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Franklin County, New York
Civil War Newspapers

The Provost Marshal.
Capt. THORNDIKE and his Assisants [sic] are busily at work. The Enrolling Officers appointed for the District have been supplied with the necessary blanks and have already commenced the task of enrolling those who are liable to perform military duty.
The Deputy Provost Marshals are not idle. The soldiers who have deserted after enlisting and receiving their liberal bounties, are being looked after, and already quite a number have been arrested and started back where it is their duty to go, to serve out the remainder of their time.
Soldiers who have been discharged for disability, and wish to remain in the service, can now have the opportunity, if they are able to do garrison duty. Bills, relating to the "Invalid Corps" will be issued in a day or two, and circulated throughout the District.
Everything looks as though preparations were being made for a "vigorous prosecution of the war."

The Assessment Rolls.
The blank Assessment Rolls for the current year are now ready for delivery at this office. Assessors and Supervisors will please send for them at once.

The following are the names of the Conscripts in this Comity, with an addition of fifty per cent to cover exemptions. We are indebted to the editors of the Palladium for their type:

Bangor and Brandon.
Edward McCollough,
William Manning,
R. H. Fuller,
Stewart J. Hastings,
Horace Baker,
Horace Lawrence,
William Carlon,
Zenas Brooks,
John Young,
George Holland,
Ezra Harwood,
Noble Mosier,
Joseph Besaw,
Levi B. French,
John Murphy,
Benj. H. Lee,
James Murphy,
Milo J. Hinman,
J. B. Harmon,
Peter Mulholland,
Francis Sawyer,
Levi Aldridge,
George Trim,
Martin V. Conger,
Russell Knapp,
Charles McGowan,
Horace Barrett,
Lester Hazeltine,
Josiah Wilcox,
John Quar,
Charles Wells,
Louis Napoleon,
Isaiah Stanhope,
Corodon Adams,
Michael Donahee,
Josiah Hastings,
William Trim,
Horace W. Hooker,
Hiram Andrus,
James Phillips,
Francis Buckman,
William Gallan,
Patrick Flemming,
James Philbrook,
Millard Gabree,
Newell Green,
Henry Emery,
George Fish,
James Faden,
Owen Meagan,
Wilson Keeler,
Luny Brothers,
James Orvis,
Charles Coray,
Hiram Lawrence,
Lawrence Sullivan,
Galusha Green,
Allen Duncan,
James Doty, Jr.,
John G. Blake.
Milo Rabie,
Harvey Harrington,
Seth B. Carpenter,
Owen Kinney,
Henry Barney,
Henry H. Taylor,
Christopher Trim,
Francis Southworth.

Brighton and Harrietstown.
George G. Skiff,
John LaBounty,
Henry O. Cram,
Henry G. Weller,
Charles Craig,
Sylvester Otis,
Thomas O'Neil,
George H. Goff,
John C. Skiff,
Wm. W. Johnson,
Charles R. Ricketson,
Wm. Benham,
Hiram Tabor,
John Grover,
James Conley,
Erasmus Billings,.
Jeremiah Spelling,
Dennis Keefe,
Azro C. Mason,
Warren Whitney,
Emery Howe,
John Moore, Jr.,
James Bacon,
Moses Larue, 1st,
Thomas Almon,
Jerome Donaldson,
Holden Sweet,
George McCuen.

Joseph Jenner, 2nd,
William Bacon,
James Moore,
Wesley Humphrey,
Henry C. Bowker,
Edgar Brando,
John Conley,
Joseph Jenner,
F. V. B. Rolfe,
Joseph Roselle,
Thomas Lantry,
Francis Laclair,
Charles T. Russell,
John Francy.

John Bennett,
David Homeston,
Daniel McCarty,
Standish Witherell,
Charles McGuire,
Charles Crawford,
Julius Gloukie,
Albert Proctor,
Frank Murray,
George S. Downing,
Samuel S. Evans,
Wm. Phillips,
Joseph Jameson,
Joel Andrus,
Reed Salls,
Chas. Silver,
Wm. Barry, Jr.,
Chas. Rondo,
Orange Gillett,
Henry Crow,
Wm. Hickey,
Patrick Keylle,
Edward S. Turner,
Ansel P. Hewett,
James Perigo,
Wm. Ridgeway,
James Murray,
Thomas Merrill,
Edward McAbee,
Bradford S. Wright,
Harry H. Friend,
Silas Avery,
Michael N. Rieley,
Wm. Barry, 2nd,
Elijah Huntley,
Nathan Mason,
John Deneen,
Wm. Harris,
Michael Cary,
Alfred C. Thayer,
Wm. Keylle,
James D. Ritchey,
Alpheus R. Crippen,
Increase Sheldon,
Lawrence Mahar,
Henry White,
Hascal Pond,
Samuel Avery,
Washington Emery,
John Tracy.

Amos Mathews,
Levi N. Stevens,
Patrick English,
Joseph Sancom,
Hiram Stoughton,
Henry B. Beckwith,
William English,
Patrick Fitzgerald,
Wallace Hill,
Michael Ryan,
Henry S. Sabin,
Stephen Bond,
Henry Phelps,
Guy Peck,
James F. Johnson,
Edward Rustin,
Hugh Lavery,
Increase Sheldon,
Oliver Smith,
Charles J. Morgan,
Ashbel Smith,
Samuel Lavery,
George Paddock,
John Gokey,
Antoine Pepin,
James Twaddle,
Duffield Patno,
Oscar Bullis,
Samuel Cook,
Seymour W. Howe,
Joseph Cogan,
George Cook,
Edwin Cook,
Charles Patno,
Hoel Smith,
Horace M. Frisbee,
Melvin Erwin,
Charles Howe,
Peter Turill,
Joseph Bully,
Robert Cook,
Egbert L. Keeler,
Peaslee Badger,
John C. Roberts,
John McKinney,
Seth Johnson,
Robert Fortune,
Lewis S. Baldwin,
John Dwyer,
Auldis Robbins,
Michael Nolan,
Joakim Bonley,
George Smith,
Hand Patno,
Henry Morgan,
Michael Dwyer,
John H. Merritt,
James Cook,
Joseph Dory,
Sherman Lewis. Jr.,
John McCollum,
James Herrica,
Thomas S. Miller.

Peter Mulligan,
Patrick Rafferty,
James McCarty,
Michael Conway,
Dennis McCarty,
Henry E. Martin,
Michael Barry,
Henry Wilson,
Chas. S. Davenport,
Oliver Dophin,
Charles Hitchcock,
John Monty,
Wesley Hapgood,
Charles McCarty,
John Caldwell,
Benj. Davenport,
Emery Campbell,
Harmon Bassett,
Alvin Hitchocck,
Washington Warren,
William Parks,
Fayette Langdon,
Wm. Cunningham,
Cyrel Hutching,
Simeon Stebbins,
Timothy Powell,
Stephen Shepard,
Hiram Stebbins,
Albert Dennegia,
Peter Dennegia,
James Wilson,
Thomas Lynch,
Patrick Farrell,
John Carty,
Albert Fountain,
Felix Rafferty,
Isaac Hunt,
Melvin Martin,
Moses Lynch,
Albert Jones,
George Tuthill,
Mathew Ricker,
Martin Rieley,
Brinton Cooper,
Lyman J. Folsom,
Michael Leonard,
Francis Fox, Jr.,
Frank. C. Millington,
James Whitton.

Edgar Tuttle,
Nelson Fernly,
Martin Rice,
Sylvester Meacham,
Winfield Hazen,
Octave Willett,
Lewis. Martin,
B. Randall Ramsdell,
Samuel Ober,
Michael Quinn,
George McComber,
John Quirk,
John Welch,
Hascall Blake,
Lucius Parks,
John King,
Lewis Baker,
Henry Taylor,
George Swift,
John Mustare,
Henry Wright,
Samuel A. Miles,
Joseph Delemater,
Horace Kingsley,
Joseph Bruce,
Jasper Beman,
Henry Sweet,
Joseph Bean,
Zebulon Patrow,
Amos Allen,
Ezekiel Hewitt,
Ira Parks,
Charles Seymour,
Francis Richards,
Orson Corsone,
Baptist Basheau,
Elijah Patrow,
Henry Markham,
Reuben Congor,
Azeph Harwood,
Norman Barber,
Martin Reynolds.

Duane and Franklin.
Austin Stone,
____ Cary,
Cyrus Stickney,
Peter Smith,
Albert H. Abbott,
Henry P. Swinger,
Henry H. Bromley,
John Coulaw,
VanRensalaer Mace,
Thomas Alexander,
James Keyes,
Henry Chambers,
Tames Danforth,
Danie Flack,
John Lenaghan,
Wm. C. Madders,
William Collins,
Thomas Robinson,
John McColium,
John B. Shean,
John Finnegan,
Wyman Witherell,
George Watson,
Walter Williams,
Lawrence Ryan,
Levi W. Noble,
Seymour Bailey,
Sylvenas Sebra.

Fort Covington.
Daniel Chisholm,
Edwin Russell,
Elon Wilson,
John Button,
David Smith,
John H. McElwain,
Alex. Campbell,
Elisha McElwain,
William N. Cowan,
Hiram L. Briggs,
Patrick Holden,
Richard Holden,
James Y. Cameron,
Joseph LaFlesh,
Frank Day,
James Batten,
Rufus T. Eldred,
Franklin Gordon,
Thomas O'Brien,
Jacob Hollembaek,
Thomas Foley,
William Williams,
Albert Bean,
John Jones,
Geo. W. Drew,
Ambrose Cushman,
John W. Teasey,
Joseph Gordon,
Alex. Stewart,
Geo. Vidger,
Augustus Palmer,
Moses Southard,
Nathan Fairchild,
Daniel Kelly,
Alonzo Jones,
Nelson DeSotell,
Levi Briggs,
Daniel R. Cameron,
Sheldon A. Ellsworth,
Alex. Premo,
Collins Frazer,
Patrick Donovon,
David Condon,
Almeron W. Merrick,
Hart Raffee,
Thomas Herring
Daniel B.Wyatt,
John Oaks,
Alex. Emery.

Peter Aubrey,
Alex Jarvis,
Lewis Alderbroom,
Asa Leonard,
Peter Murphy,
Albert Watkins,
Andrew Carlin,
Stephen Willis,
Chas. McConnell,
Nicholas Ward,
Robert Sallinger,
John Walker,
Chas. Clarkson,
Wm. Reed,
Hall Denio,
John McConnell,
P. P. Paddock,
Wm. R, Jones,
Stephen Nichols,
Welcome Kentell,
Joseph Borrill,
John Hart,
Michael Daley,
Dick Moore,
Oliver Trushaw,
Henry Poyer,
Wm. W. Foot,
Thomas Collins,
Thomas Meneeley,
Perkins F. Smith,
John Vion,
Thomas DePurvoy,
John Turgeon,
Julius Tousett,
Rollin H. Williamson,
Joseph Cogland,
James Dumas,
Christopher R. Fay,
Dosta Lapoint,
Frank Dumas,
Charles. Rubbado,
Marshall D. Abbott,
James Graham,
John Tully,
Morton Stancliff,
John Turgeon,
Henry Demarrar,
Justin Martin,
Charles H. Ferris,
Julius C. Saunders,
Wm. A. Russell,
Bernard McCabe,
Hugh McGivney,
Nelson Borrill,
James W. Sawyer,
Edward J. Mannix,
Nathan W. Barnard,
Theo. A. Hall,
Leslie A. Parlin,
Maxie Major,
Chas. Benson,
Patrick Gueron,
Oliver B. Cornish,
Lyman A. Brownell,
Roswell A. Darling,
Phillip McGivney,
James McMahon,
Wm. Mulligan,
Warren M. Lathrop,
Alex. S. Walbridge,
Wm. Murphy,
Patrick McMahan,
James. McDonald,
Sylvester Hicks,
Bernard Fitzgerald,
Peter Boyer,
RoyalG. Hascall,
Wm. P. Cantwell,
Mador Roebar,
James Dumas,
Warren D. Mason,
Benj. S. W. Clark,
David Maloney,
John Tavoo,
Wm. Johnson,
Wm. B. Donehee,
Videll Nassau,
James N. Palmer,
James H. Huntington,
Cormick Brady,
Francis Bashaw,
Martin Dwyer,
John Collins,
Samuel A. Field,
Charles Demarrar,
Rodney M. Kimpton,
Edwin F. Hill,
Joseph Soswell,
Newell Parker,
Marshall Pecor,
Chas. Morris,
Geo. W. Turner,
John D. Beatty,
Welcome Hatch,
Henry Schoolcraft,
Xavier Morgay,
James Kelly,
Wm. P. Thorndike,
Jona. Bemis,
Thomas Erwin,
Geo. Marrow,
Hartley P. Baxter,
Thomas Joson,
Peter Dwyer,
Pat. McEnro,
Wm. Lytle,
Wm. LeFavor,
Lewis King,
Alex. Gonya,
Jeremiah Besaw,
John Todd,
James Law,
Guy McCormick,
Henry M, Furness,
John LaMontain,
Michael Slattery,
Henry Henderson,
Austin Lamaka,
Wm. McCaffrey,
Paschal S. Porter,
Andrew Lamaka,
Royal Johnson,
Wm. Tracy,
Ira Muzzy,
Wm. Hamilton,
Charles H. Stevens,
Alex. LaPlant,
David Wood,
John Farley,
Pat. Guerin,
Fred. Lewis,
Sam. Jobert,
Thomas Howlett,
Asael P. Beebee,
Thomas Earl,
Barnard Kowan,
Thomas Slack,
Robt. A. Delong,
James Berry,
James Woodard,
Peter Devine,
J. Sumner Amsden,
John Clerkin, Jr.,
Ed. Caskin,
Peter McGivney,
Wm. Alderbroom,
Lorenzo Purdy,
William Mdnto,
Wm. Caldwell,
Peter Ritchie,
Patrick Beedy,
Archy Quellman,
S. M. Dickinson,
Nelson W. Warner,
Sidney Hinman,
Geo. Sabin,
Edgar Jobert,
John Bashaw,
Pat. H. Shields,
Robert Flemming,
John Law,
Alfred Lincoln,
Oliver Boyer,
Francis Pecor.
Myron M. Spencer,
Joseph Dumas,
Owen McCabe,
Chas. B. Lyman.

James Pickering,
Allen Stoddard,
Phil. A. Pierce,
Otis Peck,
John S. Hill,
Pat. Dunn,
Sum. L. Hazen,
Benj. S. Brown,
Geo. Northrop,
James Heyden,
Julius Tryon,
Mich. Gallivan, Jr.,
Sam. S. Stephens, Jr.,
James Humphrey,
Fred. Tredo,
James S. Wood,
H. Corbin Brush,
Mason Slawson,
John R. Crandall,
Henry F. Keeler,
Pat. Mahar,
Warren Mooney,
Ambrose Conger,
Henry Turner,
Jedediah Saxton,
Hiram N. Pierce,
Horace L. Dickinson,
Chas. B. Stephens,
Erastus F. Fuller,
Martin Driscoll,
Darwin J. Farmer,
John Saddler,
Julius Pierce,
Alex. Lawler,
Henry I. Hall,
Israel Stickney,
Albert Whitney,
Wm. Kane,
Alfred A. West,
Henrv Lincoln.

Lauriston M. Berry,
Henry Fulton,
Sam. H. Payne,
Silas Avery,
Geo. F. Newell,
Henan Miller,
Phillip Duffy,
Loren Donaldson,
Chas. Downer,
James M. Goodenough,
Joseph Lefleur,
Chas. B. Coggin,
Loren Buel,
Edgar Kelsey,
Daniel Corridon,
Wilson Dyer,
Hial L. Moore,
Newell Lafleur, Jr.,
Jonathan Ordway,
Alvah Berry,
Robt. W. Parks,
Thomas Ferris,
Lawrence Connor,
Alfred C. Cushman,
G. W. Hollister,
Lynden Avery,
Francis Rogers,
Andrew Garner,
Francis Waggoner,
John McQueen,
Ed. McCaffrey,
Francis Duro,
Geo. Lamay,
Joseph Pecor,
John M. Larmont,
Henry B. Briggs,
John C. Weeks,
Myron Hoadley,
John Johnson,
Wm. Barlow,
John Riley,
Geo. L. Donaldson.

Alex. Lucia,
Geo. W. Burton,
Stewart Mitchell,
Oliver Pattie,
James Miller,
Henry Petie,
Geo. W. Collins,
Alphonzo G. Burke,
Alfred Smith,
Rufus Robinson,
Harry P. Orcutt,
Andrew Mitchell,
Francis Winkley,
David Eggleston,
Alex. Taylor,
Achin Paro,
Levi Thurbur,
Wm. Reed,
Cornelius Gero,
John Lahee,
Albert A. Wood,
Owen Fitzpatrick,
Henry Bull,
Dan. Maloney,
John Stave,
Wm. P. Walbridge,
Geo. W. Clark,
Edward Denio,
Chas. Rogers,
Joseph Boyce,
Franklin Percy,
Jesse Gates,
Albert M. Seavey,
Alvin B. Prefrin,
Gilbert Dolloff,
Herrick S. Safford,
Cornelius H. Peters,
Edwin S. Burke,
Sylvester Kirby,
Mitchell Dory,
Wm. G. Ritchie,
Joseph Crate,
Abar Dumas.

The Palladium.
The first Draft for this Congressional District, under the Conscription Act of the last Congress, was made on the 13th and
14th inst., at the Provost Marshal's Office in this Village. The Draft is for fifty per cent above the required quota—the excess being drawn to cover exempts under the law. The Draft for this District is 2757 men. The following is a list of those drawn in this County, in the numerical order in which the names were drawn.



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