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Oneida County, New York
in the Civil War

The following is taken from Third Annual Report of the Bureau of Military Statistics of the State of New York, Albany: [The Bureau], (C. Wendell), 1866.

Oneida county responded promptly to the President's first call for troops, and never flagged in her zeal during the war. On the evening of the day on which President Lincoln's call for seventy-five thousand men appeared, the members of the Utica Citizen's Corps—an independent military organization—voted to tender their services to the Government. On this basis was recruited the first company which marched from Oneida county for the defense of the Union. It became company A of the Fourteenth regiment, and, its captain, James McQuade, was commissioned Colonel of the regiment. This was only one of several movements, nearly sim-ultaneous. On the same, stirring day W. H. Christian began the work of organizing a battalion, which expanded into the Twenty-sixth regiment of volunteers, and he became its Colonel. On the same day, also, several officers of the Forty-fifth regiment of New York militia, commenced to recruit in Utica, while Captain Skillin, at Rome, at once gave himself up to the service in which he afterwards (as Lieutenant-Colonel of the Fourteenth) fell a martyr. The flame spread into all the towns of the county. One of the companies earliest organized was recruited mainly in Vernon and Westmoreland, under Captain D. S. Jenney, and joining the Third regiment, was the first company from Oneida county to participate in actual battle.

All of these organizations were pressed forward at the same time. Company A, Fourteenth regiment, marched for the rendezvous at Albany on the 25th of April. On the 1st of May, two companies, A and B, of the Twenty-sixth, moved for Elmira. Other companies followed, from this and other counties, so that the Fourteenth was mustered into service on the 17th of May, and the Twenty-sixth four days later.

On the 20th of April a public meeting was held in Utica, at which resolutions were adopted to care for the families of all who should volunteer, and the sum of $15,000 was subscribed for that purpose. Similar meetings were subsequently held at Rome, and other prominent villages.

Within a week after 'the call for troops was issued, volunteers crowded in to Utica in large numbers. The ladies with patriotic alacrity provided rations for them in great abundance. On the 3d of May, a ladies' society was established to furnish comforts for the soldiers. Commenced in enthusiasm at the first suggestion of needed help, this society never relaxed its labors until the war ended in victory.

On the 17th of June the Fourteenth proceeded to Washington, as did the Twenty-sixth on the succeeding day, and both were placed in the defenses in front of the National Capital. They con-tinued in this duty when the disastrous advance was made, and by their discipline, and bearing contributed in no small degree to restore confidence in the dark days which followed the panic at Bull Run.

The Third regiment, including Captain Jenney's Oneida company, had previously, on the 4th of June, been sent to Fortress Monroe, and bore its full share of the trials attending the preliminary skirmishes of the war in that quarter. It was conspicuous in the affair of June 10, at Great Bethel, where the Union troops began their discipline of fire, and the country received a lesson of the spirit to be encountered, and of the magnitude and desperation of the conflict.

Index to Newspaper Articles from Oneida County periodicals.
Indexed by David Moore.

A PDF version for better printing is here. (5 pages)

An Excel spreadsheet with this data is here.

Roman Citizen
City: Rome
County: Oneida
Frequency: Weekly
1861:04:26 Public meeting to be held at Court House, on Sat., 4/27.
1861:04:26 [List] of Vol. Fund, including T.H. Bates, "$100 and himself."
1861:04:26 Utica Citizen Corps left for Albany last Wed. [4/17?]
1861:05:03 A volunteer company organized by Capt. [Charles H.] Skillen, mustered in by Gen. H.R. White of Utica; 77 sworn in.  [List of officers and non-coms].
1861:05:03 Meeting in Camden last Thurs. [4/27?].
1861:05:03 Rome meeting [Desc.].  Pres. Geo. Barnard.  [List] of subscribers to fund.
1861:05:03 The town of Vernon has raised a volunteer co.  Cmd. Benjamin Williams.
1861:05:03 Dr. Putnam, appt. Surg., 45th [S.M.?], has gone to Albany.
1861:05:03 Daniel Crouse, of Canastota, has furnished that company with a surgeon and a barber, at his own expense.
1861:05:10 The "Corps Regiment," mainly of Oneida County boys has organized as the 4th [14th] New York [Infantry] Vols., with following [field] officers: Col. James McQuade, of Utica; Lt. Col. Charles A. Johnson, of Utica, and Maj. C.H. Skillen, Rome.
1861:05:10 3 cos. of Jefferson Co. vols. passed through yesterday for 2-3 hrs. on way to Elmira.  Ellisburgh, Adams, Sandy Creek cos.  They were acc. by good brass bands and made a fine parade … .  "Most of the men looked as if they might do good service …"
1861:05:10 Capt. Skillen's Company left for Albany last Saturday.  Accompanied to railroad by "an immense concourse of citizens."
1861:05:10 Gansevoort Light Guard has reorganized; Capt. Wesley Brainard.
1861:05:10 [Notice].  Meeting to form a cavalry company at Willett House, Rome.
1861:05:10 William S. Ward, formerly publisher fo Black River Herald, commands six companies of volunteers in Wisconsin.
1861:05:17 Willett Guard -- new Zouave co.; over 30 names.  Capt. C.E. Brainerd.
1861:05:17 Rome Cavalry Company meeting, 5/13 [Desc.].  Had a letter from Hon. S.H. Mix, of Schoharie explaining details of formation of co.; encouraging.
1861:05:17 [Notice].  Rome Cavalry Company.  G.S. Cottman, clerk.
1861:05:17 Commodore Mervin, of Utica, received orders to cmd. Steamship Colorado.  Francis G. Wood to his secretary.
1861:05:17 Sickles' Brigade organizing.
1861:05:17 Meeting at Vernon last Tues.
1861:06:21 [Ed.]. [Rome] Sentinel: "Out of a co. of 67 vols. fr. this vill., 60 were Dems.  Were it not for the Democracy, the Adm. would be swamped in 30 days."  The above is a fair sample of the eds. of the Sn., and as usual quite destitute of truth.  1/2 Rpn


Utica Daily Observer
City: Utica
County: Oneida
Frequency: Daily
1861:04:15 [Ed.].  "Not a few" Republicans, to their credit, denounce the attack by the [Utica] Herald on Maj. Anderson.
1861:04:15 Meeting of the officers of the 45th [N.Y.S.M.] Regiment, was held this morning.  Only drill was determined, for Friday night [4/19].
1861:04:15 Lt. [Willliam H.] Christian to muster vols., a battalion, with him at head.
1861:04:15 [Order].  G.O. #6, HQ, 21st Brigade, N.Y.S.M., Utica, N.Y., 4/15/61.  The officers of the 45th [N.Y.S.M.] to meet at City Hall, Utica, Friiday, 4/19.  By BG M.R.? White; Maj. C.H. Skillen, Brig. Insp.
1861:04:15 [Order].  G.O. #1, HQ, 45th N.Y.S.M.  The officers of the 45th [N.Y.S.M.] to meet at City Hall, Utica, Friiday, 4/19.  By Col. J. Palmer; Adj. D. Gillmore
1861:04:17 Drill between two companies: Regimental Corps and Washington Continentals.
1861:04:17 Lt. Willliam H. Christian went to Albany to tender services in mustering a battalion from Central New York.  Gov. said go ahead.  The Lt. has returned to Sherwood House.  He wants 8 companies, 750 or more men.
1861:04:17 Utica Citizen Corps held a meeting last eve. [4/16]; James McQuade re-el.
1861:04:17 German Rifles held a meeting last eve.; 30 signed a roll; resolved to serve govt.; Turners joined in.
1861:04:18 Co. B, of Lt. [Willliam H.] Christian's battalion, is full: 70 men.  Gen. White has offered Regimental Corps' armory for drill.
1861:04:18 Considerable exitement in the 45th [N.Y.S.M.]  The captains have declared they will not serve under Col. [J.] Palmer.  Officers will meet.  Utica Citizen Corps may be brought in.
1861:04:18 Enroll at Sherwood House,  Lt. [Willliam H.] Christian, or Sgt. J.F. McQuade, Utica Citizen Corps.
1861:04:18 The mob incited by the Herald, to attack our office last eve., did not appear.
1861:04:18 Telegrapher George E. Allen, of this city has offered his services to the army.
1861:04:18 Captains of the 45th [N.Y.S.M.]  met at Emmett Guard Armory this eve.  Officers and non-coms will meet at City Hall this evening for drill.
1861:04:18 Utica Regimental Corps met last eve.; elected officers [List].  Capt. Montgomery Cossleman; 1st Lt. Charles Raymer.
1861:04:18 [Notice].  Dated Utica, N.Y., 4/16/61.  HQ, Central N.Y. Btn.  Co. B el. George A. Blackwell at the armory in Exchange Bldg.; Co. D el. John H. Fairbanks Capt. [List of officers & non-coms.].  Captains of five companies el. [William] Christian Col.
1861:04:20 45th [N.Y.S.M.] met last eve. [pt. 1].  All six companies present.  Gen. White, Col. Palmer and Adj. Gillmore present.  Col. Palmer proposed to offer regt. to Gov.  Capt. Meyers, of Seymour Art. Proposed that Col. Palmer, being imcompetent, resign.
1861:04:20 45th [N.Y.S.M.] met last eve. [pt. 2].  [Resol.].  All Capts.; Col. [Palmer] said he would resign in the regiment would volunteer.  Privates will vote on 4/20.
1861:04:20 Company B [45th N.Y.S.M.], Capt. [George A.] Blackwell, has 80 men; to be ready to move Monday [4/22].
1861:04:20 Company D [45th N.Y.S.M.] nearly full; Company C [45th N.Y.S.M.] will elect officers tomorrow.
1861:04:20 Capt. D.F. Ingersoll, of Lee, recruiting company.
1861:04:20 Companies in Madison County and one in Lewis are recruiting.
1861:04:20 Lts. [James?] Van Vleck and Patten, Rome and Clinton, progressing with companies.
1861:04:20 40 men need provisions: money and provisions can be left at store of C.H. Hopkins.
1861:04:20 German Vols. have elected officer [List].  Capt. Frederick Harrer.
1861:04:20 Albany Stateman notices two Uticans: Capt. Henry S. Hulbert [Hurlbert], open for recruiting at 539 Broadway [Albany, N.Y.], above Bleecker Hall.  He telegraphed his father: 'Shall I accept comm.?'  Father: 'Yes, for your [country's?] sake.'
1861:04:22 "Great Public Meeting!"  Saturday eve. [4/20], at Mechanic's Hall.  Roscoe Conking called it to order.  Mayor Grove spoke [speech].  [Resol.].  [Other remarks paraphrased].
1861:04:22 [Ed.].  Subscription [List], with additional subscribers.
1861:04:22 "Home Matters."  Rome recruiting going on rapidly.  Lt. James Van Vleck is taking names at armory of Savery Artillery.
1861:04:22 [Letter].  Fr. Daniel P. Bissell, to Gov. Morgan, volunteering as surgeon.
1861:04:22 Capt. W.R. Brazie of Washington Continentals writes: "… after the action of the 45th [N.Y.S.M.] on Saturday night" we withdraw as a company and will volunteer on our own.  Recruiting at Utica Citizens' Corps Armory.
1861:04:22 A second Utica Citizens Corps company forming, as the first company is already full and in Albany.
1861:04:22 Col. [William] Christian has six companies and will go to Albany next Thursday.
1861:04:22 Among [Utica Citizens] Corps vols., is David F. Ritchie, of the [Utica] Herald.  "If he fights as well as he writes, his musket will do good service."
1861:04:22 Mr. [                ] Cunningham promises to write to Observer.
1861:04:22 Volunteers from out of town for Col. [William] Christian's [battalion] are being fed at the house of J. Bucher, of Bleecker St.
1861:04:22 Charles Lloyd, Seymour Artillery, in employ of A. Walker, has a dependent mother and will still receive pay.
1861:04:22 The German Turners, all having volunteered, except two, has dissolved.
1861:04:22 The [Utica] Regimental Corps has volunteered its services.  Capt. [Montgomery] Cosselman has opened a recruiting office at the armory, in Exhange Building.
1861:04:22 The HQ of Capt. [Harrer?], German company, is at City Garden.
1861:04:22 Capt. [           ] Jones, Company F (Cadets), is recruiting.
1861:04:22 E.I. Dryer, apothecary of the State Lunatic Asylum, has volunteered in the Utica Citizens' Corps -- has his post promised on return.
1861:04:22 Sgt. John F. McQuade, Utica Citizens Corps, writes [extract] that his company is filled.
1861:04:22 Pursuant to adjournment at City Hall on Saturday night [     ], Maj. [      ] Hall elected President [Resol.]; wants to offer services.
1861:04:22 [List] of Emmet Guard[s] who have volunteered.
1861:04:22 [List] of Seymour Artillery who have volunteered.
1861:04:22 [Corres.].  From Anon., Oxford, N.Y., 4/22/61.  Palmetto flag run up at Oxford.


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