our First Edition.]

Third Ward.
[461 ballots in the wheel; 107 names drawn.]
Ackerman, John A, 4 Dallius street.
Artmire, Jacob, 46 Hamilton street.
Adams, George, 72 Lydius street.
Andrews, M. A., 55 Lydius street.
Ackerman, G. H., 4 Dallius street.
Allen, Moses, 63 Lydius street.
Brown, Michael, 97 Van Zandt street.
Bell, Walter, 115 South Pearl street.
Bicknell, Edward, 142 Hamilton street.
Butler, Charles, 15 Herkimer street.
Baggs, Thomas, 48 Union street.
Begley, James, 21 Van Zandt street.
Brown, William, 47 Philip street.
Baker, Charles, 262 Broadway.
Culin, Myer, 82 Hamilton street.
Collens, Thomas, 16 Van Zandt street.
Collens, James, 221 Broadway.
Chase, Eliakem, 123 Lydius street.
Clark, Harrison, 86 Lydius street.
Dedrick, P. H., 91 Lydius street.
Dixon, Richard, 31 Fulton street.
Dow, Daniel, 23 Fulton street.
Ewing, Lawrence, 46 Union street.
Flynn, James, 31 Union street.
Fogarty, Wm., 167 Lydius street.
Finch, Clark, 5 Rose street.
Frank, John, 93 Green street.
Fuller, C. H., 165 Herkimer street.
Ford, D P., 60 Lydius street.
Fredendall, Barney, 119 South Pearl street.
Frances, Frank, 49 Lydius street.
Flagler, Henry, 7 Rose street.
Griffith, P., 67 Herkimer street.
Gladding, George, 16 Lydius street.
Geowey, J. A., 96 Grand street.
Griffin, E. C., 99 South Pearl street.
Hinman, John, 84 Hamilton st.
Hickox, John, 201 Lydius.
Harvey, Patriok, 11 Bleecker.
Herrick, De Laus, 41 Elm.
Hays, James, 200 Broadway.
Hildoyle, John, 57 Union street.
Heusted, Sylvanus, 133 Lydius street.
Herzog, Henry, 114 1/2 Lydius street.
Hoffman, Charles, 202 Lydius street.
Hallenbeck, Arthur, 62 Lydius street.
Hart, Michael, 216 Broadway.
Halpin, Wm. P., 212 Broaway [sic].
Hogeboom, George, 138 Hamilton street.
Hemmill, George, 24 Bleecker street.
Inslee, John H., 78 Dallius street.
Jordan, James, 57 Lydius street.
Jury, Walter G, 109 South Pearl street.
Kennedy, Edward, 40 Lydius street.
Kirby, Daniel, 14 Bleecker street.
Kennedy, John, 91 South Pearl street.
Kinney, James, 48 Union street.
Lawless, John, 156 Lydius street.
Lacey, George, 124 Lydius street.
Luce, Henry (colored), 33 Fulton street.
Linerson, Lewis, 129 South Pearl street.
Marvin, Robert, 81 South Pearl street.
Melick, James H., 13 Broad street.
Mahar, John, 25 Church street.
Newcomb, Charles, 901 _ydins street.
Nornhausser, J., 262 Broadway.
Pert, Charles, 266 Broadway.
Paige, Isaiah, 92 Grand street.
Popperlous, V., 305 Broadway.          
Pullen, Robert, 63 Lydius street.
Rice, S. G., 116 South Pearl street.
Rice, Samuel, 116 South Pearl street.
Richardson, C., 280 Broadway.
Reynolds, John, 65 South Pearl street.
Ryan, Edward, 67 Bleecker street.
Russel, George, 117 South Pearl street.
Rosenbergh, Myer, 99 Lydius street.
Roach, John, 23 Van Zandt street.
Ray, Michael, 16 Van Zandt street.
Ryan, Philip, 101 Green street.
Schrieber, Myer, 108 South Pearl street.
Slaeter, Charles, 93 Green street.
Swan, William, 67 Herkimer street.
Smith, John, 67 Herkimer street.
Sweeney, John, 221 Broadway.
Stewart, Oscar, 116 South Pearl street.
Schermerhorn, John, 46 Lydius street.
Swanser, John. 42 Union street.
Shelden, J. J., 76 Lydius street.
Smith, J. B., 106 Green street.
Stevens, James, 176 Lydius street.
Schancy, John, 41 Liberty street.
Sickles, Thomas, (colored,) 127 Lydius street.
Thorburn, S. D., 72 Grand street.
Traver, C. M., 57 Grand street.
Trowbridge, James, 31 Van Zandt street.
Vanderbilt, Richard, 78 Lydius street.
Van Allen, Philip, 114 South Pearl street.
Whitney, John, 9 Dallius street.
Wright, Peter, 60 Lydius street.
Wells, Leonard, 52 Union street.
Whitney, Chauncey, 9 Dallius street.
Willard Peter, 43 Lydius street.
Walsh, Louis P, 87 Bleecker street.
Wright, James, 171 Lydius street.
Williams, James, 227 Broadway.
Wormer, Daniel, 98 Westerlo street.

Fourth Ward.
[395 ballots in the wheel; 89 drawn.]
Adams, Alonzo, 92 Beaver street.
Bridgeman, C. D., 69 Grand street.
Bambreck, James, Clinton Hotel.
Brook, John, S., 5 Plain continued.
Brown, Samuel D., 91 Hamilton street.
Brown, Richard M., 18 Beaver street.
Beck, John, 32 Howard street.
Burke, James, 69 South Pearl street.
Couchman, Elisha, South Pearl street.
Clark, William, 13 Daniel street.
Crocker, John, 70 South Pearl street.
Crounse, John A., 13 Plain street.
Corbier, Joseph, 7 South Pearl street.
Corning, Edwin, 102 State street.
Colvin, Joseph, 84 State Dst.r eet.
Dinsley, John, 9 Liberty street.
Dwyer, William, 86 Beaver street.
Dady, David, 25 Norton street.
Dunning, William, 38 Lodge street.
Dunn, Patrick, 4 William street.
Ellis, Henry, 90 South Pearl street.
Eggeet, Francis, 60 Green street.
Farrell, Walter, 7 South Pearl street.
Frank, Edward H., 7 South Pearl street.
Fisher, John, 62 Howard street.
Flynn, Edward, 101 Beaver street.
Fitzpatrick, James, 881 Broadway.
Gillett, Isaac, 37 Grand street.
Gregory, Alex., 67 Hudson street.
Hamilton, Robert, 35 Grand street.
Hitchcock, William P., 47 Division street.
Haven, Samuel D., 46 Lodge street.
Hess, Christopher, 62 Green street.
Harris, Henry, 36 Beaver street.
Hirkenham, Frank, 67 Eagle street.
Hodgins, Thomas, 19 Plain street.
Hackley, Ace, 18 Liberty.
Hope, Edward, Hamilton, cor. Liberty.
I. J.
Jerome, Edgar, 28 Division street.
Ingraham, Charles, 28 Divison street.
Johnson, William H., American Hotel.
Johnson, William, 16 Beaver street.
Jones, Leonard, 91 Eagle street.
Kennedy, James, Clinton Hotel.
Keeler, Charles, 23 William street.
Kregor, Philip, 60 Green street.
Koonz, Jacob, 26 Plain street.
Kloss, Peter, 5 Plain street continued.
Kosleke, Samuel, 88 Lodge street.
King, George, 30 Division street.
Loveday, Wm., 62 1/2 Green street.
Low, Warren S., 84 State street.
Lansing, Frederick W., 86 Hudson street.
Leversan, Samuel, 12 Grans street.
Luke, John, 96 Hudson street.
Morener, Matthew, 334 Broadway.
McDonald, George, 1 Wendell street.
Moss, George, 71 Eagle street.
McDonald, James, 1 Wendell street.
Miller, James, 44 Grand street.
Madden, Patrick, 1 Grand street.
McCormick, James, 11 Grand street.
Munson, Samuel, 82 Plain street.
Mattanheimer, Philip, 71 Hudson street.
Paterson, Patrick, 62 1/2 Green street.
Peck, Rueben, 27 Grand street.
Richardson, John, Clinton Hotel.
Radcliff, James, 117 Beaver street.
Robinson, Alex., 5 Grand street.
Robinson, Thomas, 7 South Pearl street.
Shoemaker, Angus, 67 Beaver street.
Shorties, George, 73 Division street.
Sheffield, Thomas, 28 Division street.
Stefford, John, 70 1/2 Daniel street.
Sherman, Wm., 17 Plain street, (continued).
Shephard, John, 57 Howard street.
Southwick, Benjamin, 56 Division street.
Simmons, Jacob, 14 Plain street.
Stumpf, Jeremiah, 4 William street.
Scheudder, Christie, 334 Broadway.
Thomas, David H., 44 Division street.
Tolle, Augustus, 27 South Pearl street.
Terry, Eugene, 124 State street.
Tooley, Larry, Clinton Hotel.
Taylor, Joseph, 21 Hudson street.
Van Buren, George H., 18 Beaver street.
Winne, Daniel, 67 Hamilton street.
Wallace, William, 41 South Pearl street.
Young, Charles, 44 Grand street.

Fifth and Sixth Wards.
[617 ballots in the wheel; 146 drawn.]
Brennan, John, 11 Ten Broeck street.
Coyle, John, 719 Broadway.
Cole, Charles W., 144 North Pearl street.
Coffee, Joseph, Delavan House.
Foley, John, 6 Quackenbush street.
Gramshaw, Wm., Delavan House.
Harrigan, Patrick, 22 Canal street.
Hall, Samuel, 179 North Pearl street.
Kane, Peter, 174 North Pearl street.
Lyons, John, 20 Quackenbush street.
Mills, Charles, 40 Chapel street.
Pollard, Cyrus, 25 Quackenbush street.
Ryan, Charles, 51 Ten Broeck street.
Wood, Plangret, (colored,) Delavan House.
Van Santvoord, H. S., 68 Lumber street.
Vanderlip, William L., 50 Spencer street.
Eckler, James, 93 Lumber.
Mills, Thomas, 40 Chapel street.
Fadden, James M., 21 Orange street.
Hun, Edward R., 25 North Pearl street.
Burn, John, 50 Orange street.
Parley, John, 38 Water street.
Gorman, John, 532 Broadway.
Walcott, Thomas, 659 Broadway.
Hanney, James, 21 Orange street.
Pollard, Randell, 25 Quackenbush street.
Rielley, Terrence, 28 Chapel street.
Bows, Andrew, 670 Broadway.
Marsh, Joseph, 22 Quackenbush street.
Ryan, Andrew, 11 Canal.
Callehan, John, 4 Quackenbush street.
McLoughlin, Thomas, 68 Chapel street.
Latham, George E., 18 Chapel street.
Radcliff, Henry G., 708 Broadway.
McClellan, James, 785 Broadway.
Raymond, Geo. B., 731 Broadway.
Gambel, Adney, 719 Broadway.
Chapman, Minor, 36 Quay street.
Sheppard, James, 30 Steuben street.
Smith, James P., 769 Broadway.
Smith, Edward, 58 North Pearl street.
Storey, James T., 699 Broadway.
Taylor, William B., Delevan House. Jones, Francis E., 50 Orange street. Shaspen, Thomas, 15 Columbia street.
Banks, A. Bleecker, Delavan House.
Kiltail, Luke, 623 Broadway.
Mark, Henry I., 18 Canal street.
Tucker, John, (colored,) Delavan House.
Dalton, Jackson, (colored) Delavan House.
Reardon, Henry, Stanwix Hall.
Rice, John H., 67 Chapel street.
Wright, Edward B., (col'd) Delavan House.
Darrow, R C., 51 North Pearl street.
Cochran, Wm. P., Delavan House.
O'Brien, Daniel, 57 Columbia street.
Ten Eyck, Jacob, 68 Maiden lane.
McNab, Peter, 31 James street.
Harris, George C., 2 Pine street.
Fuller, Orrin, N., 16 Van Tromp street.
Shafer, Edwin, 72 Lumber street.
Smith, John, 72 Montgomery street.
Hyman, Samuel, (colored) Delevan House.
Carpenter, Henry, 123 North Pearl street.
Martineau, Henry, 33 Maiden Lane.
Jordan, Charles, 67 Chapel street.
Chapman, Elisha, 18 Quackenbush street.
Fields, Francis, (colored) Stanwix Hall.
Duffy, Barney, 21 Orange street.
Walferd, Ramsay, 758 Broadway.
Rooney, Matthew, 54 Montgomery street.
Brand, John, 660 Broadway.
Parks, William, 13 Lumber street.
Quinn, John, 82 Water street.
Stephens, George W., 50 Columbia street.
Mayer, Henry C., 90 Lumber street.
Bearraldt, Peter, (colored) Delavan House.
Hubbard, Spencer, 30 Steuben street.
De Witt, Andrew, 48 Columbia street.
Weatherhead, Hilton, 584 Broadway.
Muir, Charles, 39 Ten Broeck street.
Welch, John, 29 James street.
Morgan, Alex., 22 Quackenbush street.
Fisk, Edward, 1 Pine street.
Ten Eyck, Leonard, 693 Broadway.
McGinnis, John, 15 Canal street.
Walch, William C., 30 Chapel street.
Cass, Levi, 119 State street.
Branigan, John, 92 North Pearl street.
Cole, John, 22 Quackenbush street.
Many, Augustus W., 719 Broadway.
McShane, Patrick, 18 Orange street.
Rose, L. S., 14 Van Tromp street.
Reynolds, John, Delavan House.
Church, Walter S., 11 North Pearl street.
Brady, Anthony, Delevan House.
Gla_ding, H. L., 128 North Pearl street.
Sewall, Wm., (colored,) Delavan House.
Vosburgh, Wm. H., 140 North Pearl street.
White, Charles, 772 Broadway.
Brown, James, (colored) Delavan House.
Patterson, Hubert, 30 Canal street.
Wright, Wm. W., (colored) Delavan House.
Evans, George, 62 North Pearl street.
Waldron, Abraham, 72 Lumber street.
Livingston, James, 67 Chapel street.
Tillinghast, Wm., 781 Broadway.
Costilio, John, 778 Broadway.
Capron, John D, 54 Chapel street.
Wallace, F. S. (colored), Delavan House.
Gibson, Wm. W., 138 North Pearl street.
Lee, George (colored), Delavan House.
Conroy, William, 705 Broadway.
Quinlan, Thomas, 21 Orange street.
Smith, Theodore, 58 North Pearl street.
Hindman, E. D., 159 North Pearl street.
Colman, L. D., 151 North Pearl street.
Vaderwerken, Jesse, 719 Broadway.
Lansing, Abraham T., 103 North Pearl st.
Wilson, Robert, 705 Broadway.
Bonds, Charles, 69 Broadway.
Kannah, Edward, 21 Orange street.
Dean, Amos H., 77 Ten Broeck street.
Muibahill, Cornelius, 4 Quackenbush street.
Brace, Wm. W., 31 Orange street.
Gellan, James, 20 Quackenbush street.
Newman, James W., 680 Broadway.
Moran, Dennis, 22 Canal street.
Harris, Alfred, 52 Pine street.
Shafer, Sylvester, 72 Lumber street.
Davy, Hugh, 9 Van Tromp street.
Brown, Charles, 19 Lodge street.
Carr, Francis, 25 North Pearl street.
Armsby, Gideon, __ Broadway.
Allen, George P., 48 Orange street.
Dey, Henry S., 74 North Pearl street.
Milrov, Thomas, 16 Quackenbush street.
Burh__, William H., 36 Chapel street.
McGle___, John, 43 Montgomery street.
Rork, George, 16 Lumber street.
Browne, Charles H., 171 North Pearl street.
Johnson, Levi, (colored) Delavan House.
Cozzens, John W., 48 Orange street.
O'Brien, Wm., 37 Columbia street.
McCollum, Hugh, 43 Montgomery street.
Chapman, Alphonzo, 30 Quay street.

Seventh Ward.
[664 ballots in the wheel; 159 drawn.]
Conners, John, 87 Lumber street.
Myers, J. J., 920 Broadway.
Hendrer, John, 139 Lumber street.
McCulloch, William, 41 Lansing street.
Ganor, Michael, 147 Lumber street.
Mahar, Tim., 31 Van Woert street.
Flamer, James, 64 Lawrence street
Mahar, Larry, 69 Van Woert street.
McIntosh, Daniel, 856 Broadway.
Weaver, James, 53 De Witt street.
McWholler, James, 828 Broadway.
Tracey, John, 36 Van Woert street.
Curry, Patrick, 45 Lansing street.
Berry, John, 121 Lumber street.
McMahon, James, 19 Lawrence street.
Hannigan, James, 75 Colonie street.
Van Dozen, Jacob, 49 Dewitt street.
Smith, Henry, 261 Lumber street.
Beckett, Thomas A., 71 Lansing street.
Lawlor, John, 202 North Pearl street.
Ford, Fred., 136 Railroad Avenue.
Farrell, James, 7 Lumber street.
Flynn, Barney, 266 North Pearl street.
McIntyre, Thomas, __ Montgomery street.
Vischer, Teun__, __ Broadway.
Eldridge, J. P., 66 North Ferry street.
Feary, Wm., 16 Jackson street.
Clary, John, 55 Van Woert.
Vanderdonks, A, F., 199 Lumber street.
Finch, Clark, Cor., Van Wort and Broadway.
Nolan, John, 167 Van Woert street.
Foyle, John, 135 Lumber street.
Lamb, William, 134 Railroad Avenue.
Warner, John G., 16 Jackson street.
Ledlam, William, 163 Montgomery street.
Poole, Edward, 65 Lansing street.
McEwen, William, 134 Rail Road avenue.
Dignam, John, 192 Water street.
Day, Matthew, 46 Colonie street.
Evans, Charles, 160 Colonie street.
Hennessy, Patrick, 273 North Pearl street.
Dignam, Edward, 10 Baker's Alley.
McCormick, James, 123 Lumber street.
Sabee, George, 852 Broadway.
Casey, John, 183 Montgomery street.
McCulloch, Wm., 269 North Pearl street.
Ryan, John, 4 North Lansing street.
McCarty, Thomas, 70 Van Woert street.
McCaffry, 299 North Pearl street.
King, Wm., 63 Van Woert street.
Reynolds, Wm., 141 Lumber street.
Hosch, Philip, 850 Broadway.
Ralligan, Patrick, 69 Van Woert street.
Selay, John, 72 Van Woert street.
Phillips, Oscar, 15 Rail Road Avenue.
Doye, Richard, 63 Van Woert street.
Johnson, Frederick, 821 Broadway.
Curran, John, 76 Van Woert street.
Neville, Thomas, 75 Lawrence street.
Porter, Isaac, 9 Van Woert street.
Rembly, Martin, 55 Colonie street.
Sheffer, Adam, 99 Colonie street.
Hogan, John, 68 Van Woert street.
Jones, Cassius, 787 Broadway.
Monohan, Thomas, 9 Ferry street.
Kelly, John, Baker's Alley.
Rourke, Edward, 51 Colonie street.
Geary, Wm., 175 Montgomery street.
Reader, Joseph, 25 Lawrence street.
Creed, Michael, 7 Baker's alley.
Newman, Joseph, 207 North Pearl st.
Carrol, John, 177 Lumber street.
Suttle, N. J., 4 Swan street.
Mulcahy, Patrick, 59 Van Woert street.
Baker, Patrick, 13 Rail Road avenue.
Moss, Michael, 26 Van Woert street.
Sletterly, James, 48 Colonie street.
Duffy, Bernard, 52 Lawrence street.
Lechrues, Wm., 223 North Pearl street.
Tammany, Patrick, 31 Van Weort street.
Lynch, Thomas, 10 Dewitt street.
Colton, James, 64 Van Woert street.
Lyons, Patrick, 261 North Pearl street.
Ryan, Michael, 2 Larned street.
Reilly, James, 268 North Pearl street.
Reid, John, 108 Van Woert street.
Drisroll, Timothy, 185 Montgomery street.
Nealan, Patrick, 29 North Pearl street.
Romans, James, 56 North Ferry street.
Carroll, Patrick, 31 Van Woert street.
Turner, William, 203 Lumber street.
Neville, Thomas, 1 Lansing street.
Boyle, John, 90 Van Woert street.
Foley, Thomas, 171 Montgomery street.
Driscoll, Michael, 185 Montgomery street.
Carr, Patrick, 33 Van Woert street.
Foster, Stephen, 283 North Pearl street.
Cormick, Edward, 852 Broadway.
Willorton, Edmund, 43 Lansing street.
Dwight, Seymour, 814 Broadway.
Eagan, John, 26 Van Woert street.
Hunt, Michael, 135 Lumber street.
Hannah, Frank, 12 Van Woert street.
Scalley, Michael, 72 Van Woert street.
Tallmadge, John, 77 Colonie street.
McGuire, Thomas, 77 Lawrence street.
Bogart, Peter, 136 Rail Road Avenue.
Van Wormer, Henry, 167 Broadway.
Spearman, John, 787 Broadway.
Dillon, Wm., 800 Broadway.
Burke, James, 101 Van Woert street.
Quinn, John, Van Woert street.
Rannigan, Patrick, 126 Van Woert street.
Weaver, Wm., 53 De Witt street.
Bartlett, John, 9 Lansing street.
Slack, John, 168 Montgomery street.
Ryan, Edward, 71 Lawrence street.
Woodworth, David, 67 Lumber street.
McCormick, Michael, 19 Lawrence street.
Server, Edward, 56 North Ferry street.
Burt, Peter, 299 North Pearl street.
Cheever, Henry, 850 Broadway.
Manning, Patrick, 1 Swan street.
Swain, Patrick, 6 Baker's Alley.
Kerwin, Rod., 273 North Pearl street.
Nolan, Michael, 76 Van Woert street.
Warner, John G., 16 Jackson street.
Moore, John, 53 Van Woert street.
Perry, William, 881 Broadway.
Bratt, Gerrit T., 830 Broadway.
Wagner, Richard, 88 1/2 Broadway.
Smith, George, 273 Sumber street.
Johnson, Wm., 821 Broadway.
Toey, Arthur, 36 Van Woert street.
Regans, Michael, 72 Colonie street.
Ballentine, William, 16 Jackson street.
Roberts, John, 852 Broadway.
O'Keefe, John, 67 Van Woert street.
Johnson, James, 303 North Pearl street.
Spain, William, 206 Water street,
Dick, Henry, 47 Van Woert street.
De Laney, John, 10 Lansing street.
Ward, James, 21 Van Woert street.
Wilkinson, Frank, 258 North Pearl street.
Donehue, Daniel, 73 Lumber street.
McCardell, Easten, 13 Railroad Avenue.
Cooper, I. G., 71 Lawrence street.
White, Thomas, 51 Van Woert street.
Welch, Patrick, 48 Van Woert street.
Henn, Michael, 10 De Witt street.
Cheever, Thomas, 36 North Ferry street.
Van Dusen, Simon, 7 Swan street,
Campbell, William, 864 Broadway.
Ryan, Thomas, 57 North Ferry street.
Zeigler, Anthony, 11 Swan street.
Healy, Thomas, 23 Lawrence street.
Ronan, Patrick, 9 Lawrence street.
Slaven, John, 52 Lawrence street.
Cane, Robert, 848 Broadway.

Eighth Ward.
[748 ballots in the wheel; 182 names drawn.]
Cunliff, Simon, 59 Orange street.
Wagner, Levi, 88 First street.
Dolan, James, Road, west of Swan.
Brown, George G., 92 Second street.
Gaynor, Joseph, 53 Third street.
McLaughlin, Anthony, 32 Van Schaick st.
Berrigan, John, 173 Orange street.
Daly, Eneas, 111 Orange street.
Prescott, William, 48 Swan street.
Kewin, Hamson F., 78 Second street.
Fins, John, 164 Canal street.
Sullivan, Michael, 143 Canal street.
Hedidger, Frederick, 181 Orange street.
Woods, James, 201 Orange street.
Welch, John, 94 Third street.
Heelan, Edward, 34 Swan street.
Lansing, Isaac N., 47 First street
Dunn, James, 152 Orange street.
Fisher, Wm., 158 Second street.
Hoy, Martin, 125 Hawk street.
Johnson, John, 181 Third street.
Sumner, Jackson, 162 Clinton avenue.
Gallagher, James, 268 Orange street.
Dermody, Thomas, 40 Van Schaick street.
White, James, 192 Orange street.
Kelly, Michael, 152 Canal street.
Sherman, George, 58 Orange street.
Pike, Benjamin, 148 First street.
Hobins, William, 33 Third street.
Fitzgerald, Richard, 189 Second street.
Berrisford, Philip, 278 Lumber street.
Fitzpatrick, Michael, 44 Second street.
Crandell, Levi, 24 Third street.
Benedict, Ezra G., 95 Clinton avenue.
Brooms, John F., (colored), 168 Third street.
Henderer, Harmon H., 96 Third street.
Carroll, Wm., 109 Hawk street.
Wilson, ___, rear of 115 Hawk street.
Bigelow, John B., 3 Chapel street.
Nally, Matthew, Canal, west of Swan.
Roach, John, Canal, west of Swan street.
Harper, Henry, 51 First street.
Keys, Michael, 85 Canal street.
West, Patrick, 107 Orange street.
Dolan, Luke, 19 Chapel street.
Farran, Denis, 173 Orange street.
Donnelly, Peter, 21 Swan.
O'Hegan, T. W., Cor., Seconds & Lark streets.
O'Hegan, T. W., Cor., Seconds & Lark streets.
Cavanagh, Thomas, 164 Third street.
O'Connor, Henry, 49 Swan street.
Kenny, Thomas, 57 Canal street.
McDonald, George, 194 Orange street.
Fitzpatrick, John, 70 Canal street.
Barry, Michael, 70 Canal street.
Rockman, Fred., 19 Van Schaick street.
White, Silas, 1 Chapel street.
Walsh, Michael, 78 Hawk street.
Markwell, William, 89 First street.
Girvin, Alex, 238 Lumber street.
Jack, Wm., Canal street, west of Swan.
Flynn, Dominick, 155 Orange street.
Hales, Patrick, 80 Orange street.
McManus, Michael, Canal, west of Swan.
Relyea, Thomas, 63 Third street.
McCarty, Francis, 145 Third street.
Beales, Henry, 130 Second street.
Deyermand, Robert, 50 Swan street.
McLaughlin, Patrick, 74 Canal street.
Martin, Edward, 144 Clinton avenue.
Grindrot, John, 32 First street.
McAuley, Charles, 156 1/2 Orange street.
Stewart, John, 213 Third street.
Keyser, Sylvester, 143 Orange street.
Keyes, John, 80 Third street.
Owens, James, 147 Canal street.
Gleason, Thomas, Canal, west of Swan.
Cooney, Daniel, 201 Orange street.
Bullock, John, rear 132 Lumber street.
Rielley, Thomas T., 112 First street.
Crannell, V. W., 9 Hall Place.
Esman, Philip, 177 Second street.
Lee, Edward, 145 Clinton avenue.
Carlisle, James, 150 Orange street.
McAlpine, Michael, 124 Clinton Avenue.
Greer, Charles M., 63 Swan street.
Tice, Peter, 100 Second street.
Squires, Abraham, corner Lumber and Lark.
Cunningham, Barty, 77 Canal street.
Salisbury, James, 140 Second street.
Hagan, Frank, 182 Orange canal.
Campbell, Andrew, 180 First street.
Earls, Samuel R., 27 Swan street.
Mulholland, John, 19 Chapel street.
Fisher, Edward, 61 Second street.
Sebry, William, 55 First street.
Sweet, George, 47 Second street.
Flynn, Peter J., 144 Clinton avenue.
Helse, George, 48 Swan street.
McCann, Michael, 70 Orange street.
Farley, Peter, 63 Canal street.
Harrison, Robert, 114 Canal street.
Jones, William, 105 Hawk street.
Sheridan, John, 159 Orange street.
Walls, William, 121 Orange street.
Lawrence, Wm. E., 80 First street.
McQuade, Peter J., 31 Canal street.
Hamburger, E. C., 166 Canal street.
Claffey, James, 63 Haw street.
Keys, Edward, 38 Third street.
Reed, John, 80 Third street.
Redden, Christopher, 73 Swan street.
Hogan, John C., 80 Swan street.
Ryan, John, 29 Canal street.
Hughes, John, 43 Third street.
Reek, Louis, 15 Van Schaick street.
Vandermark, S. E., 103 Clinton avenue.
Scott, L. W., 206 Lumber street.
Davidson, W. R., 220 Clinton avenue.
Stevens, James, 83 Canal street.
Keirnan, Thomas, 26 Swan street.
Shier, Jacob, 72 First canal.
Miller, Theodore, (colored,) 262 Lumber.
Atkins, Alonzo, 27 Lark street.
Reed, John B., 193 Clinton Avenue.
Davidson, George, 86 Second street.
Shields, Hugh, 178 Clinton avenue.
Hegan, Michael, 14 Lark street.
Kearney, Edward J., 156 Clinton avenue.
Wentworth, Jacob, 115 Orange street.
McHeffie, John, 137 Clinton Avenue.
Butler, Edward, 60 Orange street.
Gowing, Charles, 27 Lark street.
Haley, Thomas, 127 Canal street.
Molohan, John, 116 Canal street.
Ames, Milo E., 33 Swan street.
Dorchester, Daniel, 68 Clinton avenue.
Mehan, Hugh, 104 First street.
Harvey, Albert, 26 Van Schaick street.
Harrison, Robert, 83 Canal street.
Nugent, John, 143 Orange street.
McClennan, Wm., 135 Canal street.
Murray James, 75 Canal street.
Richards, Albertus K., 89 Hawk street.
Ganor, John, 127 Clinton avenue.
Filkins, John I., 150 Clinton avenue.
Johnson, Wm., (colored) 93 Spruce street.
Clark, Alex., 81 Orange street.
Winne, Edwin. 192 Clinton avenue.
Bridgeport, Charles E., 117 Third street.
Berrigan, James, 100 Orange street.
Connolly, Michael, 116 First street.
Robins, Charles, 124 Third street.
Davidson, Samuel, 82 Swan street.
Rogers, Charles, 48 Second street.
Murray, Patrick, 200 Orange street.
Beatley, Arthur, 62 Orange street.
Hamilton, Thomas, 56 Orange street.
Cotter, Hamilton, 42 Canal street.
Norwood, David, 83 Orange street.
Finn, Edward, 186 Orange street.
Foose, Wm. H., 180 Second street.
Brady, John, 109 First street.
Bray, Philip F., 12 Cross street.
Wallace, Oliver, 103 Orange street.
Smith, William J., 131 Second street.
Nash, Isaac, 142 Lumber street.
Murphy, Daniel, 73 Canal street.
Hays, John, 64 Clinton avenue.
Connolly, James, 189 Orange street.
McGuire, Thomas, 141 Canal street.
Casey, Michael, 42 Canal street.
Smith, James, Smith, 3 Eagle street.
Cowell, Robert, 72 Canal street, rear.
Shedaine, Wm., rear 92 Third street.
Luther, Edward, 113 Third street.
Van Epps, John, 122 Second street.
Goss, Samuel, 16 Ten Broeck street.
Heley, Wm. H., 78 Third street.  
Hastings, Robert, 90 Hawk street.  
Kilroy, Michael, 52 Second street.  
Cole, A. G., 108 Second street.  
McIntosh, W. M., 37 Canal street.  
Adjourned till 10 o'clock to-morrow morning.

In entering upon the work yesterday morning, the Marshal expressed his pleasure at the good order which prevailed Monday, and expressed the hope that the same spirit would be manifested to day.

[511 ballots in the wheel; 117 drawn.]
Andrews, Levi, 97 Spring st.
Baker, James, 10 Knox st.
Beikel, Froldein, 168 Elk st.
Baker, Charles, 285 Sand st.
Benedict, Charles E., Foland's Hotel.
Brewster, Augustus, 225 State st.
Boos, George, Jr., 113 Snipe st.
Bechtel, John, 38 Sand st.
Boer, John, 57 Snipe st.
Botlers, James, 67 Fayette st.
Corcoran, Michael, 86 Bowery.
Collier, George M., State Capitol.
Costello, Thomas, 51 Sand st.
Clemans, John, __ Sand st.
Cahill, Michael, 1__ Bowery.
Cogsgrove, James, __ Perry st.
Cutler, John, Jr., 53 Fayette st.
Cramer, Henry, 145 Bowery.
Curry, John, 57 Perry st.
Doyle, Pruyn, 278 Washington av.
Durant, Edward, 138 Washington av.
Damp, Michael, Pine Bush.
Fryer, Aaron, 290 Washington av.
Flicker, Isaac, cor. Elk and Dove st.
Frese, Richard, 137 Bowery.
Friss, Otis, 62 Washington av.
Fitzhenry, Patrick, 47 Fayette st.
Ferry, Andrew J., 142 Washington av.
Ford, C. W., 273 State st.
Gunter, Jacob, 151 Spring st.
Germiller, Stephen, 55 Bowery.
Hufnal, John, 207 Sand st.
Hollenbeck, Sheldon, 153 Spring st.
Heppe, Joseph, Robin st.
Humphrey, John, 45 Fayette st.
Hopper, Nicholas, 79 Bradford st.
Hilts, Martin, 74 Washington av.
Happyman, Frederick, 28 Washington av.
Harps, Andrew, 11 Plank Road.
Humphrey, Correl, 141 Washington av.
Hollenstine, John, Pine Bush.
Holton, John, 353 State st,
Judson, Albert C., 134 Washington avenue.
Kenny, James, 62 Perry st.
Kader, John M., 143 Sand st.
Knapp, Lewis, 196 Bowery.
Keegan, John, 98 Bowery.
Koonz, John, 30 Bradford st.
Kirtland, Wm. B., 100 Washington avenue.
Kelley, John, 52 Fayette st.
Keeler, Adam, 31 Bowery.
Kravish, Frank, 338 Washington avenue.
Kennedy, Wm. A., 20 Hawk st.
Loomis, Watts T., 17 Washington avenue.
Leester, Samuel, 170 Sand st.
Lewey, John, 410 Clinton avenue.
McBride, James, 1 Knox st.
Manehion, Nicholas, 269 Washington avenue.
Merrifield, William, 142 Swan st.
McKeon, Theodore, 42 Congress st.
McNabb, Wm, 2 Knox st.
Miller, Martin, 189 Elk st.
McNamara, Thos., 431 Washington avenue.
Mesick, John H, 421 State st.
Mulcahy, Jeremiah, 32 Bowery.
Miller, John, 29 Fayette st.
Marrin, Joseph, 59 Washington avenue.
Morey, John, 125 Bowery.
Muz, Henry, 84 Spriog st.
Metzger, Philip, 3 Sand st.
Newman, Thomas, 116 Bowery.
Newton, Thomas, 42 Sand st.
Nolan, Dennis, 126 Sand st.      
Olin, Edwin R., 152 Dove st.
Ogden, Stephen P., 37 Fayette st.  
Planch, Fred, 359 Washington avenue.      
Phelan, John, 28 Washington avenue.       
Pruyn, Francis S., 41 Hawk st.       
Pruyn, Erastus C., 13 Elk st.      
Pitt, W. H., 293 State st.     
Rullee, Arnold, 198 Elk st.      
Rohn, John, 157 Sand st.      
Rapp, William J., corner Knox and Canal. 
Roark, John, 78 Bradford st.
Roe, Stephen, 158 Swan st. 
Sullivan, Patrick, 57 Perry st. 
Shaver, Palthazer, 315 State st.
Sinksime, Joseph, 1 Sand st.
Sprague, John A., 54 Washington Avenue.
Shehan, Peter, 141 Swan st.
Sehroff, Laurence, 122 Snipe st.
Settle, Almerin, Foland's Hotel.
Simon, George, 137 Sand st.
Sherer, John, 73 Bowery.
Sehluck, George, 13 Bowery.
Smith, Patrick, 17 Washington avenue.
Scannell, Michael, 403 State st.
Sager, John W. 39 Congress st.
Storey, William, 156 Spring st.
Smith, John Wesley, 17 Washington avenue.
Searles, John, 329 Brdadway.
Sawney, John, 122 Snipe st.
Thompson, Robert, 418, Washington avenue.
Topp, George, 48 Washington avenue.
Thornton, Wm. 30 Hawk st.
Thompson, John, 418 Washington avenue.
Urchell, Frank, 113 Spruce st.
Waterman, Edgar, 63 Washington avenue.
White, Charles W., 329 State st.
Warring, James C., 437 Washington avenue.
Wood, Thomas, 147 Washington avenue.
Weber, Max, 127 Spring st.
Wilson, H. G., 75 Washington avenue.
Weaver, John, 166 Sand st.
Wish, Charles, 124 Sand st.
Waring, John, 437 Washington avenue.
Young, Bortel, 135 Sand st.

[982 ballots in the wheel; 239 drawn]
Anderson, John, Lydius, Pine Bush.
Armitage, Charles, 15 Dove street.
Allen, Wm. C., 190 1/2 Jefferson street.
Adams, Wm., 17 Dove street.
Beeny, Charles, 174 Hamilton street.
Boston, Robert, (colored), at Milbanks'.
Barton, Alonzo, 33 Chestnut street.
Ballard, John, 19 Jay street.
Burns, Lawrence, 73 Jefferson street.
Bostwick, Edwin, 208 Jay street.
Barton, Benj. F., 39 Jefferson street.
Burton, Wm. H., 114 Eagle street.
Brown, James, 180 Jefferson street.
Brayton, Sanford, B., 42 Jay street.
Bichl, Charles, Plank road.
Brice, William, 201 Jefferson street.
Birch, George, 161 Hudson street.
Brown, John, J. M., 193 Elm street.
Butts, Edward, 126 Eagle street.
Burns, Edward, M., 198 Swan street.
Bailey, Isaac, 206 Jay street.
Barnett, John, 8 Delaware turnpike.
Buttery, James, 140 Jefferson st., rear.
Bender, Homer, 126 Lark st.
Boardman, Frank, 81 Lancaster st.
Bender, Wendell, G., 181 Hamilton st.
Byrn, Joseph, 114 Dove st.
Cary, Henry, 252 Hudson st.
Gushing, George, 74 Eagle st.
Connell, David, 230 Lydius st.
Cox, Benj., Jr., Plank road.
Capps, Thomas, 50 Eagle st.
Cole, George, 16 Jefferson st.
Cottrell, Edgar, 50 Jay st.
Coley, Alfred, 217 Jefferson st.
Cunningham, Sohn, I 159 Jefferson st.
Cutteridge, John, 464 Lydius st.
Cady, Elisha, 251 Hamilton st.
Combs, Andrew, 6 Jay st.
Cartright, James, 14 Willett st.
Conner, John, 54 West Ferry st.
Corlu, John, 221 Elm st.
Collins, David C., 265 Lydiust st.
Casey, James, 195 Hamilton st.
Conger, Wm. J., 118 Hawk st.
Cosey, Maurice, 195 Hamilton st.
Clark, William, 150 State st.
Dodge, Hezekiah, 334 Lydius st.
Dillon, Charles, 323 Hamilton st.
Doyle, John, 57 Lancaster st.
Donley, Patrick, 71 Dove st.
Daley, William, 38 Jefferson st.
Delehanty, Waltr, 71 Lark st.
Dunn, Edward, 3 Johnson alley.
Dick, Perry, (colored) 103 Knox st.
Donahoe, Edward, Jr., 105 Dove st.
Dillon, James, 101 Morton st.
Dyek, Herbert, 1 Yates st.
Dennis, Alfred G., 13 Jay st.
De Witt, Dudley W., 61 Hawk st.
Ellery, Edward, 297 Lydius st.
Ellsworth, Nathan, 152 Hudson st.
Eberhardt, Andrew, 330 Lydius st.
Eord, Frederick, 108 Eagle st.
Fairchilds, Charles, Pine Bush.
Fulton, John S., 183 Hamilton st.
Fox, Peter, 28 Chestnut st.
Frisbee, Wm., 326 Hamilton st.
Finnegan, John, 57 Lancaster st.
Fitzpatrick, Bernard, 57 Lancaster st.
Finkle, Peter, Plank Road.
Fealey, William, 215 Jefferson st.
Flynn, Michael, 53 Jefferson st.
Fitzpatrick, Samuel, 142 Chestnut st.
Feeny, James, 67 Lancaster st.
Flanigan, Patrick, 62 West Ferry st.
Gaffney, John, Alms House.
Gill, Frederick, 6 Chestnut st.
Gilbert, Josiah H., 238 Lydius st.
Gilchrist, Wm. B., 51 Knox st.
Gibson, Andrew, 22 Park st.
Greardon, Corneilus, 193 Swan st.
Grant, Isaac V. W., 81 Lancnster st.
Greenman, Benjamin L., 230 Hudson st.
Griffin, Elias W., 40 Jay st.
Gill, Silas, 262 Lydius st.
Gein, Edward, 109 Elm st.
Griswold, Stephen, 12 Park st.
Graff, George Z., 98 Eagle st.
Gill, Wilkes, 6 Chestnut st.
Hill, Albert C., 297 Hudson st.
Held, Jacob, 182 Lancaster st.
Hobbs, Smith, __ Lydius st.
Higgins, Robert, 176 Jay st.
Hotaling, John C., 293 Hamilton st.
Hardy, Francis, 276 Hamilton st.
Holmes, Henry H., 66 Eagle st.
Hull, Levi P., 132 Lark st.
Hinkley, Abram, 94 Eagle st.
Hardy, Samuel, 219 Jefferson st.
Hotaling, James C, 260 Elm st.
Herkle, Frederick, __ Elm st.
Hammell, Francis, 141 Elm st.
Harris, Ira, Jr., 28 Eagle st.
Harris, John, 146 Eagle st.
Johnson, John C., 193 Swan st.
Judson, Charles, 320 Lydius st.
Jackson, George, 140 Lark st.
Jackson, Charles A., (colored) 97 Knox St.
Judd, William, 102 Jefferson st.
Jenkins, Clarence, 181 Hudson st.
Kreps, Charles, 195 Larrk st.
Kelly, Wm., 119 Hawk st.
Kleitmen, Wm., 49 Jefferson st.
Krum, Henry H., 21 Jay st.
Kelch, Arton, Morton st.
Lathrop, Augustus, 356 Lydius st.
Lanahan, Thos., Jr., 51 Jefferson st.
Lee, Geo. C., 73 Lancaster st.
Luther, John, 206 Elm st.
Lasher, Herman, 167 Elm st.
Laird, Peter, 311 Hamilton st.
Lansing, Henry, 184 Hamilton st.
Lee, Patrick, 214 Swan st.
Lamont, David S., 306 Lydius st.
Lamox, John, 153 Elm st.
Lagrange, Jacob, 166 Eagle.
Lawyer, Charles, 11 Park st.
Lewis, Samuel A., 207 Lydius st.
Loucks, Henry B., 19 Park st.
Linacre, Charles, 18 Willitt st.
McDonald Minor, 25 Jay st.
Martin, Henry T., 152 State st.
McConough, James H., 18 Jefferson st.
Maloney, John, 115 Elm st.
McDonald, Robt., 160 Eagle st.
Morgan, John, 46 Jefferson st.
McCaskie, ____, 182 State st.
Martin, James, 99 Elm st.
Morgan, Samuel H., 8 Lancaster st.
Miller, Joseph Henry, (colored) 221 Jefferson st.
Miller, Russell, 414 Lydius st.
McClene, John C., 51 Jay st.
Merchant, Benj., 259 Hamilton st.
McWilliams, Thos., 68 West Ferry st.
Miller, Wm. B., 91 Lancaster st.
Maxwell, Jacob H., 324 Lydius st.
McLaughlin, Patrick, 136 Jefferson st.
Miller, Geo. E., 399 Lydius st.
McKernan, Patrick, 150 State st.
McCann, Patrick, 5 Yates st.
McEveny, Daniel, 90 Jefferson st.
Monahan, Thomas, 117 Knox st.
McLaghlin, Thos., 57 Johnson st.
Manchester, ____, 98 Eagle st.
McGahen, Peter, 59 Elm st.
McCabe, John, 354 Lydius st.
Moore, John C., 190 Hudson st.
McCaffrey, Patrick, 103 Morton st.
Manns, Peter, 11 Yates street.
Myers, Abraham, 14 Delaware Turnpike.
McDonald, Wm., 65 Hawk st.
Mascord, Edward, 96 Lark st.
McGardiss, John J., 136 Lark st.
Mastersope, Paul, 79 Elm st.
McKenna, John, 30 Jefferson st.
Nichols, John C., 226 Hudson st.
Neary, Wm., 250 Hudson st.
Neary, John, 214 Swan st.
Nolan, Patrick, Lydius street road.
Nolan, John, Lydius street road.
Newman, Peter, 116 Jefferson st.
Nash, Joseph, 102 Hawk st.
Netherway, Clinton, 258 Hudson st.
Nie, Lawrence, 106 Willett st.
Nichols, John D., 253 Hudson st.
O'Connor, Patrick, Jr., St. Vincent's Asylum.
Overton, Wm., 71 Jefferson st.
Osterhaus, Schuyler, 88 Lark st.
O'Niel, Thomas, 32 Jefferson st.
Osterhaus, Henry, 66 Lark st.
Pomeroy, James, 108 Jefferson st.
Packard, Benj. E., 22 Jay st.
Parker, James, (colored) Penitentiary.
Proseus, Henry, 112 Hawk st.
Patrick, Simon, 356 Lydius st.
Purrus, James, 322 state st.
Reddie, Patrick, 320 1/2 State st.
Rowland, Henry, 182 Hamilton st.
Rizy, Erancis, 173 Hudson st.
Rankin, John M., 175 Hudson st.
Ryan, John, 138 Jefferson st.
Ryan, James H., 100 Jefferson st.
Rice, Gilbert C., 20 Jay st.
Rhykert, Wm. H., Fort Hunter Road.
Richardson, Walter, 247 Elm st.
Richard, Jeremiah, 222 State st.
Roseboom, James H., 226 Elm st.
Rogers, Philip, 131 Jefferson st.
Richardson, John, 347 Lydius st.
Roise, John, 205 Jefferson st.
Sheridan, James, 88 Jefferson st.
Safford, Andrian, 23 High st.
Staley, Daniel G., 71 Dove st.
Smith, Nicholas, 161 Elm st.
Stinernagle, Henry, Burt's Farm.
Shephard, John, 140 Jefferson st., rear.
Smith, Benj. Y., 257 Hamilton st.
Saore, Thomas, 273 Hudson st.
Shauss, John, Jr., 456 Lydius st.
Smith, Robert, 442 Lydius st.
Smith, Henry, 7 High st.
Strong, Charles H., 188 State st.
Smith, Joseph, 410 Lydius st.
Sipperly, George, Dove near the Falls.
Skilton, James, 235 Hudson st.
Shields, James, 71 Dove st.
Smith, Wm. 225 Hamilton st.
Skiellicern, John, 169 Elm st.
Sheridan, John, 48 Jefferson st.
Shaughnoss, Patrick H., 2 Jay st.
Stubbens, Wm. H., 152 Eagle st.
Sheehan, John, 213 Elm st.
Tripp, Cyrus, 396 Lydius st.
Templeton, John, 14 Lancaster st.
Trotter, James, 226 Hamilton st.
Vanderzee, Cornelius, 57 High st.
Van Wormer, Cornelius, 19 Lancaster st.
Van Schaick, Abrm, 70 Lark st.
Van Vechten, Henry, 87 Lancaster st.
Wickens, Wm. 326 State st.
Wands, Henry, Pine Bush.
Woodruff, Halsey,4 Jefferson st.
Weaver, John, 308 1/2 State st.
Wemple, Benjamin B. C., 183 Hudson st.
Wendle, Edward, 293 Hamilton st.
Watson, William, 3 Hamilton place.
Wiles, Thomas S., 353 Lydius st.
Wilson, Wm. E., Penitentiary.

Practical Workings of Conscription.
The case of Mr. Samuel L. Crocker, Jr., a member of the Suffolk Bar, and a conscript from the Third District, has been widely published by the Press and Telegraph. He presented a substitute when he was first summoned to appear before the Provost Marshal, but on refusing to comply with certain terms demanded by Captain Shaw, his substitute was not received. Mr. Crocker appealed to the authorities at Washington, who sustained the Provost Marshal. The matter then rested until last Saturday, when Mr. Crocker was arrested as a deserters, found able bodied by the examining board, and ordered into the service. He was, however allowed a furlough. The following extract from a letter, originally published in the Post, sets forth the difficulty between himself and the Provost Marshals:—
On Friday, the 24th Aug , I appeared at the office of the Provost Marshal, of the Third District, at the appointed hour for the acceptance of substitutes, having given the required notice of my intention so to do, to offer a substitute for three years military service.
The substitute presented was examined by the surgeon was pronounced entirely satisfactory. My name, age, height, &c., were then entered upon the records, and those of my substitute were also duly recorded. The requisite oaths were then administered to my substitute by the Provost Marshal, and were duly subscribed, and all that was essential to his acceptance was fully accomplished. Capt. Shaw then inquired what sum of money he was to receive, and insisted that it should be paid into his (Shaw's) hands. I replied that I had no objection to the arrangement if the man consented to it. He said he thought he should receive his money as soon as he was accepted. Capt. Shaw replied in that case he should be placed under guard until afternoon. My man, who had already served as a volunteer in the service of his country, replied that he had no intention of deserting, but that he did not care how closely he was guarded. Upon which Capt. Shaw retorted, "Very well, sir, if you can't trust the United States, the United States won't trust you. You can go away. We won't have anything to do with you."
I then said, "Captain Shaw, I have promised this man that I would pay the money into his own hands, and I know nothing in the law that authorises [sic] you to interfere with this arrangement." To which he replied in a very insolent manner, "if you have come here to raise any of your law quibbles, you are in the wrong shop, or words to that effect. "I have come here," I replied, "to discharge my duty as a citizen of the United States, and I have taken great pains and trouble to discharge it faithfully." He then ordered me to be seated, stating that he would refer my case to the Board of Enrolment. In a few moments he addressed the Board to the effect that I had presented a man who was unwilling to comply with the rules of this office, by depositing his money with the Provost Marshal, he promising to repay it on his arrival at the rendezvous.
I then briefly addressed the Board, stating that I had been at great pains to discharge my duty, by procuring for the Government a better man then myself for the required service—that in the accomplishment of this object I had no desire to save myself labor or trouble—that I had refused to bring before them men who had offered their services for the reason that I was not satisfied with their character, or with the agents that were trafficking in them—that no objection had been offered to this man, except that he insisted that his own money should be placed in his own hands, giving as his reason therefor [sic] that he had seen during his term of service delay and  inconvenience resulting from tardiness in the payment of money from the
Government to the soldiers in service—that I had promised this man to pay the money into his own hands, and felt bound to carry out my agreement. The Commissioner replied, "we take no men who refuse to comply with the rules of this office." I then said, "Captain Shaw, I offer this man as my substitute; he has passed your examination, and taken and subscribed the customary oaths. I offer him here and now, without any condition, qualification or reservation whatsoever, and I demand my discharge." To which he replied, "you shan't have it; and what is more, I give you warning you will be arrested as a deserter, at the expiration of your notice, if you fail to appear in compliance to the rules of this office." I then left his office, followed by the man I had offered as my substitute.
Comment upon such proceedings is needless. Captain Shaw well knows, or if he does not, he is totaly [sic] unfit for his office, that he is not the agent of the United States to receive in its behalf money furnished for substitutes, or bind government by a promise for its repayment. His receipt binds only himself individually.

[581 ballots in the wheel; 161 drawn.]
The first five names drawn from the country town were
Patrick McGuire, Francis Snyder,
George Tisdale, Leonard Wally.
Jacob Kelch,
The residue drawn were as follows:—
Ainwright, Michael.
Arnold, William.
Adam, George C.
Brate, Samuel K.
Benno, Peter.
Beebe, John W.
Bronk, Nicholas.
Becker, John.
Bavar, John.
McGuire, Patrick.
Moumwilmer, John.
Miller, Frederick.
Movel, William J.
McEwen, Valentine C.
Moruhew, James W.
Moore, Charles H.
Miller, Augustus.
Moore, William J.
Moak, Jacob.
Barkman, Rensselaer,
Similes, John V.,
Reinhart, Seneca,
Keyser, George W.,
Davis, Benjamin P.,
Young, Samuel S.,
Taylor, Henry C.,
King, Peter,
Nemiah, Christopher,
McCulloch, Daniel H.,
Gallup, Minor,
Zeh, Peter W.,
Miller, David,
Wright, Oscar T.
Van Zandt, Gilbert,
Townsend, Chester,
Swart, Adam C.,
McNary, Isaac,
Wood, John R.,
Cornell, Chauncey R.,
Crosby, Charles,
Wagner, David,
Pitcher, Simon,
Holdridge, Joseph,
Sherman, Lewis,
Fields, Alonzo,
Bolster, Rufus, P. T.,
Powell, Joshua,
Smoke, Geo. (colored),
Filkins, Richard,
Crippen, Rufus,
Badley, David,
Feinhart, William, Jr.,
Flansberg, Gerrit,
Spinner, Chester A.,

Bender, Wm. A. Hall, Eli,
Bender, Cyrus.
Bender, Andrew,
Becker, John H.,
Booth, Albert F.,
Birdsall, William,
Bender, Wendell W.,
Bender, Frederick,

Cox, John H.,
Carknerd, John,
Colling, Matthew,
Collins, John,
Clark, David M.,
Carknerd, Gerrit,
Cook, Asmer,
Collins, William,
Comfort, Philip,
Condon, Patricks

Dowling, John,
Deitz, Frederick,
Dickson, Francis, (col.)
Dickson, James, (col.)

Ettinger, John,
Ettinger, Christian.

Fornefelt, Frederick,
Frost, John,
Fieigl, Henry,
Furman, William.

Gass, Martin.
Gruben, Charles.
Goebel, Frederick.
Gunhouse, William.

Haskie, Albert,
Hotaling, Charles,
Houghtaling, Joshua,
Hotaling, David,
Hotaling, John G,
Hotaling, Wm. H,
Hakes, Elbert A.,
Happinger, Joseph,
Hardenbergh, John,
Hopkins, James,
Hakes, Gerrard H.,

Jutkins, Wm. J.
Jones, Cornelius.
Jenkins, James.
Jackson, Jared.
Jolly, Hugh R.

Kelps, Jacob,
Kennedy, James,
Kapp, Jacob,
King, Charles,
King, Wiiiiam,
Klein, Adam,
Karrow, Edward,
Kimmey, William,
Kimmey, Abraham,
Karknerd, William.

Leandes, William.
Long, Gerritt.
Leeding, Francis.
Long, Gerritt G.
Lentz, Conrad,
Long, Radolph,
Lasher, James,
Lasher, John J.,
Lasher, George A.,
Lusher, Joseph A.,
Ludwitch, Louis,
Lintz, Henry,
Lasher, Gerrit.
McCormick, Charles E.
McSelkerk, Lewis M.
Moore, Silas H.
McMahon, Joseph.

Niver, Christian B.,
Niver, Jacob F.,
Newton, Ovid.

O'Brien, John,
Oliver, Peter,
Osterhaus, John.

Peraer, George,
Pool, John J.

Ryan, Andrew,
Rush, Christian,
Ramsey, Joseph,
Robinson, William,
Ruhl, George,
Radliff, Aaron,
Relyea, Jacob M.,
Radliff, Simon P.,
Roach, Thomas.

Snyder, Philip.
Schmidt, Ferdinand.
Smith, Lawrence.
Schoonmaker, Isaac H.
Sullivan, Michael.
Stiffen, Kaspar.
Staats, John R.
Salisbury, Benj. B.
Schoonmaker, John S.,
Stanton, Aaron,
Snyder, Franklin,
Scrafford, Geo. W. H.,
Sherrill, Dwight,
Shafer, Gilbert V. Z.,
Sweet, Edward R.,
Sybil, Ezra,
Stahl, John,
Schoek, Jacob,
Strevel, Jacob,
Slabaurn, John, Jr.,
Spack, John,
Slingerland, John Jr.,
Schniffenderker, Mart.

Tisdell, George,
Tatsch, Philip,
Tohll, Philip,
Tohil, Michael,
Trice, John.

Udell, John,

Van Allen, Isaac,
Vanderzee, Henry M.,
Vanduzen, Cesar, (col.),
Van Allen, Richard B.,
Vanderzee, Peter R.,
Van Elton, H'y, (col),
Van Zandt, Jacob,
Van Allen, Peter W.

Walling, Leonard,
Wood, Jeremiah,
Weierich, Charles,
Whipple, George P.,
Westfalls, H___.

W______, Henry,
Wiland, Gotleib,
Walley, Joseph,
Waidman, John,
Westerveldt, John,
Weiland, Charles,
Wemple, John.

Yake, William.

[263 ballots in the wheel; 67 drawn.]
Warner, Cornelius,
Turner, Luther,
Gathen Harvey,
Shultis, John,
Hilton, Jacob N.,
Dennison, Thomas N.,
Post, Daniel,
Haverly, Jacob,
Miller, Barton,
Wright, Harvey H.,
Ball, Henry C.,
Lobdell, Orville,
Francher, John H.,
Hannerly, Albert H.,
McOmber, Amasa,
Shay, Patrick,
Filkins, Charles O.,
Weidman, Paul,
Secor, Charles,
Davis, George M.,
Mickle, Joseph,
Wagoner, Adam,
Furman, Alexander,
Van Liew, Fred'k W.,
Terwilliger, Jehoiakim,
Zeh, James H.,
Settle, Charles H.,
Shafer, Joseph H.,
Becker, Hiram,
Beller, Miner.

[313 ballots in the wheel; 82 drawn.]
Young, Henry,
Michaels, Charles,
Gilbert, George,
Scharch, Lucius,
Powell, Lionel,
Bailey, Nathaniel,
Evory, James,
Shafer, Eli,
Shear, John J.,
Lewis, Michael, (col.)
Brandy, Edward,
Carhart, Ira,
Gardner, Andrew,
Verplank, John M. C.,
Sutor, Henry,
Vanduzen, Nicholas,
Whitbeck, Jasper M.,
Lindsey, Marcus,
Whitbeck, John A.,
Swarthout, Leonard,
Briggs, Archibald,
Willis, David P.,
Mull, Franklin,
Powell, John S.,
Roach, Thomas,
Barger, William H.,
Whitbeck, Peter A.,
Hotaling, Teunis,
Mull, Barent J.,
Robins, Judson,
Halstead, Robert,
Coonley, Leonard,
Smith, Irwin G.,
Sickler, Wm. H.,
Wiltsie, Morganser,
Griffen, Jared,
Tierney, Patrick,
Rennie, Horace,
Dempstead, Albert,
Winston, Lucius,
Carr, Chauncey,
Ten Eyck, Barnard,
Montross, Uriah,
Wiltsey, David,
McCulloch, Samuel,
Cullington, Martin,
McCullock, Conrad,
Perry, John,
Swarthout, Albert,
Briggs, Hiram G.,
Whitbeck, William,
Taylor, Allen,
Holbrook, David,
Adams, Leonard,
Scupper, Frederick,
Wagner, George,
Wands, James, (col'd.)
Johnson, James,
Haynes, Luther,
Dwyer, Michael,
Radliff, Peter,
Shear, Charles A.,
Haynes, Adams,
Blaisdell, Edward C.,
Bird, Peter,
Reynolds. John,
Vroman, Albert P.
Gouthier, Richard,
Huyck, Leonard,
Litchfield, John C.,
Slingerland, Cornelius,
Sweet, Mortimer,
Shear, Henry,
Cavender, James,
Wiley, Daniel,
Sickler, Isaac,
Moore, Jacob H.,
Vanderzee, Anson V. Z.,
Wiley, Samuel,
Coonz, Peter T.,
Lamoreaux, George,
Harris, John M.

[315 ballots in the wheel; 82 drawn]
Starlin, Jacob,
Spawn, Louis,
Mentaline, David,
Vine, Simon,
Hench, Patrick,
Lewis, Henry H.,
McHill, Robert,
Pangburn, Jacob T.,
Van Aernam, John H.,   
Shell, Thomas,
Lewis, Jacob,
Minkler, William,
Van Alstyne, Abram,
Bristol, Timothy,
Farrin, Amos,
Vroman, Peter.
VanAuken, John H.
Houck, Jacob.
Linehart, Stephen H.
Wetherwax, Jacob.
Frederick, Jacob H.
Hanlon, Patrick.
Hallenbeck, Issaic.
Winnegar, Daniel.
Ward, Henry,
Dennison, Charles,
Hunter, Thomas,
Judson, Lucius,
Goodfellow, George,
Van Husen, R. A.,
Clark, Thomas, Jr.,
Hengleaton, John,
Fryer, Peter,
Schmidt, John.
Keenholtz, Jacob,
Helme, Thomas,
Blessing, James H.,
Veeder, Peter M.,
Decker, John,
Van Husen, Daniel,
Van Aerman, Henry,
Hosford, Charles,
Grant, John,
Delamater, John M.,
Griggs, Hiram,
Miller, Daniel,
Thornton, Charles,
Stoneman, Henry,
Stears, Jacob,
McCauley, John,
Joss, John,
Wagoner, George,
Stafford, Edmund,
Steel, John,
Jackson, Rich'd (col'd.)
Tygert, Francis,
Spoor, Joseph,
Gilford, John,
Bronk, Henry,
Wands, Henry,
Cass, Abraham, Jr.,
Nelson, Wm. S.,
Shannon, John,
Schermerhorn, Philip,
Stead, Robert,
Jackson, John, (col'd)
Seaverson, Frederick,
Winne, James,
Frederick, Stephen V.,
Hilton, Abram,
Van Schaick, John
Van Patten, Peter,
Blessing, William,
Sigsbee, John L.,
Weaver, Ira I.,
Mead, Perry,
Henion, Peter,
Hallenbeck, Wm.,
Kaley, William,
Hulton, Silas,
Van Alstyne, Peter,
Hart, Matthias.

[218 ballots in the wheel; 48 drawn.]
Warner, Amos G.,
Lee, James,
Pangburn, Helms,
Blake, W. W.,
Lewis, John,
Van Auken, John,
Dennis, Adam W.,
Dayton, Nathan H.,
Livingston, Edward,
Witter, Henry H.,
Ostrander, Ira,
Patten, William,
McGennis, John,
Fairlee, Oliver B.,
Schermerhorn, Peter,
Secor, Wm. J.,
Cornelius Jacob,
Holland, Daniel,
Schoonmaker, Edward,
Passon, Minor E.,
Quay, George H.,
Delaney, Charles,
Mahar, James,
Reamer, Isaac,
Sterling, Jacob,
Dayton, Edwin G,
Keenan, John,
Clickman, Frederick,
Saddlemire, Elijah,
Keenholtz, Wm. B.,
Zeh, William H.,
Brumaghim, Geo. W.,
Fitzgerald, James,
Engle, Joseph P.,
Williamson, George J.,
Cunningham, F. D.,
Ketcham, Alonzo,
Ostrander, William,
Brown, Nelson,
Callahan, Thomas,
White, William D.,
Van Auken, Edw'd M.,
Champion, Minor,
Pitcher, Philip,
Hungerford, Peter,
Roach, Jeremiah,
McDonald, Angus,
White, Amos.

New Scotland.
[291 ballots in the wheel; 74 drawn.]
Bennett, Erasmus,
Post, William A,
Vincent, John,
Matthias, Wm. H.,
Hallenbeck, Aaron J.,
Youngs, John M.,
Miller, John S.,
De Graff, Abraham,
Shuley, Patrick,
Michael, Peter,
Schermerhorm, A. H.,
Matthias, Levi,
Steele, William,
Oliver, Jacob,
Johnson, Isaac J.,
Ward, William J.,
Blessing, John,
Spore, Albert,
Woodbeck, Martin I.,
Heller, David H.,
Oliver, William,
Playport, Charles,
Ferguson, William,
Radley, Peter H.,
Relay, David T.,
Radley, John Jr.,
Crounse, John,
Houck, Jacob H.,
Applebee, George,
Van Auken, Isaac,
Gibbons, Jay,
Houghton, William J.,
Staats, George,
Weidman, Peter I.,
Oliver, Abram, E.,
Den, Nicholas,
Oliver, John I.,
Van Etten, David P.,
McHoop, Patrick,
Bradt, Wm. H.,
Hotalling, John R.,
Delong, John,
Martin, Moak,
Coughtry, Wm. K.,
Russell, John S.,
Marle, James,
Earls, Benjamin,
Beck, Sebastian,
McMillen, Wm. J.,
Clary, James,
Wagner, George,
Button, Burton,
Rosecrans, Orrin,
Bradt, William J.,
Martin, Samuel,
Bradt, Adrian G.,
Bradt, Frederick,
Johnson, Seymour,
Joslyn, Amasa C.,
Farnan, Michael,
Martin, Peter W.,
Pangburn, Nicholas,
Winne, Peter,
McDowell, Robert,
Ingraham, Frank,
George, John E.,
Dolan, James,
Slingerland, Conrad,
Kernan, Charles,
Murand, James,
Matthias, David H.,
Moak, Henry F.,
Van Atten, Wm.

[288 ballots in the wheel; 75 drawn.]
Watson, Wm. H.,
Burhans, Wm. W.,
Norwood, Helem,
Kennedy, George, Jr.
Hallenbeck, Edward,
Day, James H.,
Simmons, Levi,
Russ, Silas, S.,
Fox, Jacob,
Wood, Harvey,
Smith, Daniel,
Traver, Abram, 2d,
Benn, William,
Hagadorn, Wilbur,
Smith, James M.,
Rifenberg, David,
Lee, Joseph,
Shultis, Edwin,
Gale, Rufus,
Boughton, Wm. H.,
Boughton, Orlando,
Long, Henry,
Pratt, Ezra C.,
Gould, Henry,
White, Lewis G.,
Tanner, Whitman,
Snyder, Andrw,
Goodfellow, Hiram,
Aley, Chauncey,
Traver, David,
Tetor, Elisha,
Lounsbury, Rufus,
Winans, Allen,
Hill, James G.,
Rogers, George L.,
Van Aken, Lucius,
Goodrich, John,
Stone, Sylvester,
Golden, Edgar,
Deo, Barney M.,
Southard, Wm.,
Pouthney, Thomas,
Benn, Luman,
Cross, Isaac C.,
Hydeman, Solomon,
Osborn, Ezra H.,
Mackie, Andrew,
Lousbury, Nathan,
Lincoln, David,
Shultis, Cyrus B.,
Morrison, William,
Evans, John H.,
Wilsey, Isaac M.,
Spencer, William,
Aimy, Hiram,
Tetor, William,
Hallenbeck, John W.,
Tetor, David, Jr.,
Wickes, John,
Smith, Samuel,
Decker, Peter,
Ingram, William,
Chadwick, Enock S.
Sherman, Robert B.
Mackie, Asa R.,
Watson, Madison,
Decker, Peter S.,
Gale, Roger.
Rifenburg, Lewis.
Couchman, James B.,
Tyler, Silas,
Green, James,.
Snyder, Melville,
Whitehead, Calvin,
Boublels, Francis.

Watervliet—(Rural, or First District.)
[523 ballots in the wheel; 114 drawn.]
Retallick, Richard,
McCollom, William,
Petts, Michael,
Bethwick, Edwin,
Foster, William,
Yearsley, Peter,
Pitta, Joel,
Pa_ridy, Sanford,
Ad_enn, Charles,
Redeker, Matthias,
Pierce, John,
Lansing, Richard D.,
O'Brian, John,
O'Neal, Daniel,
Cullner, Thomas,
Stanton, Joseph,
Bomboyle, Peter,
Cartell, John,
Warner, John,
Lansing, Benjamin H.,
Coleman, Michael,
S_apleton, William,
Marrion, Tedd C.,
Gibbons, George W.,
Coats, George,
Van Aken, David,
Crane, Briggs E.,
Nolan, Patrick,
Hinebreck, Henry,
Fonday, Clement,
Heinmiller, Henry,
Freeman, James,
Wetherwax, Jacob,
Brine, Thomas,
McCarty, Thomas,
Higgins, Seth W.,
Hibbett, John,
Dingwall, John,
Car_in, Hugh,
Hills, John G.,
Murphy, John, Jr.,
Gaffer, Jeremiah,
McNeary, Harvey,
Callahan, Patrick,
Scurn, Joseph,
Wieks, William,
Rankle, Henry J.,
Orlop, William F.,
Friday, Peter,
Ferguson, Robert,
Lannehan, Henry,
Pfardt, L___,
Fitting, Bartle,
Dauton, Halam M.,
McChesney, Reuben,
Farley, Michael,
Murphy, Thomas,
Murphy, Richard,
Golusha, Alonzo,
Halcomb, George,
Cross, Frederick,
McMurray, James,
Ryan, Anthony,
Miller, Charles T.,
Kirtland, Harvey,
Hagan, Abram,
Kennison, Peter,
Crosby, John,
Wamby, John,
O'Neal, Patrick,
Fuller, Francis,
Lansing, Cornelius H.,
McClane, James,
Lansing, Tennis,
Weaver, John,
Burke, Patrick,
Bemus, Henry,
Jordan, Michael,
Smith, Patrick,
Oathout, Jesse,
Whalen, John,
Hulcher, Herman,
Hoons, Peter,
Lansing, Jacob H.,
Williams, Frederick,
Pearse, James,
Congdon, Richard,
Lansing, Isaac,
Brewster, James,
Remsen, Henry,
Beirs, Wm. H.,
Johnson, William,
Hennesey, John,
Lansing, Cornelius,
Sicker, Jeremiah,
Shadwick, John,
Lockrow, Van Buren,
Leonard, John,
Myers, Abram,
Ten Brook, Harman,
Noland, William,
Kromer, Frederick,
McCann, John,
Coalnut, Gideon,
Vandenburgh, Wm. J.,
Pierce, Josiah,
Turner, Alden C.,
Fonday, Francis,
Ryan, Michael,
Muddell, Arthur,
Stewnrd, Michael,
Watson, Robert,
Ludlow, Patrick,
Harrigan, Patrick,
Lyons, James,
Hill, John,
Daggett, Lafayette,
Crelap, Amos C.,
Sivers, Martin,
Hornet, Michael,
Ferguson, Thomas,
Clute, Nicholas,
Banker, Peter,
Campbell, Wm. H.,
Everett, Otis H.,
Visher, John L.,
Pemberton, John,
Barron, Daniel,
Langry, James,
Gibbs, John H.,
Pretch, Charles,
Angus, John,
Wolf, Hayward,
Ryan, Patrick,
Witbeck, Peter T.,
Herron, Patrick,
Harrington, John,
Brown, Charles,
Waldron, George,
Smith, Edgar B.,
Witbeck, Daniel,
Swatling, William,
Hocknell, John H.,
Many, Wm. V.

Adjourned until 10 o'clock to-morrow morning, when the drawing will commence with Westerlo.

The Argus and Conscription.
From the Atlas and Argus.
One of the arguments alleged against the constitutionality of recruiting the army by Conscription, is that such a process was wholly unknown at the time of the adoption of' that instrument. Conscription is the child of the French Revolution.
The position of the Argus may be summed up in a dozen words. It denounces Conscription as the offspring of the "Higher Law" doctrine of Mr. SEWARD, and demands that it shall "die." And it does this in the face of the fact that Conscription is a Democratic hobby, that it was advocated by WASHINGTON, and MADISON, and MONROE; that it was made an issue in 1814—nearly every Democrat in Congress voting for it and every Federalist voting against it! And, in order to prop up its wretched case, it borrows its arguments from the memorial of the Hartford Convention.
The Argus, confronted by the "truths of history," endeavors to crawl out of its humiliating position by claiming that the Conscription, as originated and matured by WASHINGTON and MONROE, were different from that at present in operation! Who claims that they are identical? But the principle is the same. The question—and the only vital one—is:—Has the Government the right, under the Constitution, to compel the citizens of the several States to bear arms in its service?
WASHINGTON contended that it had. He claimed that every Government "possesses not only the right of personal service from its members; but the right to regulate the service on principles of equity for the general defence." Nor did he allow that this right was subordinated to State authority. On the contrary, in the very extract from his "plan," quoted by the Argus, he proposed that "the Executive of the United States, or the Commander-in-Chief of the militia of each State," should make the draft.
JAMES MONROE held to the same doctrine. In his exposition of his scheme of Conscription, he used these emphatic words:—
The idea that the United States cannot raise a regular army in any other mode than by accepting the voluntary service of individuals is believed to be repugnant to the uniform construction of all grants of power, and equally so to the first principles and leading objects of the Federal compact. An unqualified grant of power gives the means necessary to carry it into effect. This is an [sic] universal maxim, which admits of no exception. The Commonwealth has a right to the service of all its citizens, or rather, the citizens composing the Commonwealth have a right, collectively and individually, to the service of each other, to repel any danger which may be menaced. The manner in which the service is to he apportioned among the citizens, and rendered by them, are objects of legislation. All that is to be dreaded in such case is the abuse of power, and happily our Constitution has provided ample security against that evil.
The Democratic Congress in 1814 was of like mind. Its voice was largely in favor of Conscription. The conclusion of Peace arrested the discussion of the question, and rendered the passage of Mr. GILES' Bill (a modification of Mr. MUNROE'S plan) unnecessary: but the position of that body on the subject was unmistakable. Not only was the right of the Federal Government to enforce a Draft indirectly through the State Executive insisted upon, but an amendment to the original bill, authorising [sic] the President, "in case of neglect or refusal of the Governors of the States to execute the provisions of the law, TO CALL DIRECTLY ON THE MILITIA OFFICERS OF THE STATES TO CARRY THEM INTO EFFECT," was engrafted by the Democratic majority.
Nearly every prominent Democrat of the time occupied the same position. Mr. INGERSOLL, a staunch Democrat, from whose "History of the War" of 1812 the Argus pretend to quote, in a speech in the House of Representatives, pending the discussion of the Conscription bill, thus proposed to "override the Constitution" by the enforcement of a Draft:
We must have armies and we must have money. *   *   * I venture to assert that the mere enactment, by something like unanimity in this House, of a good military system with indications of acquiescence in it out of doors, would secure us a peace forthwith, without the necessity of enforcing the system. * * * I appeal to the gentlemen who are so clamorous for peace, to coalesce for an object so desirable. That system, in my opinion, is a classification of the white male population of the country for the purpose of a draft in the regular armies., You may call it by what odious, ugly name you will, [the Federalists then, as the Argus and its yoke-fellows now, endeavored to excite the passions of the ignorant by denouncing the Draft as "odious" and "tyrannical,"] Conscription, or what not, but it is the only sufficient, the only Republican, the only fair, the only equal plan for applying the physical means to the end of common military defence and protection.
Referring to the plea that the Draft was "unconstitutional," he said:—
As to the constitutionality of this measure, I refuse to argue it. I hold it to be too clear for argument. Independent of the explicit terms of the Constitution, this power [that of enforcing military service] is inherent in the nature of the Government. Its EXERCISE AND EXTENT must be referred to their regulation to a sound discretion. I adopt the sentiment of the Chairman of the Military Committee (Mr. TRBAT). that the Constitution authorizes it, and if it does not, such a Constitution is not worth having or regarding.
The Argus itself, in those days, was an earnest champion of "conscription," and supported its most prominent advocate, Mr. MONROE, for President. Indeed, our neighbor no longer ago then last summer still adhered to its time honored faith on the subject, denounced volunteering as inadequate and expensive, and called upon the Administration to enforce the Draft. On the 28th of August, 1862, it gave utterance to such patriotic words as these:—
MR. STANTON does great injustice to New York, and to the army of her sons at present mustered on the battle fields of the Union, when he attributes to the State any disposition to dispute the authority of the Federal Government to call upon her citizens for support, or any disposition on the part of her citizens to evade the duty they owe to their country. Whenever the necessities of the nation demand that a conscription shall be made, however wide in its limits, the people of New York will cheerfully submit to their full share of the burden.
Thus it will be seen that the principle of Conscription has been a cardinal point of Democratic doctrine from the organization of that party down to the past few months. It was one of the principal issues between the Democrats and Federalists in the last war. The latter, as do the Argus and its fellows now, denounced it as "tyrannical," "unconstitutional" and "odious." The Hartford Convention stigmatized it as a "deliberate, dangerous and culpable infraction of the Constitution, affecting the sovereignty of the State and the liberties of the people," A prominent "Blue Light" member of Congress declared, as do the depraved New York Express, World, News, &c., that Conscription "would not be submitted to by the people; that they ought to resist such oppression—such infringements of their rights,—and he hoped they would."
These were the words of the "peace men" of the last war. Their authors have left an unhappy memory behind them. They did their best to embarrass the Government and oppose the "wicked war" against Great Bri­tain. But they did not succeed. The country was saved in spite of them. The "despots" they denounced became the idols of the people. President MADISON retired with honor. Mr. MONROE, his Secretary of War—the author and champion of Conscription—was elected President. The party that favored a "vigorous prosecution of the war," and stood by the honor of the country, became the dominant party and maintained its power almost unchallenged for thirty years. Will the Argus heed the lesson; or will it, following the lead of its bad passions instead of the lead of its reason, repeat the folly and share the fate of the old ...

THE APPOINTMENT OF SPECIAL POLICEMEN.—The following named persons having been designated as Special Policemen, appeared at the Mayor's office yesterday and took the oath of office:—

James Mulhall, 32 Morton street.
Edward Powers, 11 Morton street.
John Burk, 213 South Pearl street.
James Campbell, 53 Alexander street.
John Williams, 249 South Pearl street.
Conrad Gutman, 49 Alexander street.
John McCabe, 150 Grand street.
Patrick Braueck, 141 Broad street.

Eugene Redden, 70 South Lansing street,
James Merrigan, 151 Eagle street.
Patrick Cuddy, 151 Broadway.
Thomas B. Franklin, 92 Philip street.
Owen Curran, 137 Grand street.
Simeon Gilbert, 3 Westerlo street.
Peter F. Paddock, cor. John and Dallius sts.
Robert Bradwell, 39 South Lansing street,
William Kearney, 108 Arch street.
John Lawless, 19 South Lansing street.

Patrick Grace, 10 Lydius street.
Patrick Sennott, 220 Broadway.
John Carlin, 8 Lydius street.
Daniel Winne, 9 Broad street.
John Heenan, 8 Broad street.
Henry A. Decosta, 114 Green street.
James McDermott, 91 Green street.
James J. Crowley, 31 Van Zandt street.
Owen McGuire, 5 Bleecker street.
Michael Ray, 16 Van Zandt street.

Harris I. Fellows, 29 Beaver street.
Van Olinda Gordon, 20 Norton street.
William Milliman, 92 Hudson street.
Marcus A. Herrick, 44 Grand street.
Richard M. Goldwait, 23 William street.
James McCord, 13 Beaver street.
David Richardson, 92 Beaver street.
John T. Gowey, 7 Plain street.
Andrew Andrews, 78 Division street.

James Wands, 26 Dean street.
Michael Lawler, 80 Canal street,
John Johnson. 12 Pine street.
Thomas Lundy, 6 Maiden Lane.
James V. Keenan, 12 Canal street,
Carlos Bohn, 22 Canal street,

Patrick Kelly, 6 Quackenbush street.
David Scanlon, 32 Water street.
James M. Gormley, 48 Orange street.
James Martin, 17 Columbia street.
William P. Walter, 6 Van Tromp street.
Robert Grogan, 54 Montgomery street.
Alexander Hamilton, 17 Columbia street.
Martin J. Larkin, 618 Broadway.
Peter Maloy, 64 Water street.
Hugh Lynch, 28 Orange street.

Peter Lyons, 8 North Lansing street.
Thomas King, 64 Van Woert street.
John Donahoe, 90 Van Woert street.
Arthur Hughes, 90 Van Woert street.
John Ryan, 4 North Lynsing street.

James Gaffney, 49 Canal street.
Patrick Brady, 166 Orange street.
Charles Healy, 101 Canal street.
James McGuire, 3 1/2 Canal street.
John Brady, 109 Third street.
Andrew Keefe, corner Swan and Canal streets.
G. F. Hulse, 82 Canal street.
Benjamin Van Schaick, 89 Swan street.
Henry Derm_dy, 40 Van Schaack street.
John Mooney, 38 Van Schaack street.

Christian Hartline, 222 Washington avenue.
Thomas O'Conner, 471 Washington avenue.
William H. Stackhouse, 253 Bowery.
Charles Ponton, ._03 State street.
John McCormick, 210 Sand street.
Thomas Gratten, 110 Bowery.
Michael Kennally, cor. Bradford and Perry streets.
Jacob Fredendall, 272 Washington avenue.
James J. Gray, 141 Spring street.
Peter R. O'Brien, 15 Fayette street.

John O'Hagen, 221 Swan street.
John Graham, 117 Jefferson street.
Charles H. Ellis, 443 Lydius street.
James H. Ryan, 106 Jefferson street.
Jeremiah Ford, 97 Dove street.
John Finnegan, 260 Lydius street.
Henry Y. Webb, 104 Jefferson street.
Matthew Maloney, 28 Lancaster street.
Daniel Leary, 180 Jefferson street.
George Roff, Burt Farm.

THE NUMBER OF ENLISTMENTS IN ALBANY SINCE THE DRAFT WAS ORDERED—WHAT SHOULD BE DONE—The following is a correct transcript of the number of enlistments in the city of Albany, with the names of the organizations to which they are attached, since the 11th of last May, to an including the 24th of August, as taken from the record of the Examining Surgeon, Dr. Peter P. Staats. The whole number enlisted and credited to this city is 783, of which 101 were rejected upon a medical examination, leaving an actual credit of six hundred and thirty-seven, as follows:
                                                     Albany.  Elsewhere.
13th Cavalry......                       46        8
7th Artillery.......................     146      51
15th Cavalry                               1      —
1st N. Y. Artillery.............       —        7
9th Artillery.......................         2      91
Corning Cavalry.......               124      19
3d Infantry (N. Y. S. V.)                      43        1
49th Infantry (N. Y. S. V.)      —         1
11th Artillery                            84      29
1st Cavalry,                                          —         1
16th Cavalry ......................       3         4
Empire Cavalry...........                         31         9
43d Infantry (N. Y. S. V.) ...   6        —
13th Artillery ..                                   99        11
3d Artillery ......                                  —        22
15th Artillery                          —          3
12th Cavalry... ...........                        —        22
16th Artillery                          25        42
14th Artillery.....................       4        —
McClellan Cavalry                  35          1
9th Cavalry                                        —          1
9th Infantry                                         —          2
15th Infantry . . . . .                 —          1
Up to November 10, of last year, the Adjutant General admits a surplus in the county of 150. Between November and May (of which we have, as yet no reliable statistics), probably at least 250 were enlisted, which should be credited to Albany. Making that estimate, the result (in the county) would be:
Surplus Nov. 10th, '62. (Adj. Gen. rep.) .. 150
Enlisted from Nov. 10 to May 11              250
Since May 11th.......................................   637
Total………………………………….. . 1037
These figures are below rather than above the truth; and it is eminently just  that they should be presented to the proper department, that old Albany—which has been pre-eminently prompt in responding to every appeal upon her patriotism—may be duly credited upon the forthcoming draft.
Should Albany be credited on the draft with the 1,037 men enlisted since November last, it will require but very little exertion to raise the balance of her quota by voluntary enlistments. We don't wish to see a draft take place in the city, when it can easily be prevented by recruiting. Some attention should be paid to this important subject, and we therefore call upon Mayor Perry, who is Chairman of the Executive War Committee, to convene that body and take immediate steps in the premises. If an effort is only made, we are satisfied that Albany can get clear of the draft. Come, wake up, gentlemen of the War Committee.

The Quota of Albany.
On referring to the Report of ex-Adjutant General HILLHOUSE, we find that in November last our city was in excess of all the quotas levied upon her, two hundred and four men. From that time until June last, we have no information as to the number of volunteers raised here; but it appears, by the books of Pay master General VAN BUREN, that since the 10th of June to the 10th of August (only two months), some five hundred and twenty men were enlisted here. These, with the, excess credited Albany last Fall, will make up, within two or three hundred, our total quota under the draft that is now being enforced.
This is a matter of the greatest importance to our citizens, and the War Committee or the Common Council should set to work, without delay, to ascertain the precise number raised here during the seven months between November last and June of this year. There is no doubt but that the entire quota of the city, and more too, has been raised; and those who have had charge of the matter heretofore should see to it that the city receives full credit for what has been accomplished. Other localities are sending messengers and committees to the Adjutant General's office, to ascertain how they stand in this respect, and there is no reason why Albany, with a record so honorable, should be neglected. The Common Council having voted to pay the commutation price for every man drafted, hundreds of thousands of dollars will be saved to the treasury by securing credit for all our volunteers, and thus avoiding the draft.
Clerks are now at work at the Capitol to ascertain, as near as possible, the excess or deficiency of every town, city and county in the State, on former calls, and the local authorities are invited to communicate their claims, in this respect, to the proper Department. [Argus.
Several weeks since, we suggested some movement to ascertain how nearly our city and county had filled up their quotas. We knew that we had raised a handsome surplus on the last call, that recruiting had progressed somewhat actively since, and that a fair count would present both city and county in a favorable light. Nothing formally has been done, however, thus far; but tables are being prepared which will enable the proper authorities to judge pretty correctly what has been done.
In Albany, Rochester and Buffalo riotous demonstrations were exhibited, but they were promptly put down. There appears to have been a secret understanding throughout this State, among the sympathizers with Rebellion, that these riots should be simultaneous.

Morning Express.
How About the Draft!
If we are interrogated once we are an hundred times daily, as to when the draft will take place in this city, and throughout the State, and being entirely ignorant of the intentions of Government with reference to the matter, our replies are not very satisfactory, we are sure.
Gov. Seymour and his friends, not only, but a large number of influential supporters of the Administration, are of the opinion that injustice has been done to this State in the matter of the quota which she is called upon to furnish under the draft. They claim that New York has furnished more than her quota under the calls for volunteers, and that this excess should be deducted from the quota to be raised by draft. They also claim that the services of the State Militia, which has been several times called out for a short term, should be allowed, and the aggregate time of such service deducted from the draft quota. Pending the settlement of these claims Gov. Seymour is urging upon the Government to postpone the draft, and he also urges that if not inconsistent with the public safety, it should be postponed until a case can be brought before the highest Court, and the constitutionality of the draft law be tested.
A Committee, consisting of Ex-Gov. Morgan, Ex-Judge Pierrepont, Saml. J. Tilden, Esq., and others, representing both political parties, proceeded to Washington on Sunday evening last to confer with the Government authorities upon the matters above stated, and to try and bring about some satisfactory arrangement, The result of their mission has not yet transpired.
Meantime Provost-Marshal Nugent, of New York, has received no instructions whatever from Washington relative to the draft one way or another. Albany Votes $300,000 to Pay Exemption.
The Common Council of Albany on Monday evening met in special session and adopted the following resolutions to pay the $300 exemption for every man drafted in that city provided the law is declared constitutional:
Resolved, That the Chamberlain of the city of Albany shall pay the sum of $300 for each person enrolled and resident in the said city who shall be drafted, to go, or furnish a substitute in accordance with the act of Congress, entitled an act for enrolling and calling out the National forces and for other purposes, provided that the said law be declared constitutional, and the sums paid for persons drafted shall not exceed $300,000.
Resolved, That the details necessary to carry out the above resolution shall be agreed upon hereafter by this Board.
Adopted. Ayes 10, noes 1—Ald. Orr.
The Statesman, leading Republican organ, says:
We congratulate the Mayor and Common Council for the good sense which they exhibited [sic] last evening in carrying out the wishes of our tax payers. They passed a resolution giving $300 to every man drafted in this city. With this he can buy a substitute or pay his commutation fee. Should he desire to go to the war, (and the most of them will do this,) they will retain the $300 as bounty money. As we gave $300 last year to two year men, there is no reason in the world why we should not give this year $300 to such men as agree to serve three years, provided the war is not crushed earlier. But we imagine it will be crushed earlier. With our victories at Vicksburg, Port Hudson and Gettysburg, there is no earthly reason why the rebellion should not be utterly wiped out in three months. Provided always, that our contractors can be kept out of the war and navy departments.
The Common Council not only acted wisely with regard to the draft, but it also exhibited great good sense by temporarily increasing our police force by adding 100 new men to the present department.

The Draft Postponed in this District.
The following Order postpones the Draft in this district for the present:
ALBANY, Sept. 19, 1863.
Public notice is hereby given, that in pursuance of order just received, the Draft for this District, which was to take place on the 21st of September inst., is postponed till further notice.
J. O. Cole,
Provost Marshal.

The Draft Ordered for Monday Next.
In compliance with orders received from the Provost Marshal General, the Draft under the Enrollment Act will commence in this District on Monday next. The total number required from the District is 2,514, and from the City 1,134. The quota of the District is arrived at in the same manner as elsewhere, by taking one-fifth of the number enrolled in the first class. There are, therefore, enrolled in the city 5,670 names in that class, and the cards containing those names will be placed in the box. To the 1,134 called for is added fifty per cent. for persons rejected by reason of disability, making a total of 1,703 names to be drawn from the wheel, for the City.
Concerning credit for previous enlistments, the Argus has the following:—
If allowance were made for all the recruits raised here since last Fall we are confident that our quota would be nearly or quite made up. We will be credited, however, with those ___ who have been mustered in, since the 11th of June. Thus far Ald. Johnson and those engaged with him in ascertaining the number of this class, have been able to discover some 350. The evidence that 132 of these have been mustered in, is at Washington, and it is feared that they only will be allowed, unless prompt measures are taken by our citizens to satisfy the authorities at Washington of our full claims. The evidence that the remainder of the 350 have been mustered in, is on file at the offices of Adjutant General Sprague, Major Wallace, and of the mustering-in officer of New York. It is proposed that this evidence be placed in the hands of a Committee of two or three prominent citizens, whose duty it will be to proceed to Washington and lay it before the proper authorities.
They will also claim credit for all Albany Volunteers that may be mustered in during the present week, and ask that the evidence of the fact, when furnished the proper United States officers here, will be sufficient; for if it is required that the evidence shall be sent to Washington first, the week and the number that may be recruited within that time, will be lost. Senator Harris, Hon. Erastus Corning and Franklin Townsend, Esq., have been mentioned as such Committee, and at a meeting of a few gentlemen at the Mayor's Room Saturday evening, it was understood that these gentlemen will not decline the mission, if it shall prove that their going is essential to the procurement of the just claims of the city. We can thus, probably, make good a claim of 40_. This much may be done towards mitigating the severity of this conscription, and we trust that no time will be lost by those having the important matter in charge.

The City Provision for Drafted Men.
The resolution adopted by the Common Council on Friday evening, appropriating $200,000, was given practical effect by the proceedings at the special meeting last evening. Resolutions were adopted—12 to 5—directing the issue of city bonds to the amount named; said bonds to be issued in amounts of $20,000 each, the first to become payable in 1881, and the last in 1890. The money is to be disbursed under the direction of an Executive Committee, originally ___ as follows: Ald. McKeon, Green, Van Valkenburgh, Gurley and Fales; to which Committee, afterwards, was added the names of his Honor the Mayor and Alderman McManus.
This action would seem to close up "a vexed question." There have been differences among our citizens as to the manner of meeting certain difficulties, and there has been cause for these differences. The same liberality the city has shown from the commencement in providing means for the war, she has all along been willing to still further manifest. The last act previous to the one under consideration, was the offer by the Common Council of the liberal bounty of $50 for all volunteers in the Griswold Cavalry.
The attempt will, doubtless, be made to deceive some nervous taxpayers with the idea that the city is likely to expend the whole of the $200,000 in meeting the emergency of the draft. There is no such probability. The city is called upon for about 700 men under the present call. Facts soon to be officially ascertained and published will show that of this 700, Troy is entitled to credit for more than 400, on enlistments made up to a recent date. Not a drafted man is required to report to the Provost Marshall of this District before the 14th of next month, and meantime the city's quota will be growing less and less. It is now probable that but a very small share of the $200,000 will be required, to satisfy any claims the Government may have on Troy for men. The sum of $200, 000 was named as certain, to cover all contingencies. To appropriate the sum, and make provision for realising [sic] it, was deemed only the dictate of a wise caution. Whether much or little of it will be used, depends wholly upon future events.

The probability that the draft will soon take place in this District, causes considerable anxiety as to the prospect of our city being exempt from the operation of the law, by reason of having furnished a sufficient number of volunteers to fill the quota assigned to her. A few days since we furnished to the Press and the public, a statement of the number of men enlisted in and credited to this city between the 11th day of May and the 25th of August showing that six hundred and thirty seven volunteers had been examined and passed by the surgeon, mustered into the service, and credited to our city. From previous decisions we presumed that all enlistments, subsequent to November last, would be allowed and credited on our draft quota. But a recent decision, the very latest we believe, is to the effect that we can only claim and receive credit for volunteers enlisted since the seventh day of June last. Notwithstanding we shall have credit for a large number of men, we have good reason for believing that we can establish the fact by proper and accredited authority, that we have still a sufficient number of credits to clear the city. We do not state this as a postive [sic] fact, as a very careful examination of books and papers must be made before it can be deed with certainty. Still there is every thing to warrant the belief, and we hope to be able to relieve the minds of the people, by showing that our supposition is well founded.

Headquarters Provost Marshal,
ALBANY, September 28, 1863.
Public notice is hereby given, pursuant to an order from the Provost Marshal General, directing the Board of Enrollment of the Fourteenth District of the State of New York (which district comprises the Counties of Albany and Schoharie) to make a Draft on the first class of the National forces in said district, for the quota of troops to be furnished by said district, viz:—Two Thousand Three Hundred and Twenty-four men, that the said Draft will commence on MONDAY, THE TWENTY-EIGHTH DAY OF SEPTEMBER, at 10 o'clock A. M., at the Headquarters  of the Provost Marshal of said district, and will be continued from day to day until the same shall be completed.
                        J. O. COLE, Captain and Provost Marshal,
sc23                       Fourteenth District, New York.

ALBANY, August 14.—The ratio of the draft is for an aggregate of 60,000 men, and the quota for the First Senatorial District is 18,846.


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