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Cayuga County, New York
Civil War Newspaper Clippings

Advertiser and Union
Local, Literary, Miscellaneous.
Auburn, July 22, 1863.
24th District, N. Y.
AUBURN, July 21st, 1863.
Public notice is hereby given, in pursuance of orders this day received from the President of the United States, that a draft will be made, commencing at 10 o'clock, A. M., Thursday, 23d inst., at the Court House, in the city of Auburn, for two thousand two hundred and sixty-two men, this being the quota assigned to the 24th Congressional District of New York, under the act of Congress approved March 3d, 1863.
The following are the quotas assigned to the several sub-Districts, and includes the additional fifty per centum to provide for exemptions:

First Ward, City of Auburn,               94
Second “                    “                                    52
Third    “                    “                                    68
Fourth  “                    “                                    101
Second District, town of Aurelius,     40
First          "                           “             34
Town of Brutus,                                              72
    “      Cato,                                                   62
    “      Conquest,                                            49       
    “      Fleming,                                              30
First District, town of Genoa,             35
Second   "                        "                  30
Town of Ira,                                                    52
    “          Ledyard,                                         57
    “        Locke,                                               33
    “        Mentz,                                               65       
    “        Montezuma,                          39       
    “        Moravia,                                            52
Second District, town of Niles,                      25
First         "                        "                 31
Town of Owasco,                                           29
    “         Scipio,                                              59
    “         Sempronius,                          25       
    “         Sennett,                                            49       
    “        Springport,                            53
    “         Sterling,                                            47
    “       Summer Hill,                          26
    “       Throop,                                               30       
    “       Venice,                                               55
    “       Victory,                                              47

Town of Ontario,                                            68
    “           Williamson,                                    60
    “            Marion,                                          52
    “            Walworthe,                                   55
    “            Macedon,                          87
    “            Palmyra,                                        103
    “          Arcadia,                                           140     
    “          Lyons,                                             94
    “          Sodus,                                             142
    “          Huron,                                             46       
    “          Rose,                                               49
    “          Galen,                                              137
    “          Wolcott,                                          75
    “          Butler,                                             63
    “          Savannah,                            57       

Town of Lodi,                                     44
    "         Coyert,                                              63
    "         Ovid,                                                62
    "         Romulus,                              52
    "         Varick,                                              43
East District, town of Fayette,                       42
West     "                       "                                 57
Town of Waterloo,                              122
    "          Junius,                                              42
South District, town of Seneca Falls,             78
North       "                      "                   72
Town of Tyre,                                                 34
All the proceedings connected with the draft will be conducted in the most public manner.
The names of those drafted and of those exempted will be published. Cayuga county will be first drawn. Wayne county will not be reached before Friday, nor Seneca county before Saturday.
Provost Marshal, and President of Board of Enrolment, 24th District, N. Y.

AUBURN, July 22, 1863.
To the Citizens of Auburn:
Thursday, the 23d day of July, instant, being designated as the day for making the Draft, under the order of the President of the United States, in this city; in view of the deep interest of the occasion to our citizens, I earnestly recommend to the Inn Keepers and other places in the city where ardent spirits are sold, to close their places of business and entirely abstain from selling liquors therein, or furnishing the same to any person whomsover, from and after nine o'clock this evening, for the space of thirty-six hours. JONAS WHITE, Jr., Mayor.

The Mayor has caused to be posted through the city a handbill embodying the "act to provide for compensating parties whose property may be destroyed in consequence of mobs or riots." This law has been published throughout the country lately, and contains information that may be new to many.

Advertiser and Union
Local, Literary, Miscellaneous.
Auburn, July 24, 1863.
THE DRAFT.—Owing to the demand for copies of the list of conscripted men in this city, we re-publish the same to day, together with the names of all drafted in the county.

FIRST SUB-DISTRICT—Auburn, 1st Ward.
Lewis Barth,
Thomas F. Shaffer,
William H. Curtiss,
William H. Barntz,
Martin T. Babcock,
William S. Daggett,
William Billings,
Franklin Martin,
Edward A Thomas,
Timothy Barns,
Thomas Hudson,
William Smith,
William Bench,
Orlando Lewis,
Henry Ward,
Norman B Bowman,
Henry P Greene,
Robert T Paine,
John Bartholomew,
Edward Farry,
Henry Barrett,
Jacob Wride,
Edward H. Wilcox,
Wm Fox,
Jas. S Bradburn,
Jas Blockman,
Gurnsey A Curtis,
Jacob Osborn,
Engene Babbett,
Peter McCarty,
Edward Ryan,
Heman Mauer,
Wm Campbell,
Michal Murphy,
Daniel Keyes,
Robert E Walpole,
John Y Selover,
John C O'Brian,
Calvin B Gill,
Adam F Dates,
Rufus Sheldon,
John D Harris,
Jas Mason,
Michael Shay,
Mellen McFarland,
Alfred Mead,
Jabez H Jameson,
John Murphy,
Lawrence Burns,
Chas Hyatt,
Rufus Law,
Jacob Achardt,
Clements Chsters,
Wm Burns,
Jas Kent,
Horace W Taylor,
Morris Evans, Jr,
Israel L Hicks,
Jas Sarr,
John McEwen,
Augustus Hockaburn,
Thomas Burn,
Wm H Halsted,
Thomas Mullen,
Thomas McRoy,
John G Fowler,
Abraham Cronk
Jas Harris,
Wm F Merrow,
Geo W Elliott,
Patrick Henlon,
Wm Anderson,
Geo Sandford,
Wm H Boyington,
Wm Slade, Jr.,
Thos Deering,
Wm J Sutton,
Wm White,
Jas Payne,
Francis W Atwood,
Le Roy Kimberly,
Gilbert Warne,
Wm L Sanford,
James Dwyer,
John Murphy,
Ansel Waterman,
S Hall Morris,
John Hulbert,
Peter Rogers,
Andrew Ritchmyre,
Munson C Cronk,
Wm Tracy,
John Willis,
Henry Lewis

2d SUB DISTRICT—Auburn, 2d Ward.
Samuel F Reynolds
E Kellogg Beach,
Joseph Peel,
Napoleon B. Reynolds,
John Compston,
David Wetherby,
John Wesley,
Alexander B Elliott,
James Copperfield,
John Grover,
John Gilbert,
Ambrose Shiel,
Wm D Slee,
Peter Ging,
Edward W Hicks,
Charles S Harris,
Charles Lovell,
Nathan Fox,
Edgar A Bucklin,
George Freeman,
Edmond Root,
Dorr Hamblin,
Jabez Hawkins,
Wm J Van Brunt,
Horton Sturgess,
Abram Seizer,
Thomas Peacock,
Geo Anderson
Frederick Vanderburg,
Augustus W Cadmus,
Anson A Messing,
Asa Priest,
Wm Caypless,
Joseph Blair,
Aug A Henry,
Edwin R Heath,
Chas P Fitch,
Michael Ganan,
Wm R Haynes,
Bartlett Fanning,
Stephen M Van Anden,
Wm P Copes,
Wm P Robinson,
Jabez Bradley,
John Burgess,
Michael Kelly,
Charles Y Morris,
Albert Van Aumon,
Henry Mayer,
Sterling Vosburgh,
Abner E Warriner,
John Dempsey.

3D SUB-DISTRICT—Auburn, 3d Ward.
John L Tylor,
John Chedell,
Robert Welch,
Wm H Hotchkiss,
Alex Wallace,
Albert Clark,
Chas F Durston,
Wm G Merrill,
John Moran,
Geo W Elderton,
James Conley,
Merton Sullivan,
Alonzo Sweet,
John Eman,
Thomas N Choate,
John Bendirge,
Albert Salsbury,
Calvin N Riggs,
John Tierney,
Jas Mitchell,
Nathaniel Kelsey,
Michael Carlton,
Frederick Baker,
Chas D Kellogg,
Edward L Tremain,
Jas Horner,
Hezekiah Shultz,
Wm Dugall,
Edson Gere,
Patrick Coyle,
Geo F Munger,
Geo T Pomeroy,
John Heron,
Michael Boyle,
Wm J Moses,
Alex Carr,
Fred Fillingham,
John P Mosher,
Jas Long,
Patrick Kirwan,
Geo Wilkinson,
John S Brown,
Geo A Van Dusen,
Ebenezer M Walker,
Patrick Gibben,
Andrew J Knight,
Agodias Van Ord,
William Hicks,
James Foley,
William H Soule,
Samuel White,
Edward Brown,
Buitton W Spencer,
John Shilley,
Patrick Casey,
John Lisk,
Charles A Warden,
Thomas McDonald,
Charles A Smith,
Martin Briggs,
Martin Lawler,
Justin L Barker,
Wm Redmond,
John O'Conner,
John Chillard,
John Clarkson,
Gideon Pettit.

4TH SUB-DISTRICT—Auburn, 4th Ward.
Frank White,
Smith D Stiles,
Benjamin F Pierce,
William Hopping,
Daniel Hull,
Terrance Gill,
John Conger,
Patrick Kanliher,
Martin Lower,
A Marvin Shew,
Henry A Ranaham,
Patrick Hanlan,
Stephen Hoppiug,
William Topping,
James Hamilton,
William F LeRoy,
Jas Gleason,
Wm B Loveland,
Jas Ryan,
Orin Burdick, Jr.,
Geo Davis,
Clark Wilson,
Patrick Quaid,
Joseph Unser,
Edwin Lewis,
Thos Beadle,
Michael Bricks,
David Evarts,
Chas Morgan,
John Swans,
Henry Western,
Timothy Murphy,
Andrew W McDonald,
Lewis Wise,
Henry Heman,
Stephen Miller,
James Young,
Peter Stringham,
James Crowman,
William Goodwin,
Mortimer Sullivan,
Abraham Goodrich, Jr.
David Barnes,
Daniel Smith,
Joseph Deal,
John Smagg,
Horace M Richardson,
Henry Farrell,
Thos Furgeson,
Fay Hungerford,
Benjamin Burhos,
Daniel O'Brian,
John Hawley,
William Cosgrove,
John Thomas,
David Cook,
Frank Cook,
Nathan Case,
Andrew M Seymour,
John Duckett,
Stephen Conley,
George Seales,
James Mann,
Morris Kinney,
Albert Thompson,
Ellis B Coddington,
Lewis M Upham,
Thos Towns,
Jerry Long,
Jas McGraw,
Orson Buck,
Wm Hart,
John Polson,
Martin Mahar,
Michael Linebeck,
Hugh Slater,
Jas Stafford,
Kirk Harkness,
Timothy Tyreny,
Donot Bohn,
Thos Casey,
Gilbert Cook,
Daniel S Williams,
Joseph Norocott,
Geo Winzor,
Albert Gilbert,
John Mellen,
Wm Siddons,
Geo Perry,
Thos Quigley,
Michael Walker,
David T Lynch,
John Calahart,
Wm Hughes,
Peter Raymond,
Jas Barney,
Job Williams,
Jas Osterhoudt,
Jas McDougall,
Thos Harrington.

5TH SUB-DISTRICT—Aurelius, 2d Elec. Dist.
Richard Fear,
William Glancey,
Martin Doherty,
Henry C Hall,
James McNinney,
Frank Moore,
William Rolf,
William Carl,
Lewis Hulitt,
John Conley,
Headen Carney,
John Warrick,
Silas A. Figher,
James B. Young,
James Gleason,
John Cumiskey,
Thomas Mansfield,
George Blunn,
Michael Martin,
Patrick Danahu,
Benjamin F David,
John Mitchell,
Thomas Shea,
Alfred H Smith,
Lewis Sawyer,
David D Terrill,
George Counsell,
James Patterson,
Ira B. Ireland,
James McCarthey,
James Banker,
Peter L Davis,
George Parcel,
James Campen,
Charles F Shank,
Nathaniel Blanchard,
William S David,
Chauncey Wiley,
John E Patterson,
James Guilderslieve.

6TH SUB-DISTRICT—Aurelius, 1st Elec. Dist.
Joseph Berry,
John Slinger,
James E Pinckney,
Patrick Dempsey,
Patrick Mehan,
George French,
Augustus Stringham,
Patrick Sullivan,
Joseph Delany,
John Ellis,
John Walker,
Nicholas Mathews,
Eugene White,
Michael Butler,
Levi Lines,
John Nolan,
Cnarles E. Talbot,
Jerry Sullivan,
Robert Westover,
James Kidd,
John Kernan,
Michael Riley,
Lewis Macumber,
Patrick Ryan,
Augustus D Baker,
John G Hosme,
David Beach,
Edward Elwood,
Lyman W Demerest,
Smith Canniff,
Ambrose Bond,
Isaac F Chase,
George B Van Etten,
Emerson White.

Isaac H Holcomb,
William Hamilton,
Isha B Remington,
William Gardiner,
Wm Aumock,
Douglass Calhoun,
David Banks,
Amaziah H Holden,
Robert G Adams,
John T M Davie,
Chauncey C Caywood,
James Whalen,
Frank McGonda,
George Wilson,
Lewis W Terwillegar,
Martin Gibbs,
Hugh Riley,
Thomas Durlieu,
James O'Mearn,
Harvey L Hall,
Geo Van Schroick,
Thomas Ward,
Edwin J Dixon,
John M Aumock,
Chauncey P Horton,
Madison J Rude,
Mathias Lanmire,
John Wilson,
Patrick O Niel,
Frank W Putnam,
Edwin Rowley,
Samuel Howard,
Michael McCarty,
George Rhodes,
Michael Thinneram,
Theodore P Stevens,
John Crane,
Edwin Henderson,
Charles Aumock,
Albert Horton,
Joseph B Turner,
Clifton Havens,
Andrew Hill,
Wm Van Berger,
John Conley,
Patrick Cain,
Theodore Rogers,
Elias Cady,
Charles W Burrett,
Chas Halsey Silliman,
Seneca Philips,
Patrick Eagan,
Patrick McVoy,
Corydon Case,
Sylvester Skelton, Jr.,
Stillman Livingston,
Geo S Phelps,
Geo A Rude,
William Skelton,
Hugh Quinn,
Patrick Hickey,
Warner A Lawrence,
Frink Faatz,
Henry Aumock,
Asa W Shurtliff,
Richard Breer,
John Horigan,
Benjamin Smith,
Delevan Hodges,
Reuben H Lamphire,
Charles Rhodes,
Charles M Whiteside.

Edward W Horton,
Joseph Ogilsbie,
Ira Edwards,
James McDonnel,
Daniel Fink,
Joshua O'Bryne,
Frantz Bachman,
Charles Hedger,
Clinton Rockwell,
John P Genett,
Wm Fulman,
Alexander Labevtoux,
John Wood,
Daniel Hoyt,
Fernando N Burke,
James H. Whitman,
Ulysas Finck,
Wm Blake,
John W Lintz,
Theron Cool,
David Robinson,
Wm H Evarts,
Henry Baldwin,
George H Bradt,
Daniel Gornear,
David Sleight,
George Gornear,
Samuel A Dalton,
Chauncey L Fetterly,
Cornelius Van Dusen,
Henry Botsford,
Leonard Mills,
John Pooler,
Wm E Robinson,
Samuel Young,
Charles Applegate,
Edgar Drew,
Jacob Strickland,
Henry Titus,
Marcus D Drew,
Isaac Putnam,
George De Graff,
Abram B Ladew,
Patrick J O'Mulligan,
Alex L Scriver,
Mortimer Barker,
Anthony Hodgson,
Francis A Mills,
Henry Evarts, Jr,
Obed A Morey,
Chauncey Drake,
Richard DeWitt,
Lewis Tice,
Darwin C Knapp,
Thadeus W Case,
Miles Pe__er,
Edward Powers,
Wallace Pooler,
Mortimer Rider,
Chester Morley, Jr,
Franklin L Webb,
Stephen Bogardis.

Thos Brown,
Jas Hotalling,
Jas Brown,
John Blass,
Andrew Crowell,
Sherwood Fuller,
Berdick M Winegar,
Geo Cutter,
Samuel D Sherwood,
Wm L Cowell,
Daniel Fuller,
Abram C Marvin,
Henry Crounse,
Ezra Rhodes,
Henry Wilcox,
Thos E Montague,
Henry Curren,
Thos H Starks,
Francis H Slayton,
Robert Wilson,
Francis Aldridge,
Silas Wilson,
Wm McCallum,
Andrew E Beebee,
Ephraim Switzer,
Stephen Brayton,
Geo Nichols,
Geo Guilepus,
Mortimer Van Auker,
David C Horton,
David Van Ostrand,
Levi Bell Knapp,
John Roorback,
Wm J Durham,
Wm J Wilson,
Philander Burton,
Wm Lawrence,
Samuel B Hadden,
Jacob Switzer,
Wallace Brayton,
John W Cowles,
Dennis Colvin,
Geo Blaken,
Albert Kelley,
Norman Judson,
John Rutoff,
Elmore Cooper,
Obadiah Cooper,
Wm Knapp,

10th SUB-DISTRICT—Fleming.
Edgar Thorp,
Franklin Thornton,
Harlan Hoskins,
Volney Pease,
Michael Darry,
Horace Post,
Geo Pratt,
Milton Veeder,
Reuben C Fov,
Orson S Chapman,
Geo Stevenson,
Wilson Kilmer.
Geo R Peterson,
John Shehan,
Henry Ingraham,
Lyman S Baker,
Darius B Close,
Wm Mobbs,
Gilbert Greggory,
John Vorhies,
Philo F Burnet,
John Woods, Jr ,
Patrick Whaler,
Jas Colfield,
Alpheus Jaquet,
Thos Hickey,
Asa Cornell, 2d,
Jacob T Benson,
Chas H Coffin,
Edward Smith,

11TH SUB-DISTRICT—Genoa, 1st Election District.
Andrew Vandemark,
John Callahan,
Samuel Close,
Enos Price,
Henry Marshal,
Reynold Lyon,
Chas C Gould,
Edwin Purdy,
John R Jessup,
Edgar Thomson,
Chas Townley,
Wm A Purdy,
Marcus D King, 2d
Edwin H Moe,
Marcus Reynolds,
Benjamin Brown,
Lafayette Shaw,
Christopher Wheeler,
John Duning,
Alfred Palmer,
Samuel Bates,
Jas D Cunningham,
Chas W Merritt,
Benjamin F Covert,
John Holland,
Stephen Brown,
Jas R Barnes,
Henry B Hunt,
Chas Kendall,
Norman B Atwater,
Ezra A Burne,
Howard R Pitcock,
Albert Ferris,
Joseph Howland,
Lyman Miller.

12TH SUB-DISTRICT—Genoa, 2d Election Dist.
Wm F Wood,
John Miller,
Elmore Brown,
Chauncey Henn,
Wm S Saxton,
Chas Cook,
Freeman Blanchard,
Wm A Cropsey,
Henry Woodford,
Jared N Smith,
Francis S Dangerfield,
Friend H Shangle,
Anderson Lewis,
David Snider,
Geo Miller,
Orlando Avery,
Theodore N Miller,
Luther Opston,
Wm F Rundle,
Oscar Bowker,
Geo Marshall,
Dennis O Keaf,
Delos Hopkins,
Edwin L Wood,
Nathaniel Rundle,
Geo Carson,
Phillip Haws,
Cyrus W Pratt,
Andrew H Farr,
Jefferson Thomas,

Andrew Campbell,
Calvin W Burrett,
Jas M Dutton,
Calvin Jones,
John Slancer,
Guy Metterr,
Benjamin Van Derhiden.
Wells Allen,
Geo Baldwin,
Jas Smith,
Thompson T T Hart,
Clayton G Phelps,
Hiram Abbott,
Josiah Talmadge,
Martin Pierce,
Darius T Cook,
David F Harman,
Chas Joice,
Silas W Conger,
John Livingston,
Stephan Olmsted,
Elias Q Dutton,
Azariah Judson,
Aaron Wormath,
Chas H Bates,
Samuel C McGraw,
derome Beardsley,
Jared Foot,
Martin Bebee,
Wm Culver,
Chas R Dallas,
Hiram Merrill,
Ira H Baldwin,
Arnold Wells,
Norton K Parine,
Isaac Curtis,
Albert Cook,
Alfred W Palmer,
John Spafford,
John H Baldwin,
George K Emerick,
Jas Walker,
Isaac O Blake,
Chas Knolton,
Cortland T Parsons,
John B Sheldon,
Elias H Teller, Jr.,
Elias G Van Ostrandt,
Van Dorn Marvin,
Daniel D Wallace,
Bartlett M Bunch,
Miles F Morgan,

Calvin T Hoxte,
John Shea,
Hiram D Lyon,
Geo Jones,
Oscar Thompson,
Giles F Slocum,
David Stewart,
Wm C Smith,
Winchester G Mattison,
John L Bearing,
Nathaniel Davis,
Norman A Lockwood,
Geo S Mosher,
Erastus H Hussey,
Ames Mosher,
Wm H Stewart,
Cornelius Dwyer,
Wm H White,
Joseph Jenner,
Chas Peckham,
Christopher B Morgan,
Thos Seely,
Edwin A Avery,
Austin Reynolds,
Chas Jenning,
Emanuel Dade,
Frederick D Richmond,
Alanson Sands,
Joseph Coles,
Geo Wilsher,
Chas McGee,
Daniel Dailey,
Warren Higley,
Geo Baker
John D Hussey,
Oliver Wood,
Abnes S Gifford,
Jacob Bastedo,
Frederick Smith,
John Linch,
Wm Judge,
Henry Gun,
Geo E Lockwood,
Jas Thomas,
David Stewart,
Jas Cummings,
Jas Owens,
Horace P Wardwell
Abraham W Locke
Alonzo D Morgan,
Richard Murphy,
Wm Cooper,
Louis Potvine.
Lemuel D Hussey,
Geo Iden,
Alonzo Armwood,
Benjamin F Taber.

Theodore Dunks,
Zenas Tester,
John W Ingley,
John P Hamblin,
Geo Harris,
Freeman Lane, Jr.,
Timothy Silcox,
Parker Booth, Jr.,
Oscar Slocum,
Jas H Case,
Emot Leghorn,
Jason W Palmer,
Alonzo Mattoon,
Jas M King,
Clinton C Main,
Van Buren Bowker,
John F Demmon,
Martin Oakley,
Ira Fish,
Chas Brigden,
Porter B Clark,
Allen Clemant,
Jas Howard,
Thos Barney,
Geo Englehart,
Hiram Booth,
Harvey Cook,
Geo Brown,
Rodney Wood,
Wm H Campbell,
David J Brown,
Richard Boyce,
Chauncey Trumble,

Geo B Gillespie,
Ezra Hayden,
Chas Curtiss,
John Y Wilson,
Geo H Greene,
Henry A Dougherty,
Wm H Carr,
Cyrenus Horton,
Wm H Ashdown,
Egbert Homel,
Richard Murphy,
Chas Devore,
Oscar Gutchess,
Patrick Hayes,
Joseph F Hadger,
Alfred R Christian,
John Morehouse,
Wm Halsted,
John Wilson,
Melburn H Olmsted,
Edwin Besmer,
Jeremiah Mury,
Wm O Duvall,
Oscar F Hardenburgh,
John D Spaulding,
John Maroney,
Adelbert C Olmsted,
John Baldwin,
Martin Bennett,
John Wall,
John Murry,
Ira Guilfoose,
Jas Bnrke,
Henry Gutchess,
Chas S Knapp,
Isaac Knapp,
Chas Henry,
Silas Blass,
Jonas Moore,
Jas ____,
Jas Seymour,
Van Dusen Campbell,
Wm Terwilliger,
John Murry,
Jeremiah Sullivan,
John A Stewart,
Edward Avery,
Levi Stevens, Jr.,
Henry Rodgers,
Theodore Stevenson,
Jas Murry,
Dewitt F Austin,
Justus Barius,
Walter A Wethey,
Sylvester Morehouse,
Chas Plumer,
John L Putnam,
Patrick McCullum,
John W Barnes,
Geo W Mead,
David K Smith,
Sylvester June,
Nathan Brotherton,
Warren Christian,
Sabin V Babcock,

17TH SUB DISTRICT—Montezuma.
Gabriel E Davis,
Jerome Bradly,
Samuel Bradley,
Chas Andrews,
Henry Western,
Norman Watson,
Hiram Clark,
Jay Stewart,
John D Buckingham,
Henry Thompson,
Geo Walling,
Samuel Cole,
Jeremiah A Stokes,
John M Jones,
Henry White,
John Farrell,
Jesse Neale,
Wm Groff,
Wm H Stanley,
Edward Mosher,
Jas D Nye,
Lucius Western,
Silas Carrier,
Robert Eaker,
Wm May,
Wm K Wheat,
John J Farmington,
Chester Mills,
John Greene,
Marcus D Herrick,
Wm Phenis,
Frank Harrington,
Jas Bowkman,
Wheaton B Jones,
Chas Bell,
Milo Morgan,
Chas Mapes,
Benjamin P Ransom,
Henry D Harley.

Chester W Ames,
John Alley,
Wm Stoyell,
Samuel Merrow,
Chas Polley,
Isaac Chase,
Benj. L Avery
John G Williams,
Proctor Me_len.
Chas Chandler,
Joseph Alley,
Henry Jennings,
Henry Loomis,
John Miller,
Hector H Tuthill,
J Oscar Snider,
Geo Alley,
Jas K Gould,
Byron J Lombard,
Chas Albion Conant,
Joseph Butler,
Oliver Platt,
Martin V B Decker,
Wm Fiero,
John Van Dyck Tripp,
Archibald Timmerman,
John Parsons,
Geo W Bowen, Jr.,
Wm Booth,
Daniel Harter,
Patrick McNamara,
Chas Wilson,
John Andrews,
John A Fulmer,
Geo Sheewood,
Wesley W Palmer,
Porter Rosekrans,
Oriando Lillie,
Jerome Smith,
Jerome Palmer,
Dwight Heald,
Wm Brockway,
Morris Selover,
Wm Dennis,
Lyman Edmonds,
Jacob B Smith,
Eugene Storm,
Jas Woosley,
Thos Lyon,
Wing Taber,
Daniel Secans,
Phillip Kenyon.

19TH SUB-DIST—Niles.
Henry Ammerman,
Stephen Church,
Selover Husk,
Edgar R Selover,
David A Brinkerhoff,
Abram Debart,
Martin A Se_over,
Geo N Brokaw,
Benjamia F Smith,
Abram Smith,
Jonn Hil1,
Malcom Smith,
Benton Mattoon,
Jas Degraw,
Horace Friar,
Watson L Vanduyne,
John B Sheers,
Martin P Selover,
Wm Gardner,
Geo R Bodine,
Ira J Ammerman,
Levi V Shaver,
Richard Ammerman,
Daniel Lane,
Benjamin Van Arsdale.

Robert Haynor,
Jas Forbes, Jr.,
Chauncey Tamar,
Byron Church,
Byron G Westlall,
Jas W Pennell,
Chas Carpenter,
Henry Cuykendall,
Levi Beagle,
Edward H Streeter,
John Dennis, Jr.,
Isaac Sharpsteen,
Allen Kenyon,
Edgar Bevier,
Robert Chamberlain,
L Lewis,
Chester Sincerbox,
Anthony Pidge,
Jas A Halt,
Warren S Clark,
Truman Dewitt,
Henry Ames,
Calvin Lester,
Nelson Cutterback,
Patrick M Lawflin,
John B Chamberlain,
Denton Kenyon,
Parmilee D Hakes,
Thad W Maxwell,
Daniel Dewitt,
Dwight Heald.

Michael Doyle,
Joseph Lull,
Numan Smith,
Joseph Bishop, Jr.,
Samuel Searing,
Hugh McGrath,
Eugene Bresnard,
Augustine Bould,
Artemas Ward,
Isaac Close,
Lorain Smith,
Isaac Brewster,
Michael Conklin,
Thos O'Brian.

23D SUB-DISTRICT—Sempronius.
Daniel L Pawyer,
David Elister,
Edmond C. Mott,
Ephriam H. Mott,
Abram Bush,
Patrick McGuckin,
John O'Brien,
Wm Knight,
Daniel W Sweet,
Byron Cutler,
John Lillie,
Horatio David,
Jonah Brown, Jr.,
David Elster,
James E Searles,
Aristides Dayton,
Samuel Wilcox,
Luke A Spoore,
John Stone,
Horace D Hawk,
Nathan J Henry,
Vernum Southwick,
Leland Griffin,
Gurdon Merchant,
Robert Bush,
Benjamin Beryea.

24th SUB-DISTRICT—Sennett.
Silas White,
George B Gates,
Hiram H Glass,
John Kimble,
Charles Chamberlin,
James N Calhoun,
Charles W Crosman,
Charles Taylor,
Nelson A Burrill,
Eugene Wells,
Peirson E Wood,
Henry P Depue,
Emott B Davis,
Charles Starr,
Orson B Sunderlin,
John J A Stockwell,
Horatio Lockwood,
Wm Jago,
Patrick Dawling,
Charles Stephens,
Albert A Mellen,
George Harris,
John S Gates,
Kurral Thomas,
Hoyatt Parcel,
Leander J Olmstead,
Joshua N Young,
James Dursten,
Benjamin Seeley,
Daniel Cadwalider,
Geerge H Reed,
Michael Quinland,
Jacob N Waldron,
Sereno E Payne,
Edward Keeler,
Alanson Harwood,
Elias Tomason,
George Leonard,
Bradford F Cleveland,
Moses Converse,
John Marshall,
James H Drake,
Edson L Phelps,
John W Ramsey,
George Gernand,
Edmond D Fellows,
Albert W Bowen,
James A N Tyler,
George Case.

25TH SUB-DISTRICT—Springport.
John N Van Buren,
Peter Newcomb,
Nathan M Saunders,
Joshua M Hamblin,
Samuel Hibbard,
Austin Quigley,
Nathan S Roberts,
Alex. C Stewart,
Horace T Durkee,
Edwin Tobins,
Edward Smith,
William Burgess,
George E Carr,
Charles N Brock,
James L Hammond,
Abel Kendell,
Harrison Schenck,
John A Shrader,
LaFayette Yawger,
Johnson Smith,
Joseph Knapp,
Daniel P Meserean,
James Dewitt,
John Long,
George Day,
Frank I Burdick,
George E Barney,
Isiah F Yawger,
James Millman,
Wm Martin,
Cyrus D Huff,
Patrick M Wires,
George Padinton,
Sidney Wright,
George Schenck,
Luther A Stewart,
Preserved Tripp,
John Miller,
Lewis Ludlow,
James Clark
Wm H Snider,
Thomas Burch,
Benjamin Fowler,
George Myres,
Philander Comstock,
Lawrence Clark,
Abel H Fink,
John V B Yawger,
George H Chase,
Edward S Gould,
Nathan Jennings,
Franklin G Allen,
Samuel Jones.

James Ramage,
George Cooper,
Wm Hewitt,
Abram Ingersoll,
James Hickey,
Charles Upcraft,
Nathan O Lawton,
James Moak,
Sylvanus Knapp,
David R Van Patten,
David Cole,
James Hunter,
Warren Willard,
Edward F Sampson,
Charles A Pulver,
Alfred J Dann,
James Bingham,
Thomas Elder,
Philip Crowfoot,
Alonzo C P Wilder,
John Hartman,
George B Brooks,
James Becker,
Nelson Wilder,
Frederick VanPatten,
Edward H Bridge,
Harmon Whitlock,
Edward Rowland,
Thomas Doyle,
Stephen Trent,
Zenas J Smith,
Charles Miller,
Geo McBride,
James McLain,
Elias Culver,
Simon Nichols,
John O'Neal,
Charles Garner,
Riley H Lyon,
John Van Hern,
Isaac S Wyman,
William Narracon,
Allen M Struble,
Peter Harris,
Caleb H Howland,
Stilman S Cobb,
Benjamin Cooper.

27TH SUB-DISTRICT—Summer Hill.
James M Fleming,
Le Roy Robinson,
Wm A Robinson,
Elon Cornell,
Columbus Miles,
Diodatus Parks,
Sylvester D Carpenter,
Charles Stoyell,
Justus Watson,
Albert Rodgers,
Goddad Chase,
Clark Hinman,
Franklin Bentley,
Dwight Springer,
Ashbel E Hathaway,
Joseph Miles,
Charles W Jones,
Horace Phelps,
Lemuel Wood,
Gilbert J Hinman,
Wm H Wormer,
Byron Champlin,
Levi Johnson,
Chester Willis,
Stephen A Carpenter,
William Bowker.

28th SUB-DISTRICT—Throop.
George P Hinds,
John Mullen,
John R Ellis,
Michael Burks,
Wm N Gwin,
James Butler,
Charles A Clarey,
Sidney E Sitzer,
Benjamin Barber,
John Gavin,
Abiah H Mullen,
John W Bell,
Smith Feck,
Ebenezer V Cole,
John Pierce,
John Powers,
Frank Sizer,
Wellington S Taylor,
George Crowfoot,
William Burtoil,
Michael Madden,
David Smith,
John Lafever,
Obadiah Hadden,
John Nicholson,
Sylvester Treat,
Abraham Myers,
Stephen Butler,
Louis Allen,
Nathaniel P Walley.

29th SUB-DISTRICT—Venice.
Harvey Stanton,
Amos Whiting,
Darius Snider,
Morgan L. Jennings,
Hermon J. Olney,
Wm. H. Jennings,
Charles S Hull,
Wm. Penn Purdy,
Geo. S. Wood,
Henry S. Lanning,
Proctor B. Mason,
John R. Burch,
Joseph Caulkins,
Wm Kellett,
Wm. H. Jacobs,
Charles Bennett,
Wm. C. Meader,
Chas. Holley,
Franklin Hutchinson,
Dexter Wheeler,
Eugene B. Murdick,
Franklin Ramond,
Jonathan B. Proud,
Thomas Rophy,
Richard Brown,
Michael Brown,
Michael Kelley,
Lewis B Mosher,
Wm. McMann,
Milton Shaw,
Aseph Whiting,
Theron C Starks,
Sylvester Lewis,
Wm Ryan,
Horace H. Baker,
Geo. Studwell,
Chris. O'Neil,
Geo. Howland,
Jno. Cunningham,
Jno. Tiff,
Albert Mason,
Jarard P. Brace
Edwin Lester,
John P Miller,
John Perry,
LaFayette Raymond,
Corydon E Congdon,
Wm H Smith,
David B Nye,
Dwight Brewer,
William Proud,
Alex Mead, Jr.,
James Sullivan,
George E Mass_n,
Charles Knapp,
Daniel O Herron,                    Conrad Coon,
Franklin Coffin,                      Henry Ingram,
Jerome Booth,                         John Doyle,
Henry Seaman,                        Charles Ward,
Barton K Hoxle,                     Wm SculJey,
Alfred W Conklin,      Daniel Donehu,
Daniel Nichols,                       Daniel Gleason,
Geo Helm,                               Riley Banks,
Chas Shaw,                             John W Aikin,
John Jones,                              John Hadsel,
Theron Smith,                         Joseph Jones,
Madison Babcock,      Frederick Yale,
Moses C Lowe,                       Wm H Reynolds,
Samuel Maynard,                    Charles Elliott,
Zachariah Howell,                   Erwin Emmons,
Oscar Hunter,              Charles Coffin,
Geo Baker,                              Henry O'Hara, jr.,
David Smith,               Richard Stagg,
Chas Curtiss,               Lutheron White,
Wm Ide,                                  William Smith,
Jacson Obin,                Chauncy Culver,
Wilson Medmon,                    Henry Batten.
Harvey Morgan,

30th Sub-District—Victory.
Thomas Wallace,                     Erwin W Fitch,
George Bush,              Wm. D Parker,
Charles H Coon,                     James Van Pelt,
James Dodge,              Peter Terpening,
Eugene Soulet,                        Edward Blanchard,
Jonathan P Evans,                   Albert Halsey,
Mortimer Wood,                     Theodore Bird,
George Jakway,                      Adam Pulver,
Edward Alanson,                    John Launt,
Horatio Hooker,                      Josiah Crippin,
Warren C Langdon,    Sylvester Halleck,
Wm. McMullen,                      Roswell Treat, Jr.,
Isaac Lockwood,                    Abijah P Hager,
James H Deforest,                   Wm. Hotaling,
Hiram Moon,               Benedict Wetherby,
Wm. Devoe,                Alex. Drummond,
John Fields,                             James Mclntyre,
Harris D Derby,                      Albert Bruce,
Robert Gardner,                      Charles W Haws,
George Bruce,                         Samuel Murphy,
Gilbert Fleming,                      Mills Douglass,
Charles Chapman,                   Ephraim N Derby,
Charles D Knapp,                   Orrin M Haws.
Stephen Hyde,

Local, Literary, Miscellaneous.
Auburn, July 25, 1863.
THE DRAFT.—The list of drafted men in Owasco was accidentally omitted from our yesterday's issue. We give it below:

21st SUB-DISTRICT—Owasco.
Geo. F. Luce,              Wm. Lauser,
Jas. Weaver,                Wm. H Nickerson,
Jno. Weaver,               David N. Quick,
Wm. Lewis Prine,                   Wm. Welty,
WM. Freeland,                        Eman A. Morgan,
Abram Van Middleworth, Patrick O'Brian,
Howland Grinnel,                   Oscar Howard,
Perry Gunnaer,                        Thomas Hicks,
Ezekiel A. Elting,                    John Price,
Philip Hurd,                Thomas Butler,
Edwin D. Prentiss,      Daniel Calean,
Jacob Blind,                David S. Tompkins,
Johannes Marsdern,    Abraham Caesar,
Timothy Talaha,                      Franklin Forward,
Charles H. Curtis

____ of Exemptions.
Granted to Drafted persons by the Board of Enrolment, at Auburn, in the 24th District, State of New York.
Chas P Fitch, Auburn, excessive obesity.
Wm J Owen, Waterloo, loss of teeth.
John Suter, Seneca Falls, disease of liver and stomach.
Martey Sullivan, Auburn, chronic disease of elbow.
John D Sherman, Seneca Falls, hypertrophy of heart.
Steven Marsh, Covert, rheumatism, enlargement of knee.
Justin L Barker, Auburn, paid $300.
Schuyler Scoit, Lodi,        do     do
Theodore R Pelham, Seneca Falls, permanent stricture of uretha.
Elijah Townsend, Lodi, substitute.
Wm Cory, Seneca Falls, non-resident.
Geo Speller, Seneca Falls, decided feebleness of constitution.
Peter Wyckoff, Ovid, disease of lungs.
John W VanGorder, Seneca Falls, hepatic disease.
Lambert Goodman,      do       do   decided feebleness of constitution.
Oscar F Hardenberg, Mentz, under 20 years of age.
Cornelius P Woodworth, Lodi,          hematuria.
Jas Conley,                              do        disease lungs.
John Lamereaux,                     do        paid $300.
Chas Montgomery,     do        confirmed intemperance and rheumatic disease of joints.
Peter Bergen, Covert,            paid $300.
Samuel M Gulick, Lodi,                     do        do
Chauncey J Pratt,        "                       only son of aged parents dependent on him for support.
John S Nevins,            "                       paid $300.
Abram Campbell,        "                       hepatic disease.
And. B Van Vleet, "               paid 300.
Chas E Coleman,        "                          "        "
Jabez Van Vleet,         "                       inguinal hernia.
Sam'l B Mundy,          "                       paid 300.
Geo H Rogers,            "                         "         "
John Montgomery, "                 "         "
Hugh Boyer,   "                        "         "
Jas H Vanlie,   "                       only son of widow dependent on his labor for support.
John King,                   "                       distortion of knee,
Thos. Trainer, "                       distortion of knee, atrophy of leg.
Wm J Manning,           "                       paid 300.
Curtis T Benedict, Ovid,                      "         "
Mich'l Walker, Auburn,                        "         "
Sam'l Burr, Covert, "               fracture of elbow joint.
Wm P Smith, Lodi, inveterate skin disease.
Gilbert B Van Vleet, Lodi, archylosis elbow joint.
Joshua F Lewis, Covert, non-resident.
John O Lary,   "           alien.
Geo Baldwin, Ira, paid $300.
Jno H Baldwin, "        "           "
Jno Dawson, Covert, alien.
Isaac Townsend, "                    only support of widowed mother.
Peter W Swartout, Lodi,         paid $300.
Ralph Lamereaux,          "        "       "
Patrick Sullivan,       "        "       "
Wm R Murphy, Covert, chronic diarrhea,
Edwin C Bardwell, " const. syphilis.
Ira Blanchard,             "           varicose veins.
Wm M Miller,             "           contraction of fingers.
Lewis Bishop, Lodi,   rheumatic disease of joints.
Wm. Bruhdage, "                    loss of teeth.
Joel Virgil, Covert,      disease of neck.
Jas A Welton, "                       loss of left hand.
Albert C Bunn, "                     paid $300
Purdy Bassett,  "                       "       "
Geo YBogart,   "                "       "
Hiram Blannett, "               "       "
Harry F. King,   "               "        "
R Dewitt Mann, Covert,         paid $300.
Peter Tanison,             do        do        do
Wm Wetherston,         do        do        do
Jno Q Hopkins,           do        do        do
Jno Baron,                   do        under 20 years of age.
Wm H Genslin, do      non-residence.
Abram W Rapalge, do            paid $300.
Geo S Stout,   do        disease of knee joint.
Jno. M Riley,   do        disease of eye myopia, with stricture.
Monmouth Snick, Covert, distortion of chest
Samuel Manning, do   loss of teeth and feebleness of constitution.
Clement Sears, Covert,           paid $300.
Geo R Demund, Lodi,            do        do
Jno T Craven, Ovid,    loss of teeth.
Herman C Smith, Covert, paid $300.
Wm Ditmars,   do        do        do
Elnathar Selover,         do        do        do
Chas S Dickerman, do            excessive obesity
Geo. W. North,           do        hypertrophy of heart.
Claudius Timmerson, do loss of teeth.
Bernard E Horn,         do        inguinal hernia.

Abstract of Exemptions.
Granted to Drafted persons by the Board of Enrolment, at Auburn, in the 24th District, State of New York.
Chas P Fitch, Auburn, excessive obesity.
Wm J Owen, Waterloo, loss of teeth.
John Suter, Seneca Falls, disease of liver and stomach.
Martey Sullivan, Auburn, chronic disease of elbow.
John D Sherman, Seneca Falls, hypertrophy of heart.
Steven Marsh, Covert, rheumatism, enlargement of knee.
Justin L Barker, Auburn, paid $300.
Schuyler Scott, Lodi, do        do
Theodore R Pelham, Seneca Falls, permanent stricture of aretha.
Elijah Townsend, Lodi, substitute.
Wm Cory, Seneca Falls, non-resident.
Geo Speller, Seneca Falls, decided feebleness of constitution.
Peter Wyckoff, Ovid, disease of lungs.
John W VanGorder, Seneca Falls, hepatic disease.
Lambert Goodman,     do       do    decided feebleness of constitution.
Oscar F Hardenberg, Mentz, under 20 years of age.
Cornelius P Woodworth, Lodi, haematuria.
Jas Conley, do disease lungs.
John Lamereaux, do paid $300.
Chas Montgomery, do confirmed intemperance and rheumatic disease of joints.
Peter Bergen, Covert, paid $300.
Samuel M Gulick, Lodi, do do
Chauncey J Pratt,     "             only son of aged parents dependent on him for support.
John S Nevins,              "         paid $300.
Abram Campbell,          "         hepatic disease.
And. B Van Vleet,   "             paid 300.
Chas E Coleman,     "   "      "
Jabez Van Vleet,      "             inguinal herna.
Sam'l B Mundy,       "             paid 300.
Geo H Rogers,         "         "      "
John Montgomery,  "         "      "
Hugh Boyer,            "         "      "
Jas H Vanlie,            "             only son of widow dependent on his labor for support.
John King,               " distortion of knee.
Thos. Traiuer,          "   distortion of knee, atrophy of leg.
Wm J Manning,       " paid 300.
Curtis T Benedict, Ovid,    "      "
Mich'l Walker, Auburn,     "      "
Sam'l Burr, Covert, "   fracture of elbow joint.
Wm P Smith, Lodi, inveterate skin disease.
Gilbert B Van Vleet, Lodi, archylosis elbow joint.
Joshua F Lewis, Covert, non-resident.
John O Lary,         "     alien.
Geo Baldwin, Ira, paid $300.
Jno H Baldwin, "    "        "
Jno Dawson, Covert, alien.
Isaac Townsend, "     only support of widowed mother.
Peter W Swartout, Lodi, paid $300.
Ralph Lamereaux,    "       "        "
Patrick Sullivan,       "       "        "
Wm R Murphy,   Covert, chronic diarrhea.
Edwin C Bardwell,   "      const. syphilis. 
Ira Blanchard,                "        varicose veins.
Wm M Miller,                "        contraction of fingers.
Lewis Bishop, Lodi,   rheumatic disease of joints.
Wm Brundage,   "                   loss of teeth.
Joel Virgil, Covert,      disease of neck.
Jas A Welton, "                       loss of left hand.
Albert C Bunn, "                     paid $300.
Purdy Basset, "                        "       "
Geo Y Bogart, "                  "       "
Hiram Blannett, "                "       "
Harry F.King,    "                "       "
R Dewitt Mann, Covert, paid $300.
Peter Tanison,        do      do    do
Wm Wetherston,   do       do    do
Jno Q Hopkins,     do        do    do
Jno Baron do under 20 yr's of age.
Wm H Genslin,           do        non-residence.
Abram W Rapa_ge, do           paid $300.
Geo S Stout,   do        disease of knee joint.
Jno. M Riley,   do        disease of eye, myopia, with stricture.
Monmouth Snick, Covert, distortion of chest.
Samuel Manning, do loss of teeth and feebleness of constitution.
Clement Sears, Covert, paid $300.
Geo R Demuud, Lodi,    do    do
Jno T Craven, Ovid, loss of teeth.
Herman C Smith, Covert, paid $300.
Wm Ditmars,           do       do   do
Elnathar Selover,     do       do   do
Chas S Dickerman, do            excessive obesity.
Geo. W. North,        do           hypertrophy of heart.
Claudius Timmerson, do loss of teeth.
Bernard E Horn,      do           inguinal hernia.

Abstract of Exemptions
Granted to Drafted persona by the Board of Enrollment, in the 24th District State of New York.
John Willis, Auburn, alienage.
Loren O. Gray, Wolcott, in service 3d March 1863.
Wm. Carroll, Aurelius, over 35 years and married.
Patrick Dorehy, do               do               do
Francis Moore,  do                  alienage,
John Conway     do         do
Asa Priest, Auburn, over 35 years married.
William Caypless, do discharged from service since March 3d, 1863.
John Gilbert, Auburn, tumor, impeding circulation.
Albert Van Ommon, do care of aged parents.
Jabez Hawkins, Auburn, inguinal hernia.
Charles Y. Morris, do loss of teeth.
Adam F Dates, do payment of $300.
Jonn Wesley, do care of motherless child.
Edwin R Heath, do permanent lameness.
Charles Loveland, do alienage.
Frederick Vandeburg, Auburn, scrofula.
Thomas Peacock, do loss of teeth.
Peter Ging, Auburn, over 35 years, married.
James Birney, do care of 2 motherless children.
Geo Freeman, do old fracture of knee.
James McDougall, Auburn, 35 years old, married.
John Toor, Sodus, inguinal hernia.
John Cole, Sodus, hydrocele.
Michael Gaynor, Auburn, under 20 years of age.
Thomas M Sewellyn, Lyons, stammering.
Frank J Schmitt, Fayette, alienage.
Elbert N Sebring, Ovid, non-resident.
David Everett, Montezuma, over 35, married.
Gardiner Crofoot, Seneca Falls, pulmonary disease.
John A Stewart, Mentz, in U S service on 3d March, 1863.
John Thomas, Auburn, only support infirm mother.
Smith D Stiles, do over 35 years married.
Henry B. Seymour, Seneca Falls, hypertrophy of heart.
Calvin B Gill, Auburn, Amaurosis.
Ulric Conrad, Seneca Falls, over 35 years and married.
James Cox, Covert, only support infirm mother.
William R Haines, Auburn, only support infirm mother.
Charles W Travis, Seneca Falls, scrofula, ulcers.
Andrew J Alliman, West Fayette, pulmonary disease.
Patrick O'Hara, Waterloo, over 35 years of age and married.
Stephen M VanAnden, Auburn, want capacity of chest.
John Cumpston, Auburn, constitutional syphilis.
Alfred W Salsbury, do alienage.
James Magraw, Seneca Falls, under 20 years.
Frank Shear, Waterloo, alienage.
S Hall Morris, Auburn, substitute.
Randolph Bowman, Waterloo, only support of parents.
John Murphy, do over 35 years of age and married.
James Rigney, Waterloo, alienage.
George Anderson, Auburn, alienage.
Martin V Babcock, do substitute.
Wm J Moses,           do    do
James D Copperfield, do do
Joseph Jones, Scipio, do
Thomas Keys, Waterloo, pulmonary disease.
Frank Holben, do varicose veins with ulceration.
Patrick Kerwin, Auburn, alienage.
Sam'l F Reynolds, do substitute.
Horton Sturgess, pulmonary disease.
Augustus A Henry, Auburn, substitute.
Edwin Purdy, Genoa, substitute.
F W Atwood, Auburn, feebleness of constitution.
Charles A Morgan, over 35 years and married.
Martin Bennett, Mentz, loss of right eye.
Norman B Bowman, Auburn, substitute.
Sterling Vosburg,         do          do
Rufus Sheldon,             do          do
Wm P Robinson,          do          do
Chas F Durston,           do           do
Chas O Waterbury, Seneca Falls, constitutional syphilis.
Dunstan G Story, Seneca Falls, over 35 years and married.
Timothy Moore, Waterloo, over 45 years.
John Tiernay, Auburn, in service U S 3d March, 1863.
George T Pomroy, do ozaena.
Alex Carr,              do alienage.
Alonzo H Sweet,   do non-resident.
Chas D Kellogg,   do inguinal hernia.
Geo F Munger,      do  do          do
Frederick Baker,   do   do          do
Jas Mitchell, do supports motherless child.
J H Nason, do varicose veins.
John Clarkson, do over 35 years and married.
Patrick Casey, do over 45 years.
Wm Redman, do ulceration of leg.
Andrew J Knight, do epilepsy.
John Shellard, do alienage.
Geo A Van Dusen, do disease of knee joint.
John B Lisk, do over 35 years and married.
Jas Horner, do constitutional syphilis.
John O'Hearn, do         do
Michael Boyle, do support of mother.
Patrick Coyle,  do over 45 years old.
Martin Lawler, do alienage.
Sam'l R Jones, Springport, in U S service March 3d, 1863.
Patrick Sullivan, Aurelius, alienage.
Wm Talmadge, Mentz, scrofula.
Chas N Brock, Springport, distorted leg and ebb foot.
Geo Parsel, Aurelius, scrofula.
Josiah Terwilliger, Ira, overriding of toes.
Geo Comicell, Aurelius, alienage.
Michael McDermott, Seneca Falls, alienage.
Ebenezer Walker, Auburn, anchylosis index finger.
James Banker, Aurelius, payment of $300.
Edson Gear, Auburn, enlarged ankle joint.
Chauncey A Tanner, Niles, support of mother.
John Marshall, Sennett, alienage.
Gibson S Center, jr., Butler, payment of $300.
Caleb Sayre, Lodi,                   do          do
David H Fink, Wolcott, inguinal hernia.
Horace Richardson, excessive stammering.
Patrick Durkin, Macedon, over 35 years and married.
Timothy Tierney, Auburn, supports widowed mother.
John H. Eaman, Auburn, supports widow mother.
John Burridge, jr., ov'r 35 yr's, and married.
Jas. Beardsley, Waterloo, extreme feebleness of constitution.
Wm. H Steward, Ledyard, in U S service 3d of March, 1862.
Oscar Thompson, do, in US service March 3, 1863
Agidious Van Ord, Auburn, non-resident.
Richard Dewitt, Cato, deformity of chest.
Rob't Welch, Auburn, father of motherless
children dependent on him for support.
Wm. H Soules, Auburn, Substitute.
Rob't R Westover, Aurelius, do
Jno L Tyler, Auburn,            do
Jas Prine,        do                  do
Jno Warrick, Aurelius,         do
Marcellus Weir, Seneca Falls, in U S service March 3, 1863.
Benj F Pierce, Auburn, over 45 years.
Wm B Loveland do, fistula in hand.
Dan'l O'Brien, do, under 20 years.
Jno Moran, do, alienage.
Stephen Miller, do, ulceration and extensive cicatrices of arm.
Jas Hamilton, do, permament [sic] contraction of fingers.
Jno Snagg, do, in U S service March 3, 1863.
Jas Stafford, do, under 20 years.
Wm Topping, do, myopia, with scrofula.
Wm Hughes,  do, over 35 and married.
Curtis Harkness, do, over 35 and married.
David W Barnes, do,    do      do     do.
Wm H Hopping, do, in U S service March 3, 1863.
David Cook, do, atrophy of leg.
Henry T Hemens, do, anchylosis of ankle joint.
Jno Polson, do, disease of hip joint.
Adam Goodrich, jr, permanent extension of two lingers.
Terrence Gill, do, distortion of thumb with anchylosis.
Ellis B Coddington, do, over 35 years, married.
Jno M Conger, do, over 45 years.
Lewis Upham, do, support of widowed mother.
Martin Lower, do, non residence.
Johnson Smith, Springport, in U S service March 3, 1863.

Abstract of Exemptions
Granted to Drafted persons by the Board of Enrollment, in the 24th District State of New York.
Timothy Murphy, Auburn, over 35 and married.
Edgar A Bucklin,        "             supports infirm parents.
Benj F Bearss,                  "      alienage.
Thos Casey,                "           "
Jas McCarty, Aurelius,            "
Michael Murphy, Seneca Falls, supports infirm father.
John Flanigan,          "                         over 35 and married.
Chas L Beers,           "             selected to support infirm mother.
Peter Murphy,           "             support of infirm parents.
Stephen C Care,        "            non residence.
John D McVicars, Lyons, U S service since March 3d, 1863.
John O'Connor, Auburn, under 20 years.
Allen Clement, Locke, non-resident.
Jobn H Snitzel, Lyons, U. S. service since 3d March, 1863.
Thos A Little,        "    phthisis pulmonalis.
Wm T Cuddeback "    paralysis
Chas W Smith,      "    scrolulous ulcers.
John T Smith,        "    U.S. service since 3d March, 1853.
Edward Bass,         "   loss of leg.
Peter Cline,            "    over 35 and married.
C W Hinman,         "   anchylosis of leg.
Isaac Hartman,       "   indolent ulcers leg.
John Lusk,              "   chorea.
Henry G_im, jr.      "   support parents by selection.
Henry P Benton,     "   under 20 years.
Geo W Barnum,     "   over 35 and married.
Zachariah Denler,   "   constitutional syghilis.
Sam'l Townley.      "    ulcerated hemorrhids.
Ebenezer Dean       "   anchylosis of joint.
E B Johnson,          "   acquired feebleness of constitution.
Ira I Whitney,         "   chronic disease liver
Nathan Case, Auburn, support motherless children.
Edward Chappel, Lyons, alienage.
Jno Bachelor,         "             "
Jno Eitzgerald,       "             "
Foster Bradley,      "    opacity of capsule, eye.
Thos S Betts,         "    loss of thumb.
Alfred W Burnett, "    inq. hernia.
Wm H Penoyer,    "     payment $300.
C S Palmeter,        "     disease liver and fistula.
Chas Barrick,        "     ing. Heania [sic].
A W Gates,           "           "        "
A Fellers,              "     over 35 and married
Henry Raper,        "     support infirm parents.
Jas Driscoll,          "              "           "         "
Edward Gilbert,    "    payment $300.
Geo P Price,          "     feebleness constitution.
F Bocomler,          "     support patents.
Jno H Camp,         "     payment $300.
Geo Tucker,          "     support parents.
Sam'l Buel,            "    ing. hernia.
Rod D Lane,          "    payment $300.
Levi Devall,           "              "           "
Aug. Jones,            "              "           "
Jas Dunn,               "              "           "
Henry R Frazier,   "     feeble constitution.
A Lampson,          "               "           "
Ira Neal,                "     loss right eye.
J Bruno, jr.             "    payment $300.
Dan'l Rodenbach,  "             "             "
Henry Van Etten,   "            "             "
Wm A Duncan,   scrofula and chronic diarrhea.             
John Mosher, Auburn, bony tumor of foot.
John Spaulding, Mentz, substitute.
Albert K Gilbert, Auburn,    "
Oliver Horn, Lyons,             "
Wm D Parker, Victory,        "
Brainard Lyon, Genoa,         "
Jacob Osswaldt, Lyons, payment $300.
Lewis Fisher, Seneca Falls, disease lungs.
Jacob Troutman, Lyons, payment $300.
C W Burritt, Brutus, disease lungs,
A W Shurtleff,   "     disease throat and lungs.
Wm Sibbald, Seneca Falls, over 35 and married.                
Jer. Trant,           "         "            "          "
Milo Cass, Waterloo, non-residence.
N B Reynolds, Auburn, inguinal hernia.
Henry Moran, Waterloo, constitutional syphilis.
Jno. Blake,             "         injury of skull.
And Thorp,            "          prolapsus ano.
John T Carl,           "    inguinal hernia,
Edw Bates,             "   over 35 and married.
Isaac Cary,             "            "        "         “
J L Coon,                "   loss of teeth.
S P Gabriel,            "   support widowed mother, only brother in U S service.
Darwin E Slosson, "    disease of lungs.
E A Johnson,          "        "       kidneys.
Hugh Fulton,          "   loss of thumb.
Thos Godfrey,        "   inguinal hernia.
Peter Fenn,             "   splay feet.
Jas C Gray,             "   varicose veins.
Fred C Brehm,        "   ing. hernia.
H Manwaring,         " dislocation elbow.
Matthew Moran,      " varicose veins.
Hugh Burns,            "  over 35 and married.
Dan'l Hogan,           "              "             "
Patrick Welch,         "              "             "
A J Prosser,              "              "             "
Dan'l Pound,             " loss of sight.
Wm Redman,           " retraction first phalanx toe.
Wm Horsley,            "             disease of lungs.
Jackson Lynch,         " feebleness and disease lungs.

Abstract of Exemptions
Granted to Drafted persons by the Board of Enrollment, at Auburn, in the 24th District State of New York
Lewis Ludlow, Springport, disease of chest
Joseph Peel, Auburn, defective vision.
Wm. E. Tomkinson, Lyons, non-residence.
Julius C. Hitchcock, Palmyra, alien.
Nathan Fox, Auburn, decided feebleness of constitution.
Lucius Green, Palmyra,           under 20 years, age.
Geo. Bunting,     "                   honorable discharge from U. S. service, March 3, 1863.
Tracy S Clark, Palmyra, loss of two fingers on right hand.
Eugene Hazen, Palmyra, chronie enlargement of left breast.
Elisha Kellogg, Palmyra, support of widowed mother, and has lost 3 brothers in the service.
Benj. Moore, do, disease of lungs, and feebleness of constitution.
Joseph Johnson, do, over 35 years of age.
Jno. R Vail,        do, payment of $300.
Henry M Johnson, do, payment of $300.
Joseph Williams,   do, epilepsy.
Richard Ames,       do, distortion knee and ankle.
Jeremiah Fisher,    do, chronic diarrhea and enlargement of spleen.
Frederick Sheolman, do, alien.
Renselaer Acker, do, paid $300.
Philip Quigley, do, in U. S. March 3, 1863.
Jno. Semmer, do, alienage.
Jno. McConville, do, constitutional syphilis
Fred Fillingham, Auburn, furnished substitute
Sam'l Frost, Palmyra, ingunial hernia.
Jno. Allis, do, chronic diarrhea.
Embury Moore, do, pulmonary disease.
Jno. Conkling, do, paid $300.
Geo. N Williams, do, ptosis, and entropion of right eye.
Wm E Morton, do, furnished substitute.
Jeters Warner, do, paid $300.
Chas. C Jaggers, do, loss of teeth; inveterate skin disease.
Jno. Burgess, Auburn, epilepsy.
Henry Cooper, Tyre, non-resident.
Wm. Harpest, Tyre, disease of lungs.
Sam'l Nicolls, Sterling, over 35; married.
Elijah D Chalker, Tyre, ulcers of leg.
Adolph Laborne, Seneca Falls, alienage.
Owen Bredy, do, over 35 and married.
Orlando Lewis, Auburn, substitute.
Rob't Rivers, Seneca Falls, internal hemorrhoides.
Geo. Feazler, Seneca Falls, ing. henia.
Jno Squires, Tgre, paid $300.
Andrew J Bishop, Tyre, paid $300.
Smith W Lamb,     do             do        do
Martin Lane,   do        do        do
Chas. N Berry,            do        do        do
Charles Hill,    do        do        do
Jas. T Stevenson,         do        do        do
Wm. H VanCleef,       do        do       do
Albert Nichols,            do        do        do
Stephen Munson,        do        do        do
Geo. Munson,             do        do        do
Thos. T Munson,         do        do        do
Chas. W Eastman, Seneca Falls, only son of mother dependent on him for support
Chas. H Matthews, do, paid $300.
Darwin Tyler,  do       do   do.
Michael Wol, Tyre, alienage.
Frederick Storms, do, only son of widow dependent on him for support.
Richard Carlon, Seneca Falls, deafness.
Fred'rk. W Clemens, Palmyra, loss of teeth.
Geo. Smith, Seneca Falls, scrofula, chronic opthalmius.
Jas Ruddy, do, scrofula, anchylosis of ankle and caries bone of foot
Asa J. Rose, Tyre, fracture of patella.
Patrick Martin, Seneca Falls, ing. hernia.
Johnson Weaver, Tyre, paid $300.
Norman Beach, Seneea Falls, crossing of toes.
Thomas Knox, do atrophy of leg splayfoot.
Wm Escott, do father of two motherless
children dependent on his labor for support.
Charles Gibbs, do disease of kidneys and incontinence of urine.
Jas Fitz Simmons, do loss of thumb and anchylosis of finger.
Milton Hoag, do disease of liver with adhesions.
Joseph Barrett, do alienage.
Hiram L Williamson, Seneca Falls, amaurosis.
Edward E Riley, do disease of liver and stomach.
John McGruire, do ottorrhea.
Jas H Aikins, Waterloo, ing. hernia.
John Kear, Seneca Falls, constitutional syphilis.
Wm N Waldron, Lodi, club foot.
David Dayton, Arcadia, extensive and inveterate disease of skin.
John O Climinson, Seneea Falls, paid 300.
Horace W Knight,         do                do
Chas R Taylor,              do                do
Augustus Metcalf,         do                 do
Edwin C Andrews,        do disease of bronchi.
John McConnell,           do sole support of parents.
Thos D Wrightson,        do paid 300.
Geo W Lamb,                     do non residence.
Henry Pontius,               do distortion of ankle joint.
Geo Wirts, Waterloo, club feet.
Wm Ashmore, Seneca Falls, under 20 years of age.
John Donoly, do only son of widow dependent on him for support.
Chas Garling, do paid 300.
Ransom Williams, do under 20 years of age.
Jacob Small, do only son of widow dedendent [sic] on him for support.
Geo H Calhoun, do over 35 years of age.
Elmer Halsey, do under 20 yrs of age.
Patrick Ward, do alienage.
Edward Johnson, do paid 300.
Chas Henry Van Ness, Seneca Falls, only support of parents.
Augustus Sisson, do paid 300.
Geo M McQuillan, do alien.
Dennis S Kirby, do hemorrhoides and intemperance.
Philip Fenn, do paid 300.
Chas Eggleston, do deficient amplitude of chest.
Warren W Lamb, do constitutional syphilis.
Felix Hagan, do alienage.
Thos Carroll, do over 35 yrs, married.
Benjamin Brooks, do under 20 yrs of age.
Reuben Conkey, do elected to support infirm parents.
Geo Harpest, do paid 300.
Chas Evers, do alienage.
Origen Miller, do deafness.
John W Burtless, do paid $300.
Joseph McKone, do over 35 years and married.
Joseph B Tobey, Waterloo, under 20 years of age.
Nathaniel Kelsey, Auburn, substitute.
Jas Anderson, Seneca Falls, only support of widowed mother.
Edgar Brewer, do organic disease of liver, impairing general health.
Marvin Pew, do wound of heel.
Frederick Mair, do free border of the toe nail bears upon the ground.
Jares P Bearney, do paid $300.
Jared S Carries, do paid $300.
Joseph Funly, Sodus, substitute.
Martin Bricks, Auburn, do

To the Drafted Men.—The men who were fortunate enough to draw prizes at the Court House to day, are requested to meet in front of the Western Exchange this evening at 7 1-2 o'clock for drill exercise.

The subscriber wishes to obtain a substitute, a good, respectable, able-bodied man—one who will fulfill his obligations to the letter. For such a substitute a liberal price will be paid. Apply at the Sash and Blind Factory of Conklin & Brother's, Auburn. J. L. HICKS.
Auburn, Aug. 18.

Draft in the 24th District.
Provost Marshal KNAPP, of the 24th District, consisting of the counties of Cayuga, Wayne and Seneca, has been ordered to prod with the draft, and commences at Auburn to-day. The number to be drafted in the district is 2,262, two-thirds of whom will be ordered into the service.
Mayor WHITE has issued a recommendation to the inn-keepers of the city to close their bars during the drawing.

AUBURN, April 22.
Companies of volunteers are rapidly forming in Cayuga Co. A full Regiment will be furnished. The volunteer fund has run up to over $5,000 in the county. The excitement among the people is increasing. A county mass meeting is called for Wednesday next.

AUBURN, August 22, 1863.
Drafted men from the following towns will report at these Headquarters as follows, and leave of absence is hereby granted to all drafted men from those towns until the dates herein named. Those reporting before the days named will be placed in camp until their cases can be reached.
Towns of Romulus and Varick, Sept. 1, 1863.
   "         " Fayette, Sept. 2, 1863.
   "         " Wolcott and Marion, Sept. 3, 1863.
   "         " Huron and Rose, Sept. 4, 1863.
   "         " Ovid and Sennett, Sept. 7, 1863.
   "         " Brutus and Cato, Sept. 8, 1863.
   "         " Sempronius, Springport and Summerhill, Sept. 9, 1863.
   "         " Sterling and Throop, Sept. 10, 1863.
   "         " Venice and Victory, Sept. 11, 1863.
Substitutes from all parts of this Congressional District will be received every day (except Saturdays and Sundays) at 2 o'clock P. M.
Provost Marshal and President of the Board of Enrolment.

MERIDIAN.—The article in the Advertiser of the 13th inst., propounding the question, "must the rebellion be finally put down by the farmers?" is right to the point, and important interests hang on the decision that shall be given in reference to it.
It is true that the spirit of patriotism and the liberal bounties offered has drawn out an army unparalled [sic] in numbers or bravery; but the large acquisition of territory to be held by military force and the thinning out our ranks by disease and the casualties of war leave the brave hearts of our noble boys in need of assistance to accomplish the great work which they have voluntarily left their friends and homes to perform.
In their behalf and for the salvation of the country our Government has adopted the only course left them by resorting to conscription. And now as you say, shall the burden be thrown on the producing class? or, still further, shall it fall on the poor only? In reply we may say the service may and future history shall record them as the defenders of our liberties, and while they may endure hardships in the struggle, far more enviable is their situation than the man whose service is far less needed at home, and who from his ability to pay the commutation tax is exonerated.
While many can readily pay the $300, others will burden themselves by loaning the money to pay the fee far more than they would to go in to assist in the final death of the rebellion, and stand side by side with the gallant soldiers that have fought so bravely and now appeal for aid. Shall they appeal in vain or shall their appeal be met with the wholesale commutation in the cities and individual payment in the rural districts? We say emphatically, No! so help me God; and as one beyond the draft we propose to be one of 100 of such a class of persons, ie, exempt from draft, to volunteer for such service as the country may require. Can there not be such a company raised in Cayuga county.
—I very much regret that by the omission of a line or two in the report of the county school convention sent last week, you rob the school in District No. 6, Ira, of Miss Frank Foot, their teacher, and place her in charge of the Meridian Union School, and also leave out of the list Miss M. A. Tinker, assisted by Miss Sarah Tinker and Miss Elma Meacham, who are unsurpassed in their efforts or success in teaching the teachers of the Meridian Union School.

MERIDIAN ITEMS.—I see there is a call published in the "State League" for a county convention of the friends and members of the State Temperance League for the purpose of organizing a county League to be held at the Central Presbyterian church at Auburn, on the 27th last., (Thursday) at 10 o'clock, A. M. That a necessity for renewed or increased effort for the suppression of the traffic and use of intoxicating drinks exists is evident to every observer, and the organization proposed is worthy of consideration. Will not the friends of temperance attend  this convention and strive together to adopt some method to save our young men from the dreadful fate of intemperance.

WORTHY OBJECT OF BENEVOLENCE.—Mr. Hiram DePew, of Geneva, an agent of the National Freedmen's Relief Association presented the subject at the Baptist church on Sunday last, and will visit other towns to solicit aid for that object. Can there be a more worthy object where as much good can be accomplished with as little means?
—The annual meeting of the Cayuga Baptist Association will hold its next session at this place on Thursday, the 3d day of Sept., commencing at 10 o'clock, A. M.
At a meeting of the citizens of the Town of Sterling, called at the house of A. A. Stinard, Sterling Centre, August 13th, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted:
Whereas, The citizens of the town of Sterling at all the previous calls of the President for troops, have liberally volunteered soldiers to defend the unity and government of their country, and
Whereas, The long continuance of the war and the numerous calls for recruits have exhausted that part of our population who are not tied at home by the care of family, and the obligations of business, so much so, that this call of men can only be filled from those having dependant families, and
Whereas, It is believed that the town of Sterling has heretofore volunteered more of her young men than many other localities, and inasmuch as the conscription law provides "that in determining the quotas of men to be furnished by each state, regard shall be paid to the number of volunteers and militia furnished by them, respectively, since the commencement of the present rebellion, and that they shall be so assigned as to equalize the number among the districts of the several States, allowing for those already furnished, and for the time of service," therefore, we
Resolve, That recognizing our duty to our country, we promise cheerfully to bear our just share of the burdens, and we shall hope that other sections do the same, and believing that on an equitable adjustment, we have already contributed by voluntary enlistment, all, or nearly all, that has been asked of us by the government, therefore, a committee of three be appointed by this meeting, of which the Supervisor shall be one, to gather a statement of the number of our volunteers, and present it with our wishes to the proper authories [sic] for credit, and for such other business as will give us a just and equitable apportionment.
Resolved, That we petition the town board to furnish liberal aid to the families of all draft ed men and volunteers under the law of last winter authorizing such assistance, and we recognize the duty of those who stay at home to assist and furnish all needy families of both drafted men and volunteers, as we would the families of valued friends who are laboring to defend our common cause and country on the battle field.
The meeting appointed as committee James McKnight, William Kevill and James Hunter.
Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be furnished to the county papers and asking them to publish the same.

The Draft for this county was made on Saturday last, at Auburn. Many of our citizens were present, and Rev. Father McGowan occupied a seat on the platform. All agree that the proceedings were fairly conducted. A full list of the drafted men will be found in another part of this paper. We think it is a more correct copy than any that has been published, as it has been carefully compared with the official list. The draft falls heavily upon some in our village, men with dependent families and possessed of but small means, but from the disposition manifested by our citizens generally, measures will undoubtedly be taken to afford all possible relief to all such who enter the field as soldiers of the Union. Two, three, and in one instance four, have been drafted from a family—all who were liable—while other families of equal numbers have escaped entirely. But few of our business men are among the number, and only one professional man—A. M. Dean, Esq.—while most of them are laboring mechanics and farmers. Two of our printers, F. M. Baker and H. W. Knight, are on the list.

AURELIUS, July 25, 1863.
The inhabitants of the town of Aurelius are requested to meet at the house of D. S. Westover, at the Half-Acre, on Tuesday, the twenty-eighth day of this month, at four o'clock P. M., to devise means to raise money to aid conscripts.
and many others.

From the Auburn Advertiser of Friday.
Last evening our drafted men assembled in front of the Exchange Hotel, where, after mingling with the congratulatory crowd of friends, they were formed in line, headed by the band, and initiated into the marching exercises of Uncle Sam's service. Each ward of the city was represented, its "quota" marching under a banner, of which there were five, with appropriate and spirited inscriptions, and borne proudly by their respective supporters. The draft fell quite heavily upon the good-looking men of our community, and the procession was consequently one well worth witnessing. "The boys" evinced the utmost patriotism, jollity, and good spirits generally, and the entire throng of lookers on were filled with pride and ad-...

PARADE OF THE CONSCRIPTS.—Last evening our drafted men assembled in front of the Exchange Hotel, where, after mingling with the congratulatory crowd of friends gathered together, they were formed in line headed by the band, and initiated into the marching exercises of Uncle Sam's service. Each Ward of the City was represented, its "quota" marching under a banner, of which there were live, with appropriate and spirited inscriptions, and borne proudly by their respective supporters. The draft fell quite heavily upon the good-looking men of our community, and the procession was consequently one well worth witnessing. "The boys" evinced the utmost patriotism, jollity, and good spirits generally, and the entire throng of lookers on were filled with pride and admiration at their manly bearing. As the procession marched down Genesee street, led by the fine music of the band, we noted the following inscriptions the various banners:
Borne by Mart. V. Babcock.

John Y. Selover.

Tommy Towne.

Ebenezer M. Walker, Jr.

Thos Peacock.

The Mayor was then called out and made a brief and frank address, giving the conscripted soldiers his warmest sympathies and assurances of aid to any extent in his power, which were received with a spirit worthy the speaker's good wishes, and after hearty cheers for the conscripts and conscription, and for "Abe Lincoln," and groans for the New York rioters, the assemblage dispersed, and quiet and order have reigned unbroken in the city.
After parading the principal streets, followed by a large crowd, the boys were again drawn up in front of the Exchange, where they made a loud requisition on Hon. T. M. Pomeroy, who filled it with a most eloquent and patriotic address, interrupted by enthusiastic applause and cheers, in which he congratulated our community on its response to every call in the emergencies that have arisen since Sumter was fired upon—emergencies which called out the 19th, the gallant 75th, the now decimated and glorious 111th, the 138th, and the 160th, who have been heard from at Port Hudson, and at other points where valor and bravery were needed.—The address was received with enthusiastic plaudits for the speaker and his sentiments.
After Mr. Pomeroy concluded, loud calls were made by the boys for "Knapp, Knapp, the man that drafted us." Capt. Knapp responded to the call in his usual happy vein of eloquence, thanking all classes for the friendly spirit evinced toward himself in his official capacity, and toward the conscription which was made necessarily to fill up the ranks of freedom. During all his efforts to discharge his duties without fear, favor or affection, he had received no treatment which a gentleman could have reason to resent. (Loud cries of "You never shall.")
The Mayor was then called out and made a brief and frank address, giving the conscripted soldiers his warmest sympathies and assurances of aid to any extent in his power, which were received in a spirit worthy of the speaker's good wishes, and after hearty cheers for the conscripts and conscription, and for "Abe Lincoln," and groans for the New York rioters, the assemblage dispersed and quiet and order have reigned unbroken in the city.
It is a matter of congratulation to all that the draft has fallen so lightly on our city, taking but few who are unable to pay the exemption fee. Aid will be rendered the families of such as are to serve.
Seven colored men were drafted in the city—most of them from the second ward.
One clothing store loses its proprietor and one salesman; another clothing store loses two of the proprietors, and several other stores one of the proprietors. The telegraph Office is called upon for its whole force. Several cripples and one deceased person were drafted, the latter having died since the enrolment was commenced.

How The Draft Works.
The Auburn Advertiser of Friday says the demonstrations in this city last evening were of a character that must have carried joy and gladness to the heart of every loyal, law abiding citizen. The men who were drafted during the day instead of showing discontent and ill temper at their fortune were busy during the afternoon in making arrangements for a grand demonstration in the evening. Handbills were distributed all through the city announcing
that the drafted men would meet at 7 1-2 o'clock p. m. in front of the Western Exchange for drill and dress parade. At the hour named the gallant corps assembled in large numbers with banners and music. After  preliminaries were arranged the regiment took up the line of march through the principal streets receiving, as they passed different points, the cheers of the citizens who were out in large numbers to witness the demonstration.
After marching through the different streets the procession was halted in front of the Western Exchange where they were addressed by Hon. T. M. Pomroy, Provost Marshal Knapp and His Honor, Mayor Waite. During the exercises here the most undounded [sic] enthusiasm prevailed. The crowd numbered at least two thousand and among them all there seemed to be no ones so jolly as the men in the ranks. Cheers and a tiger were given for "The Union," the "Old 19th," the "75th," the "111th," the "138th," the "160th," "Old Abe," "The Draft," the "Provost Marshal," "Our Representative in Congress," "Mayor White," &c.
The demonstration proved beyond a ques­tion, that let what will come, the citizens of Auburn, of all clases [sic], are determined to show themselves a law and order community.— Real estate must have gone up at least 25 per cent. in this city last evening.
Seven colored men were drafted in the city —most of them from the second ward.
One clothing store loses its proprietor and one salesman; another clothing store loses two of the proprietors, and several other stores one of the proprietors. The telegraph office is called upon for its whole force.
Of the Draft in Canandaigua, an Exchange says:
A large crowd were present, but not the slightest demonstration of opposition or re­sistance was manifested. As a matter of pre­caution, however, the authorities had a com­pany of militia from a neighboring county paraded, ‘armed and equipped as the law di­rects,' for prompt action in case their services were needed.

THE DRAFT IN AUBURN.—A dispatch from Auburn says that the conscripts in that city formed in procession and marched through the streets in great glee.
A crowd of some two thousand persons gathered in front of the Exchange Hotel, where the conscripts halted, and were addressed by Hon. T. M. Pomeroy, Provost Marshal Knapp and Mayor White. The drafted men then gave hearty cheers for the Union, Old Abe, the draft and our resent victories.

The Draft in Auburn—Great Enthusiasm of the Drafted Men.
Auburn, N. Y., July 23, 1863.
The draft for the city of Auburn and seventeen sub-districts in the county of Cayuga took place in this city to-day. The best of order was observed, and the best spirit was manifested. The drafted men of this city have a dress parade this evening, headed by a band of music, and with colors flying. The city is quiet and perfectly peaceful.

Auburn, July 23—10 P. M.
There is a crowd of two thousands persons now in front of the Exchange, where the procession of conscripts has halted. They have been addressed by Hon. T. M. Pomeroy, Provist Marshal Knapp and Mayor White. The drafted men are cheering for "the Union," "Old Abe," "the draft," our "recent victories," &c., &c. It beats any demonstrations.

Oswego, Friday Evening, July 24.
Our Platform.

Those persons who imagine that a mob can be raised to resist the draft in the rural districts as easy as it can amid the excitable elements of New York, inflamed by the speeches of WOOD and SEYMOUR, will probably find themselves seriously mistaken. In the first place, there are not so many thieves, house-breakers, bullies and desperadoes in the country as in the metropolis; and in the second place the majority of the people are disposed to obey the laws, respect the proper authorities, and are abundantly capable of taking care of the disloyal minority.
While the news of the riots in New York has been gladly hailed in Richmond as an evidence of the existence of a "peace organization," that intends through the most bloody civil war to create a diversion in favor of the rebels, the intelligence of the manner the draft is conducted in the country will cause consternation among the Confederates; and joined with our recent victories, we fully believe that by the time the drafted men are put in the field the rebels will see the utter hopelessness of contending against this fresh army drawn from the loyal States, while their own resources and men are exhausted. Our late victories are of great importance in compelling a righteous solution of the war and an honorable peace, and we are convinced that the mere fact of raising another force of 300,000 men to reinforce our gallant veterans, already outnumbering the rebels, will be enough to decide the contest. The wiser rebels will see the utter folly of longer contending against the United States, and we do not believe that any drafted man will ever see actual service, unless he should chance to be placed immediately in some of the old regiments.
A good item to send down to JEFF. DAVIS is the draft in Auburn which took place for that city and seventeen districts yesterday. The best of order was preserved.—No riotous demonstrations of any kind took place. The drafted men assembled, formed in line, and had a dress parade with music and banners. The procession of conscripts halted before the Exchange last evening, where a large assemblage congregated. Union speeches were made by Hon. T. M. POMEROY, Member of Congress for the District, Provost Marshal KNAPP and Mayor WHITE. The drafted men gave rousing cheers for the Union, for "Old Abe," for the draft, and for our recent victories. The reporter of the Associated Press says that for enthusiasm the demonstration beat any meeting had in that city for years.
This is the way to do the thing. By this mutual good feeling—this acknowledgement of the claims of our Government to the military service of some among us—we do much to discourage and dishearten the foe. There is no bloodshed, no destruction of property, no wailing widows and orphans, no disturbance of the public peace, no convulsion of society, whose order and quiet is essential to the protection of all our rights and privileges. In this state of good feeling, citizens will be found willing to lend a helping hand to those on whom the draft falls with personal hardship, and finally, there is not one man, woman or child in the community who is not better off than they would be if a riot had been created.
We believe that in nearly all of the districts of this State the draft will take place with equal order. The only possible exceptions are New York and three or four other cities which contain vicious elements. But the Government is now prepared for the emergency and every outbreak will only bring swift and sure punishment upon its aiders and abettors.
Seventeen wagon-loads of conscripts arrived from Port Byron this morning, led by a band of martial music. One hundred and thirty conscripts from Galen also came in to day, for examination.
The work of examination is proceeding rapidly under the able supervision of Capt. Knapp, our popular Provost Marshal. The examination will probably extend to about the first of September. The report that another draft is to come off immediately is of course incorrect, as the result of the first-draft must be reported before another is ordered, and the order for the second drafting must come from head-quarters. The result will be officially announced.

Advertiser and Union
Monday Evening, August 17, 1863.
See reading matter on first page.
The Draft in Different Localities.
It is a wonder, with the disposition Gov. SYMOUR has manifested to secure impartiality in all the operations of the draft, that he does not complain that it has been enforced in some ten or twelve Districts in the State while in others it has been delayed and may yet be postponed for weeks. We should suppose
Gov. SEYMOUR would look to this matter and that he would make it the subject of complaint in a long letter to the President. Perhaps, however, he has a good reason for remaining silent on this particular subject.
The fact that the Districts in which the draft has already been enforced are Republican may have a bearing upon Gov. SEYMOUR'S action. It would not be at all surprising if he should quietly submit to the enforcement of the draft in every Republican District in the State before it is made in a single Democratic District. He might even be more magnanimous than this, and take the ground that it would not be sufficient cause for revolution if the draft was enforced only in the Republican Districts, the Democratic Districts being allowed to get off "scot free." Does any one suppose that with all Gov. SEYMOUR'S persistent professions of desiring strict impartiality in the enforcement of the draft that he would utter one word of complaint if it was made only in Republican Deistricts [sic]? If any one thinks he would grieve over any partiality of this sort he does not know the man.
But there is another feature of the policy that has thus far been pursued in enforcing the draft to which public attention is being called, and upon which comments are freely and justly made. It has become a question why the administration hesitates to proceed with the draft in Districts which are strongly Democratic. Is it because trouble is anticipated in those Districts? Has it come to be understood that the Democrats will resist the Draft when they are in sufficient numbers to overpower the Republicans? If this is not the case why has it occurred that the Republican Districts in this State and the Republican States in the Northern States are called upon to make up their quotas while Democratic Districts and States are allowed to take their own time.
The facts we have referred to, show conclusively, that the Administration has not been especially anxious to crowd Democrats into the service, and also show that the reiterated charges of Gov. SEYMOUR, that such a disposition had been manifested, have no foundation to rest upon. He and his "friends" will be compelled to take new ground and bring forward new arguments for opposing the draft. Every excuse they have offered for their course, has been effectually answered. If they continue their oppositions, they must hunt up some new clauses to quibble about.

Advertiser and Union
Friday Evening, May 8, 1863.
New Arrangements for Recruiting.
The draft is expected to go into operation shortly. We see it stated that from and after the first day of May, all enlistments of volunteers will be under the
special charge and direction of the Provost Marshal General, under the rules and regulations heretofore made, which are continued in force, and such other rules of the Department as may from time to time be made. All disbursing officers and the other officers connected with the enlistment of volunteers, will report to him. Officers of regiments going out of service by reason of the expiration of their term may, with the consent of their respective Governors, re-enlist in their regiments within thirty days for a term of two years, unless sooner discharged, and upon the regiment being filled up within the thirty days aforesaid, the officers will be restored with rank as from the date of their original commissions.—This, however, will give no claim to pay for the time between mustering out and reentry into the service. The law provides no bounty for men enlisting for two years. A man, however, who enlists for three years, unless sooner discharged, is entitled to one month's pay in advance upon the mustering of his company into the service of the United States, or after he shall have been mustered into and joined a regiment already in the service, and to a bounty of one hundred dollars, twenty-five dollars of which is to paid in advance when his company is organized, muster rolls made out, and the mustering officer's certificates given thereto; or after he shall have been mustered into and joined a regiment already in the service. Men thus enlisted for three years may, at the discretion of the Governors of their respective States, be assigned to duty with the regiments enlisted for two years. A State bounty of seventy-five dollars will be given to volunteers joining new organizations. Payment of these bounties will commence about the middle of this month. Major Frederick Townsend has been detailed for this duty, with headquarters at Albany.
Following, we give the list of the names of the drafted men from this town, for the benefit of those residing at a distance. We would cheerfully have published the names of the entire county, if we only had the space. Those who were drafted have received "notice" from Provost Marshal, J. H. KNAPP, last evening, to appear at his office August 31st, allowing over a month to get prepared to meet the examination. We see that W. A. HALSEY, of Port Byron, is authorized to receive exemption money, he being Revenue Collector.
J W Van Buren
Peter Newcomb
N M Saunders
J M Hamblin
Horace T Durkee
Edwin Tobins
Edward Smith
W M Burgess
George E Carr
Charles Brock
James L Hammond
Abel Kendell
Harrison Schenck
Lawrence Clark
Abel H Finch
J V B Yawger
Geo. H Chase
Edward S Gould
Nathan Jennings
Franklin Allen
Samuel R Jones
John Shrader
Lafayette Yawger
Johnson Smith
Joseph Knapp
D P Mersereau
James DeWitt
George Day
J o h n Young
Franklin I Burdick
George Barney
Isah Yawger
William Martin
James Milliman
George Schenck
L A Stewart
Preserved Tripp
John Miller
Lewis Ludlow
James Clark
Wm. H Snyder
Thomas Burch
Bnj. V Fowler
Geo. Myers
P H Comstock
Syrus D Hoff
Samuel Hibbard
Austin Quigley
N S Roberts
A C Stewart
Patrick Wires
George Padinton
Sidney Wright

Volunteers in Cayuga and Wayne Counties—No Necessity for Drafting.
Auburn, N. Y., Wednesday, Aug. 27, 1862.
The second Cayuga and Wayne County Regiment, Col. Joseph Welling, is mustered into the service. They number 1,046 strong, healthy, sturdy volunteers.
The third and last regiment from Cayuga and Wayne Counties is rapidly filling up with volunteers. One full company has already been mustered in. The Colonel of the regiment will shortly be designated.
The third regiment will soon be in readiness to march to the field of battle.
The fall quota of Cayuga and Wayne Counties, of the 600,000 men, will be raised without the necessity of resorting to a draft.
Cayuga and Wayne Counties claim to be the banner counties of the State in raising volunteers.

Advertiser and Union
Monday Evening, July 27, 1863.
See reading matter on first page.
The Right Way to Do It.
We are glad to learn that there is a very general determination among the drafted men in this county whose business is such as to preclude them from going into the service, to employ substitutes instead of paying the $300 exemption money to the Government. This is the right way to do it. There is a large number of veteran soldiers in this county—men who have seen service, and honorably acquitted themselves in every emergency in which they have been placed. Many of these are ready, for a suitable consideration, to return to the field of active duty. In every case where one of these veterans can be employed as a substitute it should be the especial object of the drafted man who does not intend to serve to obtain his services in preference to the services of a man who has had no experience in the field. The Government will regard with favor every effort that is made to fill up the ranks with such troops.
But in case veteran soldiers cannot be found in sufficient numbers to answer the demand for substitutes, even then it is far better that those wishing exemption should employ men who have never seen a day's service than to pay over their $300 to the Government. The Government needs troops at the present time more than it needs money. The finishing blow to the Rebellion is about to be struck, and it is desirable to make it so powerful that the monster will never again rear its head. A large army is needed to do the work. Let it then be the object of all drafted men who do not intend to serve to send a representative in the shape of a good, sturdy, muscular man, who can deal blows that will tell. When a drafted man furnishes a substitute he is not liable, for three years, to be again drafted. This fact alone should induce him to find his man if it is in the range of possibilities.

Exemptions for Physical Defect, Etc.
In regard to the claims to exemptions on the ground of physical defect, the following instructions to the examining surgeons will give the applicants an idea of what is necessary to excuse them:
I. The duty of inspecting drafted men and of determining whether they are fit or unfit for the military service of the country, requires the utmost impartiality, skill and circumspection on the part of the enrolling surgeon and board of en­rollment, for upon the manner in which this duty is performed will depend in a great degree the efficiency of the army.
II. In the examination of drafted men, the examining surgeons will bear in mind that the object of the government is to secure the services of men who are effective, able-bodied, sober, and free from disqualifying diseases.
III. The examining surgeon will also remember that the object of the drafted men in claiming exemption may be to escape from the service by pretended, simulated or fictitious disease, or by exaggerating or aggravating those that really exist, and that the design of substitutes frequently is to conceal disqualifying infirmities.
IV. The examination of a drafted man by the examining surgeon is to be conducted in the day-time, in the presence of the board of enrollment, and in a room well lighted and sufficiently large for the drafted man to walk about and exercise his limbs, which he must be required to do briskly. The man is to be examined stripped. The principal points to be ascertained are as follows:
1. Whether his limbs are well formed and sufficiently muscular; whether they are either ulcerated or extensively cicatrized; whether he has free and perfect motion of all his joints, and whether there are no varicose veins, tumors, wounds, fractures, dislocations or sprains that would impede his marching, or prevent continuous muscular exertion.
2. Whether the thumbs and fingers are complete in number, are well-formed, and whether their motions are unimpaired.
3. Whether the feet are sufficiently arched to prevent the tuberosity of the scaphoid bone from touching the ground; whether the toes are complete in number, do not overlap, are not joined together, and whether the great toes are free from bunions.
4. Whether he has any inveterate and extensive disease of the skin.
5. Whether he is sufficiently intelligent, is not subject to convulsions, and whether he has received any contusion or wound of the head that may impair his faculties.
6. Whether his hearing, vision and speech are good, and whether the eye and its appendages are free from disqualifying diseases.
7. Whether he has a sufficient number of teeth to masticate his food properly and to tear his cartridge quickly and with ease. The cartridge is torn with the incisor, canine or bicusfied teeth.
8. Whether his chest is ample and well formed, in due proportion to hits height and with power of full expansion.
9. Whether there is any structural or serious functional disease of the heart.
10. Whether the abdomen is well formed and not too protuberant; whether neither the liver nor spleen are considerably enlarged, and whether the rectum and anus are free from disqualifying diseases.
11. Whether the spermatic cords and testes are free from diseases which would impair his efficiency; whether the testes are within the scrotum; whether he has any rupture.
12. Whether there is any organic disease of the kidneys or bladder or permanent stricture of the urethra.
12. Whether his physical development is good and constitution neither
naturally feeble or impaired by disease, habitual in­temperance nor solitary vice; whether he is free from phthisic, scrofula, and constitutional syphilis; whether he is epileptic, imbecile or insane.

GREAT VALLEY, August 8. 1863.
WILLIAM A. MELOY, Esq.—Dear Sir; —In compliance with the "Freeman's" request of July 23d, I cheerfully transmit to you the following statistics and information.
Number furnished for two Years' Reg't, 16 No. do. bet'n June 1, '61 and July 1, '62, 38 No. do. do July 1, '62 and July 1, '63, 47 Total, —101
In the following Regiments: 37th N. Y. Vols. 16; 64th do. 4; 105th do. 16; 154th do. 40; 3d Excelsior do. 10. The balance are distributed in the 5th, 6th and 9th Reg'ts N. Y. Cavalry, and in the 85th and several other Regiments.
Classified politically, there were 26 Democrats and 75 Republicans.
This town has paid about $60 for the support of families of Volunteers. A fund of $250, was raised for the purpose—but so well have the volunteers cared for their families that only about $60 have ever been called for.  $261.50 was paid for bounties to volunteers.
Notwithstanding we have furnished such a number of volunteers, our business interests are well cared for. Last year and so far this year, farmers never have produced more, and (how I can't tell,) they have seldom secured their crops in better order or in better season, and with little or no extra expense, (we all work a little harder,) and seldom have we found a __me that we could pay debts easier. (An important item for Great Valley.)
We have now and then a Copperhead that cries "hard times, labor scarce, and whiskey dear," &c., &c., at the same time they bewail arbitrary arrests—(Rogues always do—honest men have no fears of being arrested.) Then again, Seymour's revolution commenced in New York city has proved a failure, (they being better at voting than fighting,) and some of them talk of going to Canada. They used to talk of going to Dixie, but they don't relish Jeff's Draft! Then again, their "staff of life" (whiskey,) is cheaper in Canada!
In haste, yours, &c., ARUNAH WARD.

NAPOLI, August 8, 1863.
W. A. MELOY, Esq.—Sir:—I herewith give you a statement of Volunteers raised in the town of Napoli, County of Cattaraugus, between the 1st day of June, 1861, and the 1st day of July, 1862, were: 36 No. of Vols. raised in said town between the 1st day of July, 1862, and the 1st day of July, 1863, were: 34 Total, —70
Of which the 64th Reg't N. Y. S. Vols. in Co. B, had 22; Co. F, 6; Co. C, 1;
154th Reg't Co. H, 14; Co. A, 3; 37th Reg't, Co. H. 1; 2d Excelsior, Co. H,
1; 5th Cavalry, Co. E, 1; 9th Cavalry, Co. E, 19; 4th Reg't, Co. not known, 1; Regiment not known, 1:—Total, 70
The amount of money paid to Vols. as Bounty was $1,323.00, and about $50 raised by subscription, for the families of Volunteers.
The farming interests of the town have not been sensibly effected, except the price of labor has advanced some 25 per cent.
One fact worthy of note is, that out of the seventy men sent from this town, eleven have died from some disease, while but two have perished at the hands of the enemy, showing that the fatigues and exposures of camp life  are as much to be feared, as the bullets of the enemy.
Respectfully yours, ORRIS MARSH.

Responses to Questions Propounded.
OTTO, Augusts, 1863.
WM. A. MELOY, Esq.—Dear Sir:—After some delay from sickness, I am happy to be able to give you the following report from the town of Otto, as requested in the Freeman of the 23d July:
No. of Volunteers raised in the town of Otto, Cattaraugus county, between June 1st, 1861, and July 1, 1862, for three years, was 43
July 1, 1862, for two years                                              4
No. of vols. raised between July 1st, 1862, and July 1st, 1863, for three years, was                                                                     35
Total                                                                             82
Of whom 64 Reg't N. Y. V. Co. C has— 40
   “      “ 154     "          "       "      B  "       12
   “      “ 137     "          "       "                     4
   “      “   85     "          "       "                     1
   “      “ 100     "          "       "                     1
   “      “   50     "          "       "                     6
   “      “   44     "          "  Ellsworth,           1
Buffalo Battery,                                          6
10th Cavalry,                                              8
9th        "                                                     1
Unknown,                                                   2
Total,                                                     —82
Money paid for relief of families,       $928 50
Bounty to Volunteers,                         3820
Total                                                 $4,748 .50
Of which town bounty of $50 each to 12 vols. in 154th Reg't in August, 1862, $600, and $140 each to 23 vols. on the call in November, 1862, 3220.
Total, $3820
The commercial part of the business of the town has decreased twenty-five per cent, partly from advance in goods, and a desire to save their money for the expense of the war.
Labor in the agricultural districts has advanced about 25 per cent., owing to the scarcity of laborers.
And well may the citizens of Otto make their report of the manner they have responded to their country's call—for the amount they have cheerfully donated. When we consider that Otto is one of the smallest towns in the County—with less than 250 voters—and raised, in 1861 nearly all of Co. C, 64th Reg't N. Y. V., and has furnished her quotas for every call since the outbreak of the rebellion, we are proud to be numbered among her citizens. So prompt have they been to the word, that on the call of Nov. last, in less than twenty-four hours after the reception of the President's proclamation, a meeting of the citizens was called, and $3,220 was raised by voluntary subscription, as a Bounty fund, with cheer after cheer for the Union!
If we are allowed the surplus of time in the call for two year's men, we are seventeen ahead of our quota, as our Volunteers were for three years. Still, Otto will most cheerfully respond to any demands of the Government for the putting down of the Slave-holder's rebellion.
I am, very respectfully yours,

MANSFIELD, August 4, 1833.
W. A. MELOY, Esq.—Sir:—With pleasure respond to your call for information respecting Volunteer Soldiers from the town of Mansfield.
1st. Whole number of volunteers from Mansfield, is - - - 58
2d. For two years Regiment,                                             - 6
3d. Between July, '61 and July, '62,                                   31
4th. Between July, '62, and July '63, 21                         —58
Of this number, 6 volunteered in the 37th Reg't, 12 in the 64th Reg't, 15 in the 9th Cavalry, 1 in the 85 Reg't, 1 in the 105th Reg't, 2 No. of Reg't not known, and 21 in the 154th Regiment.
But a small amount has been raised for the relief of families of Volunteers. What has been done for them is by private donation.
Paid for Bounties to volunteers $1139.10, about $50 per head for the 21 who enlisted in the 154th Regiment.
The agricultural interest has not been materially affected by the war. There is quite a scarcity of laborers, and prices for labor higher. Prices for produce is also higher. I think the aggregate valuation of personal and real estate has advanced in this town since the outbreak of the Rebellion.
Yours truly, J. M. SMITH.

A very large audience assembled at the Court House on Friday evening last to listen to the Rev. HIRAM EDDY, with whose long imprisonment at the South our readers are already familiar.—His vivid sketches of Southern life and character, his account of the sufferings and deprivations of himself and companions, his denunciations of the system and evils of Slavery, and his eloquent vindication of the Governments in its efforts to crush the Rebellion, all combined to make one of the most thrillingly interesting addresses to which we ever had the pleasure of listening. Mr. EDDY is a giant both in intellect and stature, and as an orator has but few equals in the country.
[Catt. Freeman.
Cannot Mr. EDDY be induced to repeat his lecture in Jamestown?

VERSAILLES, N. Y.—The town of Perrysburgh, Cattaraugus County, N. Y., has filled her quota of ... men by volunteers. She was asked for ... She has enlisted 50 men, five more than ... for. She closed her work August 30, and ... the enrolling officers had completed ...
P. S.—If Mr. Secretary Stanton has any other drafts on Perrysburgh, tell him to send them forward: they will be honored at sight.
The Glen Mills are again in planning order.

The Draft in the 31st District.
Provost Marshal's Office.
DUNKIRK, August 10th 1863.
The Draft in this District will take place at the Head Quarters of the Board of Enrollment, in Dunkirk, commencing Monday, Aug. 17th, 1863, and the several sub-districts will be drafted from on the days hereafter specified as follows:
Monday, August 17th, the 1st and 2d sub-districts, comprising the towns of Dunkirk and Pomfret; Tuesday, 18th, the 3d, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th sub-districts comprising the towns of Sheridan, Hanover, Portland, West-field, Ripley, Chautauqua and Stockton; Wednesday, 19th, the 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th sub-districts, comprising the towns of Arkwright, Villenova, Cherry Creek, Charlotte, Ellery, Gerry, Ellington, Poland, Ellicott, Harmony and Sherman; Thursday, 20th, the 21st, 22d, 23d, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st 32d, 33d, 34th and 35th sub-districts, comprising the towns of Mina, French Creek, Clymer, Busti, Kiantone, Carroll, Perrysburg, Dayton, Persia, Otto, East Otto, Ashford, Yorkshire, Freedom and Farmersville; Friday, 21st, the 36th, 37th, 38th, 39th, 40th, 41st, 42d, 43d, 44th 45th, 46th, 47th, 48th and 49th sub-districts, comprising the towns of Machias, Lynden, Franklinville, Ellicottville, Mansfield, New Albion, Leon, Conewango, Napoli, Little Valley, Great Valley, Humhrey, Ischua and Hinsdale; Saturday, 22d, the 50th, 51st, 52d, 53d, 54th, 55th, 56th and 57th sub-districts, comprising the towns of Portville, Olean, Allegany, Carrollton, Salamanca, Cold Spring, Randolph, South Valley.
You are respectfully invited to attend.
By order of the Board.
Capt. and Provost Marshal,
31st District, New York.

The following are the quotas of the several towns, with the 50 per cent. added to cover exempts:
1—Dunkirk,                            166
2—Pomfret                             105
3—Sheridan                             40
4—Hanover                            108
5—Portland                              47
6—Westfield              116
7—Ripley                                  41
8—Chautauqua                         68
9—Stockton                              46
10—Arkwright                         28
11—Villenova               37
12—Cherry Creek                     27
13—Charlotte               38
14—Ellery                                 53
15—Gerry                                 36
16—Ellington               46     
17—Poland                               31
18—Ellicott                            129
19—Harmony             96
20—Sherman               34
21—Mina                                27
22—French Creek                   17
23—Clymer                            33
24—Busti                                51
25—Kiantone             11
26—Carroll                             37
27—Perrysburg                       42
28—Dayton                            29
29—Persia                               44
30—Otto                                 34
31—East Otto             42
32—Ashford               51
33—Yorkshire                        40
34—Freedom              35
35 —Farmersville                    28
36—Machias               28
37—Lyndon                           21
38—Franklinville                    34
39—Ellicottville                      48
40—Mansfield                        27
41—New Albion                    53
42—Leon                                32
43—Conewango                     29
44—Napoli                             22
45—Little Valley                    27
46—Great Valley                    45
47—Humphrey                       23
48—Ischua                              27
49—Hinsdale              38
50—Portville               48
51—Olean                               78
52—Allegany              52      
53—Carrollton                        23
54—Salamanca                       65
55—Cold Spring                     19
56—Randolph                        45
57—South Valley                   25
Capt. and Provost Marshal,
31st District, New York.



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